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TheSallloltbnal · Wodaolllay,Man:bl.1995



Lady Rams end~d with th~ face of winners



Sattik'Foremies team

-book shows Impact of
wealth on Congress

Uit1Rted1nto frateJ!!dty
.~;e;~~ =OU~

• , - - . .... Jlnllllt•tlJc:


..,_ lo 0ne0
Ulliwmi'1' in New York to tab
pat ia tbo Dcba Sipu ·,Rbo-TICA

.(DSR's), u lllidation ceremciny
f• Ibo bcmol'.aociety of fonmkl

ne, mo com~


cffli4 11 lhc OSR-TKA nadoital ·
-- ~ • L" Sbc allo s,111 th.II
boills """""'1 IQl,>, lhe ,DSR booo<
~ Y wu a;n Nequliy hllfilliria


Patten, compctins·in student conpaa Cot the first ~
said tht ex.po- .
rience WU ,bodi cu:itia, and

in ~ na- cnt.

tioaal ........ .WC. . . lleld • '
Ccnoll _
_ . 19; To _

--ID .
John Bera, Don::beater resident


badly OUl of touch with the America
Poople. •

diff",ei- ,

> .· ,

.. u...,.,i-s,,,,,,i., Ciau. ~

·n. team was -acoompuicd by
0.:- RkJw<!"- ,lhe di· .



i.lllO die r-ntry, ooe ...,. com- · m:1or of ladiv~
1_ovents, KriltCl1
adhc ,-qcipo-- C>otto,z, padualc,Jl!M"&Dla,,tMeg
,s.tralk ....... illdDcted iDIO team wowd aJso, li) ,tb¥k Dr.

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■ ·atJDGl!T

_,, ..
.:,1.,;~ab:l ·from' pagc ·1


. '


fonado fia-, •Jowna} deaJ W I~ US ~ft8 al $0" QI
lheeftd orthc.semcstcr. Itwias also
jibed H an octo-ri111ali1t in tbe
debaae ~petition.. nl.• • ICID.i- noted tbal if the funds wcrm'I S~l
by tbal lime. ~ .would go bad: lO
tiaaliat in ....,tioa;
Cullllinp&m placed In ~ , 1emi- the uniwa'lity. "'bi. all honesty, I want
1fiuh J n rt.ctorical criticilm; and to sec lmll, mODC)'·:~ " ~ laid.
Members also started ~c JX:01:CP
~ t:"lllilbed u • qu:utcr--fimlilt
of fallina caccutivc board positiOIU

la the



Cole. 1 scmi-fmllill;inrhetorical
found the toumamcnl to be

1 criticism,

chairperson and 'lreasUrer.~tii'go

I •,I

.1,,., I " ·,

~IJI .. IIOY--, womea ad
'- ~ - · ,mall ~


Piogram Council's Twister competition did nol go off u planned, due
to lack o! participation ·

and 'Pellegrino made the decisioo to ' Ez.oa F. foe the tlaluler'a posL
pol1pone nominations for the sec.reAltbooab Saatiqo stated that she
tary position after it was detcnnined gave membcn foor wceb notice that
that lhc twO picoplc nominated for the nomination srocess would occur
that position were not prcscnL ,
at I.his mec:tina, rqiracntatives from
Nomi.gations for lhcse openings ooly 11 clubs IUmded, barely proare: Diego Portillo (International Stu· vidin& the. quorum DCCCISII)' for COP
dent Association) and Julie. S ~ nominationj to be made in accor•
(American Chemical Society) for the dance wiltt Its COGllibltiOG~·
~ Ilion · r-·c ~ Oreg
Theclectic:int"rdr'W' ~ecutivC
({jty And Lesbian- Alliance at Suf- b o a r d ~ aod 'tbe odmtnatinns
follc) and JuliC Sjoberg for vice chair- for sccrctary,. will OCll:Ur during the
~;~n, and •~o~~ nc identified ·as ~
;scheduled ~or ,A~! 6.



- ~ , . - - - compatt,d to thote ol UJU.
. v rsities wbcrc the tables and chain
seemed more "invitina;, appcalina.'l
AJthough some may coasider chc
oodJaadock• univenily'a .pcarchfli fri'#Olou1 ,
n Friday, -Mar. ~ d e fcdl &bll il..wu wdl' W'9flb
niution of a tho eslimaled $1-,,000 to $20,(K)()
llivenity' s caf- COIC·for a fffli l'OIIIOOI. She raaarpct
that the cafetai1 ll Ol1C of the few
ed t!ae boxes, "community UQI oo campm"·wba'e
u:1.dcd .. u, er- ltUdcata can aocialiae, nikina web
loWea aod pro- an area ~ IQ Cftllli.Da, within
ilo the ,Saw)'l;I'• the student ~
; a aen,sc of
~tMivi- campu1 . life It cocqmuter school.
IIObd OD with She bdicYa tbM lbc: rou.Dd lllb&a.


pen= ~;:_!&bl. ~
bM bath laltrac1ioa, c~:-!Cllll of
afler. ,a ..cafo."
• • ~ ,.·


1 .

Scllaoltaioo....,;todeod ...-

::::.::,. =:-'.w'!°!..:=

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fer i tudenta •llo inf:1u_ accd ~he

-- ·
r tbcb~~~

coatiawld,oa , . .·3


.'": :'-=

-~==t- . . .

. LJJiJtice;J::__

Student . Activities Office -- Student
Activities' Center, 2s ·oerne St. of'

Deadline ~ for


5:00, pm, Tuesday, April 18.


· Questions? · Call the Dean of Students
Offic.~ at 617-573-8239

ai.,;. -






1 :00 - 2:30

Prealdenl David ~ JOU 10 fflNt wtqt hlm
(no appolrrtment necesury) tam ........
suggest Ideas, and ttll him how JOU fNl lbout SVflotk.

..,....conc«n. .

Edllorllli . - -

• .

... ~ 1----------,,,j

PleaM Lib ldvant.age of thl opportuntry to 11peek wtm and mNl


E.-......itMleln, 4




Dean of · Student~ Office -- 3ri! floor,
RidgeWc!Y BUil~ing, 1~~-cambridg~ St.


lnald.lhe Joumiil



Applications for Student Speaker at
..,Commencement 1995 are now
available in the: '----


tur, llilu OIN Power ht tit# U.S~

Or;1e'lleacon Street - ~th Floor

llld....._lbalaomeilllel'all . .
The book concludca by
for memben o(Coaa,eu to use lbel,
positions to rally pobUc oppc:dMlt!

.......... than


by big buaiocu-. ' ..
Professor ~ it also the dircctor of l,lllduale IIUdica bl the 10VemI

ment clgianmcm • s.ffolk Univer•
aity, whies be wa RICClltly honored
for 20 yeal cl i"ervice. .

The Suffolk loumal

SufrolkForemics team
. .,..

Siift'olk professor's new

book shows impact of


~ lnto'fraternity.
a, G. L.·..._..

• "thrilliftl

~ealth on C o ~
John Be.ii, 1:io~estcr resident

oprric:nce.. bra.k:iDc to

- -=-- = -::r~::
.,..._. Ollfftam:ta

aeai-final1 al web a preatipous
. __ c'f'• u Lbe DSR-TKA oational





iaco dilll ......,, ODO COCIO·
,-. , - "'....,. pnc1potioa ill '--1? ~
,Sdolk ~iadDcled Into
tllll rr.r.&y 6acltde .Tad ~
MIIJa..ilplla. Earm: Colo. Ihm
Pacaell, Allaaliqlaa Mullel', Kevin

c-ou, _, VkbJ ..,,..,.._ or



..., Jrnul,:-Clar. 0.-.r. Rae,
ottd Jlt.,wr bl 1M U.S. Cot1frus. The
bcd aca, to exp~n bow politicaJ
equallty and economic ineqliality
lnunct to prodllcc a U.S. Congrcu
bedly out of tooch with the American

Program Council's Twister competiti6n did not go on as planned, due

rQUy great lunches!

to lack ol partldpatloo

Cantin~ from• page I
J""""'1 deal with us being at SO- at
..iflled a, an octo-fiaaliu in the the cod of the.semester. It was also
"-e compc:dtioo. and . • • -,ni- noccd tbM if the funds weren't spent
fialli. in c::uempermcom apeakina:; by lhlf~cime. lhcy would go back to
O,u.inalwn placed lo ~ semi- the uai\la'ltty. "In all bonclty, I want
fio.all ia rt.letorical criticiam; aad to IOC that money spent," die Aid.
WW. finiabed • a quaner-firalist
Members alJo S
tarted the ~
in debue.
of fillina executive board positions
dloN thll . . . iadloed. ,,__

la drle 10VUIDClll Pmtado 6111-


ec.,,a,, BaJ 1oob 11t the differcot


~ ■


ID ~ Sfnllfl«: Class Got·
thr, ltoce GIid Powr ;,. t~ U.S.

Rkbanl "'- Ibo m

fflCIOC' o/ udiv~ If¥~ KrllCc:n
aod Meg,ap:lltaa.u.iltaal lbe
team would also likc, th¥k Dr.
Vicki Karns for ber,.suppon and encou:n11ement- not to meotioo some


So P1ot1oos enc1 , ,... maaqe, ■ TABLES

eonunuec1 ·from

page i

!::::'~f~n~ ~


were C.YCr)' bit u nonnal u m)'()Oe.."

Fi,u in dw Mirror . written

and S11f1D1k Uaivt:nity proeea,cr of by Anna Deavere Sffl.ltb, .- black
~ IICllldy pat,tisbed Urt· . profmam' • Staaf'ord U~vcnity. To

UIUvenity ia New York to take society wu an "equally fulfillin1
plrt ia the Delta Si1m1 ·.RhcrTKA cxperienc~."
(DSR't), an iaili111tion ceremony
Pll,ten, competing in student confor tbo boaor. ~icty of Foremicl 'area ror the lint iaid the u:p6,
- ,
ricncCI WU both CKqfll\l ~ differnay .a.a competed U11 1bc u- e.(lt.
· 1 t i a - - - . ~ ... lldd • \
Tile tCMl w• -acooapuied by



buainea, small busineu,

Ille W-, movement Womeo and

and Pdlcgrino made the decision 10

Exon F. for the trcuure.r's posL

pos1pone oominalions for the secre-

Sanliqo stated that she:
gave mcmbcn (our wce&ootice tha1
the oominatioo process would occur

wy positioa after it was detennined the two people nominated for


that position were DOl prcsenL
Nominations for lhcsc openings

at this, representatives from
only 11 clubs aucndcd, barely providing the quorum ncca,sary for COP

dent Association) and Julie Sjoberg

Africaa,,Amcricans ~ repreaented
and coaclDda dillt iome intttes& an:
than others.
• The book concludes by calling
for mcmbcn of COl1lft!&I 10 use tbdr
positions to rally public oppoaition
to the dominatioa of our,govcm:ncnt
by bi& buslnca ,
Professor Bera it alJo the director of graduate studies iD the iovcm•
mcru dcpartmcllt • Satrolk Univcr•
sity, where be_.. rteentJy bonoR:d
for 20 ycan ol semoc.


nominations to be made in accordance with its coastitutiOO.
The electioni1'aiudi •€itCCU1

Diego Portillo (lntemational Stu·


Wedoeoday, Much 29, 1995


... -W foe

II« ,..y; orip,lly .•


Continued from page I


univct1ity'a 4cc:isi~. The fact that
the new Ulblca are easily folded will
also mau· lire much easier fO( orpniutions planniog to utilize cafeteria
space for special events. the DOied.
While Schmidc admitted tbllt the

c_ nimua.ity who hu cooductcd ou·.
mef'OUI tow1 or the. community for
acbools aad dlher poupa..
,. " It WU Sreat," Plotkiouaid. 1'hc

ldOn"' '° -

lltll IM·peeplo ohey callt.cria'1mD'tbemlr....-dio

one-woman show, she.. cooducled wen pol1tlymj were li\lUII, bft:ldi1nterv~s with ~ everyone in• in& human beings. Tbe)''-wi:U be able
volved in lhc ong1nal event, .from to brin1 IO much life 1o the pt!lforRabbi Joscpli S p i ~ ODtl ol the mancc now."

leaden of the Lubavitcher commu•
That her words an: true is evi·
nity, to black activist Al Sharp(on denced by Hei di Gillis, who
and rcviaioDist hi1toriu Leonard portrays both Rabbi Spi~an p.nct
Jeffria. Tbo JU)' conailta or 31 dif- Jeffries in the play. Prompted by a
ferent mmoloptl i.nvolving 26 di/- reponcr, Oillis, 1 oordic: blaade _
ferent cbaraccas.
tall, deader, llttrletive - shifts iDlO
AJtbou&h Suffolk SIUdc:nt ~ chU1Cter, She accurudy captures
atre bal IODC out of the maimucan'• stooped posture and
may timea durina Pk>lkin:'~ yeall • Ealc:r1I European-iiµpired speech.
~belm,FlruinlM ~ irror is some-- With only' • moment's besiLation ,
thina of 11treteh. That s exactly why she becomes Jeffries, complete
Plotkina w ~ lo do the play this whh "black Englist;i, accent and
"I'~, ~ to do a play with
. "I've studied t h e ~ ~ careboth Jewish'. 118d
themes for fully," Oilljs san~ once more,
yean," •YI Plotkiu, who is Jewish '"because it's important that we show
ud who h11_ • cousin of tbe the people as mcy arc."
LublvilChc:r commu.nhy. '!But I had
Cut member S\1%Sll.GC Beers, who
always besha&ed, becaus.e ·we have plays Rabbi Shea Hecht and black
so few swdeDu here (at Suffolk] '!'i'ho actiyWRkhardGIUD, "M«:t•



somewlw delayed rapoue to ber
plan in positive ltnnl. ..Suffolk ·is
conservative· and responsible.," Mid
She also emphuiu.d thal Ille
covered all tbe baa: iD ramidlina
well • the COil to the uaivenity.
..Tbese are no1 Rolls-Royce
coau.- Ille empbas- ...., 11t11
the SL LouJ1 mamd'actwa" partici,pated in • competitive biddinc po.
and pn:seolCd tbe' lowca price.
When asked wbetbcr she envisioned any olhcr improvemenu 10
the cafeteria or any odH:r area on
campw:, Schmidt respondecl by uyina "'- 'she was wis\ff'e llbou1 ful1her
projects unti1 ihe hAd more imi,tlt
from studcnta.

... ~~...., ;, . , .,...,.... ~- .::r~r.:r~;


they normaUy doo' t like to 1
hiok or
talk about," Plotkins says. '"The dis--

.it. ~
.w!th hatred aoo '.~ u.-~' ha'?fla~~
il" ·
_ _~nu~oo, ttiin~s thp1 are. ~
Firu Jn the llirror pulls nci
mg IO pn:vak:ol Ill our SOClcty,lEvand uneuincu
Cf}'OftC is able to get into iL"
l . , ~ ..,. ~
lhrou&h ,clearly
Still, ar rdie.aruli progrcued., - ma
clearly for some

.of the CHI , a you ng man frolb I by 1· discussion period with the
Angola, bu Jewish blood, I felt ~ [ memben.
~ to !ntrocNCe_C ..mcmbers] . ~ptaf ~ gto 's tart~le

(~mcrican Chem~ Society) for the
position of chhfrpenon, Greg La.iua

~ i:: ~=i~!mcnmc:= r; ~~~~::: ~!: ~ ~u~~~::::~t:: ~
chairperson and

S~_liago ~rson, and someone identified as

~ g scheduled for April 6.

,...- --,---...;'~ - ,. . . . ;- :...;.,~~-~~·
: . : ' . :. • -~'.. I',.<,,'

cuuions It the cod of the show will .
slve lhcm an ~tlet for thoae fer.:1-

(611~1;::,!,°'~~ I

1::': !~~';'::::tZ ;::~:mlbe::::;i'o:~

inas ."
Fins in the Mirror will be ~
scnted April 6-8 at 8 p.m. at Suffolk's
C. WaJ.t h Theatre, !li!li 'temple S1.
Tk:1teu· the aeoenJ pablic
and $4 Ior IIUdeota and amicn. 'Call

from an artide in the Je w i ~ .



Applications for Student Speaker at
Commencement 1995 are now
available fn the:


Student . Activities Office -- Student
Activities Center, 28 Derne St. or



1:00 • 2:30

. Dean of · Students Office -- 3rd floor,
_ idgeway Building , 148 Cambridge St.

