Welcome to Suffolk University's Moakley Archive and Institute Digital Collections. The documents, photographs, oral histories, exhibits, and educational tools presented here explore a variety of topics and time periods including: U.S. Congress, especially the life and career of Congressman Joe Moakley; women in the French Resistance; Eugene O'Neill; the early history of radio; El Salvador's civil war; and the history of Suffolk University.

Recently Added Items

The New American Gazette: Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks and Leola Brown Montgomery, Ford Hall Forum [transcript]


This episode of the New American Gazette featured the remarks of Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, and Leola Brown Montgomery from the Conference on…

Ford Hall Forum: John F. Kennedy Library, "Baseball and the Course of American Society: The Last 30 Years," [audio recording]

This Ford Hall Forum features William Almon, Lou Gorman, Stephen Jay Gould, Eugene Orza, and Dan Shaughnessy speaking at the John F. Kennedy Library…