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Pictured left to right: John C. Deliso, Dion Archon, Michelle Lemarche, Attorney General Robert H. Quinn, Ralph Nader (speaking at podium), and Joseph Shanahan, President Student Government Association

Pictured (left to right): Chief Justice John Irwin, Diane D'Amico, Donna Gavin, Associate Dean John Deliso

Pictured (on stage): John C. Deliso, President, Student Bar Association; Professor Dion Archon; Michelle Lemarche, President, Political Science Club; Attorney General Robert H. Quinn; Ralph Nader, Joseph B. Shanahan, President, Student Government…

Pictured: John V. Tunney with students, second woman from left is Andrea Wasserman Gargiulo, fourth man from left is John Deliso, first man from right is John Schatz
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