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Carjacking at Suffolk
By MJb Shaw

Oliveira. WU vio11:ady ~ OD a. pi~ of food

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malioa dllt _ lcad I D • ~ of
while on

rown'a sojourn lo the Garden State


all over the}' .


:00 bopofab:. 2$ •
were choaen to


OCl "})ICC 10






· ud caDDOllball-saed
•'me. ·
· w . .
Tbcyan:givenouttopcopk:whose and.wearing a ~.
~shoulda"tbe~... onto the stage. Dt! he-was
• -:.
Anyway, aftcralictleraean:h.l
..Sit down and shut up! We're
foundout so~ i n ~ f a c t s going to start the s00\V!"
Ever since 1991, a public cerBefore anyone could think to

~::)':.:~tshe!t~ -~~:.~:: :~l :CS::

~~ts➔ygo Thismanwasinatux:edo,andbeing
,;uaodced:or ije seen • me:lll!D1· escorted ~si.x women.dressed in tin
less. The . . . . wcre~affer foil.

JgnatiusNotic:1. 1hc ioveilbr·of exc:elsior (pack!ai'· illfml> -1,CQ-'-----'--':.:......-'-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.;__

Thunderous applause

invealmofaodajiep.~le•.-e• cral bmcs .. as ~ B

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After a few opolUIII




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~fire drills,one

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· • - .="l""Jlo,..,.,iopon.bya
• wo 111 &.'l'beae drills . -~~DolliJMFund





. .... - ~ ....... Tlloy

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l'.lculber 5, 1he We aoed ., . - 1"o . , _ peri-

rtt-•Mff. :


By•-1. .o,KloaFAudi·




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JG N0111!L


., ~ . --..,_..~•JallJ . wiaalnlldytWllllllis-amen,

In A..bierica's beaJ!land, Brown


• Hoo:tAy.

eni like anybody was paying attcn>n. Like they e.lmost knew wbo
ey wanted."
Her ~ chance. though, was
1 the hori.ion, and not hundreds of
ilea away, but rather in the nearby
wn of Everett; lberc. showcasina
:r taict,.ts with hu.ndmis of other, in

tf lOP.l,aylhopme.



the carjactiDa ~ at 573-8333. .

ith her tnotbcr would end dispiritlly. She -did-not 1urvivc the final
1ts. '1'bcrcWcrchundred.1ofgiris,"
t: would recall, ''and it just didn't

11 in ttira:t competition with women


~ · Thaewa1119dofllC;.,


cao, over ao
w~o h~, uaig ned a detective to

ayntnaSium, ·erown captured the
tentton of e.vcry SC001 prcscnl "I
~ 10inc to throw ..that ball with
'Cl'Y..thina J ~ e,"~ he temcmbe,-ed
inking on that day of try-oi:its.
She did heave that bailcball with
I ahe "P,S>iseued and when scouts
itneaed what ber arm was capable
· &he was asked to pitch. After
1liain.&, the was abip~ to South ·
md ior ten days of. rbokic school,
itbout • contract. though atill zea].


-: ..

Pagliarulo -~ _he
Sµffolk ,Police bu ~ tuJ!Cd the




·..;=:-.::":"' ~-~-::.=: ' •--.i--.. . .
-":.::: ma-.-"tfll .. lllo....
!W'.-..-_-lmpremd whh th,
C . . . ~·Slpuiq. l
i.., ol _.;on he got from T h e ~ - ~ - loobdovsbl.tbe ]oaiMJ', pltolo


·e--•......,. ,_


al~ ·
andlhe· . . . . . . . - ~. - - - - - - - • ·L,._ _;:;;..;;;;;;:;::;i;;._ .;,,1
~ ""'·~•v'IJ'body',ooop- l""l'·...,"'!._.s.dila1Aaeweio11ieriallt,-or


wltiy ,everyone

CID ave • life, Y.


~=": t .The Geeks di.row ano.Ni,_ _
, .. ~- . "
, ~ .,..,
__,..Mllf:_..•. · =~~~

cam~, c:aU 573-8111 .

.....a IO Id. forwu. _.. After

lo .,.,,_ the HeimUclll OD tllc


caUial dlc,police. Zeftlla coMbutd Heim'lic:.h

Swdenu are Wed IO' call the
· l,~lowlyfrcshman,•bavc:just priii~y.
suffoli.poilcc;rlboybavc•y)o(u- bcmgivelhi ~ e ( • l i f c •



:'":..1:'.o-:;,:.- ioddeat.-

and by lffling the wordoutat;out it.
we are doina the-right dliag."

o ·



•" " - - " ' - - • • • - - "Oae


It Ml DOt DO


. . . . . aadced,lal:Otivcirawas IIOl I DOdced d!II.
..,.....,._., ... tltll .... l'acc

was attacked 11 gunpoint and bad his scribing" the event and advising SIU·
car stQleo from him last Wednesday dents on what to do should a similar
night, October 5, at. approximately incident hlppen ·to them: ·
9:40 pn. The student. whole name
"When waiting in a vehicle, stay
has not since been released, was ' alert, lock your doors and keep your
waiting _ ~ car outside the Fentoa windows up. If• stB;naa asts ou a
building on~Dcrnc IL when 8 white question. do- not roll yOl,lr window
male ~ him and idcotified down more thu one, inch. U some-him~ as a police officer. Wben the ' body (bradiibcJj a, fu-eann, immestudeot rollcd ~wn his window. the diately comply, with the 1111pcct. then
llltacka- then ·pulled out a bandaun rq,on.itrotbcpoliceDIOOIJ u it is
and demanded that the studcrit get: ¢e to" ·
out of bu car.
Couiderio& the fact lhat the Suf•
The Widen! complied and- then folk officen .do not bl.Ye firearms or
immodi.ately reported the incident to a vehicle, ~plain Pagliarulo feels

who stood at 5 ' 10" and weiebed
approximately 170 lbs., 'fith a slight
build. ,He wa seen weuina &lasses,
a ~ ~ • jeans, and a \\,hite

.. 1he Capitol

t, 30p.m.. ESL

.....,. Maria

continue rhc invcsrigation. In the
meantime, however, lhe Suffolk Po-




A k Ntlit School sudent ~crt~v~;:~=::;::r:

rn: Ina


l0WNM,. ffMP •






Sat- Mlb ltpo ... apoc.•

=~,""":8!:t. ~!"! · id~:.
d au ~bout.
• _- _ .~
the ~ Y
Dwini('d>e ,_.;c, Zel01a teealled


-:-:.?.: ~:-:::: ~=:i:.... :::: 'i::."!i

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Taaldo~·forsur&. ·

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,a,=-n~ ·

" ht do9 l!t!l1ll1i
a t1tcP!ei:eoffOOllbadboailtidcl,!cllci
.~ o r '•}1
~ ~1 fl'OIUlOliwln._i 1'roee1,, 11rh:)b1. "'
. - - · - -· ·. dllwila-~t,ydl!>lEboot'
~ ..._ ,,. l!SL . , - ,.... t o - •olllcoc when> ibc'

'fellow · heroically performed ~c
Hcimlicb mueuvcr. The ESL De. . . . - ia iocalCd at 20 AabbwU111
Place. ripe: aa1t doOC' 10 tbc CapilOl'
Coffee 11ouo.

Ai approximl&dy I: 30 p.m., ESL
aecft:W)', Maria Oliveira, wu vk>1ea11y daotiq oa a piece of food
-Oaly z.,uta ialer,caed and
performed dip tieimUcb Muc:uvcr.


By Mike Shaw

continue the investigation. Iii the
meantime, however, the Suffolk Police have distributed a ·spccllJil.:.:Safety
Alert" flyer all around caJflllJs de·
&eribing the event and advising stu•
dents on what to do abould a similar
incident ~ to r.hem: ·
"When waiting in a vehicle. stay
alert, lock your doors and keep your
windowa up. If a strar)gcr asb you a
question, do-not roll" your window
down m0fC than one inch. If some•

A Suffolk Night School swdcnt
was attacked at gunpoint and bad hil
car stolen from hiffl Wt Wednesday
night. October 5, at approximately
9:40 ~ - The &tu;dcn!- whose name
has · not since been released, was
waiting in his car outside the Fenton
buildioa on Dem«; sL whcu a white
male approacbcd him and idcotificd
himsclf' . ... police officer. When the
student rolled down hi, wiodow,'lbc ·
auactc:r tbco pullcc1 OU'., a handpn
and demanded lbal the student get
out ol hil car.
The student CODl_plicd and then
immcdil1ely reported lhc incident 10

and by

eumined. Oli¥Cm •• repoct-




aufferiaa: from biab blood preseahluadoa IDd WII ltillilhlkcn

aiven the
rat of tbe day off, &11d as of dtls
writina, did not nocd outaide medical
from tbc iDcidcaL Sbc WU




Graduate student Gary z


It wu not until after the incident

1bit Zcn>la ialiud the mqnitudc of

miglu have been. "When tJ:ie
waa .•toriaa ao, ' ESL llm'te-1policctiadberintbeofftce,

. ...._ nadcdd.11111.0ti~ wa not I noCiccd that my bands ~ shak~ ,.,..cdy md tbll ._. face ing, because I rea1izell what could
waa red ad coamrted, "'It lleppeacd· have happeoed." ~ rec:onted.
• , - .• 7.ao1a
Captain John Pagliarulo of the
. ...._Wlllll10pta1llllofW11«, s.ifoik Police was pateful for the

diatdy comply with the auspect. then
repon.,.it ui the police ·a IOOD u it is
safe to do IO." ·
· c.on.ldariq" ~ tJiat the Suftbe
folk offioen do"DOI ba\fe firearms or
a vehicle, Captain Pagl!arulo feels

approximately 170 lbs., '{t'itb a 11.iglu

2.ao1a, who



-~·=.c·.=·:x. -=be~;:=~=!

~ . . . . IOI a c:lllir. No ODO acdoM 7.etola


to ~cot. an

merely mmata. 10 ZCllala me epl- Paglilru.k> bplained in a simple way
sode ~ IO 1all forever. After wily everyone s hould study the
t;:allhts die 'police. Zeiola ~ Heimlich Manuever .or CPR.."You
lo ~oria the HcimlJcll .oa tllo r!- cm1uvcalifc.youcansavealireon
auiiba Oli¥cila. Sp. Mlb llyao 1M ,pet."

body ~ ) • rueaim, imme•

and Capt. Pagllarolo of the, S~k · : Pagliarul,o ~uded, "H~ {Gary]
Police rcspoadcd 'Mtliin minutes to ·did a bell or a job and
s what
the emetlency call.
iu all '8,b,out. People c~nng for
During the paruc,·2.erola rocalled pcople....pcopLc: rigb(thco and tbetc,
bis fJtll aid coune. He then rushed OD the lpOt, W~ Cllll_&,O $llll_!!lCJ'C and
behind . bCr and performed tb·e 1ave a life... and 0ary did-It." -


:':'w':'~1:.:S: w~::: :~--~W: ~~ri:":,:;
who 1tood at .5'10" and weiebcd ieporoa this o



aad.n& tbe word out about it.



~•,..·pt_ ~ca11 the
.... ..· ··

build. He wu,seen wearine glasses, we arcs,
_.. .....
8 bro,iati ~ · jeam, and a white

I, lhe lowly freshman, have just
P!1lcc if.,.. bne•Yao,- 1 - give the usipjncpf p( a life..~ John f'l&liani.lo ~ the madoo lhll .~ to • 'arrop. ~ timc,.lgettDcoverthcNobclPma!
$Uff~ Po1tec bu aincc b.u'OCd .,be t h e ~ .fDlpoct • ~
C110 over to
. me.
_ are
wM)hivc Uli&ned ·a detective to while on ,campus, all .573-8111.
Theyarcgivcoouttopcoplcwhosc and wearing a ~walkeclout
~ s h o u l d o " t b e ~." onto the stage. Obyiolisily, b,e-1¥'as

. , _ • -·



nOO.q)': "


Anyway, aftc;nlialormearch. I

the stage manager.
.,_,1 "Sit down and shut up! We're

going to start the show!"


Ever since 1991 , a public c.erBefore anyone could think to
emony has been held each year: to chastise the man for his rudeness,
':b:oo(,(' scie ntists and reaearchers · another nuin wa.llied out on stage.

,L.b oJe:~mnom\auygo .Thisma.nwasinatuxe<\o, andbcing
~ o r . s c e n • ~ g- cscortcdby sixwomen'drissedlntin

less. Tba.awiirtls were iia...t after foil.
Ignatius Nobel: the invenw of excclsior Ct?a<;kmi - j aod "°:

ThunderoUS applause.

invenlGl'ofiOda.iciP.lsNDld~- eral times - as Robert 8. Dimmick.

--j!ll>lcnii"ai,,._om,, Aftoc

· f


a few opi!lliaa ianarb. he
JIMaho{fni,,,,il,ll,i,-.i:11. The su.._...t the lg No601's-10Curity •


ii-,_ io ,.._ by a

,__._.,.)L,.'l1,ac4iills .....-!bo-C~Pllnd


~ -....._ ..... ..,.,_ ""!!"-•Mil': : ..

continoedon -pa,c3


Oo Wodocaday, October~.


., -

die -

•By,dlo-1 . .toKa&geAudipa,- toriumatMIToo'.l'bundayniafit.i/

.- ~ ~~ _~.....lffa ar•,._., "°"'·lwalmluptodto~'•. .- ~ , 'fol ?t Jaoiim'-• wii,alnlidxr.11.Ilfl,l,-adicre

$,\wyer, .......

e -WIii IQ:41 ~-

....-v'1y &lo; .-'-.........

tM· Tbc--qo,iclcly-

amoothly, aod A -

lmprcmd with the
· -



tioa!""°""""IDl•-'!'aial · c1t:staadl!"my·praspOB&.lbopcd . ·E-...-t&i..n·

, r.--..a,,,__uid!lta< ~ ·""""'"'. a1alpl ._ .. ,__i.
.-,_, - «r '!"


lnalcla . . Joun),a

"" -

plpo lo

dtolldlm'.t111isu11ydlil11. M y wduldtill mcifl did:

.: .

1......ttio- .



0 - . .~

......... tlao..., _




the.,_ _ _,,_
.....,,.-.,..,.body'> eoop- ''j'b<\o'wao"'! .............. - - ~ -..




dlla?Ail:..,illdlerialir~r .

