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Sunday, the twenty-third ofMay
two thousand and ten
at halfpast nine o'clock in the morning

Bank ofAmerica Pavilion
290 Northern Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts

Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., Esq., Chairman
Carol Sawyer Parks, Vice Chairperson




The Hon. Marianne B. Bowler
John A. Brennan, Jr., Esq.
Irwin Chafetz
Leo J. Corcoran, Esq.
Gerard F. Doherty, Esq.
Dennis M . Duggan, Jr., Esq.
Francis X. Flannery
Jill S. Gabbe
The Hon. Robert W Gardner, Jr.
Russell A. Gaudreau, Esq.
Michael G. George
Margaret A. Geraghty
William T. Hogan, III, Esq.
J. Robert Johnson
Deborah F. Marson, Esq.

Ralph Mitchell
James T. Morris, Esq.
John J. O'Connor
Brian T. O'Neill, Esq.
George A. Ramirez, Esq.
David J. Sargent, Esq.
Rosalie K. Stahl
Tara L. Taylor
Francis M . Vazza
Dennis Walczewski
Thomas J. Brown
Vincent A. Fulmer
John C. Scully







David J. Sargent, JD, LLD





Barry Brown, AB, EdM, JD



Vice President and Treasurer
Francis X. Flannery, BS, MS, DCS
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Janice C. Griffith, AB, JD
Vice President for Advancement
Christopher S. Mosher, BA, JD
Vice President for Enrollment and International Programs
Marguerite J. Dennis, BA, MA
Vice President for External Affairs
John A. Nucci, BA, MPA
Vice President and General Counsel
Paul V Lyons, BS, MBA, JD
Vice President for Student Affairs
Nancy C. Stoll, BA, MA, EdD




Interim Dean ofthe Law School & Professor ofLaw
Bernard V. Keenan, BA, JD, LLM
Associate Dean of the Law School
John C. Deliso, BS, JD
Associate Dean of the Law School
Marc G. Perlin, BA, JD
Associate Dean of the Law School
Linda Sandstrom Simard, BS, JD
Assistant Dean and Registrar
Lorraine D. Cove
Dean ofAdmissions, Law School
Gail N. Ellis, BA, JD
Dean ofStudents, Law School
Laura A. Ferrari, BS, MBA, JD
Assistant Dean of Students, Law School
Michelle E. Harper, BA, JD

Marie Ashe, BA, MA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Michael Avery, BA, LLB, Professor ofLaw
Julie A. Baker, SB, JD, Associate Professor ofLegal Writing
R. Lisle Baker, BA, LLB, Professor ofLaw
Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, BS, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
William L. Berman, BA, JD, Clinical Professor ofLaw
Carter G. Bishop, BS, MBA, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Karen Blum, BA, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Eric D. Blumenson, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Sarah R. Boonin, BA, JD, Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor ofLaw
Barry Brown, AB, MEd, JD, University Provost and Professor ofLaw
Stephen Callahan, AB, JD, Professor ofLaw
Rosanna Cavallaro, AB, JD, Professor ofLaw
Gerard J. Clark, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Meredith Conway, BA, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Frank Rudy Cooper, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
William T. Corbett, AB, MBA, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Joseph D. Cronin, AB, MA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Kate Nace Day, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
D. Christopher Dearborn, BA, JD, Assistant Clinical Professor ofLaw
Sabrina DeFabritiis, BA, JD, Assistant Professor ofLegal Writing
Sara A. Dillon, BA, MA, PhD, JD, Professor ofLaw
Victoria J. Dodd, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Steven M. Eisenstat, BA, MEd, JD, Professor ofLaw
Clifford E. Elias, BA, JD, LLD, (hon.), Professor ofLaw
Kathleen C. Engel, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Valerie C. Epps, BA, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Bernadette Feeley, BS, JD, Associate Clinical Professor ofLaw
John E. Fenton, Jr., AB, JD, LLM, Distinguished Professor ofLaw
Steven Ferrey, BA, MA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Thomas Finn, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Janet Fisher, BA, JD, Assistant Professor ofAcademic Support
Joseph Franco, BA, MA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Shailini Jandial George, BS, JD, Assistant Professor ofLegal Writing
Christopher Gibson, BA, MPP, JD, Associate Professor ofLaw
Joseph W Glannon, BA, MAT, JD, Professor ofLaw
Dwight Golann, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Lorie M. Graham, BS, JD, LLM, Associate Professor ofLaw
Marc D. Greenbaum, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Geraldine C. Griffin, BA, JD, Associate Professor ofLegal Writing
Janice C. Griffith, BA, JD, University Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor ofLaw
Stephanie Roberts Hartung, BS, JD, Assistant Professor ofLegal Writing
Lisa H. Healy, BA, JD, Associate Professor ofLegal Writing
Stephen C. Hicks, MA, LLB, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Bernie Jones, BA, JD, PhD, Associate Professor Law
Diane S. Juliar, BA, JD, Associate Clinical Professor ofLaw
Philip C. Kaplan, BS, JD, Associate Professor ofLegal Writing
Bernard V. Keenan, BA, JD, LLM, Interim Dean and Professor ofLaw
Rosa Kim, BA, MA, JD, Associate Professor ofLegal Writing
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Charles P. Kindregan, Jr., BA, MA, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Renee Landers, AB, JD, Professor ofLaw
Christopher Lasch, BA, JD, Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
Herbert Lemelman, AB, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Jeffrey Lipshaw, AB, JD , Associate Professor ofLaw
Joseph P. McEttrick, AB, MPA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Stephen Michael McJohn, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Elizabeth M. McKenzie, BA, JD, MSLS, Professor ofLaw and Director ofLaw Library
Kim Mclaurin, BS, JD, Associate Clinical Professor ofLaw
Leigh Watts Mello, BA, JD, Assistant Professor ofLegal Writing
Samantha A. Moppett, BA, JD, Professor ofLegal Writing
Russell G. Murphy, BA, JD, Professor of Law
Joseph R. Nolan, BS, LLB, University Professor
Bernard M. Ortwein, BA, JD, LLM, Doctor of Laws (hon.), Professor ofLaw
Marc G. Perlin, BA, JD, Associate Dean and Professor ofLaw
Andrew M. Perlman, BA, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Richard M. Perlmutter, AB, LLB, Professor ofLaw
Eric Pitchal, BA, JD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
Richard G. Pizzano, AB, JD, Professor ofLaw
Jeffrey J. Pokorak, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw and Director of Clinical Programs
Anthony P. Polito, SB, JD , LLM, Professor ofLaw
Herbert N. Ramy, BA, JD, Director and Professor ofAcademic Support
Alasdair S. Roberts, BA, MPP, PhD, JD, Rappaport Professor ofLaw and Public Policy
Elbert L. Robertson, BA, MA, JD , Professor of Law
Marc A. Rodwin, BA, MA, JD, PhD, Professor ofLaw
Charles E. Rounds, Jr. , BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Michael Rustad, BA, MA, JD, PhD, LLM, Thomas F Lambert, Jr. Professor ofLaw
Anthony B. Sandoe, AB, JD, Professor ofLaw
Ann McGonigle Santos, BA, JD, Associate Professor ofLegal Writing
David J. Sargent, JD, LLD, (hon.), President and Professor ofLaw
Miguel Schor, BA, MA, JD, Professor ofLaw
Ilene B. Seidman, BA, JD, Clinical Professor ofLaw
Ragini Shah, BA, JD, Assistant Clinical Professor ofLaw
Patrick Shin, AB, JD, PhD, Associate Professor ofLaw
Jessica M. Silbey, BA, PhD, JD, Associate Professor ofLaw
Linda Sandstrom Simard, BS, JD, Associate Dean and Professor ofLaw
Robert H. Smith, AB, JD , Professor ofLaw
Elizabeth Z. Stillman, BA, JD, Associate Professor ofAcademic Support
Gabriel H. Teninbaum, BA, JD, Assistant Professor ofLegal Writing
Elizabeth Trujillo, BA, JD, Associate Professor ofLaw
Richard Vacca, AB, JD, Professor ofLaw
Kathleen Elliott Vinson, BA, JD, Director and Professor ofLegal Writing
Timothy Wilton, AB, JD, LLM, Professor ofLaw
Jeffrey D. Wittenberg, BA, JD, Professor ofLaw
David C. Yamada, BA, MA, JD, Professor ofLaw