Peadiln· , ..for applications
.5:00 pnr,'Tuesday, Aprll 18. ·


Questions? Call.the Dean of Stw<;!ents
Office at 617-573-82~9

Presfitenl David S.;,ent lnvhN )'Ol,I 10 fflNl with him
(no •epolntmenl l'IKeNll:J) lo Mk......._..,,._ concerns,
s uggest ldeu, Ind ttll him how you tN1 abo1,n Suffolk/ take advantage ol the opportunity to 1peu: wtth and mNI

One Beacon Street - 25th Floor

·c. Walsh Theatre~ D ~ by Marilyn Plow.;• April 6, 7, 8 • 8 pm

To order call:

$ 4 ·

The Suffolk Journal Wednesday, Match 29, 1995

~r'snew ■ = ucd fr§m


rnge - i


fhester resident

)ly JWO{euor of



fl how political
mlc inequality



rU: Cla.u. GMwr 1 tlu U.S.
! • the ditrcrcat
ama1f busb»eas,

: =::

women and

Mb by c:alling

1blic oppoaitioo
OW' govcnuncnt

1al.sothedireca io the aovems..trollt Univer-




mpact Of • J saw thal, allhougli they had a11i~- .._ ~

Continued from page I

~ ~'°:i1: ~ :
univcrsi.ty' 1 dcciaion. The fact lhat
enl way of living than I did. ·they Epclcin, a member of lhc Lubavitchcr ttie oeW tables lire easily folded will
were evt:ry bi1 u normal as ·anyone." . coni'\1oni1y who has conduC
ICd nu• al~ make fife mui:h easier for orpFins In Ille Miffor Will written mcrous tours of the community for r.izations plnnnina to utiliu cafeteria
s!)aCe for 1pccial events, she nolcd.
bf Allna Ocavcrc S~(lb, a black schools and olJp aroups.
Wh.ile Schmidt .&niucd thal the
cafet.crill "1-n'I beco l1lDO'¥:atcd in
one-woman ahow, she. conducted wcrc porvaytna were liviQ&, bft:ath. years," abc ponnyed the wli'fO"lity'a
aomewbat delayed reaponse. to her
';:~~ plan in positive liCrms. "Suffolk 11
Rabbi Jose~ Spielman, ~ ol the mancc 11ow."
eo111ervative and re1ponsible," aaid
leaders of the Lubavitcher commuThiU her words arc buc is evi- S'chrnidL
nity, to b1-ck activist Al Sbary,ton dcnccd by Heidi Gilli s, who
She also emphu ized that she
and revi1ioain hi1toriao Leonanl portn.ys both Rabbi Spiclman and covered all the .bases in reaean:hing
Jeffries. Tbe p l a y ~ of 31 dif- Jeffries in the play. ~pted by a lhc. manufacbucr aad the product. a
well as the colt lo lhc univen.ity.
fcn:at mooolosua involving 26 dif- reporter, Gillis. a nonlic blonde "'These ~re not Rolls-Royce
fcrent charxten,.
tall, 1lcndcr, attractive - sJiifts iDlo
costs," she emphasixed. notina tJw.
=~:tth!':~:~ ;~%::r~ .:h:10: ; : : ;~,~~:i:r:~ the St. Louis manufacturer panicimany dmet durioa Plotltins' years at Eas1
cm European-inspired speech . pated in a competitive bidiling-P'Othebelm, FlruintluMirro,is tome• With only a m.:>meot's hcsitaiion, ceu, and presented the lowest .P'flt·
thing ol a ltrelCh. That's c.uctly why sh·c becomes Jeffries . complete
When asked whether she enviPlot.kins wanted-to do the play this with "black Enaliab" accent and sioned any other improveme11.u to
the cafeteria or any other areas on
..I've ~ 10 (/.0 a play wilh
"I've studied the charactcn care- campus, Schmidt responded by uyboth Jcwiafi and &lobal 1hemes for fully," Gillis say.4,,Jicrsdf once more, lng that 1he was unsuf'C about furtticr
years," aa)'t Plotki'ns, who is Jewish "because it's important lhat we show projects until 1he had more impul
and who hH a cou sin o f the the people as they an:."
from s1udenu .
Lubavitchcr community. "Bui I had
CastmcmbcrSu.u.nneBeen, who ~ - - - - - - - - alway1 hesltMed, bccllse we have plays Rabbi Sl)Fa Hecht and black
so few swdcnu here (al Suffolk) who activist Rkhard Green, agrees. "Mect- Ibey normally don' t like to think or
are Jewish.
ing' J~ •pt0f1e she ponrays) is areaL talk about." Plotkins says. '1bc dis"But thi1 play is so global, be-- As an aclrcsl, I reel much better for cussiom Ell. the end of the show will
cause it deals wilh hatred and 'dis- having doriC it."
give them llJl outlet for those feelcrirnirwiOll, thiogs that are becom•
Fir~s In th~ ,Mi rror pulls no ings."
in& so prevalent in our society. 1Ev- punches. The hatred and uocasincss
Fira in IM Mirror will be pree,yone is abk: to gu inlo iL"
oii ~ sides ~ through clearly sented April 6-8 at 8 p.m. at Suffolk:,
Still, as rehearsal& progreucd, - maybe a little too clearly for some C. Walsh Theatre, !i!i Temple St.
·ptotkins felt a tiny IOfflething w•
membcnoflheaudicncc. lbat's why Tickets are S8 for the &encral public
miuing ... Becaule oo1y one member each performance will be followed and $4 for SIUdeDIS and ICruOl"I. Call
of the ca11, a youna man fro'71 • by a discussion period with the cast (617) 573-8282 for lnfonnation.
Angola, bu Jewish blood, I fell !I '. memben.
This article wu putialcly reprinted
llOOdod to ~
ntroduce_[cast" mcmbcn)
. ~ plaf it~& to start ~P.le from an anicle in the Jewish A.dvJ.

:r==~~~~~;: ~':::::=~!;

~=~;~ =



The ftrst batch of spting releases are_


...... mddy~-.


• c:hillils



tbeme cm' t mab _ for

Hollywood uoleuhed ill finl io tbo ~
a,oup ol,mori:a 'for tbo Sprioa - 11lo lklry IOCI IO P ! ' , ~.IO
aoauitboi.tlDOIIIIL11iefilmlare 1111Dc.djm.aa~vil-



1-t,-r,tboa-lc~ tobc• IDClllled PM1-'11ie~cal.sotrica
aplail1 1tnag1c..
bard 10 be a film ia it''s OWD ript and

Dclpitc two ~itiaua and di-

_,. /olcoa,;a, ~ ...... ~~,'I'"!pcdliaoillairlJ.......--milLTbe

DOt just

i aeipaeJ but it eocal1.y cootra-

dliu )"'11 ~t~,o/;'J ..,,..,..


~inliS!,ofrdcascafromthe "' wmcbpavathcwayforathirdmovie.
Jmt. darce weeks.
9RADE= B1114eaway
- An eJtce_
Calbone humap.. drama
This '"other side" thriller is baled
on best selllog author Deap. R. made bcUcr by" i n ~ ~yal;I by ,
Koontz suspense oovd. The movie Kathy• B.•lel' and Jea~!el' :1Hqn
hu some decent comestcr acnentccf Lci&b- The film ia.~ Y crafted
special•dfcct1 but in the end it is all and euminea the dysfuactianal famjust really loud and flashy.
• ily wi~t ever ~ ~ I the
ne ltOl'J ccotcrs oa a man (Jeff revdaticm.-ilh comy seobmeGL
Goldblum) who dies lP a car accident
The movie is a qithfu.l adaptaand is brouJht back to life. All of this tioo ofS&even Kin,a's.i:iovcl and boasu
seems like a w0oderfuf minicle bu,t breadl&ak::iDc pbotopipliy.,:',The sfory ·
~ soon discovers that be hu m)'lle-, is ,iivetiq and CAcldnK'°and.lhc audirioua connections to a paychotic eace memben<i;II find" ~Ives
tti hia family in jeopardy. complc:cely eqraucd.. _
The daupler-1
by MTV video sensation Alicia however. Delora Claiborne is DOI a
Silventonc, who metdy smlrb her feel:aood film . It make1 viewera
way throu&h an airbcal;I role.
"think about the ~ in
By Dena Barilano
The film sacrifices suspense and all hu·manlty and eJtposa the rav/
scares in favor of apid-aip viaual emotional prcsellf. in all of us.
llWltl and almolt tilowl il .0 iD lbc 11lia ia a __. 'witb lcu of power
Soon ycu woo' 1 have to leave the
eodwidlialameTinkelWl--f~ whic:11 dlaerwa to be seen.
comfort of home to visit Newbury
the wodd eading.
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Newbwy Comics will be hittin,

Newbury Comics hits





Tobe Hooper (""TIie Tes.u
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filmbotcd"ooaSo,plloolCllcSlor)' ud thia is strictly
laror ~ film - Colaad Sam
Ilaida. MD.
>;., ~fanatica onJy.' .
A moatly campy.:flk:t abo9I a
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The pn,dumoa ad ,podaldf,cu . . . . . . .... .
uuc pilty pleasure . . . . . . . . . .


Walsh Theatre• D i ~ ·by Marilyn "
Plotkins • ~prli 6, 7, 8 · 8 pm

To order call:

and Ted Levine and• oddly a-.,,



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our own 1ood. Otllu bi1 u.mes

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An aceUeat flick that ii defi.

Accon:lina tel
lhcW~._ site w
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ala and promol
ever, Ille u:aiqu(
lite info,
the World Wide Web between May music scene. ,
l!i and JUJ'lC I this year.
By the end c
Back in 1978, Newbury Comics plan to have a
was1 a amaU store at lhc fat-eod of oa-linc fcarwinj
~ SUcel near ~lwseua and merchaaditc
AYCDDC tdlina: comics a:nd different on ,Bwue mm.ic
kiadl oi p11adc with more promote md crei
mt&sic a:nd,~
bandl ih their invcn- , cizing mlWC; of
tliry. Similar to the Record Runner in which w;ill be •j
New. York City , word of mouth uJJCOlllina Newt.
l@l100 Bean Town made them one store,,'Od preac
of the best placa to look for vinyl ouUeu.
imporu. and bard to find music a:nd
The Wet, Sik
merchudise the other stores jus1 pages"~i,.,.
didn't carry.
Today, Newbury Comics has abou1 their CO,.
e•panded the original store . into a wtius with an ou
chain &ellina a wide variety of music, tribu1ioa, since

:::1:::.:%~m=; ~ ~
locations Doc Martens. The smile
face askew 1ymbol, is now well
lmowo all over mc1ro Boston, and
New Hampshire, and they arc working oo. fu111re plans to open a Loodoa


Serocta ma

a amall handfal
with and u tho



The future of comics as art, entertainment, and going on-line?



tllcle areia. Traditio•Uy rcadln ol
comlca bave beea uereocyped. al-

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The.ftrst ba~h · t'sptu.g releases are a mixed ~ag

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Hollywood unleubed iu first i.ntbomo.vie.
poup of;moo,iet for tbc spnlll ~
-Ulltbelaltmoath.l'bofilmsart: mab CaindymaD • sympkhctic vilall fiplioa for ~ box nl- Wa ud (~ the . . put succeeds
ftce doDan and witb-lal61: down from witbpippna:Oaahbld,~hiJlor·
lat ,_., tbe b.ale kN;lkJ lO be an mceud put. Tbe movie al10 trics
bud to be a film lo it's own ril,bl snd
upbill ltN,ale..
Dclpitc two ambitious and di- ootjust. ,cqueJ but it totally COQtm·

from the


which paves


This ..other side" thriller is based
on best sclli n& aut ho r Dea!' R.
Koonl.z suspense novd. 1be movie

way for a lhlrd movie.

Dtloni CWboroc
An e1tceptional human drama

made better by intense portrayals by

Ka thy Bates and Jcnn,ifer Jason
hu some decent computer genc:rattd Leiah. The m.m is brilliantly crafted
special dfocu but in the end i1 is all and ·uamine:s the dysfunctional fam ily without ever sugar coating the
just really loud and Dashy.
1be story centers on a man (Jeff revelations with comy aentimcoL
The movie is a faithful adaptaOoldblum) who dies in a car accident
and is brou1ht back 10 life. All of this lioo of Steven Kina'• novel and boasts
seem, like a wondcrfu1 miracle but bn:alhlaking pbot~liy": The Slory
be sooo discovers thal be bas mystci- iJ iivc:tina and excitina and the audirious connections to a psychotic eoce members will find \bcmsclves
his family in jeopudy. completely
The daupter'·I
gel' IS

scares in favor of acid-trip visual
.aunt1 and almost b&ows ii all ia die
end with a Jamcl'inkc:rt,dl-fairy-uvcs
lhe world ending.




Tobe Hoope r ("The Tuu
Owuaw Mauacrej du-ccW tlait

filff\lw«I.OO•S~K;.i' story and this is strictly_ for honor
• fanatics only.
· A· mostly campy Dick &boot a

pouused foldina macbilie wbicb
JObbles up 'assemb(fl ~ worbn: lD

spcc:ial effocu keep dm fmm beiDc •
uuc·guilty pleasure bal the billrioul
pafonnaned from Robert Eql,md
and Ted Levine and 'an oddly miepy
armm,pbc:re provided by Hooper, DOl

,_ ~ I ~ budget lime WIiia'.

C-, Nu: Fartwell

to Ille
A IDlid ma-I w~h chankNlly
.,......,itlllf10tu.nililaiuYill,jo- ■ -c:actmapme,how


(eel-aood film . It mikes viewers
think about the secras harbored i.n
all humanity and e1tposes the raw
This is' a drwna with lou o( ~ r



1'hil is • mm hued oa. aecrets
the IO'ICftlDID hides: and the people
wbo cae 'moap to dia !hem ouL .
Ow.tin HoffmadQsbn •in this
power...-:kcd film u Colood. Sam
Danids, MO.
It ls a movie about• lcuoas and
COIDfllianebt to life and. IOCictJ U a •
w)ole.. Not oo!y do. • -cacom~
the -~
tclati~P. aoae _bad,
koao ~~ It ~ the Viewer
oa • .~ Y Ul w~ be cads up
~ D I the likelihood of govcnuncnt ,ectt:U. U '
Ai; many ~ wu ' - ~ rca1
lO believe. V i ~ left the cmema
with •. -11-~10 ~ !9Y f ~
and W1~ one monel of lnW ID
that the msJier powcn ~ out for
?ur own good. Otber ~11 names
1nclode, llcllle lt-..o. Morpn•~recman and Kevin S~y.
An excellent nick thll II dcfi-

~ :C-


s:CC:,': ~:C·~

$_upcrmaa. or lhe other super-bero inas. .
comic books."

litlr;i" proclftOCd by major .companies
DC's service on America OnHe also men,!l~ncd the hi&h
inchldiD1 DC Comics and Mv_el. Lioc has i n f ~ .,C their cur- ~ similarity of the demographics in

Th~Wllll-·PJe<!.-~ ~ • ~ = • old


foUowtri1~flallhful-(o, ..... , ..............

en,roucd. ·

by MTV video sensation Alicia
Silventonc, who muely unirb her
way lhrough an airhead role. ·
The film sacrifices suspense and



foUowiaa in or rclcascs
put tbn,e weeks.

boob," com.-cd Michael ' Leib,

thoua)r tbhacc:mstobccbao&ina•
m.ipt not have real.itcd there are lilhina • 0C Comics.

• Today's comica. ans CClllliimi• to alba' comics besides the mai.natrcam,
'.l1m oo-liae acrvice is bein& ute4 f811t • tbe. mcdham.
Kane co,nmented, "J• pcral
transform 1'1.pidly witb DO end to the mpu•bero ,offerinas. A major &<>al by, De Comk:i to aive their fut a
coa1t1nt cbaDcini • dpl. Th& ci- ofbilcoatirwca1obe, "To1Pvepeopk: ca..»ata~tbelc:c:aMlook." they ft Ulllllly male, akbaup ~
~ fcma1c:s. I 'ilon't want to uy it's
.......... ....... but 1 ... _
term. ..S odien .-bt- people· who aeva- read ·CCl'IUCI and .,._ are ablollllely lovin& it. "Leib
35 ... T-,Jor noted demopapbkaUy
inc their prodDdl wicb spcclfic im- _,,.., bey look it's a muvdously rich uil:I.
'hiJ WJet audience IIIOll libly would
continue to t,e cdlaeMed pooplo be-agca.::..:
~ i c a way
publicapodlaclna1n111martdccicomk:aare ~•Hatc," . Elamt,all,•"DirtyP101," oa-line service which editon read tween the aces of 20 and 30.
Taylor i1n' t familiar with tbe
~ D I oo-lloc, _paviaa the way aod ochers carried by ma.ny stores. and rcspoad to dcc:tronically. ".Read·
iato ad1zNdja. Mcawbilc. tbere "But they are always hiddco, and en klYe the rapport with tpdr edilors. major comics compuk:s' on-Uae
COdlmlllll to be aomewr- ,;! ID ex- always dwarfed by the enormous Before cm-line the oaly way to bilk to olf~bul(cdalh■--­
p&ou.. powtb of. mmy anisalwrit-• Volome of superhero comiCs." He a favorite edilor wu you spent nics who daminatc tbe induslry, tCDd
en Nlf•Jmbli&bia.a: their own ,vort. also acmow~ publications like S20.00, weni to a conventioa and 10 produce a product or an imqe
What dam It all mean?
his an1 tryiq to CMVC out a marbl- look a chance. 8\lt GOW you don' I 111lber than an an form. 'Ibis -su·
Comics draw from both visual ing nicbie for lbemlelvca, bccau,e have to leave the comfc.t of home," men« continuc1 to be volatile wilh
varyin1 depea of opimooa croas-and wrlam duciplmcl, and they may currently there isn't ooc.. 1'bo 4
be' addDd. •

