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Pictured left to right: George Rowell, unknown, Trustee John Chase, and President Dennis C. Haley (1960-1965)

Pictured: Francis x. Flannery, John Fenton, Jr., Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, President David J. Sargent, and Marguertie Dennis

Pictured (left to right): Jeanne M. Hession, William L. Pepper, Dorothy "Dottie Mac" McNamara, Thacher Fisk, President Thomas A. Fulham (1970-1980), George A. Strait, Frank L. Daniels

Pictured: John O'Callahan, Dion J. Archon, President Thomas A. Fulham, John Shannon, Judy Dushku

Pictured: Alexander J. Cella, Glen Eskedal, Bernard Meyler, Harvey Cannon, President Daniel H. Perlman (1980-1989), Walter Johnson, Marjorie Kelleher, and Alberto Mendez

Pictured (left to right): William Good, Richard Vacco, Louis Connelly, Robert Johnson, Howard Aucoin, Glen Lewandowski, Joel Corman, Theodore Marshall and President Daniel H. Perlman (1980-1989)

Pictured (left to right): Suffolk University President David J. Sargent (1989-2010), Patricia I. Brown, and Dean Paul Sugarman (Law)

soh-007 transcript.pdf
In this interview, conducted by his cousin, Ted Duncan, Suffolk University founder Gleason L. Archer (1880-1966) discusses the founding of the university and his other professional endeavors. The interview covers the founding of Suffolk Law School in…
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