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Pictured: Thomas J. Boynton, President Gleason L. Archer (1906-1948), Prof. Matersie [?], John Shephard, 3rd, Commissioner McCarthy

Pictured left to right: Gleason L. Archer, Jr., Marian Archer, Allan Archer, Gleason L. Archer, Elizabeth Archer

This recording is part of Gleason L. Archer's radio series focused on legal issues for lay people.

Includes brief a biography about Archer's radio career and an index to the titles in the the "Law and the Home" radio series

Text on the front reads: "Practical Law in Private Class for Young Business Men. Apply at once to G. L. Archer, 826 Old South Building." Handwritten text on the back reads: "Fall Term Oct 17 1905-Dec 21 '05; Winter Jan 2 '06-Mar 23 '06; Spring Apr 3…

The ring design features the Suffolk Law School motto: "Honestas Et Diligentia" encircling "Suffolk Law" with a scale. Archer's name is engraved inside the ring.

This gold-leafed glass sign hung in the bay window of founder Gleason L. Archer's the first floor apartment and advertised Archer's Evening Law School (now Suffolk University Law School) to passersby.

Postcard message reads: "Here is where I became a lawyer at 9.30 this morning G.L. Archer August 21 '06", addressed to Rev. L.S. Williams (uncle of Gleason L. Archer) in East Wilton, Maine

Pictured left to right: Allan Archer; F. Morse Wemple (New England Conservatory); Gleason L. Archer, Jr., kneeling; Mrs. Wemple; Elizabeth Archer

Pictured left to right: Gleason L. Archer (President, 1937-1948, and Founder of Suffolk University); Elizabeth Archer; and Hiram Archer cutting cake at unidentified Suffolk University event

Pictured left to right: Gleason L. Archer, Jr.; Gleason L. Archer (President, 1937-1948, and Founder of Suffolk University); Elizabeth Archer
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