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Jan-16-96 10:54A Am Bus Council


on Cuba



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Jan-16-96 10:54A Am Bus Council
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on Cuba





1500 Penn• lvani& Ava., N.W.
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washinciton, be 20220



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Jan 16 , 9 ,


10:54A Am Bus
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on Cuba


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c,.c. aoa:ao


Dear Mr. Ryan:
on ~anuary 15, 1996, the ABC Forum on CUha, Inc. ("Al3C") received
a license !rom the Oftiee ot ForQign AssetS1 Cont:t:'ol ("FAc 0 )
authorizing transactiQns related to~ conferenc• sponsored by ABC
in Cuba entitled, "The United stat~s: aT'ld C\\ba:
A New England
Per~peetiva," In addition to autl'loriz:tng the conference itself,








participants in th• conferance. This license was issu~d pursuant
to S 515.574 of the Cuban Asaets Control Regulations, 31 C,F.R.
Part 515 (the "Regulatioru: 11 ) , a new provision entitled 11 Support for
the CUbc1.n People," which a:t't:iculates a l:>&sia for authorizing
transactions that are intended to atrengthQn and foster civil

~oci•ty in Cuba &nd p~omote independent activity.

You indicated in a number of ~ubmissiona to FAC in support of your
license application ~hat the partioipante in the confa.rence w~re
co:mmitted to exploring• variety or possi~l• activities in Cuba
eonsis't.@l'lt with th• purpose of S 515. !574, that ia, providing
support to th9 Cuban p~opl$.
Acuu~ding to your representation~.
tha~ is the sole put:posa of the trip. We huve agreed to lic8nse
the conferanca based on those ~epr~sentations and your assurance
that no other activiti~g innoneist~nt with tha inte~t and purpose
of S 515.574 will be undertaken.

ABC's co~nsel, 3. Bernard Robinaon, dated
he indicated thl\t ABC wo1.1ld like to conduct
additional conferences in the future.
Whether ABC will receive


January 12,



Ai~ilar licenses in the tuturA will d~pend on the •!fectivenegs of
this conference in launching licensable initiatives consistent with
th• Regulations. We look torward to dii;;cussing the conf arance wi t:h

you upon your return and after the filing or yo~r written report
with FAC, In addition, we will discuss with the attend~@s th~ir
participation as well as t.h~ir futu~e plans for projects in Cuba.

Richai.-d Newcomb
Offill~ of: f'oreign Assets Control

Mr. MiehaQl J, Ryan
ABC Forwn on Cu:bc1, inc.
113 Fourth Street, S.E.
Washin9ton, DC 20003


Jan-16-96 10:55A Am Bus Council
"U"V ,u, o,,ioov

on Cuba

( 202)


I-"• U<f.


tVUJ.~i'C A::>::>t.l's

WA:SHINGTON, p .c;, 20220




(Granted u~d•~ ;be autnarity of SO u.s.c. App. S(b), 22 o.a.c. 2310(•), 22 u.s.c. 6001 ~t.
seq., t~ecutive order 9193, Executive order 9989, Proclamation 3447, and 31 CFK Pait 515)

Kichae1 J. Ryan, Jaaes KcGovorn, J. Bernard Robiusou


(th• "Licen5eea")
ABC ForulD on CUba, · Inc::.

11~ ~ourth street, S.E.
Washington, o.c. 20003
Attn, Michael J. Ryan
P\lrsuant to your application cf Dece=er 13, l99S, a11 suppl4!tl'lented January 2,
Janu~ry l2, and J&nuary 14, lQ~6, the trlU\•&ct1ona de~cribed fqlly on Paga 2 are he~eby