Christine Butler, BA, JD, Battered Womens Advocacy Program
David Gibbs, BA, JD, Investor Advocacy Clinic
Isabel Raskin, BA, JD, Education Advocacy Clinic

Meaghan Agnew, BS, Editor-in-Chief Suffolk Law Alumni Magazine
Elizabeth Armour, BA, Director ofEmployer Relations, Career Development Office
Rose Baetzel, BS, MEd, Associate Registrar
James Barrett, AB, MUS, Manager ofWeb Services
Gail Brickley, Associate Registrar
Patricia Brunton, BA, Associate Director ofFinancial Aid
Justina Chu, BS, Assistant Budget Director
Julie Crowley, BS, Director ofBudget and Finance
Michelle Dobbins, BS, MBA, Associate Director of Career Development
Gina Doherty, BS, MEd, Director ofAcademic Technology
Mia B. Friedman, BA, JD, Associate Director of Career Development
John M. Greaney, BA, JD, Director ofMacaronis Institute of Trial Advocacy
Bridgett Halay, BS, JD, Administrative Director of Graduate Law Programs
James Janda, BS, JD, Director ofPeer Mentoring and Bar Preparation Programs
Kristi Jovell, BS, MEd, Director ofFinancial Aid
Brett Kinney, BA, BM, Associate Director ofFinancial Aid
Janine Lafauci, Director ofAdministration and Support Services
Ian Menchini, BS, MEd, Director ofElectronic Marketing and Enrollment Management
Kara Peterson, BS, Director of Communications
Susan Prosnitz, BA, JD, Executive Director ofthe Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy
Betsy Gould Roberti, BA, JD, Administrative Director ofAcademic Concentrations
Mary Karen Rogers, BS, MS, Executive Director of the Career Development Office
Diane Frankel Schoenfeld, BFA, Director ofAlumni Relations
Susan Sweetgall, BA, MA, JD, Associate Director ofthe Moakley Library
Christopher M. Teague, BA, JD, Associate Director of Career Development
Carole Wagan, BA, JD, Director Advanced Legal Studies
Lori Welch, BS, MS, Associate Director ofAdmissions



"History has demonstrated that the great leaders of every age were, almost without
exception, born in poverty, denied educational advantages in boyhood, and obliged to
educate themselves at odd moments while doing a man's work in the world. The same
immutable principle is in operation today-the earnest souls who now toil in the
evening schools to fit themselves for life will be found in the front ranks of our civilization
of tomorrow."
-Gleason L. Archer (1923)

Suffolk University grew from humble beginnings in the Roxbury parlor of Gleason L. Archer,
a young lawyer who had worked his way through high school and college. A chance meeting
brought Archer together with a benefactor who loaned him money to pursue the study of
law, asking only that Archer pass along the favor.
In 1906, Archer opened the Suffolk School of Law, a night school established to "serve
ambitious young men who are obliged to work for a living while studying law." He believed
that the growing waves of immigrants who came to America's shores should be given the
same opportunities that had been the privilege of the wealthy few.
Archer soon moved the school into his downtown law offices, and in 1908 machinist and
Archer student Roland E. Brown passed the bar. News of Brown's achievement led to a
boost in registration, so Archer gave up his law practice to devote himself full-time to the
Suffolk School of Law. By 1930, Archer had built Suffolk into one of the largest law schools
in the country.
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences-later renamed the College of Arts and Scienceswas founded in 1934 in response to the recommended standard that law students possess a
college degree, and because Archer wanted to create "a great evening university'' that working
people could afford.
Three years later, in 1937, the College of Business Administration, now the Sawyer
Business School, was established. It offered the possibility of the extension of intellectual

