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The Stdf~klou

Lady Ram play~rs




Suffolk women rebound
from first night jitters



~:~~=i~ :'a1:


Recycling coi:nmittee to
reform program

By Ryu Foley

One of lhcse keys to I
solid tedl- and successful
season is defense, a built di>
He streut.a a formidable fcase lha1 Leyden hopes will
'defcuc, player 1ou1bne11, cam notoriety for being adaand laldy, team dependency. manL ..We arc trying 1 c,0
Besidea ~. thou&b,, be car- tablish that when you play
• ria an ~ t e that yearns Suffolk, you"re really aoina
for viciory. The "he" is fint- to have 10 nail us in the hean

~~s ~~io~

Hill thap jusi various coachIna accoladas and awards. •
Heading a team of ten
women , ei&ht who have
~ played a minut.c in a
S.ffolk uniform, Leyden is
wdl aware of what he needs
lO accomplish tiµs , 1994-95
WOIIICID'I bukctt-11 season.
Now bejua occd& IO implc--ja.adit'snotaoio&to
lie---ia ~baints. A
,.... cm lake time to
aalll. dNlllp d1611tead coacb·
ii . . . . . Tajall lrying 10


: : •ad ....." Leyden


defcnsiYe side."
With stalwan defense,
Leyd~n hopes will come
toughness, particularly on an
individual level. "We have a
tough game every niaht and
our goal is to~-- i@aJ.iough
oppooent eY~ n.iaht.
Dependency i1 another
Leyden stress. point, tnd this
Rams.' dcartboCanobvious
the true seoae of the word..
"Wedoo' ti.veaoironfi;c."

to take Daniel Webster Cd- IO play solid defense and _sake
lege 56-36 in a consolation &ood shots within her ranae.
Sbc:'s been a big bclp."
Nervousness may have
As for thal first aame nerbeen nowin& on their open- vousncss? Leyden wu well
ina night loss, but it wun'I aware of itJ relevance. "We
oo Satw'day and Head Coach have a l¥W coach and eight
Ed Leyden W1II quite contellt rookie players this year. Friwilh die pcdonnanc:c of .his day night was the fin:1 time
playen dllflng the victory. lhe eleven of us have been
" It was good IO get a win and 1ogcther. So I think a combigel that pressure off our nation of us bein& new to
backs," said Leyden. "I wu each other and openin& ni&ht
quite happy' wilh our Cll.CCU- jitters got the best of us." .

By Ryan Foley


The Busters repeated u
Suffolk'Iotramul'U Volleyball
Ownpi0111, when they woo
lheir final piatches versu11 lhe
Mu~t~/!,!~flhetou1nament is 10 ao ou1. play

&ood voUeybaJI, and make
new friend s. Some of the
players in lhe townameot are

to form a men 's and women:,
varsity volleyball 1eam,"
staled Roclrieo Mencia, cocaptain of both lhe 1993 and

1994 squads.
.J This year's Busten in•
eluded co-captai ns Mendez
and Buum Alameddlnc:, u
well as Peter Donlpn, Tony
Ducos , Dennis Fruu ,
Ylaonls Glt&l et, Ollnr
Ryf.... Suffolk's 1994 Pt)igPong Tournament was held
in lhe Ridgeway Gym lhis
pest wc:ck. Ron Fallon wa:i

... ~
By Ryan Foley


let up that one Wentwonh·
Other winnen included
goal We really cost John a Emmanuel Nahla.J, Duiel
A n thon y
Earlier in the week on Mlroa.lannls, SD
1etioo with the Rams first Wednesday, Suffolk s.ka1ed Connolly.
to a- 3-3 draw with Cuny
"I was very impressed
vtCtoey of lhc season. On C.Ollqc. It was a match that with the Went," said wisSa t urd ay, Suffolk downed had the Rams. rallytna from tant Athletic Director Joe
Wentwonh Colleae 6-1, in a deficits twice, before center Walsh, wbo wq alJo an orpme that saw:six different Dan Myers scoi-ed short- aaniur. "There is a lot of
RamStallyaoals.Go.lieJohn banded to 1end the malch ~ddcnlalentbc:rcatSuffolk."
Gilpatrick wu llrOn& man- intoaoCll.trapcriod. "Ooce
With umanyu27JJU.
nin& lbe pipes and would again John W1II a force in OCI, ticipanu aod lhe tourney bcblanked his opponenll had which bas been tbc: story all inglabdedua succeu, lbcre team..accordio& IO Cotcb ·ICUOD," &aid Bums. "It WU bas a1rt:ady been talk of an-

~~2:.10 =ms~:~i:~ ~=l:u~~v:!':
aood team defmac until we

oo def~ "


lo !he past the SGA's own l'CC)'·
cling commiuce played an active role
in tht; C8mpus,-sidc effort an will be
sending !be new SOA cnviroomerul
com mittee chairpe rson Tony
Saosevero u their ,epracnwive.
After the recycllna effon's start a
Oyer from the SOA Legislative Univcrsi1y· Affain Committee (LUAC) Subcommittee bouted,
"Today Suffolk Univeraity ii takina

After a stronB initial start almost
four ycan; ago, the university-wide
recycling comrniuoe is reformina
overhaul Suffolk's recydina program.
The original commi nee went
throuah many stages and official
names over lhe past..lew yean includina : The Uoiveni1y Recycling
~::J!:;:ii!:e:;;;Ji0 ~ ~~~~1~ ~ i:U.":;;;::.:v~~
tee A.R.C. (February of 199'2), and folk Uoivenity will be.Jin a Iona
ily a.n.du Easta"
1he Recycling Erfort and Surroll: awaited Recycli~ Progrul1."
Un.iversity Recycling Coordinatina
Aa:ording to an article dated Feb.
Commiuoc SURCC (dates uncertain). ruary 12, 1991, from ~ &ipoll • The Suffolk Unran1ty ~eic
These new comminec members Eyetiini Voiu, ~s imtitl ~ ,
uavelcd to W ~
have 1evcral major wks ahead since was orpti:zed by JJ'onj,-ltapoai, wf1if D.C: fot the Republican L:oldc;nbip
the campus rccyclina poanun is no was then a seni« biolOl)'·,.;,,•' Coafomico on_ ~ ~ h e r '
longer wdl-maiotaiDCd OI" fuaction-- SOA member. Rapoai bad dcv.&1· I. '!be rcttcal,_ w~ w a s ~
ina IO h1 full po1tndaJ.. The commit- oped the tteycl.inj: prop-am for Suf-::, by.Colleae Republican Chairman Jun
tee is composed of: Unjvcnity Safdy folk u a directed uudy tbcsil in ,. Pagano, gave studentJ the oppottuQfficu Judy Scanlon, Director of envi.rcNune:nl■I tMhoolosY
n.ity to Jeatn more about the R.cpubStudent Activities boiuii Scbm1dt, ---'l'bc-oripla- cws-,- ·
lbc: •
~ agenda



! - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' - - -- H~key team takes.a win and a loss : : : :·~:ac~~r\~~i:

Dal■ B■riuno


==c~-~;.=~~ :

Leyden brings ideas to
Suffolk basketball

BeaconHlll, Booton; Maeaachuletta

Volume 53, Numbe, 12

nif1C&Dtly, as wdl u Tamm.r
Thorp, a rookicsemation who
can hit the jumper at wiU.
Tania Al'U:dlan it "1"
other player who cao play
big in the pccL However,
Anb.lian brings another dimensjoo to the Lady Rams.
For a pou player Arakelwll
has lhc added tendency of
bciag Ihle to hit tbe fifteen

