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Pictured (left to right): Dean Nancy Stoll, Vice President Marguerite Dennis, Vice President/Treasurer Francis X. Flannery, (standing) Dean Richard McDowell, Vice President Joseph Kelly, President Daniel H. Perlman, Dean Michael R. Ronayne, Assistant…

Pictured: Professor John Berg, Dean Michael R. Ronayne, student, Professor Edward G. Hartmann, President Daniel H. Perlman (1980-1989), Professor Judith Elmusa, Professor Dion Archon, an unidentified faculty member

Pictured (left to right): Janine Evans, Lisa Luongo, Frank Deruosi, Ralph Rizzo, President Daniel H. Perlmam (1980-1989)

Pictured left to right: Beverly Roby, Malcolm M. Donahue, Jack Robinson, Keesler H. Montgomery, Daniel H. Perlman

Pictured: Alexander J. Cella, Glen Eskedal, Bernard Meyler, Harvey Cannon, President Daniel H. Perlman (1980-1989), Walter Johnson, Marjorie Kelleher, and Alberto Mendez

Pictured (left to right): William Good, Richard Vacco, Louis Connelly, Robert Johnson, Howard Aucoin, Glen Lewandowski, Joel Corman, Theodore Marshall and President Daniel H. Perlman (1980-1989)

Pictured (Left to right): Dean David J. Sargent, President Daniel Perlman, Professor Alexander Cella, Thomas M. Dickinson, Michael Frink, and F. Lee Bailey
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