The law school's dual-division academic program integrates legal theory and practical skills
in developing highly-skilled, ethically sensitive and service-oriented lawyers. The student
body is extremely talented, and the core curriculum provides students with a strong legal
foundation offering more than 180 upper-level elective courses. Five academic concentrations
allow students to delve deeply into specialized areas. Students can choose from business law
and financial services, civil litigation, health and biomedical law, intellectual property, and
international law. The law school also offers joint-degree programs that combine law with
business, criminal justice, finance, international economics, and public administration.
The Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service allows students to pursue public service
and pro bono opportunities. An LL.M. program in global law and technology located in
Boston and an LL.M. program for international business lawyers located in Budapest,
Hungary provide a post-law school experience to practicing lawyers.
While law faculty members are increasingly recognized nationally for their research and
professional activities, they continue the strong Suffolk tradition of excellence in teaching
and availability to students. The law school is a rigorous academic community, but one
that is both supportive and enabling.
Suffolk Law was founded more than one hundred years ago. Today, the law school is located
in downtown Boston in Sargent Hall-a state-of-the-art building designed to educate
students for practice in the 21st century. Sargent Hall reflects and reinforces a sense of
community and shared mission among our students, faculty, and administrators. It is our
hope that the educational experiences that our students share during law school will remain
in their hearts and minds long after they have completed their studies at Sargent Hall.
The law school is extremely proud of the accomplishments of our alumni, 22,000 strong, who
can be found in every state and throughout the world. Alumni have achieved distinction in
practice, government service and in business. They are exceedingly loyal to the law school
and are of tremendous assistance to the students who follow in their footsteps.
Today, the law school proudly introduces the Class of 2010 and we congratulate them on
their varied and significant accomplishments. We wish our students success and happiness
as they receive their degrees and join the ranks of Suffolk University Law School graduates.

analysis into the field of business.
The three academic units were incorporated as Suffolk University in 1937, and, over the
years, the University expanded from its night-school format to incorporate a range of
full- and part-time programs.


The academic attire worn during the commencement exercises by the graduates, faculty
members, deans, trustees, the president, and the other members of the academic procession,
had its origin during the Middle Ages at the medieval universities. The long black gown,
the basic garment of the academic attire, was worn for warmth and to conceal food and
sometimes wine to be consumed during lecture recesses . The square cap, the shape of which
resembles a book, a mason's mortarboard, or the quadrangle shape of the Oxford University
campus, usually has a black tassel indicating a bachelor's or master's degree, or a gold tassel
indicating a doctoral degree. The hood, which is the most colorful raiment, was used as a
cowl, a cape, an alms sack, or to protect the wearer's wig from the elements.

In modern times, the wearing of academic attire was codified by the American Council on
Education. Contemporary guidelines specify that the standard color for caps and gowns is
black, that the material be cotton poplin, that there be no trimming on the gowns worn by
recipients of baccalaureate or master's degrees, that the doctoral gown may be faced with
black velvet trim with three bars of black velvet across the sleeves, that the trimming of the
doctoral hood be of velvet and signify the academic area of the degree, and that the hood
lining reflect the official color or colors of the college or university conferring the degree.
The gown for master of laws is black faced with purple velvet trim with three bars of velvet
across the sleeves. The hood trimming color white designates bachelor of arts; yellow:
bachelor and master of science; magenta: bachelor of science in journalism; drab olive:
bachelor and master of business administration; peacock blue: bachelor and master of
public administration; blue: master of education and certificate of advanced graduate study
in education; and purple: juris doctor (law) degree.
Within certain permissible limits, universities may vary the style and color of the caps and
gowns worn by their graduates. These variations may be noticed in the academic procession.
Colored cords are worn by our Law School graduates and College of Arts and Sciences and
Sawyer Business School undergraduates who have been awarded graduation honors. Gold
cords signify summa cum laude honors, silver signifies magna cum laude honors, and bronze
indicates cum laude honors. The College of Arts and Sciences and the Sawyer Business
School also recognize honor distinctions for transfer graduates-blue and gold cords for
Highest Distinction, blue and silver cords for High Distinction, and blue and bronze for
Distinction. Business students inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor
Society are wearing a royal blue satin honor stole outlined in gold with the Beta Gamma
Sigma key logo.

- - - - - - - - - - -COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM

Boston Brass Ensemble
Gregory Fritze, Conductor
(Audience please rise)

Academic Procession
Hal Leibowitz, Esq.
Representing the 25th Anniversary Class of 1985
Class Marshal
Call to Commencement Exercises
Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., Esq.
Chairman of the Board
David J. Sargent, Esq.
President of the University
The Reverend Amy Fisher
University Chaplain and Director of Interfaith Center
National Anthem
Kristina Jean-Conte, JD '10
Commencement Address
The Honorable Cory A. Booker
Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
Conferring ofHonorary Degrees
The Honorable Bernice Donald
U.S. District Judge for the Western District ofTennessee
Kenneth R. Feinberg
Special Master TARP Executive Compensation
Justice John M. Greaney (Rec.)
Director, Macaronis Institute for Trial and Appellate Advocacy
Suffolk University
The Honorable Cory A. Booker
Mayor, Newark, New Jersey
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Class Greetings
Jasmine Ortiz, JD '10
Conferring ofDegrees
The Reverend Amy Fisher
University Chaplain and Director of Interfaith Center


Inclusion in the program does not indicate degree conferral; degrees will be awarded when


all University requirements have been fulfilled.




