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Vol. 31, No. 2◄

AprU 1, tt71

Suffolk University, Beacon HUI , Botton, Mau.

Ex-Governor addresses jam packed auditorium

Sargent Prop6s~s Election Reforms


ti ·~ ruce McIntyre
~1rnaking to the pofitical science
club in lh~ 11udi1o rium here at Suf.
folk , former Gov. Frnncis W.
Saq(c.nt criticized the currenl

" II sounds like you are· endorsin8
him , Governor." Sar8ent lau8hed
end aruwered, 'Tm ·saying he does
his homework and he i1 effective.
He 's a good aenator.''
Charles Niles , a student here
prcsid o,!llinl r:andidate1
and active member or the forensic
" ll's a lnwnhni,i ci rcus Absolutesociety at 83. thanked Sarsent for
ly obscene. II is exhaua linR lo the
keeping his word in resard 10
c1rndida lcs. horinR t g 1he cleclegislation for the elderly. Mr.
tornl e and confu sinij," Sargenl
Niles Is active In lobbying for insaid.
creased M>cial security benefits for
Calling for a regionu\ system- of
_)' senior cilizens as well a, compenprimaries. Sargent lold the crowd
salion for war veterans. Said
lhnt if the country were sectioned
Sargent. " One lhlng I learned, and
off inlo 6 divisions whi ch all held
you can ask any legisla1or this, if
the primary on the same day, the Sargenl denounce, Duk1kl1' Admlnl1tr1tion
one tegialalor tells another ·took
candida1es would save money, regional issues ralher than tryina
Sarge nl was asked who he sup- I'm going to be with you on this'
spend less lime runni ng a round lo appease 1he voters or each porled for president and he
you muat never go back on your
the cbuntry and coulcl ta lk ahout slale
repli ed with a comical shrug, word ··
" Yea . I aupporl Ford. Ah , ah , well
He pointed to Dukalds as an exrve been asked lo be on 1he Ford ample of someone who reneged on
Secretaries seek changes
Commil tee and I accepted. A.. Iona
his word. '' I •uppoM •v•ryooe will
as Reasan ia in the race 1 reel uy· almost anylhins to get In ofcomfortable there."
fice . One of the things ia the quesSargenl, was osked tO spea k on
ion of taxes. He fD didn 'l
the 1>0li1ical scene in ·16. "I t need to do that,.. Sarsent condepends whal scene you mean .'" fes.sed. "I don 't know why in hell
by Debbie Burke
clerical staff ca me lo a climax Josi
he wenl for a yea r sayins no new
The Starr Advisor)' Committee, l)ecember wilh the release or a he said poinlinM toward th e state
crtiutcd 1his year on 1he p remise new IRS rulinM whi c:h hM been house . "Up there ii stinks. But I'm laxes. And !hen lo go all the way
10 September with this and then
thal th e 93 members of 1he clerical subsequently found lo only hRvc biased"
Sargent said he was not plan- turn around and say we need
starr needed a body like the been put into e Hect at Suffolk.
students' SCA lo rc prose nl them , This ruling stated that for 1he £irs1 ning lo challenge SenalOr' Kennedy about 700 million dollars. Neither
re cen tl y drew up a list or 2ight lim e. ones' tuition may be added fo r his seat. "There are a number he nor I realized the deplh of the
proposals in regards to the presc''ht on as lax . "You see, we as of reasons for this. Firs! , l co~ldn 'I depression ' we were in here in
salary and beneril 1
1ackase in ex - members of the clerical ataff are win . But I think he is doing a good New England. Early in the year he
a ll owed lo lake lhree cou rses a job. I work well rith him end 1 cou ld have come in with a
is te nce at :;urrolk.
Amo ng the proposals 1he cu m- semester. In December it was an- have been workin with him on a modUied tax plan that would nol
have been 100 damaging.·· Sargent
mlllec seeks a re : "a n overall nounced that you have lo claim it number of things."
A reporter for channel 7 said.
grade and salary study underlakcn bu! th e si lu ation led to a further
by HO outside firm ," "a ten per- problem when the IRS made ii
-ce nl increase in th e curre nt salary clea r that this exemption was · Fire in Hancock St. ap.!:_
plus .a grade step increase , one relroactive to 1he previous Januholf 10 be paid on July 1, 1976 with ery. Some secretaries had just
the ot her half to be paid on )an . I. ta ken some course for the hell of
1977," and "a joinl study by slaff ii and suddenl y they were realizand administra li on lo exa mine 1ho ing 1h01 1hey would have to pay
department. I forgot lhe ex,by Bruce McIntyre
possibilil)' of implementing an op- !he IRS for them ."
On Monday mornins. jusl as linguisher up there.'" he said.
tional four -da y work week durinM
1lowevor the Advisor y ComThe fire quickly drew a crowd
studen ls were walking to their 9:00
the pe riod June 14 - Sept. 3, 1976."
mill ee does not hold the ady
The commillee. which is an oul - minislrnlion lo be at fault In facl class, a fire broke out on the of Surfolk Universi1 studen11 and
faculty, as well as neighbors. II
Krowlh of last year's Women's they issued a s1a1emonl Tuesday fourth flo or of 35 Hancock St.
Commiltee , was developed as an en tire body. " We have full Chier White or Latter 24 Cam- was over soon through and all had
b eca use th& clerical s1a H be li eved co nfiden ce in the admi nistration bridge St. said that the fire started time 10 make !heir 9:00 classes.
that th ey had no one to talk lo or in 1h n1 1hey will deal with us in due 10 "ca re less disposal of e
ciaa relle bull. " The owner of the
ban th em logether. They dechied good faith :·
lo uppoint a law .school secretary,
In addition, President Thom1111 Hancock St.
Joan Sbolman , as th e chairman . A Fulham had the opportu~ily to Christopher Lee , said that the
damages are "i n the vicinity or
lis1 or co mpl ain ls and suggestions voice his opinions. He fell that 1he
ore submi lled to the committee problem co uld he handled in th e $600."
The occu pant of the room , Mr.
cl we re 1hon forrnulotod into lh e near future on nn individual bnsis
sel of eigh t 1
,roposa ls.
within all 1he differenl depart - Kelly had been a resident of 3 or 4
It was apparenl that !here ex- ments. Bui he also slressed that a mon1hs, according lo Lee bul ii
isted a sleody lock of morale un- discussion of the advisory's sort is cou ld not be determined where he
derlying the members or th e :uaff nol common at this time or 1he was at the time of the fire.
Steve Cava lin i of 37 Han cock
foY.a period of lime . The com- year because ii is when the budge!
St. , occupanl in another one of
millee Is mainly seeking some type is discussed .
Chrislopher Lee's buildings was
However, Fulham did add that
or inpul into any decision making
pollc.y concerning th e m. They there was a need for a reevaluA- the rtrsl to notice the blaze. "I ran ..
desire a say in talks of Increases. lion of the 11eH1 lo be conducted. up with the fire extinguisher and
II hasn ' t been done for the paat kicke.d down Iha door . Bu t the fire
benefit, and vacations.
wa, 100 big so I called the flte
TNL severa l grlevarices of the five years.··



New Wages, Benefits Wanted

Fenton Classes Disrupted



April 1, 1171

Suffolk Journ~I

Pase 2



Manql.aa Editor
News Editor

A question of rights
A stalc nrnnl of 1he right a nd freedoms of sludcnls was draft ed. in 1974
anti suhmillcd 10 lhe Board of T rus lees. There it died . II \.\OS revised
lh is yeil r by 11 comm111 ee an d s ubmitt ed 10 !he Join l Cou ncil of Stude nl
Affuirs. 1 an orHani za tlon comp rised of ~I representatives uf students.
facull y. a ncl nd min istra linn l.asl T hursda} !April 1) 'Mu! cou neil e nte rlained discussion of the revised ed it ion lwfore ap provi n,ll 11 for submi ssion lo the Hoard of Trust ees.
O ne of lh e ilems in lh c rcv nn stn led 1ha1 "a ll Ulll \'ers 11 y 1)1Jblished
nnd finnn eccl stude nt pu1> 1icotions ,ihou ld flxp li cit l)' sta le on the
editorial pa·~e thal 1he opinio ns ex press ed ore not necessari ly those of
th e co ll e.l(e. uni\•eniit )'. or s1ude n1 lJcxly "
The Journal is hitt erl y upposed 10 1his With !he unanimous support of
lh e S1uden1 Govcrnmenl Association . /ourno/ Editor Mark Rojije rs voicecl
nppos ili on nt Thursday's Join! Cou ncil meeting. RoECers· argument cited
num erous sta lemc nts includinR th e prio r censo rsh ip dan8e r. and th e
l~s of a ,,rofesaio nal look lo 1he pa rwr (wher e such an inserl ion doesn 't
11 p1Jf?a r in ma ny university fund ed s1uden1 newspapers.I
'1,. le11nl co unsel. prese nl al 1he me oling, 11 ointcd oul the legalily _
suc h a discl a im e r ciling a fedcrnl stalute. Rogers tri ed lo compromi s:e
with a sugs,:estion for r~nnlnR the ,li sdaimer under editorials co nce rning
issues ou ls id e of th e um ve rsit) Acco rdi n~ lo le~a l counse l. 1his co mpromise would fulfill 1he legal requireme nt . 1-towrvc r. Bradl ey Su lli vR n ,
Dean of....S1ude nts. moved lhe qucs lion nnd Th e co uncil voled to re la in
th u it em, 9-7 with fiv e me mhe rs nbscnt.
Roge rs mover! 1 re-open discussion on 1he metie r nl Tuesday's (Ap r il
61 Joinl Council meeliRJI. The mnller was lab led for th e next meeling
The Jo1,1rnol nsks the s up1 1o r1 uf th e members of Join t Counci l end th e
stude nt body (whose p11prr this. isl IO co ntinu e lo publish a vehicle of
free express ion without th e dnn~er of censorship and th e loss of
a utonomy To fa\'or the com prom ise would susl ain th e ' fr cedom that we
now e nj oy. For th ose co ncerned . n lolle r lo the edi lor and/or elte ndance
11 1 1hc nex l Join1 Cou nci l meelin~ nn April 22 \, 11u lcl l;e h ondici nl in
rutnlninM 1ha1 frn cdom .

State of bro.t herhood
The id cn or frat erna l organi za lion s is not a new id ea: !he re is n tradi li on of them on practicall y ever)' coll et_1e ca mpus in th e coun 1ry .
ll rot horhuod ~n,1 friundahlp ore 1hu blndin~ e lemenl• whi ch ho lrl this
lyp,• of ex clusi ve orRanizalion 1 lh e r. Frat ernities. 1hroughout hislory .
hn\·e a les,inc)' of cha r itable d eeds · raisinM money fo r phila nthropic pur•
µnst•s , help111s,1 famili es w hich were 1he vi cti ms of tragedy and sponsoring eve nts which provide e nlf'Jr!Ri nnrn nt fu r s ludf' nt s.
1le ll week is nnoth cr side of 1he hislory of frnte rnit ies: IC51ing the
s tami na and persislen ce of th eir pledRCS. One some coll eMe r.a mpuses
these pledMeS ar e fo rced to perform IRsks whi ch are of a co nstructive
m11ure. Painting th e fr al hom1 ~. clea nins,i ce rlnin areas which are saved
cspeci ull y fo r the pl edMCS and performin-" civ ic chilies around th e ca mpu s in addi!lon to mc mon zin~ 1he fra te rnal s loM ns in a variety of
forms. are e xamples of so me collei,ie frnteroilios
O n lh e 0 1hcr hand . He ll Wee on some ca mpuses involves ruhbing
pea nut butte r and jelly in the hair of 1he pl ed11es . Throwing wate r over
the m, and oth er eq-trnll )' so phomoric pranks . These fra1ernili es t1re
MCnera ll y c:O nce rned with KOiiing 1111cnlion.
l.asl week wus " He ll Wee k.. for II Suffolk Frntncrily here and it foils
Into lh e loll e r calegory. Wh e n they all racted th e a ll c ntion of n Journal
photoMrnph er who proceeded lo lake so me pic lures. he wns attacked .
• One of th e senior me mbe rs of lh e frnt e rnit y th ough it wise to squash
a Hrup.c fruit into the le ns of the cnm e rn a nd Ir )' lo provoke 11 fight ,
rather than ex plain that th ey did not wish to be pho1011raphetl as a news
item. II Is a fe e ling at th e Journot that th is fraterml y should lrttnscend
ll s less e nlight e ned ca tegory and try lo use their 1nlents more conslrucli ve ly. If !hey still feol the need lo create a .. scen1f' 1he n th ev ~h ou ld rl o
it e lsewhere th ereby avoi ding the situnlion of hc ing n nows' item


PbJl Santoro

Debbie Burko
Johanne L. Roberti
Stephen Corbett
Joo Reppucci

Feature Editor

Sportl Edllor
Aaaoclate Sport• Editor
Ari• Editor


Mark C. Rosen

Patricia Fantuia
Martin Govia

Phot..,. phy Editor

Noncy Kelley

Graphic Art• EdJlor
Senior Ed.lion

Bob Carr
Brent L Marmo
Brian Walker
Paul Donovan

Production Mana1er
Buslneu Mana1er

Cindy Felt.:b

WRITERS: Carol Birmingham; Mary C. Buckley; Debbi Collar;
Nanette Collio-: Linda Comeau; Kevin T. Creedon: Fran Cullen:
Lou Delena: Patrica Gatto: Mary Griffin ; Maryalice Gulllord ;

J.G. Haye,: Jack Heffernan; Valerie Jamiol; Mark G. Muzla;
Maureen McGonasle ; Barbara Ocha: Rebecca Pearl:
Bob Reo,don; Mary Kola R..,.11 ; Rick Salo
Judy SIiverman: Joanne Torraco; J•me1 K. V&l'la

SPORTS'. Grego~roou; Patricia A. Callahon; Jeff Clay;
Brian Donovan: ony ¥,rullo ; Jon Gottlieb ;
Linda K. Johnson , Kevin een


; Olor,e Coote; Michael Cuneo;

Paul Darrah : M'arie Dbnce.lle; Ron Geraneo: Bruce Mclntyn

GRAPHIC ARTISTS: Michael Sereda; Steve White
Earth Mother
Faculty Advi.or
Publl1ber '

Pam Struen

William Ruahlmann

" Just stupid"
Dear (Madpersons?J:
T ho parod y issue W&lln't bad . es-pecia ll y th e slyly-phrased jab al
li1 e rnry
"o utlines."
H owever
th ere'll jusl one problem . The almosphere of Su!rolkation will sure1} nol be decreased by wur in~
sis tt: nce that exere me n '4 hu:nan or
otherwise. is fqrn y.
Meta bolic was1 es simpl f are n't
particularly humorous. It's not th a t
this ap proach to h-}imour is gross
or obscC ne . It 's just s tupid. You
RUYS must sl ill listen lo Geo rge

Ca rlin records.

S. W. Faxon
joum. major

A question of taste
Dear Edilor:
T he a rticles in your "Parody"
i.!l!ue were in very poor la.sle. In
writing. it is po"ible lo be
humorous a nd interesting wilhout
stomping on th e se nses .
Anyone \\•ho rea d )'Ou r paper
this lime and la ughed does nol
have all their se n.sea intact.
Better Writing next lim_ .
Lucretia Scolt, e mployee



BostQn Press Club

Sponsors P.R. Night
The Press Club of Bos ton is
spunsori~ n Pttbli c Rel a tio ns
ht and a Med in Night to be
don April 14 and 15 rospect ivcund open to 1111 Suffo lk s1ude n1s
free or c:os t interesl ed in th e Commun ica tion fi e ld . Ea ch program
will cons ist or a sci of ponolists
\'\1 h11 will briefl y discuss 1heir area
ur e xptirtlso and th e n ope n u1>
1hd"r discusslon to A queslion ancl
answer period with 1hc nudi onr.e
Tho proMrums will hoMin f'IIC h
nijthl .i i 7:30 pm and 111st 11p11roxima tcl~ lwu hours. Some of
tlw Puhl ic Relotlo ns pno1?li s1s inr.l11rl e :-S1 1• Dunl o.avy, llos lon

Polir:f' cle1,1 lo di•cuss media
rcl nli on8; r. trn ck New lon , Aoslon
pr Qgrnm
d1:ve loprncnt : and Pet er Flttwe ll.
Nt!wsomr and Co. lo discuss in•
vcstur rclal ions
Some of 1hc Modin Panelists
nr,~ : Dick Levita n. WEEI rudi o lo
di sr:uss rnrlio; I.aura While . Boston
fonlur,• wri tin.'{. anrl Buh Snlf's.
ll nslon
d iscli 1ts
Othor schoo ls in tht~ Roslon nrNI
irw1ted 10 nllencl nre
1lni vt!rsitv ,
orlhtH1 rn , Sim •
mun s. a n;I EmP. rson


April I , 1'71

Suffolk Journa l

Page 2

A question of rights
A SIRIC mc nl of thf• righ t a nrl rre ednms or s1udcn1s was draf1,.r1 in 1974
and suhmillcd to lh e Board or Truslces. There it died . II " as revised
lhis ye,1r hy a comm1 1tee and s ubml tled to the Joinl Cou ncil of Studenl
AHa1rs. a n nrj{ani za tion co mpr iteti of 21 rcp rese n1a1 ives ur students ,
farull)', anrl 11dmin i.<1tration Last Th ursda) (Apri l J~ th e counci l e ntertai ned d isr.ussion of 1 revised edition hefore approvin,R it for suhmishe
sinn to th e Board of Truslet?s
, One of th e it ems i n 1he revisio n s lal erl lh ar "a ll urm1
ers1l)' publisherl
1.1nd fin anced student publications shou ld r.xpllcill)' slAte on lhe
t• ditnria l pa~c that th e opi nio ns exp ressed nre ~
not necessarily lho~e of
th1• cul leHe. uni vc rsil)'. or s1udon1 hod y "

Thi• /ourna/ Is hittcrl y op1
msed lo this Wilh th e unanimous su1ipo r1 of
lhe Sludenl Gove rnm e nt Assor:lation . fourno! Editor Mark Rogers voiced
oppns ili on 01 Thmsdn)··s Joinl Co unci l meeting. Rogers· .arsumenl died
numerous stulcmenls includi nM th p rio r ce nsorship danscr . p nd the
loss of a professio nal look lo th e paper !where such an inse rli on doesn ·1
nppear in many uni c rsi ty funded s1 uden1 newspape rs.)
A le~1I c:uunse l. prese nt a t th e meertns , point ed oul the legali ty of
such rt disclaimer citi ng A ferlenil slo lu le Rosers triad' l o co~pro mi se
with u sug,itestinn for ru nnin,'( the rlisc:luimcr under rdito r la ls ccJnce rnin11
issues uu1
side of !he uni versl ly Accordin,1t lo lc,1ta l cou nsel. 1his co mpromi se would fulfill !h e lesal req u ire me nt ll owew,r. Bradl ey Sullivan.
Dean of St ud1rnts . move,J rtie c1ueslion unrl the counci l vo led to r etai n
thP 11cm. 9:1 \vlth fiv u memhcrs ohsc nt
Rosors movm l lo rn.•opcn dist:usslon nn the mailer al Tuesday's (April
6) Joi nt Council mee linjl. The matter was tabled for lhf' nexl meetint1
The fot.trno/ nsks th e support of th e me mhe rs of Joint Council and the
sturlonl hody (whose pnpN thi s is) It) conlinu e lo publish a vohicl e of
fr ee exp ression without th" ctan,Rcr of 1:en8urship and th e loss of
a~o nom y To h1vor 1he comp rum isi! \•w,u ld sust a in lh e freedom that we
n~ enjoy . For those conce r ned . a lcllf•r 10 the ed ilor a nd/ or att e nd ance
ar1 h(.• nex l Joinl Cou nci l meolin~ nn Ap ril 22 \,nu ld he honP ficin l in
r1.,~t111 mnM 1ha1 fre ed om

State of brotherhood
The i~a of rrat ernal orlila ni za ti ons i!'I no! n now idea; there 1s a tr,1di tion o f 1hem on pra cli ca ll y ove ry t:oll ette ca mpu s in !ht• counlry
Oruth ur huo d ~nd frlondah1 1 oro 1hu hindin.l( olemcnls whit.Ji hold 1h1ii
1yp1· of cxdu:u ve orJilnnizalion IOJ,le lher. Frnlernities. throughoul h1slurr .
lrnn• n loHnC)' uf charitahlf! d eeds· roi14in1,1 money for phila nthropic purpusrs. he lpmM families w hu:h we re 1hc vic tims of traijedy and sponsoring events whi ch providf' e nrerttunm cnt for s!Hdrnls
!l oll wee k is anoth e r side of lh e histo ry of frnlf•rni1i es 1cs1ins: !hf'
s tamina and pe rsist ence of 1he 1r pl cd,Res O ne ~omc colleMC campuses
1hcse pl edMeS are forced to porform lns ks whi ch are of a cons1ru c1ivP
nnluro. Painting th e rrn , house, cloani nJil ce rlnin arens whi ch ,Ire saved
especially fnr lh c pl cdt1cs nnd pnrrnr01iJ1M civic ch1t lc•s around 1he ca mpus in uddilion lo memon zinp th e fraternal s loga ns in a varlely nf
forms. ore exa mpl es of some cn ll ei,ie frn1 e ro111es.
O n the o lh or hand . Hell Wee k on so me cam pus es involves ruhhins
peanut butle r and jell )• in th e hair of the pl edMeS. Th rowi nR wa ter O\•e r
th e m, nnd other eq ually so ph omoric pronks . These fr a1er nl1i es are
~enera ll y conce rn ed with ,1,1 e 11ing attention .
Las t wee k wn s " H oll Wee k" for A SuHolk Fra1n crit y he re and i i falls
inlO th e latter ca tcgor )'. Wh e n lh ey 1111racted lh e allention of A fournal
ph o!Oj{ ruph c r who proceeded lo take some pi ctures, he was allac ked .
One of !he senior membe rs of the frnl e rnil)' though ii wise to sq uash
a ijntpefruil into th e le ns of lh e ca mera and lry lo provoke a fiRht .
rnthcr lhnn ex pla in lhal they did not wi sh to bf• pholographed as a news
item . It is a foe linR nl th e fou rno / !hot th is fral ernil)' should trnnscend
ils less e nli~hl ened ca 1
esory and try lo use their talents more conslru cti ve l)' If they slill feel 1he ne ed lo creo le a "sce ne" then they shou ld do
ii elsowh er e lh e re hy avoidi ng th e si111111ion of hein~ a ne ws ilem .



Manqtn, tdllor

Feature Edllor
Sport• Editor
Aoooc:late Sportt Edllor
Pbotasnphy Edllor
Graphic Art• Editor
Senior Edlton

Production Manaaer
Bualneu Manaaer


Mark C. Rosen
Phil Santoro
Debbie Burke
Jobuma L. Roberti ·
Stephen Corbett
Joe Reppucci
Patrlci1 Pantul ■
Martin Oevlo
Nancy Kelley
Bob Carr
Brent L. Marmo
Brian Walker
Paul Donovan
Cindy Feltch

WRITERS: Carol Birm ingham : Mary C. Buckley: Debbi Collar:
Nanette Collin1: Lind ■ Comeau; Kevin T. Creedon; Fran Cullen;
Lou OeLe na ; Patrica Gatto ; Mary G~ffin ; Maryali ce CulUord:
J.G. Haye,: Jilek Helrerniln: Valerie Jamlol: Mark G. Mazzie:
Maureen McGonagle; Barbara Ochs: Rebecca Pearl;
Bob Rea,don : Mary Kate Ruuell : Rick Sala
Judy Silverman: Joanne Torraco: Jamee K Vara•
SPORTS: Gregory Broob: Patricia A. Callahan: Jeff Clay:
Brian Donovan; Tony F,rullo: Jon Gottlieb:
Linda K. ·JohMDn; Kevin Leen
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Diane Coate; Michael Cuneo;
Paul Darrah; Mar ie Ooncene:·Ron Geraneo : Bruce McIntyre ..;
G[½ PHIC ARTISTS: Michael Sereda : Steve White

Eanh Mother
Faculty Advuo,

Pam Struen
William Ruehlmann

!letters' > - -~1
"Just stupid"
Dear Madmen f~ ladpe rson5!) :
The parod) iss.ue wasn·t bad . especrn ll )· the slyly-p hrased jab Al
lilf•rnn· "o utlines ."
Howeve r
the re·s· just one p rob le m. The a rmosphere of Suffolkation will surely not he decreased by your insiste nce 1ha1 exc rement , human or
othe rwise. 1s extremel )' funn y.
Metabolic wastes simply are n' t
pa rti cularly humorous . il 's not that
1his approach lo hum ou r is gr oss
or obsce ne. It's jusl stupid. You
)ZU)'S must s till li s le n to George

Carlin records.