Suffolk women'• basket·
ball ii bKt io action, Ind the
Lady Ram, a rc ready 10
IQllad i,, lcd by
the ca:peric:aoe and leader•1hip of Norocn McBride
Jll5) and Nucy Glennon
lm), bodl ol wbom .e the
,-17 memllen ID retwn to the
. Radb. Smejblova, a stu~ from
da patience dcna from the Conner Cucho~pidance.thcywiUSead sloVakia, has an unlimi1cd
• ve,y talcftloll poue, of roi>k- and untapped potential to
ta- c:.:ito the DOkt level of bu- become a force oo the team.
Her hard work and dedicallttboll.
The two wceran players tic.n has paid orf trttncnlion offensively and defenByllyuP...,,
sively. I think we defended
ti;e IUff'OU~ by players dously and she bu shown
lhe bukd miach better, and
considerable improvcmcnL
Two 1i11cr1. Sere and
The: Lady R a m s ~ offensively, worked for bet·
. . . . . -cjolkdamoog
lljlDY thinaa, a demon on Raky Kcita, from Mali (a from the Pine MllllOr BruneW ter shots."
n..,•1a1soJClUU- country in West Africa) arc
..,Vc:dicco.91hoae defen- the most surprisina players ~v8:t:1:::~
r,tc ikilh wilfks used to shut on the team. Sere, a player bre1hren. They concluded, with ever} member
tli:,wo the opposing team's with a 5'8" frame. poness ioumamen1 play with a 1- 1 of the squad loggina minutea
greal ball-handlina abilities record.
durin1 the weekend . One
to"" guanl.
MichdJc Kdly, a feroFriday they fell 7.54 in spt.cific standout has been
cio111 reboui,d , and P.O•t
LADY ~ ,0-- hr,"" •~ ~pnicoii!i ;,.'e =·"' • =•c,___.;. ;:. ' :.
_ ~ - ==p
~l•ic.Y;. il~t~ ~,;;::- f;;.;"" d,s
' •




~~:~ Suff~ ~pub~ take OD W ~ n

!:'v:~ o!fyom:=:!:.~

implemcolm afttr a serits

Ann Lyons frorn the law 1£boo1 environmental society.



He said !hat the American people an!
tiffld of bavio1 tbc Dcmocnf,ic petty
doLDa the talkina.
At the conclulioo 9' hi11peoch,
he added lbe fact that the American
people made !heir vicwt knowD at
the poila wicb die Republican eweq,.
TIie Nil day, Sdalk lllldtnu
were involved ia all day KNiom on
political i ~ rangina from conse:rbeva'!av~~~ .. mmi~
~ -~ . to
edia relaliol..

will ~ffcct

~ lhe Capitol, lhe first item cm'
.the agenda wu 10 med with M
aaa- preseatation he said, " I believe in
c hu1e1t1 ConareasD'la'.n Pete r G .' : l?lannin&, strategics and visions. We

continoed oo PIF 2

Forensics team take seventh

· · ~....,n
Place ID W:asl,.;n'n -fn·
- -- ---'Cb~--- T - - ~
.. -..,-..

~ : : " : o ~ ~t: n ~ ~ :
era! Agrccmcnt on Tariffs and Trade
(OA1T), a \rade bill -which is CA·
peeled LO brina billions of dollars

can people are lookina for: We need
to reclaim lht.mcanina of the word
arowth . I opp<>sed taxes when

through th~ preliminary rounds IO into lhc world's commerce in the Rcqlrt, Buth and Clinton wanted,
the semi•finalli Whelan coded De-. nut decade.
tbcm ...We arc stronacr u a pany
bate wilp,a third plate lbowm&Sea.ato-dcct Mljority LcaderBob. than we were in the '20's."
The Weekend of December 2. .
lo addition 10 Debate tbere wc:te Dole . t-Kansu) aaid ibit _bc Uai!,Cd
Aip~na Oinaricb'• aoaJs. be



the Syffolk Forensics team travded
iod.srnati6n.'' capil01 fortbeAmeri•



Harvard Un.ivcrsity, American Uol·
versity, r --c Mason University,


1bil ICISOD's ~ topic WU
Welfare Reform; natiooally a very

:=c:~ :tbcto


nda)lbodaa countrici.

my·procaa. H e ~ by . . . . . .



1he indivi~ual even":. IodiYidual
u'::a~s..': ·
~vg&tafalludOtbree~~~ bide illelffroarbade .aad its claiact

~NbUc ~ ~ v e , M d

spc,1'iaa~ : .Mlle ~

~ - - - .... - ......,

Tbe Umi&cd



limiu for lftPU·



bate. Yickef Whelan advanced


Otdl'American people rejec:#d Illa
if the

~ tfaiac)



oa tbll lludpl- .

tt. Amaba

people _ . . . • • •
fmmaticm IP and tbal the wdfac




CDldllled cm


:tuti.:sf:~ ,._


educatioG. jourMlism and otha vari-

;'imeUC:: ous ~

form propouls.
before the c : . . : :
Conninabam proaressed range from 1 1/2 ll!WMltel 30 miJtoo
throqh the prclimilwy ,opndl of utes to ruearcb a■d preJme. For