C01Qe to thEt Bettiin,;.H
October 27,

1: 30 PM -

Near Quincy Market,. next to Uniol') 0
· Free Admisston. & AppetizE
Sponsored by MBA Associati1
· EDSA and Student Bar Associ~


TboSuffolkJOWDII Wedaeaday, Oclobu 12, 1994



fellow saves 'life

QltHAL ffAfll •

wlleQ an ESL padute lllU1C to IDOCher' office. w~ abe'
rellow heroically performed the wu eumined. · Oliveira • • ·reportHeimUcb IDUCUvcr. The ESL De-- cdly suff'crina Crom hiah blood pta·
~i4~at20Albbwton IW'C.~apdntllill~
P1f1ce, ript lll!lllt door to the Capiwl from the intjdeul. She wu Jivcn the
Coffee Houa
reat of tbc day off, •
u of this
Atappraaimacdy 1: 30p.m.,ESL wrilin&, did OOI need oouide medical



~ ~ • 0l!v~"':;


wtia a-, 2.etola imcrvened aJld
perforacd - Heimlich Maneuver.


not until after the ·iocident
that 7.ero1a realim:l tbe maanitude or

Graduate student Gary Zerola

L - -- - - - -- ---,-- -~ - - -~

what might have. ~
"When the
mane and police bad her in the office,
I noticed that my bands were shak-

Zerola, who was Ullorin& an ESL
~ noticed tlliit Oliveira wu not
bfplbiaa pn,pa:ty •ad tbllt hl:r r.ce Ulg, because · 1 rcaJizetl what could
WIii red and c::omoncd. "'It bappmcd have hlppeocd," :zerola rccon~IO i . ,.. Zaola imembicred. "'Orie
Captain John Pagliuulo of the
. . . _ wat to pt a plll of waler, Suffolk Police wu pateful for the
while llllldlcr aot a dllir. No .oae actioa Zcrola took to prevent an
wa riacdaa to me f.llDCIIIIDCY•"
uafal1am&e incident rrom occurring.
While lbe whole iDcideitt ~
~ be. anived -on the scene,
merely millutes. 1.p ~ tbc q,i- Pqliarulo explain¢ in a simple way
sode lcemed to last forevct. 11. After why everyone should uudy the
ca1Jma the police, ~ CCNitiDued Heimlic,h Manucvcr or CPR. "You

to perform the HeimUcli oo the


save a life: you can save a life on

1trickca Olivei.ta. Sgt. Mike Ryu lbe 1pot."
and Capt. Pagliarulo of the Suffofk
Pagliarulo concl~dcd. "He (Gary)
PoltCC responded within minutes to did a hell of a job and that' ~ what
tho cmcricncy call.
i11 all 'abouL People caring for
During the panic, 2.erola m:alled pcople....people right thea and there,

~:~ t:/':'n':



elcctrolboct tbcnpy. Al his own
~ spark plug


wutreatcdtoan ..ElcmcotalPashiml

Show." S t u d e n t s ~ ~

~-:e3~iu::1:'1U:· ;~~~ur::=~

• forte . Trusgroup ofindividuals,so
we were iold, was supposed to pro- utes:.
·•And ~ y , like after all peai
tect the members of the &trance
Second. to Dr. Richard C. Dan award shows, we were treated to a
Parade.Thcten-rcarolds,wbowcn:. 1 oftbc~Mol&DtainPoisooCco- 1 wondcrful~o..-.,~
all dressed in catholic school uni- tet,andDI-. RicbardA. Gustafsooof bcrs.oftbefaculty,alorigwiihthclg
forms.~tbcirwayuptotbefront tbeUnivcrsityofArizooaHeallhand Nobel chccrteldcn. performed a
ofeachi~ICandtookuptnilfintimi- ScieoccQntcrforlhcirrq>Ort; "Pail- danoe~of';"The~"'I
dating stances.
urc ofEle<;troshock Therapy Treat- ratiooofP.lccttonsFromthc:Nudeus
Dimmick then set off introduc- mcntforR,tdcsnait:P.nVCOOmation." of an Atbm."Whal a treat.
ing the various clubs and organiza~ winner of the Entomology
After the Whole thing w~ over,
tionS, all of wl;lich were obviously awllC.d was Robert A. Lopci of andthestagcmaNlgcrtoldWto"Gct:
fakc,whohadsenttheirowndclega- WcstportNYforhisexpcrimcnrsin the hell out,'1 we, the presJ, w~
1io~s to the ii.wards. Some of the obwning ear mile& from calS, and · invited; 10 a rcceptjon 81 the MJ1J
groups inattCR~WC(e_;~New thcnpu1;tingthcminhisown_carand MuSCUm' slfalJ#Hacks,a tribulelO
Hampshire Friends o(Tuba, the In- carcfullyobservingtl)cresults.
tcrnational Debating Club, the
I...ccKuao Yew,theformcrPrimc been played throapDut MITabit-l
Psycho Magnets, AbditClcd by MinistcrofSinppore, was given the •
Aliens Anonymous, and the Swed- Psychology Prize for his thirty-year
ish Meatball kingandqueeo.
After a few more "planned dis- millioncitizc_
nsofhis countrywhcnruptio~", the Master of Ccremo- ever they spat. chewed gum, or fed
nics, MarcAbrams,thcedi1orofthc pigeons. ,
Annals of Improbable ReseaTCh,
The Physics Prize went lo the ,
came out 10 the podium. he explained entire staffof the Japanese Mcteorocxactly what each lg Nobel Prize logical Society for ' thcit study on
winner would receive.
• 'tl!hcthcr Cllfish waggiog their
In addition to the obviously un- · contributetoearthqua&s.
wanted attention that. this award
brings, each.winner will rcceivC a wasgivcntoLRonHubbardforhis •
pri.zc,0Ckage whichincludesap1as- ' book, "Dianetics" which is highly
'tic braiii And a Teddy RiiXpin lunch profitable to ~~- or a ~ o.n
box. In the lunch box was a Teddy ~ f.

, thermos. a pair of brown
1be€be{IUsrry Prize was giver
socks. abrown-noscsharpcner.and toTexu-StateScnatorBobGlasgow
an eyegliss repair kit.
forspoosoringthc 1989drugcontrol
Finally, the awards were given law which makes it illegal to buy :.,
bcakets, flasks,testtubcs,andothcr
$rianSWccny, Brian Krafte- laboratory~warcitcmswithout i
Jacobs,Jeffrcy W. Briuon,a.ndWanc pamit.
Hansen were given the Nobel Prlz.c
Jan P~vila of Orlle won ·

lkunlich ~ • ( ~ ;.-.

:c!:~ei:~ t ~,l;
scJa~~~~- ~~~r_._~1 ~,,
from ·.eewe w.1

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=v~~--w~~~oci~\~!rtand LE L_
_S_ sec_re_1a_ry_Ma ria_ot_1ve_1ra_. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~





Prevalence Among Deployed US
Troops'," and especially for their numericaJanalySisofbowclmovcmcnl
The Peace Priu went to John
thc(nstitute.ofSciencc, Technology
and Public Policy, for his cxpcrimcntaltJk::orythat4,000trainedmcdia1ors caused an eighteen ~rtent
dccrcase in the crime rate in and
•aroundthcWashiogtonOCarca. ·
o ut in two parts.
F"trst,to ..PatientX",fonncrlyof
the US marine Corps; victim of a
vcnpmoos'bite from his pct rattle-

instrµcted his personal computer to'
"buy" instead of ..sell." >ts a result.
he made increasingly ICSS profitabic

IOSSC$..-ln ~end.he cost Chile .S

Anlsh con~rat to Bolton 1
o'1behl,llfofthepeopJe9'.. . Fil
~malty;me Mathematics Priu
wa.f giVen to the Southern Baptist
By doing ·a .county-by-count)"'su.rvey, they were able to dctc:rmioc,
goine to Hell, ~oc:epling the award ~
·on ~ of the citizens b( Hell,
f"mland;WGtbeFinisb:Consul-Gco· "
era1 of Bodon.
No &ooaa:...llld the awards all

s~andforhisdeunnioeduseor beea ,;,,.;,,· OUl.dll:II lhc 111<fi$noe




l2, 199j

IIJ =-rr!:""' ·

maneuvu. a r9ftUkous w£-

tioa for OlivciJL B:f

f¥ .~c, -thc •

Suffolk P<>llce omvod .. lhe ~

A....-;iolhe£aallsh• • lhel'!"!'OolJoodbldbccoltidi,la&I

. - .......• ~~ , fiom 10ti11,;ri,'t""-.' ,
.... necued ff'OII.

,__, -



u BSL .......

i'ollow laeroically perfonncd the
Hc:imlicb IIIMCUYCI'. 1bc ESL Do-

, . _ ll 1oc..s 1t 20 Alhbuttoo
f'llce. ri&ht aoxt door to tho Capitol
Coffee HGUC.
Aupproximaldy l:, ESL
IDCl'Ctafy. Maria Olivcin. wu violcmy· dlokiq OD • piece o( food
wba Oary 1-erola i ~ ud
performeil ~ Hoimlich Maneuver.
7.ero1a. wbo wu ta,torina an ESL
. . . . . ooticod dial Olivc:irll WU DOl

..,.._. properly


that ._ face

. . red and coaoned. "It ~

tor..,- 7.el'Ola ~


pc a plll o f ~
wllil6 aoda aot a cWr. No ooc

. . . . waM. to

wa niac::dls IO 1M ~
WbiJe lbc wllole laddcot took
mc:rel) minutes, to 7.erola the cpl-


' 06veri1W111takeoby(hc!aoot
ouno to IOOlh«· offic<. ..... UIC
• • eµmiood. OUYCita was rcpon.ClilJ sufferiq: &om biP, blood prel·
we. WlallUOII lad wa_ ,lbaktn
from ,the incidcnL ~he was given the
rut of the day off, ud as of this
writipa, did noc need outside r n ~

It was not u.ntil after the incident

Graduate student Gary Zerola

ttw~ rcaliudthe mqniwdcof L - - - -- -- -- - -- -- -what misht have been. "When the

I nodcod thal my bands were &hak·
ia.&,. ~ I ruJizcll what could
have happened," Zc,o\a. recontcd. ·
Captain John Pagliarulo of the
Suffolk. Police wu a.rueful for lhc
actioas 7.erola took to prevent an
wafartwllte incident from occurring.
Wbcft be arrived . on the scene,
.f'a&liMwo explained in a simple way
cm uvc a life, )'OU can save a life on
the spol."
Pagliarulo concluded. "He (Gary!
did a hell of a job and thl11's what
ii• all about. People caring for
pcoplc...-pcoplc right then and there,
on the spot, who cart 1.0 qin there and
save a life... and Gary ~it."

to perform the _
Hcimlkll oe lite
ltricbn Oliveira._Sat. Mite a,PqU.Ulo ol the Suffolk
Police responded within minutes to
lhc em'cracncy call.
During the panic. Zaola m::all¢
bis tint aid He then NShed
behind her and performed the


weweretold, wassupposedtoprotcct the members of the Entt'Ancc
all dressed in catholic school unifoims.madctbeirwayuptodicfront
ofcachislcandtookuptruly inrimi datin1staooes.
Dimmick then set off introducing the various clubs and organizalions. all of which were obviously
fake,whohadsentt.hcirowndelegations to the awards. Some of the
groups in atten_dance ~ the New
Hampshire Friends of Tuba, the Jn.
tcrnalional Debating Club, the
Psycho Magnets, Abdu.ctcd by
Aliens Anonymous, and the Swedish Meatball king andqueto.
Afler a few more "planned disruptions", the Master of Cercmonies. Marc Abrams, the editor of the

Annals of Improbable Ruea'rch,

=.~.:i«.•:z!:~= ~:fm17:t~::c:::: ~;~~YM~::
..a Cape.

walrealcdtoan ..ElcmemalFuhion

Show." Students madded periodic
~'NaeaaacbcdtobiiUp,andbis atylcs aUcb u Aluminum, Iron,
force . This group of individuals, so car run at 3,0CIO RPM for five min- Spandex. sili'oonc, and Uthium.
Continued from page I


w.'.i....s.y.~ 12r 1994

electrolhoc:k thcnpy. At bis own
insislc:Dcc. l&llOmol:N.le spart plug

ESL secretary Maria ot!velra.

Come to·the Bell•ili.;,Hand
October 27, 7:.30 PM - 1AM
Mear'Quincy Market, next to Union Oyster House
Free Admis~ion & Appetizers
Sponsored by MBA Association,
~DSA and Student Bar Associ, tion,

• -·l'km·


exactly_ what each lg Nobel Prize
winner would receive.
In addition tolhcobviously unwan1ed attention that this award
brings. each winner will receive a
prizepookagewbichiricludesaplas- .
tic brain.and a Teddy Ruqrin lunch
box. In the lunch box was a Teddy
Ruxpin thermos, a pair of brown
socks. a brown-nosc sharpcl1Cr, and
an eyeglass repair kit.
Finally, the awards were given
ou1 .
W.BrianSWccny. BrianKrafteJacobs, JcffrcyW. Britton,andWane permit•
Hansen were given the Nobel Prize
Jan Pablo Oa•ila of Olile won
Prevalence Amo ng Deployed US
Troops," and especially for their numcrical analysis ofbowel movement
frequency .
The Peace Priz.e went to John
tnelnstituteOfScience, Technolo&)'
and Public Policy, for his expcrimcntaltheorythat4,000trained.mcdiators caused an eighteen percent
decrease in the ctjmc rate in and
around the Washingtoo DC area.
out in t~o pans. .
Ylrst,to ..PapentX",formerlyof
the US marine-Corps; victim of a
venomous bii}f:ri>m his pct rattlesnal<c,andfochisdetennineduseof



· " Anl:f'r~y. likcafterallgrt11
Second, to Or. Richard C. Dart award shows, we were treated to a
ofthcR0<!9MotmllinPoiJooCcn- • woodcrlul Rlllsi?.\
ttr,andDr.RicbardA. Qustafgonof bcrsoftbcfaculty,alon,withthela
theUnivcrsityoCAriz.onaHealthand Nobel chccrlcaden, performed a
~Ccnrtrfortbcirn::port;"'Fail- dancereprcsentatioaof"ThcScpaureofPJectros6i5ckTberapjTrcat- rat.iooofEJectronsPromttx:Nuc.Lcus
mcntforRattlcsnaie F.nvcoomation." of~ Atom." Wha a treal.
The winner of the Entomology
After the whole thing was over,
award was Robcn A. Lopez of andthestagemanagcrtoldusto"Get
WestportNYforhisexpcrimentsin the hell out," we, the press, were
oblainillg ear mites fn:im cats, and · invited to a rcceptjon at the MIT
then putting them in his own
and MuseUm'&lflJJ/o/llacb, a tribute to
carefully observing the results.
al! of the Ulg~io111 Pf1DD that, have
l..eeKuanYew,thefonnc.rPrime bcenpla)'C41lbrou&bout MIT's hisMinisterofSincapore. was given the
Psychology Prize for his thiny,-year
millioneitu.e.fofhiscountrywhenever they spai, chewed gum, or fed
pigeons. ~
The Physics Priz.e went to the
entircstafTofthcJapancscMeteorological Society for their study on
whether wagging their Wis
contribuleJOcuthqµakes .
was·giventoLRonifubbardforhis ·
book. "Oianctics" .wJllch IS hlghly
j,iofitablcUo mankind, or a portion
thereof. •
. The"Cbcmisrry Prize wu given
for sponsoringthe 1989drugoontrol •
law which makes it ill~gal to buy
. flaska,testtubcs, andother

instructed his personal computer to
"buy" inst~f"sell ." As a result.
he made increasingly less pi'ofitahle
trade deals in an effort to win back liis
losse&. In lhc end, he cosa Chile .5
~~ n.ational product.
rmaily": i:he Malhcmatics Prii.c
was gi\lCD to the Sou'tbcm Baptist
Churchor'AlabamawbomathcmaticalJymcaslftdthcirstate'1 morality.
By doing a county-by-county suevey, they were able to delermiDe
exactJy how fflany people would be
goini to Hell~ ~OCCpting the award
·on bchalrof. the citiz.cos of Hell,
Fln~IStheFinisb.Consul-OcoeraJ orBostoa
N'o IOODCr bid the awardl~all
bcco ai_,a oui..i!.,., di, IIUClicnoc


swordfish bon d'oeu\lRI.
Thao, I hid the opponuoi1y to
iJCerview the Ftniih Consul-eencralWboo I uktd hitn how hc.C.lubout

commena at this~··
11IOIC geeks sure know bow to

If you would like to listen in on.
What went down Thursday, the entire ceremony will be broadcast on
NatiOflal Public Radio'1 Talko/tM
Na1ion/Science Friday on Friday,
November 25. Check your local radio i.chedple .for the exact time.


