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Item di-0364_ref.pdf "The Witness," Lucia Barrera de Cerna testimony report
Item di-0607_ref.pdf Report on the testimony of Jesuit murder witness Lucia Barrera de Cerna
Item di-0734_ref.pdf Questions for Jesuit murder witness Lucia Barrera de Cerna
Item di-0728_ref.pdf The El Salvador Task Force's questions for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) regarding their role in the Jesuit murder investigation and their interrogation of Lucia Barrera de Cerna
Item di-0611_ref.pdf Report with handwritten notes to James P. McGovern regarding Jesuit murder witness Lucia Barrera de Cerna
Item di-0370_ref.pdf Transcript of Interview with Lucia Barrera de Cerna and Jorge Cerna at the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the Jesuit priest murders, with corrections by Scott Greathead
Item di-0600_ref.pdf "The Jesuit Murders: A report on the testimony of a witness," a report by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights to The Jesuit Conference, The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, and The Jesuit Secondary Education Association regarding interviews of Lucia Barrera de Cerna and her husband Jorge Cerna, 15 December 1989
Item di-0687_ref.pdf Letter from John Joseph Moakley to the Honorable Ramsey Clark regarding the Cesar Villeman Joya Martinez interrogation, 26-27 July 1990
Item di-0541_ref.pdf Letter to John Joseph Moakley (with attention to James P. McGovern) from Paul S. Tipton, President of the Association of Jesuit College and Universities regarding request from Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Cerna to be given permanent residency in the U.S., 11 January 1990
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File ms-0237_ref.pdf ms-0237_ref.pdf
File SU-1862.pdf SU-1862.pdf
File SU-1522_ref.pdf SU-1522_ref.pdf
File ms-0226.pdf ms-0226.pdf
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File Suffolk Journal_1976Apr09_vol31no24.pdf Suffolk Journal_1976Apr09_vol31no24.pdf