J.Pa over, ddJatina if c:oqlics are sack•'
YUJ ..Ube tbc·ocw, up and coming, stacla to ovucomc arc tho milrqleLab alio ftels comic boob
artistic medium of the decade. much seruatioo of comicl u being chic.Oy subcullute. and people communicat- aged imqa. •imply pn:,dDcu of a
likc lhc music .vidoo re¥olulioniud for: childff;n or being lhallow," Tay- ing on-line ni&ht1Y atJRut comics is corpon1e indlastry, or IJ"llly an. forms
both ftlm and television in the 80'1. !or said.
bccomina another emdging subcul- W1to tbcmselvcs.
Oh, I always thought that com•
1 Comics may become diverse
What about the new infonnadon I toj-r, as well. , 1,
epough;> ta conli~ lbeir ~MIJN Superman doesn't I JI In tbf ~ut~ ..he predicti they facttbat
e1tabli1hed f1111 , while expanding hive u)'tJnna to worry about, but will be COffltJll m~ togctbcr, ..And pc0Ple who wriic comics believe dleir
and drawina in readers with diverse what abool tbeae new, independent in tum because of being on-line, stories are the art fonn1, which I
intereslS from more untraditional efforts? Forays~uuo technology arc peoplewillbedrawoinwbowen::PO( believe too. They write apccif,cally
to them, and I think I . IOl of <liffc:rcnt
backgrounds. Soon someone who currently iii place for the major com- previoosly intcreltcd in oomics.."
has never read a comic book before. ics publishers, and this fflay have
He also bc.licvcs on:linc services artists in comics come from doina
might find them1elves open to a serious, long terf\] impaccs on the I like 1he1e will have a positive, Othe r thirias, and cvolvina:" 1aid.1,,
graphic novel or wads of comic art. industry. DC Comics has a "ful l• growth ifflpact on the indu1try, KanC. •7hcy want to create the art;·
Generally wlid .you say "com fledged" on-line service. lloW on, "Main\Y hc:bi,sc of the com~,!ladon
tell ~1~;:n.~~~~
be ~;
iC5" mosc peop1 !iastant11 o~ while Marvel l)as. some limited offer- or ~ e Who et1jl?)' compu1t:r1 and

Newbury Comics hits
BJ Dem Barisano

Soon you won't have 10 leave lhe
comfort o( home to visit Newbury
Newbury Comics will be hilling
the World Wide Web be.tween May
IS and June I thi5 year.
Back in 1978, Newbury Comics
waa 1 a small store at the (ai'-end of
Newbury Street DCar Massachuictts
~vepue Idling comw:-1 and diffuent
kinds of: inusic with more alternative
muaic aa,d local b8fKb in their invcniory. Sidliiit to the Record Runner in
New York City: word of mouth
around Bc:ai, Town made ~ooc
of lhc best places 10 look for vinyl
imports, and bprd to find mUJic and
merchandisc· lhe other s tores jus1
dijn'1 carry.
Today, Newbury Comics has
e1tpandcd the oriainal SIOl'C in10 a
chain a wide vantty of mu.sic,
comics, Olber cutting edge merchMdise including toe shirts, and in some
locations Doc Manens. The smi le
face askew symbol , is now well
known all over metro Boston, and
New •Hampshire, and lhey are work-

According to Newbury Comics
ln1Cr1Clive employee Ashley Scroaa.
the Web site will be I source of
information about New_buty Comics
salc:t and promotional events. How·
ever, the unique feature about the
site will be information on the local
music scene.
By the cod or the summer, they
plan to have a "fuli•ffedaed" s1orc
on-line featuri ng alttmalive music
and merchandise with I special focus
on BOiton m~icians. The aoal is to
promote and create awan:OCU publi•
citing mUaiC ·of theae local artists
wrucb wjU ~ av.tlable through the
upcomln& Ncwbucy Comica on-line
store, and presently at q>cir reiail
The Web Site will include "'minipages" with bios of lhe BOliton musi•
cians, photographs, and infonnalion
about their CDs. Also providing lhesc
1Uti1t1 with an ootlct for. national distribu1ion , since comntly, m1t11y of
them do DOI have an .outlet for national distribution. •
Serotta also noted, 1'hcre will be
a small handful' of bands to start out
wilh and u the lite arows we hope


:'!c°:1 future plans 10 open a London



rrias:J,111lm.cted boob.
ics and their various imprints includ-,
tAot« to Ian Canc!P~ r -'""'1ng: Vcrtiao, lhcir mature readers
maoa1e,>or Newbury Com;c, ;. line, Mod Maprine. MHcatooe Mo-"
Peabody, '1'bc people who buy com- ~ ud the new Pando• imprinL
in , ifi. Tbcrc are also advaoccd previews,
callJ IO p1 1h: conaics, to 1et it ccr• and other spec nott
tain title. Or people who collect com• available until lhe actual DC books is
ics. l · don't usually sec pt.ople who relc.ascd.
just boy' tllcm on a whim."
"The mullimcdia field has be·
He did add tbcrc arc ~ional come the hottest area for coink

:=-~:-=~~:cu:,= ~----------.Hoirevcr; Kane doesn'l"bolievc com- ■ NEWBURY
ics ·arc • 1poncanc:ous purchase, bu1
~lirtued from page, 4
rather people who buy them have


Jcf:Ta)"hx' is the cdilodpoblisber
of an independent, ~ y . c:omka
p u b ~ Don '1 Sito« It's Only
Comie4 He llf'CCI saying many com•
ics en~ufiuts do, rcp~y· ~!•it _a


::v: ~::g.: ~
thc:tr "culturt."

: " : ~ly~
repraentative of the diY'Cl'Sity ol che
local aca,o_. which wiJI ~ .aive tbc
r:esa ol the COUDIJY a feel fel'
happening in 'Bolton.
Currently, mUsic.~s who will


include Lew::n to ~ Tbc Dambuildas, Machinay Hal, Bim Stala
Bim, Tree, Mary Lou Lord, Scback,h,
and Missile Thrush. •
· Two local compilaliom fcawted

arc"MassAvc.-," wbidliJarciuuc
of early Boston puu: blDdl: ad a
compilation from the local stadk,
and label Fort Apache, '"Thill ii Port
, ~



· willbe:loqop;/IWWW......,.-.
or for~iab'mfloll . . . ,...


.. '




continued oo paae 10



F ~ S T A N N u·A L

Ttie FUil !-MSJ' ¥ Suffolk University ik&Jth and Wellness Fair will

be l■la ng plaa,on Thmsdoy. M■n:h 300t from 11 om· 3 I"" in
Ridgeway Gym. ,j.c
scntativcsfrommedicalapd.hcalth/~llncssorgani:tati0ft5throughout the Bostpn area.
. .



All of the participating groups wiU i;,c: providin&sencraJ infonnadoa,
Alf S uffolt University day and evenin& s t ~ u and all staff and

facally membrn ll'C invited tollop by and vial the wellnca Fur.
Wellopelhlljijilwillvmtadenjoytbec............ helpfulmd








Lookin' for·love So long, and thanks for
·all th~-~
says Jun .
- A_
@ OB


went u, Propon\Ccw>cil's Twistu

· . .
. • · Somcdliq lib f O!I, ofll>ocntire s.Jlbllc
body CYCD )'Oled in tbc recent SGA elections.

slp. Y.eoh.
1be issue of ..,.i,y II Suffolk bu been IDddcd
be(~ in·tbil space, in opiaioq pieces by various Jountal

r f"'umniltsova-lhcyears,inmcdioaronoaandstodcnl .
~ acuvil)'officcs, iDroomsseiasidcforrecruitmcntdrivcs,
and iD front of thc·Pentoo building.
Sure. there are plenty of students who~ involved
hereat Suffolk. They lad up cqanif:&doa.a. plan activities. llkOd spons cW:nta. ioieoeraldodwiason campus.
-.dclaaes. do bomewort,andholdjol>s.


projecu...-jobsio-..enck .-and poy for all or

, t/i;s.we·r a . i ~-




Sounds like a good excuse to blow off some

"' Ocer on the Rams, try to beat the APO team at
Twister,joio the College Republicans and do whatever it
' is they do.
Abortion: the great moral question of our time
In short. have fun .
Dear ~tor
DCl!IOCratic 1,ov,ernor of thcvut~Jf~
Tbal's whll these student activities arc here for.
t,.~ '•si,ffollt. Journal 's Pcmsylvania. bu poinud out attitudeapwt Y10lencc solv•
: lbcy' n:. notan chore to add to your already
edhocial regarding abortion that the abortion p>Sition of ing • mcnl que&t}~,
, o't'Clburdcncd load, or an extra assignment to wade
'· - ·
• ints: the the Democratic party has
Tbal. of course. is what
•· 'through (although we have to admit, it feels just like that,
'··.. ooproductionnighthcreatthcSuffolk.JolmlOl, butthal's ,
in ~bl_
: :'.
mother editorial). They are~cbuc:e to havC,l9fflCI fun,
Jhoutdrt,l~cularl\11 •


.~SutroltUnivenily afu.Uer,rich2'cxperieooe.
, ""

ttj:-< i f M




distwbing, considering that rri would ha~e Ac;!~idered
a,lh-Oml ethnic Catholics hav~ be.4', ' ~ rellgiou.aly
a,,olition'have had ooe of lhc strongest groups ists or







- - · Sulfollc .......... ud mala, yontlime hen: at .




Repubticani'~ 1l consecu- Rohen Casey

WH not al- Joumal have COOli'
tivelaadstidedeciiom(l980, lowed to speak at the 1992 J,. ~ ~ - ..·biu,t olhura ~~~
~ 'm '
19". i9'8) witli 1 J)f9---life Democratic Convention. So
plad'oma:·· NtWJ' wtelt. in ils much for a tolerant Demo- sade againat sqrtgltion and
el~ifoil'n:ci:p ISIUeS or 1988 cratic pany and a "big tenL" £or civil rights?
and i992 Jlblnted out that We now know that "big tent"
Probabl1 oot.--Tben why

1.domg,there'Ubemorehandltodoi.t. anditwillgctdooe
~1ot quicker,IOdalotcasier.
Andwe' Ual.Jhavealotmorefundoingit.



"You couid be sure that Matlock

ooein\.P,l lhcm."

- Prolt:aor Zattt, in Cbemisuy
high ~ds of sodium in bot ~


~ !;uib:,;r.~ cqua,!:_::0 eof into!f ~:·

wbo"consi&:rca abonion to erant Christians, 99.9'1, of
be oai ot"ihc riiod important Christan pro-lifers coniauea. Did thc S,tfollt. l our- dcmncd the honible actions
na/ miss the rclcction rcsuhs or John Salvi. Cardinal
_ of_NovClUbcr· 8, 1994.? ?(Ol O'Connor of New Yock has
<x:,c pro-life incumbaru lost.
stated that it woold be better
. In fact, W pro-lire challeng- for someone who was coners de£eated pro-abortion templating shooting an aboradvocatea..
,. - ti~st to shoot him instead.

lab, dilCUSSing the


.~,lf'_t ..._.. __

1 ..


to sit down and diut up
when it coma to abortion?
There ii i.n&o&amcc and ig•
norance on the ,abort.ion is•
sue, however, it iJ moie likely
lo come from someone es•
pousing the oditoral position
of the Suffolk Journal.
Frandl J. Gorski

ease,_ lh< ronn"_ -_.__,.. ••-·"'.,ow,.....•_ , _ ___... _,._ u_.,_.,
_ .____
~ _._m_
hi_ ,oo
a_dua _ ._, a,_


The Suffolk Journal
By the ~dents, £or the students, since 1936
~...iii ..



Dan Coak.Icy, Editor-in-Chief
Chrisli&n Engler, Mana&lnl Edilor
Kan:11 M. Counney. 9us1aeu Manager
Ryan.Foley, Spont Bdll:or
Enkine Plummer, PbMo 6di1or

Mike Shaw, Eucutive. Editor

Ron Vieira. News Editor
Ju.still Orioco, Entenainment Editor
Jim Behrle, Col11mni11

pr. Gerald Richnwi, Adrisor

Norine Baciplupo. Jownal Coasullant

l '--'-'•-~,.._f//,,a-W-Sr,,-.dru_.,rwfU'Mln.711,s.,,.M.Ja,al.__.,.....
~ft,":Z-:..w.._..,,.,.r:.":'t;.=:,,':.r~":.~Z'"" -=:;-.,::"'~
7111'~'-""' Js d l t . . . . , ~ro}s..t,oljU.,.,,,,ky.b& l.. .-iubfl/dltl-,wt_,,,.M,_.,,.




oJl"'IIHrllql'O~I C - - , . . , _ _ _ _ . , , A

==-o,nq/l.. ~hw,,a/','4lorlaJ/l«k7,.-,ro1lat~,a.~~ ~--.........,

~ - •Bos1on,Massachuae11a02114,


~ and llllOQyniQ.US.

/ Great!" I wjlh 1
huF.,srin on my It wa:s
jui t ' what I needed. My
drcau would finally come
~ I ~ d fi¥Uy iatciact

o'f modem tecbnolo&Y, my
. Vol_ces ofSuffr,lk

What do you !blnk

TheSujfoll(Jomul w~.Man:1129, ·1995


Lookin' for love

and tlianks for
·all the gyros, says Jhn-:z

Mike -~ W ~

Jim B e h r l e ~ thcenlire family. I often take ... not.o n l y ~ y~mooey,
~1 was u._; derlini~a my my tw<>i,~ , Susan aµd°Bar- you 're waatin1 your_ life-.
favorite _pauages fro·m bara, for a, bite after their Rounder,
"Dianetics" during my bar- ~ rourcs ire dcioc.
tabJes? Somctimca. lhe Dc!i
hopping to ur of DisneyAl the Oerne SL Dell, ia so· crowded, you have lO
world. Sixteen tcquilaa later, they treat you better than til in oiher people'• lapt.
Tink~U.aau.ntercdoverand family. · They treat you like Tallr. about gcuing: 10 blow
sat on my lap, spreading her mob bosses.
other students!
little fairy love dandruff ev·l'"'e spent over 700,000
Tbo Demc SL•Deli ii the
erywhere. l guess that "wish- hours in the Deme SL Deli, only ._place on campus I'm
ing on a star" garbage works when I should have bcc:o in gonna miss. lo fact, il'a the
after all
m)' classes" or out finding, a only place I can ever remcm- .
Then, suddenly , ii oc-· job, lnfacc..mcandmy'wife• . bergoing. AllofmySuffolt
curred 10 me that Sprin g • Rosa. Lopez, were married mCmorie1 revolve around
Break· at Suffolk was one~ behind the Counter of the large Italian subt, cans of
week, not two.
Deme St. Deli, during · thC dictOrPepiler,aodOYROS
lunch hour blitz.
Now I've failed out of all
"Do you take this womnn gueu I have sclcctive thcep
my classel, and will graduate 10 be your wifer
mcai. ' memory!
about thesametimcthatKato
"I do."
You can have the rest of
combs bis hair. So long, di"Can you pass me a nap- it back! Gimme the Deli!
ploma! Hello, tf11ilcr pert!
So.Before I dedicate my
The Deme St. De)i is deal with Nick, tbc" owner
life full-time to. eating ldog- much; much more than food. and proprietor-.of· lhe Dene



lookiaa for

ideooty wou1d become nothina morc _(hao 11 jumble of

loYc'l Well I awe am. I'm the. electronic impulses and I
looetie1t,dam.piyoothecam- wou1d join the masses.
pus. I'll do just about anyµpo!'. loggini oo, I
thiP.C for a ijttlo actioo...evcn '"walked" in10 the first few
aiuf,throuah the Iof9ffllatioo room) that caught my eye.,
Superhighway. That'• why C88er to meet all or these

~bortion: the.great moral question of our time

I'm now itiukiq God for eaga women. But, alas, lhe
America On Uric (AdL)t
Sunydz., ~HPYMNs that
• J wu strapped for time reside" in the Christian Fel~ y . I bad about three lowship room weren't ex' writta1 awgzimenlS' tq make actly happy 10 heai from a
up.for Profeuor Mott's Into- gUy who was "looking for
grated Studi~, and no love."
book.I to do it 1jth: ao I
hooked up wi(h my good Only room. But.tho&e Amish
friend Bryan outside BU' t people aren't exactly what
library. I wu bopi.og · that in you and I would call horny...
this foreign envirorulwll. I
AfterthM I checked in to
could study a little easier, what ml friend called my
few gins wOUld give -" bet." It was the Sensual
me a doub~-take. and I could Talk room. Here tbc:R was
find the suingth to go__on ~ a bup jylnble of erotic



8 :sw=-::e-lbe ::r~~=~• l O =::id=•~~~; :~oo;:e~:cultuJll~xpo-,,:.~ :• .!ea~



1SIUel of 1988 cratic pany and a "big tc.nL"
t that · We now know that "big tent"
about equals pro-choice.
As •for the issue of into!:~
atiortlon to erant Christians, 99.9% of todaj to sit down an shut up
ffl~ importam Christan pro-lifers con- when it comes to abonion'?
ll&lel., Did the Su/folk l our- dcmncd the horrible actions There ia intolctanCe and igtal miu !he ielcctfon rcsullS of John Salvi. Card inal norance on the .abortion is,LNovembei 8, 1994.? Not O'Connor of New York has sue, howe'(cr, it is mor'C likely
to come
someone espousing the editonll position
:n defeated P:ro-abortion tcmplating $h~ng an abor- ci the Suffolk Journal.
idvocatea. · '
lionist 1 shoot him instead.
Francb J. Gorski
· ~Cucy.~fofl)\Cr Thlsstatementshowshis.ang
G[a~uau stude11t.