The S•ffoll< Joomal Wednesday, October 12, 1994

electroshock therapy. At his own

wastrcatedtoan .. fJcmcntalfashion


insistcnoc. aptomobile spark plug

Show:" Students

modeled periodic


1uylcs such as Aluminum, Iron, swonfflsh"
car run at 3,000 RPM for fiVc min- Spandex, Siliknc, and Lithium.
There, I had the opportunity io
''Ancf fin'ally, like after all grcB " interviewthcFtnishCol\Sul•ecncra[
Second, IO. Dr. Richard C. Dan award shows, we w~re treated to a WbenJaskedhimho9.'hefehabout
oflhcR~ ~ountai.nPoisonCeo- Y(onderf'ul nu~-,Mem- rcce.ivi,:igJP,c,Nobcl ~t,eP.>~tely


:c. This group of individuals, so
wcrctpld, w~ supposed to prothe memben: of the Entrance
&de. Thctcft-ycarolds, wbowcre
dressed in catholic· school uni.'
ach isle and took up truly inti ming stanccs.
Dimmick then set off introducthe various clubs and orgrutiza.tS, all or which-were obviously
:, who had sent thcirown de legas to the 8.waro_s. Some of the·
t1ps in attcn_dance WC(C:; 1hc New
npshirc Friends or Tuba. the ln1ational Debating Club, the
cho Magnets, Abdltcted by
:ns Anonymo·U.S, and the SwedMeatball king and q ~.
After a few more "planned disions"; the Master of Ceremo., Marc Abrams, the editor of the
·als of lmprobablt Rtstarch,
ic outtothc podium. he explained
::tly what each lg Nobel Pri:r.c
ner would receive.
In addition to the obvi0t1sly united attention that this award
gs, each winner will rcccivC a
e package which includes a pla.smtlii. and a Teddy Ruxpin lunch
. In the lunch box was a Teddy
.pin thennos, a pair of brown
cs, a brown-nose sharpener. and
ye glass repair ki1.
Finally, the awards were given

tcr:'andDr. Richard A. Gustafson of OCrsofthc facu lty, aloog with the lg
thcUnivcrsityofArizonaHealthmd Nobel cheerleaders, pcrfoJmCd a
ScienccCentcrfortheineport; ..Fail- dance reprcscn1alion of1bc Scpa-

ure ofEJectroshock'ThcrapyTrcar.mentforRallJesnah:&vcnomation."
The winner or the Entomology
aw1etd was Robcn A. Lopez or
obtaining ear mites from cats, and
then ~utting them in t:us own~ and
carcrully observing the i-csults.
MinisterofSingapore.,wasgiven the
Psychology Prize for his thiny-year
millionciti.zensorhiscountry whenever they spal., chewed gum, or fed
pigeons. ,1
The Physics Prize wcnl to the
entircstaffoftheJapanescMcteorological Society for their study on
whether catfish wagging their tails
was given toL. RonHultbard for his
book, "Dianet.ics" which is higl).ly
profitable to mankind, or a ponion

The"Chcmi,try Prize was given
to Texas State Scnntor Bob Glasgow
rorsponsoringthc 1989drugcontrol
law which rnalces it illegaJ to buy
beakers, flasks, test tubes, and other
W;~an Sweeny, Brian K.raftc- laboratory glassware items withoo1 a
ibs,JeffrcyW. Brinon,andWanc pcnnit. ·
tSCD were &iven the Nobel Pri:r.c
Jan Pablo Davila of Chile won


toldmcthathec.ould ..rcallyniakcno
commciitatthis timc:"
Those geeks sure ·know how to

rnfionbrElcctronsFromtheNucleus pany.
oran Atorn."What a treat.
If you would like to·lisren in on
After the whole thing was over, what went down Thbrsday, the enandthcstagernanagertoldusto"Gct tire ccrcmoriy will be broadcast on
the hell out," we, the press, ~ere NntionaJPublicRadio'sTa/ko/tht'
invited to a reception nt the MIT Nation/Scienct' Friday on Friday,
Museiim'sHO//o/Hack.s,a tribute to November 25. Check your local ra•
al! of.the iniettious J>f&lks that have dio i.chedple .for the exact time.
been pla~ tlvooghout MIT', his-------~---~

Is She or Isn't He?





:-.v!~ ,

striking pcnormcr I
WWIOII depicts Stmsand with per- ·.


Ibo.,;..; tamoa, ,aad


--...-typedom,- licllidatyleovertbnoe'~ . Jun

:;:.=:;.,~ 'f«'.~ 'put •·'~ : fle'has
, .,-::.:.==-:f!t-r.,;ffi#'t
I_.....,._ . "-"·'·


- ~ll:til4'111-aot.lJIS!i....
,rom,Jiu,ocw1atb0-..lld•cl ·

sion on.the NCWlhlS~~
people I was no<quit.,.un,wllauo ~iij,jxi/t>Nfel)(."W(wMalces

a"Mu' ii Man". B~ 'litlf\\01\u you
WQDderiog'Wbit m'.a):es'a

.cxpcc:t.toswn~~upit~Ouli'agcous. ~ ) '

fcmalc stan ~- -

pmeot: thc

is..hard to·


ur,aebrogbtlOlitcbe:e..= .
' m11&ac1cn.

.,~ 'i~~~r..



Tbeslk,wirtosaytbclcast~ · ~ t o "WeArcWhlllWeA.Ic''
lievsble. Thoconaio opeos re-1- from "La Cage Aux Foiles". They


cast of BoyRageousappea.1

ing.four dancciii~ wbie bDCdocs M:socinjoincdbythtcntirc·Ctiton

Finish consul-general to ~ton accepts lg Notiel Ma(hematlcs Prize
on behall of the peopJe.9f_t!lffl F1nland.

gorpoua-fc.male lead. She/He begins pcdormiog a soag entitled
~oftbc BoysWho'sOneofthc
Girts... Af.itiil point the mind starts
Boy~tou.r,is hosted by ..Joan
both of wliom take the audicace
through mooolopa and quqtioli

~ - ~ singinf the lyrics to this

soog. The point i, well taken : they
are ihfrixluc:cd by their male names.
Vegas style: The costu~ an~ spcc:ialeffec:tswercspcctacular.ltwas
difficult to remember that we were

Dear Pat,


I have been dating a girl for ovc
a._Year and our relationship is grca,
most oft.he time. You sec. I am not
religious person at all and ·ihc is



and. un,er tcajoo. Jt ii bard to - not in Caeaar's Palace. The crowd
imagioctba1Jomis~y0air1cs, wa~asiocrediblcasthcshow. I our disagreements could CE
&lwanl."Pat"(--.IayNip: 1hotypc1ofpcoplewbolJOCO<ltht 'lt.nge,the,ciatiomrup Whatshoul
Li-.:e)and'i>amcBdaa"allona:le . _._.,werelbo!a•vaiiedaso'?C I do?
~dlriaacbc_pcrformac:c. coaldC'YC!'apm.llwuwdlworth
Thopenoalfiadoaal',_diamc- lbolripto5-, ·

Sacrdlllious Boyfrl.,.d
1a1 ii pbeaommal. Belic'1e me. 1
Pafora-:a are ~very hurs-









from Jmd


row IIH owr. fllU 111011•111. IIHll'l~llo~• .,,,,. c~• IOI 11111111.

day,ftidlJ'aads-dayevmin&sat Dear SacrdigioMJ,



~w; DiomM:
followedbJ~Raia.. Thclbow



- ~.!':.:t,= 'mitiod·is astonishing. ft

i"? ~



. d0fioiic1y,-.,.qu1,o:lboimptl,


""~,edit0<ol T11Bt,nna/sol/m~-.-

bas been'depictina -

.,.n...taf..... ~
' tdliogyoanelflho<itwurwtya
,ba11U01Lthll -be
,.... tKabuld,in..r. ··' ll~'J'be 'lhow' cooaudes with 8 fi.


.y-rhcC.OnstipatcdSei:viceman: instructed his personal computer to
,alencc Among Deployed US "buy" instead of ..sell." As a result.
ops," and especially forthcirnu- he increasingly less profitable
ica1analysisofbowelmovcment ~dealsinnneffontowinbackhis
losses. In lbc end, he cost Chile .5
The Peace Prize went 10 John pcrccn(~~nationalproduct.
F1m~ Mathematics Pri:r.c
tnstituteofSciencc, TechnolOg)/\_ was given to lhc Southern Baptist
.Public Policy, for his expc_i- Church·orAJabamawhonwhcmati•
1ta! theory that 4,000trainedmc- ca11
Ori caused an eighteen percent By doing a county-by-county surrcase in the crime rate in and vcy, they were able 10 dctcnnioe
ind the Washington DC area.
exactly how many people wou1d be
The pJfae in Medicine was given going to Hell, Accepting the award
in two pans.
on bct)alf or the citizens of H~U.
Ftrst, to "Patient X", fonnerlyof Fmlapd, was.thcFtnish~nsuJ-GenUS marine Corps; victim of a · era! ofBosfon.
omous bite.fiom-his pct rattle:-~NO.SOODC( had the awards all
~ .aodforhisdelcrmi.ocduscof been &ivea·out..~ the audience

BoyRageous -- •

~.--air. 'Pllld LaBeDc
" •. ·




any ,.,;;-,_ Unless, of"""™•


M,Joc credit



two people dissent so passion.a1d
abow it. This i.r one.9/ th.o.u are~
WMn it i.J very hard IQ cOtnpromis
on,'s bdlefs. We an bombardtl
with· news articles every· day WM,
the major cause of tension bentiu

cant, are accepted.
)'OU raervatiou early, in
mlcrJoptapt:al •aod find out
for Yol,ll'teif why they call it

· .,.......

The Suffolk Jouniat Wedae&day, October

ThoSlll!olkloomal Wedacsday,Oc«>bcr 12. 1994


:· ~


"'fhe Specialist;" - n
Explosive Guilty Pl~ure

t_.. ·

By Justin Grieco

66te r . ~~~e~t 8-~cJ l-ei.s'-Jrei


'"Iimecop" Worth the 1\ip •
to the Theater After All

by Rod Stci&er, Eric Roberts, and a
way over the lop James Woods.
·May decides to take mltlm into

It's official, lhc new Sylvester berown hands when Ray refuses to



StallontJSharonSroneaction vetuclc ; : : , ' :

is lhe guilty plea-





enormously cntcrllining, the movie

The most strikin1 performer


W"lboa depicu su.iland wilh per-

Some of die.- famoal •
llld rome,.,corre,poo<U/fftobc,mu--.-lyped'on&- iicind,tytco=lhroc'<l&adcl.Jiln
U11 • _ ,..n,_Paio<;,.:..,.'t W"tlioo bas been deJ,iclio& Buln


foe;~ past tc• years. Re has
. - . ,oomjtl.. ;.,,.,,., o«.riog ~,inll&'imir..a'&eup
8-'akY-Slyloc.lrmty dliwa \,ii'.' ft'was
dilll' to

, :•

i.: !:"tt:!=;=~
Shllapelre,~ Kabuti,'11aa'.

co!!:•:u.:==: ::."=:::.'::,edru:::




"TheSpecialist"i&a bla&t,li....Uy. - -- llnevertalte&iudf
The ..,.,;. easily fall& ioto Ibo ao- serioa&ly aad die aaon.,. perfectly


The &how coocludcl with a ft .


a Min a Man". 8~

Dll:IYiriJ.n 'dtWOnUrr:The tnutsfdr-


of scvea

gins performing a soni entitled arcwhMthcyarcquitcwell.Afterthe
"'Oneof• Boys Who's Ooeoflhe cornplctionofthisnurnbcrlheicton
Girt,... Al this point the mind starts arc Ultroduccd by their male: names.

I AskPat-1






:;"!, !~~;,;!
Thll kli&ht, Max, a Washiqto1rDC



been done it would hlYe

policcoflicer,iltatcafromhishomc,' film s lcngth. ,"'Timecop wushn-


silks ls rell1iocu views. People fi&ht
about it, dlt for ii, ewn kill for 11.
N~edltJS lo say this does not makt

for a healthy relationship. Sinct a
/o, of peopltt do not s_tttt re.li1ion us
fact •it ls unljuly YOM will chan1t
your vittws, Howner, sinu a lot of
/Mopltt Jftt rttli1ion.m a.major part of
their livu it U unliuly JOMr 1irl•
fTUnd wUl cNIIIJe lur views. 11iert
wllJ always be tension IRtwetn W
rwo o/'Y()f4 tu Jar 41 rJtls ls concerned.
What 'JO" tt«d to do "
is,o rr-nioIMau

'IIIMtiwr'yow 1irlfriotdo,,,d tM relo ·

1Mviuib'4, pnqws ~ , t"'..i«. con-



tM. strus 'JIOl''U boM ~ lfUlds happier. Good l»ci!