2. Thi• lii;;•m,e ia grant.~d upon the a:~atemente and repres•ntations• in you.r
.~lication, or o~horwiae filed with or made to the Tre&aury o~par~ment a•• suppl~ent to
your application, And i5 aQbject ~o the conditions, ata0ng others, th&~ ycu comply in all
~espects with all t•oulations, rulinga, orders ~nd t~•tt'Uctions issuect by ttie Seoret~ry of
the Treasury ,mder the a.l.lthorltt of section 620(a), Pu.bli<; Law 87-19S, er under the -lQthority
of &ection ~Cb) ot ~he Act of Octoh~r 6, 1917, &• a.mended, and the ter«1e of thi• licanae.
3. The lieen••• anill.l furni.i5h and make available for i.napgctlori 11ny rel~v~nt j,nfgrmati.ot'l 1
reoorde or reperte r•(lU••ted by the Swcrcrtary of the .reasury or •ny duly autho~i~ed officer
oi: agency of the seereeary. such record• shall b• rNde available for l.lpon d~and
for examination upon dal'Q.nd fer at btaat S yeiU's froai ~hv date of the license. 5uch racor-d&
shall clearly ~emo~•trate the applicability of tha authoriz&tion ~et forth in $!C"rION l

4, Thi.fl l..i.~enae e.xp1ras on January 30, 1996, is not tra.nsfer&ble, ;i.a •ubject to the

prcvieione of Title .31 , Part 515 of the Cede of Ftl!deral Jtegulation•, and any regu1.uor1e and
ruling~ issued purauant th~re~o &J'!.d m&y be revoked or modi~i•d at any time at the discretion
o! the 5•cretary of the Treasury .ctino directly or through the &gancy throuqh whleh the
license waa igaued, or &ny gthar agency deeignated Py the S•~retary of the Treaaury. If this
license wa• ia§ued as A ~wault of willful misrepresenta~ion on the p.rt of the appl~cant or
hie duly authoriz~d agent, it mAy, in the discrat~an of the secretary of the Trea&ury. ba
daclarKd vo1~ tr0111 the date of ite iaeuance. or from 8.J'\y other date.
!. Thi• licen~e doea not exeusv eomplianc• with any law or rs9',1lat1on adJniniGta~~d
by the oltice of Foraign Aeeet8 cont~ol er 4tlother ag~cy (including ~eporting requirement)
apflic4'ble tQ tha tran,action(s) h•rein lie•nsed, nor does i t release the ~ioenaae(s) or
third pa.rtiea from eivil o~ eriminal liability tor violation of any law o~ regulation.

I55Qed by direction and on behalf of the

Jan-16 - 96

10:55A Am Bus Counci I on Cuba

u 11 1a 1 ~a




Lia•aee Ko. c-1a11,-a


tVKt.J~~ A~~~1~






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Kiohaal J. ~yan, Jaaea McGovern•

a. ••rnar4 Robinson

a) Thi$ licenae autho~izes all transactions rela~ad to t:h~ sponso~8hip of
a conference in CUba entitled, "The United stat~s. and CUba:
A New England
(the "Ccnflirence") t o ~ h~ld Jahuary 16-19, 1~96, pursuant to

section 515,,74 ot the Cuban A.Ssets control Regulations, 31 CFR Part 515.
b) Transactions incident to travel to, froJa and witnin Cuba arG authori!ad
fo~ the duration or tho conf~r~nce (•xcluding departure and arrival days) for
the following Conterence participants;
James L. Ackfll'man -


c. Aldrich




D4 1 ,

e(""'t, t-


Ka~ryn Burns
Leslie 8WDstead
Michael Delaney
Leonal C:omez

R.D.S. Grea1'1way
Richard Hartman
Anthony E. Malkin

Jonathon R. Malkin
.James Mc:Govarn
Sydney L. Killer
J. Joseph Moakley
.John Pattillo
Gilbert' S, Peirce
Praxed~s Rive.ra-Fer~er

J. Bernard Robinson
nrian G. Rothwell
Micha.el J. Ryan
John A. si~ourin
Regin11 M, Villa
11 ± 18l LB flu•
Donald Wertlieb

This 11c•nse does not lluthori2!'e th~ contl9rence
partieipAnts to engage in any transaction~ or othc~ acti~ities inconsistent~ith
seetion 515.474, 11 support for the Cuban People ...
* * * * * * * * * * * • • * • • * • * * • * * * * • • * * * • • * • • • i


