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The program includes a synopsis of the photo play as well as a list of coming attractions and advertising.

Thomas Edison experimented with the transmission of vocal sounds and images while living in the Boston area. The great inventor was commemorated in a U.S. postage stamp

This group of men, women and children were photographed by photographer and activist Jim Harney who captured scenes of El Salvador's civil war.

A Snapshot of Suffolk University in 1946.doc
Taken from a handwritten document in the Suffolk University Archives that appears to be an unfinished speech by Suffolk University founder Gleason Archer, this speech was found in a GI Bill file, and the institution and places it describes still…

This early film camera was developed by Thomas Edison, whose invention of the Kinetoscope and the Vitascope led to the first silent motion pictures.

A furniture warehouse designed by Levi Newcomb & Son was built at 323 Washington St. In 1876. Later it became a carpet warehouse and later still was converted into the Modern Theatre.

Modern Theatre -1.jpg
Years of neglect left the interior of the Modern Theatre in ruins. Yet a hint of the refined colors and the elegant Florentine-Renaissance décor remained. These elements inform the interior design for the new Modern Theatre.

Modern Theatre.jpg
A deteriorated roof and years of neglect left the interior of the Modern Theatre in ruins by the 2000s.

Mayer began his movie career in Haverhill, Massachusetts, by converting a burlesque house into a movie theater. Eventually he was to lead the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio.
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