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Feburary 15, 2015. Midnight Shift. SUPD Mobile 101 on patrol after the receiving the record snow fall in January.

William Kidd.jpg
an image depicting the pirate Captain Kidd

The Great Boston Fire of 1872 destroyed Boston’s commercial district in a swath running from the Boston Common to the waterfront.

Holes in the Modern Theatre roof let in the elements, leading to deterioration of the fine detail inside the original building.

Lower Washington Street, Boston, has reemerged as a vital entertainment district after decades of deterioration.

Modern Theatre sign 1.jpg
The Modern Theatre has been called the “jewel in the crown” of Boston’s restored Theater District. (unknown, commissioned by Suffolk)

An article by Fred Salvucci, former Secretary of Transportation a major supporter of the Big Dig

Sun Ra was the opening act for a re-imagined Modern/Mayflower Theatre, which featured live entertainment after the movie business declined. However, that venture was short-lived. The theater closed in 1981 and fell into disrepair.

A campus-wide conference was convened in 1992 to respond to the problem. The purpose of the conference, entitled "Suffolk University: Rebuilding a Diverse Community," was to coordinate, strengthen and expand diversity-related efforts in a…

earlystudent research project.pdf
In 2006, the Moakley Archive completed a research project to find out more about Suffolk University Law School’s earliest graduates. This guide includes information about the classes and biographical information about a selection of graduates…
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