10:55A Am Bus Council






on Cuba
ruu1v~ A!>!)t:i~

t""'. UC



l '.?./6195



On October 6 of thi~ year. Presidenl ClinLon announced

:i number

of measures intended

to further lhe abilicy of individu~I Americans and U.S. Non.Governmental O,·ganiz..itions
(USNOOs) to contribute to the strengthening of civil society in Cuba. Among these in~u1~
was the decision to create a new license category in the Cul>a11 As.sets Control RtfHlarion~
based 01'I the provisions of t.he Cuba Democracy Al~I of 1992. On o,tober l) the Tr~ury
OeparunMr. i~s11ed teg1.1lation Sl5.S74 b:ased on the "Support for the Cuban reor,te· section of

the Cuban Democracy /\cl. This new regulation allows for tilt i:s:suance of specific licenses for
transactions related to acti viLic:s thai will suppcm the Clevelopment of civil soc.iecy in Cuba .
The liceMe category broadens the ~cope of licensable activities beyond that which may be
permitted under educational, research and hum,mitarian 1eguhnion.s.
The Trt>.,m,ry DepartmenL has authorized by general license commodity expons that

have been licensed by the Commerce Dcpartmerit. A Departmenl of Commerce regularion ic;
planned that will c;;over con1111uuity txpons to Cuba when $11c:h exports are <leemed ro
colllribute to the same p11rpose for which the new Treasury regul~tion w~ is3ucd. However.
until this new Commerce Dep3.rtment license is iuu~d, applicants foi: Trc~ury licenses under
the Support for the Cuban People license ,alt:~ory should he aware that the Commerce
DcpanmtnL can only licen.~ exports of c;ommodities allthol.'iied pursuam to present regulations

permitting educational. religious 3.nd humnnitarian cxporL'\.


License Regul~tion
Stcdun 511 ..574 Support for the Cuban People reads as follows:
''(a) Specific licenses may be issue<l on a case-hy-ca.c,e hl'sis for
Lrausa.clions intended. tn provide support for the Cuban people including.
but not limited to. the following;
(1) Activities of rttognii;ed human rights organiz..atinm,; ;im()
<2) Acrivities of individual$ and non-governmental organi.z.ntiom,
which promote independent ilctivity imcrtdcd to strengthen civil
society in Cuba.
(b) Lit:e::nses will only he i'-suec:t pursuant to tll1s section upon a cle.:idy
aniculate<I showing thal the proposed ttnnsaction~ arf: consistent with the
purposes of lhis part and that no significant accumulation of fund!! or
financial benefit will accrue to the govemment of Cuba.·

Jan - 16-96 ~Vl


55A Am Bus v,,.1.vo•
·•rz, ~v,

on Cuba


ru&1ui, A::,::,r.f~





The Application and Revle.w Proc~
Applications should be .submitred to the following address:

of the Office of Forei1n Assets Comrol
Department of Treasl•ry
1500 Pennsylvinia Ave. N.W. -- Al'ltlex
Washini:ton . O.C. 20220
phone: (202) 622-2480
fax.; (l02J 622-1657

Appli<;ations for an OF AC SupPQrt for the Cuban People kens~ will be referred by
the Department of Treasury to the Dcpan:mem of S~te for interaietwy review. prinr ro issuing

or denying the licen~e .
Lic~iue applications shoutll include information concerning:
- Description of the U.S. applicanr . including relevant exJM,tience:
- Description of the Cuba,, counterpart organization:
DescriptiM of the proposed activity . including proposed travel, commodities and
financial transactions~ and

- Description of proposed monitoring and evaluarion arr:ilngemenl!) .
Support for rhe Cuban People activi1ies may includ~ technical ~sistancc. training.
financial assisbmce and commodities . If r.ommodities
included. a Commerce T>~partment


should al~o bt: obtained by cont.acting lhe fQllowing:
Office of Exporter Services

P.O. Dox


Bureau of Export Administration
Department of Comm~rce

Washin~ton. D .C. 20230
phone: (202) 482-4811

fax: (202) 482-3617

Review Consjderations
The following are some of the. main facturs that will l.Jt: cun:,idered in reviewi1lg

Lieen~ applications requite "a cl~.:trly articulated showing " t:mit the proposed
transaction~ arc consistent with the lerms of the regulation. foor most acfrmie-s, this win
require the applicant lo be r~sonably familiar with the targ~t group itnd the realiries of

operating in Cu'oa. Other NGOs that have oper~ted in C\1ba provide an excellent source of
informarinn . Prospective license applicants who would like advice on their proposed activities