~ and anooym.QIU.
· "Oreatl" I said with a

r:~c~~::u!:gt: ~:a~: :~d!:~o~~

juii ' what I needed. My
dreaml would finaJly come
- '
true. I could fin:aily interact

. Dr:Oenld Rkhman, Advi50f

· ---- -

· Norine Baciplupo, J ~ Consul wit


,-..-•-r(/1«1Lllou,t~J}•ltYrJftr.ul,uor/wfWWlJQIN.. T/w.ftilb4J--'-6 _ _,,__

~~~'"::~. ~ ~~~~"::;~~ :C--=:'~

Sb8ot •Boston,Massachusetts02114 •Ph<>no&Fu(•~

evenH~..:~ _ _"!"'lhor.1 ~
_,.,....... ....
........-v ~ eoomted oflittle
.. _·

continued on page 8


YPP.d ~c~ U¥f L, ·i1. ! ! P . ! . _ ~ ~ _
~~~eliitiir •
~-!frtl bwu:
ain't ~


• •~or,-, puday
Trotsky-look aiib. DOI

tollebmicdUltbe '•i•vc~amaak


Wha~ do you·~l1ink of.


Th~ Suffolk.Journal

. n.t..f4iiM"-"""bW~-.., of~Uld.-..,/Jy.lils1/w...tu,_ qf,-"S.,....._.,.,_,,rovfM


Voices ofSuffO~

By the students. f0r the st_udents, since 1936


grin."'lbcTcm. R?ODL"

of modem tec~ology, my


Dan Coakley. Editor-in-Chier"
ChristiaoEfl&ler,MaupnaEditOf .
Roo Vieira. News EditOf
Karen M. Courtney, 8:F.aess Manager
Jllld.n Orieoo, Enlertiinmen1 Editor
Ryan Foley, Spocu: Editor
,Jlm ~ Columnl11
Erskine Plummer, PIIOtO Editor



,:r .. .y e t ~- _ L
idea. '"there'• one more, place,
cbance,/' Heuidwillunevil . · 11

·::ir~J~~~= ,., ·


' ! ' ~ But I ~&I Dot io

1--- --"-,
Jr. intolenmtiobitmora\cru•
sadc agaill9l seareg8tion and
Probably not. Then why

• such ¥,. ~ ~ ;_J



Robert Casey was not allowed to speak at the 1992 18y aood-~ to the
only Placi\.l'v~ ..'net ' ~




disturbing, considering that ra/ would ba~C, ,C
ethnic Calbolics hav~
, the reliJi~Y ted,~itionooe of the urongest groups ·
· in the Oemocntic base. ll is


Bigun76: " Hey, any
horny wo·men out there?"

Ooc ~


' Thi11'sbouldrbl'Jiartjcularlf''


Just from hao&inl out in
the Demc St. Ddi, ( lmow

Ply liYin, mom. Wbool That
ougbta ,o\ve my late night
try· ~f~~f
Hfobb5 "I' m ready for
. . am• ~
-and I am~ ,_ Join the 0cme ~ Qcli1
... c'ybeisex ?" I asked. •ic Any good-looking women
of you,'" '"Wllicti dlu,hter k mambo Une, baby! Gyro"Wbai..s that?"
,bould jcsp;,nd ....riow."
. to yc,ur litmar IDlf1-"9{.c:iidd mania ii S
ffe looked at me kind of
$llt00lbbce:·"'Where aie .
J~ you l i k e . ; ~ on tbatr.
·5o, I'll miss you all is 1
funny, and _PJ'9CrCC(lcd to tell"' you1t
0:11 '· ·
Every "time I 'CM;• IYfO embark oa my new life of
wonders thal" t , ManlyS: .;Help! ,l r ~, ~
.Hill.,, ~
. 1
•·fflllll•~Sl:iDeU.l1 ~ ~1Drthumtiud· cudem
any luckless single man'could womeql"
• .
_ ~~fi~ '~OJY ll UMlpOrtld
"'Macie 0yro •· dlliwln blankdsl , YOO•~ all
On~ ip~~~- IJ.~:,o.
that you get lbc _ D e ~~'!'rr
land,'" where ,tJle '"Gyro. , bieiaapccialtomtibllUotu
tol.a me) ~ of incredib\)' i~ -rncrewereju5123 des~ 1~ ~ N , ,
the.lawialy . . -:

-. • .
pciate aura, and not one
and,1, mud, Youaa-1WUUiallba ofa ,l)'f0.,1

Bry came up with a good
idea. "Hey why don't you

Democratic &ov,c roor of thevast~~-9.f,f:ttristans·
Penns)'lvania, has pointed out attirude apmst Violence solv that the abortion position of ing a moral'qu.cuj~.
That, of ~ is what
the Oeffl.ocratic pany has
driven millions of C81holics
awar from itood~on da~ . .·

:!l~~:1!;:tt~: =:c::~


°! ~-ne:.!·




for1et about> the
cafeteria. ..You're


-a,ni. -.

. . . . t.ile'-

ltnob.~.. t!




The Su/folk Joutllll Wcdiadly, Mardi 29, 1995

·Lookin' for love
Mike Shaw~

ideoti[X would become noth- Jim B e h r l e ina ,nore than··a jumble of
I was u; derlinina my
>1Uc impulses and I favo r-ite pauaaes from
would join the masses.
"Dianelica" during my barUpon · lo8ging on, I hopping . tour of DhneyM
walked" into the first r~w world. Sixteen tequilu later,
iooms that caught my eye, Tinkcrbcll aaUl'ltcttd over and
C&ger to meit all of these sat on my lap, 1preadin1 her
cager women. But. alas, the liltlc fairy love dandruff cv."
SUl'lydz, and' HPYMNs that crywbcre." I gucu that "'Wis.h•
reside in the Christian Fe!- ing on a stat" gatbage works
}owship room weren't ex• after alL
actly happy 'to h~ from a
Then, suddenly, it oc•
ally who was "looking for curred to me that Spring
love." ,
Break at Suffolk was one

Hey, IN xou lootjq for
lovc1 Well I An am. I'm the
pus. rll dq .Juaf abcicrt anythine for a little ~oo...even
IUrf ~sh the Information
Suporblahway •. That'• why
Itm now lhmwna God for·
. America 0e Uoe (AOL).
I wu strapped -for time
~ y. I bad about ~
writtco asipmcotl co make
up for ProfCAOr Plott', lntc,.
pi.d StuWcs clau,' and oo


::~dtou:ow!~w~~; : ~

11t moral question of our time
Oeipocratic 1.oy.c rnor of
~lvanil., has pointed out
that the abortiOn position of
the Democratic party has
driven ~ons of ~olifi' ,


attitude qamst V1olence sol\'·

ing a moral qucac,i~11lat. of cowsr.. is wha1
abortion ,,~ ; ~ --~( .~ ~rem

~ ·; t¥i!i::1r
C:r:1~:Cu1:~~-I• ~~'.f~f;;;

clistwbing, couideriog that tD would ha~e J ~i:\Jid~red
ethnic Catholics havq t>c6) ' , the rd.iJioualy led &J>olillooooe of s&onaest groups ' ists of the 19!JI ~ intol~· in the Dcmocrlbe hue. It is etatll in l.t¥;ir ~ainSt
. 11 iotetMrina ro · rote that slavt':o/
jJ.e' Suffolk
·_ Robert Casey wu not al- Jownal have cons:iclc:m:I 1he
lowed to t peak at lhc. 1992 RuerendMaltintiuhCfKing
c Conventioo. So Jr. intoletallt in bis mora1 crumuch for a tolerant Demo- &adc againll sc:arePti.on and
cn'tic party and a "big tent" for civil ria,bta:?
.:- We now know that ''big tent"
Probably not. Then ~-hy
' cquaJ1 pro-choice.
w~ld ~e ..:~)sQ'o£l/~urna/
As•for the issue or into!- want.the rcligii)us leaders of
erant Christians, 99.9% of today to sit down and shut up
Chris1an pr~•lifen con- when it com~ ~o abortion·•
demned the horrible actions There i1 intolerance and igof Jotiri ·saM. Cardinal norance on the ,abortion isO'Connor of New York has sue, however, it is more likel)
staled that it wou1d be better , to come fJQm soffleone csfor someone who was con- pousinf the editoral posil!o11
1emplating 5.l!ooting an abor• d the · S,uffoJk. ·Journal.
tionist to shoot him instead. · Francis J. Gorski
This Statement showt his and
Graduatf! student

friend Bryan oullidc BU ', people aren't exactly what
libruy. I wu hoping that in y011 and I would call horny...
this foreign environmcot.. I
After that I chccbd in to
could study a little casie_r, what my friend called my
and i few ii,11 wowd give "best bet.".' It was the Scllsual
me a double-take, and I could Talk room. Hen tbcrc waa
find the slrCngth to ao_o n just a
of erotic
with my hapless Wltcncc.
talk.but tbc:re didn't accm lo
Butthatjustwasn' tinthe bc&n)'Ull!',li.lU!ning.

Bi1un76 : " Hey , any
Dry Clll11e up with a good homy women out there?"
idea. "Hey why don't you One ~ e read.
'I ~ s· .. I'm ready for



. ~;.~bt~~?"

So long, and thanks for
·all the gyros, saysJun -


I asked.

~~e h~ r ~~ during

Now I've failed out of all
my clwcs, and wiU anwfuatc
about lhesame time that Kato
combs bu hair. So Iona, di·
plomal HelJG, trailer park:!
So. before I dedicate my
life full-time to eatingldogfood and watching old episodcaof"Quaamm, Leip", I
want lo uy '1?00-b~ lo the
only f,JKC J'~c cies:·' cared
abouL Tho flWY ~ • •
~~ really ~ to ~

"Do yoo take this womnn aucu I have selective shcq,
to be your wirer
meat memory!
"I do."
You can have the rest of
"Can you pass me a nap- it back! Gimme lhc Deli!
Thankfully, I've 'made a
The Deme St. De.Ii is deal with Nick, the owner
much, much more than food. and prop-ice.or-of the Dc:me
ltlr a booc fide cuJtu."1 expo- •St. ·Deli. A Dene si. Deli
' fnncbilcia1oonaopcaiD
Just from haqlna oot in myliviQlroom, Wbool That
the Dcmc. SL Ocli, I bow ou1hta aol,WI my .lue -niaht
auch OrtlCt lrl8IOGCa u• "J gyro-ffv~ ! •!"I
am a ~ - · tm fum '• Join ~ Qapc :;t.. Ddi.



~ -~


llie Suffolk Journ~I
: studenls,·ro,r the students, since 1936
Dan Coakley, Editor-in-Chief

Christian EnaW. Manaciua EdkOI'
~nM. Courtnt:y,Biilinr:ssManager
Ryan Fol:cY, Spona:.E.ditar

Enk.lne Plummer, Photo Editor
Norine ea d ~ ·comultanL


~~R~S~~ :~~~

of=. ~=~~~ ::_t>;o J~;~'~:
·¥na:;~·:.: =~~v:'!~:':
ou lib-k$bup on tbatr
E.,~'tilne Iaa • . IY'O

So. I'll mill you all u I
embark on my~ life of

,.. where _tllo "Oyro, ~~tomo.•POt•
"'obciy,,-olll'fNflYcaa, -'.,.cill•tba.bea,alylMlt

of•IJIO. •

thal you


, cc 11111 ,_
k a,,y._ 'ftqltioa
=~';';i;;;.',a~.,i ~ • ~ o m N r ¥. ,!firl bwu: ·




·w~:~yS; "Help! :

·•·.~~~Id on the in~~M- ~S:.o •:!
totame1torielo(incredi~)' ·

it so crowded, you have to
sit in other people' s lap1.
Tallc about getting 10 know
other ataden11!
. The Ocmc St. Deli ii'•lhe
onl7 place on campul I'm
goona miss. In fact, il'r lhc
only pliice I can ever remcmber&oina, AllofmySuffolk
memories revolve around ·
larae Jtaiian 1ubs, cans of


ffe looked at me kind of
Smoottibec: "Where
fur,n)f, aJ\(I ~ to tell"' you?


the entire family. I ofta1 take
kmy tw~ spm, ~ and Bar•
bara, for • bite aOCT their

paper l'OUtca are done:
At 'the Dcrne SL Deli,
they treat you better than
fiJD1ily., They treat you like
mob bosses.
I' ve lpenl over 700,000
hours in the Dcme SL Deli,
when I s.hoold have hccn in
my classes or out (inding, a
job. lufact.mcandmy°wife,
Rosa Lopez., were matricd
behind the cou nter of the

with a
j usi · what I needed . My
dreams would finally come
tru.C. I could finally inunct
with m .
site ~ ~ g h ~ ~~ iracl~
,_ of ~odem technology, my






• ~
COOW)Ucd on page g


What think·oJ




pudn ,,_,lllotlc ·
Trouky-Jook a'lib. DOI.· u

':. r d BelO-bobl!riedia.lbo __..... i'vebccolneJ• acNlkof
ea.rryway al tllo Dorne SL _ho .,..,
Dell, wiih a plaque declar- · S.:-,. . . . . . Ill r&iof:' ..Jim. I _
pcu be libd ~
t Ufeffl A doorlfrol." · - · " •.J. • ·· - 1 krtob . __...

grin. ~Teca' Room.
Here the ti& names
even stupider, and the
v ~ conslltcd of





· .So fo ra et about the
J dam ned




F ~ l , babyl
To be

· '

TheSu/folt/ounul Wcdoeoday,ld.ud,29, 1995

LA)()kio' for _ove . So long, and thanks for
fa Shew~ idcntily would become noth· jJm s . h r l e Key, ue .JOlll loakina for ini: mon: than ·a jumtilc or
I was· u; (crlininJ my

,1;~ came

up with agood
:a,4"Hey ~ don't you

"Eybenex.'1" I asked.
'liat..l that?''
lfc' lookt:d at me kind of
m~ and ~ to te11··
t fboui Oie '!Ponders tbal


.. ,

lin&Je man·could

elcctroDic impulses and I
wouJd join llJc mas1e1.
Upon Ioasing on, I
''wa.14¢" into lhe first few
rooms that caught my eye,
e&ger to meet all of thCSe
eager women. But, alas, the
HPYMN's that
reside in · the Chri1tian Fellowship room weren't exactly happy to hear from a
aUy who wu .,looking for
Next came the Nice Guys
Only room. But thole Amish
people aren't exactly what
you ,ux( l would call horny...
Aftu thllt I checked in to
what my friend called my
"6e5t bet." It was the Sensual
Talk room. Here there was
~ a bup pblc of erotic
r,J,k..but dacre
KQ1l to
be 10)'0D9 li1Cdning.



:n :~t~her:~!

One ~ e read.

Hfubl35: "I' m ready for
iL. AtJ"y iood-lookina women
s_ ould rap;,nd ilow."
S ~ "'Wbcrc arc,
, . Manl15: "Help! lrneed
WO mei,l"
.. '
I diink that you get the
i~TbcreW«cju.1123ib- .

pe(~te ,1uy1; ·and D4?t 01;1c

~o:man- BUtl.,


yet ucitbcf'
~J~ ..ano yma,®>.d w,' th • i~ea. "'[liero:• ~no more,
u.....11 1 1
~ ,pinooDJ)'face.ltwas
it · wbat I needed . My .
:am would fuwly come
C. t~fiqallymtcnlct
;,, memben of1 the OPP'>:

chaDcc," He said with an ev~ .


evca .!.O,lpider, and the converaioos .coosl~

~~ .'1"biougi, dle nili'aci~

~odem technology, my

Vol"n ofSuffolk

' ·'


conti~ed on page


favorite pauagcs from
"Dianclics.. during my barho pping tour of Disneyworld. Sixteen tequilas later,
sat oo rny lap, ,preaclina ber
liule fairy love dandruff cvc,ywhcre. I guess that "wish•
ingon a atar" garbageworb
after all
Then, suddenly , it occurred 10 me 1hat Spring
Break ~I Suffolk. was one
week. not two.
Now l"ve railed out or all
my claucs, and will IB(tuatc
about the came time that Kato
combs his hair. So long, di·
ploma! HelJo, trailer park!
So. before I dedicate my
life full-time to cating •dog·
food and watching old episodea-of"'Quailtwn, Leap". I

::' ~::tl,r::t.
abouL The
ever really

theenli1'family. Jolt.en take oqtonlywastitiayourmooey,
~Y two S<Nll, Susan and Bar- you're wa1ti~1 your life.
bara, for a bite after their Rounder,
paper routea: are done.
tables? Sometimct, the Deli
At the Demc Sc. Deli. ii so· crowded, you have to
they lreat you better than sit in 9.thcr people's Jai,1.
ramily. They treat you Ii.kc Tallc about getting 10 lcnow
mob ~ .

other ltUde.ntal
I've 1:pent over 700,()(N)
The Derne St.•Ocli i1 the
houn in the Deroe SL Deli, onlJ ·place on campus I'm
when. I soouJd. have bceo in gonna miss. In fact, it'1 the
my classes or out finding, a ooly place I can ever rememjob. In f8Cl, me and mi wife, her going. AU of my Suffolk
Rosa Lopez, were married memories r'cvolYe around
· behind the co1tn1er of the t~e lc,alian subs, cans of
Oeme St. Deli, durin1 the diet Dr P.a,per, and OYROS
lunch hour blitz.
"Do you take this womon guess I have ccl~ve sheep
to be your wifeT'
meat memory\
"I do."
You can have the rest of
"Cao you pus me a nap- it back! Gimme the Deli!'1..
Thankfully, I've 'made a
The Demc St. Deli is Jcal with Nick, the owoer
· much, much more than food. and proprietor· of the Dane
11'1 a bone fide cultwfl expo- SL ·Odi. A Ocme si. Deli
ricocc. Potsiel
franchise; ia aoana . open in


~ ~ :!






