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Pictured (left to right): Chief Justice John Irwin, Diane D'Amico, Donna Gavin, Associate Dean John Deliso

Pictured left to right: Beverly Roby, Malcolm M. Donahue, Jack Robinson, Keesler H. Montgomery, Daniel H. Perlman

Pictured: (Top L-R) Catherine McMahon (Clerk of the Exchequer), Professor Richard Pizzano (Honorary Member, Faculty Advisor), Alanna Cline (Clerk of the Rolls); (Bottom L-R) Gary Atmore (Vice Dean), John Carr (Dean), Richard Leon (Tribune)

Pictured: John O'Callahan, Dion J. Archon, President Thomas A. Fulham, John Shannon, Judy Dushku

Pictured: Alexander J. Cella, Glen Eskedal, Bernard Meyler, Harvey Cannon, President Daniel H. Perlman (1980-1989), Walter Johnson, Marjorie Kelleher, and Alberto Mendez
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