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July 17, 1997
Dear Joe:
Thank you for your letter reiterating your support for renewal of
most-favored-nation status for China and sharing your views
regarding Cuba policy.
As you know, the U.S. policy of support for Cuban democracy and
isolation of the current Cuban regime has enjoyed bipartisan
support for 36 years.
That consensus has grown stronger in
recent years as democracy swept through our hemisphere, with Cuba
remaining the only dictatorship ,among the 35 nations of the
Cuba's unlawful shootdown of two U.S. civil aircraft
in February 1996 further strengthened the isolation 6f that
To eliminate the embargo while President Castro
steadfastly clings to personal power and his failed socialist
model, denying citizens even basic political rights, would not
likely have the liberalizing effect that we all seek.
Our policy does not rely on pressure alone. We have
energetically implemented provisions of the Cuban Democracy Act
that directly benefit the Cuban people and encourage the
emergence of civil society. My Administration has approved more
than $150 million in humanitarian shipments and promoted numerous
exchanges between American and Cuban non-governmental
organizations. We are making every appropriate effort to signal
to the Cuban people our peaceful intentions and to support their
democratic aspirations.
Our policy of outreach recognizes that
change in Cuba must come from within, led by Cubans on the island
who yearn for democracy and freedom.
Again, thank you for writing.
I value your thoughts on how best
to promote our shared goal of a democratic Cuba.

The Honorable John Joseph Moakley
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515