lnwpntive CMCIO'Y· ,._ Umiled GCULl&eda tbe eveaia1, irudcau
Preparadoa cventa iaclade &tma-., vcabnd to the Marion Hold, where
~eous and Impromptu speak• thed WII 1 ~ of elected Rc-

~~~r=: ~Jr-:U:: :: ;:::
latioo.. Each school's Debate 1cam

a ~~ - t -


c!.-:.-:,!:.~ ~
and...,_ :!:.

majority of Americans wanted to






E-..-a..-.. 4




t - - -111

TboSaffalt.kMnal Wodoooday, ~mbcr7, 1994
. . UCY<UNG ., ·.

~::;:,_~s::; Suffolk Police Captain
-en ••·


· die.

iadtridMl . .oru

cmlrlCtJ ' - s.lfoik.
' )o,o.,__Opondom .....
~ apr al"ABM, lhe. univenity_
. COIJIJallY, conf'umed that ABM that
for . . . . . . . fflll)'OIICiadaoil-build- docl DOt buy recycled paper prod. . . . NICJCliiia_ ..... Wiil ibiDO ucufrolllS&erliq«-,o&hcc'manu•

_.. .-...i,-<1;.. .,....·

8'la 1111111 ftlCJ"Chl coordalon ill
, _. haildiaa flO wue ,apoMiMa

saves .man I s 111e
e ya,.afoleJ

::-=.::;...~·= ~c..::::;=:: - - -----'-==:o""""''---- · B--.Dy ... caacracton to-

IOWOb from the M.O. SlCQQIOCI (:om.

cuod . . . swuq Pacuaia& or
~ . NH, and ~
w.., Service. lac. ((OIID«ty CooIIOlidllcd Scmcea, IDc.) of Walpole,
~ bid tq,Urcc:d tbe oripnal
paper recycll.aa contractor Earth.,... lac. b«=-se eccordiaa. to a
lc:aa from a recyclia, committee
- • dl&ed ~ ;1, 1991,
. . . . , _ . did DOl l'CIC)'dc colond

Graduate 1tudc1u Chrit Shlpps
who served on, the SOA •• cnviton•
mental committee d\lrina the 19931994 scbool)car eatimatea that Stulin&picb~papcrtwtceawcdc.Mr.
Sblppt alto ltltcd that 1as1 ,pnq be
looted ,i:ocp ochtz contncton to savice SuffoUr:, but manj c<impaoics
rec for pickina up the
,-per. Pul Ryu or bu.llnus

voa. ·Slmlila wa-o,cntiGa die ro-

tbe paper.

c.ur,oc1 •

- :.:-=--~ =:,~=:;!~~
cJCia1 pn,p.. for die Oae Bcc:oa
nerc we two major iuucs inbllildilts'#Olved with the decline or the meync aanmt accouat repraenta. cliaa propm, the conaiucac. dTort


tive froa S&erliq Pacbainl, Bill
BriwD caafinu U.. Sca:tio, ii IOU
opcntut& ctu, balldi-,'• recyc:Una
prop.-. ror...,lbe R.M. Bndlcy Mmapmear C-ompMty. Thia ii u award

WUUWII pros,wa, where Sterlifta: ~
cycles the bwld.ina'1 paper, muu&caata prodlactl Ub paper toWcll
from it. and dam tbele recycled
paper producu back IO' be used in the
building. However, Britain llMCd that
the One Beacon Scnct recydi111 pro-

ol 1mdeota and particularty Ul the
boa1e md cm rccycliQa:, tbe lo,isdcat problem ot tbe coUectiort bins.
Aoc:ordifl& to Dimctor or Student
Activitie., Donna Schmidt, Sadiq
Khaliqi, the former director or the
Pll)'1ical Plaol Ocputmcot. purchased
the pre,ent can coUcc:tion bins for
unknown reuoru.

mcaced to &i~ O ' Ooculell moulhto-~th rauci&ation, while anothe,
campu! officer, S~rJCUt Michael
Ryu, took over for Flem ing in
admonitorioa chest compressions
The bean attack victim came t<>
within 1everal 1eccnd1 and was
broupt to the holpic,J. O ' DoMell,
a management information 1ystcms
emplcyce at the B<>1too Fire Ocpanmeat, wu lilted in fl:i.r cooditioo u
ol lat week at Mu&achusetts General H01pital
Pqliarulo it a CPR insuuctcr at
Suffolk lhrcuab the Human Rc tourcea Department, yet his rescue
OD Wedoeaday momiJIJ WU lhe first
f« him and his staff'. "It really was
teamwork. it wua't the effon of
OOC iodi.vickw,.. Pq.liarulO It.I.led.
WU people helping people.
that'• all. We need more individuah
in this world who care. There's juSJ
not cnoup."
O' Oonodl, a m1n11ement infor madon 1y1tcms emplcyce II the Beston Fire Depanmeo1, was listed in
fair condition in the interuive care
uni1 u of last week at MUSIICbuseus

A seventy-ya,-old man wu revived Wt Wednuday momina in
lbc Sawyer building'• lobby, minute, aftci coll,pllna unconscious on
Ashbwt.on Place from a bean attack.
Edward O'Oon.neU, a native of
West Roxbury, wu waiting 10 a
mceting with aaolbcr DWI around I 0
a.m., when be , uddcnly coU.psed
upoo lbc sidewalk. Carried by bit
companion, 80110n Fire Otief Jo1epb Fleming, and a pa111erby,
O'Donnell wu brought to lhe Sawyer lobby.
Wlule tbe fire chief began cardiopulmonary reauclwioo upoo the
uncomcious maa amidst Suffolk ttudcots and faculty, University Police
Captain John Pqlianllo arrived on
lbc scene receiving the emu&eDCY call "My fim thought was
tha1 I wanted to help this man," lbc
Somerville man u.ld, recalling when
he Mw O' Donnell t l)l'wled upon lhe
lobby floor. Upon the capcai.n'1 arrival, O'Doonell had ttopped breathing and did not have a pulse.
~nen.l Hospital.
Immediately Pagliarulo co~ -

. ,t

cootinued on page 4


■ ll&PllBUCANS

. vative. A.mcricaDI...
~ , Fimly lbi add8d. -W.:. )'GU
peno6 sud: u Mesieaaopponu.nlty mtc.
Albcrican, Africm-Americaa o, e¥Ca
Ginpicb continued, ""We lost the ~Americ,a. that labGl:illl prowlITTo u y that Americ:11 ii great. We CCII ii whit cmaet divi:aioD becwca

,..~Jft.s-,e- I ~

. J~ , J 'ct chanacd wilh


an label a

are number pne. We hav~ ·tc assert minorities."

civic respoaaibit.ity. We ca.n't replace
·suffclk Uni\'cnity'• CoUeao Rethe welfare IUlte j u,t becautc the
govemment i, in COQ.trol, because
it'• just not goi111 io bappca.. If we
Wlfti. a diff'ereot America, WC have to
WORtoSC(thalAmerica. WC4idnot
win thi1 elccticn l<> profoundly MY
thal we~ the Democrats, we. wen
thi• election becau,e the American
people wanted that united America."
Ani,hina his , peech, Gingrich
said. "When Fn.nklin ROOICVdt faced
25 million pncmploycd, people, be
md, 'You have DOlhina IO fear but
rear Itself.' It ii the ,ame whh the
people 1oday. We are in a time cf
if we love our children, oor country:
::u:~l:~~s, nothina it insurOn Saturday Lynda Cbave~ a
session panelist wbc WU on the 111bcomm.iucc or Richard Nixon's Sixteen Point plan menticncd bow_ the.
was once a liberal Democrat, but
new is • registucd Republican.
In her discussion on conservativcs and minorities Chavex said, "I
think the Republican party
the American people. a visicn of hope,
but hope UI based on the Ameritan
people', work effon, their desire IO
want IO 1ucc«.d and I think ttw ii the
cc.nler of conservatism."
- --Sl1e.-conUllu.ed,...!M.u)I---Am.eri,,_
cans are fed up with the fact tba1
schools arc beina used as nore


publicu a.ainr.. Jim ~ who
prepared and orgaraiud the Wubinatoa retreat, bopDd. that tbe audenu who MDI 10 l&c coofc:reoce Sol
