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Front (left to right): Martha J. Ellis, Captain Louise M. Burns, Roberta L. Wyn, Stephanie C. Mavrides; Rear (left to right): Martha A. Tobin, Marianne Ernera, Lesley Kennedy, Marion Domunat

This scan includes only the following sections from Part III: Preliminary Design. Section C: Community Development, Section D: Socioeconomics, and Section E: Archaeological Survey.Contact the Archives for access to the full document.

This scan includes only Chapter 3 - Section D, Chapter 4, and Appendix 1. Please contact the Archives for access to the remainder of the report.

This scan includes only Chapter 1 of this report. Contact the Archives for access to the full document.

Report number: TR-1999-104. Includes cover memo from Lawrence H. Weintrob, Assistant Inspector General for Auditing.

Handwritten list of attendees, a draft by Jim O'Leary, and final copy of a letter signed by Joe Moakley rescheduling a meeting with Representatives from the Boston Public Schools. Jim O'Leary's notes from this meeting are in DI-1105.

This document contains handwritten notes by Jim O'Leary regarding a meeting with Joe Moakley and Representatives from Boston Public Schools discussing busing issues. See also DI-1106

This document shows the changing population distribution and political landscape in Boston over two decades.

This document identifies the total population in each district. The information was taken from the 1970 Census of Population and Housing and the Fourth Count Summary Tape.

This document identifies the total population in each district and categorizes district residents as White, Negro, American Indian, other (including Asians), and reported other races.

This document identifies income class (by dollars), the number of families being analyzed in each income class for 1960 and 1970, the absolute change within that period, and the percent distribution of the total population for each income class.
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