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Pictured left to right: Dean David Sargent, Pamela Hunt, Willie J. Davis, Martin Estner


Pictured: back row left to right, Jeanne M. Hession, Maston A. Nelson, John B. Madigan. John P. Chase, Vincent A. Fulmer; front row lefto to right, President Thomas Fulham, C. Edward Rowe, John H. Knowles, Alice Curtis Desmond

Pictured left to right: President Thomas Fulham, Chief Justice Edward Hennessey, Dean David Sargent, and law review editors Pamela Hunt and John Lawler.

Suffolk University President Thomas Fulham presents the award to Buoniconti.

Story from the Suffolk University Newsletter (SUN), vol. 11, no. 4, May 1982

Transcript of an audio address delivered at the Ford Hall Forum by Garrison Keillor, titled "Pontoon: a Lake Wobegon Story."

Transcript of a forum featuring Former First Lady Betty Ford who shares experiences from her battle with drug and alcoholic addiction. Speaking frankly about her own recovery, Mrs. Ford emphasizes the role that families can play in the "joy of…

Transcript of a forum by David McCullough, the noted historian and host of PBS' "The American Experience," which reveals the warmth and wisdom of one of the least known US Presidents, Harry S. Truman. Using anecdotes, letters and personal histories,…

Al Gore, an American politician and environmentalist, provides an analysis of the environmental crisis and suggestions for individual and collective action in a forum entitled, “Earth in the Balance: The Environmental Crisis for Our Nation and Our…

Two seasoned politicians, Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) and Senator Warren Rudman (R-NH), debate the winning factors, missing ingredients, lucky breaks and decisive moments of what should be a tight Presidential race. The forum was broadcast on…

Reverend Beyers Naudé, an Afrikaner and General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, discusses the future of apartheid in South Africa.

Folk singer Pete Seeger receives the Ford Hall Forum’s First Amendment Award. He sang songs while discussing the Great Peace March and the value of the First Amendment. The forum was recorded in 1988 and later broadcast on the New American Gazette…

David Halberstam, the author of The Best and the Brightest and The Powers That Be, examines professional sports and their effect on American culture. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist ponders the similarities between sports and politics, the…
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