·.56A Am Bus Council
Jan- 16- 9 6I •ulo •• . ...
, , ••
U O ,v, 01'.1'.J.0011
V.J.. I ,.I.U

on Cuba



fVIU:.l\Jl'I J\.).)t.f;:1

,- • u=


prior to formilly svli,itini a license may contict Kevin Sullivan 1n the Department of State's
Office of Cuban Country Affairs at 202-647-9273 . You may also cuntacl the CO-(hairs of the
Supr,ort for the Cuban People: Interagency Worki11,& Group -- Peter Orr . Senior Adv1sor for
the Lalin Am~ric::1t1 Bureau at the Agency tor International Development (?.02-647-915S) and
Michael Ranneberger, Director of Cuban Affairs. Department of State (202-647-9272). In
many insta!"lces the applic~nt mayl need to visit Cuba in order to develop a project proposal.
Travel licen~~!. will b~. iranted for a limited period of time for organizations and indivichials
that need lo condl1Ct an on-island assessment to develop the specifics uf a :svumI Support for
the Cuban People activity. Licenset:~ at~ em:ouraged to vi!.it tin: lJ .S. Interest Section (r>hone:
537-320~551) for additional infmm~lion that may b£' helpful in conductins their re!;earch and
<l~veloping their proposals .

An important: &ctor iri licensin~ detcrminiition~ is the degree of ;issurance that the USti
can have thal llu! applicant has th~ wherewithal to ensure that the rroposed activity will be
c~rried out as described 1n the license application arid consi.stent with embariO t'C~ulatio11~. .
Prior experitmce with the type of activity proi:,oscd aml/ur pnor experientr. ;ind ramiliarity with
Cuba. whilt uul an absolute r~ui1·emen1. do icrvc to indicate: rhat the applicant has lhe ability
to effet:tively c:arry out the activity in Cuba as proposed. Clearly some activities would
demand gri:ater experience than others. The applicant's pJans for moniroring tht ~crivily ;tnd
ensuring accollntability will also be an in,poru,,t con!>ideration in the review process.

Cuban Counterpart Orjanjzations
Wheth~r a ()roposeu activity is considered co promote the purposes of the Support for
lhe Cuban People regulation will depend in lar2e part upon the designated Cuban cou,U~fJ>aftS
and/or beneficiaries. R~cognized Cuban human riehr.~ (lrganizations are specifically mentioned
in the regul:itiori as an eligible category. For thesB org.inizations and other truly independent
NGCk, ~uch as c.hurches ond church.affiliated organizations and iml~pendent professional
organiutions such as the indcpt:m!~ni economim. a fairly hroad range of assisunce will be
considtr1:d !or licen~ing. There is no ambiguity m che role th..t these org1nizacions have in
stre.ngthening civil society in Cuba., and the U.S. Ccr11ernment particularly encourages support
co them . Applicant\ $hould understand ihal many independent organi~tions in Cuba are not
officially recognized by the Cubari Government.
On the other hand, there art: a httxe number of ora,ani:n11ions in Cuba that are classified
by the govcrnmcm of CV·,A as NGOs. but which to a greater or lesser degree arc affiliated
with and/M controlled by the government. Some have been established t,y the governmMr 10
pursue the political aims of the goven1rn,ni or to anratt exro>:i-nal assistan,;c. Within th1s broad
array. ciffcrem org~1li1aTinns evidence varying dewees of inde>piu,dence of thought and action.
With tht aim of promoting a diverse civil society in Cuba. the USG will consider
a-policiltions for assis~ncc that may involvt!- the participation of 2overnment-affiliated NGOs
where ther1o is evidence that rhe particular organization demonstrates a degree of independence.


