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Pictured: (Seated) Mr. Vappi, Vice President and Treasurer Francis X. Flannery; Back Row - Vincent A. Fulmer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, President Thomas A. Fulham, Bagge and R. Bridge, architects, Knight, Bagge, and Anderson

Pictured (left to right): Joyce Lynd, Joe Troisi, Fanny Schwartz, unidentified woman, Janet Russell, Edward G. Hartmann

Pictured (left to right): Jackie Auffrey, Patricia Brown, Richard J. Sullivan, Ellan Hurley, Janice Kaufman)

Pictured: Law Dean John E. Fenton, Jr. and College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean Michael R. Ronayne

Pictured: John E. Fenton, Jr.; Paul R. Sugarman; President of the Alumni Association Doug Bishop
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