S. W. Faxon
joum. major

A question of taste
Dear Edilor:
The a rticles in you r " Parody"
1ssue ,.wer e in very poor laste. In
writing. it is possible 10 be
humorous a nd inte res ting wilhoul
stomping on the senses.
Anyone who read your paper
this lim e a nd laughed does not
have a ll their senses intact.
Be ller Wriling nexl time .
Lucrelie Scoll. e mploy;e

Boston Press Club

Sponsors P.R. Night
The Press Cluh of Bos lon is
sponsoring n Pu blic Relali ons
Ni,l,(h l and a Medin Nig ht In be
he ld on April 14 and 15 r espectively a nd open to all Suffolk stud c nls
fr uu of COll l int e restocl in the Co mmuni ca ti ons field . Ea ch pr0J(ram
will consist or a se1 of panelists
whu will hri cflv discuss lh e ir nren
of mc pcrtis o 1
;nd th e n ope n u1>
thr•ir discussion lo a question a nd
nn swor pe riod with th e ;rn d ience
Th o prosrnms will he~in Pach
niJ[hl nl 7:30 pm und last np•
pruxinrnlely h,u hours. Som e of
th e J111hlk Re lntloos pnndists in Stew llnnl e•vy. 1111,ton


April I , 1171

Policf' clepl. to di1cuss media
relalions : Chuck Newton . Bos1on
Edi so n lo di sc us s JlrOMrnm
df!\•elopmtm l: ;ind Pete r Farwe ll.
ewsome and Co. to discuss 1nves1or rclnlions
Som e of lh e l\ledia Pa neli sls
are : Dick Levitan . \.VEE! radin 111
dlsr.uss radi o: I.aura White. Ooslon
I /1 •rnld
:\mf' ri con
10 discuss
fco111rf' wri lin,'(. noel Boh Sales.
Ro s run
di!l cuss
0 1her schools in lhe Bos lon nrf'a
i1w1tf'd 10 allend are · Boslon
1lnivers il\',
Nor1hens!Nn. S1111 muns .•111(! Enu•rson .

Suffolk Journal

Racism Coalition

April I , 1171

6u rrollc Journ~ I


Racism Coalition
Elects Officers

by Steve Walen1kl
The nrwl)' formed Su ffo lk Siu denl Coali11on Agai nsl R8ci s m
h~c,ld il s fourlh meelinH last Tuesa nd !he coa ltion unanimo us ly
c lccl Sieve Kindregan as Presi•
nt and Marco Mora les as
retar~ Morales is also Presint or the 1.ntin-American Club.
Spea ker
the coa ltion
Marjlery Feldman told memb.ers or ,
lh e o r)!:anization that. " II was impnrtanl 1ha1 we gol the necessar)
nHi ces of President and Secretary
filled . Nnw lhP coo lilion con al
least ha\ f! some representation •·at
fPresidenrs Cou nci l) meetings and
thus reques1 runds to ca rr y out activilies ··
" Also with 1he coalition mnre
uri,:nnized we can ge more Suffolk
s tud e nl5 acquain1e
w\lJ, uur
orjlanizalion and inf~m ih, m of
__ ·-...-:;:£_·••, .· •. whal our urganl7.alion ~ doin&_"
.., President Steve KindrepA ,aAid.
-. ~ " The cor1 li11un has rt lreadv IJlel
fSCAI President Chris
~ Spmazzolu .1nd he ha~ i,:i\en us his
~ ,•ndurscmr-nt In carry on our \\'Ork
• on campus ·
Th,e main tnpic of discussion 01
1h1• mf'eting was the coali tion 's
Marge Feldman or th e Suffolk Studen t Coalition Agalnsl Jhcl1m (SCAR)
pl.ins fur 1>articipallnj1 In the
explai ns the upco ming pl an, of the organlzallon.
Saturday. Ap r il 24 Anti-Racism
march . T he march, whic h encomposses rive mile5, wi ll s tar! al 10
nm al Franklin Field. travel
1hrou~h thf' Oluck communitv and
(Continu ed from page 1)
1he time If 11 was a two )fmr le rm rnd
Gover n menl c;nter
sai d th.ii he vdsh ed Uukak1s would I wou ld ~ny thal I wou ld run I rt,•s1d1•s 1h" Sufrolk i;o:1lition rnk··s1;rnd up ,m d ht•
nor ,1111! ilun't \\,Hit lu i:omm,I m y1u.1 U lo It ing pn r1 In the march , oth er 8os1on
for four ymars 1hough."
i;ltJJJ IJl,1111111i,: lhlOMS un nm. rm ;1
area sc hools (B.lJ. and No rth One key remark s1ancb oul in hu, eastern) as \\'ell as hundreds or
little lired
Tho former ROvernn r w1u 11skerl ta lk. "Bein~ )!UVernor is prelly c1vH rijl hts and r.hurch )lruups will
if he favored orr trn ck h1111ini,:. heuv y stu ff . Everythini,: comes bo joi nini,: lhe procession
''The lruth nf thu "1.ij lf er is thal I'm ynur way . T hu jo b I had is the job
KindreKnn co mmenled . " I want
aga in st iL II would have lo be I like."
Suffolk 's
shown under slri cl terms, 1ha1
recogni;ed in the march but I reel
proper su roJ< uard.s \,•ou ld he ta ken
thnl 1he ma rch should be a uni10 preven l ahuses . I th ink we ca n
fo rm gathering of a ll an ti-racism
l eu rn from Now Yo rk 1 1 ii cl ocs
g roups who will' ma rch •as a n e n linot \\'Ork well :· li e Refried
ly ra th e r lh nn ma rchi ng ;u ~fac•
however thnt h e felt th is wa
lio n rep rese nt ing !heir specHic
ahou t !hf! lollcry. " I was ogni nsl
OrHa niza tions."
th e lo ll er)' qt ri rst. 8111 the lrulh is
I-ft! a/tried . ''The an ti-racism
tlrnt it is Hoin~ vury wel l. I wou lcl
march is nol just nnolh e r prohnve found ii dirfi cu h to hl.llieve : ·
tesllng movement.,. but .is also a
Francis Sar)lcnl says 1h01 re nt
co ntrol is somc1hinM thut sho uld s,:o
fnrwnrd " B111 . on ly wilh a prm•ision
o pl ion
Beacon Hardware
eco nomic situnlion lwini,: what ii
Supply, Inc.
1 re nl conlrul should h,• on a ens~
Phone 523-11'8
h, r:as,: has1s in some ureas ."
· 1s he runninlo! fu r Governor
agnin? ti n refused lo he s peci fi c
on 11 mallcr but soicl 1hat he
:t We carry a lul b'ne o f Panasonic
wi1511'1 rulin~ ii 11111 Suq(cnt sairl
l' T. V 's, radios and stereos. At the
1h01 he cv1•n lPrwl runnlni,:
lowest pn ces in the city /
us an inclr:ipcndcnt. "Them ;ire
m<iri• anti more ind nµc nd e n1 s nil Sargenl proposes primary reforms .


... Sargent







G •

1uNc 211 ,o,


u. 1916


., Summer
ii of the
-. Atlantic


w ..• ,u · " " ' ' " " l No,
'"lhC' - ' ,o.iu ltlf(III o" , - . . .


:m:.::·:...,....... .,.
•., ,.....~..,.. c.,~' ""'"" ·••m~,

l•n su•~ '""'u"'°"· pol••"·

·=·"' J


' " " " GU MAN,_. . SCHOOL, UN IVUSITY or N(W
,.o eox,11 , DVAHAM,N[WHAMl'SHIU0)ll<il





good way for peopl e of Bosto n to
hea! what is goi ng on in thei r comm u nil y."
Prior to the march. the Suffolk
coa lition will sel up a table ..ihe
week of April 19th through Zlrd in
th e cafeteria. Information about
the march . bussing. deugiesa lton,
and the coalition can be ob tained .
Posle rs of lhe April 24th maTch
will a lso he displa yed throqhoul
the U niversi ty bu lletin boards.
On April 22nd at 8:30, Norman
Oliver , a mayoral cand ida te in
Boston 's last election , will speak
on Civil Rights of the 60'1 and 70's
in F338B. Also. on that. day the
film aboul Dr Martin Luther King
" from Memphis to Montgomery"
wil l be shown at 1 pm in FI03.
Margery Feldman and St eve
aclua l
founders of !he Suffolk coali lion
and th ey believe that Suffolk'
Continued on Pase ti

nf- - - - - - - - - - ,

National March
on Boston

April 24
Desegregate the Schools
Stop ihe Ro.cist Attocts
10 AM
Aaemble at Franklin Field

March Rout•
Franklin Field through the
block community to rally at
GO\terument Center
Speokeni and




Ertdoned by:
Suffolk Student Coalition
agcnna1 Racwn
Afro J\menccn Aaociation
Latin American Allociation




(617) 523-5195
100 Charles River Plaza
Boston, MA.

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stomped envelope to CAPE COD PUBLICATIONS, Bo, 834 ,
Hyonnis, MOSS<1chusetts 0260 I


April t , 1'71

Pop S

Su (fol~ Journal

Racism Coalition
Elects Officers
by Steve Waltm1kl
The nPwh rormPd SuHolk Sludcnl Co~lii1nn A,Rainsl Racism
held 11s fourth meeling lasl Tuesrla} and the coah ion unanimously
f'lr>cted Steve KindreMan as Presi-

good way for peoj,Te of 13o5ton 10
hea r whal is golns on in !heir communily ."
Prior lo the march, lhe Suffolk
coalition will set up a table the
week of Ap ril 191h through 23rd In
the cafe te ri a. Information aboul
the march. bussing. deaegregalion.
and the coa lilion ca n be obtained .
Posters of th e April 24th march
will also be displayed throughout
1he University bulletin boards.

dcnl and Marco Morales as
Sccrelan Morales is also Pres1dPnt or ihe 1.nlin-Amcrican Club
i\l:tr.'[cry Fl!ldman told memh.ers or
lhc or.l(amzalion 1ha1. "It was impotl<int tha1 we got the necessar~
offices of President and Secretary
On April 22nd at 8:30. Norman
fillfld No\, lhP cm1lilion can at Ol iver . a mayoral candidate in
least han• some representation a1 Boslon's last eleclio n. will speak
(President's Cou ncill meefiOMS and on Ci\·il Righls of llie oo·s and 70'1
t"us request runds to carr~ oul ac- in F3388 . Also, on that dav lhe
lif' itics ··
film about Dr. Martin tuthe~
" Also wilh 1he coalition more "Fro m Memphis lo Montsomery"
o~anizetl we can Jii:el more Suffolk will be shown al 1 pm in FiOJ .
stf1<lcn1s ncqua inled with our
MarMery Feldman and Steve
n",.mni7.alion and info rm 1hem of Kindregan
. _ __ _ _
who,! our organ1za1ion is doin1( '
founders of the Suffolk coalirf'o n
: · ·.::--; ---: .--·. -::-.=- · E_ Pre~idenl Sieve Kindregan said . , and they believe that Svrfolk
cna lni on has nlread)' l'flel
Continued on Pase ti
; with
lSCAI Presirlenl Chris
National March
Sptnanoln and he has J,li\'en us his
• 1•ndurscmPnt In ry on our \\'Ork -1
on Bo•ton
~- nn r.ampus ··
.April 24
Thr ffiillO topic or d 1SCU!l.!IIUO al
Desec;irego.le the Schools
lhP tnt>etiniz was the c:oahlion 's
Sto p the RaciB! Attdci.s
Marie Feldman of th e Suffo lk Studen t Coall lion Agal n1I Racllm (SCAR)
pl.m s fur partlcipalin~ in the
10 AM
e p aln1 th e upcoming plan, of the organization.
s,,lurclay, Ap ril 24 Anti-Racism
Aaomhla at Franklin Field
March Roule
march The march. ]';~ich enco mF r ~ Field lhrouoh the
~~SSP~llfiv~r:i~~i: w~el~~I
black community to rally at
GO\l'erumenl Center
(Conllnu e_sl from page t )
lh1· Jiml' If II W,H4 a Two \'Hnr lt•rm 1hrnuJ,1h 1h,• Alack r.om1{1unit and
Speakeni and
wlshml Dukak,s would I \\ollld 'IIIY thal I \\'Ol;ltl run I
ul1·: ,h ...
0t1 tu aalioDal aAd looal ---1.
"slandl up ,md 111• },!11\l'lllllr ,1nd
lll)M!lr l u II
inK purl in the march. ot her Boston
Endonied by:
llll. 11\1! , I Ill ,1
One key remark s!nnds 0 11I in his arf'II schooliii 18.U. and North Suffolk Student Coalition
agaJnat ROGUm
The former Hovr.rnnr w11s asked 1alk . "BeinJ,1 J,111vernor is prcll\
Afro American A..aciation
if he favored off lrm,;k hr1111l~
IH.HIV) slu ff
Everyth,nM comf's bi~ jorninM !hf' procession
Latin American Aaociation
" The truth or th e nrnller is that I' m yo ur way The job I had is lhc 10h
Kindregan co mment ed. "I wnnt
aMainsl it. 11 wou ld have lo be 1 like.''
shown under stricl lor ms . thnt
recoijnir,ed in the march hut I feel
proper snfcMuards would be tak s n
thal the march should he a uni•
to prevent ahuses. I think \\'e can
form ga1hcrlng of a ll anti-racism
lenrn from NPw York that ii docs
Mroups who will march as an entinol
wr.11" I le added
ty rather 1han marching as a fav
how,ive r thnl ho foil thi s wny
liun rcp re!lenling their specific
ahoul the lo ll ery . "I was againsl
OrMa nizatio ns."
1he lolln\' al first. But th e trulh is
lfo add ed. "The anti- ra cism
111111 ii is ·going very well . I would
march is not 111st a nothe r prer
have found it diHi cu h to believe··
!es. Ing moveme nl"" bul is also a
Francis Sar,'1.enl .!lays thnt rent
c.:o nlrol is somclhini,;i
should MO
forwnrd " U111 . o nl y with ,, prn\'i s ion
oplio n
Beacon Hardware
cc:onom1c.: situnlion heinJ,1 whnl it
Supply, Inc.
is. rent c:on trol shuuhl Ill' on u c:usri
Phone 523-1148
hv r.,1s1• h.ts1s 111 some areas."
· 1s lw runninJ,1 for CO\•erno r
ugnin? 111 refused to he s peci fic
on the mailer lrnl saicl thal hl!
We carry a Jul bne of Panasonic
wasn ' I rulin~ ii oul. Sar,-:enl snid
T. V 's, radios and fte'reos. A t the
thnl ho t>v,~n cnns1dered runnin,'I.
100 Charles River Plaza
lo"(est pnces in the dty'
us an incl~pcntlenl. "Them arc
Boston, MA.
mon• ,inti more 1ndc-pcndents nil Sargent proposes pr imar y reform, .

- ··Th1?
. ,_ ·,: _,__.. l




• .. Sargent

r::~"/n~~-•~1:!11·;~ 'ih~::;~.

ri,~r" 'i\;~~11~1 :~:'i ~~







(617)' 523-5195

..,__ _ CAPE COD





L"'n up 10 10 cic- d,t\ lfl 01'\1'1'
w>tn -cl.~ .i 1hr U N H umpu,
Ill thc- ,e.tcO..U ICl,on ol Nf•

of the
w1un c.EIU.V.H\.hur
Wt 11flcrun1N',.,.•du,tcM1d

••du•tc HYdw, 1n Gr,nun,usr lfl\11\lctiOf'I, pol,110.


,.o. aox 611 , OUllHAM. N[W HAWSHlllC OJl]4





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I April t , 1'71

Sullolk Journal

Racism Coalition

Racism Coalition
Elects Officers

Steve Wale n1kl
Tht• newl y formed Suffolk Studenl Coalilmn Againsl Racism
held 11s fourlh meeting last Tuesda) and the coaltion unahimously
eclcd Sle\'e Kindregan as Presinl nnd Marco Morales as
crClaq Morales is also Presinl of lhe 1.alln-Amen can Club
~ SpcaltPr for 1hf' coal!lon
Ma rgery Feldman 1old members of
the or.icnnizalion 1ha1. " ft im -,
µor1.1n1 that we got t+.c neccssar~
oHi cc!i ut Presidenl and Secretary
fillrd Now 1h r coalition can al
least hnv,• snm1• rop resenln ti on al
(Presiden1 ·s Council) meelin1i1s and
thus request Cunds 10 carry out acli\ llirs ..

:.,\\so with 1he coalilion mor e
ur,1t,tn1zecl we can Kel more SuHolk
s tudents acqualnle~ wilh our
ur~an1zalion and in orm t1,hcm of
___ _ _ -- •~ - --:-~ what nur orMani7al10 is tlO ng ...
· · · -:-~... - ·. · ........ l President Ste1- e Kintl[e~an ,aid.
""Thl! coulitmn has a l n ~ e l
':; with •
ISGAI Pres1df'nl Chri s
~pm,1nnla and hr has Ml\l!n us his
• ,•ndo r'lt.' m{' nl In ea rn· on our work


,. ,:_ ,..,. !

"! on r:an1pm1 ··
l Th r main topi c

Marge Feldman o( the SuHoUc Student Coa lition Agai nst Rachm (SCAR)
ex plain, the upcoming plan, o( the or1anlza llon .

. .. Sargent
(Continued from pagt1 l )
s,1111 !hat he washed D11k11k1s \.-\1111ld

lht• ltmc If 11 was a 1wo \Cur term
I would siw 1hn1 1 wou·ld run I

" slam! up .tnrl hP j,!11\'f•rnor ,111d

tlun ' I V.,1111 ·111 n 11nm11 ln)St!lf Ill II

:.lup ltl,11n111>: 1t11nl(:. un mu . I m ,1

for lour )llllrl!I though.'"
One key remark- stands out in his
talk , " Bein~ KDVernor is prell)
henv) s1u H Eve rythinM comes
your WU)'· The job I had is lhe joh
t like ."

li11ln 11rcd nf lhat."
Thr former i,covc rn nr wa~ a:r1kod
1f ho favored o H 1rock belling
"'Thr lrulh of the muller is that l"m
al(nmsl it. It would have lo ho
shown under slricl terms . 1h111
proper snfoji! uard s wou ld he laken
to prC\1
enl abuses. I think we can
lcnrn from New York 1h111 it clues
nn1 work
well .""
li e adducl
howove r lh ul he felt !his wuy
ahcrnt lh c lot1 ery. " I \\as agoinAI
th e loller)' a l first 0111 lhfi truth is
thilt ii is Kning ver~• well I wou ld
have fo11ncn 1 dHri cu ll to hc li ovo ."
Fr,1ncis Snr11en1 says 1h01 renl
control is some thtn~ thal shou ld 110
fnrwnrd " Hui. onl y wilh n prnvi ~
sion for local op li on . Tha
economic situnli11n beinM what ii
ill, renl r.onlrnl should he on n c11s1•
bv•• has ts m some ureas."
• 1 hr. runnin.i,: for Governor
Hi• refused to be ~pec1fic
nn 1he mallet bu! s11id 1ha1 ho
w,1s11 · 1 rulinM it nut. S,1r)(cn1 soul
thnl he even consicierC'rl ruonin~
ns an imlrpen,lenl . "There t'ltl'
mun· ,111rl mnrn inrlepc ndents a ll

of d1scuss1on al
lhl' tnl'Ollng ,,as the r.nalilion's
plans fur imrli cipaltn,it In lhe
Sarurclay , April 24 Anti -Racism
marr.h The murr.h . which encompusses five mile~ . will sla rl at 10
am at Franklin Field , !ravel
1hrou,Mh 1he Black communilY and
end 111 Governme nt C~nter
IIP!1.1rlr~ the Suffolk cualilion 1ak111g part in lhc march. other 80110n
area schools (B.U . and Northe11s1ern) as WP.II as hundreds of
d\'il t1,1thts and r.hurch groups \'o'ill
be "joming lhe 1>rocession
Kindregan commented. ··t want
SuHolk 's
recognized in the march hul I feel
that th e march sho uld be a uniform gathering or all anti-racism
Mroups who will march as a n enti1) rather thnn marchin~ as A faction represenli°" th ei r ~
Hu added . "The an li -racism
march ls nul just ano lh er proltHtll ng move mon l, but is also a

good way for people of Bosto n lo
hear what is 3oin1 on in their communlty ."
Prior 10 the ma rch, the Suffolk
coalition wi ll sel up a table the
week of April 191h through 23rd in
the cafeleda. Information about
th e marc;h. busslng. desegregation.
and the coa lition ca n be obtained.
Posleni of the April 24th march
will also be displayed throughout
lh e University bulleli n board,.
On April ?2nd at 8:30, orman
O livr.r. a mayoral ca ndidate in
Boston's lasl e lectio n, will spea k
on Civil Rights of the 60'1 and 70'1
in F338B. Also, qn that day the
film about Or. Martin L~lher Kins
··from ~:temphis 10 Mont3omery"
will be shown at 1 pm in FI03
Margery Feldman and Steve
the aclua l
fou nde r~ of the Suffolk coalitio n
and they believe tha t SuUolk
Continued on Pa1e 11

National March
on Boston
Apnl 24
Desegregate 1he Schools
Stop 1he ~ c111 Attacks
Aaomblo al Franklin Field
Mmcb Route
Fraitk.lin Fiald through the
block commwiity to rally at

GOTenunenl Center
B ~ n a:nd
oo th• notionol and local i...L

Endonod by,
Suffolk Student Coalition
09a:imt Radam

Afro Americo.o A..ociation
Latin American Aaociatioo



Beacon Hardware
Supply, Inc.
Phone 523-11'8


• We carry a Jul hne ol Panmonic
T. V 's, radi0$ and stereos. At the
low~t pnces m the c1ty 1

(617) 523-5195
100 Charles River Plaza
Boston, MA .

Sargen l propo1e1 pr imary reform1.

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Page ,

April I, 1171

SuJfollt.. Journal

SGA Elections


Changing for t~. Better·


by De bbie Burke
Wed .. April 14 in RL3 (Sophomores
A decision to pay each member al I pm . Juniors at 3 pm and
or the e lectio n co mm illec S2.20 per Senio rs at 2 pmJ Sophomore elechour for mnnning th e polls: a n in- lions - Thursday bnd Frida y.
crease in rc presentelive seats for April 15 and 16 (10 - Z pm in the
ca i!h class on the SCA fr om three ~ cn feteria) Junior Ele cti ons to four : a nd a vote to hold each TuesdB)' an(tJ.Vednetday 10 - 2 P(ll
class separately are lh e major in cafeteria.A pril 20 and 21. anti
eherelions co nce rn inM th is year 's Senior Elections Thursda y and Fq#SCA elec ti ons. Direclor of Siu- da y HI - 2 pm in ca re1€ria. Ap ril 32
de nl Aclivilics Ken Kelly ex - and 2J.
pl einecl lh a l these chanjfes were
Additional mee ting sc hedules inmade for va ritltlls reasons: o pa y- elude '. Frida y. April 1fi at 2 pm
menl for one 's ;lut ics in lhe elec- sophomo re ballols will be cou nted.
lion ,- wou ld m11ke for an increased Wednesda y~ April 21 junio r ba ll o!s
concern on th e parl of th e s1uden1. will be counted. and Friday . April
an increase in th e num be r or 23 se ni or hallo ls will ho co nnl cd
representaJives w11s needed In The r.o unt ing will he conuclcl ed by
ord e r lo suppl y the necessa ry th e e lcclioo com mill ee miWe up of
manpowe r for the \•arious SCA 1-.:l'n Kell ) . Dean of Studen ts Brad,ubcornmittees. end lhl! clocis10n to furrt Sullirnn and five seniors \\ ho
ho ld ench sel of elections on \\ Otf' rnnd omly se lec:tcd
sepa r•
ale da )"s wls m11d e in order
Furlhermo rc once elections arc
lo a ll ow th o ct1 ndidn1 e lwo davs lo
fo_9.1s on hi s cnmpnigns as we.II as Microfilm Reader
th e desire to cu1 clown on lh e co n•
geslion al 1hc polling hooth s
Tho posillons open un lhP St;/\
fo r each clnss 11rc . Prcsidonl , \'it:e
Presid e nt . and four reprt•scn- by Mary Grllfln
tnlives. Nom ina tion papors 1;11n•
Tho Co ll c~e 1.ihrar) ha s rcccn ll y
lnlninA: 25 valid si~nn tures from acq111rr.d II new m1 crofo r m reader!he sanw class as that of th e Cilll ·
prinler for lhe use by facult y and
diclnte·s must he fil ed in Kell y's stude nt s Th'e 3M .. 500.. readcrnffkc nu la ter lhnn Monda) . April prin lor provides au tomalic wind
I:? nl 1:? noo n. At lhls limo . the
a nd
rnwind o r mi crofilm ed
c liK ib lo
newspape rs and pe ri odical,. dry
publicize !he ir campa ign . All co pying. a nd reads mi cro fiche
poste r and fl ye rs (50 run
fr ee (reproduction on film of ca rd size)
of charge in 1he Stud ent Aclivilies as well as microfilm .
Office) must conform lo the
"' The price or the mochine e nd
lJnivoui l} ·s
ll oar,t 1he microh che re adi nJL a ll ac hm ent
regu la tions.

is a bout $3,750," said Mr. Edward
In orde r to be eligibl e to run for Hamann , Director or 1he ColleKe
oHi ce one mus t be an un - Library. "We certainl y hope th e
dergradnale ~ludenl. a member of sludents don ' t a buse it. although
the Doy Di vision who is nut on it's supposed to be a s trong piece
of machin e r :· he added .
The presenl e lection schedule is
The new machine is located
as rollows: Candida1 e Speeches wit h 1he olher mic rofo rm equi p-

com pl eted. 1he SCA executive
comm illee elections will be he ld
April 'l:1 In which lhe new
membe rs of the body will vole for ·
an SC A President , V1ce: President .
Treasurer. The all new SCA body
will meel on Mey 4.