Ill. exciting educlllimaal csperiencc.
.., wanted IO give Suffolk ttudau,
1h e opportun ity to diacover our
American heritage, which fuel, a
primarlyiwopartycowttty. t allofe4
that it wu an appropiale time tb ,cc
a vision tum imci a reality; lhM ii a
Republican controlled oiepas. Che
fim time lO over <60 years,.. Papno
.. Ir we are going to be. a pan or
thithewen.," Papnocoatinucd, "il'i
important to bring lbe idea and val•


leaming. I think policies lhat divide
people by rxe, really laruisb the
m~na of c ~ ,

44SCHqC>l.ST., DOWNTOWN BOSTON, MA02108 - (617) 720-5890

*Sale items not included

..:.L~... .

policy for ct.ct.a S.W,C,Ullary-willlNpl:
- Studcnu may check OIII boob
row 21 days.
- JfaboakbatDCIIMoa....S

_21_ . __

be_,.,.._1111111 ..

,o .,__,.._.,,,__

bcnower IO ftGnl . . lboab wldlill

- lldao-fallo lO _



Sl0.00 per NOt plu a
- . , loo <I 15JIO , - A
ol dlia notice . . lie 10


S.....Aceouau_, . . _
a1K11od added lO tbe ........



. .- ~

. hf'


and take home
t1us memento. '.

James (Jack) and Theresa
O' Alba of Malden annouacc the
c!ngagemeot o f their daughter,
'1:aryAMe.toLawrei1eeM. Walsh
of Evcre:u and formerly o r
Humarock, 100 or Thomas. M.
Walsh Jr., and die I.ale Aorence A •
(Kod>lu) W.plsb ol Manhfidd.
MW D' Albl ~ L 199-4 gnduale of Suffolk Univen.ily wilh a
s.cbelor of Scieoce in ComalmiCltiom. She ii a grn&ate. acudeot
at Suffolk Univenlty 1tudyi111
Commwucationa coaceob■tiq: in

• rnercor rebtlonlhlp,. Oeadllnc, for
a~lkin., is Pebrua,y 1, 1,99S and


co ~ the coupon or
call l/lN/+U-4723






•---~---- •

I c m ' _ _ . s r 4 1 1 t _ _ _l
l nr
• t o l C _ _ .I
1 - ... -,a--"'"""-........, I

Orpniut.iooal Communications.
Miu D' Albe ii employed by Jenny
Craia, lmemadoul in Cmibridae
• a ~ l>irector.
Mr. Waldl is a 1994 plldulle,




rl Suffolk Univusity Mlb • a.ea.elor of Scieocl: la eJoo,enaeat.

l : . ~ by ~ ~
111e w


-te~l .eJsbri r ii'

~ ane. }:~;;cdcliai ~


boob withia 10 daJI.& IICllllld (al




305 HA~VA
"RD ST., BROOKLINE, MA02146 • (617) 2n-1100


ler, • -

-Coffie• o1Jen~lau .


with this ad*


."ierAi°J~~ :: ~b~


. ()0/4 OFF

Sawyer llbnry


:-=:t::= ~':U:~-~~~~

ties ire more likely to vocc con.servativc as oppotcd to Democratic. 111,e
values lhat immigran11 have. are usually the value& and bdief• of cooaer-

Specializing in Women's Fashion Suits Sizes 2-14
Large variety of holiday dresses·

,---. ...... "' . ,.._

- If die borrower ..........1 ~
IUrDI die ovadue boat, die CG11 ol
... book, but . . . . . - - . ,..,
will be remo¥Cd from die borrower',
folk. The conference provided an · about bow the political belief, or account.
- If a ltUde!lt wisbea to borrow a
cpportunily to achi"eve thae &Mb: other ltlldcnu coiDcided wilh that of
book for another 28 day,, he./1he
and ii wiU help studeats pin political the. flepublican belid."
experience, networlr: and develop..---- Nuer Odunu was more ada- m• brina the book to die Circulation Dale for renewal.
thtjr ideology." .
mant in hit belief. He described whal
Y{hcJI asked bow be tbou&hl the be fdt by iayin&, "I visited the White
udcnts felt about the W•hinS(OCI Hcuse u a Suffolk 1tudeQ,t, but next
experience, Papno&aid, "On .an ovu- time,_ it will be aJ a- govemmen1 by another ~ t .
all level, I lhink the 11udea11 were offiC8I."

bousci ~ ooi ulsstutions o\' tiigbe.r


~ 11N1111 .._ apaic:ncc; _,.
...,.,,_..,...._._-I llilltil'1
- - .... 91ft; - , diffaat
oplaiaal oe a wide: .._ al aocial
---... dme no ..em. cm ~ trip
really --s 6- each odlcr."
, On ldafuaaldtoqhlaofdle. Waabi.Q&tOO eaprorionce Pqaao ¥ded
"'la riewillt d i e ~ ailc:a,
Ill die OA1T dilamN:m in the 'Sen~tc aaUery, n,tcni ■a to Newt
~ lad __... CCl:lfenmte
IClliomjll!lllaiama to political Idno&oaY, rdal'ort:etd my belier. Ihle die
ICudentl a.d· a wonderful eaqblcojag eq,e.rienc:e."
.Wbea lbe aeaalou ltad eodcdi
&ifrolk aludeala wae able 10 coaYcnc wida _ . . 1ecamas. edlllc:atioul ie.ta, ad ocller- aaeadcea.
· Wbea Mud whit diey bad - . d ,
the ,apooaee: ol tbe Saffolk lbldc:ata
" J lean11cd bow l lU dCJltl CO•




-~=.:. p,g,2



Univenlly Safety Officer Judy
oo&ed that Khaliqi ordered .
k:akiq bins removed.<dlhM lbe...tul_,. of those bins in the put had
bca depeadtol 00 lbcir linen not



... boob


i.':; yur Shipps worked with

S&epbeD Kilt. Direct0t of Budaet and
Admlniatration or Suffolk La\\l
School, the univcnity-widc com-

~nee in an effort to buy •sccwt can
bim with Jocka:. Shipps recalled a
• March fint deadline that was never
- . Hilt c•
onfirmed that rccyclina
coUectioo bim were bought for paper, but him were oor. purchased for •
cau· because or budget problem.1.
Henwidez also said that ABM wu .

,alJO looUng into replacing the
presem. can bins with bins that lock.
but did .not becaux of the expense.

to bot'row a

ays, helshc

The actual nwnber of bjnl for
collcclina both paper and cam/bottles
bu declined since the origwl proanm bepn. Aocordin1 to the· wne
SOA LUAC flyer, at its SWt thert:
Wm. 22 can and 25 paper collc:cdon
bins on Suffolk '• campus. Amy
Poi.odtx.ter the former SOA chairper•
T'bc fire called in one alarm, and IOII and member of the 1991-1994
five f,rc web respoodcd. The fire SOA environmental committee. esti•
wu quickly contained and extin- mated there are about 15 cans bins
guished, and firefi&h,ten from en- on campus and wU unsure of the
&inc No. 17 brought fans into the amount of paper collection bins.
Stale House to .blow smoke ou . of
Accordin1 to a lcuer dated Febwindows to prevent further damaie- niary 10, from SOA member Tammi
Bulaer, who bu rcdooe his .of. Oillca., at the time there were him in
~ twke Ul recent ycan,_wtll lDOCt many diverse locatiom arou~ Clpl·
likely have to totally rd>u¥- ~ _ _ pus. This J etter cit~ locations of
J VIII!rumc:.-cd on the ,am. thafthe cotire both do and paper collcctiDn bins
office bad suffered fire. water aodfor located on the floor • in Archer,
smoke damage. ·
Fenton. Ridgeway, and Sawyer, and
just paper bins in the Donahue buildiog. Scanlon noted that paper bins
arc pmently in Fenton near
trcct. an the Donahue bu,e.
ment and in Sawyer near the loading
d9Ck., Suffolk's rccyclingcan