Ukl to A1k Pa~ N11!1 your
lettorto Tho~Joulnl!,ordrop

- ·- ·floom

It off Slud1nV•"Wt!I-.~,,.
118, at lhl





Thclhow is pl'CWltc:dintrueW Dear Pai.
I have been dating u girl for over
Vegas stylo. The costumes and spccial eff'ccta were spectacular. It was a year and our relationship is great.
di(fk:ult to remember that we were most or the time. You sec, I am noc o
religious RCrsOD at all 1111d she is a
•die-bard born-again Christian. We
not iD Caesar's Palace. The crowd
always get in vkiow; araumcnlJ and
was al.molt as iocrcdil)lcastheshow. 1 think our disagreements could enEdwanl. "Plt"(fromSalmdayN"..,,; Th&1ype1of peoplc who araced lhe danger the rclaliooship. What thould
LJ,1:) and "Dame Ilda" mo made lllldiaicc...,.&bopl• •&ricd .. ooe I do?
.,.,...._clmmc<lleporfom-,e. ooaldcve<e.q,ea.UwasweUwOfth
T h e ~ o f. . c:hafoc. dletripto5-a&S.crdl&ious Boyfriend
ltn ii Belic:YC me. I
Pcrfqrmmccs arc eYCt)' Tbun c:bectlq o,· fil!Jf"d,,, ICll-ale d&y,ftiiloyaods..doye...,;,,pai Dt:ar Sacrdi1ious,
~re is no uuy way to SIIJ INS so
siptlofO.,PJllh'Man'~. "'- 8:JOp.m..iftlbc:U,,,OW..ClMb,acThe fin(;......- to
ce&&ibletbroapdiollaNDnaB«uh ru say~ blwnllJ_ its""' 1out1 to 1et
any eaner. Unlus, of coc,ru, yo,,
"Dioaoe Worwick." 'Sbepemll'l!IOd Cbobd«w. 'l'iclocllcanbe~
and W CU:f
luzw" uriotu
(6l7)'32 t-t660. COl'IRrsaliM "bout wlwre 'J0'4r relQ.
lion.ship is luaded. Refl1ion is a very
11111 Wl(f", Di.-i& My>< ....tit card& ... accepted. loudiy subjec, and it is hard WM/I
loQowdby&o.ic:Raitt. Thesbow Mab you re,ervat.ion1 early, in two people dissent so passionatdy
orde,to.,.•-~aadlindout abouti~. _Thisisoneofthostamu
Plild LaBelle and roe youraelf why they call il WM~ II ~ very hard 1o compromise
~ s ~l,tfs. Wt are b0tl1barded
~ . , ~:
. 11o,11qu ...
with arricles every day whtrc
rlu maJOr ccuu-e of le,uio,e be~m


~ =~~;~


'- racing.Couldttac:possiblybemen?
BoyRaseo,u is hosted by '"Joan
Rivcrs" and ..Sally Jesse Raphael",
both of whom take the audic:noe
through mooologucs and QUC$UOG
and answer IICIPOII. 1 is bard to

'""'~ f_
. ..----, iiri,Jii,;g
~-= ;:li,-: "™t.:"""'~lll>xii.illoeor:'o•ehiie

aod Woods an:.• detiptfutly comic

aJory. Sbaroo Stone plays May ..,U, manonble

matioo is utonishina, It is hard 10
believethMlhis man standing before

you was a womao momcnu before.
is fillcd with fourdancmakaaon.
en in
· g red costumes choreo-.
The&bow;nouydleleastmlbc- popbed to -We AI< Whll We AI<"
lievable, TheC1DUD1opeos..-....l- from "LaC&g< Aua PoUes". They
ins four danocn: in white tucdocs areSOOlljoincd by the entire cast on
withtailsandtopbats,surrouadinga stage. all singing lhc lyrics to this
,orscoua·female lead. She/He t,e.. song. The point is well taken: they

be. ud R ~ Steiger


the vicwtr going in its convoi.d .
wife ( ~ Sara)~
Thi! aside, t~ouah, what
· wmch
" T ~ may ladtm lCDllhaod
Mwuo.• < qbiteaodlence~liu;. in&ide,i&blowntoapileof__
Put forward to die ye,, 2004. plotde~lr.. . .- lheCliban-~-who U11,clioaia&,cui>Pina.andbowlioa
lbc TF.C ha been up and running op foe Jt m rams o f ~ eaalCinalldleri,t,<place&. k i&ao._to and Max, oow a TECofficeris busy men1. Md a
fallcinaliq ~Stallooe),aformerCIAdemolilions ~
V>CWCl'ood w,lh •.
' travellingthrougbtimeandbringiog ~ 1irm:cop 11am~-sceacuon
• .
• •
. a
. •· hitofthefallKf:SORafterall.
in e ~ g,g - ~ooelS~1y

~ t you

, .. ~ • ~ . . . . . . . . - rwly ,reWj)Oderina h!lmalcesa
cal triblllc lO mMy of. oar favorite
femalc . . . , put and prclC:DL "(he
(wilt is.all ofdac fabulous female
~ • broullf IO life beCorc your

• one can

The plot of "The Spocialist'.' is
<>Olhlna new liut it definitely l<eeps

itllgiq' ~priatel~' Makes


to cUI down on the confusion and
time travel __, An ·ambitious also10si.Jctheviewermoreiali1M
1 ;:

bad-it's-good catqory. You' ll be : ;..

A)tl,alp'lhil-""lbo'•-• 'qlljeti\,!uiidtrscolea theentin,idea
fOffilJiWaicwtotbbBoltooarcH1d 'fK'tii,ytt~tOu.r~· rn Ws finaJc you
defillirely fflltiDc quile.thcimpircs- -lrJhbea lhe transrbrmatioo from fc1
aion on the NorthJShote.. .As many ~ fu ttia'.lc·on stage. Tilus Ulrich
people I was noc quite sure wbarJo

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head by getting involved in a

than l()Odwill when he
to ovencc the TEC ten yean qo.
Whll encues is lb6 tho typical Van
The conccp1 _ time tnvel _ has Damme fare of murder, mayhem._
been Used before (remember "Baclc and lots of bloody, bealen-10--a-pulp
to the Puturcf'). The action scenes bodiei. 1n order forWalkcrto prove
havebccndonebcrore(evcr~any- McComb', illegal actions he must
ttungelscJean.ClaudeVanDammc travel back and forth between 1994
twSWTCdin?). Sowhyis'Tunecop," and 2004, each time changing the
By Krilda hdiol

Glitzy, nashy, far-fetched, and rcaltionshipwiththcincrcdibfyslimy
Tomas (Eric Roberts). Ray, who has
been rollowing May around as her thclalestVanDammcslug•festworth councoflhefutureasarcault ofhlS
fest. Yousimplyc"an'ttakeyoureycs pmonaJguaidian, rcallZClthalMay
off the screen. eompklewitbover- can't do it all on her own so he cells
thc•toP perfonnancea from a bilari- Maylhll he will handle the situation .
oussupportingcat,a intriguing.if HandJc it he does in quiet onc--byJRP('lltel'OUI.IIOl]lioe.,supcr-steamy oocfalhioaanditi.s11tbi.spoiatthll
M~U:~aivina awaytoomuchof
sex,quotablc pulpnovelonc-lincrs, -r'1;1eSpecialist"real.lytakrsoff. The a Enforccmeoc: Oxnmission the excitina climu and CODCJDlion.
k:U of action, and seedy 5Ctlinp. 61.m'1 explodoosarcf•bcttcrlhan offiocr. lronicallyencugb,timetravd, justsufficcittoaythM""Tunecop"
"'Tbc Specialist" iJ ooe mcmonblc anyinlastswnmcn"'BlowoAway." oncelcmen1thatmabsthismovieao ends lntypical Van Dunmcfalbion.
The ._.,.,;., directed by Luis exciting, also mates it complcu:ly
DcspilC the D0GIIOp actioe -.:I
Thcvicwertnowstbaldiefilmis Uosa (""Smpcrj. could have been confu&in&- Theactionswirdaback ex.eile""'ot,lheftbni&delwlelyDOl
and forth 1994 tq 2004 10 many withoal iu Rawt. With 10 1DUCb
limesth&liflhevjewublinlt&,;,,_- i......, 11c,wee'. decade& happa,-

Is She or Isn't He?
By Cluiltia M. Tmdo

la. 1994

'"time bust" in which Waltritravels
10 1920's Wall Stmct,hcleamsthac

Senator McComb had more in mind

REM and The Cranberries Get
Tough on Two New Albums
By JUltfn Grieco
There comes a time in ever/

ani1t's career when ooc decides co
C(. her style of work in
surch of somethiog different and
moR sclf-satisfyioJ. This chaaae
hlppem often in the mlllic: i.Ddostr)'
and can lad to unpnxtictablc ranlta.
Many solo artists and his name·tuds
bave altcffd a time hooorcd formula

chanac bis

event which finds M.ichacl Stipe and
Tbc Irish quiotet. The Cnnbc:r·
compuy departing rrom the radio-- rica, ~ double plalinwn witb their
rricndl.l.-succcss or their lul IWO al· ' debut "Evcrybodf Else ii Ooiq ll,
bwm to fall back oo their coUeae Why Can't Wer That• album iJ
altcma-radi.orooa. Tberesuha, whlc:h melodic, bcaam'ul, and laid back; in
tum ~p lbe,.I pilln ud lW'tl down short, 1 fine debu.L ~
Stipe'• trademark voc:aliatica a\'e star.
Bat OIi dleir new album "No Neal
to Ara;ue," lead vocalise Delore.a •
"'Momtcr'~ first aiqle. 'Whit•, O'Riordaa ~ not .._ is
the ~
. ltemedir ia a bard, c:xpec:ed cif die beDd, but also aw:ib
• caleby ;.n which basa the media. up dllc - , . for tbc forcc6al rockaIll power akme mabs it one al dllc "Zombie" (aLo.t the rrwbla iD I~

year',_ .


~==.!: ~~;""" -;::.~; ~ ~:y"'"::'.~:~
Katt.d child, hide back uodcr the


I« security.

Odla- kip poim:s oa • . . _ low'out,lib~"1'foNocd11>:ArPc,...
loaded widl them.._ "I Daot S.,,,
In die - . , . "Ode To


tbo ci..i,o la not oaly III admirable wmcb deal wiG a . . . . ol idaa- O'Riardaa ..r '1111 en.baricl UYC1
oae oa botb accou.nt1 but a tntly tiry, • d!- ml! obYioally ICllllllly adiedact., ..... IOIIDdlaDtbdrOWL
Jf'IM oae, mulically and ardltically. thcmod '7onpe." Whelhcr or DOl
REM'1..-"Mot11ter" is a raw, you:are•RJ!Mfin.itdoem'l lllllUII'.
Tbe Oaablnias.: B+
uncalailltiid, ud i. . . . IDaak;al ....,_.. il·a llaw,. W _ y, ()ctober 12, 1994


TboSllffollcJoorul W-y.Ol:llib.12, l!(!M .

Raise or call?


Let's look at the record w,,,,,,;.

(11wfo"owl,oi _ _ _

Dan Coakley-


...,_w-':'"' ~ ~ \oOd _,


Got• bot tip

~ i D W ~ ii maybeoseful toputtbeadjcctives Mide for• IIIOamlt:aad look llt Prcsidcol Cli11ton'.1
. hi 21

months, ~

i:.o_::~ ::.

• 10:,



On coooomic 'manen. Oilifoo:



exp~ thanks

and for many
with m.ktlle iacomea. . '
Railed. • the same lime. the eamcd income tu credit, Dear Editor.
providma support for working families. Ttie mdit with no
I would like to ex.peas my dcepC:St ~ 10 all !hose memben ot: the Frubman class
buraucracy is ahudy wortinJ powerfully ~ welfare •1:Wha~QUd for me in the recent SGA elcctiOllS., Ahbou&h I did not·WUI in my bid foi'the office
and ~

'bl ISruidcnt, I fed that I can still be a voice for my fellow frahmea..
deflfflr.For the fjSCf:l year ju~endQi \ For all ~f lbose "!hi? see thµigs_lhat ~~ ~.~~~ ~ 1~w.'f~,I ~ yot.q.o lei
lbe deficil is O:pccied lo be i:loac to $2.00 billion - rar less me know, and I will bring it to the attention or Chrisu.1111·~ . ~ ol lhe ·Class of

!;,=YJ_ ; : . . r· thank you, and I look forward to soeina y ~ o d campus!
FonMr randidate for Fresltnws cla.u pre.,ident

amdmtc, (o, · ~


su1i _ ~ •=>n1.



from tire. You
l!allbqmka.oa,e,l'lolidcnl -youcao'1drive. Taha aicbilldlipl•Mlaboil.

Tho.a.......... ~


Quyle. .

aam~lin!_-;c!;und cold- bdpfulaati-ea--jaiqtip&.
hearted. but I doa'l believe
1). Trade your wllocls
lhc government dKmlcl be m in: Easfe:st way lO avoid a




tend that you arc deaf IDd
blind. Nowtbpe'SUIOfylO

the busineu or n:1ulating catjacking?Getridoryour canalwaysgecsomeprotcc:-

5). BeltUpid: lfal.ldse

thar. bu one of the hiabcst



::::.~~!::SU:: ~.:or.:ac~= :-0.~r:m~::= ::~
~'.:t~!.~:::t!: ;;~~..:!: =. -~~~:-~

• •


unemployment nucs· in-:"the do ;oi ... oar dcetafcffi-

Bedford arc lookina io ·thc
n:venue 1eneraicd by the
cuioo to help lbcir belca-

dumb. Accidcnfeuiyouaroaod. Dosidon' t tally drop your keys down
uadenrand wbal

sum uc-

sivcpnblingis~problem.• ·
himoutforadrink. Oetbim.
acrious one on a par with
If you must drive a car
W"llhafcw~veop- waled Md leawc llim·ia a
alcoholism orckua addiction. driveoncthai llJUilyawful. entiooiyouddeasily,et durnpim'. '.•
gucrcd commu.nit:9.·I ··;;,. ' However, •widll alcohol. it NoBMWs. ThltFalwveq;A l~ t 'di(~
lona:~!t:U.::~~ . _is not • · problem f~ t:YU"J: ·nugm thing they're always die cujackd1 shocl 10 find would be pliibophy" ,Socb
tile mills and lhe fishing ioGamblin, is f.ll activity talkina about ii what hip- tbltacoaplclhollt01hc11Q,1- . .;adopl' Ii .. You'R: oaly
dusuy, have seen bcacr da)'•· that some ca'! e:qjc;iy- witboul pcm to )'OW' puts U ~d•J::t•1-■
:tolauah~ carjlctine)"OIDClt'. '"Ouns
Not only arc c rime rates harm. TbctactthatlOmC~ :~~you:rcar:drivca~. "
cm' thcal~~"or'"You
hi1hCr' 1twi ffi~ · tal'e!W(ae bav(1ip ' ~ ~ 'lc ~ -.. ;t'ate~
~ffl?Ol 1
~iiii:iiiisi•,~y ·· ~~tilli'yc,iitlla•1 ...
avcnae, but 10 uc· urtcni- notmc:u11.1t~~11tt1v- felQD: no Clljacka' ii ever uobidoa. 'Jbeayoujllltpt catjac:t my li,uJ" will a t ·
ployment, high school~ ity fOI' ~ • .
' JOUlltoAellaYqo.Yuaos lnonc ofdme ..You drop yolirapea«-.,..S...,..

•·~ face.:~

:!.i~~;c:a: ~~~.=.;-

lbolloJbluyofcan. Oet

rived fNm the c-.ano. q.pcctcd new business and additional louriat ltaffic, are

aa oblcaiaa. •



Voices of Suffolk

The Suffolk Journal By the students, fdr the students, since 1936
Dan Coakley, Editor-in-Cbier
Chris1ianEnglcr, MlnlgingEdi1or
KarcnM.C.ourtncy BUIUICtlM.anapJusti.a~~1Edi1or
Gary Zerola, Spcdal Advl10r to lhe Edi!Or-io-Oiic(

Dr. GcnldRkhmm,Advisor

Norine Bac:iplupn, Journal Consu.ltltll

• ':.~!.~=::;:::•:~ u•-•"7. 11 11,.w...;_r1•s..,,a..._ .. ,_.,,.

