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John Griffin, a former Suffolk University faculty member and trustee, discusses his role in the establishment of the university’s undergraduate programs in the 1930s, including the creation of the business school and the school of journalism. Griffin…

Includes all Undergraduate and Graduate programs

Pictured: Dean Richard McDowell, Hon. Walter H. McLaughlin, Frank Sawyer, Doctor of Commercial Science, Thomas A. Fulham, President

Pictured: Anna J. Harrison, D.S., Frank Sawyer, D.C.S., Earle W. Pitt, D.C.S., Allan Rohan Crite, D. Hum., Kenneth Sherman, D.S., David Thompson Watson McCord, D. Ed., Vincent A. Fulmer, Chmn. of the Board, Leo L. Beranek, D.C.S., Thomas A. Fulham,…

Pictured: (L-R) Frank Sawyer, Mildred Sawyer, Carol Sawyer Parks

Pictured: Diane Modica, Vice President Marguerite J. Dennis, Dorothy "Dottie Mac" McNamara, alumna Rosalie Warren

In this interview, John J. “Jack” McCarthy, a 1949 graduate of Suffolk University reflects upon his experiences during World War II in the U.S. Navy as a naval quartermaster and his undergraduate days at Suffolk University as part of the first wave…

Donald Goodrich recalls his twenty-two year career at Suffolk University, which began in 1947 when he was hired as the university registrar; he was appointed dean of the colleges in 1956, then university vice president in 1966, before his retirement…

Catherine Caraher Finnegan discusses her twenty year career at Suffolk University, during which she served as stenographer, secretary to Dean Gleason Archer, secretary of the law school, and assistant treasurer. Finnegan describes her experiences…
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