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Pictured left to right: Secretary of State Paul H. Guzzi, Dean Richard McDowell, and President Thomas A. Fulham (1970-1980)

Pictured left to right: Leonard L. Sanders, president of Better Business Bureau of Eastern Massachusetts, Dean Robert C. Waehler, President Thomas A. Fulham (1970-1980), Miles W. Kirkpatrick, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, John G. Flint,…

Pictured: Francis X. Flannery, Dean Richard McDowell (SBS), and two others present an award

Pictured left to right: George Rowell, unknown, Trustee John Chase, and President Dennis C. Haley (1960-1965)

Pictured: Joan Brosnahan, Kim Leonard, Julie Conlin, John Walker, Shahriar Khaksari, Lenny Langthorne, Vanessa Fader, Mary Jane Walker
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