bard wed thu..s far." Success in the
~~·would, ~ cap to bins arc l>eiog opened, and the coo."
UH; _ , _ . . .
tents arc being removed by the homeTad Furtado, who also traveled lcu. Poindexter and Hernandez ci1ed
this weekend, added ..ii would be a this as a major problem. Shipps also
momentum to propel the team
Into the next ICmestcr'a ... competi•
the ~ being left in clear, plastic bins in the car'eten.l. and m~re paper
-,iiia competition is very ·impor- bags and on the is.sue of their being collections in Sawyer. ,
tant because the location of the .ri,ur. stolen. As
part or their conuact ABM
This year Suffolk Law School
namcnt d·rawi numerous acbools "(orken still place the collection bins W be holdina enviroo.meatal law
from all O"'lq,:• -Fwtado conii~ed.
.. Victories. b o t h ~ anct telm,
.; : : ; : : ~ m ~ :.h
~ very miarungful lO di< .... of wberc the coou.ctor would have ac- like to ,see a lot of thinii, happen
the ya,.•
. .'
.. ceu to pick up the<cana.
bef~~ateb, it would cenai.oly be a
'Tbc Sw{olk Formaic' team manHowever, Matt Leonard, the Op- pins."
ben Tad Fu.Rado. Mm')' Curminpam, er.lions Manager of Waste Manage•
Sansevero also noted that this
Vickey WhelU, Kevin Connolly, menl Container Servicca, Inc., eati• new WUvenity-widc coqunittcc will
AQldique Muller, Kase Parter, and ~
!hat the lut actual can collt.e• ultimately nt.ed the cooperation of
ICaral Cole traveled to Wuhi.ogtoo. lJOG pd up at Suffolk was JOmetime the entire uoivcnity "We' ll need
Coache• Dick Kropp, ~rinen durio& the 1992-1?93 school year;- Wpport. Physical ~twill have a
Ciolkou, ud John Adami accom~ explained that the calla major role ad it will be an uoivmity
pwed lhe ,quad.
for can pickups declined and tvcntu• wide effort."
ally ltoppcd, 'i'bc:,;e wu ncv!2' any

Fire in Bulger's ofti~es

cl 10 recall



Tbe State House WU cvacua&td
oo'Tuelday; Dccanber7duatoafire
which bad starUd in the otflCOI of

S -•P,aidmt, WIiliam Bulgc,-(0-.
South Boeloa) aroud 7 SXD·
The r~. w ~ cause bu yet to
be coafinn<d. b ""poclOd by BuJau
to bnc been started by an over•
heatat Chriatma light in bis office's
Ouiltma tree.


Cootinucd from page I

these events the team carries a large
asson.meru of files to' assist' in the .
prepar1ltion. It ii important to keep
the files updated throughout the year.
In the lnterpreti"'le Speak:iog the
subject mauer ia left of to tlle dilcrc-lion of the team mcmbert', Many or
the CVdlU materials UICd. for lheae
arc drawn from plays and Kill. In
Duo, the toam members can choole a
scenc from a play pnctioe and
out acconlina to how they intapra
that panicutar ICCOC, u With mou.
..,..iw,g ,v,o~ penoo,l magndWn
-"".. ii key.
Prior to the tournament, Mary
Oanmll&,bam wu entbuaiutic over
tbe loc:atioo of the toumarraent: 'We
will be apcakina in a land imamou.s
for ii& apeabn... Oaminpam a1ao
~ tbal sbe "'bopca the team
will do wdl, a reflcdioa of tbe yean


product · wl,en we would g~ over
lhcte. u died • mmra1 death.
Sllippl allo a.aid; 1lnc:1, the can
c:o11c,cuoos badc:cuod, bemado wli
in tbc sprina foe to obtain
another contractor. H~ also looked
into other optioo1 i.nchlding a pro.
gram run by the FerDard School for
the Humcappcd. Shi~ recalled the
major (ocua of the univcnity-widc
commi~ -~ t Y~ ":Ill to ~place
lhe infenor b1m with b111CI' bmi that
The sccoru1 major problem with
the rccyclina propam bas been in•
consistent student cothu1ium. Dr.
Paul Korn of the uriiYenity ~ ~1ing center remembers the onginal
problem was v~ lu&,hly orpniu:d
at first, and basically • at\K\cnt run
effort. Hci ·aJao noe.,ed, -rherc was
never anyone on the univenity staff
cmying it from year to. year."
Hernandez abo commaited that
many of the ABM w ~ do ma.kc
1111 effort again. Freahman and SGA
environmental committee cbairper•
J,OD Tony Saoaevcro Aid, .. Firit of all
the main goal i1 1tartin1 from the
bottom up.· There bu noc been a set
recycling program in the school.
He also commented on bow this
deterred the Pf01ram , " Every year
there wire new prpposah 'and so
forth. Then once the academic year
ended nothing wu ever punued the
following year."
Tbe univenily-widc commiuec
if ~ g ~ ~
-i;n t!JF.~ plan
~ will inqudc paper u a fint priocity with on-goin& pick upa, and then
can and boule colkctioa. Saoaevero
cornni.ented that the program would
not be overnight and would be a
"piece by piece process,"
the City of Bo5ton'a ncwapapcr rccy•
cling progrtm and tJw they would
like to have niorc of an effon rccycling old issues of lhe JownaJ and
Diaa. Scanlon also said abe would
e"'lenwally like to 5Ce cardboard being m:ycled and some of tile large
aluminum and till
usod in the


:C:1:~~:: !~:::r~~; ::~~~d1 0 ':: ~t:;~~
~ie,! :!

!::::'~!~ :C~~az;

4~ ·~::d



''Melrose Place" Soundtrack a Mlistbave
Alternative Rock Fans



For thtee aeuou ~ -

miJli001 of 20-..-idap


· ,Soundtrack. When boar-

tune in to the tube and time
out cvaytbiq ctac IO wil•

inglhis-onowouldthink nealhelmm.,,._...11
t&e now-famous addreu.
buster IDOYic or a tut Bro.ti- Die-bard fans of "Mel«.

of the music-from a block-

waymusical. Tdevision,c:s-

Place" no doubt have


pcciallytb.-whi.cbis aimcd ticcd the addition of the
11 lhe ,o-c:aJJed Gencnlion carohy, more ,oplullicaled
X,neverquitc·comcs10rmnd.. bacqroundmuiic. · .
Ta.kc .._Bevirly Hills •
In a brilliant martetin&
90210," (~ instance, Pox
nctwqrlt's ditz)'. - -anpt

move, the powen-tbat-bc
compiled lhe tndll oo to

pscudodrama. "90210'' II- cOmpact di1C and the
o:mpled a soundtrack, two ' "Mclrooe Place" oouodln<:k
aclUally, and ailhough both wasaatcd.
ThisCD,whllcbr!DiiA& ,
opinion •each disc , u ~ moreancad911tolkahu:ly


talked about 1bow, 'Uso' ••1 ,d• :

1fiet1ge:Rni rfcaffio1pop,:;Hbiidi:br"i'Onll!P·liibc1it:'~ ~-,1,(U'"(.; <
. "l&lfdilliali~ •''lc:r'>&i alWou!' ~ lo'''''' ~ d I ~

o \~ t 'i y.bubbicgwD~ · ~Yof~
Despit,d!is, IDOlherFox
t,levisioo show, "Mc)t06C
Place." (itself a in~ff of

.soundtrack 0). This disc.
however, compiles some of
and best. more

•ni&t·~ ~.·h,..-; ~
i.ably bciii1 Boaoa'1 own
....._ ~
l.eUen io Coo. . .

Their~lin&le, "Ila
and Now "
·1n heavy n>ClbOO
station, such as WPNX. a L ....,.,

Olf- _........_.
• • J,,.,,.J