Commencement 76
Graduation Ex_penses Revea;,d
by Brtan Walke,.
E'ach year 1he June graduation
mearu an additional fee or S25 per
stude nl lo cove r cost of cap• and
..-:owns. rickets , degree,. re nlal of
the Hines Auditorium. and sundry
expenses . for f(raduarinx s1udents
nol allendins the cere mony o n
June 13. lhe (ee o( $25 will still
app ly For th4'e who wall unlil
Augusl or Janu~ry, I e fe e will be

$12.50 since Commencement
ceremonies are not held and the
onl y expef\se wUI be the delJl'ee.
Craudallon expenses for June
1978 will be comparable to expen1es incurred . in 1975 wilh onl y
a slight ,. • projected lncreaae
(amounting to a fraction of one
cent per person) , For 1975, total
revenue received in feet was S32,755 while some $32,762 of expenses was incurred . &.:penses
were broken down by Vice
Presid e nl-Treuurer Francis X.
Flannery a, follows:
Expenditures for diplomas ,
s-h67; hall rental. caps. gown,. 1nmen!. immediately before the en• vitali ons and program•. $19,037;
trance to the Re(e re nCe Room. luncheon for honorary degree
Three le nses are a lso available : recipient,, S1567; miscella neous
one is most sui 1able for reading expe nses. , including electricily.
newspapers. anoth e r for reeding 1ecuri1y.
limousines ,
microfiche . and the Lhird is ushe rs, and photogrephen, $3192.
s uitable for all purposes.
• Suffolk Un iversity pl eb up 1he
.. We 11re in the middle of pla n• tab when expenaes outnumber fee
ning a mlcrorilm and some revenue. For last year, ii waS a
microriche collection for Him and mere seven dollars.
periodicals esse n1lall y:· said Mr.
A lot of work i, involved in
Hemann . " We needed a new planning lor Commencement. The
prin ler. the old one has been . Regis trar's and Preaident'a offices
broken for a long lime:·
work 1oget her montha in advance
Faculty end students aie invited lo determine seati ng, band 1e1
10 learn the operation of these
stage , etc., bul the exact number
machin es in orde r to mak e full Use of graduates is not determined until Cina) gTades are In the
of the collection.
Regisl rar's office.
Regi,trar Mary
Hefron estimates there will be
eight or ten invite lions available 10
each graduate and , unlike pul
yea r~. no sea ls will be reserved ,
except for the graduates.
As a aide note , the Regialrar explained that It was the MacMillan
& Ward Company"s decision to use
Keepsa ke gowns instead of leui ng
the old style. cloth outfits. Also,
the diplomas are no longer made
or rea l parchment: Crane parch~ men l is now used and Ma. Hefron
~ (eels ii is a lot better. New
g me thods for holding Commence-:_ ment , such as e system for listing
-: a ll polenllal graduates (prior to
j th e final determination of grades .
._ thus giving the Regiltrar the
Suffollr: student uua new leisu re of the summer months to
mtcrofllm reader. The 3mm " 500" dete rmine recipients) are beins
rea der•prlnter 11 located ln the un• explored . but no new sy11em has
der1nd ltbra ry.
been Implemented.

Library Installs New Macfline


Ilse s First Corner

i Ecken, Und harr' er niche 3 Ecken,
3 Ecken hat mein Hur;
So war es niche mein Hut .
M ein H ur, der hat

IN FOUR WEEKS it's over : th e cl ass drudgery,
Loads of homework, research, in and o ut t h' Libra ry.
I shall sign off that day with a " N ight o n the town";
Alm a Mater invites me : There' ll be music, a clown;;;
I know someone who 's competin g for a prize on tire
And with staffers, I've hea rd, a bake-off's th e rage.
I don't know " Suffo lk Spouses," but th ey're said to be
And ca lled on to furn ish me p lenty to eat ...
I'll rave on of th e


next week :
It's at eight, AUDITORI UM. See you th ere! It's un ique.


lncreaN your c ha:nc. lo be in the ccrNr of your choice
and then you'll bav. A HAPPY SUMMER!

For Seniors, G roduatN & Other Colleo• Student..
lnatructed by Pro!. LN W. Suth• rland, conwllanl ln
Prof-.Onal CmNr Coun.Mling

MONDAY & FRIDAY EVENINGS, 4:00-7:00 p.m.


SUITOLIC UNIVERSITT, College of Bum.n . . Adminietration
47 Mt Vernon StrNI, Bolton, Mta. 02108
COST S50 (Materiala Included)
TO RCGISTtR. CALL 723-t 700, Eatel1Con 342 or 378
Ol COME IN TO ROOM V-153 or Y:111 •



Monday, April 12, 12:00 noon
Nomina1ion pa pen due in S1uden1 ActrYiti~ Office.
Wednesday, April 14

food~'~:O~~ 1



Ca~ e;':SY
1 :lO pm Ju nior Ul ndldat~ (Clau of 7 8)
2:00 pm Senior Candida!~ (Class of 77)
Thun & Fri, April 15 & 16
10:00 am-2:00 pm, Cafeteria
Tues & Wed, April 20 & 21
10:00 am-2-:00 pm, Cafeteria
Thurs & Fri, April 22 & 23
10:00 am-2 :00 pm, Cafeteria
VOlen must p,<sef1I Suffolk U!Wfflily ID am to l'Kffie ballot

SGA Elections

Changing for t~e Better
Wttd . April 14 tn RL:i (Sophomor es
di 1 pm . luniors at J pm a nd
Semors al 2 pml Sophomore e lechour fu r manning the polls, en in - 11 ons - Thursday and Frida y
crease in representalive seals for April 15 and 16 (10 - 2 pm in the
eac h class on !he SGA from three ca feter ia) Juni or Elections lo f our : and a vo le to hold each Tuesday and Wednesday 10 - 2 pm
clu!I sepa ra te ly are the ma jor in cnfelcria . Ap ril 20 and 21 . and
a lterations concernini,! this ·ytla r's Senior Electio ns Thursd\t y and FriSCA e lcclio ns. Oirector of S1u - da)' to - ! pm in cafelffri a ,l April 22
dcn1 Ac tivifies Ken Kelly px - and 23.
Ad rlil io nal meeJing schedules inp lain ed that th ese chun~es were
made for various reasons a pay- clude- Frida y. April 16 al 2 pm
mcnl for o n e·:1~! 111i cs in the e lec- s(lphQmore ballots will be GOu ntecL
li o,i1' would make fo r an increased \'\'eclnesdny . Ap ril 21 ju nUl r ballols
conce rn o n the parl of th e s1udcn1 . will be counted. a nd ~ rida y: April
a n increase in th e number of 2:1 sonmr ha ll o1s will he co unt ed
rcpresen lalives was n oded in Th e counli n,i! will he conudcted b y
nrd e r lo s uppl y the necessary !he c lcclion commillee made up of
manpower for rhc \'ario us CA KN1 Kelly. Dean of Stucle nl s l]rad subcummit tces, and th e doc1s1on to forrl Sullirnn anti five seniors ¾-h o
holrl each 1ml of clcc1ions on Wf're random ly selec led
Furthermqro once eleclions ah
sc par'atc cla ys was made in order""
to nllnw !h e ca ncl idnl e lwo da)•S 111
focus on hi s campaigns as well as
lh e desire lo cu l down on th e co n){estion al the pnll inJJ booths
The. positions open un 1h,• SGA
fur r.ach class are . Prnsidon t \'ice
Pres itlt•nl. /Hlf► four reprt•scn - hy Mary Griffin
1a 1iv1is. Nomination ,,.,p,•ri,, 1on Thti Coll1 •~e l.1hrnr y has recently
t,1i111n),! 25 va lid si ),!nillu rcs f rum
ncq 111rnd a new m1
crofo rm reader lhc s,11n,P dnss ,. .,. thill of th € 1.;,111•

prinler for th e use by facull) and
diclnlc 's musl he fil ed in K,,11\ ·s siudcn ls The 3M .. 500" rcadernH1u nu r,11 cr thnn Mondny . Ap.ri l printur provides auloma t1 c wmd
12 ,1i' 12 noon , Al thi s lim11, 1hc ,111<1
of mic·ro film cd
ne\Upapers and periodica ls, dry
pul.Jlicizc th ei r campa iMn , All copyi n~ . and reads microfiche
>0sto r and fl yers (50 run off frpe frcproduclion on film of ca rd sizel
of charge in lh e S1uden1 Activities as well as mi cro film .
O Hi ce) mu st co nform to the
''The pri ce of th e ma chin e and
lktivoui •>·s
Oonrd thr mi crofiche re11din~ nt1echm1.m1

is a bout $3,750," sa id Mr. Edward
In ord e r lo he oli1o1i bl e to run for Hama nn , Director of the Colle,l!e
oHice one mllst be nn un - Library . "We certainl y hope th e
dergraduate sludent. a member of s tude nts don·1 abuse it. a lth ough
lhe Da y Di vision wh o is not on it's supposed lo be a s trong piece
p roba ti on.
of ma chin e ry." he addud .
Th e prcsenl elec tion schedu le is
The new machine is located
as follows : Cand idate S1rnec hes with th e o tb er microfo r m equ ipby Debbie Burk e

A deci!lion lo pay each membe r

uf the c leclion co mm illee $2 20 per


Microfi~ Reader

completed. the SCA executive
com m illee e lections will be held
Apr"II 'l7 in which the new
members. of the body will vole for
an SCA. President, Vice Presiden t.
Treasurer. The all new SCA body
wi lVmeel on May 4.



pommsncsment 76
Gra,duation Expenses Revealed
by Brian Walker
Each year !he June graduation
means an additio nal fe e of $25 per
studen t to cover coal of ca ps and
),!Owns. 1icke1s, degrees. re ntal of
the Hin es Audiloriu m. and su ndry
expenses. For Mraduali ng s ludent.e
nol allending the ceremon y on
June 13, !he fee of $25 will s till
appl y. For those who wail until
August or January . !he ree will be

S12.50 1ince Commencement
ceremonies are nol held and the
onl y expense will be the degree.
C raudalion expenses for June
1978 will be comparable to expe n1e1 incurred in 1975 wi th onl y
a alighl.
projected increaae
(amounlina lo a fraction of one
cenl per person) . For 1975, total
revenue received in feet wu S32.~
755 while some S32,782 or expenses was incuned . Expenses
wete broken down by Vice
President-Treasurer Francis X.
Flannery as foll ows:
Expe nditur es for / diplomaa,
sf'101: hall rental. capS', gown,, inment. 1mmed 1 tel) before the e n- vilalionJ and program,. $19.03..,;
lran ce lo 1he Refe renCe Rgom. luncheon .. for honorary degree
Three le nses a re also available: recipients, S1567; mi.scellaneous
one is most sui table for,.. re ading expenses, , Jnclud ing electricity,
newspapers , anothe r for readi111 secu ri ty,
n11c:rofiche . a nd th e third Is ushers, a nd ·photographers, S3792.
su11able for all pu rposes .
Suffolk 1Jni v1:1:rsi'ly pi ck, up lhe
"We are 111 the middl e or plan- tab w hen expeMes outnumber fee
ning a mi arofilm a nd some revenue . For Jut year. it wU a
microfiche collecli on fo r film and mere seven d ollars.
A l01 or work ii involved in
1 iodi cals es~ nlia"'y," said Mr.
Hamann . "We needed a new planning for Commencement. The
prinler. lhr- o lct nc h as been Registrar's and Preaident'1 office,
broken for a long: lim

work togelher monthJ in advance
Faculty and stude nls are invited to de1ermine sealing, band set-up,
lo learn .the operatio n or these s tage, etc .• but the exact number
machines In order to make full use of graduates is not determined unlil final grades are in the
of 1he coll ettion.
Regislrar·s offi ce.
year, Registrar
Hefron eslimates there will be
eight or ten invilation1 available to
• each graduate and , unlike past
years, no seats will be reserved ,
excepl for the graduates.
As a side note, 1he Regitlrar explained the ! it was the MacMillan
& Ward Company's decision to use
Keepsake gowns instead or leasing
the old s tyle, cloth outfits. Also,
the diplomas are no longer made
i of real parchmenl: Crane parch~ m e nl is now used and Ms. Hefron
fee ls ii is a lot better. New
g melhods for holdins Commence':_ m e nt . such as a system for listing
-: all pote ntial graduales (prior to
] th e final determination of grades ,
._ thus gi ving the Registra r the
Suffolk 1tud8nl IUH new leisu r e of lhe summer months lo
microfilm reader. The Jmm "500" detel'min e reci pients) are being
reader-printer l1 located ln the un- explored, but no new sy11em has
der1rad llbnry.
been implemented ,

Library lnstalts New Machine


Ilse > Corner
Mein Hut, der hat 3 Ecken,
3 Ecken hat mein Hut;

Und hall ' er nicht 3 Ecken,
Se war es nicht mein Hut .

IN FOUR WEEKS it's over: the class drudge ry,
Loads of homework, research, in and out th ' Library.
I sha ll sign off that day wi th a " Night on the town ";
Alma Mater invites me: There 'll be music, a clown ;;;
I know someone who's competing for a prize on the .
And with staffers, I've heard, a bake-off's the rage.
I don't know "Suffolk Spouses," but they' re said to be
And ca lled on to furnish me plenty to eat ..
I'll rave on of th e


next week :

It 's at eight, AUDITORIUM . See you therel It 's uniqu e.





lncr.aM your chanc• lo be ln the career of yoW" choice
and then you '11 hem A HAPPY SUMMER!
For Senion, Graduatea ct Other Coll-oe Student..
Inm-ucted by Pro! . LN W. Sutherland, con,u.1tant in
ProfNmOnal CarNr Coun,eling

MONDAY & FRIDAY EVENINGS, 4:00-7:00 p.m.
SUFFOLK UNJVERStTY, CoUege ol Busln- Admini.t:rdtion

,1 Ml. Vernon StrNI, Bo.ton, Ma.


COST S50 (Material. Included}

TO REGISTER, CALL 723-,700, l:itenaion 3'2 or "378


April 9, 1171


Monday, April 12, 12:00 noon
Nomination papers due in S1uden1 Acllvlties Office.
W~nesday, April 1 ◄

f~d~~,~~~ ta~~i~e;;',!?cC1!s~ of 79)
1:30 pm Junior Candidates (Class of 78)

2:00 pm Senior Candidate (Class of 77)
Thun & Fri. April 15 & 16
10:00 am-2 :00 pm, Cafeteria
Tues & w~. April 20 & 21
10:00 am-2 :00 pm, Cafeteria
Thurs & Fri, April 22 & 23

10:00 am-2 :00 pm, Cafeteria
V01en mu!I pn,sefll Suffolk U""'"'111y ID ard ID



or COME IN TO ROOM V-153 or V3ll

Suffolk Journ al



hard work makes freedom,-------__,;._-

April 9. 1978

, Su ffolk Jour~a l

Pqe I

,hard work makes freedom-- - - - - - .
hy Dc nol1 Vandal
II w;1-. ,tn11lhPr drran . rn,n,
, lm11l-1 m .-n•cl fla\ l>,I\S Ilk•• !ht'""
,tnd 11n1•rnpl11) mP~I oH~ri•d 1h1• tar{'
lu un or 'inli111dp th111 Ch111:k lrn1l
n111 PXJ1t•r11•nc:,-d in rnur months For

urn11• halrPds , lilJ,Colries . en1i1erS.
frn,;1rol111ns ,ind faliJwes And lhis
,,·a, ,111 ,ootht>d w11h hPrr. whiske)
,11111 th1 • O1m11oin} of those who hart
Ii\ rd ,;imilnr 1•x1wrirncPs ~
Tr,111•-. or ii pasl herilaJl'P slill
1fl \\l•Pks , h1• lahorr•d HI ,1 ori:m,1II lrn,:Pr,•cl in !ht• ne1,rhhorhood bar
n11hu slfllllln for hnrnhl,• w,l,lll'S
Thf"" men \\ ho llpnkr of !heir 1ohs
Orw man, afln fimlin)l nut 1h1• p,n ,1lt1•rn:111•1I ht11,..:.:_1m prftfe 11nd
s1 ,ilt•. 1uld tum thal he'd be b, 11er h,tlrf'ci II 'ir1•med to be deeply imoff on \\'f'lforf' The i•lt•a. hm,,.w•r . hcddrrl tn thP French Ca nadi an
or lu•in,ll ,1 mtl111 juurnalis1 mnm1_w,-d psH·hr lhiil a rrnl man musl do !hr>
lo iu-rhu:,. hun inln lhinkin)l th11t 1hr 10h lw h,11rs l11111~rl~ r,s ,,ell fl5 he
,•rrur, was \\Urlhwhilt•
can It s1•cnu•d lo ht• a ma lier of ··ac11111 then· 1s ;1 !llrnnw· 1 n ·s1alhn1• r;ornplishmM lask'i .. lha1 hrnuJ,l'hl
,tnd 1111,il darlt\ 1h n1 ;:mrn:s lo th,· prof1111nd mr;1nmJ,1 10 th e 1erm
1111111! ,1rt,•r m,1kinJ1 lovf' II 1s ~nown
·wor~in,ll I.las,;· · II w1111 ii cnusr
In 'iumr rt'i tlw m111u,•n1 nf lruth
th,11 prndd,•cl thousands of men to
C:,11111011.slr. a h11m11n 1nk1•s a r.rllic:nl \\nrk f P\'1•rhhh for nominal
hu,L luvin)l lnnk ,,1 1h1• p,•rson ht• or rf'wnrrl l'ain was lhf' main fealur~•.
sh't--bas hPl1I .,11 despnalt•h Sim, ly . 1h1• h11,1 a11rnr11nn lh,11 wnulcl hm•p
rhrhr,1111\ rt'\t•als hl1•rn1sh1•'i 1h,11 h1•1•n m hlnzin)l \\il•I flashm~
r,tn 1hrm, ,1 relah11nsh1p 1•11lwr . l1•!1••ro; 1111 ,I lh,•,11,•r m,1rqu1,; 1f C\rr~
m,111 \\11111d h,1\1• h,1d ,1 o;huw of his
1;h;11 'i,lllH' d,1r11\ r,1n"i,, lo Ch111 k 11\\ll
,11HI , qmrth 1h1• ,tr1•,1m, 'l11h,;:1d .. ,I
Fm ,1lh . th, • ri•s1 Jt♦' r111d 1ha 1 1he!lr
,1111I 1,1rnj,:h1•1I \\'ilh 1111 nllll'r po-., . nwn )l11,1ni,•d I'\ f'n from lh•••r w1v.-s
111111 Ill 'il,Wht. hi• lt>fl tlw hillh•n nr ,tnd, hlldri•n \, ,,._ ,11wJr•t11trnl lwld
l',WO · ln,1-.1crli,111n,1,: th";
,11 l ht• m•1)lhl111rhm.ttl hJr Brnln.
1odt>~'i ,1111! r1•1urn1•1l !fl th,. 111•1111· n111k1•r,; , ,1 r11111>nl mi~IUrr of hE'N
uf l11s r.hi ldhuucl n1•1~hhorhnncl I I•• und \\h1o;k{•\ w1111l<I i111ftf'n nnd rm•II
rn111rned 111 u•eJrnmin, • his urij,1:ms
,lo\, 11 th, • hor<1h rc,111111•,;: and 1hr
In the m•i~hhorhmul h,1r \\•1•rr ,111 d.uh ,1h11nd,1nc:,• o r pain
till' rac,·s ht• hnri M.'Pn ror v,•;us 111"
Chur.k had ,;, •t•n ,1II this .111d. at
cu1111 lo know lhrrn ancJ° thr \\' II\ i:1•rrnin !luw-. in h1, psyr:holowic:ul
rh"\' 1•11rru•d 1hcir livm1i1s S11n11• of hislun hnli rv"n' par11cqu1IPcl
1h9m h:ul rwn c.iplurcc l C:h11ck '-s Snrn,•h•m . a small. con~estcd .
lmrt>aur.r,1l •r11ld1•n Npul III 0oci1on
lur, • his P\l'S 11ml miml H\\'11\ II \\,IS
Thi•,· 111! spuk1• lik,• m,•n "hn hrul ,,._ ,r um1•nnu h;ul ),!h rn h,m 1wrs1•,•11 !if,, frnm th,. Mt1,llh ,ind hru1,1I m1,;•
unn 1n rdl1•1 1 ,ind thtnk ,1hou1
-iid, · ·1 hrn11>,:h 1l11•i1 1•,111•r11•111 ,..,.
\\h,,r h• · h,ul 11lw,1y<1 kno\\n It

~:~:~; '.1~:, :1, ;'.·~:; ~ ,1~,~:~11~1:;:::,~1
!.' ~ :s

hn111J,1hl tn him an experience he
hnd never fell hefnrr Thr feeling
was . milar lo whal carto~rophers
mus! have ft•lt when thev saw
pholOJlraphs of th& Earth · taken
fr.o m the surfocr of rhe Moon II
\\IS a 'ilrangf' rPmoval 1ha1 brou,1h1
Mm iH'Vff) from lhe neiRhborhood

of Nazi Germany inlo the other ex-

pression of " Hard Work Makes
Freedom·· which was used on Im•
prisoned Jews?
The solace o rrered al 1he all
French Canadian club wa, rich. All
were members of lhe same race.
class and elhnlc group. In the quiet
a,r'f s1multaneously brought him lsolalfo n o f 1he neighborhood
than ever hefore
1avern. lhe working men could find
prJilan,zt"d rPliMion beJilan 10 deep and comfortable refu3e .
,lp'Pear as a AlronR influence in dai - There. 1hey could blunt every edge
, or an agonlzinR life and submerge
thenuelves into drunlc:enen if they
harl the desire O,11ce 1hat stale was
reached. 1he usua l emotio nal ex•
plosions would come. II v.:as lhe
closest thing a nyone had lo group
then1py. Similarity of potllions.
background and •outlooks. brought
about mutual acceplllnce. They
wrre all in ft together. When the ex•
=- pl09ions would come, they were
:] viewed wt1h a sense or sorrow and
compassion by the olherL
ChSuo~k dnec
some people he knew He needed 10
_ _ ..,.,=
hnd the old heroes and see how
• 1hey were doing In lire : how they
h life :1nd hr heMan fo see huw were bearing up l1nder 1he
lto\\f'rrull} rnle~raled ii was w11h pre sores.
lhP penplr ht> knew Hard work
As he ente r ed , Chuck was
tmn,l(s 1mclr and 10) lo 1he hearls of Mreelcd with many smiles and nods
men II hro111i1h1 1he response of of aclmowledMemenl . " Wdll , looldt
s lren)llh lhrouJilh jO) lo his mind . \\al da ca l druR in'" barked MarBui 1f these men la!chcd onto lhe qu 1s in'1 friendly jeer Berl. who sal
nwrry-),1:o-ronnd nf slronJilh lhrou)lh on 1he other s ide pf the U-shaped
10\ . ~ome1h111,I( appearnd 10 have bar chuck led and drawled. " Ahhh.
llf:C'n lusl 11lnn)l the WR) Could thf' 'ihll Ifs the fuckin ' radio atar!" •A
h111,•rness the~ (eh ha,o t\\1 i11ed lhP hattlt> of tired w111 arose and subh•rm whrch WHS u.sed nn lhe Ar)"RnS
COtlllnaN on Pe






in Bar Reviews...
Josephson's Bar Revil!w Center of A menca ( BRC ). the nation's
mos1 successful bar reviewer, will offer a complete substantive and
wri lmg cour5e for Lhe 1976 Massachu~lls bar exam .
With the assistance of such top law professors a·s Puul Bator
.and Arthur R. Miner of Harvard . Bob. Berry and Len of
8 os10 11 College. and Zipporah Wiseman of or1heas1ern. BRC wall
offl·r a \'Om prchen.sive course geared 10 the precise needs of Massachu'-C lb bar aprh ant
all m S('ve n weeks


the premier COUN'


Califo rni a. Flonda. M1ch1ga n.