10: 56A Am



-· •

Counci I on Cuba


tUKJ:;1~!'1 A:s:;1-.·rs


,.... • u::,



Given lhe conn~lion of these organizations with th, Cuban Government. it becomes
particularly importnnt that tho license applicant's propu~ed projecl clt:arly and credibly
contribute to furthcl"ing the independence of tht Mg.inin,tion. or of the group within th~.
orga1,i7..\tio1'1 lhal ii; involved in the ac.rivity. A hiiher degree of monitoring by the applicant
will also be necessary when undertaking an activity with a COUt)~rparL organization thar is. not
truly indepe,1di:;11L Lic~n~i;es may be call~d 11por1 10 subsequently provide ctocumMt~tion to
confirm that the te.rms of the license were adhered to.
:Ptornotini lnslependi;:uL 6,cLivitv
for a Cuban civic organization thnt is already truly independent. vi1Lually any
assistance activity that would\ht:11 thaL organiution·s ability tn cnry <.wt its manaate
would :serve che purpose.; of str.engthe.ning civil soc:i!ty.
1:or an organization thal is subject to
a de&r~.c of govemmerlt control. th~ proposals must col"lvincingly demonstrate the potemial Lo
increase the auronomy of the orga.niucion. Potcnlial acdvities eould be ,iimt!Cl at increasing the
sdf-manag~menr of and pluralism within the organization or al reducing: its dependence on
ideas, initiative and direc.tion from the government.

Activities by nonprofit l JSNGOs to promote independent economic activity may also be
considere.d for approval under the Support for the Cuban People license reiulation. Examvl\\:~
uf potential beneficiaries include the self-emptoycd. ptivalt: farmers , and young. r~oplt!
interested in trainini to \.)~(;umc r;nrrepreneurc;. Consistent with the embargn. however.
U > S > commt"n:ial entities will not be eligible for such licneses.

For the puq:,oses uf licensing Sur,ron fot the Cuban P~ple. ''independent activity"
mei~~ activity that is undertaken :at an organizations's own initintivc and that i:s not directed or
controlled by the Cuban Government. lndepenrlence does not requir~ that a Cuban
organi1...1tion take any outwanJ position of ~l'itici~m lowan.J the Cuban Government. Jo the
context or the Cuban Government's restrictions un free e~pression and ass.ociatiOI\, however.
~n org;ani7~'ltion 's willingness to articulate ideas that ~)' not accor<l wiLh official g(')V~a·,,rnenr
positions or communist parly docmne i~ ceruinly :.m ir,dic.ator of independence.
Minimizing Fun% to the Govcrpmel"lt

Diretr uansfers of funds ·to lhe Cuban Government or its agencies to conduct activities
iencraliy will not be licensed. Hotel expenses. the purchase of es~eutial pwject commodities
in state stores. and customs duties are examples of expenditures that would normally be
normally be permirccd. Applicatiom should co#,:.ain cost estimates for nil financial
transatrions by the license request and should include the m~ans 1,y which fund~ will
he transferred ro Cuba. Whethei the prvposed activity ·proviM~ a significant accumulat11.m of
fuuth or financial benefit" to the governmenc of Cuba will be determined based on the merits
and reasonable needs of the activicy.



The,e guid~li11ts wue under the d1~c1ioa of th~ S~iil A,h·isor t..'.1 lhi; P1e)mle11l ..nJ lbi,; of for Cu~ by the Suppon for ck~ C11\,;in People Interagcncy Wni·ku1,: Owup. The
W01"k1ni;: Group is. ch1ired by the'!m.:nt of State ,md A.LO. and°i11cludes rc:;vrl-"St:nllllive~ from
thl'. N~C. the Departmetll$

of 'rre.uury arid Commom= .i.nd USIA.

Jan- 16 - 9 61 ~0lo.~i;JJ Am Bus O~llOOW
"0"1f ~u~

on Cuba



t" • .l .l


.. ......
• U" .. lvl"I A::;!it."!'S


a B&elCGftOUND • Tl'QWI lO Cuba ia ~ ~ e , : I wndar the Cuban
luialli Con1rOI R.,.._ (lhll "flllgu.lailMi1 proffillJedlld u1"1$1The l~ng
Wllh T'tNJ Enemy M. UfliN>r ~ ~ I l l . I, spencit19 "°'lft'I n,lalil'lfl lo
Cubantlllvoila~!llblt.d~ cha ~.iotk. btiMd. TM r • ~ • inckldv


~ moMY (1ft enr CMftftllY) whau- in.ve11r1 g6 dlNld/y cut>.a qf
a IN... eo(•Mry and pfOIIMi~ ~ - ol atty kind la c ..i,,. Of 11 0Jiian Mtonal.