Alternative Rock~rs ''Hole'' old»
Invade·the Orpb~um.~.
8, _ , _

loo1rorlhemtol000iveihe - · ~


Ho~ :



ln. 199:J, ')le bud
,old-out~ . . . .
basen~)'e!IIUCC<lllft\les• Hole'~ ............ .
pomre DC~ bcfOle ..,d-1 ins 90 inin1111 ""-wlllt
..,.i wlth lhe P'"'P- Unfor- "Plump."offlheir........ t

-•y;lheon,icomdeof horn ·u,. 111roup, ._.. ·
~aoa'1'1CmtCGIJoln.~ Aid IO be one o1 die ....
biodofHolelioal__, llbumsofl994br-•


C:OU-y t.o.e. .... tho
borom O V - dellll Of Rollln&SJiole bossi,t Knllm l'faff,
L<,w,ilbodood ....
t,n,opt-tothooam- p,omelyi.Jealodbood.. . .
oblcme aJi,rmtive music ilcldlailelytbotbll_..
oadit. •


~-· -- ......

~_..dlclDOlb-• - -

m,., ,Jciw tho drive ..i m, - ~
of J,ovo . . :
, IOWlber,U>_.dbbor






UniYeniity Safety omcu Judy

Scanlon ooted that Khaliqi ordered
many of..the tcakina biol rcmoYcd.
Schmidt.also recalled that the ~ul• Dell of those bins in the past had
bClcn dependent oo their liners not
f..ut year Shipps worked with
Stephen Hilt, DiRctor of Budaet and
Admini1iration of Suffolk Law
School, the ulllYenity-wide commiacc in ao etron to buy ICCW'C can
t,1m with locks. Shipps recalled a
Match first dead.fu:K that wa.s neYer
met. Hilt confirmed that recycling
collection biol were bought for pe•
per, but bins wctt oot purchased for
• cans becauu .9f budget problems.
Hernandez also said that ABM was.
also into replacing the
present can bins with bins lock~
but did not because
the Cll:pcnse.
The actual number or ~ins for
collectina both paper and caoslbottlcs
bas declined s.ince the original propain began. According to the same


Fire in Bulger's offi~es
The fire called in one alann, and
five fire ~ rapoodcd. The fire
wu quickly conlaiocd and cxtioThe State House WU evacuated guished, and firdiJhten. from CR·
00 Tuaday, Occanbcr 7 ~ to a fire gine No. 17 brought fans into tbe
wbic.b. bad IC.ud in the QITICCS of State House to blow smoke out of
S-Pr,aideot, William Bwga(l>- windows to prcvcni further damage.,)"""'"17 pm.
Bulger, who has rcdooc his
The fire, w ~ cause hu yet to fices twice in recent ycan, will IDOSt
be coofinned, is suspected by Bulger likely have to totally rebuild. ~ _
- wu ·•
to have bcca started by an over- rumored oo the sceoe that the cotirc
healed Christmu light in his office's office had suffc:ml fire, water and/or
Cluistmas tree.
I m~ damqe.

By MlbSbaw


Coallllued from page I

eYc:nts the team carries • large bard work thiu far." Succcs.s in the
~ e n t of files to assist in the . touroamcot would "be a ruce cap to




= : m ~st h = :
who also tnlYeled
In the Interpretive~ the lhis w ~ added would be a
subject ~ is left of to the discrc- good momentum to propel the team
lion cif the team mcfflben. Many of inio the next semester's ... compctitbe events materials used for these lions." _
are drawn frCNn plays and skits. lo
'7liis competition is "CfY jmporDuo; the team membcn am choose a lanl because the location of the totJr•
acene from a play practice and act it nameot draws numcrou1 schools
out accordina to how they interpret from all over," Furtado continued.
that particular" scene, as with mosl "Victories, both pcnoria1 and.. ccam,
~ CYentS personal ina,netw:n will be' vuy meaningful tO the rpt of
ll ~ ...
the year."
to the toumamch't, Mary
'The Suffolk Forensic' team memCUn~aham WU enthusiastic OYcr hen Tad Furtado, Mary Cunningham,
the locatioa m the toumamenl: "We Vickey Wbell.D, Connolly,
· ~ will be ~ in I land infamow ~ Muller, Kale Parur-, and
for its ,pcabn... CUnninpuD also
Olle traYeled· 10
eommeDled that ahe ~ the team
Dick Kropp , Kristen
willdow~a-rcOcctioooftheyean ~~ h n Adams aecom-



!'; iiu~ !~eris c1mpu1. Amy
bins on Suffolk's

prod. cl' wb~ n we wou ld go 0"<,
tbcrc, It died • nawral•dcath."
~ lllo ·uict since....the can
collcctiool. bad ceucd. be made calls
in the IJ)MI foe tltinwes to obtain

a.oothcr comractor. He also looked
inlO othcf qptiom including a program run by the Femi.rd School for
the Handiclppcd. Shipp1 recalled the
maj« rocUI of lhc university-wide
committee lall year wu to replace
lhe ioferiOC'"bins with biuer biru; !hat
The sccond major problem with
the recycling program bas been in•
cowistent student enthusiasm . Or.
Paul Korn of the WUven.ity counsel•
ing center remcmben the original
problem was very highly ·
at fint. and huically • student run
effort. He also noted, '°There was
never anyone oo the uniYcrsity staff
carrying it from year to. year."
Hernandez also commented thai
many or the ABM workers do make
an effort a.gain. Freahman and SGA


the goal is s wting' from the
Poiodexltl' the former SOA chai_
rper• bottom up. Tbcrt has not been a sci
son and member of the 1993-1994 recycling program in the school.
SGA environmental committee, cst.iHe also comtnentt.d oo bow this
mated ·there are about 15 cans bins deterred the program, "Every yea r
on campus and was unsure of the the re were new proposals and so
iunoont of paper collection bins.
forth, Then once the academic year
According 1 a letter dated Feb- coded nothing was ever pursued lhe
nwy 20, fr®! SGA member Tammi followioc yeir."
Qlllen, a1 the time there were bins in
The univcnity-wide comminec
many diverse locations around cam- · laoni IO ~ · the
pus. This leuer cited locadons of
'a fi;:rp~Or •
both cin and paper ·collectiOCl biw ity with on-going pick ups, and I.hen
located on the floors in Archer, can and boule collectioo. SanseYero
Fenton, Ridgeway, and Sawyer, and commented that the program would
jut paper bins in the Donahue build· not be overnight and would be a
ing. Scanloo noted that paper bins "piece by piece proccu."
are presently located in Fentoo near

trcet, m the Donahue base- the City of 8 06ton'1 newspaper rccy•
meat and in Sawyer near lhe loading cling proaram and that they would
d9C~ntnUy, Suffolk's recycling can : g
o!.eanJ ~ ":;
bins arc being opened. and the con• 'Dicta. -' Scanlon also said she would
tents arc being removed by the home- eventually like to see cardboard be·
less. Poindexter and Hernandez cited ing recycled and some of tJie large
this as a major problem. Shipps also aluminum and tin C8DI uscid in the
noted speaking to lhe former Physi- cafeteria. In the long term SanscYero