Nl·w k™=Y, a nd Pennsy lvuma because ii ut1li1e the talcnls of the
most ou 1, 1andmg law teac hers m. lhe na11011 to deli"er an cxtnonlinanl ) dfo.::,ent and l'ffl'Cli\'t' program wluch focust'S on both
th e sub!l l:111 11\'C and exa m-taking rcqu1rcmcnh or cad1 cx:1m . We
hupl' )·ou w11l look u~ mer ~don: )OU decide on a bor rCV)l'W


1.o,.. al HR\ Olltet'
l'.aul tr,, aulm•n . Q 11 \hh 1r1 !}11«1 M:mht1dJ. Mawd1u~1h 0 ~0Ci0U,d "') 1n4-Hbb6
'-Jhon:r.l lk•:.idquJllt'I \
~ I() '1 I .1 lhr• AH•nur . lnf.lt14uoJ . CJh1 ,11ma \)Q\()l} l ~I .I) t,74 'IJOO

0 1~:~ ~~=:yhe



r h 1•\

d~;l \\ork 1h,11 \,, 1..

fl,1111•,1 . h,1111 ,,nd 1•\1•n rnasr11l1111 •
J'h,·\ ,111 -.pu k, · ldi" 1111•11 wh11 h ,1d

,,,,,n ldl'


I h1"11~h




,md hr111,d

,·,1,..,1, •11t , ...,

h11r, •,1111 r,11 ruld,·n ,;put 111 0 11.. ron
11,r,· l11,; •'\ 1•,; ,tnil mind , l\\,t \ Ir \,,1,;
,r ,11111 ,•nn ,• h,1tl )ill\ ••JI him 1u•r
1111,,11111 rn r,,rt,,, 1 .ind 1htnk ,1ltn1n




,1 1\\,1\'I



m,•rn -J111-ro1m d uf 11trnn~1h thrnuJjh
J'l \
'l1111w1h1nJ1 ,1 µpf-'olrf>tl 10 ha,e
lwPn ln,t ,ilun lf ,h,. Wd\ Cnuld 1h1•
l1111t•rn, ..;-. 1h,•, f,,lf h,1vf' 1w1,;t1•d lhi>
lt•rm which w.i~ 11i.oci on the Ar yt1 n A

~~- ,h~ ~;he~--~de' p f the U-11 haped
har chuc kled a nd drawled. " Ahhh .
'1h 11 If s 1he fuckin ' r adio sta r 1" A
haul,• of 1i rcrl w 11s a ro&e a nd sub-·
Continued an P•1• 7

A :New
- oncept


in Bar ,R eviews ...
Josephson 's Bar Revil!w Cen ter of Amt:'nca ( BRC ). the nation's
most i.u'-=cess ful bar reviewe r . will offer a comple te substantive and
wn t,ng course for the I 976;h.u1;e1t s ba r ex am

W11h the assistan ce o f such top law professors P'Jul Bac or
•;md Arlhur R. Mille r of Harvard . Bah Bt:"rr y and Le n Strickman of
Bo,wn Co llcg and l1Pporah W1sc1
,\an o f Nor1h cas1e rn . BRC will
ulfrr .1 ,omprchc nsl\'e l'OU~ g.earl'fto tlw p~ctse needs o f Massa•
..:hu~lb har appilcanl'i al l in ~•vcB WCl' kS
BRC 1 the p re mie r i:ourw 111 Ca li fo rnia. Fl o mla . M1 ch 1 n,
Nn, kf!lt•y. Jntl Pe nnsy h ,uua hcc.rn St: 1t \ 1t1l111.'s the talc nl s o f th l'
1110.-.1 o uh landmg law ll',lt' hl'r.i 111 th,· nano n to ddl\'cr an cxtrao rJm a nl y d fi l' ll"n t :in d dft·i:1 1v/ pro~ram wtu c h focu,l'S on both
lhl' , ub!-. la nt1w Jnd 1..'\:u11• IJ~111~ l'l'qtllrl·m c ni-. of cJi.:h c~ Jlll
111, 111.• \

ou will look u,

O\l' r

b1.·ton· ) ou



on a bar revJ1.'W

P.m l "' Jll llll,Hl 1.111 'w 1.·h, trr \ltt'l'I. \la l\hl11.'iJ. ~ta!\\,h liu\t'lh O~O'\O tht~) XlJ .Ji.t>Xb
"- Jl1,111 Jl

lk JJquJ th' r\

XHJ\J l .11Jr ,·.1 A\·,·n11t· lnt,!in,.11, .,I {Jlll •11111,1 •1t) \t)'J ( ~I IJ f, 74 •J .l()(J
J// l '.w,A ..,,,.,.J, ,

', I ,,.,.

I,,.,_,. 111/,·ro ,t,J

Suffolk. Journal

Page 6

April I, 11'11


1 1 - -NEWS BRIEFS-.
' Ma~igolds' Soon
" TlH' Effect of Gamm.i Ruys on
Mnn -ln -Tlw -Moon
Mari,1tolds .··
writltrn by Paul Zind e l. will bo
presented hy the Surfo lk. Uni ve rsity Thealrf' al 1 pm nn April 22 und
ut 7:30 pm un 1h o 23 rd and 241h .
The p in)' whi ch involves ;in a ll fema le cast from Suffolk - l.orcn

King, Mary J. R, T a nous . Mary
()'Dun n e ll , M a ry-Ellen Kl e in Blum
;;111d Ka ryn Ril ey will he directed
hy Anno Ft•sse ndon and produ ced
h) Ja ck We rner.
Th e produc tion wh ich firs t
opened in Now York on April 7.
1970 ho!! l(ono on to win sever.ii
award s: the Aes1 Am e rican Pla y of
1he 19fJ0-70 season h)• th e
York Orn mu •c ritics Circle nnd ii
also sharud tho O BIE Award for
Best OH-Oroadwny Play

Freshman Outing
by Ra1ph Jabba
and Debbie Bonano
On Sunrfo)• April 25. tu76. th e
nrtnua l
1 rri,s hmnn -Snph o111nre
•outinH w ill ho he ld al lh c Wchb
Brook Cou nlry C luh . S111rllllM a l
1:00 lh flfu will hu nu1drn,r uctivitl,is such 11s vollovball.
hors,•s hc,es ,

,t ml



rroshmon11.1 such 1is boo r. chips.
,mfl prcl zuls will ho al your dis-

posal. From 3:00-5:00 a ll a re
w.elcomc 1 a tte nd the chicken·
barbequ e. From 5:00- to :OO th e rock
band " M oo nfast " will be performing fiv e se ts of e xce llent
musi c.
In be twee n sets Tad Bonvie will
he s pinning hi s disco note!i. Beer
will he so rved throuijhout th e day
and on into 1he £inal hours of th e
t!vening. Ti cke11 are 50 ce nl s fpr
Suffo lk Univenil)• students ond
$1.50 for guests. There will also be
;1 dance conl esl with a t1ua r1 or
h<1uor )tiling lo the lu cky winn ers .
I l1lpC tu suo you there ..

Welfare De partmenl. a closed
program . whereb) on ly Welfare
e mployees ma y parti ci pate.
In each program two courses e re
taught per term. !he re are two
se mes te rs o yea r. and the Hme
courses a nd faculty oHered lo Suffolk students are offe red lo those
pa rt icipating
sa1elli1 e
progra ms .
Lev itan . chairma n or the Publi c
Administration Oe parlm e nl sees
these satellit es ex1>anding in the
future , " I look fo rward 10 sale llites
in the South Shore. Mid-Mass . and
weslern Mass .

MPA Satellites

Harrington Speaks

A Masters Degree in Public Ad·
mini sl r~lion m R) be dp talned by
pa r-licipuli nic in one ol the lhree
!ln lellil e prosrams set u1) in the
Duston area by the SuHolk Publi c
Adminlslretiun Oeparlme nl . Two
of the sate ll ites exclude !he public
at large whil e one of the pruHrams
is open to any in1eres1ed eppl icn nl.
Thero arl' c urren1ly su 1cllil o
prn,1trams ex 1
s1111~ in Swampsco tt
;m open pro,1trnm , open to
unyono who works or lives in the
North Shorn: tho Ci1v Hall. a
closed program. whereh)' only Cit)'
1lall ump lnyc99 mU)' pat1oke in
tlw c:ouriH' oHerinMs 1t nd nl tho

The Poli1i cal Scie nce Association has two major events planned
fo r 1he next two co ming weeks. It
\'iill be co-s1>onsoring a speec h by
Co ngressman Mi chael Harrington
oo the C IA with the Suffolk Law
Forum on April 12 at t pm in lhe
McOerm oll Conference Room.
In addi110n 10 1h1s event , it will
sponsor a prosram on law school
ndmissions with Admissions Director Oe liMJ of the Low School and
Dean Sullivan of the College ,

New Ridgeway
Construc li on for a new ,Cambridse St. co mplex 10 replace the

will not begin until Spring urn
a nd is slated lo open In the Fall
1978 or Spring 1979.
The building, estimated al a COil
or $4 million for Suffolk according
V . P . -Treasurer
Flannery. will house all lhe
classes held iQ the Ml. Vernon
Building (which will be rellnquished once the new Cambridse
is finished) , the
classrooms held in the first noor
lhe Fenlon Buildins lo allow for
planned for , and all the oUices
housed in the Charles Plaza site .
As of this date, the archilectJ
have delermined !he a mount of ,
square footage needed in lhe new
bui ldin8 which is approximately
60,000 square reel (th is also includes elevators. stair wells). Ac•
cordi"8 to Flannery the lot size or
lhe area is 8374 square f~t and
will house 1he complex if ii is construcmd with rive £1oora above
ground and !WO below.


Saturday MBA
The Executive MBA progni..m
which has been in existence at
Suffolk since Oct. 1975 is an o~
portunity for a qualined male or
female to complele a Ma,ter in
Business Administration desree on
Saturday,. There are three area,
applican11: Management. AccountIns and Finance.
Th e program is offered £our
lim_e _ a >·ear. "£!il_:_ _Jul>·_ _ c_ b_, __
, o_ to_ _


Page 6


Suffoilc Jourmll

April I , 1171

II-- - -NEWSBRIEFS- - - 11
From 3:00-5.00 a ll are
\~\co me 10 allen d 1he i:hu:kcn
" Thi• J-:ffoct nr CammH H,1\'11 nn hurhrquc . Frum 5 00-10:00 1h,• rock
Man -ln -T lw -f\ lnon
M,tri.,,;lds .·· ba nrl .. Mounhlst .. \'Will be per\Hlt\tJn h) P,1111 Z1111l1•l. wi ll lH'
rorming f1 ve SPIS of exce ll d nt
prr scn hid hy tlw Suffolk I ln1 vl' rs1-... mu1111;
ly Th,..nln• al I pm 11n April :!2 und
In het \.\ cHt1 se ls Tjd Bonv1e \~·11
,11 i:31) pm un tlH' 23 rd .:1111! 241h
hi• o; p1110111)'-hi s disco notes Be r
Tim plu y w l11 d1 in vo lves an ull - will ht• srrvod throuj(houl 1tw
rPmale cns1 from Suffolk - 1.oren anc l o n 1nlo the hnal hours of I e
Kin~. Mary I I{ T;rnous. Mar) I'\ Pning. T 1cke s arc SO ce nt s fur
fflJuirnt:11. M,tr) -Ell1m Klr•in Dlum Su ffolk l Jnivers11y stu d e nts a nd
nnrl Ka r) n Ril e) wi ll lw rli(ec lcd $1 50 rur ),!Ut!SIS There will ,1lso hf'
h) A nn a r·,~sse nd cn a ncl produr:t•d ,1 dance co ntest \Vllh a quart of
l1qunr J(Oin}( to the luck y winners
h) lack Wcrn~r .
Tfw produclmn which fir s! I lnpr- 10 s ♦!e you there
upcnml in New York nn ,\pril 7.
19i 0 hus .l(IJllll o n lo win sever.ti
awarcb ; ll'l c Des i Am e ri c,1 11 Pla y of
A Masters Degrue in P1,1 bli c Adth,, 19fi9-70 season hy 1h.- NPw mimstrallun ma~ be ohtained b)'
York Oram11 Critics C ircl ♦! an d it p,1r1ic:ip,llm~ in o ne of 1he three:'
nlso sharetl 1lw O DIE Aw,m l for sa lcll ll e progroms se l up in the
Bes t OH-Brnadw11~ Pl ay
Uoston .ir1ia hv th e Suffolk Publi c
A1lnums1ro1iu,; Depa rlmenl . Two
of lhe s.itelliles excl ud e the public
,11 laq,ie whill' one of 1he program!'!
b Ralph Jabba
a nd De bbie Bonano
1s ope n to any mlerested a ppli On Sund.i~· April 25, 1976. rhi • c ,mr
There ,tr•• curre nt ly s11 tr.lh11•
a nnunl
prn.l(r,1ms fl'<ISIIOJ( in Swampsc:oll
Duling will he lwld at lh c Welih
1111 npt'n pro),!ntm. optm 10
Brook C.ount r)' C luh Shrrtrng ,ti
a nyo ne who wo rks u r liv,,s m lhe
I :on thHn· will tw nutclour ,u.:North ShorP : 1he Cit) ll all. a
tiviliPs s u c h
as vul lP ) hnll
horsrshutis, ,iml boscbnll
RHdosed pru~r.&m. \\ hcreh) uni )' Cit)•
I lnll cmpluyi•es mny pur1ak,~ in
rr csh mnnl s suc h as lwo r 1 c hiµ s.
and prt'tzels wi ll he ,11 your cl1 s1111' r.oun1c ufle rin~s and 111 tht•

'Marigolds' Soon

MPA Satellites

Freshman Outing

WelfarP. Oeparlmen l. a closed
program. whcreh) onl) We lforc
f'mp loyces ma} pa rti c ipate.
In each program 1wo courses a re
1auHhl per ferm. tflerc a re two
seme!llers a yea r , and the same
r.ou rses and faculty off e r ed to Surfo lk s tudents a re off ered to those
Levitan . chairman of the Pu~ic
Admi ni strahoo Deparlment ,sees
these satelliles expa nding in the
future, .. , look forwa rd lo sa te llites
m 1he Soulh Shore. Mid -Mass. a nd
wes tern l'v1ass .

Harrington Speaks
T he Pohli ca l Sci e nce Assoclalion has lwo ma1or eve nts planned
for lhe next two coming weeks. It
will he co-spo'~ o ring a speech by
Co n),!r ess man
ich~ I HarrinijlOn
on the CIA w t
the Suffolk Law
Forum on April 'l.,2 al 1 pm in the
McDcrmoll Con fe r ent.ejloom .
In additton to thi s evenl. it will
s1>onsor a prol{ram on law ! Choo l
,1dmiss in11s witb Admis51ons Direclor Deliso nf the Law Sc hool and
Dea n Sullivan of the Coll ege.

New Ridgeway
Construc1 1on for a new Ca mhridge SL co mp lex to replace 1he
present RidHeway Lane Bui lding

will not besin until Sp rlf\8 19'17
ond 1 s lated to o pen in the Fall
1978 or Spring 1979.
The building, esti mated al a coat
o r S4 million for SuHolk according
V.P. -Treasurer . Francia
Fla nn e ry. will house all the
classes he ld in the Mt. Vernon
Building (which will ~ relinquish ed o nce the new Cambridxe
finish ed ).
the three
classrooms he ld in th e,· hrst floor
of the Fenlo n Building lo allow for
planned for. and all the oHices
ho used in 1he Charles Plaza site.
As of this date , lhe architecu
have dele rmined th e amount of
square footage needed in the new
buildi ng which ' ia a pproximately
60.000 square fe l!I (this also includes elevators. stair wells) . Acco rding to Flan nery the lot size of
th e area is 8374 squa re feet and
w ill house the complex if ii Is constructed with five rioors above
ground and two below .

Saturday MBA
The Executive MBA prO@ram
which has been in existence at
Suffo lk since Oct. 1975 Is a n o~
po rtunity for a qualified male or
female to complete a Muter In
•Business Administration degree on
Saturdays. There are three areas
c oncen1ra1ion
applican ls: Management , Accoun ting a nd Finance.
The program i.s offered four
times a year. April. Jul y, O c1ober
a nd January with the same conlracl minutes a nd staff of th•
regula r fifteen hour semester The
1u1tion is the sa me - $160 per
three c red i1 cou rse . In a ddition
rher e 1s an activities fee o r $100
per 'i£>14sio n to cover oil textboo ks .
en s,•~. read in~s . and resource
m<1l e rials reqmred, as 'w\ell as
cn 1erecl liMhl lunches
This fop also covers an introduc•
1or~ banquet for all app licanl5 to
HIHn a bcllt•r undnstandin11 of the
protzram to he e n_!,?aRed in. As
Dean McOo\\ell points out , " t\fa ny
of the people en8aE!ed m the
prr>~ram an! be lwe en the ages of
28 and 55 and must be made
a\\3rf' of all the require ments in
order to avoid all re pe rcuss io ns."
The require111ents may be complc1ed a nd a degree mo)' be ob~
tained wilhin 55 weeks

Treasurer Named
By John H. O'Neill 111

TIMEw,nytll ... s.da 2 1.. • 25H. v.ilh tlr.-.rtng and tt!d
woodm knob.. Boldt • ~
1C>Cb•ndshitbto~lghtslaAnd gr., Sturdy. duntble •nd coloriul 1
TOft . . . 9"• 17"'. wiChjumbo~ Gre"' '°'
lunch, COMlll'lda,~l ge,at.
whi,,1 hawi YfJ'.I T11•11 IOffw.beach.
11oyttling. •nywhete


The President's Council mel on
Tuesday, April -I to no minale
president and
treas ure r .
Presi d e nlia l no minees were Ed '
Ra nd of Political Science Ass .•
Jim Mo riarl)' of Huma nities Club.
Mark Band a of Photograph y Club.
Ka thl ee n Chaipus o r H istory
Societ y. Richard Afrikian of Ski
and Outing Club wns e lecte d
T he Cou ncil Is composed of
rep rese nta tives from recognize d
s lud e nt o rga nizal ions of Suffolk
Its prime runc lion is ~o "ensure
respecl to programs and aclivilies
sponso red b)• Counc il members ··
Direclin.g th o moe ring was Don
Ouellette. The fa culty advisor is
IJOUM Kna pp

April I , 11?&


Su rfolk Jo\lrnal

, ••• 7

. .. the bar

Conllnued rrom Page 5
s11 l1•d The lmr1t•111l1•r sc:11 rr 11;-d 111 a
cn11p l1• 11f r,11sml hnncls dOfl m
:onds . lwu Bmlw1•1s1•r dr,111),(hl!>
a11pr- ,1rc1l un,t,•r Churk's chin In
hPpin)l wilh duh lr111U11vn. lwu

llarled around lhe room In he lpless doe9n'1 somebodv call the Rescue
rnn fusion An 0H-du1y policemen · l lnir? Whv doesn'I somebody DO
somr1hin,11 7 Chuck wondered Then .
stml ,md li[tf•ri the lihu:k mun off 1he the Sdme fetding of detachme nt
flo or { }nc uf them lau,11h cd. "Oh cu me 1hrouji1h I le saw himself as e n
) uah. Oohb y. anuthn satisfied 1dlf>, roho1 -li ke unit like all the
l11•n .. ~cnt h,1ck lo lhl· nn,imul fuck111 custnmn
olhe rs at lhe bar
ht1 )l'fS \Vavt•s sliced 1h ro11,ih 1h,•
11 so lclom or.curred hut once in ,1
Ch111:k go! off 1he .slool a nd
sm11k1 .11r ,rnrl '6vcn·mrn rclurn('(I ,, hile ,1 man would cp11 e ll )• s 11 ,1l one walked lowerd the man He looked
ru thr1r 1:onv1mrn 11 on; nhout spurls. ;1 1 tlw h11r ,111d drink until he 'd fall a1 a man sta ndin1,1 nea r the pool
h,11111••,1:\1• wives ,md no-wood kids
off h1-. 'ilcml .. J.)111 1h~., lime \\81 lahle " l>o \'OU know his name?"
Chuck ,wlanc1id .iruund 1h c mom d1HN1•nt Fo~\l'n 111hrr hmr. 1t l "Yeah, he 's )ohnn, Co le man ··
wh 1h• H1lkin~ lo 'ictmcorw who,,,,, h.ul h,1pprnNi. !ht•· ,1ct1ms ,,uul<V Surlclenl~ . ii ell camfl: back . Chuck
lrym),( In hnd 0111 ,,·h> he lrr1 1lw 111• 11nrnnsclo11s h, the 1uuc 1he~ hill mel johnny monlhs ago m e ru nr111 lio ln111lncss Qu1ck l) , he suu l
llw rloor This man wus stil l whln- riuwn har and he learned from his
"Tlwn• ·• n111hln,w to this r,11J111 m~ h~t• ,1 cl n~ th,11 hnrl JU!il hrf'n friends 1hal ca llln~ Johnny a hlar.k
hu"iirwss cxccpl ,, h1,: lo ,111 11! kirked II\ ,t furio1H1 m,1'ller
lmll c.h11 E,cr)u nt:r uf llwsr• "'u~i, 1s
f\\11 1n,m 1lr,1JQ11•1I him ,1cross the
livin),( h) 1h,• -.k in ul lus lcf'lh 11 ·-. flr111r '" 1hc t1rmJ>il5 Ill' \\,1 S "Why do esn't somebody do
p1-.1 'in !It,•, 1;, 111 ),!1'1 111 lrnnl nf ,1
hu'\illf•d uH 11110 ,1 cu rn1•r ,incl 1t,f1 some thing?"
1011!>\ ht1lt• microphont• 1u11I kirk
,ilunt• Thr uff•1lul) wp ,,,15 slill
llw1r , ·11ir,,., uul nll O\'f'r thu 1.11,
1,rnJlh•ni,: " You r.,1 n clr1''i.!I them
l111r1• , 'iolul Uullsh11
fuckns up hut ,ou r..,111·1 take ·c m man \\-115 a ,-«ood wa, of losing a few
Thi• rr\1'1111 Sl,m•d 11110 lhe hullum 11111 .. \ ff'\\ u1hns 1,rn~hed ,tncl !Peth Thrn he remembe red Johnny
ur his 1i,, .. r Jllnsi. .111d s1•1·11w,I 1hs,1p
l1111k,•d ,11 1lw man \\hn \,as kt>,•pin~ 1•xph11nin~ 1ha1 hi• wus part Cajun ,
pom lcil "Surf" r:nulrl h,l\t' f1111l1•d hi, h, •,111 lwhH'l'n hi., lc~s ,tnd lw1 parl hlnck . part
pe Verd1an and .
me!" 1h,· fri1·ntl 'iakl
h,mds 11\ ,•r hitJ t>ars The res l of tlw fm,111). parl Fren h C•ad1an
Chur~ rt•~111111tl1•1I. "Th,11 ·., th,
h.1r still l1mkf'd ,11 1hc mnn in 1.mrn
Tc,irlli ran do\,n ohnn ·s cheeks
id1!ll ••
a~ h~ ~ripped his kull. " What's
WWII,• Jll,11u 111)( uruund C:h111.~
wron.l(, Johnn y? What h"'tppened ?
s1"1 11 ,•d ,1 rn,1n ,,h,1 wns ,,1Jl111•l, "This radio bu1lneu Is a big
The voice 1ha1 came lhrou,ih 1he
farmll,1r ll f' ,,,1i,. ,1 hlac~ m,m ,,11h load or bullshit."
pain and the alcohol was broken
nlnws l c!rt1u.nsinn f,•1111ir1•s 111• alsu
,1nrl 11p11rr11lir but r: huck reco1i1nized
i.t•Prncd 1 ht• i:onsurnin.i.: lm1h•r•
lh e fractured . French Canad ia n
rnak or.!I nl II f,1irly rapi d t. lip •:lwck ,l!ld s1H'm"d to dmlainfull ~ ru;um l fin1i1cd EnMllsh lhnt Johnn) hed used
rt•J ll y cnuld nul pla cu the f,1 cc. T.,lk the ~111•c1nclr of an rncbriatcrl man 1n the run-dO\\-n bar " Ehh .
throu)(h lht•ir nwn drunken eye!'
wi1h his friend w c nl un somebody slick his fingers in m)
" lie)' Did he come here \\ith a ears and Ml\'e a ruckin' '"isl II
sonwt11ncs pmnllcss nncl "ancl crm,-«
fn cnc l I IJnnR h1• ha,·r u friend 10 hurls liko hell." His voice trailed
one! s1m11• 111111•s spu1;Hi c 11ml in lwru surncplacc ·~ .. unc vcncc re ll t•d
oU and t h en ca me bac k . " I I
Uut ,mother ,·mct:i ca me frum thu happen ed m the othe r ba r. Then .
Sudd en I). C: huck lurn,•11 his huod
anc l s,tw un old mun near the 1
,01 crowder! !ude of 1he bar. " I-tell. m)' ears. the) start 10 bleed
,,h uro 1hu hllld m,m had h1•f'n nu 1" A ftm more l1111jithud An un- No,,
o hh . Chr1sss..
knu\, n ~ort 11f f1•,1r .!l\\1•111 11\' f'r e Jrb
s1•.i11•d Th,· old man wn-. l'l l,1nnJl ,11
e hhh
m) ears
1111' fl uur 1111d l'lf'1•1111•d II • Iii• 1n ,I ,1111!• Ch111 ~ ,1, fw \\,ll c hucl 1tw mun
C huck remembered aomeone In
or :,hud, rhu h,irl tt nclur ·~ 1') cs ~,ru~~lu ,, 1th !he pu in . " Wh) his childhood tellln3 him that the


,mcl uni• uthn man rushe'1 10 1hr

head is delicate and that any ailment s hould be treated J mmedlat e-

ly He walked to the pa) phone.
d ropped lhe dime and asked the
operator lo connect him with lhe
rescue divisio n. When he returned
lo lhe bar the bartender 1lared al
him " Did you really call th e
rescue? That's stupid. We've got
rescue right he re." He poinf.ed to a
man who had managed lo re main
oul of si3ht throughout lhe entire
ordeal. " Hey, li11en They won' I
transpo rl , you know . They just
won ' t lransporl." C huck didn 't un •
de rsle nd him ' nor did 'he, ca re 10.
"All you have to do ia put him Into
you r own C84 and bring him down
10 !he hospital yourselL"
Chuck fell threa tened. Had he
really done some.1hin1 wrons? Was
1he ca ll lo the -rncue di vision the
right lhins lb do? , Slowly, Chuck
drew together hi1 atre ngth . He ~
knew th at lhe only worlhwhlle
defenae in this siluallon was a good
oHense "Look al him . goddam ii'
Can't you see the guy need,
hclp 1 H e's in fuckin· pain end ifs in
his head Look el him!..
The bespectacled fireman drew
back nervously. "' Uhh , yeah. Well.
)'Ou could have taken him down to
the hospital yourselr. Shit. maybe
he 's jusl drunk . Whet the "hell."
.. /\hh. bullshit:· Chuck retorted
a ngril )• He shot down lhe rest of his
beer a nd spr a ng to his feet. A few of
th lj boys chuckled e t th e confrontation hut u he walked out of the bar ,
the room rell int o s ilence
The sk) was still gray hul the rain
had sto pped . C huck re lt e miserable
uneasiness as h e wa lked home He
thoushl th•t maybe 1he feeUng

came from standing alone.

