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Pictured: Edward I. Masterman, Frank Sawyer, and several unidentified guests

Pictured: Paul Tsongas, Albert Hutton, Edward Masterman, Diane Tillotson, Robert Muse, David Sargent

Pictured: John O'Callahan, Dion J. Archon, President Thomas A. Fulham, John Shannon, Judy Dushku

Pictured left to right: Leonard L. Sanders, president of Better Business Bureau of Eastern Massachusetts, Dean Robert C. Waehler, President Thomas A. Fulham (1970-1980), Miles W. Kirkpatrick, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, John G. Flint,…

Pictured (left to right): Jeanne M. Hession, William L. Pepper, Dorothy "Dottie Mac" McNamara, Thacher Fisk, President Thomas A. Fulham (1970-1980), George A. Strait, Frank L. Daniels

This image is part of a glass lantern slide show created by Suffolk University President Gleason L. Archer in the 1920s for promotional purposes.

Pictured: Professor Florence Petherick, Dean of Women (center)

Pictured: US Senator Leverett Saltonstall, A. Arabian, Bertram Gibbes, Edward Hennessey, and Marvin Garbis
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