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Scanned from a copy of the Suffolk Law Register 11/1916, Vol. 2. "The Suffolk Law School was here founded September 19, 1906. The bay window marks the first lecture room. In this window were hung transparent glass signs 'Archer's Evening Law…

The Suffolk University Law School Register was likely the university's first publication (1915)

Features stories about the 30th anniversary of Law School (SULS), a poem by Agnes Carr "Through the Years" to mark the occasion, and a head shot of Gleason Archer

Nelson D. Simons (JD 1925) was the first Native American graduate of Suffolk University Law School. He was later elected chief of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe.

This image is part of a glass lantern slide show created by Suffolk University President Gleason L. Archer in the 1920s for promotional purposes.
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