J~in ~ Qcme ~ - ~Ii.
mambo llnc, baby! • GyroI .., ·
mania is' 1wccpina...Suffolk..
1 you lib-blc:bup on tbll?"
So, I'lf·miu you all~
Every •timc 1-eM • gyro embulc on my new lifel,pf
Beacon .Hill.
· fm:a tbe'I>ane Sl. Dell, liitn lldia',- my thumb -arid cud- ~.qf.r~ .,~logy t ~ IO "'Map: Gyro ,. . . . hi blankecsl You'ye all
land,,.... whcte tke "Gyro., been special to me. bllt nol u
· a.a"oboy,yourfNfiycom,- ,1 spocialaitbe.beavalymear.
,Pffi · and 11mud. Y09c•11wim~llkol 1 ot.8.i&YIO-..;·
·1 ,
~ r o, ypaµ.n ~cc 8¥- i. ,1.,' f-!Jt,•J.a,.~
.SL ¥ ,,J,_,,tt.,u~ ~n rt,lt. ~~~1ifoWl}i)Jerqo'!ltiii .l!-'J .~ f~bWU: .
~ ~1~
~ ;-1 ,1:,.
l)'l'O meat. · 'l'bll lllft't bad . a 11J;ort,, pud,y ~lbctic •
.. It ., , • ~ ~YIINM on
tine bucb.
• Trot.sty-Jook ililte. DOI u ·
~ J ; ! i l h ~ ~ • r e -.oc rdlil11uobe~iadte t..5mati'vebocoml;_amoaltof
juif~~!-~ffpof entrywayoltboDllmeSL · tbe~
coff~ ,~ O C l l l { I ~ ~ ~ . whh a plaqpe declllr; • S.-.)'Oll wbea . . all n>
ina:"J!m· ~! -~ ~ ~ mcaraMO:. L
Litoffl Adoor,



. of ::;"i:~r·- ~ ~t }ds
anu -...-




11a,- 11

aob. ,




t. for1et about the
Fam,cll, baby!
· ·
.• awbiJC.tbc_
Dciisa~fcll _' ~DCd cafeteria. Y.ou' rc . . T~ be continuod.'. .?

By ~ n Enp and Enldn9 Plup,iner



,~~~l ,.j ~ gyl'O-f9v~! ;- 1
1ncpacru -


plam IIIQ)r education cum


.-.. .-su·--·
. . . . _ aid. fellowllaip ud,. wa1111 IO pbalo •
pro,- deetl. TR.IO reccivtd $463
om,.....,.,-..alfcady, .,_,ta•~ ..- aUlka la lllt -,era lpCll6tbo

--fardfl!docidaa , -

. ._ --y

_, ..... die__. lO






patina in aervice propamt
this year, Ibo added.

colle1••1c youth lDclado
.i1J11Dediatc te~utioD of

..- - " ' · ilta~ill,buladv"'"":'uy ..,11-pno ,~aSlOI

"l · ,

ilumdOD 111ft1a1 1fltb lbe ii.y


~ .4 ailliolll Id aslae for
d i e ~ f!aca1~

billl • • way to abow their
CCll8IIUl:menl to smaller aovcrameal. · Tbe leaialation .
woald alter u education
. . , . . . bill approved ~
~ by QJapea ~"'lutder Daaocradc COllll'llll.
Tho bUJ aPJWOV'ed by the
HOIIIII AppNpriadcm Com·
milloo, a&o WOllld cbop anodsSl.7 biDioa from Labor
~ Pft'S'UII to~
pro,vide ...-er jobl for youths
·. · r 16 to 21.
no lats• student-aid


~ '11111 .... lllaoeullSll.2 Co,ild have u immodlate
lmpKt on 1tudenu pudci·

offon aatc.~1 ' fuada .,to • aallioa tram die •~ bud-.. TIIU.S. ._ofltcp- ...... lbM offm dlcir OW! .,aatfldenl11UOprapams,
--tath• la flu.Hdq: . ....._.baNd lid propa1111. wldcb taraeU lo~•iacome,

·afl the gyros, says Jim


,e'l Wei I aure Int. I'm the
ielielt dam py-00 the cam1. I'll do jull ~ ~yIll ror·• liule action...even
fthtodab the lnformatioo
pcrhlabway. That'• why
1 now ~ Ood fm
~ OIi Line (AOL).
I wu strapped for time
lladay. I bad about lhree
ielea uiipmc:nu to make
for Prolcuor Plou's J.rue..
ad Studiel clus, and no
Ob to do it with· 10 I
o'k_ed ~p wilh my' good
:nil Bryan outside BU's
rary. I wu hoping. that In
1 foreign envirollmeat. I
lid 1tudy a little eu.ieJ,
I i feW iirfs would give
a double-take, and I could
d the 1tren1th to 10...on
th my hapcu cxist.cnce.






{qr a cut•

""Ne bcw · it woold be
dilfia,b ...._(TRIG) ...

million proaram ja •bicb
hiah acboola and c:ocmnaiCy

c0Ue1e1 offer ·job tnhliDa

=~ pati;:;

propam1 ia
occutho move, 1aJiDa SS10 pro;- ai. 't I porcenl iDcteac .[for
Sl.7 billion cat
vii:lea • vah&ablo inoelldve for .•
__, ,o 1apport SllMkDt 6- i t . _
nandal aid.
· 61 lbe Nadoaal Coucil of .......,
'11.'a • pe11 fedcnlflWC ~ ~ As- both hiah acbool· and col•
ptrtqenh.ip, bat we always 6,ciadons. " O m ~ (cu: lc1e-a1c youth, advocates
aeeltoolbecboppinabloclt." lltbaldieywould,raciDdthe said.
aid •Lan Mc:CliMOC:k, let- ~ totirc.
he. llli,d.
-nus is • definmc moWaave·diftictorol lhe Uaitrd ~-,: , ~ ~ facing _ meat in history," uid Pua1
StllW Student Auociatioa f'i"1ts ii Amcri~ P,rCllidad Houaton, executive diroctor
"tiiaton's national 1crvice ol tho American Auodadoo
cut or ~ tbM Wpts coDqc- of School Admillistta1or1,
t'ermineae nine acholanhip ap youth. Rq,obticaq plan& which oppota the cull. '"1be
IDdfellonbi:ppn:ipamlc:ur- calJ for cuuini 12.10 million cnaeJ1:ywe'resceina10tu1We
fmily fllDlfe1I • aboat $15 for~
••~~ !:.e!"~CJDJ jJSi~ply mu1t

la, ,milllaa.







'Ille-- ,. . . .

plans nuqor edUC8tio0

llyO,,-;J!lt,-lct , -, ~ar..(SSJO),_.

CGllat,._ 111'.toe
n.u.s. JloaaqlRep,....taduf· i1 fiuJi~
. . . . . mSl .7lliltila &am
..... aid. Wlowalaip and

OIMl'edlcldoa.,_. allmcly
.,._.... for dlD .f.daalooq_,
~ l
lt"e,.bucu lawmaken
...,_ pNYioualy appowd
bilk • a way IO ibow their
ccamilmen, to smaUa 1ov~ me11t. · Tbe leaialation
J.+ld aller aa education
spsiiactina biU approYCd ~
,_- by o.,reu whllc-Udcr Democraic coarrol.
ne bi1J approved by the

tto.c Appropdatioaa


miacllc 111:ao woald cbop an,._
oat.SJ.7 billion f1"0dl Lib«
~ pn:,puoa_to -~

The Saffoll< JOW1111 Wodaaday, Man:b 29, 1995

, . Man:1129, 1995



McCliDlock aa1cl.


tr ,a,u:tcd, ,w:k cuu


Outtide kiaHr
tioa. ooo..., -

edGCI· .


11icpllDallocuuSll.2 could . have u immediate

the ufe- ud dn11-free

ofren m1tc.binj ' fuld1 to (IUUiop from~ 1995 lMMi- imp.ct OIi students p&rticillelN tbet offf.r OW! IJ!lol~TRl9prosrams. patina in urvke pro&rUDt
aeed-bued aid proa(alftt, wb:ich taraeta k,w-iDCOme, lhi.1 year, the added.
The Cllatoa admlai1tntioa tint aaer-oo c:oUq:e awOther cuts that may hurt
waDII to ~ out the pro- dcaaa. TRIO m:dved ~ colle1e-11e y0ulb ioclude
.... ,.~tbe-~ l e a· 'ell.lion ta last ye-.'1 spend- _ immediate term.iaation of
blldcm,.,-.,iaaodiae tcr- · • bill, bu1 advoc:atcl aay UICh-prep ccbptioo. • $108
miaadoli atartfltl with lhe Ibey were bndnc for a cut• million proaram in Which
$63.4 mlllkM:I aet ukle for tiack.
f\iah achooll and community
the eumn1 fltcal year. _
"We knew · it would be colleac• offer job trtlnlna
Studeot leaden criuclud ~ because' [TRIO] got programs in emerging occutbc move. ·aajiq SS10- pro- mi 'I I percent ineteue ((Of" pationa.
videaavabaableincentivefor l995),'"
The $1.7 billion cut lo
stata; to s o ~ atudcPI fi.
f.titcbem, executive dim::tor summer job, p-og:ram5 at tbc
.MftCW aid.
· df. the National c.o.ncn of Labor Department will aftcct
'1t'a a pat fcdcn.1/swe ~ ~ t y ~ both hi&h school· and col•
partttenbip, but we alway• lociadons. "Our paiC1t fe,r Je1c-11c youth , advocates
aocltoo tbccboppinablock... lath.w.thcywouldracindthe uid.i.
aid Laun Mc:Qtatotk, kit- . entire. amowll," be .said.
"'Jbjs i, • ddinina mo-p,ladvedirectoroltheUeilo:I ,.; Anocber prfffU1 facing mcJll in history," uid Paul
State1 Student Aaaociatioo ,. cuts ls Amenealp.. Prendmt . ~ . uecucive dircclor
'b.inton' a national acrviee m the American Auoc.iation
1bebillalsowouldeut or prop1q1 dJal Wgm c:oUe~ of School Administraton,

acbooh prosrllDI, cwreatly
fuadDd•S412millim.C.00-.arc- nlarmod dUI Poemn

= r;:t• :U~/:'.:Cnaa::·r::

: ; ; = . : ; ; e ~ r a !i!
relit1J fuodod at aboat $15


~ t ooc-

for dua



995 ¥!d1_et.

aeoe rations ,im ply mun



lbilicy ·a bdla" carict aervic:el for cbildrca in hip- ,,
· Cuumc ~ propam_"is
a tr1ve1ty for dedicated
pcopletryiq to brine civility
to our ~on'• atrceU u _
even better educalioo to our

crime ~

childtm," Howton Aid.
Memben of the appro-pria.tlons committee also
voted to rcscind 5142 mil•
lion from lllilc grants under
Presiden1 Clin1on'1 Ooah
200Q education reform proaram, The program orfus
WllCS financial hdp 10 reach
· el1b1 national education
2 v~oaC:Smi=eM=~


~=d:! :;o::JJ !;
spona _
:aupport for

not act so _
quickJy, advocates
11y. The Senate "may hav.c
no 11omach for recisioos ,'"
one advocate said. biil
would move on to the Senate