Bar Failures
are too high!
Josephson 's Ba r Review Ccnler of Ameri ca_ BRC)
thinks the failure ra te on the Massac hu sc lls exam is
100 high. we thought so in· Califo rni a. Florida . Illinois.
and Mich igan whe n we de sjgncd cou r.;cs for those
ta les, and subsequen tly our student s ac h ieved previously unheard-of succcs result s. BRC s1uden1s conti nue to subst antiall y oulrcrfo rm the s1a 1c aw ragcs in
those states. a we ll as in cw Jerse y and Pe nnsy lvania.
We ex pect our Massachuse 11s stude nts 10 con1111uc ou r
unbroke n record of succe. s. We ho pe you will kt us
hdp yo u.
Cull or wrill' for more inform.tdon .


l,1\.,11 UH.C Oll1c'-'
P,1111 ),,, .111 lmJ11 111 l \l. \'hSh.'I 'i11cc1 ,, 1:ushlteld \1 :iMJ1,.hus..•m 0~050thl71 N.l4-hbS6
',la1n111at ll\'JJ4u,ttln~
x 10 'I 1-3 Btl'J \ H•nut'. 1111,?IC'..,._,,od (';,hlom1J 9011:N (..::111 t,7,PHOO


April I , !.171

Suffolk iJ>umal


a black and gold stuffed toy bear---ahout two weeks. but he got over
it. kids are like 1ha1. He went to
walch his team play the rest or the
mi!'I - ni.l(hl to pick up his 1U1 iform !'lhi rt. games He cou ldn 't sil on the
c hi evuw1 I le has man}' fri £'nds 111 The hy now 6th Mtader even bench , so he sat alone in the
sdy,nl, sn nalurnlly when lhcy all rrnmled his hockey slick green . the blcechers .
mothers a nd pushy rathers.
lw)lan sk111ing nnrl playin.l( hnck1•~. ,. team colo r
t,,.. joined ri.l(ht in
I It• wasn·~n the ,ce much , b~• one ever came up to sit with him .
lli s 1mrcnts hou8ht him ska1es
Jimmy still liked be11'lg on a lea , Sometimes when he ca me home
and the ho)' spenl Snturd.t} aflrr - skating a nd playinM hockey T e arter thQse games there would ocnoons down al th1: rink . 111• 1i11le ,11uy talked for a week about casio na ll y be a story, but it was
wohbl d around in icy c1rch!s , the 1i1nmc in which he assisted on a not the same.
Jimm)··s parenis were bolh b,tler
Then, on A rrigid February nighl and- heorlbroken after !heir boy
the likes or which only a waler - was cul They thought the League
rrnnt community e)(pcrience. was an ins1ruc1ional one . It was
limmy ,:i:ol a fl olher phone cnll It made up or 9 . 10. and 11 y~ar olds .
wns t,.1r . Smith. It seemed the bo y Surely they were no! bein8 taught
was not quile ready for the Squirt 1h01 winnin"g was every thing. And
l.rni,cue. ~o would he please turn in lhe phone call God , ii was bad
hi!-i unHorm th at week A replace- enous,:h that lh e coach had found
.!lomeone heller than the boy and
ment had a lread) been found
Thi' ki(l's world caved In for kicked Jimmy f the tea m (excuse
hy Frank MacDona ld
J1mm) ts ninP )'ears old . lie 1s
your avcntMC Sib Mrader , curious .


hockey for 1he Horneis?" he was
askcrl The cc5ta1ic child hounded
uvt!r 10 1he coach 's house lhat


me , he was cut) . But couldn't he at
least have the decency to do II in
person. to explain to the poor kid.
If ii could be explained.
But parents too are re,ilient ,
and they buried this bad, memory
alont1 with many others.
The Hornell went on lo win
bolh the town and slate Squirl
League championships. lfn the
local weekly they }lad dteir team
picture and one molher even
wrote a poem about them . Yeah, a
poem aboYI 10 year old hockey
It's been a year now since the
Hornets captured the slate championship, arid 8ccordlng to the
local papei they , mlly do It again.
Meanwhile . Jimm)."1 skates gather
dusl in a closet corner. He hu
tak n up buketball.

