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Story from the Suffolk University Newsletter (SUN), vol. 11, no. 4, May 1982

Pictured: Dean Richard McDowell, Hon. Walter H. McLaughlin, Frank Sawyer, Doctor of Commercial Science, Thomas A. Fulham, President

Pictured: Anna J. Harrison, D.S., Frank Sawyer, D.C.S., Earle W. Pitt, D.C.S., Allan Rohan Crite, D. Hum., Kenneth Sherman, D.S., David Thompson Watson McCord, D. Ed., Vincent A. Fulmer, Chmn. of the Board, Leo L. Beranek, D.C.S., Thomas A. Fulham,…

Pictured: (L-R) Dean John Brennan, Carol Sawyer Parks, Mayor Thomas Menino, James Linnehan, President David J. Sargent

Frank Sawyer, founder of Checker Taxi Cab in Boston, was an important supporter of Suffolk University. Suffolk University's Sawyer Building, Business School and Sawyer Library are named after the Sawyer family.
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