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Pictured: Joan Brosnahan, Kim Leonard, Julie Conlin, John Walker, Shahriar Khaksari, Lenny Langthorne, Vanessa Fader, Mary Jane Walker

Pictured (left to right): President Walter M. Burse, John B. Hynes, Treaurer Hiram J. Archer

Pictured (left to right): Treasurer Hiram J. Archer, John B. Hynes and President Walter M. Burse (1948-1954)

Hayashi was the first student of Japanese heritage to graduate from Suffolk University Law School. See also the Class of 1922 photo (SU-0344)

The Burroughs Newsboys Foundation, founded by Suffolk University Law School alumnus Harry E. Burroughs (JD 1915), offered educational, cultural, and recreational activities to boys working in the trades. Suffolk University's Miller Residence Hall,…
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