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This recording includes two interviews with members of Congress that were broadcast on WILD and WCOP as episodes of a radio show featuring Congressman Moakley in the 1970s. Moakley interviews Representative Charles Diggs, chairman of the House…

A Snapshot of Suffolk University in 1946.doc
Taken from a handwritten document in the Suffolk University Archives that appears to be an unfinished speech by Suffolk University founder Gleason Archer, this speech was found in a GI Bill file, and the institution and places it describes still…

In this interview, John J. “Jack” McCarthy, a 1949 graduate of Suffolk University reflects upon his experiences during World War II in the U.S. Navy as a naval quartermaster and his undergraduate days at Suffolk University as part of the first wave…

Please note that the Archives has redacted personal information such as names and street addresses from this document.

Representatives Joe Moakley and Charles Rangel discuss the increasing numbers of black members in Congress and the role of the Congressional Black Caucus. They also discuss the educational opportunities created by the G.I. Bill of Rights. The…

A public service message delivered by U.S. Representative John Joseph Moakley about opportunities available via the Massachusetts State Employment Service and the G.I. Bill for unemployed Vietnam veterans.

SOH-035 Linquata Part 1.mp3
In this interview, Michael L. Linquata, a 1950 graduate of Suffolk University, reflects upon his experiences during World War II as well as his experiences as a student and trustee of Suffolk University. In the first part of the interview, Mr.…
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