.,....,_ nw....,, ow._,...,_,"' ,.ws-::U=:,,';,~:,':;:!,.~,:"' ~.......
,.__,al._t'(/wo,...,., r/~1JM..,,,q, Mk11at.v,w1,,_,'-. 1lwS.-

=:::.:::,.:::;::.,z;:.7 -""


co.,pUu widi .JI "'"'""""' ,oU.:., _':::;'::::,:..,...,,,. A


28 Deme Sl,aet •--f.l2sfon, Massachusetts 02114 • Phone & Fax


·~ ii die -tbatcarjacte,fwould DC\G all Wbmacarjacmbocb
tab your cw. Smear the . t>Jyourwindow,makclit,c:
The key wonta ~ are 1'act ~ with dos ffa:I. yoo~•t~bim. ,Jfbe'.s

l Kee). lhe "'Twi'n Peak, .. . pcniltcDl. ~ ~ -YQU
~ ~Fd in the . can't roll~ your wincootulUcd on page 9 •


1 -----------------"'---...;;:...:._ _,




ttcatmmL Down, however, bedumbtospmlJOOtC-Gdre .•~browaooe.
_oflbiap. .l ~ ~
~ 1be ptt capiia income fo, paycheck oa 1oaay _ 2). Male
~ 'l1loy ~ aod
or, or;
: SlillWD
Virtually all of New cards. Whllr:cm&dbeababby todrive&Fmm?O.LC.er4).ilcbickJ;.,OaamartBedford's ciric leadcn havc fotsomoeuNlily~ 'tllia~CNIIIIWD iqacajacbr"isn'thlnlM

In foreip policy, Oiaton:
Has achieved Htllc in Bomia. thouah be hasn't plun,:ed
lbe Ulli&ed Slalca into --- dw:re, eilher.
AdaieYod some SOU ill Scmaalia. 11 some cosL
lklpcd ~peace c:ffons in the Middle East and ln:land,
thoup acll a a major player.The verdict i1 atill out in-fbth Korea and Haiti, but
progrua ... 41i,ein diaide-widi•miniinal b_oocbhcd so rar.
Clinton'• policy coward Ruuia and the former Soviet
\Jnion bas woo praiae from riabt and lcfl
On lnidc iuuca, be won acccpCance of the Nonh American Free Trade A ~ DC&~ a new Oeneral Agreemeat on 'Tnidc MCI {yd ~ be ratified) aAd took steps
to CApand trade wilh Cuna and recently with Jllp!ll1.
The list isn'1compl,c:le. Still, there isa record. C.ongtessinnal Quarterly raed Cliaton's first year the DIOll effective
since. Lyndon Johnson's m 1965. The sccood )'QI included

pared f(W ,tbe wmpecled:


looltina tolhc proposedSl75

ocua in New Bcd!brd ~

==~~~rruW!wr~~~~itany ,---------------------•


the impact (rom lhis prpb-


3). Pi,:btfirewithfuc: lf

Many rcsidcnlS and bosi-

Advaacemeat of aa wt.I apnda lhat includes empowCl1IIClll aooca, Ill c,,paodod Community Reinvestment Act,
a pa1u cmpbuis Oil bomdaueas, funiting for the Com-

bttc of
Mylc "'
' rnanqemad ability ot ~sivcncu. Or of bis woman fricnda,
or bis wife's invcstmcnta, or styles of cithct. Yee such
m111a'S dominate, lllWna Ointon a. pariah ridiculed by
Republicans and abunncd by mm:iy Democriu, including



an aarument to


Fill the trunk
r111twoilfia1~ witb.aevcrcd~. 1lf)'OU lfdialdocm'1w01t,-~ •
placc.folb.Aayduc:coukl areWIOllomidctbcPcntoa ..... p a ~. .
bappea. YouhavelObepre- .. buildioc.youlhouldpopyQUr


the Wanpaoo11 tribe. II efita derivod from pro- DerneSl. th::odcday,I'vc •; hood and 11vc you a tune- torm:bodydle'illl)"WI:)'. He
somct.bina thM will save tbc gram have bclCll felt tbrou&h11tcc1, aa • fonni:rca- ; ap? Tatohfrom~ folks. miplthink )'OU'rccooland
..,.u·~~ CCOdOl'ny, °'be• di: o u ~ ~ I A.for~ ,recr carjlcker, to &ivc • · ~lf-:._,ltllpidpeople leave you afoec, My per' th
• ~ r
pruvcms WI COfflP.UISIVC Suffolk c:ouuauait)' tome ;- - - - -:,WC;ft;lfflmt sonalfavorice, thoush? Prc.-

EDactmcat of hiJbcr education !orms that
will make college loans more acccuible for miUioo, of

. ·=bas~ .........

compahivc \ 1unblin1, and


~ of a aatiooal aavice program lhal already
cmoUs more youoa people thm the Peace Corps did ll its


HDW<Vtt, lbepn,c-o(

=·:: ~=.::~; .~J;,';:i~ y...::::r..":~ =do~~~~ :2-::..=E

Tbc failure of ~are reforin.
EMcuncot of family lcllve lqillatioo.
&ulctmcal or'lhe Brady BW after a decade or dcfcat1 by
the Naciooal Rine Auocial.ion.
- Elllctmcot or a crime bill lhat i1 balucc:d between
JnVttlbOD and ~ and P!lti tbolaSl8ds more police
oo the IU'CltU. President eusta:ntroru to ~•crime bill did

FaiJcd to win campaisn fiauce reform.
Ddivetcd oa IDOlt of tbc tint-year goals of the Reinvencin& Govcnunenl ~jcct. inch1ding a reductioo or some


~-: ~luest

.bas presided O\lcr.

thanO l l ~ t a l improvement, OiDton:


~DOI. Yeah, cuioos, •hicre in MaaNdtueal.

Tlte.failw'c of hcakh reform.

&Yiroamci1W Paces, ·iocludina
.......... _ £_ _ _



'P.utl Yeah.

. arjaclc-proof your life
With'~little help from Jim
~-:~as.!:!. ~ ....~ caaeaeplayer.
-andpvebimabi& ......


'lbll~ wheayoubcll

The SuffolkJoumal

Raise or call?
_ Coakleyoi,n


Psst! Yeah, you, c'merc.


Got a bot tip foc ya.
problems. Many Of)l)DCIC;PU
.....~-~ YM~:~~!:~.• of the plan lee an inmase i.Q
,.n _. .._..,
_ ,,_.... compulJivo ' 1amblia1, aad

~w;:\ .de- .

bates going
3et1S lbcse


CC4Xl0my., or be a cli-

'°::!y:a~dcn-:'!~'. !~:


In a cunmunity
that bas one of the highest

::C~~o~~if°~ ;~~=
average . many in New
Bedford are looking 1 the
revenue genen.'ted by the
caaioo to help their bclcagucrcd ~mmunitj .'! ·
Two of New· Bedford's
long-standing indultrics, teJ:·
tile milll and the fishing industry, have seen better days .
Not o nly are crime rates


scciDI y ~nd campus!

ploymcnt, high school dropout nlle. AIDS case rate and
admilsions ID JV drug' UIC
trcatme:oL Down, however.
is the per capita income for

Virtually all of New
Bedford'• civic leaden have

endorsed 1he proposed
sino. 1bc added revenue
rived fnlm · thc cuino.,
pecte.d DCW business and

hcaz!~.m:.~ 1

1). Trade your
in: Easiest way to avoid a


it, with some of the st.cries to

::i~:: ~~P":~

Yes, for some, compulsivc gambling i1 I! problem, a
1eriou1 one on a par with
ilkoholism or drug addiction.
However; ai, with alcohol, it
is not a problem fOf" every•
Gambling i1 an activity

some can~~

twm. Tbcftct




Plummet, Pboeo Editor , •





,,, ,,,,,,,.'-""' .

·-----,f/•~tlti4.,_,., . . . . ...,.,,...

thatyou-' rej111tgoin110takc
sotncbodyel&e'smi)'Way. He
might think yoo rccoo1 and



ditional tourist lJ'affi.c, are
ellpected lO tum New Bedford


fOI' c~oac. .
.As ~ .~



3). fiabl6rewithfiic: If


lbomaelves in San Fraoci1co'1

lflipt-Aallluy tbmy
,_...,. a.:lifyou walbddowa'to

tally drop your keys down

=~;=~:::~g~~ fail;,>~1 ::::.

........... yoa.wamt.:k.intbc
'11lcir tour briap witb them •

...... <1v....,_-.~..-- .... "'-

fcuryouaround. Dopdoo't ,thcscwer.Ask Mr.CarThief
An:- ifhccangive you Ii lift- offer
tosplli gas. Prcccod you think
•~oodthoy~~,.Massi, _ : htcmoal,.• :::.Aldpo/_,
.1 i..
~,••ml' ke•


ingroa:b.... a u ~~ undmlaod V(bal guns
....- ....u

1:n~n:!o;: t:::


...... Jmyo.cia.O.....yc«-


or D I N ' ~ ; or they' re jull
·ncy rctlln
looldllsfora"llliraclc":a freoticbl Jpopullrbaaddci
10 tho Dal ahow. ,
So ■Oo..-cr." 1

himoutfqra drink._Gethim.
Wilhafcwexpenaiveop- wasted utd leave .bim ·UI a

you must drive a car
drivcoocthalisrcallyawful. cratioosyoucouldcasilyget

their~=-~~:~ =·y:-::J
,=:.:--~p:~~ •=--:j


' ,A ·l~t;di~ ·~q~iio~.

No BMWs. ThatFahrvcrg- a·bulJetproof.face.•ImagiftC ·

nug~thing~y'rcalways ~~~~~~~ w?"1dbc p!M~y,. Such
talking about is wbfll hap- · .
· lauplai.~d • w~
sdom as-: ,.You re Dilly

, £t~
Y :{:::~°:!r.

~ to your



;thl°'i,·1rom~ ~.:

goingtoSlella Yugo. Yugos
aredicRo.pJWyofcar5_ Get

==ktooa~~(JW'= 2).



tend that y_U ~ deaf and

tbey' dn:,b banks.

car. Ever heard of a ~
· drive and have him chauf-


g ~ I ~. ,.Guns
can theal)"(¥'~ or" You



in ooe of those "You,&.,

Ding. 11!,al's when you belt


· t wowd a nicebrownone.


- ba7.oobs. They)e~ud

or, or

.arw:::dw;: Stillwa
"""'· Whit <Xluld be a bobby todtivca&mri10.K. Cu4~ Be tacky: Outsmartfor 101DO can euily bun ia&o :taiD pm:mtiom can assure iog a.carjlcter isn't hard It
u obl.c:aak,o, and that ii die ,tbatcarjackrn' wouldncvcr all. Wheaacarjackerknocla
behavi°':wcallb:9-vecowaach take your ctr. Smear the . 0 ,1 your window, make like hvc ao drive
out ror to oundva. ._.
1,act seal Vt'itb 1',g feces. y o u ~ • t ~ ~ • s Lct'd.:eit :
The key w~
Kce,e $he "T,win Pcab" pmisten~ ~ ~ YQU .~
soaadtrack wed°gied in the can't roll i:lown your win- mun:lcir!
contirwcd on page 9 •


Whatdo,yo1.1 think of:the r:enovatl

(.alllpo. ~ourml,CocmilCBnl

stole lhe car .younetf, and ·

blind. Nowtbm:'sastory to
tell the neighbors..

Voices of $uffolk

ourtncy, BUIUICSI M-.,cr


higher· lJiaii (Ji·~ '1tal&Wfde
.'lri~ ·;, iloi,·
t ~ 'e\iyl,if-..-wi·1,rca111 1:a11~ilio;tiji·,J&i~·•
average, but so ue · uncm• notmcanitil~.bannfulactiv• felon: no catjacku is cvet uolution. Tbcayoujuatget catjli:k. my ic,qt" will itmt

:..~~io(~~cJ: I=~


lfthatdocso'twort, uscre- ·
verse pi)'choiogy. ·· ·

IO . give tbe• ~ - -~stuy~sm': leave you alone. My commwuty some J
sonal rav_ ritc, thollgh7 Preo


higher tha.n the 1ta1c-wide morals?

nbcn of the Frcahman class
t wi,n io my bid for the office


n:u ~ r ,

glmbling, well..

ncsses m New Bedford arctlhe government , bould be in


cweueplaycr. JTtJJthctnmk
11'ticwoiifisadangerous ,withaev~pen~. ,!f)'Ou
pl.)e..folb. ~)'tbi.Dgcould· atewaitin&outsidedlCFenlOn
bappeD. Youhave10·beprc- ·,YQW'

evideotod py the exilWICe
of lbo locwy, and the beo- youa,man. uClrjacbdon gonna do? • Get under tht
dits derived from thlt.Pn>- OcrneSt:lhe(J(bcrday,l'vc / hood and ~vc you 8 tunearlffl'bavc been kit throush- bc:enaskcd, u a fOffllQ'ca- ~ up?. Take at from~ folks.

==P=an!~ ~~U::;:;!.~~.1;;;:


==,: ;';


Put twenty on b ~ buy


Carjack-proof your life
~ , h~ little ~~Ip.from Jini

lhe imf16Ct from diis prob- pared tof the unexpected: front tire. You can' t steal
ou mMauacbu- l:mTbe aovetmaenr. ·ah'cedy- ·l?Mtbquakes..::oe.Prc&ident whalyoucan'tdri~ . Takea stic.bia~.«lilleaboil.
days is t,110.,•pro- c ~ This ii Qqaylc.
Let hi~ know thalyoujust

posed casinos ' in .. 'New,
Bedford on land owned by
wani"paaciq tribe. II~
something that will aave the


..y-.y. Odpber 12. 1994·.

~ • " tbc ~ Mm Ullo other..._ I obn'1 Band~


ThcSuffolkJoumal Wednelday,October12, 1994 .

Raise Or call?


; ou, c'mcnl.
3ot • bot tip for ya.
~nos Yeah au.ill01

igbt bicre

ht ~ h uaetts.'

b?•ues• _.__

. . .. on in Mauachu·


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Carjac~-proof your life ,
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omethlna that will save the anrra have been fdt through- bcc:o asked. as ArormcrCl- : up?_Take it from~ ~olb. rnightthink)'OU'rccooland
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prob~m• .with compulsiYe• . Suffollc ' co~uaity some )wilb1UD1. lfthey ~smart sonal favorite, though? Pre-

o~~ ~; gam~lin!.,;e~;·und c old~ bclpfulanti~-jackinltip1, ,y"drobbanks.
tend that you arc deaf andMany ~i~lnnd busi- hearted, but I don 'l bdieve
I). Trade youi wheels
3). Piptfircwithfirc: If blind. Nowtberc'sas1oryto
in New Bedford trc thcgovcmmcntlhouldbcin in: Easiestway_ufltvoida yourcallylovcyourcaryou . tcllthe ocighbors.