cal Plant Department director about said he'd like 10 see·
the cans being left in clear, plastic bins, in the cafeteria and m~rc paper
hap and on the issue of their being collections in Sawyer,
Slolen. As pan of their contrw:t ABM ·
This year Suffolk La.w School
workers still place the collection bins will be holding eovironmen~ Jaw
in lhe cen~ I location or the Sawyer conferen re i n March of J 995 .
basemcnL This was the ·original San5eYero commented, '°We would
-where the contractor would have ac- like to see a lot- ol...plingl happen
cess to pick.up the- cans.
before March, it woo Id cena.inly be a
HowCYcr, Matt -Leonard, the Op- plus... ,
erations Manaaer of Waste Manage,.
Sansevero also no1cd lha1 this
ment Container SerYicea, Inc., tsti• new WUYcnity-wide committee will
mates that the Last accua1 can collec- ultimately need the cooperation of
tioo pick up Bl Suffolk was sometime the entire uniYcrsity. "We'll need
during the 1992-1993 school year. &UPPOrt. Physical Pll:ot will have a
~ explained that the calls major'role an~ it will be an university
for can pickups dcclioed and cventu- wide effort. ..
ally stopped, '"Tbcrc was never any





· ' 'Melrose Place" Soundtrack a Must- ·
have for Alternative Rock Fans



Souodtrack. When hearing Lhiswordooe woold thlnk
of the .music from a blockbuster movie or a hit Broadwaymusica.l. Television.cs•
pecially that which is aimed
at theSo-called Generation

Place" no doubt· have ooticed the addition or
catchy more sophisticated

di: ·

X,ocvcrquitccomcstomind. back~·mu.iic·. ..,
Take ..Bevirly Hill s
In a brilliant,martetio1
90210,'' (or instance, Fox move, the p0wen-that-bc
network' s ditty tccn-anpt compiled the tnc:b on to
pscudodrama. "'90210" at- cOmpact d i,c and the
II) tlN
t,mpced a soundtrack, IWO "MelrosePlace" iouoclri:k . '0,cp. Zono," __ lllil_ilomPatomaunl Pic:lwN, ~l!(NloySnpoo
actually, and although boch wasCffilled.
.. (llght)n~wamo,.

This'bo, whilebringing

~ - - - - - , - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - , - - ' - - - ~ ,.

~ I;

opinion each disc suffered mo,eanentiontotbelhead1
&om~gJoedcddownwith · t~lked ~ut 1b·ow; ~1d•'' ·•tl•·



'oj,/1;.,bi'od hr''~binel~~-~~ -,~ 11
,y• s:.J-°-1 f,f'"


°:""!l°" .,



◄ lfl



:;:==== V::;.==
"Ncl_y_Jbo..,.. ofc:oaaowhyllovodit."

Despitethis,anotherFox Lcnerstoae0.
s ~ ,
television show, "Melrose and~:?,•wsiqlc,"llaz
IDboaotoflhcpopular- .. ~
P1acc," (itself a in-off of
'"90210"), put out tbeit own in heavy rocatioa od'raillo · ....,.._Place," lhcl! dcll-7'
soundtrack CD. This disc, stations such u ~ X , &.' L IDl:dai e(Jfie Sldfolk
"Yeah...aow them is a
however, compiles some of
iim_ be priadaJ a 'rea1
quc,,1m. So
the ocwcst.
best. more
recmiD& cdumn entitled what WCf'C the cboiocsr
continued on i-F 7
Mi!!MIINl~Mania. ·
Well.tbcy wen::·A.) be-----~-------~1bocCiltfPulwillconilst causclhc's blood. 8 .) she
~r 11\'0 bu a chomlcal Imbalance,


· ' :toan,a1


Alternative Rackers ''Hole'', .,_ ...-.,.
md "McllaN-.," vicv,,cn
Invade-,tlie Orpbeum..
...........,_ tllbeof•
,.;.c..ia,. mlaedmc

· ID I_,_ lhcbandl{o"'

•~ ·



al<dwilhlhcgroup. Unfor-



-•fHolcfn>DI _

Courtney f.ovc, and lhc
heroin overdose deatll of
Hole bassiJ! Kluo:n Pralf,


..Well. yeah. now


- "'The abow ~ never
been too rcalisticJ>ld this
week. .."



bcto al





Mialnaay I


"'I IO ,io.t lllo drive 111d iDa --dllttlUlll>itioD cir t.,;;.. 111d be£ 1o.w111cr111.._._hcr
~~.and ·

to ,-wllyilud<IO

"Ma~IML .."


"If ii
reallllic ii
C.)lhclooeahcrfewiemam- wooMhi'tbe..........._ ..•

-in& bniD ccUs wben....

WllilillJ........,. duo IO - - '

ilcallc ·- , _

Love-ii bacbd a111broupt-lOlhconce- promclylalciuodband,botfi
ob,cun, alternative -music ildellnitely"lhclhal_..,. amn. ·
oalfit. •
·· ~




d!mbofta;orD.) lhcotan
1h11 ~
on "Mcbooo ~ - .
record. NYPD Blue lnay
"And :,oadN>lc•.. T'
reaJialic and I bl ~ ,ay
, · sunday m,111.·bofcma s.a,.,
"No&u,ft~blankllld .......,..._• •
sold'ou1· ,,_,_,. CIQMI; . • -J?.~~-J..,_ -Aid-flx>ald•bcoa ·· "Woll, next dmo you
~-•-- -:=,_=..,_- ,...,_......_ - r _ :,r mB..llllolllNiabcwe:"' ·.•--• .- wi1b .........
~. - ; ~ ~ ~~~
ing 90 lhinnte MLwill>
)l,is_..,.ltiJ;o- . "Yeall,l_tD_
"l'lump,.,.;fllhcl,....,..__ , . ~ • ~ wldl,ioamlbal.......i.
bwn "Li,eTluoupi-• fitllle-,
NUI wl(b ,..--111111-'lbap- ill . . . . . . . . .
said., be .... of lhc - .
.. ud .....- I U l i l o - BUT/1..ttD,....,• . • r·
laidoodis-•,.- ' ":VOl,l..tll>........
- - ~ •.
So enjoy... sbe ii a pmh-ow,-~ •••diia-11,i-,...S


loag for
10 n,ce;,. lhc
acclaim Ibey.....,,._


M • ·.



a&w il J;fiu~ ~i! to~J oi 01.,,r 't, ~1f 't"llu, d :.:,1:J"111..i1, • . , ;, 111:111,,)
-8J Jllllli-ailw'11 ""1-" Jllllia.~.. • f• I• , r'I"'
tliniq!-..Md....,Jwtiioltia •



•'> -~
'~ -


yoa may have



tboboandadeloflnlll,r,. .
lato -


"Spailtiacoflllil-'s -


-col- cpilodo.~-lhalnot
lhc .-ridlculool, vomit- Do lhc -


• • •

Uldllcin1,ploccoflh- lhil
ID•J-llatm,up. Pint
1111 llialaty :,w cu't even compare
• - .._,..___" o,lhal,onycx..., . . . . . . ., "Modelo."
nlpl WU CDICJ'.·

. "Bio-lo-- Lut




"0- -

00 ...

oho'!_. .......,...


• fol.OOA




.O th Christmas .Beat
. .,.
=- ver. e ·. =.:v:c~oi

aotpollibleb'Kimbatyto' ..... ...,,,_.dlctmc~it . . . . II'• bafllll -it ..... co .fod llOllf)' for-





and "Disarm.N

ol yule and good tid-

Coocwfflltly, 1994 saw hap 1w some of the bes1
the commcrcialiulioo of
~ fan of

but:.:::.~ ~~:::=i:i:._m:r:.

cMIIDliofdiiaiir,t.titil .-...ltiaa.mcn
allotidicalllll lO Ila: rmlildcwhiD~DOIDltla" ,,_.ot.theJ91pkilt. Smllb- such as Sonic Youth, Stone new ,tbcoblc:ure, aodlherebow
c:blndict loi Pu.mpki.u dominald I Teinplc Pilou, Hole, GreeQ . iuucd rdeae1 for Oiristmas


ye.M' thll mounaod the dat.b Day, and even unlikely 1994 .. ,.

.,,,......_., IIUlri- miadlor.t•Al6macmoc ol the: . - - lead vilioalry, hip&ter Lila Loeb.
. ri,e M
/.f.l"•~ pn_ Mary
oas? Alm"tyw,..,....- dated .obooxloas Billy Kurt Cobain. "Siamctc
Al lhc indic scene hlll aw,, return It) 1994 with
~y~~= CanJ,beUfot
~ aod illsuceuor, "Pi- mainstrelm, time will only "Stoned A_ ~ ctb roncd"

·• ftllYbe.. Wcalaocannotdil-



rishtl NOii The only

·here. NowtwilildmilBWy

