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Pictured left to right: Law School Dean David J. Sargent, Ronald Wysocki, D. A. Antonelli (trustee, accepting award for her father, Dwight Allison), Law School Registrar Doris Pote, and University President Thomas A. Fulham.

An activist in the civil rights movement, Bond served as publicity director for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), as chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and as first president of the…

Pictured (clockwise): Thomas J. Boynton; Joseph F. O'Connell; Wilmot R. Evans, Jr., James M. Swift; Gleason L. Archer; George A. Frost; James H. Vahey

soh-007 transcript.pdf
In this interview, conducted by his cousin, Ted Duncan, Suffolk University founder Gleason L. Archer (1880-1966) discusses the founding of the university and his other professional endeavors. The interview covers the founding of Suffolk Law School in…

Pictured (left to right): John Griffin, President Thomas A. Fulham (1970-1980), Vincent Fulmer, Irving Rabb, and Robert Chandler

Pictured left to right: Dean of Students Nancy Stoll, President David J. Sargent (1989-2010), Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, and John Nucci

Pictured: (Seated) Mr. Vappi, Vice President and Treasurer Francis X. Flannery; Back Row - Vincent A. Fulmer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, President Thomas A. Fulham, Bagge and R. Bridge, architects, Knight, Bagge, and Anderson

Pictured (left to right): Louis B. Connelly, Dorothy "Dottie Mac" McNamara, President Thomas A. Fulham (1970-1980)
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