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Pictured: Alexander J. Cella, Glen Eskedal, Bernard Meyler, Harvey Cannon, President Daniel H. Perlman (1980-1989), Walter Johnson, Marjorie Kelleher, and Alberto Mendez

Pictured (left to right): Richard Pizzano; Joseph W. McEttrick; Director of Admissions Marjorie A. Cellar (seated); Bernard Keenan; Joseph Cronin

Pictured left to right: Law School Dean David J. Sargent, Ronald Wysocki, D. A. Antonelli (trustee, accepting award for her father, Dwight Allison), Law School Registrar Doris Pote, and University President Thomas A. Fulham.

Pictured left to right: Stephen Creamer, Paula Fleck, Mary Hefron and Mary Lally

Pictured (left to right): Dean Nancy Stoll, Vice President Marguerite Dennis, Vice President/Treasurer Francis X. Flannery, (standing) Dean Richard McDowell, Vice President Joseph Kelly, President Daniel H. Perlman, Dean Michael R. Ronayne, Assistant…

Pictured (left to right): Alice DeRosa; Bursar Dorothy "Dottie Mac" McNamara (seated at desk); ?; ?

Pictured (left to right): Jackie Auffrey, Patricia Brown, Richard J. Sullivan, Ellan Hurley, Janice Kaufman)

Pictured (left to right): Joyce Lynd, Joe Troisi, Fanny Schwartz, unidentified woman, Janet Russell, Edward G. Hartmann

In this interview, Myra Lerman, assistant dean of undergraduate programs at Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School, reflects on her career at Suffolk, which began in 1982. She discusses her educational and career background; the positions she…

Pictured (left to right): Librarian Ted Hamann, Blair Bigelow, Professor Alfred Maleson

William Homer is artist Winslow Homer's grandson. Pictured: Jeff Beeman, Richard Jones, William Homer, Dick Booker, Louis Connelly, Debbie Burke Santoro, Phil Santoro, Scott Reedy, John Alahiso

Pictured left to right: John C. Deliso, Dion Archon, Michelle Lemarche, Attorney General Robert H. Quinn, Ralph Nader (speaking at podium), and Joseph Shanahan, President Student Government Association
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