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Cross Country Team Race, unknown location, 1976

David Halberstam, the author of The Best and the Brightest and The Powers That Be, examines professional sports and their effect on American culture. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist ponders the similarities between sports and politics, the…

Also photographed: (seated) Bridget Toland, Kathy Lovita, Johanna McGourty, Maureen Brown, (standing) Dan Picard, Chris Bennett, Brian Gruning, Chuck Byrne, Alberto Woginiack, Justin Culhane, Tim Murray

Also photographed: (seated) Kelly Harney, Meg Leary, Ann-Christine Kruse, Andrea Smithson, Paula Nee, (standing), Brian Horan, Chris Slatterly, Greg Gilmore, Ed Cirame, Gerry Cody, Jim Curran
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