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earlystudent research project.pdf
In 2006, the Moakley Archive completed a research project to find out more about Suffolk University Law School’s earliest graduates. This guide includes information about the classes and biographical information about a selection of graduates…

These items relate to a Ford Hall Forum lecture by Friederich Schoenemann and the controversy surrounding it. Digital copies provided by a patron.

Feburary 15, 2015. Midnight Shift. SUPD Mobile 101 on patrol after the receiving the record snow fall in January.

This early film camera was developed by Thomas Edison, whose invention of the Kinetoscope and the Vitascope led to the first silent motion pictures.

Thomas Edison experimented with the transmission of vocal sounds and images while living in the Boston area. The great inventor was commemorated in a U.S. postage stamp

The Jazz Singer was a groundbreaking movie that incorporated spoken dialogue into film.

The program includes a synopsis of the photo play as well as a list of coming attractions and advertising.

Visitors to Boston sent postcards home showing that they had seen the celebrated Washington Street theater and shopping district

Visitors to Boston sent postcards home showing that they had seen the celebrated Washington Street theater and shopping district

Modern-Lourie Web.jpg
Jacob Lourie (1874-1940) owned the Modern Theatre when it opened in 1914. He was an innovator who was the first in Boston to introduce sound with movies.

Lower Washington Street, Boston, has reemerged as a vital entertainment district after decades of deterioration.

Modern Theatre sign 1.jpg
The Modern Theatre has been called the “jewel in the crown” of Boston’s restored Theater District. (unknown, commissioned by Suffolk)

Modern netocomatchbkmore.jpg
Modern Theatre owner Jacob Lourie built a theater empire as owner of New England Theatres Operating Company, or NETOCO, which at its height operated 35 theaters. The company was affiliated with the Paramount studio until antitrust action broke up…

Mayer began his movie career in Haverhill, Massachusetts, by converting a burlesque house into a movie theater. Eventually he was to lead the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio.

C.H. Blackall.tif
Architect Clarence H. Blackall (1857-1942) was known for his hundreds of theaters, but he also designed one of Boston’s first skyscrapers, the nine-story Carter Winthrop Building at 7 Water St. Blackall also designed 17 theaters in and around Boston.…
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