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tatc, as well as a crime rate clals tobc incbafJcofpublic
daher than the state-wide morals?
Ycr11c, many in New
Yes, for some, compulk:dford are lookin1 to Ltie 1iYegamblingi1!pi-oblcm, a

Nobody s g_onna steal a
moped. and it's much more
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Two of New Bedford' s
ong-standing ~ e t . tex·
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lot only are crime rate1

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Gambling 11 .an ~vity
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driveooctbatisreallyawful. =~•=;.;u.:.=~g= .d ~: ,, '" 1 ,·
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A last idit~ scjl,u1;0~ . .
~.~~~ ~.. 1:~ways duucouplestiotslOtbienbg- .would be phllOIOpfiy . .Such
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carjackingfounclr', ..Guns
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ity for o ~ .
goingtoSICll.a Yugo. Yugos in one of those ..You drop ~ag:rcssor'sbea4a-spinAswidl,~ . ~ - 'mthoRo'1Jwyofcars. Get itl"-''No!Youdrop it!"type ning. That's whtnyou belt


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Virtually all or ):lew canls. Wbatcculd be• bobby

k:dford' s civic I ~ baYe .. : . : ~ythatum,sialothe
mdorsed the proposed caioo. The added rcYenue de- bchavi~weall~Yetowllcb
iYed fNm the' cuino, e,.out~~~~ arc
utcd DCW business and adY • •1
litionaJ tourist traffic, arc
:xpected to tum New Bedford
, i;ontinu~ on page 9 .

Voices of $uffolk


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take your car. Smear the . l>,I your window, make like live IO drive another day.

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Kee~ Jhe "!win Peaks" pcrsi5tcot.:~ ~ yOU ..--.~~
sowtdtrack: wedged in the ~•1 roll down your win- murder!


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What do yo.,. think Qf tile renciv•~


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h'• • - J W l a f - .
/1'1Jir,r,,ofb., OII/Jiot,uad1~

Ewrybodj ', "-:ill'..


:Jbese lyric1 prot,.bly belt d,c.acrl~ the scene wbeo the wodch
nu,mber one tomiq act comes to

...... s.... the RoUioa s..... ml .

Pioli Floyd ..... mon: money l1ul
yea,, but only the Grateful Dead ldl
, out l&lldium after stadium C\lel)' year. .
On lhcu molt m:mt stop, they played
sold-out ahow.1 at the Boston



lbc· Grateful Dead Cllablwlod
themselves in San Franci1eo'1

l l a i p t - - - -·thirty
,.....,, ... ifymwalbcl.down-lo
Nonlli &adc,a ... week. yoa woald,..,ouwaebacki.nlbc
· 11lcir tow' briap wilh them a

..... o1v-.,..-._,_.._c.tfomla10'North

S.....,..badthe' ~


an cuillntin& ~
vcnion of Jeny•s~ ccmer Y,oco Welnict'a "Loe
"Deal," wbidl ~ ·me ouf c:noup ~ Romo."
not to ~ their forty-five minute
1be ooc downfall of the 1
wa the forty mmuliD "'Spec
or ,othor nO"feltiel; or they're julf
They returned wilh. their ever ooly die , - ~ acid WCI!!
looldlla for a ':mirade": a free tickcl !'f"!-- ..... "ClmuoCM
S.nflowe.r." ,,whij:b throuah. the
I reaamcd the accaad mg
' 1'1le 0 - ~ off the fUJI of Qe.l'.1 JPlllical -.ic turned lnlo "I to act a reality, bile. The Cl
theh- ah lhow, .. Tuesday, ml they Know'Y~Rm'."' This~y~pl ~ m oot eternal. Thcl'l
WR oa fw. pPeliiaa up, witb lbc:ir theOordoaoon,boe,, . ,

Clo....,,po1-lwlllipool........ Jcrry o.cia.

__ ,_ocllioafood.-


weleOmlo1 soa1 ..Pepi like a
Straaer," ,the boys wad into other

Other, c'lauic. auc~ .. Uncle
John 's Band: •~d ..Wom~n arc

Jerry fcqot lbc
Bob's~ waa off. _

iomo poiall



U olClllcaaoS!udent win ■ CASINO

Not Be Deported
By College Press Service

..:1AI. 10 , _ IOUINAL

'•nwn·• . -" ""'


1M W,'-1.,


nw,·.. 111,i. ,,,,,,,., . ,.., - -


If that ddcsn'l work, use roYcr&e p&)'chofogy: ·· ~ ·


/1', Jw,t,,o,a., -oalliqNI alldtdawlu,
Ewrybody '1 d•d11'. 7
" ' - ·lyrio, pn,bobly IJe,t de. ,qibe tbc ~ wbeo the
· muabct one toarina act comes to
- . . ...._ die Rolliq Sloocs and
Pi.Dk Floyd mado inore money
yes:, but only the Grateful Dead sell
out l&adium after stadium evuy year.
On lbcii moat recent stop, they played



taking YOU( car becauic it

Let him know that you just
stole the car ,yo,,r,elf, and lhatyou'rejustgoin110take
somcbodyclst'1mi)'Way. He
might think yc;,u're cool and

ill 10Jd-0111 shows at the Boston
The Grateful Dead established
themselvCs in San Franciscp'1
HalaJlt·Albb\UY s«tioo almolt lhirty
~ aao, and .if you walked down'to
Nartb Statioo ...
)'OU would
have lboagbl you were back in the
clauics 111eb as ":new Mialewood

leave you aJonc, My personal favorite, though? Pretend that you arc dcaf and
blind. Now~•ustoryto
tell the ocigtll?ors.


5). B'e st\lpid: If all else

fails, play dumb. Accidentally drop your keys down
theaewer. Ask:Mr. CarThief
ifhc'can gi..,e )'OU a lift-offer
tosplitgas. Pretcndyoulhink
you,carjacke< il<U!C ancfask
him out for a drink. Oct him.
wasted ud leave bim-ia a


Carotiaa, 1111d Jen)' Oan:iL On.every cornc:raeo.hadl acllia& food, dnlp
or other novdties; or they're jusc
1ootiQa ror a "miracle": • free ticket
to the oat show.
The Dead licked off tbe fml or
· their liI &bows OD Tuesday. and they
were oa 'fire. ()pc;liirla up witb their
welcomln, •'10ag "FCel like •
S!noa«," the
mto otbe,



A l~t ~
would be pbiloaophy. Such
witdom u - .. You're ooly
catjacldngyounclf". '"Guns


can'thcalY'Q'ilt~.,oc ..You

l:ai~~tiii'}'iiii/ii,;t .

catj,il:k my to0f" will mrt
nning. That's when you belt

Smarter" bad the balcoalca ,.,.,_ost can they,u,y, they' re all in their fifcoming down, while the fans re- ties, ind tbey'rc still playina with
spcctc:d SU;Ch tt.CCDt sooi,I as aew- more r ~ than most y~na uhilantin&' venion or Jerry's -comer V',nce Welnic:k's "Long Way formers todayA
"Deal," which tired me oul'cnouab From Homc."
.Wbea I tumcd to leave, I uw
not to mind their forty:five minute
The one downfall or~ evening sometbin, thlt remibdcd me that tbit
was the forty minute "Ss-:e" that was the last time I woald see my'
They returned with their ever cmly the lam on acid w~ able to . favorite bad in dlis buildiq. Some,one t.J ia sign whit the lyrics of the
popu.a. t:rw:llitiooal t®&, "Otina Cal danc:e to.
I returned lhe second IUgbl only • Dead 10D1 "Samptoa ,and Delilah"
Sunflower," ,whiJ:b through the
Dead'• muica1 ~ turned into "I lO aet I reality bite. The Ora&cfu.l. paintm on it:
KnowYc:.iRidcr:-: nq,rea1.1ybrouibt Dc&4 ~ not ":temal', There wm: .
"If~ hod my way, l would ,~ar
the Garden to its bees. ·
many bipli&fats lO this shaft, but at this old bclildin1 down."
Other clauics " "Uncle IOIDO'poinls Jeny fcqot the words,
John's' Band~ and "Women arc or Bob'.t timing was off. But. whal



WS ANGELES.:.._ UniverliryofClucagoSllldco!Rafael
lbma will DOt be sent back lO
a federal adrniwtralive law
judp: i~ sUil>iejq who
granted tho 20-ycar-old biocbcmistry major the right tolive legally in the Unite.d
Even though Ibarra bu
lived "in the United Stale$
since be wa.s 6 years old.
Ibaff'a was facing possible from pq:1
'"'in oundvcs."Wcall •
to take rapoolibilh:y r«
own ·acuooa. Can't llff°'!
blow your mdrc pa)'d!
OD the slot maclliael? Slli
answer. doa't do .IL
I admit, il't a lim_plci
1wer, maybe .too nmpa!

f0<,ucha"""l'la ·..,;i,i
However, loalllimcl it ii
simple answen that c

It tbcrc samething
we can do to belp IOI
problem o f ~...
bling instead ol jmt u;
"it's the.irprobl_cm?"
deportation because he
Thaeanoltq>I ~
checked that he was not a be taken to help, Offe
U.S. ciUz.en on his college help lo those in the J
that arc out of coouol, i1j
When applying for ad- same·way ~ cu1
mis.sion into the University ~omeone gettin_ d~nl
of Chicago I~ year, Ibarra,.
wbowu valedictorian of the
senior class at his s6buiba.o

SanDicgohighschoot,'i3i:tl• ·
citiZCn of Mexico. He bad' . ,

l,I.S, sin9,ehc was.brought to ....
• Soumem .Califomia by his,
m:xherfromtheMexicancity b.
, The Unj.v'ersity of Chisago offered Ibarra a scholarship on the oohditiOf! that
he become a U.S.
After accepting. the offer to
attend UC last Jwie, Ibarra
tumcd~lfiljtOthc U.S.
· ·ce in San Di o
and applied for suspension
of deportation . -Hearings

roodical ltleotion; you can
live 10 ~vc anotMr' day.'1facoitthc\ l1's

over i:he course of the year,
so Ibarra began his classes at
ihc University of Chicago.
- In addition to maintaining a 3.6 grade point average
out of a possible 4.0, lba{ra
became involved with the
comm\lruty, helping gang



All year, h(?wcver, ~
be woulctbe deport,d ~~
to Mexico (lcwitc bk' aucoesi in uid out of the class,.. room. But just 6cforc his
sophom,Orc.., ~car began,

pendod-'sdcpo<tab00'11c's·bl:K someone who

cameberc'ind was living on
frioccs of society,".
Baglcyuidinbiuuling. "Ho
did not work illegally and,
take more than be gave


Saying be was "elatid
witblhedccisioo,"IburaDOW ~a,,.,---:---;

hnpel tobelp cbangethe Jllcpl immillJ,nl of liis




no_...._ w - , . ~ 1 2 , 1 9 9 '
~ 1be music never stopped: The Grateful Dead l,'eturn to Boston
., .....
, allCMI. IOna J0UU&AL

1',r,'1 ti l,ad Old


1M i\lt.\waJ,

Ewrybody', "'. ..
These lyrics probably best dcacribc the scene when the wortih
oumber oDC touri111 act comes to .
IOWILS~ tbe Rollin&Stooel and
Pulk Floyd IUdc more money this
yea., but only the Grateful Dead scU
UUI atadiwn after stlldiwn every year.
On lhdi most recent stop. they played
sia 1old-out shows at the Boston
ne Grateful Deacl established
tll.cmschcs in San Fnnci1co '1 ·
fflli&bt-Asbbury section ~ truny
)'Cll1 IIIO, and if you walked down·to,
NcMda S&adoe lMt week. you would
Their tow' briop with theip •
CldYltl of Volbwa&ea butcl, with

U....plloa !rcaCalifon,l\toNcc,h

.... .,,..,,0an,;a.0n...., ....,

CWotiaa. paillled with sips olpeace.

. . . . C>caladl aellina; food, drup
or Olba- oovdtia; or they're just
)ookiQa:for1"11lindc": 1frcicticktt
lO the Kl.I abow.
11le Dem ticked-off the fllll of
their aix &howl 00 Tuesday, and they
were oa fife. Opeaiag up with tbei(
welcomin1 song ..Feel like a
Struacr,'" the boys Wad iEUO other

their bar. In ~ Vcpa. ca• ooc. As kma aa tbere is pdi-sino ~ -,e quid:: to lpOl blhl&., there wiD allo be com•
abiawinnc:r,andtakecmno pullive pmb&m:-and lbolc
bielplhat penon off the floor wbosimplydon'tknowwben
to ~ responsibility for our and out of•thcb c•ioor It to quit. There are 101De 'Who
own acti0111; Can't.afford to ~thalllle;,_pi-. feltalcobolwuavicetbat
blow your C!)tire i-,yclicck ,;,;ilit'bea1e,t'fo<-- - t o b e - - m n
~~p,.idloirllmiL boanod._,lhey _ _
00 tbc slot macbiaes? Simple
doa't do iL
I lldmil, it's• aimplc anthofe who feel lhM tboj may everyone's own aood, no
have a problem and 6-::ial doub1.
And we all know how
HOWt:Yer, IOdlCltimel il is the counselhia could bo •ade ·
simple &n1wut that evade available for those who DCICICI well that worked out. don' t
us. la there aomcthicg else iL · Somcthing u simple u "' we?
we can do to help solve the ke,epi.naATMsOUloltheca•
problem of complllsive gam- sioo would help, but yo
bling instead of just saying koowlhatwbeatbccuhlois~ fiuncialw0c:11No,ofcourse
built, every bat UI . . _. not. However, it is a pan of
" it'I their problCIII?"
..-,er. And these daya,
There are steps Ula can chu.lCUI will try to
-.,y amwa- is rue.
be taken to help. Offering cash machines iDICalkd; ri
If the legillMure of Md·
help to those in the casino ncxt to me· dot machines, 'ff
sachu1et11 decides 10 10
that are out of conuol, in the they can do iL
Io the end, these mea• al>ead with the cmino io NCW
same way bartcoders cut off
1omeone 1c1tin& d ~ in surca won't wort for every-:- BcdfOfd. we all have to take


judac in San Diego who

classics sucb u ""new Mialcwood Smarter" bad the balcoolel almmt
Blues" aad Bob Dylan's "Mauie'• down, while the fans re•
F.-m.'; Tbey ended the first Id with 1pcctcd 1uch recent IOIIII u newl.ll CJtbiJaratj.a& vegion of Jtny'I comer V'J11Ce Wdnick.'1 "Lona Way
"Deal," which tired me out enough From Home."
not to mind their forty-five minute
The oae downfall of the evening
was the forty minute "Spece" that
They returned with their ever only the fans oa add were able to
popa1- nmitioaaJ IODJ, "'Otiu Cat dance to.
SunOowcr," Jl'luCb through the
I rerwncd the secood oigbt only
Dml's rDlllical IUlic turned into "I to act • reality bite. The Grueful
KnowYou.Rxk:r."ThisrcalJybrou,ght Dead are not eternal. There were
the Oaidm to ill bcca.
many bipliaht1 to thll lhOw, but at
Other classica "Uncle $OCDO poinu Jerry (cqot the worda,
John ' s Band" and ✓_:women are or Bob's tim.ina: WU off. But, Whal

can they ~y. they're all in their fi(.
ties, and they're 1tiU playinJ with
more r ~ lba:n ~ost youna per-

formers lOday.
When I turm:d to leave, I ..w
IOfllCthiq &hat remioclcd Die llw thil
was the wt time I would aee my
favorite bed in buiJdin&- Someone bad • sip with the lyrics or the
Dead soa.g "Sunpeon and Delilah"
•painted on it:
"If I ),ad ""J woy, I WOfJJ/ tear
this old bwldbt1 down. ·


UolCbiclaoStudent wi'U ■ CASINO
Continued from peae 7 •
Not llell<ported
By College Press Service
lDS ANGELES__: Univer- ''in ourselves." We all hav,
Ibarra willootbescntbackto
a federal ad.minwrative law

• 'IJti,y'rc "18'1 SltqlfM' UtlO ·,own.