Any,.....,, in ate UnltM Stau, r t i t ~ ol Cliliunwhip. It , ~ tu thGH
resbktiora. c«mlnal~brlll~ llo ~ulalllomwhichlll'9 tonforc.sby
'Tlle ~ ~ 1110 T,... u,y, Olk. vi Fllfllign Aaln conttot ("OFAC1,

,...,.ta 10yoarel111 tM(oon. S1 ,OOO,OOOin~anclS2'0.000iniodi~al

Ines. C i v i l ~ ~ wi,Q,000 pervloldo11 fl*i aho he i ~

•WHOCANQO•TM~owingtn111elenBN1euthotlt«1. vnderOFACtc.nMt,
eft9aia-in~~814onw whillil it, C..-:
O Jo..,m~ (<11s,u'-'1iy . mployed In IH• ~eicily ~y •


.::.t OfT'K.-ial 00V9mll'19ni travelers (trtlvell'lg 0/\ ul'

Me~... vi international Of'i&nlUliQl'lli vi which Lhe

U n ~ ~ i• also a ma,,..r (tr:1\/0i"9 <>fl
t>l!loal bmnttAA):
a Ptrtotlt iravtlinq 1.l'Pell a y•at to vitil close ralallv•• II\
Cuba tn oi,ou1l11l¥11t.'fl of llllll'90fle hum&llkatlil\ 11-.d
(Gono;oi Uoon~l ; and
0 TnlV~ wflo PIW. ~ ,poem.: liO.naH fram


Pfior oo!nt.

• HOW MUCH IIONEV M&Y U SPl'.NT ~ IN CUBA- O""J a.,thari&ad
lnr\l&l-.•hted~. l'nllyapend"pw $100por<SaylottNfrl\lino 11Xpem1u
.+,;i. in Cuba TNs lnctu<lft, but it ne>i ;;.·,.,;Nd HI, -.i<pardluto, for &odQlnia,
trllltlpOMl!on a,,d l'INIS.

Unhd ~ wlttl Up~ l100 et Cuban oriain foods for P9f~n~ ~ . taUtJI, A
. , . and 11,1m. (s.dlona 1116.206 Md &1U$0(a).\C) o4 ttle Rfsuld911sJ. IP
11naulhotfz-.d U.S. tra,,.""a te~m !t'llm Cub. wi\h Cot.aft ~ good!:, &uc.'I
9oods, with thu-ption 6'il\focmlltion-1 matef\aK, Mayb. aaiad atCuoto11'1G'
di--.,on. {Seco(I(\ 51tt~ ol lh• R&gulsl!o111J. There . . no NmM wi ~
""f*I • -,oft Of lriJotUNk.1111 . . . . . Sudt ~a» 1W siaU&rM)I
coKw1~fn:1m r..,i.liq.ri vndel'IM !lfflNIVO and such katTllll ai; bQQM. lll!'M . fsiJ1GC
lll'ld C01 May N l>'anapaltN heoly. ~vw, .,._ ~ ~ eo.. .are not
ca~*IIVOlfflaOfttl tnalarials a.111 "'il)'ff Hind.

a Vl;SSEL8 • All ~ m ; Ith baa.rd~. Including Iha_., ~ t bO an
~........i.r, IH b 1 " ~ . 1 9 ~ l l l lravel~~.. inCuba. H
yvu a,a 11ot an ~olfrad lravtlof. ~u rrr11y NOT p u ~ ltlftl;, 11ar IDr

-. ..


. .. ····· · ··· ··

rr~Mlion. kx9ng, ~ 6r mooriOg 1"1. 111d you may rwt bring tJtr/
~an origin gDOds b.,;ilc to ~o UnilOd Sun&s. .t.11y paym,t(lta II> II» Manna
Hemingway tmtnt•onllYachl CkJb WOl.llclbl ooneiderl.ld a p~itadparato aCuhatt nati01161And~ir, viol.ei.. n ollt>e ~~. VlhaaGtlawnerw
.re prc,l'lil)itad ~m ~Ing t,awlN,, 1n CIA,it whD ,.-,. them "'' P8$M;• if \ho

_,..,... .,nelhawa~fioal"alOlnm10FACa.alhtu1QngNmtobClaS~
Providar tD Cuba.

a ruu. V ..OSTl!:O TRA VELEAS • f rav11la111 whOfla •itptn&a~ :;\tO oovorod by
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