USSA is planning a, major campaign later this month,
to draw attention· to the propoled cuts. A leJislative con•
fereocc · m Williinjffinwirtinclucte. a rally al lhe U.S.
Capitol to protcar CUIJ.
Tbc· student.. aroup also
the Republican .,Coogn:u to
temdaatc tlJc U>-1tbool• .
est aubsidy on 1tudcnt Joans.
Students cwrc:ntly do noc pay
interest on these loans until
after they firush school.
The interpt •~idy is
not contained in the Appro--

~~~~~~r:r~Je:~•fi:~: .
ever, it may become part of
Coogreu' budact resolution
f« 1996, McClinlock Aid.
lution), 11 wilJ be hard 10 get it
oui," ahe said.

■ SHAW _
Continued from pa.gc 7

more than '"faces"

made! with

lhe keyboard. Jt WU UuerlJ
incomprehensible. So there I
was, matching wiu with
GOOBER95, when a thooght
stlUCk me. Why wu I doina
ttdt:7 Wu I 90 deapente, lhat
lwowd aacapt to tnck down
some namdeu fl(:deu per•
son J o the hopes that they
might be a airt, aod then thal
they miaht be willing to
"pany? '
Yea, it it. But take heed,
my !dlow•sia&le pooplo. Do

oa1y1-1,..,.,.... _ '1

~ r.


Lobster boil sparks animal rights protest
By Kristi Kingston
~ Dally TUIJn, University of Texas
AUSTIN, Texas - Humor !J'ld rage,
Q)U:ed wllh Lbe smell or-boiling, filled lhe air recently al Mick's
Mix oe&r the _!Jniversity of TcxaiAUltln campus.
_~finlna • campaign promise,
W1ley~pp. who ran unsuccessfully for SIUdents' Association prui dent, wu both praised and insulted
for boiling and eating his lwo pet
lobttus, Zoe and Squishy.
"I don't know J,Vhethcr to laugh
or be disguatcd," said Stacey Bryant,
a broadcast journalism senior. " It 's a
fuMy 1i1t111ion, bu1 it's kind or cruel.
He's a 1ood politician. He kept his
campalan promise."
t(ocpp, an English senior. had
promiled to ll5C the free tuition and
sa.luy be would have received for
being president to fly the lobs1Cr$
ITrtt-clus to Maine and set them

KOCJ>P had said that if he lost. he
would boif the lobs1ers. ·
..Before I decided to run. I was
aoina to get rid of them. 11'1 kind of
cxpenaive keepina I.hem alive ,"
Koepp aaid of the lobsters he boughl
from a Red Lobster restauranL
Koepp attempted 10 hold the boil•
ing cemnony on the West Mall, but
the on-campus organization of People
for the Ethical Treatment or Animals


~=\~~:~ ::~~~
an<ICommunily lnvolvemem Office.

~-1"01>A'1 'S C.ol'lfE'-f1•f'tVE'
JOII ,-\'-P-IC£1', ,._ C.OM~l.('f'E'
A>ll> w0(1C1>lf, t<NOWl.(b~
·of ,.JUP-SE:ll.-1 ltll-("1(5 15

who Aid Koepp had not apprc,Khed
adtninisawlioo about holdina the
boiling cerenfony.
"I wcDI down and let him know
tha1 he hadn• 1 aouen pe,1!1lssion IO
do any cook1n1 on campua," 11.1d
Cheryl Wood, a student affair•
adminittrator. "h'a pouible that we
c ould have ap proved ii, (butJ
he had n't even con1acted o ur·
Koepp moved his Jobt1er boil to
Guad alu pe, outside of Mick ' •
Mix , where he drew a crowd of
about JO.
"I'm protesting this because hc'a
glorifying lhc dealh or animal• \n
fron t of a aroop of people," said Niki
Telkcs, a member of PETA and an
environmeDlal rcsowcc management
and geography junior.
Telkes said PEI'A bad Offered to
fly the lobstert to Maioe, bu1 K0epp
Koepp aaid he had reasons for
1umin1 down PET A '1 offer.
" I (Secided against that for
several reason,," Koepp said. "I
didn't wan1 10 break my camS:-gn

Koepp also said he WU noc IW'C
whether releasina the lobsters in
Maine would be safe.
"Putting them back in thei r .envi- .
"roruncn1 after being out ·for ~cral
weeks - I wa1n·1 su(l thac 1he)'"'

J\JS1' ·,101' t:,Jovi.11 ... .

Fan Mail


This is a.perfect opportunity for
u "a ituden1 toj,lace 1
message in the Beacon Ycarnook. It could be Y')!lr opinion.
a saying, or just writing ywr pocioua IIIOllllllioa on piper.
The cost is. $5.00 for dte !Int ,0 woa1a, SJO for 51~100words, $1~.00 for IOl-1,0 VjOCda, 'and so oo. Cub ·or
che!:k is ¢ ptable. A!J·cltecb can l,e made 0111 to


do," he said.

FALL 1995
Federal regulations require the Office of Financial Aid to
provide loan counseling to all student bonow~l'..S who will
DOI re-enroll a1Suffolk Univeraity for the Fall 1995 semester.
If you are graduating in May or Sepl<:mberof l9950R if you
donltplan 1 relllm 'to Suffolk for the Fall 1995 semesl<:f, you
' must attend a loan counseling session. Dates/times of sessions ale listed below:
Tues<lay, April II
Wednesday, April I 2
ursday, April 13

I :00 p.m.
2:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m.


Please~ lo:

lleaa,n J'earbook

, SIUdentAc:tiviliesCentcr


._..._ ·r:
:_ ...
Name _ __

Please 'nol<: the Office of Fmancial Aid hu ·tti'e right to
witltbold grades transcriplS and/or diplomu for any student
qOI -..ding a ~ Counselil)g session.

Drop it off at
our mailbox
&1 the student



Sawyer 428
Sawyer 426

Ev~ing students may attend evening ses~. offered._
Monday through Thursday anyti,Jle betweell 4:30 to 6:30
p.m. during the weeks of April 10-lq and A~ -21.



Thank yoU!!

__,__ _ _ _ _ Pboacl _ _ __


·PBMAi.B VOWNTBB/lS who are currently buli~ic, a,ae. IM5 , ia
good m,,etiesi boaldt IOd no< taldaa , , , _ (iocludiaa cnl...,...
........~ ......... , . • . . , . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . d,eBcd,lir,d

HOIPtal Psychiatry R.eacach UniL

Elip,lc pardcipanu will rcceivC S60 for lbe acreadDa risk md aa
lddlioaal $125 for of two ovamabt 11ay111 tt. Olaical Unil for a study on lbe e«,cu of imioo Kida oa blood 1e111 ..t
ptycholoakal ........
_ _ ,,,,,_ _


......... -

Coll Qdodaa ,,.._ -

If (617) '67-211J.

- , .,

The Sulfoll: /ournal Wednesday, Man:h 29, 1995

' ation,cuts

McClintock pid..
. U eiuc1cA, 1uch cuc.1

L'.obster boil sparks animal rights'protest

Outtide bJsher educadoo, one m,Jor cuuaJiy I,

'J'be p11a MIO cuq $11.2 cou·ld have an immcdjatc th Cl aare,• Hd dni1-£rcc
from tbc tffl bud- impact on• 1tudenu putici- .., sch9otl pros~, curreq.tly ..
toli.a..&~Oprosnms, patio& In 1enoicc proaram• funded• $482



~b· taraeu' loW-incomo,


ell. TRJO received S463
lllloo la 11st yer, ~
1 bW, but. adv~ say
:,y WtR bncint for a cut,ck.
"We bew ·it would be
fficuh becaulCI (TRIO] &ot
'I 1·
increase .[for

collci,c-•ae youth include


By Kristi Kingst0n
who said Koepp had 00( approached
71w Dalfy Tuan, University of Texas the administration about holding the
AUSTIN, Texas - Humor and rage, boiling ceremony.
mh~ with the smell of boil lob"I wen1 down and let him knvw
ster, filled the air recently at Mick's that he hadnit ioc:tc.n permission •to
Mil near the University of Texas- do any cookina On campu1," nid
Austin c,qipui.
C heryl Wood , a 11udent affairs
FW(illing a campaign prom ise, administnU.or. " It'• powb1e that ·WC ,
wney'-'K.oepp, who ran un,uccess• could have ap pro•ed it, [but]
fully for Sw~u· Association presi- he hadn't even contacted our
dent, was both praised and insulted offi ce."
for boiling and eating his 1wo pct
Koepp moved his lobster boil to
lob!lcrs, 2.oe and Squishy.
Guadalupe, outside or • MiCk 's
"I do~'t know whether to laugh Mix, where he drew a crowd of
or be disgusted," said Stacey Bryant, about 30.
a broadcast journalism senior. "h's a
'Tm protesting this because he's
funny situation. but it 's kind of cruel. glorifying the death of animals in
He's a good politician. He ke pt his front or a aroup of people," said Niki
campaign piomise ." ,
Tclkes, a member or PETA and an
Koepp, an English senior, had environmental resource management
promised to. use (he free tuition and and geography junior.
salary be would tfYe received for
Tclkes said PETA had offered to
being prcsideni to n y the lobslcrs fly lhe lobsten to Maine, but Koepp
first-clas s to Maine and set them declined .
free .
Koepp said he had reasons for
KC>epp had said that if he losi, he !urning down PETA's offer.
would boil the lobsters.
"I decided agai ns1 that for
"Before r decided to run. I was several reasons," Koepp said. "1
going to get rid of them. It 's kind of didn't want to break my campaign
expensive keepi ns them a live ," promise."
Koepp said of the lobsters he bough1
Koepp also said be was not sure
from a Red Lobster restaurant.
whether releasing the lobsters in
Koepp attempted to hold the boil- Maine would be safe.
ing ceremony on the West Mall , but
"Putting them back in their envi- .
lhe on-campus organization of People ·ronment after being 001 for several
for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wCCks - I wasn't sure that thC)'
(PETA) protested the event and could have caught (their o~n] f~.
brought in m!:mbcrs of the Campus I just felt it was something I had to -~
and° Community lnvolvemen1 OffiCf7 do," he said.

poerllioo colJotc aw- _








luctaona! Opi,ortupity


ciadam. " O u r ~ rear
tblt they would racind the
tire, llbCIWll."Ibe wd.

Anocbcr ~ racing
tt is AmcncJp.. Pralident
national, service
ppaqa tblt talJdS college.e yowh. ~blicaq plans
ll ...,
$210 millKJO
, 1~ t ~
· 995 lyldaet,
~8 1011'1


........-.. .... -


last 'fCS

ibllity IDd beUef'

target 1er-

immediate 1Crm'iu,1ioo -of viccl for cbllarat in biahtech-prep ~ • $108 ~rimo ,n c ; i ~ - L ...
millioti proaram lo which
OIUing dlll posram 11
h.ia.h achools and commWUty a travesty for dedicated
colleges offer job training {'COPleuyingtobrin,civility
programs in emcrgfog occu- to our ~11100'1 1treell an_

cveti bettu educluon .~ our
The $1.7 billion cut in children,'' HOUllOII wd.
swruncr jobs programs at the
Members of the approLabor nee-uncnt will affect priations committee -1110
both high ICbool- and col- voted- to rescind S142 millege--age youth, advocates lion rrom atate grants under
President Clinton ' , Ooall
'1'his is a defining mo- 2000 edµcation refonn proment in history," said Paul snun, 'f.he program off'us ·
Houston, executive director states financiaJ hdp to reach
of the A.D)erican Auociatioo eight nation al education
The committee's March
2 vote oa this package dcmmun onstralC:d Sff'OO& .:'up~, for
rescinding funds in, .the
House, but the Senate. may
oot act so quick1y, advocates
say. The Senate "may have
no stomach cO rccisions,"
one advocate said. This bill
wou)d move on 10 the Senate
after a final ve;tc oq,~ House
USSA is planning a ;11ajor campaign later this month
to draw attentiorr to the proposed cull. A legislative con- rereoce in WashinjffiifwITT ,
inclul:le a rally at the U.S.
Capitol to protelt' cuts.
The· 11udent group also


don't plan tOreturn to Suffolk for the Fall _1995 semester, you
must attend a loan counseling session. Dates/times of ses.-




"- ~

Please ~I 10:




m~~ thiin "faces" mol:le with

Tuesday, April 11
Wednesday, April 12
Thursday, -April 13

incomprehensible. So there I
was, m atching wits with
GOOBER95, when a thotight
struck me. Why was l doing
Uus1 Wu fcM)despenue, that
l would aticmpc. to tnck down





,. .Boaoii.ll1Ab:z114.
- Th/Jnk you! I

1:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m.

Sawyer 426
Sawyer 428

1:00 p.m.

Sawyer 426

Eyening students may . attend evening sesJioGJ· o~ e,~
Mcioday through Thursday any~ between 4:30 10 6:30


p.m. during the weeks of April 10-13 and April 17-21.

·· son in tbe , hopes that they
might be. airt, and then that
they might be willing to

Please note the Office of Financial Aid has ·the right ro


Yes, it is. BUI take heed,
my fellow sinaJe people. Do
aottrydmatbome;kwill ,


wilhliotd grades transcripts and/or diplomas for any student.


at the student

Student Activities C.entcr


the keyboard. It was utterly



This is a'.perfect opportunity f01' 1Yob as"a-student to placi: 1a11 '
message in the Beacon YearbooL It could be )'O!lr opinion, ."
a saying, or just writing your precious memories on paper.
The cost is $5.00 for the lint 50 words, $10 for 51-100
words, $15.00 foe 101-150 .,..,..i., and
oo. cash ·or
check is acceplable. All cheep can be made <JIit IO SO

siaos ·are Listed below:

Continued from pogc 7

!"""-m::==:.::===:!::•===~~=~-_J ,ooly lead

JvS1' tJo1' c.Jov.i:;1,1 ... ·

provide loan counseling to all student borrowers who will
not re-enroll at Suffolk University for the Fall 1995 sen:iester.
If you are graduating in May or September of 19950R if you



of iJ<lllSE:ll-4 lt11'4M!S- 1f

Federal regulations require the Office of Financial Aid to ;

ever, it may becorqe part of
Congress' budget ~olution
for 1996, MctJ.in1ock said.
"Ooceitgets in[then::solutiOO], It will be hard lo gel it
oot,,1; ahe said.

orMmuyar,= :
. So
to I Fil deal.
Maaay duler or

-1'O'0,&..-i ' S C.01'\Vf'-1', ..'IVI:

JOI! ,-\,_,_\CE1', /1\ C.0"'l't.(1'E'
AiJb wOlt.1<'11.J<, l<,Jo'<ll.£_1)1,f'


est subsidy on stu®nt lq,ans.
Studcllts aininlJy do nOI pay
i.ntelat on these loans until
after they finish school.
The interest subsidy is
not contained in the Appro-

so,;.ne nameless faceless


attending a Loan Counseling session. .

Name _ _ _ _~ - -~ -

Phooe# _ _ __

·PEMA.LE VOWNTEERS who arc currently bulimic, age 18-45, in
good medical health and DOt taking m ~ (ioc:ludina oral comracepbva), n
fer a' llllidy tiiiina condllcu:d. by the Beth lsnld
Hospital Psychiatry Resean::h Unit


EliJible participants will rcceiv.C S60 for the ICl'eeaiDa visit ,.,l an
additional S125 for each of two overnight scay1 at tbCI Oioical Reaemdl
Unit for a study on the cffcctl of amino acids on blood tall aDd
psychological ratinp.

The Suffolk Joumat


Wodnaday, Mardi 29. 1995

The Suffolk Joumal Wodnaday, Match 29, 1995


Contimed from 1111c 5
· ~
art ronns. but he admits online vCIIWrel~ hive kxtf
term effects, .. Any tccbnol·
OIY' will .,:tvc:ndy affect· the

., form l<JIDmOW. I do ace it
~ .JD UllepaJ put of
tho ut form ol comic boob."
He a&o added bo believes
IIIOthcr lrt rri will CVC:OW·
ally evolve. from the two
mediums comih, together.

At lhil ti_.'i..eib i1 un- active or multimedia will ddi,_.are if any of the laracr, nitdy DOI mean the demise of
lndependcot comics.
!;he ~itional , papcr book,
rues are planning to go on- "As with everything else no
line. However,
doesn't mii1ter ho; popu lar OO•line
thiatOCComicunditsmajor bccomea it will not rcpla::c iL
competitors havina on-line .Not.bins can compare to
outlets will have • ocptivc boldina it in your hands,~30
impact; "The indcpcoa.cou years from now you' ll still
are always around, I think want IO bold it in your bands.
they will alwaya change with That feeling will never be.
the times."
Another major trend
Leib alao stressed on-line
and future fOl'lys into lDLer- uansforming the· medium,




Now that you're going to

do you plan to pa; for it?

~ \ : ; ; : l c : e ~ e m':,d-~
. .ts/writers start out
publishing then move on to
mainstream anthologies or
small publishers like Slave
Labor or Kitchen Sink. However, he also mentioned a