, , · , ~, ~ - dow,u.



Jb<Suffolklourul Wedoaday,Ocroj,et 12,199'

graatcd the 20-ycar-old biochemistry majOI" the right tolive legally in the United
Even though Ibarra bas
Lived in the United Stat.cs
&incc he was 6 years old,
Ibarra was facing possible
depo,tation because he
checked thaJ he was nOl a
U.S. citiun on his college
When applying for admission into the University
of Chicago last year, Ibarra.
who was valcdictorianofthe
5eiilor 'at his snburban
San Diego high school, i~di cated thal he that he was a
citizen O Mexico. He bad
u :s ,,iD9CbcW~.brougbtto
Soutbmn California by his
The University of Chi-



relpOQlibility. U you have •
little extra CMh and do:::idc to
you loee all of the S50 you
took to pmble with, have



:mr:::~=i=•t~ ~~:s~~.•IWOO-


Casino pmblin& coa.Jd
be• real shoe in the arm eo the
economy or New Bcdf'Ofd.
noc.·to mention the Commoo-wealth of Mu1achusen1.
' Let's not give up on wlw
could be a benefit just~
cause ii isn't a IOO'li. fool-proof, perfect wlutionJ( we
waited for one of thoae. we'd
be wailing • loog time.
Oby, dealer, l'U ataod



cago offered lbaml a schol•


arship on the condition that
he become a U.S. citizen.
After accepting the offer to
attend UC last June, Ibarra
turned himselCio to the U.S.

·cc in San Di
and applied for suspension
of deportation . Hearings

,..,_ ..._tu,, ... lf'l,l~•--plb•..• ...i.
... _ "'_..., .... ..,.. .... .__,_..., •,..

"""' ...'.'t'!:,~~-""•""~""'- """c:~""'......




~•bel>,....., '... .,. . - ........... ~.,>...,..i
~-----,p,,d,lm•-All""'do ......


""'"'""" ............. ,... ........ ljji,-Aod""'wlb
1r.. 11a,,_,..,_. Annlo•

.,...,..._._,,. ..
l\:tbeporllel'oosllllalnudbtwldxu..Tbtporllel'klbt)IIUbtsl: ~ -


For nrther lnmnalion axitact !Im Vieira or Theo Nioolakis

at SUlrolk Unilffiity Boootore
148 ~ • ZZ?-4085
Oieckfor ~ lnmnalion at the~-


over the course of the year,
so Ibarra began his classes at
the University of Chicago.
ln addition to main.tainin&a~.6 grade point average
out of a possible 4.0. lbaml
became involved with the ,.
community, helping gang
members in the area rOCUS oo
All yur. h~we\'er, the
he woul_d be deJ><!r10d back ~
to despite his sue. OCS1 in and out Or the classroom. But jusrl,crorc ~s
sophomore year began,
Juda< K,oneth Bagley SUS· .,
peadcd lbam<•• deporution.
'"Hc!s Dllt someone who
camcbcreand was living on
the Crin&cs of society,'·
BaaJcyuidinbisruling, "lie
did not wo<k illegally and
take more ~ail he gave

~~ing he was "elaled

JI ... .,.
OC1 .lJ,]4 .-• ~ .:~·-1
SAWYER Blll.Dtilt

..=,.--=-.::...~:_:__ _;_;-',--::=-;. .- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -

bopa10helpcbu&<dleille- .

--:---:'.'='.~ = ------::--i'iiiiiiiii;ii

pl imaqrllll-olbis -..;~;,;_;~_.;___ _ _ _ _ _ _



.The- -

ThcSaffoll<-..a W - y . October 12, 1994



1be Return of Freddy Krueger c. I., ..,,;,
Gretal aytboloay, ud the reality
Ya9DI illlllioa domaw,r Urlil ygu al- '
ways In a 'Nlabtmarc' fllnt.
NEY,' YORK - Jc ill time f« Hal- Plua. tbefe arc eartbqa.abl tba Mft.
tcripted bdc:n lhe naJ. ~ iD
lowoca •• • He's bact.!I
Yep. everybody's favorite fw:nd, C'apfomia. la fact. 1 couple o/ 1eaxs
Preddy Knqcr, rcauus to the h'a were sbol durina aflenbocb, and
tcrcen with ..Wes Cnven's New they're in tbc mOYicll It's got cVCI}'Nlabtmare." Aod bac k agai n as thina."
Englund, 46, wu boro and raised
l;-,'ealcr-sport,in1, taJOn-wicld ina
Knqc:r is Robert Engluod, a rcgu- in California and attended college It
,lar•lookina:, talplive guy who~• UCLA, Cal S1110 Nonhridac and
u c:om!"onab~ Wilh his place in the Oakland Univenil,)' In Mk:hipn withhonor hall of fame as Freddy seems out cvu a,radwU.iOJ from any of the
ia his trademark candy-suipcd 1ebools. lnttcad be cmbarkt.d on an



c.a. .....

"I wu sure, we wen: all convinced, that the last one (' Freddy's 'lbc Final Niabunarc') WU
actually .the last one." notes the ■mi •
able EQalund during an interview 11
• Manhattan hotel. .. It did great here
and phcoomcnally ove.rscas. But that
wu.n't why we did thc ' New Nightmare.' Wes just had lhis idea.
''I'd aonc 10 a pany a1 Wes's
house, and he a~tly rcmembcrs
me walking inio the party. He bad a
dream after it that my shadow on the
wall when I walked in was Freddy
~ e r. That was the genn, I tl1ink,
of bis concept of having Freddy come
back 10 kill his creator." ·
Wilhout question, "New Night·
mare" is the mos1 imaginative of lhc
cnt:re .. Nightmare on Elm Stuct"
series. evc.n more so than the ambitious "Elm Street Ill: The Dream
'#anion." hs story finds Heather
l.anaenltamp, who played the heroine in ,-rt, I and IU. portniying her·
self, oow married to • movie special
effects whiz and 1he mother of a
young sod {Miko Hug.he$). Lately,
Langc:nbmp and her 500 have bcco

ac::tina career that hu taken him
throuah such films as "Stay Hungry"

~•.••~u Oulaumber M• lu la
Slufwd'• , ,__. 0..
lly CoUqe Press ~
nANFORD, Calif. - lt'I official
00W: For 'ihe fint time in Stanford
Univcmty'1 bistory_
siocc Wortd War
ll, the incoming clus has more
frc1 hwoman lhan frcahmcn..
According to figures rtlca.Kd by
lhe Office of Undergraduate Admit•ions, 50.5 percent of lhc 1,589 new

..It WU hard to Jct lhinp daoe
.whm half lbc py1 are lale evay day
~ o/ clau. This just aiVC1 us•
cbance to pt some continuity 10in1,"'
lo 1987, the



~lbi~~o: ~~~


tiyes u themselves.
"lt'1 Freddy &OCl tO Hollywood."
make ii son
of Freddy mecll Robe.rt Altman'1
"The Player.' we've aot Bob Shayc
(bead of New Line Cinema, which
procb:es the ' Nightmare' film) playIna tbc greedy corporate mogul; Robert En&lund u the arrogant actor"
W!JO's made a success of playing
FrcddJ; and Heather Langcnbmp
eomilla bkk as lbc actress who
docus"t wut 10 do the movie be·
c:aaeahe's got a kid oowand vio-

continues En,alund. -ro

Fttddy unbound,
evolved Freddy,

kill all these people.
, "So it's SQU)' and funny, though

ou.t to

DOC • full


one-liners as some of

lbe ochtr movies, whic:h J think is a

aood duD&.

On top or all that was

Y(a uvfoa lhis great lhrough-liRe of
mother love with Heather protecting
bar ton. Tba1'1 Orcck, primal, basic,
You'vc.aot cve,ythingJ already Aid,
pllal a '4mpooAin1 of Hollywood,
lall al . ........ some Han.Id IDd

had a life ~ career bcfCKe Freddy,
and there' ll be a life and career after
Freddy. I'd done U movies and was
st.arrin& in
the time of the fin1
'Ni&htmare' movie. So I look at
Freddy a a,m. and It's ■ &,rcat 1'91c."
Neu up foe Englund, wbo livei
wilh his wife Patrice in California,
will be a November television movie
called "Mortal Feat'' wilh Grcaory
Hanison and Joanna Kemr. After
that may be the looa-ddaycd, megabudget film "'Crusades," wilh Amo.Id
Scbwan.enei,cr. And beyond that?
Mipt tbcrc be another "Nightmarc"'l
Eoglund ,miles miscbievously.
..i'JI DeMcr say never again, cspe•
cial ly after tellina everyone tba1
dead for aood -the last
time." be admits. "And. 10 be boocst,
tbctc is• script rio.tioa around called
'Frcddy v enm Jasoo,' which would
b!ina tosetbcr the 'Nia,bunarc' aod
• ~ y lhc 131h' se:rics. It sounds to
me III first glance. silly, but several
people involved wilh it l ll'u.Sl a &real
deal. lfthc:y say tbe script is great ii
would certainly be worth my while to
"Could be intcrcstina, huhr


Athletic A11oci111• &liul> down

Wewedu Cktebe:: ll
10:00 - 12:00
11 :00 • 12:00
11:00- 1:00
12:00 • 2:00
1:00- 2:00

found to have v;o1atect several NCAA
rulca. The football proarun was the
fi111 In the natioo to receive the "death
penally," where an entire program
was suspended for two year,;.

members of I.he Oass of '98 arc
women, compam:l with 186 or 49.S
percent, who are men. Just five ycan &«lid In Uf Os S tronau than in
qo, in 1989, the cntcrina freshman Sodal Security
class was 45 pcrccm female.
By College Prus Service

sociatc dean and director of fresh- have an cncountu wilh a UFO than
man lldmissions. who has worked in they arc of ever cashin& • Social
the admissiom off"JCe since 1963. He • Security check In their lifetime. a
attributed the increase to a growth in new 11udy finds.
ap plications from well . qualified
Accordina to a study released by
women over the years, and 10 the fact• chc Third Millennium. a nonpartisan
lha1 female students accept a<lmis- group dcdkatcd to national financial
1ion offers 10 Stanford at a higher rate problems racing today' s younger
than men.
generation. 87 pcteeot of Americans
Nl&hl Practices at SMU
between 11-34 yean old s.ay lhey
By College Press Scrvic:e
have absolutely no confidence in lhc
DALLAS - The nightJy crunching Social Security system.
and grunting sounds from Southe rn
And while 46 percent of those
Melhodist University's Ownby SIU· surnycd 1my they believe in UFOs,
dium thls fool.ball season arc just o only ,28 percent think 1h01 Socia l
reminder lhat lhc Mustang.s ore do- Sccuri1y will e1dst by the time lhcy
ing whatever ii takes- to Stay on lhe retire.
Iona road back co pi&skin promi" Dcs pi1e !heir railh ""°I UFOs,M
suys Rk hard Thau, cxcculi,·e dircc:To help establish a rcaular pnic· cor of Third Millennium . .. young
Ike schedule. ri:l«I colleae,s take ad· people know that the solution to the
vantage of National Collegiate Alh- Social Se.curi1y crisis will not fall
lctic AssociatiOQ (NCAA) rules that from lhc slcy."

allow studenl..athlct.cs to reaistcr for
To fill the system. 29 percent of
classes bcf~ the rest of the student those polled s.ay they would slowly
raise ~ eliaible age for beocfiu 10

·v· •


ball team mmt register in alphabetical order, like every other student,
getting classa when lhey can. In
addition, SMU also requires that all
lthlctea tau at least 15 credit houB
cac.h semester, one clap ~ lhan
the NCM, requires. This has made
momina and aftcmoon practices 'for
the entire team nearly impouiblc.
So, new cotich Tom Rossley has
rcaoncd to nigh! practices year.
"11'1 a little dark, but at !cut
we're all bcrc," A)'I Roulcy, who
adda, U while be rcalitcs his play•
en are II SMU to learn first and to
play footbaU seoood, he fd l thac lhe
stric~ lhan USual.,,rcquircmc:rw were
holding the program back.

Americans 10 pay into their own per-

sonal federal account, similar 10 an
Individual Retirement Account or
Survey results tell a "chillina cale
of young peopl'-convinced lhat lhe
social contract ber\Vfcn the gcncrations has been diuolvcd... says Thau.
"Young people arc worried that by
lhe ti me they arc old enough 10 retire,
there will be no money left."
The survey, conduclcd by Re•
publican pollster Frank Luntz and
Democratic consull&OI Mark Siegel,
also indii:alcs lhat almost SO pcn::cnt
of rq_pondenu bclieve· tha1 1oday's
older Amerieaos arcn"1 te.cciving
their fair share from the system.

