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Pictured left to right: John C. Deliso, Dion Archon, Michelle Lemarche, Attorney General Robert H. Quinn, Ralph Nader (speaking at podium), and Joseph Shanahan, President Student Government Association

Pictured left to right standing: Monahan, Wolpe, Moomjian; sitting: Detour, Dion J. Archon, Cecilia Ann Letorney

Pictured: John O'Callahan, Dion J. Archon, President Thomas A. Fulham, John Shannon, Judy Dushku

Pictured (left to right): Warren Kline, Raymond Johnson, Professor Dion J. Archon, Joseph Katomski, and Connie Fisichella

Pictured (left to right): Professor Dion Archon, ?, Andre Michalopoulos, President Dennis C. Haley and ?. This item is related to the lecture series "Europe's Contributions to the American Civilization" hosted by the Edward L. Bernays Foundation…
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