majo r problem in self-publishing cooccnu getting capital up £root to produce publicat.ions since production is
usually ellpeuive.
Another on-goiog challenge is continually trying to
expand dislnbution of selfpiiblisbed work, in actually
findina outlets agree take
' lhe1n into their inventory.
· lftbeprescnt~crsare
overcome, comics from both
· small aelf- publis he rs and
major compadics could draw
"m'ore wides prod' rcadi;rs:
br:cakiog out of their 'u's"' al.
Ions-~& demographics.
"I think comics are be·

Askus. .


And, .n of m, <ltibonk,G...,_
. """"""'"°8J'm'olf<r.


. low interest !lites,

number one originaior of

. uoapplicatioof«s.

,_ loans, to hdp finana

• an easy app&:ation proms.

--·■ fastapprovals.

■ ando~toll-fretnumbcr

(p1muing"1/opathit 1Utd
asuop,uhicmalirintJ Thr

11,as been the ii.Jing number
of many self-published. independent comics public•tioos, Taylor noted until il haJ .been ·extrcmely
diJ6cu]~formaoyanists/writcrs to make• livin&, let along
work without creative ratrictiona.
"Sd! publishina bu 're,.
aUy take off. Probably years
ago if you had waNed to stai1
a career In comics, ,lelf-publjshing wou ldn't have occum:d to you. And oow most
ol the people that make tlaj,r
livina and who will be makin& their livina in the next ten
years will have: gooc through
self as a stage of


coming more m1io1tream
and accepted ~ widely in
the adult world," JCaoc commenled. He also attribut.ed ,
•.lot of the auention to a;o&S·
over and commen:ial succeue1 of eve.rylhina from
Dilney'1 •ni~ films, animated &howl on MTV, ,71st




Twnlu, and the JIOP.Ulari1Y of
Tht Simpsons televl1lon
Other recent incarnations
of comic-rdatcd material inelude the new film Tank Girl,
and • documentary on comics artists/writer R. Crumb.
Taylor said many contributors 10 his publication


o:•~! : . : ~ : :
also worlt in different medi- "
·urns. COIJlks are often swept
up into wide 1,eneraliutions,
and be feels it is import¥nt to
ma.kc distinctions within the
an form.
books, comic s trips, and
comic an all have areas of
overlap, that don't always
mean the same thing."
He also believes artisW
writers will continue ,10 ~
duce all kiods of divqse,
quality work if a
rOf it
continues, as opposed to just
the established superhero
''Comics is a very, very
young an form," he said. "1t"s
had • very 1bon, but very
interestin& histofy of bcioi: I!
commcn:.lal an form for ehil•
drcn, to being something very
different now "


The Suffolk Journal.

Needs You!

olfmFtdml Slnfford
Loam and our cxdu.s~

....... -.-

The CitiMBA Loan
Programoffm Ftda-al
Slaff'ord lmnl and our

YOUR student newspaper needs writers,

For mo~ informa1ion
and an application for a

copy editors, advertising representatives,

and ask for Oprrator 256.


University DateLine
Suffolk University's Cale_
ndar of :E.veqts
March ~ -April 4, 1995
Wcdneed11 '.\129
11:00 - 12:00
12:00 •
12.'{)012:301:00 •
1:00 1:00 3:00 •

]byr,cby 3(30
11 :00
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 • 2:00
1:00 • 2:25
1,00- 2'30
. 1:00 • 2:30
1:00 - 2:30
1:00 • 2:00
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 · 2:30
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 • 2:00
1:00- 2:00

_.,c,--.. __ ....O c,..,_s.-,.___
..., _ _

----"'- " ~

Sd,.,j _ __ __ __

_,_ ......... - - - - '

Or . . . . . . ........

C Yto

□ Na


Wellness Active Life Expo
Rid&ew•y G~
CLAS Seminar Series: Psychological Analy1is of George Uncoln Rockwell
Archer II~
B.LC. Study Group · Chcmislty 212
Alpha Phi Omega Meeting
Fcnton.430 A &
English Department Meeting
.,, ~.;
'"""" 615
CLAS Dean' s Meeting
Fcn&OII 603j
Colleae Republican1 Meeting
B.L.C. Study Group • Accounting 322
GALAS Mctcting
Sawye, 80I
Beta Alpha Psi Meeting
Finance Club Meeting
Sawyer I
Archer Fellows Mecting
~wycr, 1101-)
B.LC. Study Group • Ecooomics 212
Sawyor .lJ:l4'
B.L.C. Study Group • Accountina 202
EcooomicJ Ocpugnffil. 20.
Economic1 Association Meetina
B.LC. Study Group • Physical Science 2
. A _ J_ _ _ _ ,.,..
Men's Varsity Teanis vs. UM~S 8oston
Women'• Varsity Softball v1. Bnindeis Uoivcrsi1y



l jOO

3:30 __


or anyone interested in news writing
or newspaper production .
Come on down to the Joum~ offices,
fifst ~oor of the Student Activities Center,
next tMbe Fenton building.




3:00 • 4:00

Last Day of Fall Undergraduate Priority Pre-Reaisuation


B.LC. Swdy Group • Accountina 201
Program Council "Spring Fling" Rat&. Mr-:'& ~s.' Surr0ni. Contest
.MBA A55o:'=i~ti~n & SOM q~uaft Al,u·n\n1/ 1i:tece~?" ,

3:00• 7,00

,;6:QQ___,;oq .

Gnaduate Students Fi~ja] Aid Applications Due
. Women '1 Varsity SoftbaJ,\ YI , EmmanuelaCollegci •, ·
Men ·s Varsity Bo.scball vs. Maine Fll'7'!in1,ton
Men·s Varsity Tennis vS. ~ n College

~~f11• .,,



3;00 - 5:00
6:30 • 8:30

B.L.C. Study Group · ,Chemistry 2 12
B.LC. Study Group - Chemistry I 12

11 :00 • 12 :00

B.L.C. Study Group • Statistics 2.SO
B.LC. Study Group • Accountina 322
8 .LC. Study Group • Accounting 202
Women's Varsi1)' Softball V Wentworth Institute

1:00 • 2:00


SOM Chairs Meeting
CLAS Seminar ~cs: The Fowth W~
B.L.C. Study Group • Oicmiltfy J 12 .
· CLAS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Program Council Meeting·

12:00. - 2:30
1:00, 2:30
1:00 - ·'l,00
·, 1:00.· 2:30
1!00 • 2 :30"

CLAS Dean'S Mectinc

1:00- i:30

Sawyer 430
Sawyer' 410


1:00 • 2:30



CocµCte.DfC on Women:Whal Can We Expect1


,.. ~-

Black S11,aden1 Un1on
Beta Alpha Psi Meetina,_. •
a .LC. Study Group B.LC. Study G,oup •
Mcn,' s Vanily
~ C.ollqe
· Meeting of TnllUJCI" Sbjlall Aff'llin Commiace
B.LC. SIOdy<,roup •


-~ -l!Glw
s...,... 423
Sawyu 427 & 429
Sawyer '10I
c. Sawycr 921
Sawyer 927
5-,cr I l3'



F,....... S1aa
Munce Conference Roqcn, . . _ 110

- , . . . 4JII


6:9C) ·
4,00. 5,00

Sawyer 521
Fcntoo ·430 ~




Andrew J. Puopolo Field, NOfttl Eal

sibden1 Go~emment Auociatioo Meetina
·•sexual Orieotation In ScH~ Law, Policy&. Practice", Dr. Anh~ Lipkin,
Education & Human Scrvjcca Symposium
B.LC. Study Group - Pbysical:Stjenc:e 2

1:00 • 2:30
I :bo I :00 1:00.
1:00 •
I :00 ~
1,00 •
, 3j(IO
4:00 •

s,,..,.---,111 O c.i.w,

B.LC. Study Group • Slatistic1 250
·s.wy., 430
B.L C. Study Group • Chemistry 112
Sawyer 4JO
'B.L C. S1udy Group • Accoun1ing 322
SOM G.P,C. MeetinJ
B.L.C. Study Group • Ecooomkl 212
B.L C. Study Group • Accou.ntina 202
B.LC. Study Group • Physical SciCDOC 2
Fawoo 530
Leadership for Llfe Series prucnts: Leadership & Lire with Pruldent Saraent
President's Conference Room, One Bcac:oa1


:00 • 1:00

•caU lot' answerstoall


Coma,eaa:menl 1995 Student Speaker Appllcadom ~ Now Available in the Dean of Swdmu: Office A
Student Acd.Yitics Office. Deadline for applications is'~ , Apil 18 • 5pm. Qlatiom? Call tbe 0... ol Smdaa Office• 573,.8l:J9.
Ylilm:,ltyO,W·Jm:isSuffolkUnivcrsi1y'1maaer~- F«~~aayadaedalcdcvcat.-,_,., . . . . . . . _ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

, dlllyou lri!nlMm;ns call 573-8082. A
; feli-d t.,¥.:l l)• : ':'- -.

comp<d,eoa,e ~ol·•........_"'!'!"_, whcn-lw ....... .....,•---....



Wcdnesday, March 29, 1995

University DateLine
Suffolk Uni~ersity's Cajenilar of Events
March 29 -April 4, 1995
w,.twday 30-9
ll,:00 12:00 12:00 12:30 1:001:001:00 -


B.L.C. Study Group· - Statistics 2SO
'Sawyer 4)0
B.L.C. Stud y G roup Chemistry 112
B.L.C. S1udy Grou p - Accounting 322
sawyer ,927
SOM G.P.C. Meeting
Sawyer 623
B.L.C. Study Group - Economics 2 12
Sawyer 430
B.L.C. Study Group - AcCounting 202
Sawyer IQ21
B.L.C. Study Group - Physical Science 2
Fentof!. 530
Leadership for Life Series p~nts: Leadtrship & Lire wUh Pruldenl Saratnl
JlPrcsident's Conference Room," One B




3:00 - 4:30



Wellness Fair/ Active Life Expo
Ridgeway G
C LAS Seminar Series: Psychological Analysis of George Lincoln Rockwell
Arobcr 11
B.L.C. Study Group - Chemistry 2J2
Archer 63
Alpha Phi Omega Mec1ing
Fenton 4~A & 8
English Dcpanment Meeting
Fenroil 60
CLAS "Dean's Meeting
·Fenton 615
College Republicans Meeting
Sawyer 423
B.LC. Srudy Group - Accounting 322
GALAS Meeting
Sawyer 808
Beta Alpha Psi Meeting
Sawyer 9
Finance Club Meeting
Sawyer 1
Archer Fellows Meeting
B.L.C. Study Group • Economics 212
B.L.C. Study Group,- Accounting 202
Sawyer IJ
Economics Association Meeting
Economics Dcpanment, 20 ~ burton
8.L.C. Study Group - Physica1 Science 2
' Sawyer 4
Men' s Vanity Tennis vs. UMASS Boston
Women's Vanity Softball vs. Brandeis Universil y
Andrew J. Puopolo J&l; Noil6,

1:00- 2:30

1:00 - 2:00
1:00 - 2:25
1:00 - 2:30
1:00 - 2:30
1:00 · 2:30
1:00 · 2:00
1:00 · 2:30
1:00 - 2:30
1:00 - 2:30
1:00 • 2:30


1:00 · 2:00
1:00- 2:00
3:00 · 4:00
3:SO , ,

,'c.? .. -,

}'f~' ~~

Last Day of Fall Undergraduate Priority Pre--Registr.nion
B.LC. Study Gtollp - Accounting 20 1
Program Council "Spring fling'' Rat & Mr. & Ms. Suffolk Comest
,MBA Associ~tion & SOM q~uaffAJun\. ~¥ -R.ett:ption

J~:_ _


Sawyer Caf:
Copley Piao H

.-- ,...


Graduate S1udents Fin"ncjal Aid Applications Due
· Women's V~ily Soft ball vs. E minaoocl. 1
CoUege, , ·
Men' s Varsity Baseball vs. Maine Farniington
Men's Varsity Tennis vS. Gon:lon College

11:00 - 12:00

12:00 • 2:30
1:00 - 2:30
1:00 - 2:00
1:00 - 2:30
1:00- 2:30'
1":00- 2:30

,1:00 • 2:30
1:00- 2:30

J:00- 2:00
1:00- 2:30

1:00 - 2:30
1:00- 2:30

1:00 . ·2:00
1:00- 2:00

·!:_6,bo - 5:004:00 .

SOM Chairs Meeting
Sawyer 521
CLAS Seminar Series: The Fourth Wor14 Confcre~e on Wome n:What Can We Expoct?
Archer 110
· B.L.C. Study Group - Chemistry I 12
· CLAS Curriculum Co!)lmiuoc Meetiog
Fenton 430 A&8
Fento11{Jii .
Program Council Meeting·
CLAS Dean's ~ ccting
, ,
Fenton 615.
Sawyer 423
Student. Government Association t.1,eeting
"Sexual Orienwtion in Sctlools:_Law, Policy & Practice", Dr. Arthur Lipkin,_Prese~tcr
· s~wyer 427 & 429
Education & J:luman Serv~es Syin~ium
B.L.C. Study Group - Physical~~

Hispanic Associalion M~ing ' ,,. ·
:Sawyer 708
Sawyer 921
Qlack Student Union M,-_tlng
Sawyer 917
Beta Alpha Psi Meeting•~. •
Sawyer 1134
B.L.C. Study Group B.L.C. Studr_ G{OUP~
. F..
Men 's Varsity
Munce~Conference Room, Aldler 110
Meeting or TrosteCS'
. S.W,., ,430
B.L.C. Study Group • ~i~ 212



~ riiow "-~ailable in the Dean of S tudents Office &

Sludenr. Activities Office. Deadline for applications is' ~esday, April 18 at 5pm.

UNnaOy Qitg[;doc is Sllffolk

Uni versi ty 's master~· · For infor~natfon

Questloos? Call

the Dean of Students Office ac 573-8239.

~ any sc_
hcdulc:d event, any day of dllo

thityoo' areolanruog "11573-8082. A ,ompn,hens;ve~ol~"f " ~ • ~


I ?N-ti•l,~l'.:llf,;: ~I

pa11, die men's

IC8m wa without a auffi-

;:'.::::.=::=:,~ len~•

p11yas wpwd get any WUJl,CI' kinb
,... botl CM of ihcir hiaiDg.
• lo",._ COKb Joe wub . .
.W. to pt. Ma a.. some IIDplc BP
.tdmYIICUllkminllol&oa, bowa


ot io

wu our bi11est win .in .

10-innin& viclory. ""Ibil wu a buae
winfOl'UI. Wcbittbc.tiallalltripand

we weiep' t going to stop. 1 have to
.• Y though, my heart was in my: ball(l
dwi.D& the nitllb innin&-"
a tii1 apdmiide: _ vs bia,IOD's arty~
Suffolk rewnlC(I to Boston with ·a
offeale. And DOW. witb m- 6-1 OYerall. record (their only blem--

. m111--.

boea ~ iltctwtlM:



a 10-7 ~back to Salve

• . ,,..., ....... ~ --- ~~~~OG!~-~~gl)o-oyf-~

°j)<4f11bt chiJiq dloir NIIU-pinC!'

- . . ,. mad alp. s.irolt playcn,
crOlled plate Jue. JOii. ~
doilNl1) a kltll.ol.tfi lima. Yea, 86
timal. Do you think uc of ~ ~ will , lh..,. la lbe
. .

~ ~~

Wtllb. ':!a
jlll ,-::ticed.





llifled Oordoo CoUOge 7-1, upplq
their ·~
total to 93 ~ · ia ti~
pptcs. _
So.~ r cffeuiv( numtim_bhe
bcm jmt ~ o/f,.,.;,., yei 'Wlllili
ltilldclirest4?Cllab\ilh i dccentpilcb-


ins pm~ "Whca we' M thro1riDI
lbika wc',c aood," be IAid. "Wbm
die p.a we've uually · wc•f'C nol were mediocre. I c1oa•t

,_,,. - -1


time we



wantiolllwayaout-hltteaml. ~w~
!o:: soine 3- 1

~ ~ "".en1ually like

Ind wb=-for,,......,publidlycr_.i......,.

. . . . Husaq in the St.

,.....fllClcarwatcr area, wheM
. d!I - pll)'c,d moat of .ii& B,lll'QCI,
Kaociad.ia: a 5-4 pme amin, the



· Andseveralplaym baveatepped-

up lhu& far, much to Walsh's


SophomoM Rob Fournier (7 IP, .7

K's, I ER vCfllll Gordon; retired 20



.....-,.. ,.,


lWtta, .

.;..,~. -:J

- . ~ Sllffolt IC<Rd six mon; IUI a row v_cnus Filchbutg) and junior
dam wniaa Huaaia tieforc the ml •.sicvel...oud(91P,8K's, I BBvenm
M . - caDcd, gnm1ing the Rmm an Salve Regina) are two such apeci- off five cuaoativc
c!r9PPina tbrir final
J)-4 fldGry la lbeir S.Ud>-of-ib.- men,. ·
Dbm Liao Opeaillc Doy.
~Ai 1oog u ,,,. boll ~ ..... ICIIOIIIO~Colli
11111 fallolriDs day Saffolk du- we'M going-to aive a lol olllealll a
eledSoholtcp,o0111qclOd,d,o;, ""'p-," Wolshmnn• "But
... .........., _ , d>bod. lJod we',.stillgcrioglD"""1_ ~ .... 9" . . .
bi jalcr !)lr,riD ~ wbo dep(h. . _ •
. ,
dlllllaed IWO HR'•• tbelwnl won
•s a lot of
..., loy I filill al 9'2.,
' lhio 111111 ,beie 11UY1 ...0, bo- lmoodmtllall-

.......... ...,.,..

...., ____ ____ _._._
_ _olk
.,.job_ ~-.....,


Cf ... _ _


C.,.. (17-11) . . , _ - - . ap


_ _ .......,,.,!be.,,_
.. _al.,.
,_ .....,.__~ .......

... •-W-•H-

.._- _ .

.... -


U..Out-ei. Weldlllll and-,dlelmd


W- -

-(■ 9-11-toWeolC<mllocd­

ail-lalbeEGACployolli). We'll



.... ........

..,, . . . . tllil .
po,doo of WI 7.5


,-1,1sbiil, ..


........ ,995 ................. ~ , .
'ficloriet ahy racbina 200 for Im c:meer. Wldl 1111 __..,


win away- u of 3/24. • Meaawbile. rootie
... b«lomall1ulohuh wa j1III
. . -~bef-llley Clllrfltlm Carr wa in ~ ol bcr lint c:aeet' Sllll'olt v.
pmc111he mca's 1-cblll -will beplayile d l i l -


_ , . ... _

lia• ~


wilfi, no furtbc:r burl and csYi:iiaiall)'
won , the· game on the' 1u-enatb or
Malk-Kelleher'1 3-nin homer in the

b e ~ ~ then

Sawyer 430.
Sawyei 430~
Sawyer 102 h
Andrew J. Puopolo Field, North End


Com~mtflt l995 Student Speaker AppH~dom

• • pre-aeaoiu

it tbe


..:.~':':e~:11'~ :!-u!c':1r

B.L.C. Study Groll p - Statistics 250
B.L.C. Stud y Gro up - Accounting 322
B.L.C. Study Group - Accounting 202 •
Women's Varsity Softball
Wentworth lnstilule

12:00 - 1:00
1:00 • 2:00

and lo5Scd the winnina nm out


l ~

B.L.C. Scudy Group· Ch~mistry 212
B.L.C. S1udy Group - 'chemistry l 12

6:30 - 8:30



- - - -11 -ay,;]412 - - - -- - ~- - - -- - - - - - - - -~ !ll--!!.
-,~;..,siij ~
3~, : 5:00





ror..,.Salroll:....._ tblo,....11 .. _....,c:.r
_,,,. __ ,Allal--wtllle•. .

-lti.- - ~-Qdodoo-

-..-. darialtbeirSptmt_trip_,...,_ .. _ _ _

The S uffo lk Jo urnal

University Dateline


. II

Wednesday, March 29, 1995





Suffolk University's Calendar of_Eve~ts' .
March'29 -April 4, 1995
wtdwdn l/19
11:00 - 12:00
12:00 • 1:00
12:00 12:30 1:00 •
1:00 :
1:00 3:00
..._ •


]byC141y 3{3Q

l l:00