1 :00 - ◄ :00

J:00 - ◄ :00
J:00• ◄: l.5


1:00 -2.1)0
1:00 -2.1)0
1:00 • 2.1)0
1:00 -2:30
1:00 •2:lO
1:00 • 2:30
1:00 -2:lO
1:00 -2:lO
1:00 -2:,0

12.1)0 - 1:00
1:00 -2:00




S.W,,, '30


C. Wabh'l'halre
Sawy,er ◄ll



B.LC. Study Group. Otmisuy 1U
BLC. SmdyGl'OUp-Pbydc:11 Sdc:oct I
B.LC. St.dyc...p--,01

Sawyer 1125
Sawya 1126

B.LC. Smdy Group- Mic:Jo..E.cooomi 211
Alpha Phi Omep Mc1C1iaa

Humanities~ ModcmlaapapMeetiq
Commuoication Club Mccti.q
Human Rcsowca spooson "Cormnuaicatin with 0.5'0ffleff" propu,
MulticuJci,nJ A train: · Succw Worbbopl rot AHA NA Sl9deots


Rldfway 400


S-,,,. ◄21
Sawyu ◄?7 a ◄29

Suffo,llt Univ. Hispanic Associa&ioll MCCUDI
Llw School Reunioa 1994 Phonalhon


MBA Monday DAY Classes Mec1 To Makeup For Holiday
CLAS Facuhy Ev~Ullion or S1udcn1 PerformaDCIC Given to Each S1udcn1
B.L.C. S1udy Group• Accowrt.ina 321
B.LC. S1udy Oroup • Accoundna; 201
Pc1cr Di.Muro Datlcc<:omp■oy Pafonnance




Sawya- ◄JO
Sawyer 430

SICw:Jbr Qnehcc 15

5M41, Qctoba: 16
◄:00 -l:OO

Pc1e:r DiMuroDaDIX~y Perfonn■DCC
9.LC. • Smdy
Cbem1.stry 211


QQ4brr n

9:00 - 5:00

5:30 • 7:30

Scnk>r Ponnuu:: Beacon Yearbook
8 .LC. SIUdy Group · SWisdcl 250
8 .LC. StudyGr01.1p-A«ell,lfin1J21
B.LC. Sllldy Group· ACCOWU!q 201
B.LC. SIUdy Group· Pbyucal Science I
··se.ua1 Htrusmcnt 1111d lbe Fine Ametldmc:rx: can They Cows:t
Oradua!e lnJomwioa Seuioo
New Eo&land Environ. Law Sockey Meclin1

J\Hlcl11 Cktobtt l8
9 :◄5 • 11 :00
11:00 - 12:15
11:30 . 12:30
1:00 -2:30

Senior PortrailS: Beacoa Yearbook
Hamao Raources • Student Rec:onil: The Law and You
Hum111 Resources· Student Rcconb: The Law IOd You
B.LC. SNdyOroup • Miao,&onomlc1 211
Hu~aad Modem Llllpa&C Meetina

11:00 • 12:00
12:00 . 1:00
1:00 - 2:00
2:00 - 3:00


1:00 . 2:00
1:00 • 2:30
' 1:00 - 2:30

!:~:::~ ,,,4:00•5:00
8:00- 9:00

~,~ ~ -----•"'=-.!He'"

Sawyu ◄30
, Sawye- ◄30

f:ddlJPrtobtc l ◄


::.::;:tt;;:;.~~:.!!!:rff!!.~-°C_'-e- "~-,=~- (__

Rkf&icway Rm ?If1

Pe1er DiM aro Dance Company Performance


1:00 -2:30
1:00 - 2:30
1:00 - 2:JO
1:00- 2:30
1:00- 2:lO
1:00 ,2:lO
1:00 -2:30
1:00 -2:30


B.L.C. Srudy Group. Swi1dt1 250
8 .LC. S1 Grou p - Chcml~·m
SOM Faculty Seminar
8 .LC. Sludy Group· Micro-Ecoaomics 2 11
Suffolk Studcnl Tbeaue . AudltlOM One Act Pll)'f
81..C. Study Oroup • Ocmistty l 11
US Airforcc Medical SerriceCorps. • lnronnation Session
MPA Auodatioa Meerlna

'.Der:141J Oc:U+a:11

1:00 - 2.-00

Wrll<rs: The Suffolk Journal you. The Journal
Is YOUR lladeot newspaper,
~ yom; .vobbebeanl!


Suffolk U:iµ~ rsity's Gal~ndar of Events

ing none other than Freddy. But how
can it be? Freddy is just a movie
ctw.ctcr, isn't be? Along f« the fun
LI writer-dircc:t« Craven as Cravco;
Lanamtanp's (ltbcr in the ori&ioal


October 12 - 18, 1993

SMU't football proaram after it was

;:· ~~::~ ~•~d7=~~:n:~:s~ =.: :~-~~;"1:,:~~

and the ~l TV lfflCI ..V," in whlc:b
he playcd6,IC)Od guy alien. In 1984,
he first p1Wcd Freddy K.rueaer io the
oriaina! "Nightmare," and since then
tw ~ in all of the "Nighunarc"
uqucjs, as well as numerous other
honor films and the series ..Freddy's
Nightmaru." He also directed lhe
hon'Or-lhrillcr "'916-EVIL" and scvenf"'Frcddy'1 Nlghunarcs" episodes.
Just prior to lhe .. New Nightmare," Enalund starred u a dead
198 1-era aambler who worked III a
diner in purgatOf)' in Wes Crnvcn's
cri1ically acclaimed, 1hon-livcd anthology series " Ni&hlmare Cafe,"
"I' ve learned my lesion over and
over ■pin. You always IC1 hun in
Hollywcird when you want it, like I
did with 'V ' and ' Nighunare Cafe."'
he s.ay1... 'Nigh1
mare Cafe' was a
great show, very cl01e to my hcan.
We did excellent, creative work. And
I wu blown away whcd NBC just
pulled the plus- That's why,
qo. I made. peace ~th bdna ~ l'Old


University DateLine


-Ccoodl- .
B.LC. SWdy Oroup• Cbeml.suy IU

Admissions Key Cub
Sixt StudcDI Urdon .- Seop lbe Vloleoc:e Task f.orce Moet1q
BLC.StlldyGn:Jup·_~ J l l


Media Serrica Mectio&
Presidcnl's OpeaOffloeHoun

CLAS Faaaky Assembly Medina
Cateer Scmca • lllfonmdoll cm Fidelity lavatmcftll
Saffolk Uai•. HiJpMlc Al■odadoa MeeciD&
B.LC. Stody Oroap- Cbaablry 211
SutrolkUniv. Plnkpl Atloci■doll(SUPA)•CNalSpea«

B.LC. SftMfy Oloop • StMbdel 250
B.LC. StodyOroup •Ptr)'lk■I Sc'-ce l
Waltin a ForGodot/ La Tr-■u de Plris


. ..,...,.,

28 Deme St~ A:llm ◄21•

One 8e■con, 25cb A
Doubue 219

28 Deme St 4th A , Rm ◄21

Ono B,,too, MIS Tu!.... a-

..... .,.

an. a.-. i,tiS 'lnlal,o 0 -

,,_ ..,


. . ...,_.,.

. S..,., 1125

Falcm ◄JOA A OIi

a. ..... i . ..

•c. w. . ,._.

S-,- ◄77A ◄29

S..,...C I



IJ..,,,.,.JWsf lMl~Saffolklinivcrsit)''1maNeraleodlr. foriabmldoa oa •ylldlildaledc-. aay.,ollbe--.ic,ar:o,10U.•e¥9MDlll)"09 . . . . . . .
callS73-IOl1. A c:oqwebensiverccordo(wbatbhappelliaa. ..._adwlllre-b ....... pllilk:ily o, ..... ......._




I season
., .........,
!f1U"W- srAEF

Suffolk's varsity eolf learn retumcd lo COUM action on Tuesday
with COmpctition in the Uttlc Foor
Toumament.. This week, lhc elite
pool of colleges. c:oosisting of Suffolk. W.P.I., Brandeis, liOO Nichols,
recommenced round-robin play at
Brandeis College in Wallham.


Maureen •Moe • Brown

In women's basketball at Suffolk
University, has been named
aulatant womer'l'a basketball
coadJ at the Unlveraity.
Brown, who totaled 1'35
po1r1ttlin her lour-year career
Mraging 21 polnll per game. ·
will aaalat head coach Edward F.
Layden of North Raading, who
was appointed IO his position In


''Pulp Action:" Thlsy-'.•


Volume 53, Number 6

By Christian En&lcr and
Anthony . ~malonc

dent G overnment Association (SOA).

proving, but alack ofgolfplay in~
spring has poally clfectod lhc per•
bmanoesofscveralplaycn. Wilh
no ample program for practice,
would-be playcn ha,. bccc left to
ICl'Ullble for playing on their own

. R,pnllc,s.CoachFannastill
the halls of the university. Team
nuni>ershavegrown, buthaveyetto



Council of Prcsidenrs (COP), and
Progrllf11 Council (PC) were rcpresented u well as most other student

produced, la an outsta'ndtng

---~~«andshoudbeanto Ed Laydon In hll nr.t .....,.

coaching wcmon'I bulcetbell,'

~-::·!: '; : :art~~ ~d ~e! f:r ::rns~~::n~c~;!C:


pilltwoyeanin/l"'~PI' The New E>!iland a..mpioolbip&beginonSunday,Octoba-23,

ad ~tia14C throu&h the 24th and

Suffoltwill_ e~~lffffl •

Callese. Staningomeafortbe
lfar...i.Darthmouth,and. . . . .. ~"'yctlObc-

c~-Country team off to a flying start

an ove...U record ol 6-2, iecood-ycar
Coech DfflllU Fruczak bu.his eyes
fixed Ob • trip
the poll·ICUOD.
..AU our remaining pmes are imporJOtJaHAL . , . , .
t&DL No one coar.ea ataad:a oaL•
Tbe aoccer team continued ill Qualif)'UII for the playoffs or DOl,
victoriou.a ways with .a shutout of the leUI is one victory away
front aealina • .500 ICUOO., some,.
1hin1 never accoi,npli1bed .in the
nee the IOCCO' popam's
have vastly improved oa lall )'ta''s
record, when in ftMC:uk's initial
a..,,__,..,-n1,.u_ year, the 1cam rllliahcd • 2-lrl-..1be
_ _ _ _ _ . _ women's tennis team recorded their
fnt win of.the year with• defeat ol
LaJey ,6-J l:>aKbaU ended its
•--"!""talllod•pl -

Around the.Campus


~-0~:;' ~:':i _....,......,,




leaves, they' all should leave. ' '
A student spoke and said, uwc
have lO hnv~ show of soli~ty. lf
some leave, we all leave. If some stay
we should all stay. If you really want
to send • message 1ha1 this behavior
will not be tole rated, this i1 the way 10
go." One sl'Ude nt staled that they
came up here to bond, 1 lcnm how 1
be leaden and not run from iL
The major problem with leaving
that night was tmnsponation. Tbcrc ·

were~~:rw:n;;:,ri:; ~t~~~=\~8:::~h~U:; Connollyctoesfo~
lugaage to arri'{e and-cxplorina the . couJ~ T h e ~ wu broen; .up ·'·teari..-prouif

In announcing her-appointme~I.

n:covenng ,
a knee injuiy that
JOtJaHAL .,,.,.
had s:ideliDca him till his e:xtraordiSuffoik'S0"0SS-aJUllb'yleanjour• u,y pcnonnana, OD Satunllly.
ncyed lo Babson College on Satur..Dan Alperin is a very talented
contiftues to pcrfonn excepeionally. day and fl8:Y have discovcrecisomething more than an arduous five:-mile
course. Whattheyuncloucd.wlSa future hereat Swfolk Univcr&ity."
New Eo&laal qualifying round in
AlperiJl' s talents arc expected to
,ldethuen, OcBenedicits shot a 78 on
ilic:par71 course ... Mike is a very, of Babson lo finish with Surfollc' s significantly help the Ram's running
program,whichsec:;:mstogrowstronvcrygoodgolfer. Hcisagreatstriker
Dan AlpcriO, starting in his first gcr as a whole, each week. Yet,
on.the ball."
race o~ the running season, kept paoc according to Coach Walsh., Alperin
Ou"is Dupill aJso played wor•
with the opposing lead pack for JD0SI has_ not even·hi1 bis fuU potential,
thily, scoring an 86 on the Hickory
Hill course. Overall, Suffolk fin - of the race. before completing with a cspcciallylhcgrcatnCS1ho.,.Jiibitcd
32: 13. Alperin, a transfer student during •his· days at Boxford High
ished 16th with a 344, an overall
from lllo- University of Kansas, is School. Whal else tie possesses, will
position 'in the standings, Coach

ChampiOlllbips. Hciswishingforn
"nliddlcof thc pack" finish.....,.

Some stated that in order to send a
message to the camp, ir one group

organiu tions.
The bus ride to the retreat was
boisrcrous and had a $Ummer camp would be no way 10 procure the
like atmosphere. 1'bc bu.sscs arrive.d , busses to Camp Cody 'lhut night or
at Camp· Cody ~tween 6:bo p.m. indeed until . Sunda}'. Anothe'r SIU •
and 7:30. p.m.
den,: suuc,ted that SOAR (Studenu

coaches contcnL ..Many people ar
Suffolk don• t even know there is a

Far;malllricipaacsan improvme.ntoo
:in tJie qpcoming New Enaland


Racist symbols cast pall.over
otherwise productive retreat

Brown. aguanlwhoaYOraged

P.,rt:iciplllioo on the squad is im-


Beacon Hill; Boston, Massachusetts

-6.1 assists a game, received her
bachelor's degree in Ji,Jne. She
topped Iha Northeast .Women's
AtNetic conference i'1 10011ng.
"Moe Brown lsor-." the meet
versatile athletes Suffolk has




before lhc season is to conclude. "I
have a pretty good field with Ibis
lle!,fl," hepraised ...lfoclgoodllbout



The Suffolk Journal

ill b'UC potmtial, bul eventually will




Soccer team has first-ever

Over the weekend o( October
14- 16. Student Activities had their
Annual Leadership Rcuut at Camp
Cody in New Ham pshire. The Stu-

the team• a whole has yd to n:ac:h



Win a ~ date to the
Fenton Lounge with Jim

_ .......

soon be seen.
Roondin1outthcfintfivemen' s

finishcn: aa Babson were Tun Bean.
Dao Burke, Scon DuM, and Rob
Fumier. · On the women's side.
Noreen McBtiils,. and Jennifer
Vcrliocoplaccd in theiopspots., but
the women did notplaceduetoalack
of runners.

1bcmcn,otherwisc,finished near
the bottom. platjng eleveoih out of
lhc thinccn other squads compcling.
Dewire this.Coach Walslmillprai,ed
what his teams have done and what
they.are capable of, "EM;h week we
seemtOgcibetter." ·- •




on a ~live oote. The squad
Bridgcwarer State on 10/5, but

swept two.from S1ooehill before split•

wag • doubldJader with B.t.oa oa
ticipatinJ a repeat _perf'ormtnce of
lu& year's lrip
the poll-lCNOl'I,
wbm the rqu1ar acuon ataru in the
• ~•.•. Both women' s and men' s



buketball commeocc on October
(DOC a milprint) ii cunaidy in the
plmnina ataaca • the Alhledc Des-tmmt. Games
taativdJ 1,e.
iQa plloned fo, the Rqeway Gym.
Stay bmed fCN" more dcaila.


salad. It was here thal the srudenu
were assigned to their cabins, ate and
were able to pick up their luwae.
Ev on
aood 1ime. The men and womc.n
their respective cabini,


Hixon suucsted that studcl'lts rd1cct
upon ~ t happened and bow to
handle the situation.

B_y_a, M._1'_____

=.i:s':e.lC~=t~:7i~ug~! ~=Y~~:,u:~:

were rustic, but fortunately had por- hers withirl the respective· ocganin- Siau ancl.Wuhington and Lee.
!able bcatm. ·A gcncraJ meeting w tioni and how 10 1t1raet students into
isSuffolk's Kevin Connolly did
then called ar the Lodge.
them. In the mid afle.mooo, SGA , exceptionally well. pllcin& sixth in

~~nf=~ ~:•,::lo~: :;rc~ ==~:~:1.:e

the dining ball lhcrc were pictures of

white people in blaclc face that were
a looa time aso. There were
also the word "cooa" oo the wall u
wdJ as a Coofederare flaJ- When the
camp lceepcn were' infonned, they
rcmovecl Ifie piclUres.
"Those ne8ative symbols took
away the whole meaning of the re..
. in:at." said Kw Lawrence. Ptuident of USU. ~bcrs of the Blaclc
Student Union were offended, and
scveral slated their desire to leave !he
"'We (memben of BSU aod the
Haitian ·American Students Auoi:iation (HASA)J will never fo,aet those
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.. Suffolk was the only New England tchool listed.


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