Christopher Civali, a third-year law student, died unexpectedly on May 2, 2010. The tragic
loss of Chris has touched us and he is deeply missed as a member of the Suffolk University
Law School Community. Though Chris is not with us today, he will be in our hearts and
thoughts during the law school commencement ceremony. The blue and gold ribbon that
we wear represents our loss, as well as our appreciation for his friendship.
The Commencement Program indicates that Chris Civali would have received his law

Andrea Bidegaray
College Station, TX
Anita Marie Bowles
Colorado Springs, CO
.a. Stephanie Grace Buckler
Burlington, .Mil
Charles Jeffrey Bussell
Topsham, ME
t Christopher James Civali Watertown, .Mil
Erin Cornell
South Boston, .Mil
Edward D. Crane
Cambridge, .Mil
Meredith Daniels
Naperville, IL
Jaclyn Mae Essinger
Newton, .Mil
Lisa Borelli Flynn
Wellesley, .Mil
Robyn M. Hegerich
Pembroke, .Mil
Brian Raymond Judge
Sandwich, .Mil
Joseph Koipally
Somerville, .Mil

Jamaica Plain, .Mil
Nicole Q. Krea
Boston, .Mil
Patrick A. Leeman
Chelmsford, .Mil
Matthew N. Lowe
Revere, .Mil
Casey A. Lyons
Brookline, .Mil
Ariella Mutchler
• Philip Sherwood Pulitzer Winston Salem, NC
Cambridge, .Mil
Elizabeth Rahn
Boston, .Mil
Elizabeth C. Riley
Arlington, .Mil
tt Meghan Hayes Slack
Wareham, .Mil
Heather Thomson Sprague
Newton, .Mil
Amanda L. Vanderhorst
Needham, .Mil
Daniel P. Wyman
Newton, .Mil
+ J.R. Young

degree as a Summa Cum Laude graduate. We are privileged to recognize his accomplishments
by posthumously conferring his degree, this afternoon, in the presence of his wife, Kristina,
his parents and other members of the Civali family.


South Boston, .Mil
Cambridge, .Mil
Danvers, .Mil
Aimee M. Conway
Haverhill .Mil
Peter Dervan
Wakefield, .Mil
Jeffrey E. Dolan
Bokeelia, FL
Sheena Ann Foye
• Richard Anthony Gambale Middleton, .Mil
Townsend, .Mil
Richard G. Grossman
Medway, .Mil
•Adam W Himmelberger
Cambridge, .Mil
• Isaac Albert Hubner
Milwaukee, W7
Sharone B. Jona
St. Francisville, LA
Jan M. Kendrick
Lincoln, .Mil
Christopher Manos
Jesse Gardner Ainlay

+ Kristen Claire Buteau

t Posthumous Degree

.a. Rebecca Jean Merrill

Durham, NC

Boston, .Mil
Riikka Elizabeth Morrill
Somerville, .Mil
Ryan Patrick O'Malley
Burlington, .Mil
Joseph Perl
Somerville, .Mil
+ Sivananda Reddy
Casco, ME
Marcy W Rolerson
North Oaks, MN
t Erin Marie Secord
Boston, .Mil
Andrew J. Shriro
Boston, .Mil
Melissa Lynn Tarab
Tolland CT
Ryan E. Toombs
Canton, .Mil
Corey D . Winer
Hull, .Mil
Jaclyn Nicole Woodworth


• Business Law and Financial Services Concentration

.a. Health and Biomedical Law Concentration
* Cum Laude

t Master of Business Administration
tt Master of Public Administration

ttt Master of Science in Finance

+ Intellectual Property Law Concentration
T International Law Concentration
• Macaronis Civil Litigation Concentration
• Pro Bono Honors



Allison Marie Ahern
Somerville, MA
Worcester, MA
• Meghan Wilson Albert
Ahsan Ali
Allston, MA
Janann Younis Ali
Elgin, IL
Kenneth Casey Allison
Newburyport, MA
Boston, MA
* Leah D. Amrhein
Hingham, MA
+ Dustin Lee Anderson
Boston, MA
Katherine E. Anton
Boston, MA
Patrick V Aufiero
Winchester, MA
Ryan P. Avery
Somerset, MA
Antonio Ayala
Lexington, MA
Elizabeth Ayers
Holbrook, MA
t Margaret Rose Aylward
Lakewood, OH
T Otylia Babiak
Astoria, NY
Katherine A. Bagdis
Paxton, MA
Worcester, MA
• Aleena Bando
*• Kristen M. Baraiola
Wallingford, CT
Elizabeth Perez Barletta
Miami, FL
Jonathan Barletta
Stoneham, MA
Austin, TX
• Laura Leigh Barry
* Meghan Christine Barry North Attkboro, MA
T Mehmet Baysan
Adana, Turkey
Nathaniel Beaudoin
Methuen, MA
Santa Clarita, CA
• Thomas Beauvais
ttt Gregory J. Bednarz
Philadelphia, PA
* Derrick Emerson Belka
Newton, MA
Justine Bellew Bavaro
Somerville, MA
* Emily Joanna Bender
Arlington, MA
Anne Best Bennette
Saint Louis, MO
Inga Berge!
Boston, MA
Katelyn J. Bernier
Somerville, MA
*+ Deepika Bhayana
South Grafton, MA
Boston, MA
• Haley Lynn Bilow
Thomas Boland
Unionvil/,e, PA
*Timothy S. Bolen
Woburn, MA
Elizabeth A. G. Bond
Boston, MA
Melissa A. Bonnie
Cambridge, MA
Ian Hackwell Boone
Marion, MA
Smiths Parish, Bermuda
*• Scott A. Booth
Boston, MA
* Kate J. Borgondy

*Cum Laude
t Master of Business Administration
tt Master of Public Administration
ttt Master of Science in Finance

Wilkes-Barre, PA
Joseph C. Borland
Newton, MA
t• Marat Borodovskiy
Christopher Michael Boylan
Salem, MA
Milton, MA
* Elyse Jacqueline Boyle
Kevin P. Braga
Boston, MA
* Ravi Braich
South Grafton, MA
t• Richard P. Breed, IV
Marblehead, MA
* Nancy Kristin Brennan
Boston, MA
Carrie Dianne Bresnick
Ashland, MA
Kristoffer Brewer
Cambridge, MA
Michael F. Brewster
Quincy, MA
*• Allison Marissa Brown
Brookline, MA
Patrick Burke
Bronxville, NY
Nicole Burns
Atkinson, NH
Sam Caccavale
Hopedale, MA
Amie L. Cafarelli
Boston, MA
Boston, MA
• Jannelle L. Cafferky
*• Matthew Thomas Cahill
Canton, MA
Benjamin Shiner Cantor
Cambridge, MA
Boston, MA
Andrew Joseph Capone
Flannery A. Carlos
Brighton, MA
Matthew Carlson
Quincy, MA
Laurie Anne Casna
Marshfield, MA
* Daniel J. Chadwick
North Andover, MA
Christopher Chan
Boston, MA
T Sylvia Chen
Brookline, MA
Hana Choi
Seoul Korea
Jacqueline H. Choi
Rochester, NY
Susan Chu
Malden, MA
t Michael J. Cianchette
Falmouth, ME
Charles Richard Clark, II
Slidell LA
* Amy L. Codagnone
Londonderry, NH
* Michael B. Cole
Windham, NH
Caitlin Patterson Condon
Hopkinton, MA
Michael Conlon
Boston, MA
North Andover, MA
*t• Paul Connors
Mary Elizabeth Conway
Stoneham, MA
K. Gregory Corey II
Arlington, MA
Moon Township, PA
John J. Costanzo
Katherine M. Cox
El Cerrito, CA
*Thomas D. Crohan
Weymouth, MA