1:00 • 2:)l}
1:00 • 2:00

1:00 - 2:25
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 • 2:30

1:00 • 2:30
1:00 - 2:00
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 • 2:30
1:00. 2:30
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 • 2:00

1:00 - 2:00

3:00 . 4:00
3~ ..


B.L.C. Siudy Group • Suu.islics 250
~; 2

::~ ~: ~ ~::i
~:~:~:~ ~


S awyer 430




B.L.C. Study Gf'Ol.lp - Economics 212
: : ; : : :~
B.L.C. Study Group · Accounting 202
Sawyer JQ2 1
B.L.C. S~udy G~ p - Physical Scieo.ce 2
Fenton 530
Lcadc:~hip for Lire Series prc.senu.: Leadership & Lire with President Saratnt
President's Conrerence Room, One


Wellness Fwr/ Acti ve Lire Expo
CLAS Seminar Series: Psychological Analysis or George Lincoln Rockwell
B.L.C. Study Group • Chemistry 212
Alpha Phi Omega Meeting
English Dcpanment Meeting
CLAS Dea.n's Meeting
College Republicans Meeting
B.LC. Study Group . Accoun1ing 322
GALAS Meeting
8e1a Alpho Psi Mce1ing
Finance Clu b Meeting
Archer Fellows Meeting
B.LC. Study Group . Economics 2 12
B.L.C. Srudjl Group - Accounting 202
Economics Association Meeting
Economics Ocpartmcn1, 20 ~bu
B.L.C. Srudy Group • Physical Science 2
Men's Varsi1y Tennis vs. UMASS Boston
Women's Varsity Sortball vs. Brandeis University
Andrew J. Puopolo F'



Last Day or Fall Undergraduate Priority Prc--Regisuation
B.L.C. Study Group - Accounting 201
Program Council "Spring Fling·· RJU & Mr. & Ms. Suffolk Con1
,MBA Associ~1
ion & SOM q~uaftAlunillhteccption


6:30 • 8:30

12:00 • 1:00
1:00- 2:00


1:00 .



1:00 • 2:30 .
1:00 - 2:30
1:00 - 2:00

L<lO- 2:00

, 3.1)0

4:00 - 6:00°
4:00 -



·* · •." ..






B.L.C. Srudy Grou p · ,Chemistry 2 12
B.L.C. Study Grou p · Chemistry 11 2

Sawyer 430
Sawyei 4'.30~
Sawyer 1021
Andrew J. Puopolo Fie.Id, Nonh End

SOM Chairs Meeting
Sawyet ·.521
CLAS Seminar Series: Tbc Founh World Conferc~c on Womcn:What Can We Expect?
AJtber llO
B.LC. Study Group • .Dremistry 11 2
. C LAS C\W"Jiculum Commillce Meeting
Fenton .4'30 A.&8
Program Council _Meeti ng
Fentoa •60l
C LAS Dean' s Meeting
Fei1ton ·6lS
Stlidcnt Govcmmcnl Associali(?n Meeting
~wyer 423
"Su1;1 al Orientation in Sctiools: Law~ Policy & Practice". Dr. Anhur Lipkin,
Education & HIiman Services ~ymposium
Sa~er 427 & .429 --:
B LC. Study Group • Physical'Scieftti 2
Sawyu 4»
Hispanic Association M~g
.,,. ·
, S.W,..-7<11
Black Student Union M~ g
• Sawyer 91J
Beta Alpha Psi M~nc·,: ·
Sawyri- 927
B.L.C. S1udy Group • Sliistics -250
Sawyer 1134
B.L.C. Study Group • ~ l ing 201
Men' s Varsity ea..-•;,,. Fnunina~ College
Meeting of Trosteel' ~ t Afftirl Committee
Mu nce Conference Roqm, Ai&a- 110
Sawyer .430
B.LC,..swdx_Qroup • ~~try,, 212

. F,om=::



.Ul4m,lty1ljtdJ,qe is Suffolk Uni vcrsi1y's mas&er ~ -. For i n f ~ ~ an~ acbedulcd event, 1111y day oldie ~ ~ or IO lill.• IMlll
dlit you llil ~ • "11 m-BOS2. A compn,hcns,ve ~of"(',,.""°!"'""'• ~ - llDd
r..- .,i-,;q, p,Micily w p m a l -·




=-~ ~v::=
alld ~~~:~~
. . . ffuaal? 9Jll_ie in the SL

B.LC. Study Group • S1alistics 250
B.L.C. Study Group • Accounting 322
B.LC. Study Grou p • Accounling 202
Women 's Varsity Sortball vs. Wcn1wonh lnstilulc

- , :

tea~• w; ) our biaacst .wia in
line years," said Wallh of lhe 12-9,
10-ionina victory. '11lis wu a Wge
winforus. Wehittbeball.Utripand 1
we werea' t Boin& to IIOp. I have to •
dmi• the ninth inniag."
Scd'folll;•retu,ned ·ao Bolton with a
~I overall rocord (lheir ooly blem111111-.. ~ ~ _,.,.. ish beula a 10-7 setback to SaIVe
Md may be • _,. . , . . , . - 1am. ~ ~&ht,i)' and in thelr: North~-tbe-b: tf'A, diiriita Lbeir aevn-pme MliloaDugn.Line·OpeninaO.ydley
.Pllrida road trip. Sllft'olk playe:n: ailled_ Ootdaa College 7-1, uppiaa
cr.-ed the plate (&re y('IO aiaiq: · tbdl-"ICOf1:l!J total to 93 runs ia eight
I Siale WIii ...,.ny wbcD the
..,_. would set ..,. wiQler kiftb
,_, boes Ollt ol tbcir biaing.
So -... •Coach Joe W.W. 1'111
YIIC Uaiaa ill Boa1oa. be was
a 1111 opdailde ova' bis lelm!s iarty~ And now, witb ro-


eommeoctmen1 1995 Student Speaker AppUcadom Am Now
in the Dean or Students Office ._· ·
Student.Activities Office. Deadline for applications is·~ y, April 18 ll Sprn. Qu~ ? Call the Dean oCStudcnu Office at 573-8239.

l:(1-ki l ,t_l U'i! -


fucan,? .
llijldcliresto'~ • d e c m l ~
n u'""f daiak our wort • the. YMC iaa pme.· ."When we're
,ally-· ~ ..
~ '"ID tbc SI-' we've mully · we're iKit were mediocre, I doa't
;.a pacticed. 1'bil: time we were want to
oul•hit team&. I would
Pftllllllld, ~ w e r e ~- 1..._ ~ e.eatually~ like to wia some 3_- 1

1200 • 2:30
1:00 ~ 2:30
1:00 • 2:00
1:00 • 2:30
1:00- 2:30 "
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 • 2:30
t:00 -. 2:30


· wi~ no further hurt and evadually
In pre-seaom • pat, the men's Won the game on the streng\h of
t.ebdl 1iaa .,.. without ·• safli- Mn--KdJcber's 3-run 'homer in the

=, !: :::!~~°'m ~

11 :00 • 12:00


~•-•l"161imcL Y... 16

Graduate Students Fimu~ jal Aid Applications Due
Women's Varsity Soflball vs. Em!f\anucl ,CoUcge, • •
Men's Varsi1y Baseball vs. Maine F8J1T!ington
Men's Vanily Tennis vS. Gordon College



bats its way
-Florida· .,





en·:.':e·~ o t ~ ~ ~ ;

~ a t e r area, where

Andsevaalplayenbaveaq,pec1up Um fu, much to Walah'• likina•

~ Saffolk KORd six more
dalll ............ before lhe lat
• called, palllinc lite Rims an

in a row vcnui Ficcbbaq) and junior
Sieve Lo.ld {9 IP, 8 K's, I BB veiiua
Salve Regina) ate two such sped-


men!AJ Iona u lhe bats~ S<UI =n~ g:~maac~~ ~
we're aoina to p¥e a lot ol-.-. .~
•-.* -~ m
-~•WfbbllUIIUIOCI. "But -,-•
- - ~tlie


w: ~lWro::.~~

n. fa11owiD1 day Suffolk, du-

• ND

,..iric:tio. ..a,.




we•~ stlll goin& to-need thM. piccbiac


may bavccnded a liule



Allmllf«tbmrcom- . ~

After ~ &bl, •
with a
roclcy 2-4 ftCClld. &IIIDlk-'WPClld ru:l
off five COOIUIUtiwi victoricf; befcn


.t R
for a


die 1994 - - ..W.'t 111\Je ca-


bJ;,al«DuwiJllfcraudczwbo ,depth. r:. c:IDdod••"!"'l'~dmc. brimd
dal!Nd ·two RR'1, the Rams won
'7bcri,' s a lot of lc:adenhip_cm'
. CGldl Rieb~•• . . did laleml..i
...0,byatlml .of!>-2.
- im~mllhooel")'I...Uybe- -mdlaol-q,dlou,nldl;y, du ~

..:::e!.":r :i's! !:::..::,i.=...w~';: !: ; ":. . _,. _~.;'"_ _ ; ~ ~
11 ~

<lllll!o19-5).--C&. k-,.ldl•bod-• .. ..,_.•
•(21-61•..,_._- -<•9-1'-"'w'"'~-


~..- """"'l
pc,111oo,11,...,_, __ ..., ~ I
- • . . . . . . ..Soo . . 11•,- ....

-.. -..::.-: =': ==~=-~~:=-=~
--(lb, -ltip-·•---'lllo-•--"'. .
~ ( 1 7-11)..,_ . . . . . . Clll-lotbcl!CAC,-yoffl~We'll


--,,.--....,i. -,belben>aplnlllil-." -"ilbipoalllll-•1..,,_
lo w-ot Ille Aree4 1995.,.--,;.WW..._ - - UN: Cee:r m bcpa
,_ _ _ _ _


'lllo . . . W - • 7 - 5 - -ahyof ....... 2110fwllla...,..
. . . lalo-W '9{IGm of die ailllb WII jaa oae win away II of 312A. Meawbile, aoatic lGftblll C01C1:
0 , , - . C....,. iJI -11 ofbe,finl...., Sloll'olt Yicloly- Tle 36

....... .....,_..,,_...,


""'111bollClftl!oll-. ·lllil . . . ilbe,-,lloal7CarT. r...,wlllllo

.. _ .. - - - - r...,.sa... _
1iillhH1-.,- ..........


s...,._111p_doe.,_,__._ __ lo_


.SutJolk ·bats its way

Vdluine 63, Number 21


·Journal and WSFR e
BJ ... Vidra

tossed the winning run out at the
plaCe. The Raml escaped the inning
with no further hurt and eventually

By llyM Foley



L-~-~-,r.:~u ~~•--~,, m.,•m•,•.

- 1 ....ahl"wa
cielll facility to bone ill bMtina tkills.
Tbc ,quad'• annuaJ eJtCUnioa to the

..It dillppointa me ud mua me
Individual, workio1 for uaiver~ very UlfY;" said
sity media oudma: were the fOQll,-of M&n11erl..isa McCulloap in' reacaucatioo withia tllc plat week. as lion to the iec::idcat.
ru ma-

=~~~=ca~ ~=--=:.::~:

won the game on the strength of

-rhi1 was our bi11est win in
three years,.. said Walsh ol the ·12-,9,
IO-inning victol)'. "This was a huge
winforus. Wchitthebalialltripand
we weren' t going to stop. 'l, have to
.., though. my heart was in my hand
during the ninth inning."
Suffolk returned to Boston with a
6-1 overall record (their only blcm•

s.o.biDe State wu ~ y when the
~ would get any wiQter kinks
:,u,, So ,rbcn eo.cb Joe Walsh wu
able lO
bic Ram& some ample BP
a.lad optimiltic _ ver his temn's earlyo
- , o offemi. And now, wilb rosultl ~ ~ ddivaed, lnt:ndM•
hid,may be a man, appropriate lerm.
L· o
l'For...,.dtiring tbriir 1cven-11mc
Fldride· road trip, Suffoll plafCn
~ the p~c (are you 1il,tiog
dollwo.1) a 1ca1 of 86 times. Yt;lr'-86
times. Do you think use oh this
facilky wiU become a fixtwe in the
w'"1 think Oll1 wort at the YMC
Ulllba reaily showed," widentaled

So their offensive numbers have
bcal JJS1. that; of/mJive, yet "9/akh
1tiUdesirestoeatab~shadecentpitchi.n1 pme. "When· we're throwin;
ttrikc:I we're .,od." be uid. "When ·

~ ~ w e r e ~Y-

eventually lib to win some 3-1





apimi Husaan Colle1e in the St.
Pefcnburg/Clearwatcr area, where
tt.11 ~ played most of its gamca.
KDoaed ill a 5-1 pme aw:ring the
seveatlll, Suffolk lc:Ored six more in a row venUJ Filchbul'J) and junior
milm ftl"IU Husun bdOfC the last Steve Loud (9 IP, 8 K'1, I BB venui
0111 wa called. lfMWII the Rama an Salve Regina) are two JUC:b spcc:i11-4 rictory in lheir South-of-tbe- men1.
o,,miiia D,y.
..;._. 1001 as the bl~ ~ loitla
· -• ne -foOowiag clay_ s.trolk c1ar we' re going to give • lot of teams a
to,gh time." Wallh 1U1111iscd. ~ t
we're still going to occd that pilcliiaa
by j~O, Qarwin H e ~. who depth.
dabbed twQ. .ffR'1, the Rama won
"There's a lot of,. lelderahip on
..,;!y by• fmol ol 9-2.
tbi1 ~ and these ·IIIYI reall)' be-Ot .... - - - d,y, Suffoljl lievc in themselves. We left tut



f llO
r 631.


r 423


f 921
f .,,


t,! :


:\!"; ~
~ ':;




O>llefo (17-11) w ... _.,.



.,,_.... ...............

"Lowdl ■ -aalyollbolOp­

iaNewEaslmd, dlcy'reoqe.-oftbc

witboat finiahiaa·~ job IDd
it rmlly il;ft'a b.s ta11e ia lbc player's
moadll (a 9--1 ION to Weal Ccnncclic:utStateialheECAC pll)lolf,). We'll
doftJli&dy be tbae again tbil year."

,ak>cal~dmservcatbe .
1oca1 •

~ - , ; . - - - - ' - - - - - ' - - - - - - - - '= :.:.J

rJennis teiin hopes to make some racket


In the opiaicw of both the playen and the c:oacbea, the. 1994 men'1
tennis aeaon aiay have ended a lit&

Leveruon said. "They have been
involved in a numberofc:losematc:hea
and they miahfbe able to turn thole
close losse1 around thls aeuon.,.

.After tfq.iaiq the yrs with a and· Ron Fallon. The duo combined
rocky 2-1 rrcord. Suffolk would reel for a jaw-dropping 40-5 JtCOld last
off five c::onseoulive victoriea before l])rin1. •The lone senior on the team
droppin1 ,their final match of the i1 Rodri10 ~eodez, wbo ».ill from
peasoa to ~ eoue,i . TbeORam.I Cbilc.. Lpt.year Mendez WII named
bad. looted ·
aocl Ul the for hit 0ws&andlaa Contn1,utioo to
e:yaof~y~Y'Cldwkb.dieteam, the lllffl•i teanis Jll'Olllm.
. ~ •
tbc 1994 aeiaon c:qaldn'I --~ COD- .
Aloag with Mendez, Suffolk -\1 .
duded • .• ... ~ ~ time. ~P.l!lliDI . "!'hh Olber ioterutlonal .
. Colcb Ricb·Lcwmoa'n¢b did talent. Yuan Sbureideb from Jor~ end lasl Matoa qui1e ionidly, da.n i1
r e a ~ , -as
and 10 the head coach b: hopia,·lbil ·· WCIII u Manuel Balmori; i. aative of
plll ~ of c:owt cxccllmce will $plia. R.ouadiaa OUI the .other roC■llyOterialothil ·...._ Apcid ' 1 ancaari0rqo,yBm:ioaand. Anpxtioa of lhlt "7-5 lelm frca 11111 dlol!,y Sharp, wbo comp1emc:m newyear it recumina-.1 .aotbe 111111 jcar cnmen B i l l ~ a bmlfer from
coach is high on this 1em1•1 cba::a~ Qllina:lplac Collqe, i.nd frealunaa




Tony MiroSlaaai•.
Witb a favorable mixwn: of bolh

1995 ......, bcpn c-t, , - ..... - - ..... -..-i--.1- ■'
. . . . . wtatma7-5adYa. 'lic:tories ahy o(rachiftl 200 for his c:an,cr. Wb:b ~ ta111'17-1 ~ Wllhb -...... lbo'l>S!QUOO!e,e-

.... Ibo

.... -ialo die bottom of the ninth
iu,., bdon, lboy

acore and wu ~ feet

·W •


WII just ooe win IWIY .. of 31.24. Meaawhilc. rookie IOftball COKh
a.rt.tl11e·Carr wu in search of her f111t carcia- S\dl'olt vic:lory •. "n.c 36
pma'lJ:lc: mai'1 tiuebaitl 10aa will bcplayina: dlil 1emcm il' ... 111C11tew:r
for •Y Suft'olk tam. All ol
wiD be oa die ad.."Aalilciltc.r
wilb. lbo IOftboll
ii lier.;.«, II.a., CuT. 1Co11ey will tie

- ·!bu ......

,..,..lbo '!Mlqoor!WB ..... - . .
die aeuoo ultima&ely mdcd.


"lo rm opt1muoc 1m1 !Iii,
... ,-llcillar occuloo lboup, ii
will be • .,..i,-.·
cale up•, .... ..-op1m11
-11195._... ...
~ ·~ Zeyrooalu -Jlill,Scllool'•----lllo-••--ol ►I
....... lhmSpriDaa...tlrip-lbebcalbe.--...,-•Flari& : 1 6 ) b l l l l o ~ T - i . - t


- "'!'Ml'"'•--..,~..i.-.-_
..,.~ 1 y.
n..fintru, ~ .•IO:<eLm., _ . , . . . . . . . , . . - , ~

~h~:tv==~•~ ~ -Atl~ tbeircom- 'tenrui:w.:.c=~T::::


lllc IDKMno- Sbe

woold......, Ibo,_...



Andseveralplayenbavestcppcdup thus far, muc:h to Walsh's likin1.


mo cxpralCICI coacem dall dm iDdol
the qd.lo lladoa,, ODC thll die bis
~ Joa,'"'!l.a&r rcceiVUIJ ~o • been wortiq bard It\ rebllild over
fue, from WSPR'1 maclline, that the Jml year.
included l!8P'"' depiedom ., m,Je
'fbe-ollbo . . . . _ lfflitali! ud bomo&m:ual relaciom:, • Coakley, .echoed Mc:Cullaaab"r...
00M,n:b•'!9, - l b o o l - -~"11m'Ollolllill . .
fendlaa .im&&ea "'bd''. to "'the radio no place eflbao • the ''1""1Ml cir ti.
,1tadon''' office_
usiii1 the fu. ma- ·WSJIR. As die main
chine loc:IIIDd "uf 7Jw JOIUftdl office. Suffolk, f t bodt noed ID - • ...
The '"l"Y lO
l b e < q i a , l , o d-~ « -· ,mplc. Uld dui lo not .,,__
_ I _ _ sari
lcommunicatiom between Slljfolk
F~• RadJo (WSFR) mid


J ,:1tc Rama opened their tri~ ping-up for UJ pi1chia1-wisc., lhen. I
Md their tmvellng acoring 1how- think we will be okay."

aip pollCld

offCHive and c:oalroveniial fu

ish being a 10-7 setback to Salve
Rcgilla) and in their North-of-the•
~ Dixon Line Opening Day Ibey
ltiflcd OcKdon Collcgc· 7- I, uppiq
their ICOring total to 93 runs in eigbt

:""',...!,;.Ibo:,:,::":,.."':! ·::;:,;:,.:;-..:::=..::::;

officel, by indi'liduaJJ within lheir

oraan.izationa. •·


llO -



blld • ~ • m,lecouple tillmo UlOd 10 focally llllll ••Jlftllll.witbtbeiwripdm"We''fe tbe iutivenily'1 aaw diK:r'. I hn
policy. The pol!cy .,podlle,lly


oric:alldoa" • ti Rinlll' ID
miaiandm ot, or 1CC1111
- o f-I.any
, of
,Dayid 4Uerman fame, tbaf bad a ,
Ono ol the ...... flDlca
dnwiog or male....-,_;.,. u..-lly

....s.mJc_ ....


___ .... ~.:.•:•:.:.=a:

Undefeated Twiater Champion"
topped tiM:: fax, while a ~ abov~
the c:banc1er'1 mouth ~d " You

S~c:.:IIJ~~•....,.... WU 10


- . Allillalll. IO ~
and DirDctar of




..PY mlo eouple. w-. willl ... ·- ,c1,-,o1,..........,a;o1



...,.r- • .,,,..


,.... ._:c..=:

. . . . ..:;;-....
fuu "eoald ee,uhdy .. _ . .

::"~~~·- ~-




from"iail .... ~. D

deal orpnizadou voiced atron,
·oa of the diaributioll
f such 111a1erial1 witllia their