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Ford Hall Forum featuring Nat Hentoff, a Northeastern University alumnus, former columnist, novelist, biographer, and Bill of Rights expert. Hentoff discussed current events relating to First Amendment rights in a forum entitled, “Is Any Form of…

David Duke, a former Klu Klux Klan leader and Louisiana State Representative, discussed first amendment rights and welfare reform in a forum entitled, “An Agenda for America: David Duke on the Issues.” The forum was originally recorded on March 28…

Two Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonists, Paul Szep of The Boston Globe and Mike Peters of The Dayton Daily News, examine the ungentle art of satire and discuss their work in today's world: where to find inspiration, how to choose a target…

Folk singer Pete Seeger receives the Ford Hall Forum’s First Amendment Award. He sang songs while discussing the Great Peace March and the value of the First Amendment. The forum was recorded in 1988 and later broadcast on the New American Gazette…

Charismatic writer, poet and lecturer Maya Angelou addresses the value of the First Amendment with story, song and spirit. The best-selling author of I Know why the Caged Bird Sings reflects on the responsibility to speak for freedom's sake, in this…

Transcript of an audio address delivered by honoree Angelou at the Ford Hall Forum First Amendment Award, titled "The Responsibility to Speak for Freedom’s Sake."

Transcript of remarks made by Daniel Schorr, American journalist, upon receiving the Ford Hall Forum First Amendment Award on May 11, 1986.

Invitation to the second annual Ford Hall Forum First Amendment Award, held Sunday, May 9th, 1982 at Northeastern University. Award honoring Maya Angelou.
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