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One of a series of photographs taken on a congressional delegation to China. Includes Evelyn Moakley; Congressmen John Joseph Moakley, Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Silvio Conte, and Dan Rostenkowski

Pictured: Charles Johnson holds bill at right, John Joseph Moakley second from left. Inscription by O'Neill: "Joe, a day in history. Signing of the Tax Bill on Eastward Ho. Best old pal, Tip O'Neill - Speaker"

Pictured: Charles Johnson holding the bill at right, John Joseph Moakley is second from left

Charles Johnson, who worked for the House Parliamentarian Office from 1964 through 2004, reflects on his career serving as assistant parliamentarian, deputy parliamentarian and House parliamentarian. He discusses the role of the parliamentarian…

Pictured: (L-R): John Joseph Moakley, ??, Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Leverett Saltonstall, John McCormack, ??

Pictured: Tip O'Neill, John Joseph Moakley, Evelyn Moakley, Daniel Rostenkowski, Silvio Conte, Charles Rangel
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