what about frank?------



dustr) to the stale. But !here is a Interestingl y enough, the guy who
prob lem here You ca n ' t just go runs the store for me called and
a round and boast thal you· re going asked. ' now that the election is
hounced oH 1hc boards and con lo attract industr)I to the state like over can we sell handguna? I told
sluntly tiMl11 e ned the Rall,:~• Bobb~
Dukakls does.
him no."
Orr Specia l 89 r.e nl lac •s on his
"Th ere is a s1rong anti-business • On the issue of capital puni1hslill sli ff skale8. And he loved ii ~
atti1ude in New England . II is parl- ment which was one of the issues
limmy would go home apple- ·
ly due to the environmentalists. which
c hecked and retell stories or
Frankl) I don't 1hink 1hey'II ever toward lhe end or his term as
nlmosl-wun ra ces. death-defying
attract business here . We had a go\'ernor. he says: " I would have
and scorching hot
hoom wilh textiles hul the~• a re vetoed the capilal punishme nt bill
duu:11\rtlt•N 111 Mt Done Ids
gone and 1hey are not going 1 . again. -0,at is one thing which I
l'h•· kid enjoyed skatin)( so much
come back . ~ have lo face up lo would not do for votes. I made an
1h.11 1 lwi,c,111 In MO to the public
this ."
exception for shooting a police of.
sk,11i nM s,•ssio ns on Tucsdn)'S nnd
Sa'rgcnl is for limited gun cqn- ficer and security s..uard1. The re
Thursila~s I ie was hecommM quite
1rol. He wants lo see tiny hand has to be something there. They .
a ska1c r II was no surprise thnl
guns thal can be concealed in the are out at night trying to protect
for Christmas lw askccl hi s parents
palm of the hand . banned but the us. Bui capital punishment never
(S11111a Cl.1us dies young 1hese
eve ryday handgun is an item he solves anything."
, ln)'S) fnr some hockey equip ment
u sees nothing wrong with ... I am not
Sum eno ugh . sprawled under
The former governor would like
against private • ownership of
tlll' lrC'i• alonK wilh the cosmic my
10 see 1he state controlling more of
.!'handguns. The National Rifl e
Kiln and Sear·s Winnie the Pooh
the tax dollar than the rederal
pajnmns was 1he hockcy • equi pgoverriment. Here he agrees wi th
monl. Offu:ial Bobby Orr Rolley
pnds (shin. t!lbow . ancl shoulder). " There ls no way Oultakl1 can at•
Carter ... , think what we did here
a PhiT Esrwsiio slick, and, hccnuse tract Industry to Mauachu1e tt1."
on the slate level we should do
it was C hri s tmas , a Derck Sand ornationally . Thal is to consolidale
son sfr('PI hncke) net Jimm y's the cri tico l positions of his own
the departmenls in the state
ad mimslrali on.
p,1rr.nls fiKured the)' s('nl hair or
bureaucracy. Carter makes the5e
Francis Vil. SarKent is not vpry
1hc 1lru1ns IO Floricl n for lhti oH
ppinls and is for more slate conscm,on. hul it was ,,,or th ii. popular a mons the Republicans in
lh o s lal c or Massachusells He
her.ausc thfl kid liked it.
Francis Sargent is not anxious to
S1arlin~ lhal Januar y, th e ho)• sees himself as n man almost inbe governor again, allhough he
h1!,wan lo utle nd the town 's hoc ke y dcpendenl of party arfiliolions; an
would. like to give it another try.
di nic. which tuuMht you n~st e rs lhc unu!'luol circu mstnn ce for a former
; What 11 on Frank Sarsent's mind
runtlam1rn1n ls. It was rouMher than K0\'Crnor. Rumors circulated this
u right now is more on th & federal
1111' puhl11: ska1in,I( ond hi· MOI year lhat he would cha ll e nt10 Ted
whm:ke,I around a loL But t•ve ry Kenned)· for hi!I seat in the
leve l. 'Tm open for suggestions,"
~ he says.
Sumlu) morninK limm y slrnpped Senate: n rumor which SarMenl
un tlrn purl s. tugged on his Aruin s wan1s lu put a n onrl to.
I IP sap1 thal he _
can'l beut
Jnsey (Numbe r 4 or cou rsel and
J.11:1•d up the skales. HecuusP 11 Kennedy but. more impor1an1ly. " T e d
Ke nn e d y
d oes
tonk him ahnut 45 minut es lo KPI lw thinks Kennerly is doini,c u good home w ork ."
dressed , tw uslHtll\' dirt this nt joh. "Tho dirfcrcnccs. ei the~
o th erwiso . Association is one of lhe mosl
humP If 1hc fl oor; wcire frcshlv phil osophical
wnx,•cl. hi'• hnrl lo lrn hndil)· lw1w1•cn the senaior nci myself 1>0wcrful lobbies in the counlr) .
ca rri ed down to 1ho car. under nn ,1ro nol 1h111 Mrcal In fact there took. we hnve beli er lnws in this
ul tl er hro1h e r's urm II lnokod as 111 ~ nnl he nny . 1 don ·i a~ree wilh state than the others . I am nol sure
thou~h linum \'I/IS u hlad ,m d t•vflr)lhing he docs hut I likf' him . Chai mandal CJry senlenccs for the
)lnld .s111H1•d 1
oy lw:11·. hurstin~ at
~~~r~~;,\ 11 ~ Mp~~~t 1111 f'\vh~~~ possession or hand~uns is the
1hc> SllillllS
Suddt•nh 1h1• hny wa~ a \f'llr comf•~ up for a vntt" in thfl Senate 1>ro11er use of th e law . I would
this \Crtr •·
prefer tu lei the courts decide on a
nldcr. ,11111 no\, hP hnd pul his
l.o~l mM .11 tho problems whi c h c,tse hy case basis."
- • n.1mi> 111 fur .1 lcnin 1n IIH' Squirl
f.10• 1h1• slatr nm\ , he 1hinks 1h,•
SarMcnl is the owner or a sportl.t•,1i,cut· 111• wai,: n111 p1d,r,rl ill the
of lhu Sl'ill-011, 11111 1111 · crux nr 1his \ f.' ar·.s d1?prf'ssion ns mg Moods s tore on Cape Cod in
1l,11inlt>rl , lw ,.unlinuf'd µuin,w to th1• hin,w 1n 1lw orca or juhs ond 1nxcs· lhe town of Or\11ans. The shop clid
nothmJl ,ww fnr the slah • with the sell hand guns for a Joni-! lime. until
·T;ax,HJrnsetts ·
.. \\'f' lh e Massachusclls l.m was llassed
Tlwn , flhout Chr1strn,1:. ltnum
rn11s1 lu• sum no! 111 d1 !slruy the en- u~ainst Salurday ni~hl spf•Cial s. " 'nie mosl powe rful lobby 11 the
n•i .civml n 11hmw·call from n M r
\ 1ronmcn1 in trviri t:.;.n-"""""""'c::...:.::.• -·1_ ___ n_ _ ,_ ll _ 1 em 1 c_c'----m_• r_ _
I in '--· ve c1 n_ ·,
e_ _ ___ r
A _ 1c •_n_R_l_ll__A__•-_ ............_ _J
• • • c11 11o n,"
1ri'1111h " \\'11111,1 ~1111 ilk,• 10 pl,1}
by Bruce McI ntyr e
Former Governor Sargent talked
wilh 1ho Journal aboul some or 1he
i.!l.!lUC:J facing Massnchusclls lhis
)ear and looked hack on some of










P..e I

Suffolk Journal ...,

April I , 1971


its only a cape cod·fai~ _ a l e - - - - - t
by Paul Donovan
for l'vt> heard there lhe moonc us,er lelling his 1lory.
lo the foam o( lhc hi/lows 1h01
rolfod on 1he shorn,
And I Jme,w as he mumbled the

Un a dark windy nighl a
shadowy figure , on top
a sand
c hH overlooking a b.each being
undcd hy whit e-capped ~
r111ses II lantern fastened to the top
uf II pole He scans the Allantic


Old -Cope Cod Custom , describes
1he presenl coast as having
numerous lighl houses and ligh led
huoys. The coasl is illumina ted
wel l lo aid navigating. bu t for
more than half of its civilized lire .
ou ter shore was a dark
dn~crous area .
th e ea rl y 1800'1. the lime of
1h moonc usse·rs. !here wer e on ly
th e light houses on th e Cape:
C hutham Light. Highland Light in
Wellfleel, and Race Poinl l.ight in
Provincetown. Belwee n each li8hl
were dark benches. invisible 10
the navigalor without a moon
overhead. On such .a night a false
liijhl placed by a mooncusset
cou ld fool many !hey were oH
;,n urse. and direct them upon the
sa nd bars
With the howl of , nor.easter ,
and the cruhing h~kers , the
lanlcrn holding fi gure oes1"t hea r
the wood split1i ng er c h
e ntrapp ed vessel on th bar . Jie
doesn ' t see masls breaking~ he
hull splilling open. after being
dropped on 1hc shallow shoals. He
knows it, since he's doae ii before .
Suon he and his amnll ba nd will
get their dories in the waler, a nd
row for the beached ship . Armed
wilh cluh11 and socks filled with
b r icks. to subdue the remaining
crew. the wreckers will lake lhe
valuables of lhe ship and ils ca rgo.




of his glory

coast of Cape Cud He sees his pot
of gold. n sailinM mcr\:hant ship in
th e dnrknmts .
Thi! moonr.11sscr WAS II shore
h1111nd p1r.11t•
I If' npor,ttud on
i\ln mon• ,hull w1• t11 •ur n( his ,J .
n111hts when 1he moon didn ' I
/gollttn fume.
shine Putting ;1 lantHrn on a pule .
For rh1! blood of 1he seamen has
hf' seeks In lurn passing m1.m:hnnts
cried uµ 10 c;od.
lo 1hcir denlh
Lei the shroud of oblivion then
lreacherous sand bars oH 1he
wrap up his nam e.
Cape shore
While his dusl shall he lu:sl m 1he
The Atlantic coas t uf Capo Cod
winds o f Cope Cod
The Mnonc ussen is 50 mi lt•s of cross curre nts. tule
of Cope Cod rips. and sund hal's. Erlwin Valen•
lin e Mitchell. in his hook ll's on
by Henry C. Killerd!{e

an allempt lo locale an owner.
Many houses were built, mouth.
red. homes decora1ed. and nag
salva8ed £rom ships, but not
reported .


:f:~:e th~:;~ ,!:~;~

~ri:c~:;: 10
The men wou ld
with their lunch
largest contai ner
were sewed into


appea r fo wori
or dinner in th-,,
possible . Ppuche-1
jackel linirgll,f At


the end of the day the
wou ld lake home .it the I
coHee they could c~rry.
Kiltredge lells a tale of I e ship
" London ..
that )'lrecke
We llrleet. The cosjgnee·s agents
hired local people to 1al~ ge the
cargo, a nd ship it to Bdsto • to be
sold . At the auction. after the
ship's pork stores wer e told. the
purchasers inspected the boices.
The pork boxes were all filled
with sand and seaweed.
Lincoln in Cope Cod Yesterdays
WTiles about Scrabble Town , tn
the lower part or Chal.hamT It wu
a village or wreckers. all attempting lo be the first at a wreck.
There was
lay minist er
Preaching at a revival ineeting
who was given a note by a young
boy. It was £ram his partnef sayin8
a w reck had been spoiled . The
religioUs wrecker asked e eryone

Then he rhough of lh e friends 1h01
would meet no more



by word of mouth
by Rebecca Pearl
cases. women's righls cases. and
When you think of !he term )(,mora l lit igalion . However' . "fo rt y
.. criminal law yer," the 11n11Ke that lo sixly percent'' of th e cases she
>011rs is malt!, middl1.H 1gcd for handles are c riminal.
oltlcr) : n )(fft)'. pin•striped. th c1••
Silling in her wat erfront office.
pi ece suit , hluck winl(•tip sh es, a hrown-tone rya rLIK and a hang·
shorl hair .. ,
in~ spider planl behind her a nd
llul Nancy Gertnor. ,ld e ns1• al • posters in front of her. Germe r
1orney for Susan Saxe. whose says she is nnl lroubl ~d about
bank robbery trial hegins . this 1!t•fcncling
sprlnK docs 11111 !ii th at lmaije. ShP tlit:ating. " You never know thal for
is a 29•year-uld feminisl who is sur1i ·· for Nnncy Cer1ncr, 1he real
rath er un-conservati\!C looking, question in criminal cuscs is 1101
wearing s lacks.
turtl e neck " the innnc:c•nct• or ~uill of an inswealer. 11nd a shorl•slee\!ed 1hyulual human being:· hut ·'.how
much punishmenf' 1hat person
On Satul'day, April 10th . Gcrtnor will rcc:d\'f• The ohjcc:I is to
will c:o-chair a workshop cn!itlod ••farer th,! ijO\'ernment lo he
"Cri mi r,n l lssnes
Affeclin,,; t:.irc£ul . . when ii intencne in a
Women," from i :tS lo 3: t S 1>-111 pcrsun·s lifo "
T tw workshop is pnrt or ir series
Noneth e less. Gertner rduscs 10
ca lled "Wo men and The 1.nw: clPfend ,u.:t:11secl rnpists bccnusc of
Whal Arc Your Ri~hls? .. spunsorud a conrlicl hrlw,ecn ~er feminism
hv the Mnitsru;huscll!I Women 's and her proh:ss1onahsm " the tac•
i-:4uit) Acliun l.0•1~ur anrl SuHnlk 11 cs \\h1 ch II ddcnsc ouornc) must
Women 's C:aucus. tu be held usu \in rnf1u i.;nscsl are an.1 th enrn
nJJ:j,uffo lk
to rnc :· sho :-.a)S, cilmM ntwch on
)111 four \f'nrs out of Y,ilc ! lht• \"ktim·s prior ch,1stil~ 11ml
School. \omlncl' is a pnrtncr al th1• m,mnN nf dress as ('xnmplcs nf
North End law hrm of Silvcq;1,11e. dcfonsf' tuc:tics which 111uS1 lw
Shap1ro und t:urrncr. whi ch sht• umplo~ ,·d 1n raprd Cfllll'S
hclporl oslahhith h,11 uml unP •hulr
Bm:,1mw of htlr rolt• in lht• wdl ·
)'(Htrs a)(n . I lur prn c t1 cl! uncom• puhliL1 1.1• fl
1,!ru1opluymunl discr1m1nalion

The muoncusser ~I hi s name hy
slrnkin~ his fist at the full moon
hccnuse it foils his deeds. According to ,,rilcrs or the Cape's
lllstor) . Joseph C Lincoln , Hen ry
C Ki1trcd>ec, and Joseph Berger.
1hc monncusser is but a shadow in
ti le>ecnd . They all te ll stor ies nr
muuncussers in each town of 1he
Ca1rn·s A1lantic or back side . The
wreckers, who sought slorm·
caused shi 1 wrecks for salvaije ,
KittrcclKc's book , The Moon·
cussc rs
Cope Cod. says the
wreck'cr i ,, brother to the moonC:UllSCr. who qui e tl y appropriated
the 1mmc. The wrecker has a lso
been ~lnrificd in the folklore of
the Cap•· · Though th e wrecker
docsn·t ha\ ~ lhf' sinister repu1a 1wn of 1he monncussor, he doesn·1
h,1,c nn honcsl rcpulation .
Arlhur Wilson Turnbell in Coµf'
Cod Ahm said 1he rule of 1he
wrnchrs was help yourscH. in
spill• of ttw laws. Thu law stated
.1ny1hmi,: or \'a lue rocu"cred was
to be re1}0rted, and advertised in


lo bow !heir heads ill prayer,
while he slipped out the back
cloor. leaving th e ' rest of the
wreckers praying.
By 1926 lhe wr ecker j~' ned the
mooncusser in the logs o folklo re .
The Cape Cod Ca nal w s opened
a nd no longe r did shi s travel
along the back side . Golqg by way
of the canal a ship woUld avoid
1he tid e rips. sand bar and lhe
The legend ary rlgure raising a
lantern on a dark windy night on
the beach today is a slory for
chamhel' or commerce brochures.
Even 1hough 1ht! historians attempt
to save the Cape's reputation by
saying 1hat the mooncuS1Sers ne\!er
existed , there a re e nou>eh stories
told lo lead one to lhink the re
were mooncusseri. The slretches
of empty beaches and 1he number
or ships feolinM their way along
the coASt were abundant c nou~h
for the mooncusscr tp make a
pro£il . H there was mone)' 10 be
made . .M>moone on !he ¢ape would
do it .

, .... . .. ,.. .....


11.1i,s1•~ ,•11111l1• ~11w nt rl 1J-il..l'llllln, 1t11Jll

Pa1e 10

Suffolk Jo mal

Aprtl t , tt'Tt



Too Many Queens
Spoil the Court
,, n,llurnl enem} What I do llli nd
is nn unnatura l Fri end." ' { and
"W here fig wr jCI our Enlis h
went her?~·rom F.ra nc:e lcaki !ii!"
fa ll dend somewhe re in 1hc
f:Ufllf/U' /flllf'llt:fl " t'~I/ lhi> ~mi,I
urches lrn pit. The son~s are cq al" Rex." 1hc new Ric hard Ro~e°rl'i ly a nim ll lt!d ThP.y use the sarh.e
s lrug)ll es .
lr.c1crl'i , te mpo, 1hP. same!ilr . the same •
slllmh les. th e n fall s cl cucl i.vi1 hou 1 sounds The l6ve son~ "' Awov from
mys tifying. e nl ightcnin8 or rvun Yem ·· co uld have hecn SU(l!( during
\nne Bole,n and
tlllh.: r!nininM, Th e a~1:i.11 )tl s tory is lhe cxccul iun of 1
ahout Kinjt llenry VIII tis lw 1hc audience would ne, c; have
snirfl ~s 1hrot1Mh a Kl ocnex hnx CJf knuwn !hi• 'cHfference
The musical m /oln lar:ks c11 n •
wives lryi ng tu eastJ his nnsul drip
and to Jll-uc ren te a son wh o w ill he 1in11it y S1:unes unfu rl and co ll apse
ii'fto c,1c:h nthc r In one st:ene.
heir 111 l~w En~lish lh rone .
R·od~ rs , a long wilh r.ollah- I l l' ltr) s inMS ,1 love s,m>l ahoul
ora lors Sh e ldon I larnick ancl r\nnc Bnl cy n. and wi h 1011t warni ng
Sh e rm a n Yclloo . a lln c ks lhis ,-,.- the scene c ha nges to th e sentenc•
den t sto ry wilh a nc,._, prnhu . in,I( of Queen Ca the rin e who s ings
allempling 10 mak e ii li~hl. "As Onr.e I Loved You ". a ne,,
Rtus ical and co mi cal. In the firsl rrnclilinn of Rod),!ers' " How do you
sCene of th o sh ow. the cou r t jcst,•r. so lve a· problem lik e Ma na "" fr om
Will So mers (Tum Alclrml~e) an - ''The Sound of Music" , lm fore she
r1ounces the wiilers ' in te nt wh,rn 1 whisked off to th l! co untrv.
hi! ca lls He nry VIII
(Nico l neve r lo be seen a~ni n.
Willlnmsnn) " Harry.. nnd.. tc lls him
The sa me problem or.r. urs in lh e
th at " und e r lh u je we ler! crown (he exor.u lion scene of Anne Bolevn
was) s till a \-\'ea lthy farmer 's son!" which , once again. foll ows a lo~•e
II cou ld he a lot of fun wat ching scene. bul thi 5 lime be lwee n Lad)
the Grcut He nry as a farm e r in Jane Seymour (Ap ril Shawh a n!
king's clothing - bul it "isn' I.
a nd He nry. The e xecu ti on is nc•
Th e humor is hit a nd miss. 1he co mp a ni ed by dirMe-like musi c.
so nM,8
urn luke w nrlll luft ovuu. wa llillK fr om th o r:nn rl p1itler , am t
Lines such as : ''I've nevt?r mind ed 11 let~H hnn-adequa le light show.

by Brent L. Marmo

·riw Kln11 f, 1/yml!'
1,,11111 IIH• rh,• Km.11 '
1'hP Kln11 "d1>,u/t
Lon11 /,,.,,. rhc Km11'




The liming is
r. the ,e motion is responds to King Henry b y sayiq.
ohdouslv htbricaterf ....rAte sce ne, al " I cannot lake on a passenger until
ils hes1 : would have been in- I deliver my cargl·· Will Somer 's
congruous in lhis musical. but as ii
stn nds
t ommu nlca1ed
like ~;;t~:~ e:e~~~- as ~thla:':~=~1 ~:
tells Cardina l
olse)'" (William
Tchai kovsk.y played on a kazoo.
Ahhough the musical spl,lllers Griffi ns) that ''. I bery is a carhen he teh1
and Je rks. Ye ll en's script does dina l s in:· or
off er a few fun mo me nls. When "Harry" that ··tof. many queena
The sprilety
He nry propositions Queen Claude spoil the court.
of France's lady•in•waili ng , Anne • Jester invades many of the
Boley n (Penny Full e r) , th e Qu een . mus icaJ's sce nes. i ut he lacks the
who is r1 I least e igh t monlh! preg- e ne rgy needed to carry the whole
mint . mhtinterprf' ts his off er as h,i- show .
lng di reeled toward he r . She
Sheldon Harni k's lyrics also
have a pleasanl moment or two.
Ac! II begins with !three of Henry·•
childre n , Ellzabelf, Edward. and
singing " Christmas al
ri nit e l) more pressing. Director Ha mpton Court " The Song is
A la'n Pakula a llows that in te nsitv spiced with line11 like "Father
to fl ow . Mnvbe for th e Orst tim~ show me yo u kn~w who I am" :
we IQose n Our dea1hgrip on the "Wha l wou ld life be like if Father
facts~w- se. Suddenly we become shou ld cease 10 ~·elest me ": and
"Christmas would be the best. we
wou ld know, if Fat er would leave
us alo ne:· Unfortu!a1ely the scene
Is flawed by aw ward choreographt and cloddis ·staging.

Just Be Sure You're .Right


by Joanne Torraco
It should have fail ed . The nalion
is s till sour a nd o ur co nfid1mce
cu nlinues lo bleed . Wn1 rga 1c. th e
e pi 1u rne of disaste r, was .h ell ish
e nough whon i i wa s ha ppe nin~ .
hul :u1 n film ii is flS pulcntially
nauseulinJi as the thought of N ix on
in lhc nud e. At le u.!I it should he.
llut ii isn ' I.

"A ll Tho Pres ident's Me n ," now
pla yi ng at lh e So ck C in e ma 57,
trumrted (h u r.y ni cs. Arlmirahly
low- key a nd hlnzingly ironi c. it
mast e rfully dissecls some of lht.•
mec hanics of Wa le rga te . Simp le.
Direct. II sorls out the intri cac ies
of tha l twisted and bill e_ heap of
Ame rican politics , d ra ins lhe sensalionalism. and ull imatel y serves
as 11 .cutharsis for a de pr essed na•
lion .
"All The Presid e nt' s M1rn· ·.
ha sed on lh e . book by Doh
Woodwa rd and Corl Be rnst e in ,
.!llars Robert Redford e ncl Ou s Lln


Carl 8ern11el n (Ou1tl n Hoffman)
dilig e ntl y
Wa le rgat e.

Hoffman as th e Washington Post
re porl ers whose curiosit y, dclermi na tio n, and ne rve sen I ' 1he Nixon ndministrotion packin,it. Yel lit•
1l e cl ifl 1hey know thal w hat
sla riecl as o minor buqila ry would
lwo years la ter erupt into a
n a li onal identit y c risi s.
On Jun e 17. 1972, five men we re
a rre.<1ted as 1hey hroke in10
Oe moc ra lic Nalio nnl Committee
headquarters in the \Vn leq~a te
huilding. Woodwa rd c.:overecl lhe
a nd se nsed diSc r epa nc ies . As his r e porls heJian to
shape inl o so me thing mor e than
rouline. Be rn slein began to hou nd
In on th e nction . Woodwarrl a nd
Be rnslein we re hun~ry. With little
more th an 1hnl and a gnawi ng
se nse of righteousness on their
s id e. lh t•y proceeded lo fight and
d odg1? li es, de nials a nd editorjal
restrnints .
" Ju s l l,e s ure yo u' re rill,ht :·
be ll owed Pos l Excc.:ulive Edit or
Ren Bradlee (Jason Roba rds}, os
Wooclw fml Rnrl 8 1?rn s1c in fin nll v
os.!le mhl crt the pieces 1h01 im-plicated nol onl y lh c C.J.A . hut all
U.S. ln le lli~e nce in 1he cove r-up.
Thuugh a l limes he..\rllcss nnd
irrcvcrenl In th ei r in\'es tij(A li on ,
they la pped eve r~ possible sou rce
fr om
Thron1 "
llulbroo k)
f n~ht on<'d , confuse d hoo kk ecper
(J ane Alcxnnd e r l. Th e h,111h•
il).!ains l Thn Covcr-11µ e nd ed nn l~
after months of tl c11dt•nds and
a lnrmin~ threa ts.
The story is p11in f11ll y f:tmil inr ,
hul when vifm ed from 1lrn nn~lc
of II ncwspapf!r rnporlcr the
r hymo a nd renso n he,:o mcs 111 -

Cati Be rn1teln (Ou,Un Hoffman)
and Bob Woodward (Robert Red·
ford) uncover the cover-up In "All
lhe Pre1l de nt'1 Men ."
a nxi ous to know th e why a nd how
of th is fiasco - and the suspe ns e
is unmistn knbl e
Ali The's Men is a
pol iti ca ll y,
hi s to ri ca ll y.
a nd
cmotid na ll y explosive s tory. For•
tuna1e ly. Pakula had th e malurit y
lo keep the sto ry si mpl e, cl ea r of
c1u u er rmd cle1 l. The acli ng. sco r•
in((. and camera work fall subse r\-ienl lo 1he plot II is a lmost with
tun ne l visio n on plot thM Pakula
roun ds 0 11 1 lhe ot her clemenls of
l11s film . lh e rc~ult wi ll en du re as
a formidable J
)erspective on a
slnppr piece of historr
J\ ~c, element in 1h1• film is
his1nnc31 pc: rs pcctive It draws
n•,:0ll1•c1tons sharp ly and vivid ly.
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Throughout lhe whole musica l.
1he r e is bul one rea w here !he
cho reogr aphy by qanle Krupska is
outstanding. In t_hj! same Christ•
mas scene me nticmed above, six
sword dancers Pfrform for lhe
pleasure or the king and th e
a udi e nce . Th e d ~nce is precise
a nd jubil a nt , the d~ ncers crisp and
radia ting. This to b ri e f showing
of e xcite ment c uld be used
throughout th e whf le show.
Nicol Williamsor as Henry is
not rega l enough to be reared nor
s low e nough to be comical: he·s
caughl somewhere in a vast
s trea m of mediocrily. Penn y Fuller
Anne Boleyn
lacks th e
c hnra cler needed to meril the ,
"a lso starring" which appe ars on
the marquee. tady Jane Seymour ,
plnyed by April Shawhon. is Cu te
but s uperfici al. Her c harac1 is
summed up by one or her lines:
"Aft e r I was born . I had fi ve
brolhers, a ll boys."
Pu1 all these ingredi en ts into
Wizard Ca mu s's pol. add a few
words of ma~ic plu.!1 a " hosann a,
hosan na, hosa nna ." a nd you co me
up with a diluted luk ewa rm
musical So drink it a nd repent
three limes. " Rex is dead! 1.ons
li ve the Rex!"



April I, 1976

S uffolk Joum a l

P•ae 11


Her Past, Present and Heart
, b y S usa n Be la n d
1 '' J11d)(1' tc•ndcrly--ur Me " r:nuh
D1d.111-.nn asked of lh e world Th,i'1
rPq11f's~ 1s henrci al(nin. 1h rouJ(h n
\ ' l\',11: rnus
suln porform11n c1 of
~ll~s J11hf• 1larns. an ,1 n ew pla>
h> Wll liJ rn l. uu!, '"Thf' Dnlll' of
Am l111rs1." nuw rla>·m.: at thP
Coluninl Thm11re lhruu~h Apnl
l i lh .
Tlw piny is the s11r:cessf11I d1roc..:111ria l d,•lm1 of aw.ird wi nn in,1,1 nr:lur Clrnrlf's /\:,•Ison Reill~ The
Bnllc nf Amhl' rs l is II funn v. rno\'1n)(. and ins1~h1ful ,wlimpsf>· 111 1tw

: I~{;i i::;~:iEi
1d 1mlcrtninin,w


Miss llit:kin -


<E,rom lhe lim . Emily walks out
un~)o the SIH~ff nnd offers t1!t u

n•1.11H· for lmm1•-nrnrlf• hlnr.k ca ke .
foci -like welcomed gue'sts
,dill\\ed a rnn• vis 11 w11h fine ceplrnn,1,I, uxnlll'ranl \-\,Oman ....
A'i Emily. now 50 )Ca rs o ld
whf'n lhf• artinn occurs, add resses
Thi' audh•nr:e. s h r nvr.rr:omes her
inilial shy nei;s with strange rs a nd
sp1•,1ks of hur past. her poelr)' and
her,. henrl
From !hi• 1.-hurm,in~ livi)lg room
sl.i~c. Em1h conf'7hses. "Words are
Ill) hfr> " Ir ,, lh c word s, 1h1• 111l1•rwm•1.m poclr) of Emily 01ck insnn in "Tlw a,,JI,~ 11f Arnhersl."
Iha! J,?i\'f'S the drJmd 1lit mtensih
and n c hnPss
Em1 h r1•minisu:s nnd shArc·,
\\ 11h us recall<id 1hrm~hts and
dreams S lw comicnlh imitates ,I
t,11rlhootl ll•adwr . .t"n ,1;1slcrc fa1h er
,md tl111c;1• ~O"ISIJ)) neiMhhors who
c.1llf'd lwr 'Th•• \\Oman in wh,11• ·
She rd1\'1•o; f,111!As1cs and despair-

1nt,1 moments of ar11s1i r. fr11s1ra1ion ,
And ycl. Emily knows she is a
t,1oucl poc l nnd desires 1mmor1alily.
Jhne ar1• lenrltff moments w h e n
she spPaks nf 1he dealh o f her
falhPr , ,1 u•li~ion she keeps al
horn,: ancl thf" excpnsll e ness o f lovlll)( someone tn a bodylcss way.
.. The Bell e of Amherst " d ispe ls
¥-'me uf thf• notorious reputa tion
(lf Emil) Dickinson . who was
1.u11t,1h l tu lie an ecct> ntric. roma nrer:lusP Frum Miss Harns' por1111~ ,11 t1nd lhc ,r.ripl ilself. it
