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Black and white photograph of Ford Hall Forum lecture featuring Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar, on May 18, 1995. Ashrawi's talk was entitled "The Side of Peace: A Personal Account."

Black and white photograph of Jesse Jackson with David Nelson. Jackson's lecture entitled "Education: Foundation for Democracy" took place on March 27, 1983.

Program for the 1979-1980 Ford Hall Forum season to be held at the Alumni Auditorium at Northeastern University. Line up includes David Halberstam, Professor John Kenneth Galbraith, Ralph Nader, Samuel Schwartz, Nicholas Johnson, Midge Costanza,…

Felt banner for the Ford Hall Forum. Banner is navy with a white border and white text. Top text of banner reads "Let There Be Light." Center of banner has an image of a torch in the middle of the year "1908." Bottom of the banner reads "Ford Hall…

Cloth banner for the Ford Hall Forum. Banner is navy with a white border and white text. Top texts of banner reads "Ford Hall Forum." Below is an image of a torch with flames.

Two portraits of Ford Hall Forum founder George W. Coleman, mounted on black board with his name written in white ink under right hand portrait.

Black and white photograph of audience waiting in line to attend Ford Hall Forum event. "1 Ashburton Place" written on the back.

Color photograph of Ashley Judd and Candelaria Silva from April 8, 2011. This event was a discussion between Judd and Silva entitled "Bittersweet Humanitarianism" which explored Judd's transition from award winning actress to humanitarian.

Transcript of an audio address delivered at the Ford Hall Forum by Garrison Keillor, titled "Pontoon: a Lake Wobegon Story."

Transcript of an audio address delivered at the Ford Hall Forum by Paul Hawken and Steve Curwood. Talk titled "Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being, and Why No One Saw it Coming."

Transcript of an audio address delivered at the Ford Hall Forum by author Sarah Vowell, titled "Assassination Vacation."

Transcript of an audio address delivered by honoree Angelou at the Ford Hall Forum First Amendment Award, titled "The Responsibility to Speak for Freedom’s Sake."

Three weeks before he was jailed for leading peaceful protesters in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. King addressed the Ford Hall Forum in Boston on March 24 1963. His address, "The Future of Desegregation," coincided with the centennial of the Emancipation…

Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reviews domestic affairs and world events with former President Gerald Ford. They discuss U.S. foreign policy, issues facing the Soviet Union, and the situation of reform in…

Transcription of a Ford Hall Forum that featured Gloria Steinem, an American feminist, journalist, and co-founder of Ms. magazine. Steinem read excerpts from her book Moving Beyond Words and discussed child abuse as wells as economics.

Robert Frost, a Pulitzer Prize winning American poet, addresses his views of America through readings of his poetry. The forum was originally recorded in 1961 and rebroadcast as part of the New American Gazette radio program on March 22, 1990. The…

Recording of a press conference given by former President Calvin Coolidge; the exact date and place are unknown. Coolidge discusses at length his family, growing up in Vermont, and his early political career in Massachusetts including the Boston…

Charismatic writer, poet and lecturer Maya Angelou addresses the value of the First Amendment with story, song and spirit. The best-selling author of I Know why the Caged Bird Sings reflects on the responsibility to speak for freedom's sake, in this…

David Halberstam, the author of The Best and the Brightest and The Powers That Be, examines professional sports and their effect on American culture. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist ponders the similarities between sports and politics, the…
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