• Business Law and Financial Services Concentration
• Health and Biomedical Law Concentration
+ Intellectual Property Law Concentration
T International Law Concentration
• Macaronis Civil Litigation Concentration
• Pro Bono Honors

Boston, MA
Elizabeth Cronin
Canton, MA
•Megan M. Dart
Waltham, MA
Kevin David Delaney
Gloucester, MA
Joseph L. Delisi
Plymouth, MA
Lisa Marie De Mari
Boston, MA
Francesse J. Denis
Patchogue, NY
*Joseph W Denison
South Pasadena, CA
Vanessa C. Deniston
Gardner, MA
* Aleksander H. Dernalowicz
Lexington, MA
Pankaj N. Desai
Darien, CT
Sean Fitzmichael Devlin
Revere, MA
David DiCenso
Tyler B. Dockins Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Tewksbury, MA
Kevin Michael Donahue
Worcester, MA
Ryan Patrick Donahue
Nahant, MA
t Mary Catherine Donovan
Sterling, MA
* Benjamin Doskocil
Somerset, MA
• Patrick Driscoll
Schenectady, NY
Rebecca M. Dufur
Somerville, MA
* Gretchen Duhaime
Mooresville, NC
t David Duquette
Reston, VA
• Jacklyn Garcia Duran
Ludlow, MA
• Kristyn Marie Dusel
Wilmington, MA
Jonathan R. Eaton
Wareham, MA
Elizabeth G. Enos
Brighton, MA
*•Amy Garganta Esposito
South Boston, MA
Salvatore Falco
Boston, MA
Lindsey Tye Farrell
Boston, MA
John T. Farrey
Aurora, CO
*Tara Fein
Weston, MA
t Colleen Elizabeth Ferguson
Boulder, CO
Bettina Fest
Menlo Park, CA
Elisa Filman
Lynn, MA
*• Christopher J. Finn
Boston, MA
Matthew Fitzgerald
Somerville, MA
* Elizabeth Marie Fluet
Boston, MA
Neil J. Flynn, Jr.
Newton, MA
+ Peter Andrew Flynn
Weymouth, MA
Tracy Flynn
Arlington, MA
* Patrick H. Foley
Boston, MA
Alex Forse

* Cum Laude
t Master of Business Administration
tt Master of Public Administration
ttt Master of Science in Finance

Alstead, NH
Amanda Fowle
Jason Andrew Marques Fragoso
Waterbury, CT
Higganum, CT
Erik Johannes French
Boston, MA
Brendan M. Furey
• Matthew S. Furman
Boston, MA
Grace A. Gaabucayan
Boston, MA
Jeffrey B. Gagnon
Worcester, MA
Cristina Calica
Milton, MA
Elizabeth Kathryn Gallagher
Boston, MA
* John A. Gallagher
Boston, MA
Brian N. Gallardo
Cumberland, RI
Nicole Brooke Gamache
Wellesley, MA
Joseph Michael Ganley
Peabody, MA
*• Brendan Patrick Garvin
Peabody, MA
Sadie Gasinowski
Boston, MA
* Lauren Patricia Gearty
Tucson, AZ
Anna R. Gemelli
New Fairfield, CT
* Ian James Gemmell
Worcester, MA
Michael P. Gerace
Toronto, Canada
Eldad Gerb
Cambridge, MA
Brent W Gilbert
Arlington, MA
John Gillis
Amesbury, MA
William E. Gippe III
Billerica, MA
• Michael V Glennon
Stoneham, MA
* Christine A. Goddard
Sharon, MA
* Jason Goldstein
Boston, MA
• Luke Antonio Goldworm
Nina Kale Aduayi Goolcharan Abington, MA
Barrington, RI
Richard E. Gordon
Boston, MA
Tara E. Gormel
Braintree, MA
Timothy Paul Gravel
Bronx, NY
*Jason Toby Green
Wakefield, MA
Anthony Vincent Guardia
* Stephanie Marie Gunselman Mt. Pleasant, SC
Boston, MA
Margaret Anne Hagen
Boston, MA
*• Kelly S. Hale
Boston, MA
*+ Marcus Hall
Saint Louis, MO
* Stephen Patrick Hall
Westbrook, CT
+ Young-Ji Ham
Garden City, Ml
Christine Ann Hammer

• Business Law and Financial Services Concentration
• Health and Biomedical Law Concentration
• Intellectual Property Law Concentration
T International Law Concentration
• Macaronis Civil Litigation Concentration
• Pro Bono Honors