Sf'f'lllS rather thAI s h e was a
\\nmJn in1imaiely close to her •
L1mil) .rncl cir.voled to her a rl.
Emil) · Dickinson
h lirved
pararhse 1s no 1nurney hcc..:ause ii
1s w11hin
Thim• arf' ma-ny ot her in!l ightfu l
Amherst" In this. th e Bicenle nnia l
yPar w hen we ,,re re-discove ring




Julie Harri• portra)'I America '•
famou1 poetn 1 Emil y Olcld nton lo
" The Belle of n t ."
America. we sh o uld re-discove r
1he ge n ius or Emily Dickinson In a
fine drama , "''Phe Belle or Amherst ," at the Colonial Theatre .


Two, Four, Six, Eight, Who Do We Appreciate?
b y Brian Wa lk e r
On,i t"rtmc nsiu n of hrc 1s lh ,11 11
is u c hn llen)(e In lhnst! llvin,w 11
Fur th e mos! llR rl iii · a scru~s or
drnllcnges from childhoncl lo old
nt,tc Limilatlons (phy11ical, mnolrnnal, o r psycholo,wicalJ Kenera11)
seH-induced or as a prorlucl of
i.: ht1rac:1t,r. c rea te !he m mplux1 lies 1hn1 o fl en lead lo emotional
pea ks a nd con fr o ntali on of the
c hallt>n~c .
Mo r ris
~1allh,111) n•,11 h, ..;; ,,n 1•11111hun,d
pt•,1k 111 Tht· Rud NPw,; H1•<ns . no\,
pl.1 y111~ 11 1 Sm:I,, Cin1•m,1 :;;, 1ha1
;h,1r;1ch•ri11•, the su k, losl. ,ind
1h,\.irh'd thrnkin,w or sonw s,m,ll01
h,1sclmll lc,t~LH! nHtn,l),ICr'i A l ,I
1.n111,t! po1111 111 tht• £11111I. , h,11n
pwnsh1p ,w,1111t• j,ift.,, hrin,1,:111),1 ,1
h11nd1 c foul-mu111h,•d. 1n1. urnp,• ,r
11 •111 h.illpl,1) 1•ri-: 1hruu~h ., d1-.upl11wd ..,,.,1-.nn lh,11 ,dim'°' !lwm
lo <:Hplurt• i,.1•c.f){H I plav• 111 the
~ntlh V,1\1,,, l.1•,t)! trnJ ht•,
;m1• pl.1y1 1 t intn lilt' dn.,:0111 ,111 d
s1·r ,•1•r:h ,•s In lht• pl,,>l'r~ . " l)u11 I
you wnnl tu win l" Thi• pl,t ) l't!'I
simp l ) sla rr in fli,.h1•1!1•r 1hsc:our,1,l(f'lllPTI I, nr \\Uh ~om,• oth1 1 r
unkmn, 11 l.rHJ\\ Im!~,· 1h,11 1nl1s
But1,·rmak1•1 h,wk lu n1,1li1, ,tnrl
1h" n•s l o f 1111: ji!,1111 c 1s n rcv·,•,1l111t,1
clcnnu1•11wnt w h1 rh sho\u, hop,· f n r
Hu11,•rm11k1ir an d his 11•1 fin lh l'
c hall,•11~,·. " Wail fill nrxl )car")
,11111 p11 y fur 1he ullmr hmm Ith,•
1:h11mpi on Yn n k1:es) ii ncl mana~er.
R O)' Turner (\li e t-.lnrrm\l, who
nr1• hlind ccl hy their nhsc.c;sion to
wi n us if winninli! w11rf' 1
•vcq·1hin ~.
T Iii' obsessio n u f win n111M Is 1101
11 new 11im1, nor is 1lw comm cn l on
ohsosswl sttnd lot m nn11Hf'rs : h ul
o hscss ion is ex pl ored 1hrou.ih nulsidc f111..1u rs that ind1rcctl v i:umro l
1hc mo liv o li o ns o r 1hc ·uh.sussed
ond. d es pit e some needed clcp1h. 11
is o n f'nterlainin~ rx11lora1ion - in
for.I ii Is humornut EJill l. un cos le r .
scrco nw rile r nn<l son of aclor Bu rt tn. nppronclws lh n slur)
with lhf> e XJ)l' ri e n ce o f n sa ndl ot
hollplnycr. f'nilur e to croa lo rl c plh
-i n llwsc oulsirle f.:u:turs hr ind icallw· of the nnrrnw view of n
you nt,1 JH1rlicipo1111 a nri 1. ant.:d!lh•r is
suc1.:cssful in this a ll cm pl.
• 1s- nut n uomp lmi: slur> .
Evnyll1111~ 1s s 1iell nt 11111 in 1
o f 1hc
im mcdin111 acliun
bulld111.,: 11 co nt c ncfor 11ut of a INtm
o r illl;o mpeten1 lmllpla)t!rs t-.losl

of 1hc nct um 1s pe rpt•1uu1ed hy
.hal\cnt,1rs o f nnc sort or a no1her
The IO\\ n 1u venilt: df>li nq11cn1. Kc! I> l.eak flac kio Enrlc ll,1le~J 1s
1..hallrn~ed in iur hock,•> Ii) Amandi! (Tnlum O 'Nen l ) in
nn allempl to mnkc !um 1mn 1tw
team if h e should lose. IJ111tcrrn11kn challcn,wcs Ama nd.i In p11ch
fur lhf• BP ars fhm rni,i lau,wht lwr
hnw to p11 i:h and, we c:,1 n a~sumf' ,
1hr..m, 1h,· hull as she dn1ms hN
I urn· h,1II hn•,tks two ,11ul ..i half
lt11111•1111 ,1J.., •1
h,m .. .,Jf ,.,
r.h,1llf'n,wt•1l a:, Turner resar1s 111
rnn..:h pl.1, wh1•n ,1 p l1t\1•r .. 111\t•-.
h,1rd min l\m,inda ', 1;h1•,;1
lor-. ,It•' nnl 1•xplnn~d 111 d1•p1h \\ I'
,tn' lt•fl \\llh ,1 rl1•<11r<• 111 .., ..... 11111r,•
,11 In h,1\ f' e,, 1 r11tin ,1,,11nwrl m.1:11rr.in1 ,•~ t•xpl,1111,•tl 1
:1rs1 uf .di
llull,·rm,1~1•r holdh pl.1c1•-. ,1 ,.rtrl
p11rh,·r on hi~ ,1II It," ., h•,rnl, hu t
l. ,1111.,1..,ll't f,iil:, 10 mdi1:,1tf' th,11. 111
m11tl1·rn 1111ws. 1h1s ic; ,, 1.u n tro,, •r

Tatum O'Nea l pl ay, lh e fi rs t
pll ch e r wal ling to fill out a 1r, inlng b r a In " The Bad New s Bean."
~m l. 1ho11)Ch prot,tr essivf' 1ss1u• .
None uf thf• pla yers even qunslton
hrr pus11ion . On th e one h nnd . This
refusa l lo acknowlerhzo 1he i:onlTfl\'CrS)' shows 1wnsibili 1y in kcopini,: lo 1lw i:nain issue, while, on
tlH' other 11 s h ows u rC' luciancc 10
exwnd 1h11 lh cmf• II is trna lcd <15
H ii ii; 11u11ti n,11urnl lo hn vf" n M'rl
o n a su nd lot hasehnll 1enm, ns•
podall) sim:r 1hr hoys , oth~r thon
Kull) I.oak, c,111·1 play ve ry w1•1l
Another foilurn in d cvelnp mrrn l
1s 1h11 shadowy knowlodtw which
h,lll,l(S u\'cr Uu ll o rm akcr that he
u nr:c lovurl Amn nrla 's mother a ncl
slill m1,1,:h1. 1hu11J( h he is rt'iut.1 1
10 murr) for some unrevf"aled

reaso n This _past helps 10 ,MIYe
c;umf' depth
to Buttetl'halter '!I
drnracle r without distorting the
1mJJUr!Jnce of hjs role as manager.
liul ii 1s an 11nr-t'ahslJtC past. jusl as
the unc..:n nvrn cinM 1a le 8u1termaker
1rlls o f pi1 chin~ to and sl nkinij oul
Teri Wilhams in Spring training.
Tlrn v1,• wcr 1s forced to believe
1Ju1tc nm1ker when he crue ll y says
tn Amand,1 . " Wh)• do you lhink I
w,1111•1\ twn yt>urs 10 look you up?"' ,
ht•c,1111'0 w,· an• n,•,cr told wh, hr
,,.,11·1 i11,1rn h,·r muthcr
Tl1P.rt! 1s nc\Hr an) dd1111le
rt',l'lflO for C:n11netlm.1n Whitr.-

wood'!I illegal pay ments to Bullermaker for rnanaging !he team.
There are, instead, unclaimed
possibilities or prestige and the
image golle n from form.in3 a sandlo! team (which he will turn into
vo les al e lection time) and 1he
determination to place his so n
Tob y (Davi d Stambaugh) o n a less
compelilive team. Slill. we are nol
told /or certain and thus the
"b ribe ry·· is rendered meaningless, except as a s tale menl th al it
couJd and doos h a ppen .
Bas1callv. all the outside factors
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W ~at Funny People
hy Bob Carr
Afh •r ,I run

\ t• ,1r,

ur 111on•

,., h,· Kiili,!


th,1n fiVi'

I IPMIS " l'i

l••,t\ HI~
lhf• c,~ntral
C!in ,•m,1 on T11,~sd,H I \\Ot lld urjif'
1h,i-.•• \,ho h,1\.,. ht•tm ,m•Jh1ni;r 111
)!II ,11111 p11 11t 111.! ii uff not It> mh,._
1h1, 11ppnr l111H I} . 11 m1ji!ht be f.. lon,.;
11m1 lll'fnn• 1h1~ d,•h)lht ful r:omed~
n•lurn, lu lht• Ous lon arf',1
Th,• Mm , -.t,1rr111,.r AIJn Bali's.
,md c;,•ne•\ i,•vr· IJujold roncNns
rnnd,w~s It 1s <;Pl 111 Franc.c 10,\ard
1h,· end of 1h1• Firs! World War
:rh,· n•ln•,1tin,w G..rm,1n arm) has
w1n·d ,1 .sm,tll town 10 exp lode a l
mulm,1thl 111st ,1fter the Br111sh ocr.11 p~ 11 1\ Scollish siJ,l'.na lm an
fH,11csl 1!1 s,m1 tu make r:o nt ac1
\\ 1th local p,1r11sans, locate a
l1loi:khous1• wherr the e:<plosiw~s
.ire kep i and d1snrm them . H e
fmds lhe town dcser1 ac:I except for
the 1nma 1cs nf 1he lunatic osylu m ,
who havl' cscflped in the con(usion
The lun,,lics ,ire gen tl e sou ls.
wa nderinJ( through town. livinJ(
0 111 1heir fdntasif'S . In lhe c m1>1y
churr:hes , houses and s hops, they
m1ch fintl the 1hinMS 1hey require
10 mah 1hcir fan tasies rent. They
beco me
bishops, whores.
h,1rhors dnd a lhl etes th ey have
alwavs !won in their own minds
B,1i1!S, co nfused and sca red,
finds himself rleclarecl their kinji! ,
" I'm the kin,1,1 of the fools!" hP
shnuls al on(' point Grad uall y. h e
1: 01111•~ lo Sl't' that 1hose people are
n u modeler thn n lh e two warring
,mnics s truKJ,1linM over 1he lawn .
he heJ,?ins lo feel a kinship with

lhem Jnd fall s tn love with one of
them (Bujolcll.
~lidwa) throug h the ,film. Bates
finds 1hat he is no longer perform inM a mili lary du!) He wants
to find the homb to save lh ese
pt•ople who have become his
fri ends.
Mad as they Jrc. the inmales at
least have a di rection . a sense or
purpose , something 1hat neither o r
lhc u rmies o r th ei r individual
members seem to possess. Three
soldiers a re picked lo locale Bates
and rush o ff witho ut wailing for
instruclions. "Where the devil do
you think )'Ou're going'" dem a n ds
their com mand er. " Q idea. si r !"
they answer in unison . Bujold on
!he o th er h and. s lat es thal she
would like lo meet a m a n and explains th a t working in a bro thel
would Mive h e r a better chan ce: a
simple a nswe r , a trifle mad , but
no madd e r !hon warfare.
The mad people in the film can
see more clearly than the "sane"
peopl e who surround lh e m. Wh e n
the British enter th e · town and
Bates rejoi ns hi s unil. telling Bujold 1h01 he will relurn from lhe
w a r cove re d wilh medals. a childlike look o f pain crosses h er fa ce
She knows that this is a bad thing
for him and it destroys her se reni ty The lnmates . after wllnessing a
disaslrous baule . are ofrended.
" What funn y ,,cople ." Bujold
remarks in wonder . The) rclu rn to
1he aS)' h1m and lock th e Jii!Bte. T he)
wanted the world In be loevel y
anrl for awhile ii was . Then !hey
so dly wen I " home."



11\l. OIIIIJ l'l i'll f

IMlflll,1 ) ••1-.

,~I"" '

April I, 1171

Surfollc Jouroll

Page 12

.. . two

.. . just


Conlinued from Page 10
Pnkul n douhles the 1mporlAm:1 ur
::fov'i ,:~n v~:~ 1



;:!~~,:~t /~~~~~; :~r, k~1::~


seconds lo rl.ish ha ci ancl sudden-

Th.ii 11ltml s1mpl~, slated 1 detcrs
~I0 ~

~~npt~r~:~~; c~~k~a;fe!:~~;·

-0f dctrrmin-.11ion H e Ni exci.tnhle .,.
pushr, a nti nf'arlv un a llrachvc in

ly ii becomes tw1cr as itnporlnnl ~~lw:~'k:~:~~;~n,~;sBohA~:,~'~,:lr~
that th e_ repo rt e rs suc~ced It I n ,,urr,;
morr- confidcnl
l1ecu mm1 1mpurlnnl fnr their pcac:1• ,15 1 ls nf dc lc rmimition li e ts
ur mind us well as our ow n
\.~oodword a nd 8Prns1Pm neve r .,. wtlhdrnwn . pa11cn1. and cn lci
deep . dcvclo potl lnt m)lh TokRcU'\l! r 1he4 make the r
churnc lurs in th e film . Perh a ps ow n rPa s .
thi s is rtnothc r fa cet of P,ikula
A.II Tht• Prtmdrn!'s Men ncv r
1unnc l vision on plot . but .1i:lon fie s
1xon 's re!'l1 )ln .11111n !rt.
whal eYer 1he reason. ii needs lilll e r,1c1. !t<IVt' ror 1sT1 la1Pd snatches of
ra1i unal lz.11ion . Redford a nd I to rr- Nixo n on v1dcot,1pe. then> is virman mirrnr an ideal ns muGh as tun ll y 1111 nrnnli on of his lnvolvclh1!~ portra y rnal pt•ople. Timi
nwnt Still 1he 1ronv is ove riclt•n l mnlivated . unil£'d. ,rnd drove
wtu~lm111HI ) ple,1san1 :_ plcairn nt
Woodwnrd and Be rnsluin 10 fanw
for m n sio~lc hlow A ll Tht>


Bob Woodwar d (Robert Redford}
chases down clues aJter dark In
lhe Watergate case.
Preside nt's Men si muhaneo usly
stabs al the villai ns as ii soo thes
lhe sor es of any victim.a . .-

:JGreat Charm and Little Moral Fibr,e
by Ba rbara Ochs '
\Vfl should hope that l.111,1 \ \ 'Pr! ·
mulln will not listen 10 ,1II th,11 1.,
Sa in"' ahou l



W t•

would wh,h 11ml she \\ill nol
helieve prnisc. ·not bHcuusP h,• r
la1os1 film isn't n m11
s1.-rpircP . hut
hr-cnuso W f' would \\illll her 111
make anulhcr.
S1•\'1•n H,.c,u11es. no" phn 111)( a l
1he Ex1•IPr SI. Th etilr e. is set in
Cc rrn nnv and Itnlv rl11rinM WW II.
The till e re re rs · lo th e main
c harn cto r. a Ncapolllan of grc ot
charm and littl e moral fib er. Wvrlmull r r nnd Ginn r.11rln Giannini.
w h o pln)8 Pn111p111lf' $t.,v1•n
Bn1111irl'I . have cr rattld a r.harl'I Cll'r
1h11t r.u n1a111s lhfl' hcs1 of th"
classica l huffoon . 1hc hrn~art, !he




N- t.11a..i

eo....-, Grad

Enroll now lor 8prin9


Conllnued from Pase 1 t
a re staleme nt s In th e mselves end
ada 10 1he main th e me. The sa me
e ff ect 1!'1 cap tured in some of the
camera work . like 1he conlrol')I&•
lion be1ween Bullermaker and
Turner. The viewer sees Turner
through chain link fencing and is
. Jed to believe thal . despite their
res pec tive obsessions, they are
reall y on opposile sides of the
ferice in point of view . •
Bull e rmake r is a beer drinking
bachelor who began managinr
because of the money pr ombed by
Whilewood. but ends up ~Heving
the real purpooe ol aand)lit ball is
10 teach the players th~ value of
playing , not just winning, for this
reason , he , sends in his worsl
players lo finish the game.
Turner is a fiercel y obsessed
manager whose~ famil y life is only
hin1ed at when his son Joey (Bran-·
don C ruz) ·leaves the ball park
a ft er holding ontO the ball , allowing fat Engelberg (Gary Lee
CavaRnaro) lo score an in-the-park
home run . At this poinl, Mn.
Turner ca lls her hus band a " son
of a bitch: ·
When Yankees win, Turner
leads the cheer. "Two, four , six,
eight. Who do we appreciate? The
Bea rs." II is a fine comment on the
patho., of his obsesslon · wlth wlnninK.
The rllm Issues a challenge to
the viewer. to laugh and understand. Much like Buttermaker,
ytho ironically clean.a dirty poofs
for a living. we are asked lo clean
the "dirty pool .. thal goes on in
sand lot bell end to perpetuate the
real IJC)als of lJ>Orta; ii is up lo ta.
lo decide.

1prn lino ·s world L r a r 1hey an expression or hPr
se,ua li1 y?_ .
Earlie r in th
!ii~ Seven
Uedulies· wavward 1tftd..; micldleajZccl sisler. \~etmnM th'e colors of
the Italian flo1~ . cawJtled befo re an
auclurnce of ,frah-a,ze yo uths.
Pasquale crn elly drallged her
before a mirror lo show her how
mhculous sht• was. Yet lhroughOut
his rHJ(C. he spoke hi s obscenities
a nd threats 10 his own image in
the mirro r. In 1he rape scene 1here
1s no 11uc h devi ce . 11 is lhe on ly act11m
mot1va1ed by the
c harar.1 er·s pathelic posru re. a nd it
~1,11uli; out.
Throughout lhe
scen'u or a
greenish-Mray Germa ny a re conlrnsted wilh rl ashbaclcs to a flesh y.
s un-w a rmed l1 a l)'· All !he scenes
have some elem e nt of brutality in
lhf'm : > we do not feel the hill
impacl or 1he film 's .horror until
his degradation has its ru11 effe c1
mal. "
It is dirficu>tt In knnw what Is on Pasqual e Seven Beou ties.
Pasqua le has begun his journey
Werlmuller's int e nti on here Are
lhese scenes n comme nl on Pas- lo n German wo rkhouse for war
prboneu by murQeririM the man
who mode a whore of his oldest
sister , one ol seven . !fhlse seven
"beauties .. a re passing marriagea ble age, and Pasquale see[Qs to
s pend his time defendins their
honor and his family 's "respect"
when he is no! out ,pinching a nd
posturi ng for olher- women. As a
buffoon , Seven Beauties Is, ofco une, caught and tried for
The court room scene is the
c ulminntion
Wertmuller 's
tec hniqu e that uses frequent closeups of Giannini's face and inl e rcuts them with close-ups or others
1 make a rapid , silent a nd co m0
ple1 e ly underslandab le dial ogue of
facial expression . The full human
body is shown onl y when
necessary lo 1he action . II is lo
Cianca rl o Giannini's credil. and
Wertmuller 's, 1ha1 the screen is .so
oft en limited lo the human face
withou t 1he awareness of technit,1uc intruding upon what is
What hnpp~ns is that Seven
Beauties is moved fr om prison to
mental hospital to prison and then
int o th e Italian army. to fight a Jos i
wa r. A deserter , he is CR J>
a ncl imprisoned by the Ge rm ans
and hecomes ii whore worse than
an~ of hi s sislen, selling hi s
hum11nity ror su r\a ivnl.
If lhf' s killful unfolding of the
1ragt:id\ of this pa theti c clown 's

11npos1m ,1111 1 lh, • unwillm)l hull of
Th,• film full ow!'I Sc\ f'n ll eautws
thrnu)Zh his dP~r,1cla1 1
on h~ \-\ i:lr
,inti misfurttml' from sill~ . po!'l llir•
mg rn nwntic In ,1 mun who liv es to
survh e . Pasqualin o is ii te rri hly
se ri ous foul in a world of )lrD·
tesques II is Wc rtm u ll e r ·s jlenius
1ha 1 we laugh a l him in spite of
oursclvel'I , when our co nscie nce
says we l'lhou ld turn a way
\.\lorlmull e r a)(a1n has inr.luded ,1
rape in he r film Pasqualino unloads his fruslralion and a nger at
111 s sis lcr's im morality upon a
lll,llh<\1111Htll hound ha nd unit root
in a heel. with tape oVe r he r mou th
so ,oho \<\lm ' t bile he r allackc r, who
sc reom s as he assau ll s he r.
"s tup id. filth y whore! " That sce ne
is follnwed immertlalely hr o ne in .
w hic:h n doci le woman docl or te lls
Seven Bcn uli cs 1ha1 he is " nor-



life is not enouah, if lhe Jou of
humanit y in a grolesque " seduction" scene with Amazonian
Shirley Stoler is no! enough. if the
in congruous humor of Seven
Bea uti es' unique morality i1 nol
e nough , we may ye t find a
message in what Wertmuller has
wrillen . Her Him says: beware of
those who ~eek ord e r . for they will
bring disorder and chaos .

Public d arden Re alty
lxacon Hill S1uJK» s1-,s

I BcJroom SlbS
? BcJroorn SIQO •

121 1 Chari~ St ..



Suffolk University's



Thursday, Ap ril 15, 1976
10:00 am • 12:00 noon
12:30 pm • 3: ◄5 pm
All students, faculty, & staff
Walk-in donors welcome

Sign up in advance with

Alpha Phi Omega in R-13


Suffolk Journal

April 9, 1976

l-------,-.-------spot1S- - I\


j' l

Phil Tarallo-Rams
Dedicated Leader

ot spikes. Phil Tarallo will indeed
by Tony Ferullo
Phil Tarallo knows he wil1 never make purp<>Rful things happen
become a baseball hero in Massa- '-"ilhin the confine, of a baseball
chusells because he has never field . It is specll]cally hi, job to
handle his tough third base posiseen 1he writin~ on the wall.
Lillie kids with floppy hair and tion with Brooks Robin1on
droopy sock., don ..l painJ his name proficiency , make 1ure hi• teamo n th e handball courts. play- mates are kepi on their toes et all
ground walls. or backstops of his time•. and. most lmpo'rtan9t. set a
native Hyde Park ci ty. II would be bonafide example which the
shocking for
most younger players on lhe club can
worshipers or "Our National Past- follow and relate lo.
.. Phil is a real gut1y ballplayer,'·
llm e" 10 walk down 1he street and
view so mething like , ·· Man, l saw declared Rams head coach Tom
Phil Tarallo today hit three home Walsh. "He iJ: an excellent comruns . four triples, two doubles a nd petitor. and a.ffne young man both
a single ,'' labeled across the side- on and off the field. rh.ave the utwalk or scribble.d on a telephone most confidence thal he can fulfill
the role of captain on this team.
They don 'I p int his name He is. liked and respected very
because Phil Tar lo i not !heir well by everyone.''
After a relatively aoltd highlink wilh the dla~nd
orld or
fam e. 1he man wtl
a I the school career at Boaton Tech (his
phenom crede ntials or the person junior year Re made All-City) , Phil
th ey·d most like to be. Instead , entered Suffolk beca\lle, " it was
th ey follow ·1he dudes with lhe close to home and I felt you could ·
pulsating nicknames. Peopl e like learn more in a small school by
Rooster, Looie, Vaz. Boomer, receiving more allenUon." So. in
Pudge , and Toy Cannon. Playen the Spring of '73, the hard-nosed
who possess a brlllianl stroke or Italian wenl oul for the ballclub
for the fir11 time as a promising
Phil Tarallo, captain of the Suffolk Unlvenily baseball team heralded simplicily and flash .
dc mon1trat e1 ht, ba1tln1 1tyle .
Phil Taral1o is the 6-fool-7-inch , and hopins freshman candidate.
150-pound captain for the 1976 edi- Oftly a strange thins happened .
tion or th e Suffolk U ni versity Phil was cut from the squad.
'"Oh sure. l was 1urpriaed,"
baseba ll
team , Now.
truthfull y " peaking. the game noted Tarallo, a dean'• lisl 1tudent
majoring in accounting. "I felt I
mea ns a great d al more lo Phil
was just as good 81 or even better
day fr om 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 10 than hitti ng a baseball high
than ,ome of the playen that were
The Council of Pre!lident is e pla y chess.
e nough 10 clear the Prudential
Selected. But it didn't let me down
hody co mpo!led of representatives
The Suffo lk Chess Club sponsors building, malcins a circus catch In
all that much. Coach (Walsh) told
rocog ni zod
s tud enl eve nts such as a simultaneous foul territory, sliding inlo second
me he had to keep those players
organi1.11tions of Suffolk Universi- chess exhibition and fiv e minute · base with one hand tied behind
ty. 11!1 prime funcllon is lo ensure chess tournam ents. Unlike mos t his back, and shoolins his mouth' because they were 1eniors and
had expe rience . He alto told me to
co mmunicalions wilh organizations, members have no orf in Muhammad Ali rashion .
come out for the team the follow respect to programs ond activilies obligations, alt arrange ments ore
For Philip Joseph Tarallo, the
ins year. That made me fee l pretty
sponsored by Counci l members. handled by a Board. The Suffolk sport of baseball Is a way of \ire.
The purpose -of 1his a nd futur e ar- Chess Club has no office hours but "ft really means a lot 10 me ," ex- good ."
M a sophomore, Phil played
ticle!! is lo inform 1hc universi ty mt.?ssages ca n be left in the Chess plained lhe 21-vear-old , senior. "I
every game for the Rams in center
co mmunit y of exisling studenl Club box in th e S1udent Ac1iviti es have been playing the game since
field . Last season he was moved
organizations. their purposes and Office or hy conmctlng either I was eight . I've been"- pa.rticipanl
over to 'his natural bot coi;ner spot
their activities , ir\ ordel' lo Larr}' Sol e, Steve Zezima or Vince In Lillle League. Babe Ruth , CYO,
and hit .285. " II I had a choice. I'd
stimulate interest and parlicipa- Douce tte.
and Park League ball all the way
i nfield ,"
lion . T}le Coum:il of Presidents
up th e line. Baseball is a greal
proclaimed Phil. whose number
urges all studenls to lake advanGAMMA SIGMA SIGMA
game . II really is."
one pro idol it Joe DiMaggio. " l
tage of the informalion p resenled
Although he ma y not be the
Gamma Sigma Sigma is a
here and 10 become involved.
nalional service sorority which mosl ph ysica ll y 1alented or thrill - guess that's becauH there is more
Continued on Pase 15
partici1>ales, in proj ects to raise ing person to ever lace up a pair
The Beaco n Yearbook, has a man e)' for various charilies. Some
highly dedicated and molivatcd of the eve nts which have been - - - •"TM F~nduat ahop in town."--are
bake SBles,
staff 1his year. However. a good sponsored
majorll}' of tho staff are seniors wolkathons. Thanksgiving boxes
for the Salvation Arm y and ii
and we a re on a crusade for underclassmen . Although
the Mont e Carlo Nile . The sorority is
semester is nearing an end, our located in RL•7 and allhough orfi ce hours vary , we are usuall y
work is just heginninx.
We havo a fall book hero at Suf- open from 9 :00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
folk. which means th at the major- The ad\•iser is Pam Strasen of the
ilv of our work is done in th e Student Activities OHice. Those
sPring. There are man y aspects of inte resled in joining co nta cl
co mpllinM a yearbook, includinM either Joni Foley , p resident. Linda
layout des ign and pholography. So And erson, service vice-president ,
co nsid e r the Bea con Yearbook: a or Mary Griffin. pledge\ moth er.
cluh where y<f\1 ca n pick your own
hours , loctrn some lhing new, and
The lli slory Society is an
make n rew friends. we ·re in RL-9 orJe11nizution whose aims ore lo enSale•, Repain on All
... co me In any time .
courage th e exchanMe of ideas and
Open 7 daya, 8 am -·9 pm
the Mrowth ur socla bilit~• a mong
hisl oq ~tud(tllts . to de velop acThf' Suffolk Chess Club is an
tivi1tcs of hist ori ca l in1 eres1 for 1he
or~nnizution for all me mbers of
the Suffolk Univursity cummuni1y, SuHolk communlt)• and to provi de
a liai son between !hose inl eres tcd
- ~h'n liko lo play chess or who
in hi story a nrt the Hist ory Oeparlwanl to learn. The Chess Club
Contlnued on Page 11
meels eve ry Monda)' and Wedn es-




Student Organization




B etl.Sfll R





April I, 1171

Su(folk Journal

Pa110 14

Bentley Ot1tslugs Rams
:. In Opening·Game


hy Jon Gottlie b
Tlw openini,: rl,1y lws1•h,1ll )lilHW
fur lhl' ·;ri S11H11lk Ram s ,H Bcnll1•\
l;i s l S11nd,1\ could he i:a ll Pd man ~
1h1n1i1s fin ~ ma, Sil\' 11 wuN shnt:k •
111),1 ,11ul 1hsupp1;1111 ,;,J,! pis! In n,1m1 ·
,1 c!nup\11. Thi s w u-. ,1 conlP!-1 1h11 1 •
i1,1w lh <• !mys from Ut•,11 nn I Iill
lianl( 11111 9 hil.~ encl !<or.Ori' Ill runN
Th ars 11s11ull) c non>,ih 111 lw,11
anyonl' ( )n uny norm a l din !hat
\\mild lw 1hc c11so . bu1 \\hf'n thf•
other i1•t1111 . n,,mf•lv 1hc lfon ll P\
F.11':nns. sco res j;
runs an;I
