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A deteriorated roof and years of neglect left the interior of the Modern Theatre in ruins by the 2000s.

Holes in the Modern Theatre roof let in the elements, leading to deterioration of the fine detail inside the original building.

A play written by Harry Hom Dow depicting the review of a case in the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service in which the applicant, a Chinese man played by Dow, is denied admission to the United States after being caught with a…

A play written by Harry Hom Dow depicting farcical scenes from the Law Division office at Ellis Island, especially regarding Chinese immigrants seeking admission to the United States.

Wes Savick-Car Talk.jpg
Professional and Suffolk Theatre Department performances are among the offerings at the new Modern Theatre. Here Professor Wesley Savick directs students in Car Talk: The Musical. The musical comedy, inspired by the National Public Radio show, was…

A furniture warehouse designed by Levi Newcomb & Son was built at 323 Washington St. In 1876. Later it became a carpet warehouse and later still was converted into the Modern Theatre.
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