Boston, .Mil
Boston, .Mil
Alexandra Haralambous
Grafton, .Mil
Margaret Mary Harkness
Jupiter, FL
Mercer Island, WA
• Laura Jane Harris
*+ Elissa Marie Harrison
Mashpee, .Mil
Mollie Frances Hartman
Roslindale, .Mil
Timothy Dismas Hartnett
Brighton, .Mil
Stephanie Haul
Northport, NY
* Caitlin Maura Healey
Fitchburg, .Mil
Tara Lynn Heath
Watertown, .Mil
* Christopher T. Heck
Dayton, OH
Jonathan Heeps
Arlington, TX
Priya S. Hegde
Acton, .Mil
* Christopher Nolan Henry
Belmont, .Mil
Vanessa Fuentes Hernandez Cambridge, .Mil
Jamieson K. Herrick
Lunenburg, .Mil
Alex Ryan Hess
Allentown, PA
+ Robert Alan Hess
Arlington, .Mil
Sarah L. Herman
East Bridgewater, .Mil
•• Karen Elizabeth Hewes
Arlington, .Mil
* Brett Heyman
Brookline, .Mil
Rebecca Hice
Jamestown, NY
Neil Higgins
Quincy, .Mil
Ann Hill
Brookline, .Mil
Tejindervir Singh Hiran
Chelsea, .Mil
Evan Roth Hoffman
South Boston, .Mil
Jessica Hogan
Belmont, .Mil
Joy Bentwood Hotchkiss
Northwood, NH
Malverne, NY
*••Matthew T. Howard
Marisa Kristine Howe
Boston, .Mil
• Maegan Leigh Hurley
Hyannis, .Mil
Sam Ibrahimkhil
Aliso Viejo, CA
Leslie Ishizuka
Jackson Heights, NY
Daniella Isildakli
Worcester, .Mil
Jessica Ann Janet
Albuquerque, .Mil
North Attleboro, .Mil
Kristina Jean-Conte
North Easton, .Mil
Caroline E. Johnson
Ringwood, NJ
• Amanda Paige Johnston
Worcester, .Mil
* Ryan William Joyce
Sturbridge, .Mil
+ Jennifer Junkin
Salimah Khadijah Hankins

tt Katherine Elizabeth Hansen

* Cum Laude
t Master of Business Administration
tt Master of Public Administration
ttt Master of Science in Finance

* Nicholas Kaiser
Hatfield, .Mil
Walpole, .Mil
*••Gregory V. Kanarian
* Rebecca Sarah Kane
Derry, NH
Alexis B. Kaplan
Columbus, OH
Nicole K. Kastner
Brighton, .Mil
Sharon, .Mil
* Denise L. Katz
Steven M. Kaylor
Beverly, .Mil
Ian Christopher Keefe
Schuylerville, NY
Elisabeth A. Keefer
Boston, .Mil
Pasadena, CA
T Kerry Anne Keegan
* Jamie Kelaher
Farmington, CT
Jennifer Kelefant
Albany, NY
Dedham, .Mil
* Brian William Kelly
Adam W Kendall
Jackson, MI
Stephen A. Kenny
Newington, CT
*Jeffrey C. Kessler
Cambridge, .Mil
Sasha Laila Khan
Stoughton, .Mil
* Meghan Brennan King
Charlestown, .Mil
Carlisle, IN
Charles Kirschner
Chris D . Knoth
Somerville, .Mil
Matthew R. Kobelski
Tewksbury, .Mil
Daniel W Korbacher
Indianapolis, IN
Boston, .Mil
Andrew R. Kotila
Boston, .Mil
* Erin I. Kunze
Billerica, .Mil
Georg C. LaBonte
Riverside, RI
Matthew L. LaMountain
Winchendon, .Mil
Jeremy Lee LaPointe
*Jonathan Richard Laramie
Wakefield, .Mil
Concord, .Mil
Jaclyn B. Lavers
Daniel M. Lee
Medford, .Mil
Newton Upper Falls, .Mil
• Ilya Libenzon
Winchester, .Mil
Jonathan Z. Lin
Elina Litvak
Newton, .Mil
Honolulu, HI
Kristin Lum
Warwick, RI
t Patrick A. Lynch
Rochester, NY
• Erin L. MacGregor
Boston, .Mil
*• Andres Macellaro
Quincy, .Mil
• Courtney M . Madden
Boston, .Mil
Joseph Neil Magner
Robin Magrath
Bloomfield, NJ
John T. Mahoney
Quincy, .Mil

• Business Law and Financial Services Concentration
• Health and Biomedical Law Concentration
+ Intellectual Property Law Concentration
T International Law Concentration
• Macaronis Civil Litigation Concentration
• Pro Bono Honors

Istanbul, Turkey
Ceyda Azakli Maisami
Lowell, .Mil
Ryan]. Mak
Wilton, NH
* Benjamin W Maki
Andover, .Mil
Steven Manson
Wolcott, CT
* Lia N . Marino
Annandale, VA
Maureen Ward Marra
Boston, .Mil
* Justin L. Marshall
Boston, .Mil
* Michael Robert Marshall
Lowell, .Mil
Patrick James Martin
Melrose, .Mil
Matthew Mastromauro
Newton, .Mil
+ Joshua S. Matloff
Boston, .Mil
* Kevin Patrick McCarthy
Boston, .Mil
Michelle McCole
t • John Kenneth McDonnell West Roxbury, .Mil
Sarah Wimsatt McDonnell South Boston, .Mil
Renee Marie McDonough Cambridge, .Mil
Hingham, .Mil
Elizabeth A. McElaney
Cranston, RI
Meredith McGair
Brookline, .Mil
Timothy J. McGee
Cambridge, .Mil
• Paul McGowan
Haverhill, .Mil
* Sean M. McKendry
Boston, .Mil
• Eric Thomas McKenna
Nashua, NH
Daniel McLaughlin
Framingham, .Mil
John M. McMahon
Idaho Falls, ID
• Challis Allen McNally
Lowell, .Mil
Daniel McNamara
Sharon, .Mil
David McNamara
Newton, .Mil
Betsy Coldwell McSheffrey
Holden, .Mil
Katie Ann Meinelt
Livonia, MI
Jennifer Tamara Metti
Newton, .Mil
Tiffany R. Michael
Somerville, .Mil
Evey Mihalakopoulos
Rutland, .Mil
* Seth Abraham Milman
Brooklyn, NY
Jackson Moller
*• John Michael Mooradian South Boston, .Mil
Somerville, .Mil
Timothy Shea Morris
Taunton, .Mil
Eric J. Morrison
Northborough, .Mil
• Rasha Mortada
Boston, .Mil
Mark Mouded
Joseph William Moverissey West Roxbury, .Mil
Feasterville, PA
Bridget Mullaly

* Cum Laude
t Master of Business Administration
tt Master of Public Administration
ttt Master of Science in Finance