pn11mls 1111 1 16 1111s . ~uu q u idd~
finrl yoursel f lnsin)il , 17- 10
Th,~ B1 r:n nt cnn lnl d eh ul of Suf folk hue! 1111' Ram s )lfl 11 {1 ff -:! . llw n
lwH' the lnnrl in the muldl.- ,ind
lal f' sta,111 of llw ),t'Umc· lh•ntlf',
lou k m ·l'r tlrn hillinM hl'fn 11.s \\'llf'n
1lwir o ppunc nlN hats t.:nu li•tl nH
In tlw first fnur innin)ils , Suffolk
c:o llcctcrl :1. l "'I. and l runs.
rcspec li\'f•I~. whilr 1h1• hnnlf' l1
.ould uni ~ mu slt't 2. th al LtHTTlfl>(
on1hc slrrn~th uf nKht f11•ld1!r Tf'd
Kosci ak 's lriplr in 1lw srcn ml 11,·
w,•nl 5-for-6 wilh .a sr:n n :l11ni,z ln1i1I
of 8 ROl's Tho Rruns r., q11tall 11• il
un p11dwr Miki• Dct-.. larc,fs tn •
Ppln f?ss 111 find 1hc s1rik1• I.ti ne )l;h •
in~ up 7 wa lks Ill 4 mnin)(S•
In lhf' first . he hoslow e rl 1hn1
hunur on four ball e rs : Jimm y
Celeste, tCFI. shorlslnp l.urr)
Skura , Captai n Phil Turrn ll o.,
[thi rd bus1 I, ancl riKht fielder Wult
Buhay, while givinK up sinRles lo
Dill Ca rnph,•11 , ffir!!t h;1sf'J, ,ind h•ft
fwld er Ur i.Ill lmharo. lie would
w,1lk Buh.t ) two rnure tim es and
Tnrnllu n nc1i.
Dml°I think fur 01111 momunl 1hat,
th e Rum s wecc without hifl" ,iuns
ovr.r lhal span . Wilh 1he score 3-0
Suffn lk. in lhH second. C1Jle!lt c hil
a r111:km nvcr tlw right fielrl ft •nr.f•
fur 1he firsl o r his lwo
driving 1n lluhay ahentl of him for
a 5-0 luurl . Jim went :1. for- 5 wilh :1

1{01':1. a 91111,lle and 1wo round
trippPn Aft.-:r lhc FRlnm"I scored
1w1c1• . Suffolk r,ou nlrred in the
third 1m fl nuh bc r al lhe p late by
ca lt:hN Lurry Van Sir)~ fu r a ,iingl c
a nil a 1h11 Camplw ll 2 run home r
to d1•1•p l,•h
I lurlPr ll~arcn left after 1h~
homhin,11 1,f H runs in 4 inninJiilS
Eve n 7 'i lr1kc ou ts werrn·1 enou
l o curh llw R-2 di sad van la),t't!. I It
),!il\'P il \ \ ' J' tn · FHtn~ Bian co After
th<> 1•,:c:han),t'c. thf' new pitcher
rrcciv ,•tl ,1 Hui e hPlp fr o m his
rri,•1uls in thi• form nf 4 runs in tli f'
fourth , 1 in 1tw fifth . ,ind ,1 10111I of
1IJ 111 the !HJvenlh a nrl "i~hth
The whQlf' ,1 rfn1r fr om herr• o n
uut wns puinful. o n! ~ hccnuse Su(~
folk lunkP1\ so stroll)( hcfor,• ond
1111w just i'iloppecl hi1tinJ,1 wh e n
llw y nt•t!d cd power They \'QO tc hcd
1hc Falcon'I lur.k 0111 nn a few ho lls
which dropped in for h il!i. bu! the
drl\'1' w,1 I ,m11rf'h lac kmM in
off Prise Au nlltw scored thricr on a
l111s m1 dcurin,11 lriplt• aJ,1a 1n h)
p1•sky Kuscm k I l u, in lurn was
rlnvPn 111 nn ,1noth1?r hlnop si ngl e
whi ch lwal lm horu to 1h1! )(round
Thi• l1•11d wrts now hut :!. al H-fi
R,1ms 1 lc: her lim Scibilia WA S
111kr•n nut nt 1h1!1 po inl . !llrikinM ou t
2 11 ml givin~ up ,p hlls. llis flame1hrowing s lyle I.Jllitcd Be ntl ey 10
o nl y :t hit!! hcfore the fatal fourth
Sid e armer Jim Devaney 1hen e lo pit ch li e loo ked s lron)(
hut \\[J!I hit hare! al:10
Th e le nd w aN cu l 10 1 in the rif1h
s lanza on still another KllSci ak hit .
th u
o ne
a single sco rinM
desiR11ated hiller MikP Ke ll ey,
wh o had wn lk ed pruviou~l y.
The Rnms said Mood~hye lo the

~:: r'io~~ltl"'.~:

)1:lr ~:01r:7e::v~~(:~

Jlm Sclbllla came ·on and struck out three batten ln the nlntb lnnlns ·
against Curry lo prnerve a 3-3 Ile.
1he fifth to the seve nth . parl of ii nuurance.
SuHolk pitchers gave up a total
rlu e to Bionco·s sca ll e rins of 5 hi1,
the res! of !he way Oa\•e Luppi. of 6. 4, and 7 runs , respeclively.
fl.F ). put a taller int o the ri~h l Cre rlil goes to shortstop Skart a,
field co rner for lhe equalize r . defensive star or the game. making
Ke ll ry singled , ca 1che r
Ray throws o ut of the Infield hole
. th ree of four times to set his man
Ca te rin o. walked, and . . yup .
Ku~clak drove home th e winner o n at first or second .
The Benllev Falcons are 3--1 ,
a cheapi e hil which fell in· front of
CeleS!e. The home team wouJd while the Ra~s dropped lo 0-1.
score 8 mo re limes, 6 in the eighth Blanco got lhe win and Jimmy
o£f of Louis Scleparis for a Io n of Devaney took the loss.


Darkness Halts Ra~s-Curry, 3-3

Rjithskellar XII
Frid"f, April 9
2~ p.m.

• Come, Relax,
and Listen
to the sounds of

10 piece band
Beer & Win e
at nominal prices

by 1- Hea ly
In an action-packed gn mc last
Monrlay 1he Suffolk vs Curr}
matc h e nd e d in a lie. The 3.3

Be sure degree application
and cop and gown informa~
lion ii on file with Regiatro·r's


WHO NEEDS $1,850
The position of Sl•lion M•n•ger of WSUB
Av•il•ble for Academic Year 1976-19TT

of ~!J~u:~;~d~;~:~ ~~~:~,:~~~~IJ in the Student
of Student Ac1iv1llcs,
Office IR-51

game took several s-urpris e lurns
before co min"1: lo its unusual
finish .
f1 wn s one of those games where
1he lead jumped from one lea rn to
lh e Olh e r . II wos a game wi1h cos lly e rrors, a ho l rClief pitche r. a
lonjl ninth inninJ(, and a dramati c
finish II started fost and didn ' t
s lop until lh e final n ul
Curry broke loose firsl pulling
th e fir s l run o n 1he ho rad wilh
1hree h11 s a nd a ,,,alk Two innings
lot e r Suffolk rcsponclod lakins ad vonlal(e of tv.n errors by 1he overAnxious C urry tea m. and tying the




r:i11:~~l~~~ll;h:~,i~; 1;,.::iio1,2,1~:7:c~':e~ia~~a!h1~7r.;i1~~ ca rries ~
fo qualify a\ a a ndld;11e for 1he p<H,hion of S1ation Mange, of W UB •

s1uden1 .
1. musi'• be rt!giner~ u a full-l ime d.iy undergraduite;
2. nius, be in good academic Mandin15 ;u the time of applic.11on, selec·
lion and during the tenure of office {
11ood acade~ standing dependent upon Summer School or upon Spring Seme51er gr. ·1--s is not
J. mu~, not be on disciplinary probation ,
4. mus! no1 be a c.indid.ite for .in office in 1he studen l Government
Re1oumes mus! include the followin11 : a) re.ison(d for your de\ite 10
become s1a1lon, ; b) your past experience; " you hope to
accomplish with WSUB Broadcasting Synem while Station MANAC[R
If you de\ire addi1lonal information, please cont.ct M, Kelly m the Stu•
(~~~~~~I. Office (r-51 . Resume-s co1n no1 be acct"p1ed after AprU 11,



. Har,..-d Ceflege Ubf-,y,
TM Har,ard AdYoc.•t•

May 7, 8, 9


Memo"al Hall

Ha,vatd Un1Yer11ty
....,,_.,._.._,oo _ _ _ _

~ . . . : i ~.. - - - - -

game . '
An e rror in the next inning
co upled with a fielder 's choice
a nd a single pul Surfolk ahead.
Cu rry·s pitcher Mark Kohlenhe rger was nol giving up many
hils. 1 was becoming clear that
cverv error would have 10 be
takell advantage of. Suffolk had
collec!ed on them twice so far .
In the fifth inning the determined Curry team took the lead
back . SuHoJk·s starter. Jimmy
Byrne. was hit for two sin1les and
a do uble this innins. Collecting on
a Suffolk e rror and these hits left
Cu rry up 3-2.
It never look ed like this would
be 1he final sco re even !hough the
nox l three innings were scoreless.
I laving sh•e n up only throe runs. ,
but with a !ired a rm , Byrne was
re placed by Scleparis in lhe
seven th .
Then came the big ninlh innin1,
SuHolk had been fruslrated by
Kohlenberger since •he fourth.
S\lffolk hrtd vew c hances since
Kohlenberger had
stopped lh e m every Lime. Throwing hard and mixing them up, he
was still in control or his same
II was sta rting to get dark as
Kohlonberger faced the first batter
Continued on Pqe 15

Suffo lk Journ1I

Ap rtl 9, 1978

Stanley Cup Preview

Pase ti


What Are The Bruins Chances·

Resch hns lhf' hcsl goals-Against•
Th,• rn~u lnr sPnsnn is rin nl\ v avc rai,ce in th'c leaji{ue. The
Isl a nders a lso daim rh ev have the
over, th!"' S 1,rnJey Cup play•o fh ur~
just arounrl thr r.n rn e r. and 1he second he t defensem;n in the
leag ue m Den is Po1vin Po1vi n is
Duslon Bruins lrnvi• o nce 11~nin
nol as .l(ood ns Orr . Pa rk or
dinr:hcrl a piny-off herth . The
l. a Poinle. hut ill u so lid pln ye r
!)ruins wi ll tl efin i1ely !i!O into 1h1•
pht)•-ofrs as 001? ,J( !he favurilrs . However. the Is landers s houldn'"I
hu t whal kinrl of a chance do the y ),!O for .
Thr Br ■ i n s a re 1hr h1~ses1 qucs•
r!'ally h:wc? '
lion ma rk or the 5.t.a.,Jey C.1
Wi1huut Orr and Pn r k the Bruin s
will ha ve prohlmn:i; ~ellini,t pnst se ri es . T heir chances de 1 nd on u
numher of lh in~s First al a ll. 1he
the s1m1i-fin11I round
Jr Pilr k
rr.lurn of Bobby Orr <Wld Bract
re turns \n lime for 1hc p la y-oHs. in
Park If ne ilh e r of Ihe m · HJ rn for
good health , and be probably \,•ill
the B' s have a r:hifnce of makinM 11 the pin y-o ff s the Bruins ~ II nol ~o

inl u the final round .
Or coursP. then· are otti;r f8cto rs
If Robb y Orr do es nol ·rn1urn ,
1he Bruins hav e no chun cd of win - in th e Bruins' hop es je. Ratell e
is one of them Ra lell, \fall a
ninM the Cup .
pleasnnt su rprise thi s
Let's lak e a look ill the lop five
~enson . Who wou ld have thought
N.11.1 ..
le am s : 1hq Monlronl
wh e n th e Bruin s picked up Ra le ll e
Cnna d i'bns.
th e
Philad elp hi s
in The Tra de 1h M he wou1d go on
Flyers. the BuHal o Sabres. the
c w York lsl a ndi!ts. anil 1he lo sco re more than 100 pouds? 1
Cap tai n johnny Bu czy k 1s
Roston Bruins.
ano lh cr fa r.lor . T h,1 C hief Is th e
Firs t Montrnul. Thf' Ha hs l:ev is
Ke n Dryden . N iMht oft e r nij,th t. <la y one who makes the Bruinll' pow,. r1l11y click. Who would have
afler day. Ot)jon ha ckslopped lh 1;> 1
lhouRht Buc.,zyk would e nd up with
Canadic ns to II very impressive
rt:cn rd li e led nit N.1 .. Mnalies more lh on 35 Moals nt the 1.l(e of
in sh11 H1uts with e ighl. nod in
Goa li es Gert)' Cheevers a nd
wins wilh 42.
The Cana di e n:1 nlsu have ,m me GIiles Gilb er t are also importanl
rac tors in 1he Bru ins· cha nces. If
olher hi R nam es. Guy l.aFl e ur is
mw of the m. l.nF lc11 r is len dinR they do no! play at peak pe rfor•
th e leHMUe in sr.orin~ And don ' t ma nce. then tho Bruins cl 0·1 hove
fnrf(el Yvan Cnu rnu )'E'r. They nlso mu ch nr a cha nce
If !lobby Orr and 8']ad Park
haw• !hP :'ICcond hrsl dcfonseman
r<"l.41rn (or 1hr. 1> -0£fs 1n good
in 1h r lea.l(uc in Gu) 1.aPoinlt>.
hrnl!h . tlwn 1hr llruins \\ ill havt>
Whrn vm1 c:o nH• ri~h l d,l\\n lo ii.
r-. lonlruul 1s th u must tnll•1
11ed tmu n li t1 l1• IU worr) iibUul
Of co urse th oro arc oth er lea rns
in the N.H.I..
Fl yers ' that ha \'e a chance of wlnninli( 1hr
r.ha ncus prohnhl)' Iii• with thei r Stanle )' Cup . Tha1·s the pcublem
,wo11l1t•nclh1)(. llornic P nren l missed w11 h thr pla y-off syslem in kockc)
mus l of the scnson wilh II nock in- There arc too ma n y tunms 111 oh
j11r) . a nd s till is no l 100 percent. \1 ed . There aru 80 gt1mes played
Pr1tf'nl. however , is still capah le of in th e regular seaso n a nrl o nly six
tt•ams am c lirn innied . A tea m thal
help inM th e Fly1•rs lo anothe r
iii reall y not worth y of n 1 la y.o ff
c:hn mpi onshi p
Oub hy Clark,•, the Flyers' co p• herlh can ),!O ~n lo wir1 the Cu1 .
lain. is olso a not he r hii,t faclor in \.V h y shou ld a tea m lik e the Va n. c:ouver Clu nks. I mean Ca nucks.
thr Fl)'cu' ch ances. l\tost of th E!
credit Is given to Reggie I.each for he a llowed 1111 0 the p lay-offs?
hi s \p;11i(U C- le nding number of Thf'rc a re some o lh e r tf'ams th al
HO.tis , h111 th e truth of th e mail e r is s hould not he a ll owed to co mpot e
C:larkP feeds I.each the puck for in the p lay.offs.
There is n't much sense fo ll ow•
mos l of hi s gual-,.. C larke has been
settln~ up l.eoch a ll season_. And ing all the seri es \Vilh 12
teams invo lved ii would b e kind of
1hc statisti cs prn\le ii. Clarke leads
th e loo guc in assists. If Clnrke is clirfl cu \1. The fiv e Hmms lo watch
stopped. the n chnnces are that th e are Montreal. Phi II). New York.
Duff alo, and Boston. If Park a nd
Bronc~ St nulli1 1 will be hull ed .
T he ke) ~111 lhc Buffal o St1bres· Orr re lurn to 1he lin eup, a nd show
hnpm1 is on th1, of 1he
i:::: f::;t"o /~~;'
Frenc h Co nn ection line . Th o Ren e
Roh •rs-C.iJ Pcr raull • Ri ck Mortin lo p lay like they have a ll seaso n !inf• is o ne of the mosl dange rous the n I ·will slick wilh my predichnns 1n 1tw 1 .I I.I •. If thi s line is lion of ii couple of mon 1hs ni,to r:lwr:kNI. 1h nn 1hn Sahres won ' I be the Bruin s will i,to ull 1h e wa)
a n} probl e m .
The Sohres' hi&MCSt prohlem is
probuhly th ei r defens e. Th ir
rlPfons11m e n c:o nswntl y ~ive u1 1he
puc:k when tuo mu ch pressure is
p111 tm th e m. Ano lh ur <111es1ion
m a rk for 1he Sahrcs is 1hcir jloa l•
te nrlin~ Al Smilh it a aood j(onlie.
hul lw is nut in th e s;.tmr class as
Km1 Drvd,:n
~oOII hi•t Uuff a lu wi ll nnt
)(0I 111111 th<' fina ls It is t•v,m a
hPIIPr 111'1 lht•\ will nnt \\ Ill 1hr
Slilnl+ •) C up ·1
:lwn ,1
gain, t1n yth in~
;an h,1p1.H'n
Th t• N,:w York lslanclr. rlli mii;zh l
m,1k1• ~1•1 !hf' sem i-final round .
Suffolk Un1vefsi1y
111:il 1f thP, cln 11 will he hoc,wsc
Dep;u1men1 of Security
),!Ot1li1 C. l1•i111 Resc h ),!OI th e m there .

D~l~i~~ cs;~~~~~



Suffolk Unlverslly bateball coach _;rhomH Walsh (wttb lacket on)
directs pl ayers In ,early se ■ ton workout .

.. . rams vs. curry
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in th e ninth . The ball wastil high
to th e outfield . A re lali v ly ewy
ca tch was mad e. ii still w . n·t triq
dark . With one out Argi\o hif'
towards lhe shorlslop . Hustlln1
first , Argiro saw the rush ed throw
go ove r the fi rst basema n's head
.i nd wenl to second base .
Van St y was up next and
responded with a clea n si ngle . Ziz•
za fo llowed with a close call al
first and the bases were loaded .
Buh11 y came lo th e plate nexl
a nd h11d down what looked like a
sure squeeze bunt. Th e atle mpt
\",IIS foiled h) Kohl e nherRe r who
nuw lovketl lik e he was sorng to
win this ga me a ny wa y he coul d .
li e "as dfter the bunl almos1
hcforo 11 was hi !, and with an
awkwn rd hackwn rd 1oss forced the
out at hom e. If ii hadn' l been a
fo rce pin ). Suffolk would have
scored. ·
~ oh lc nhe rger , with two outs.
now faced Celeste Having made
th e gr eat play he just h ad. Kohle n•
berMe r did so me thing quile unex•
peeled. he lhrew a wild pilch . Van
SI) ca me in and tied th e game .
Roco \•e ring rrum ibis. Kbhlen•
he rijer s truck out h is last ba ttec. -.
The Ha rne was not over yet
though . Scleparis walked the first
lwo batters .. T hi s broughl relief
pitcher Jim Scibella 1 the mound .
II was gelling da rk e r now , and any
hit could posstb ly give Curry the
win Scibelln in a star perfor•
manCe. struck out the lasl- 1hree

Mon. T ues.
Wed. Thurs.
Fri. Sat.



1~ ,;1



Call Us
Can't Call You

re maining opponen t&.
The game was nol allowed Into
ext ra inninga due to derlcne11.
Both Suffolk and Curry had 10
accepl the tie.
Commenting on the comin,
season. coach Thomas Walsh is
sure thal "pitching is saing to be
the key. " He Is confident of the
team 's hiltina ability. Eapecially
by (reshman Jim
Ce leste and sophomore Bill
Ca mpbell due 10 their fine perfor•
ma nces a.gainst Benlley.

WOMAN" • /Um ro

be seen
;,gain ;,nd ;,gain

" inspiring" -


Prof. Phyllis Mack,
Dept. ol Sociology

Thunday, April 15,
1:00 p.m., F-436A
sponsored by rl>e
Women 's Progfilm Committee

Sun.4:00-lf :00
,pecializing in
Quality food

Primo's Italia Sub Shop
aO orders prepared to take-out

tatters also Available

742 - 5458

Beacon Hill, BOSTON

, ••• ti

ou'-rn_•_'____________;....______A ·-•..;
_p_rll..; •;;;~fff~




Joint Council



Thi• Suffolk I lniven1lty Joinl
l.ouncil is pro~wnlly revioWing a
revision or 1hc slalf!menl nn rights
and freodnms or s1uclon 1 The
revision was upproved hy lhe Sludonl Governmcnl Association , the
uf Sludcnts Ar ad fof"d
Sullivan and the loinl Counci l on
Student Affoir s
The dec isi on IU revise tOO stale•
mcnt on riMhl11 nnd fre Qdnms was
modu two years ogo b111 1ahlcrl by
the board of lruslces SCA 4rep
Mike Covino wu~ lhc clrivinM force
hchind th e rejuvcnalinM efrort to
)(Cl ii ro-disc11ssccl .
The co uncil is compmied- or
fncuhy. sln H, ant! administrative
p.;nonnel whns,~ primP. intent is to
dunl wilh is,u os of co ncern lo sll1clcn1 a rfaiu. In foci ii il'I a policy
makin)l body 1ha1 on ly meels when
ncederl The next meelinM is sci
for April 22 in which ii is planned
lo have the uvohmtion of th,· s lat emont r.umpletod lhe noxl step will

. . . tarallo
Conti nued from Page 13
tfr.lion in the "lnrteld . I a lways wan I
lo be invol ved in 1he action That's
where it 's all a t "
~ Slated assi!Uanl conch )nmos
Nel,mn, "Philip has terrific initialivo. He hus a quiel df!meanor
which conl emp lntes the r:ompelitive £ire wilhin him ··
" I be lieve we have i'he poten lial
10 he o very fine team this
SCH!lon," said Tnrollo. qu it e ex•
citedl y "The entire dub is exlrernely en lhusias1i c_ Our inrield
and outfield co rps this year will
ho much better lhan in previous
years. Pit ching. howeve r, ma y be a
problem for us. And thore is no
doubl we will he 5coring our share
or runs this scoso" lik e we never
did befo re .
"O ur competition will hr. rough
as usual. Teams such as Assumplion . Brandeis and Tufts all
pos5cs, sood squads yea r after

Up Temple St.
April tz-11, Monday-Friday
~hx;;~~~:~a~:ir:~ ~;o::~~d t::~~~~:ri:~ou':g~rct·b~ rhn of 1he 20 I at


I 00 pm


I 00 pm


1.00 pm


Dean Br~dley Sulllv■ n ■t Joint
Council Meellna.
th en he its 5ubrn issi on lo !he
hoard of lrust ees
yen r II !!!hould be ·o very interest1ng year . E5p8cially seeing
how bolh 1he younM and veteran
hallp:oycrs blend logelh er ..
Whal a re his futur e plans?
" Well , I've just accepled a joh a5 a
junior accountanl in A Brockton
firm," hoa slecl Phil. "My Roal in
life is prohahly to be a CPA fCe r1ified Public Acoounlant} someday.
''I'll always be playing baseball
somewh ere. !hough. Mosl likely in
1hc Boaton Park League. I jus t enloy the game so much I will play
anywhere at any lime."
Who knows? With thal co ofident
altitude, just maybe someday the
li11l e kids wilh the flopp y hair and
droopy sods will spray the nllme
of Phil Tarallo all over lhe cily in
red , while , and blue letters es one
of 1heir chief baseball he ros.
If Phil doesn't make II though . ii
won'I be the end Qf !ho world, For
the colors fade so quickly , and
there are always other names to




1·00 pm

William Colby. former direclor of the C.l.A. will tpeak
on ··The C.I.A . in World and Domutic Affain.. in the
Audilorlum. Sponaored by S,C.A. Lecture CommiUee,
Unlverait y · Lecture Setiea Committee. Student Bar·
Asaoclation and Poll!lcal Science Aleociatlon,

~:r,7:s~/~:::eu':°:':: ;id~ 1~:r ~:::t·d,:=
Alben e,chibilion concemin11 colors and lioa In art.

Or , A. Harding will conducl lhe' lour which 11 open to
"all Suffolk membera. Leave from Fenlon Building entrance al 1:00 pm,
Latin American Club preaenU film '"Lucia/. in A·UA.
Open lo all ln1eres1ed.
Psychc,logy Club present• Or. P.,ul Korn of
Paychological Service. ,peak.In, on "An Introduction lo
Peraonal Growth Through Ce11ah Therapy Techniques." Held In F'-338A. ..
WSUB sponsors ··Chicken Fighu" in front of the State
House . on the common. Free record albumt will be
pen 10 1he winnen. Sign up oppo1i1e WSUB OUice,
Ridgeway Building.

April 15, Thunday
1·00 pm

Latin American Club presents film· 'tYo Soy Chicano:•
F-&:MIB. Open to all internled
Alpha Phi Omep Pralemlly Jn conjunction with the
80110n chapter of the Red Cro• apoNOn the Ammal
Blood Drive 10 be held all day In the Ridgeway
Building. April 15th.
April 11, Frld.y
Humanilies Club--.,,OU.Ors Stuart Banquet Call Humanlliea Office for furlher

Ors■ n lutt on ■l Meeting,
Tueaday, April U, t:to pm
Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, F-330
~Y~~0 ~i~1
•~~~-F~~lic ~au. F-337
Walter M. Burae Debating Sociely, A-2.4
Women's Athlellcs, Fall Tennlt Team. R-3
Thursday, April ti, 1:11 pm
Polilical Science Auocialion. F-337•
Presidenl'a Council. F-338B
Afro.America n Auocialion. F-003
Women·• Program Committee, F-638A
Walter M. Burae Oebatln, Soclel)', A-24 6 24A


. . . organizations
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roenl. Aclivilles have included
visits t~ historical sites. · guest

... by word of mouth.;.- - - - - - - - - - ·

speakers. seminars . Wms. peri od
banquets, social gatherings. rap
sessioo5 and outings.
The History Society is open to
all Suffolk Students and those interested in joining 5hould contact
either 1he secretary of the Polit•
buro. Ka thy Chamber, a t 288-%185.

" anti -war aclivisl." etc:. - words Sometimes Gertner can obtain in(Continued from pa1e 9)
Ge rtn er. too. has received publici- that Gerlner feels car ry bod con• formalion from aulhorllles more
easily because thtY feel " less
ly. As a result. she indicutes thal nolalions.J
Gertner says Iha\ for women threatened" by 8 woman .
she feels "over-cxposCrl" by the
lawyers. crimina l law Is the mosl
media ,
Nancy Gert ner chose lo be a Conllnued from Pa1e 3
...Cartner maintains 1hal "ve ry chall enging field because .. ,he im • lawyer because she "wanted 1he should have an anti-racism agency
few defe ndan ts have favorabl e ages of authorily or compeJence activity and ability lo contribute on campus 10 represent the
publicity." However, she says ii are all masculin e:· She refers to something polLtically." Unlike the stude nts. Feldman said, "We look
becomes impossib le lo "put e lid " F. Bailey. on the defen!l e team slereotypical female television at the diHerent situations al Suf.
on the information after a defen- of 1he Pally Hea n! case. as a lawy e r Kate McShane , who fo lk such as financial aid and addant receives any unh,1vorable classi c examp le of a crimi nal appeals 10 wi1ne5ses' " honesty" to mittance, but we are not solely
preH lrealment. Some attorneys lawyer. "loud. aggressive."
achieve justice. Gertner believe.! it concerned with what's going on in
As a fema le attorney. Na ncy takes good legal skills to be effec- the city of Boston."
release Information lo th,e press,
801h F~ld·man and Kindregan
running "5trong risks o'f bei ng un• Cort ne r encou nt e red lwo kinds of tive in 1he courtroom.
et hica l." Gertner fe e ls that th ere reactions from ma le judges declared. " righ t now the coali tion
Gertner says she is " uncomfor- is just taking root , we have aboul
should be some "disciplinary host ilil y from some. ond prai5e
table" with all lhe media exposure
procedures" in such cases. bu1 nol "above and beyond what was re•
20 members , a Presidenl and
she is receiving. and does not
mandatory ones. (She doo11 nol quir ed" from ot he rs. Some judges.
Secrelary, and faculty advisor
know whal a£fec t ii will have on
b e lieve
mandot o ry she explains, we re su rprised to
Carol Robb. However, the ~
her career. But she adds, " You
punishment.) She cites a 1
>ress find that a woman cou ld be aralition'5 next objective is to e1build a prnclice not by publicity,
conference by a police com- ticulate in the courlroom . Being a
1ablish a constitution and that will
female has ils adva ntages . though . but by word of mouth ."
missioner on the Saxe case, oa lling
be 1he topic or discussion at the
it a "chorAcler assassination." '
next meeling Tuesday, April ~th.
A rncent Boston Phoenix article
stoles thal a motion for " dismis,al
of lh o cM rgc !against Su!lan Saxel
Modem Language
on tho grounds 1ha1 extensive nnd
Club Meeting
negali ve 1 :tria l publi ci ty ," which
makes H fair lriol impossib le , was
Thunday, 1:15 pm
Crime and Juslice Foundation, 100 Frankli!' Street, Boston
argued by the Saxe defe nse.
April 8, 1976
The library is one of 1he best in 1he area. Books, professional jourGertner says 1ha1 pre55 treat•
Room 338B
nals, newsle ners .and government reports can be borrowed for two
menl cJf her clienfs casa has been
weeks and renewed for k>nger periods. Members of the st.iff are
Emergency Meeting to elect
" rea ll y negligcnl'' and "or th e
usually availa ble to answer qu eslions and offer suggestions.
moal vi rulant kind." She believes
a new preaident and vote on
Located on the ninth floor of 100 Fr,mklin Street above 1he New
the press has "e ngendered bad
a propoM<i amendment to
England Merchants Na1lonal Bank (or enter through 201 De\lonshire
feelings" againsl Susan Saxe. (Ms .
our conotilution.
Street) about 150 yards from Fllene-s.
Saxe is re ferred lo in the media as
Open 9:00 A.M. 1 S:00 P.M., Mond•y 1hroU11h Frid•y.
a ··lesbia n."' " sludenl radical. "

.... racism