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The letter from the Massachusetts Black Legislative Caucus discusses the attack on Theodore Landsmark and other violent incidents in Boston, and is signed by representatives Mary H. Goode, Royal Bolling Jr., Doris Bunte, Robert Fortes, Raymond…

Please note that the Archives has redacted personal information such as names and street addresses from this document.

The Boston Busing Debate was an episode of the television show “ A Left and a Right” which originally aired on Boston’s Channel 5 and was co-hosted two broadcast personalities, the conservative Avi Nelson and the outspoken “Dean of Talk Radio” Jerry…

This document contains handwritten notes by Jim O'Leary regarding a meeting with Joe Moakley and Representatives from Boston Public Schools discussing busing issues. See also DI-1106

Handwritten list of attendees, a draft by Jim O'Leary, and final copy of a letter signed by Joe Moakley rescheduling a meeting with Representatives from the Boston Public Schools. Jim O'Leary's notes from this meeting are in DI-1105.

ROAR pin depicts a lion on a school bus with the text, "Stop forced busing"

This census identifies the African-American population in each district and categorizes heads of household.

This information was obtained from the 1950, 1960, and 1970 Census of Population and Housing and the First Count Summary Tape. It identifies absolute change in 1950-60 and 1960 and 1960-70 as well as identifies the non-white population in each…

This document provides data on the expansion and contraction of white and non-white populations by Boston district for each decade. The information was taken from 1950,1960 and 1970 censuses of Population and housing.

This document identifies the total percentage of Boston's population in each district for years 1950-1970. The information was obtained from 1950,1960, and 1970 Census of Population and Housing, and First Count Summary Tape.

This document identifies the total population in each district and categorizes district residents as White, Negro, American Indian, other (including Asians), and reported other races.

This document identifies the total population in each district. The information was taken from the 1970 Census of Population and Housing and the Fourth Count Summary Tape.

Report number: TR-1999-104. Includes cover memo from Lawrence H. Weintrob, Assistant Inspector General for Auditing.


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