Groton, .Mil
• Patrick Mulligan
Somerville, .Mil
*t Melissa Rose Murray
Matilda Ingabire Muranguha Kigali, Rwanda
Boston, .Mil
Ryan Naumes
Dennis, .Mil
Peter William Nelson
Arlington, .Mil
*• Helene Newberg
Brighton, .Mil
Anna P. Nguyen
Stanton, CA
• Hanh Dena Nguyen
Haverhill, .Mil
Katie Lynn Nicolosi
Newton, .Mil
• Wyckoff Nissenbaum
Lawrence, .Mil
Jesenia Nova
Boston, .Mil
* Igor Novikov
Scituate , .Mil
Christopher Nylen
Norwood, .Mil
Lauren M . Nyren
Belgrade, Serbia
Neb Obradovic
Groton, .Mil
Gayle Birck O'Brien
Medford, .Mil
Richard F. O'Connell
South Boston, .Mil
*Jaclyn Simard O'Leary
San Diego, CA
Shannon O'Leary
Cranston, RI
*T Matthew A. Olivieri
Boston, .Mil
Robert Patrick Orthman
Chelsea, .Mil
Jasmine Ortiz
Upton, .Mil
*Jared William Otte
Boston, .Mil
* Denise Ouellet
Honolulu, HI
Trevor Ross Ozawa
Kenosha, W7
Joshua Pade
Revere, .Mil
Joseph A. Padolsky
Newton, .Mil
W Randall Palmer
Northborough, .Mil
• Michael Pantina
Salem, .Mil
Brad Samuel Papalardo
Newberg, OR
+ Matthieu J. Parenteau
Cambridge, .Mil
* Ethan A. Park
Plymouth, .Mil
Anthony Ilo Paronich
Lansdale, PA
Christopher Pasquale
Melbourne, FL
* Tiffany J. Patel
Quincy, .Mil
t • John Patton
Wrentham, .Mil
Robert Allen Penchuk
Denver, CO
William Percy
Winthrop, .Mil
Corinne Petraglia
Boston, .Mil
Linda Le Phan
Worcester, .Mil
*eT Samantha Elizabeth Phillips

• Business Law and Financial Services Concentration
• Health and Biomedical Law Concentration
+ Intellectual Property Law Concentration
T International Law Concentration
• Macaronis Civil Litigation Concentration
• Pro Bono Honors

* Rachael Joy Phinney
Middleboro, MA
* Michael Andrew Pirrello
Franklin, MA
* Vanessa Victoria Pisano Vineyard Haven, MA
Julie Marie Pistorino
Abington, MA
•• John J. Politis
Scarborough, ME
Atsuko Polzin
Belmont, MA
Abby Elissa Porosky

Gilmanton Iron Works, NH
Emily F. Porter
Newton Center, MA
*• Katherine Curran Powell
Boston, MA
Michael Daniel Prashad Monmouth Beach, NJ
it Nestor Miguel Puello
Providence, RI
T Carla Maria Racioppi
Wayland, MA
Jeffrey W Rayball
Boston, MA
*•Matthew S. Reid
Newton, MA
t Barbara J. Rhodes
Brookline, MA
Malissa A. Riehl
Kansas City, MO
Patrick William Rivard
Goffitown, NH
Melanie Jeanne Roberts
Haverhill MA
Theresa Genia Robinson
New Salem, MA
David Rodrigues
Everett, MA
Jose Rafael Rodriguez-Tirado

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hudson, NH
Dedham, MA
Stoneham, MA
Wellesley, MA
Quincy, MA
Canton, MA
Brookline, MA
London, Canada
Bristol RI
Salem, MA
Milford, MA
Arlington, TX
Easton, MA
Medford, MA
Mahopac, NY
Watertown, MA
Westwood, NJ
Pascagoula, MS

Christoph Rothschild
*+ Jeffrey M. Ruggiero
Kevin John Russell
Mary-Elizabeth Russell
David William Ryan
John F. Ryan
Melissa D . Saban
Ryan Sadler
Matthew L. Salcone
• Laura M. Sanders
* John J. Sares Jr.
* Katherine Sarmini
* Bonnie L. Savage
* Lisa Marie Scalisi
* Melissa Ann Scappatura
• Patricia Schiavoni
Ian Schuler
*+ Catherine Schulte

* Cum Laude
t Master of Business Administration
tt Master of Public Administration
ttt Master of Science in Finance

* Heidi A. Seely
Nevada City, QI
Courtney Wilson Severino
Honolulu, HI
Thomas J Severo
Westford, MA
Boston, MA
April E. Sheehan
Norwood, MA
Jacob Sheinhite
Alba Sherifi
Brighton, MA
North Easton, MA
Kenneth Alan Sherman
*+ Robert Scott Sherman
Framingham, MA
Beirut, Lebanon
• Walid Shibbani
Brookline, MA
• Joseph Shipman
Boston, MA
* Neha Shukla
Chelsea, MA
Kristen Sibiga
*• Daniel Ryan Sieck
Sudbury, MA
*+ Marina Sigareva
Sudbury, MA
Medford, MA
Letitia F. Silas
Scott Silver
Nashua, NH
Salem, MA
Michael Sim
Lexington, MA
* Morris A. Singer
Pareena Singh
East Liverpool OH
Boston, MA
David F. Smith, Jr.
* Daniel Robert Sonneborn
Winchester, MA
Matthew C. Spang
Boston, MA
Jonathan J. Speranza
Maura E. Sprince
Lynnfield, MA
Cambridge, MA
* William J. Sprouse
Hardwick, MA
Jessie Pellegri St. John
Haverhill MA
Steven Stavrou
Robert Nolan Stephens
Staten Island NY
Mashpee, MA
Ashley Jon Stolba
*+ Kathryn Dorothea Stone North Andover, MA
Somerville, MA
Aaron M. Stronge
Kathryn Sullivan Fernandes
Taunton, MA
Wallingford CT
Michael Thomas Sullivan
Tampa, FL
*• Courtney Anne Tallman
Medfield, MA
*• Robert M . Tammero
Orlando FL
Kerwin K. Tang
Newton, MA
Alyse Isabelle Tennermann
Gloucester, MA
*• Kristen Rose Testaverde
Boston, MA
Cara L. Thompson
Swampscott, MA
*t•Keith Thompson
Marlborough CT
Luigi Tollis

