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Pictured: John V. Tunney with students, second woman from left is Andrea Wasserman Gargiulo, fourth man from left is John Deliso, first man from right is John Schatz

Pictured (Left to right): Dean David J. Sargent, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court William H. Rehnquist, Professor Alexander Cella

Pictured (left to right): Suffolk University President David J. Sargent (1989-2010), Patricia I. Brown, and Dean Paul Sugarman (Law)

Pictured (left to right): William Good, Richard Vacco, Louis Connelly, Robert Johnson, Howard Aucoin, Glen Lewandowski, Joel Corman, Theodore Marshall and President Daniel H. Perlman (1980-1989)

Pictured: Law Dean John E. Fenton, Jr. and College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean Michael R. Ronayne

Pictured (Left to right): Margaret Collins Weitz, emeritus professor of Humanities and Modern Languages; Dean Michael Ronayne; Raymond Kelton, associate professor of Humanities and Modern Languages; Associate Dean Emeritus, Joseph H. Strain
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