• Business Law and Financial Services Concentration
• Health and Biomedical Law Concentration
+ Intellectual Properry Law Concentration
T International Law Concentration
• Macaronis Civil Litigation Concentration
• Pro Bono Honors

Christopher Townsend-Small
Allston, MA
Sudbury, MA
David J. Trail
Michael Thomas Trent
Charlotte C.H, VA
Boston, MA
Rachel Tropp Rose
Boston, MA
Martha Jennings Turke
Phoenix, AZ
Ashley Laura Turner
Sarah Ulbricht
Medfield, MA
Quincy, MA
Tearny Uy
Arlington, MA
*• Steven Paul Vallarelli, Jr.
Weymouth, MA
*• Lori K. Vaulding
Matthew G. Venezia
North Reading, MA
Andrew Wiley Verwholt
Boston, MA
Nerejda Katherine Vlladesi
Malden, MA
Marlborough, MA
Jason E. Wadman
Cambridge, MA
Claire S. Walpole
Braintree, MA
Christopher Michael Walsh
Boston, MA
*Joe Walsh
Lynnfield, MA
Michael C. Walsh
Boston, MA
Michael Bergner Walsh
Malden, MA
*+ Jin Wang
Somerville, MA
• Kimberly J. Ward

* Cum Laude
t Master of Business Administration
tt Master of Public Administration
ttt Master of Science in Finance

Hardy Grumman Watts
*• Michael Glen Weinstein
• Robert Werner
* Kristin Wesolaski
Jo-Na Williams
* Todd David Williams
* Carolyn J. Wilson
Gregory Wilson
Jennifer Patricia Wines
t Maura Kathryn Winston
• Geoffrey Eaton Wood
Christopher Worthy
Frank Hadley Wright III
Katherine Wyporek
Edmond L. Yip
K. Min Yoo
• Joblin C. Younger
Ali Zaidi
Juan Zheng
Adam B. Zimmerman

Boston, MA
Needham, MA
Sharon, MA
Falmouth, MA
Flint, MI
Weymouth, MA
Amesbury, MA
Boston, MA
Boston, MA
Boston, MA
Boston, MA
Concord, MA
Cambridge, MA
Windsor, CT
Providence, RI
Seoul Korea
Boston, MA
Lexington, MA
Cambridge, MA
Brookline, MA

• Business Law and Financial Services Concentration
.._ Health and Biomedical Law Concentration
+ Intellectual Property Law Concentration
T International Law Concentration
• Macaronis Civil Litigation Concentration
• Pro Bono Honors



Boston, MA
Frank J. Addivinola, Jr.
Mohamed A. Al-Noaimi
Riffe, Bahrain
Sandra Tatiana Arango Gomez Cali, Columbia
Weymouth, MA
Paul John Caruso, Jr.
Cambridge, MA
Andrew Clearwater
Lahore, MA
Tariq A. Hassan
Stockholm, Sweden
Kristian B. Hermanrud
Dorchester, MA
Melissa Militano Isaacs
Boston, MA
Stephen Kearney
Jan Alexander Laskowski Dusseldorf, Germany
Valladolid, Spain
Lucia Marin Cano
Watertown, MA
Alejandra Marquez
Hilda M. Marrero-Ladik
Quincy, MA
Somerville, MA
Fiona Minga
Carver, MA
Amy Muscato-Wolter

Danielle Froes Nascimento
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Maria Vittoria Onufrio
Somerville, MA
Wayland, MA
Steven Michael Price
Farah Raful Soriano
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Chote Rattanakangwanwong
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
Prapaporn Rojsiriruch
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Rafael L. Rovira
Everett, MA
Alexandre Sarte
Boston, MA
Ranidson G. Souza
Randolph, MA
Richard A. Valere
St. Louis, MO
Aaron F. Weismann
Boston, MA
Valerie V Winterhalder

Andressa Carla Back
Cremosano, Italy
Gabor Bath6
Szolnok, Hungary
Vicken Bayramian
Geneva, Switzerland
Alban Caushi
Tirana, Albania
Tamas Z. Cseh
Budapest, Hungary
Eszter David
Budapest, Hungary
Asia Ahmad El-Rufai
Abuja, Nigeria
Joakim Falkner
Stockholm, Sweden
Marton Gervai
Budapest, Hungary
Igor A. Golchenko
Donetsk, Ukraine
Arlyn Gonzalez-Diaz
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Charles Udoka Ihua-Maduenyi Abuja, Nigeria
Gyiirgy Kiszely
Budapest, Hungary
Beatrix Komjathy
Budapest, Hungary
Adam Liber
Budapest, Hungary

Eszter Markus
Budapest, Hungary
David W McClean Bangor, Northern Ireland
Rodrigo Sanchez Mejorada Monterrey, Mexico
Peter Miczan
Budapest, Hungary
Azmi Mohd Ali
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Haruna Omoye Momoh
Abuja, Nigeria
Abdul H. Mustapha
Lagos, Nigeria
Karolin S. Nelles
Hannover, Germany
Miklos Oberfrank
Budapest, Hungary
Hobeika S. Roukos
Beirut, Lebanon
Graz, Austria
Bernd Richard Scherak
Budapest, Hungary
Marta Solti
Kecskemet, Hungary
Zsuzsanna T 6th
AlexandervonReden Frankfurt am Main, MA
Lagos, Nigeria
Olayiwola Yahaya


Day Division
Ariella Mutchler
Evening Division
Joseph J. Koipally


Day Division
Margaret Rose Aylward
Melissa Rose Murray
Evening Division
Joblin C. Younger


Day Division
Ariella Mutchler
Evening Division
Joseph J. Koipally

Stephanie Grace Buckler

Matthew N. Lowe

Heather Thomson Sprague

Jesse G. Ainlay




Day Division
Jacklyn Garcia Duran

Evening Division
Patricia Schiavoni

Meghan Hayes Slack

Joshua S. Madoff

Daniel P. McLaughlin