~~~b;i:7:; -~;;. success, this 1994 ,
vidcol for hit b-.:h
long ill

CllltlmtAS 7
continued on page

"'Today" billrious
the . . . . .
__, _ _ _. - ........-....,....,ioo1< "--rshi · Cybe
· ·
? CamegieMello
And...,, ........... _
-k·-. _ o r ~ wu11 • Bans ·1otemet Sex Groups From Campus.
11o .... bad. tho
. ·
who bad..., sympad,y to,; . . . , .
WII . . . .


t Oll • . ~;ldobaw>IO.,.._


bi&cbilltelnWontoday.N .•

hct ~ ~ J : ; o v e
much? II it not every

woman'dal11y10ha\'CccmtrolovertbeirmalcCOUOlCrparts and power enough to
suicide? Amanda•ucactioo

By~~ tr.?-&lia ·•.

Using cornpu1crs on the

catranely ~;=ff~~gie ;::•:~sM:~!: 0
~~~ McUon Uoivcrsity rcceotJy 917,410 scx ually-oricotcd

mto • . da::idcd to e.clude aexually
explicit mataiaJ. available on
becnrataillina! But I bow the Internet from the campus

stupor, maybe abe'll finally

all the ma1c:s OUI there thinlc compliter syscem.
But the decision bas


-procestl from many

picturea ranging rrom shots
of nude women to men having tCA with animab.
He was.also able to deter·
mine that the pictures bad
been downJoaded by others
more lhan 6.4 million times.

com:t:: !tv:-tyofli.
nc u

of censoring wha1

cialJ became CODCernCd lha1
the school cou1d be 1ubjcc1
to prosecution under stau~

obscenity and pornography
Rimm poinied out that
had colfecled wdre the ba.s1~

. "Krilllea. mydear, Jam a sNdcnll and faculty mcmwasnotncarlyaskncc-slap-- siclcpenoo? Isl;halso? (do ber, who say lMuniYersity is
Altboug.h school officials (or an obscerutyase filed in
ping as Jo's nonsensical at- notbcUevelamthcoDCgct- Yiolalina their First Amend- were surprised at the number Tenoessee a few monl.rui car.
he bah

isled •
ff r mcntrights
o(picturcsavailnble, aswell lier,wbcnoperatonofa corn•

~ at gttting



No rcma1e M
Mclrose ... "

~ 11~-to


~ ~1


s pTh:e::~:~:: ~c::~ir~



thought neither si tu a1ion

~w•~•~\W&.QISW• researeh-fll(ICiaaes.present.od,t-polEd much or a problem.
viewerhasaoycontemptfor pcnndbcatia18illy,S~ his , ~'ci( ~ p h y_.,'4?.,....,;,-T l i ~ I decided it
HeatherLockleaqacr,e.itis • . 1 c w v e M h e ~ sch
. ~ or th r busi-

you arc a guy

ud lite all



• -'

. ~


~i~;~ta:,ug::ir -!:;;dco~~

Cootinucd from i:qe S
. ,1
.,, Lr-_


C.OO~from pqe6 for some ol tbe beat female
auilar rock released thi1
(Warner Bros.), ao album Ihle yew•• -,.
auprisc, with its tonal down
Somewhere polar \d't bf
MUJ'llof.w!utiJidlcic:batt,r accoustlc approach: a strict ..Mapapop 11 St1f1olab,a "

~ l l " l ! ' ~.1-1.

-ii>Opill-roclc departure from from their Briti6. fCIUl'IOIDe no -

- i , ~ COO·
venation for a of Love.


aJbum (catura "Sometime,
Also,andadmiaedlysurpris- Always" ,the classic duel with
ing, wu fhc strcnatb of Hope from Mauy Sw......
Also quite aood is the
It is ran: wbeD an artist can new release from Ma1na •
sound just u' &ood or even pop," Hot ·Boiina" (Priority
bcUU live as they do on their Rocords). This foursooie, led
. by Linda Hopper on vocals,
delivers short,booky guitar
Hole entertained with epics Yery reminiscent of
cuts from ..Live Through Supr and The Breeders (the
Thil" and their debut album album was produced by
"Pretty on the Inside," with Sugar frontman,Bob Mould)
such standouts u "Miss that coonec:t with raw intenWorld,",.AsiingForlt," and sity and honesty.
"Doll Parts," earlier tracks
such u "Beautiful Son," and Slowly" and "Lay Il Down"

Check 0111


bogie the aiDd wllli dleir
sp■ceJ phar pop ....S on

art style


her apocalyptic

releue "Briaht Red"'

(Warner Bros.).Witb the bdP.
or ,noody ,ynttpuer aeniw
Brian &o.l.aurie tatk.lea the
problem, ·of Dlodem IOclecy
with bu OWD eerie wit and
bumcw. CblClck out "Tbe,.Puppct Mocel.. where die tlka a
,tab" ou,•VUOlal ...nty-<>b-

" Mar1 AUdiae Qulatet"
(Eldon). Alnody 111t1i11a ai,.
wava with the Cllclly ""cle
sci:iely to • throbbina
"Pina Pana", 7M..- rcb111 ,ynthbeat."Bri&htRed"'isa
the put,with llow, meaadc:r- t\. ct11,1c disc that ac1uaUy
ina guitar Md organ, lacod make, yati think. ......
with cluslc moo, synlbcTake a foy.r track, some
dinortion, a fair share' of
Laetitia Sadien' alacktr· psychedelics, and a crude
et:te \local delivery keeps the icn&C of humor and •you have
soogs suspeodcd somewhere Wun , who continue their
between (anl■ly and-reality. aural uu.ult with "Cboco"Mars" , ~ with pure late and Cheese" (Elektn).
fun to spare!......
This album, like itl predcccsLaulV Anduson ROIIDI sor, "Pure Oua\18," will make
to her political, patOO'IIDCC you laugh'as it confounds the



The guitar romp '1 Caa't
Pul My Finaer 011 b" and Ulc
.,...,. " Voodoo udy" will
have you hooked oa ftnt listen , an~ may make Ween
oae ~ the !DOIi. welcome new

rdeaaortheseuoo. ......

leue.& are not eooup,


lcctiom plorc. It semu a

lhou&hevcr,m.i« ........
a "Beatof"rclealedthittea- ·
son, H Sade, New Order,
INXS ,Red . Hot
Pcppers,The OoOOI and
even Donna Summer mine
their catalogue, one more
lime for your Ouistnw Do&·

continued on JJIIC 13

ruocco-writtcn by Love with
her late husband.

Even for ~ that are
not ramof altcmativerock,a
liYe Hole show is an event
nottomiss. Jtmaynotmake

people run out to Tower lo
purchaselbeirCD's, but it is
worth I.he ticket price to wiloes&thccharismatic loYe in


victed on obscenity charge)



continued -F . ~gc 13

'1.lkclaaidbeissiclc! I


Continued from page S
I ··1,,1




thanks to being fea1urcd almost weekly on "Melrose

Place." Their new-found


rame has also led to an appearance oo the "Jon Stewart


ao oae ~ the
the show, since you arc sud- boale to her lips...l merely

denlyso hWlg upon realism. enjoywtrchi.ftgtbelittletwit
A desperate mother will go ,quirm in her neurotic little
toanyenrcmcforthcsakeof Way r-' • -·



Kristen,giveitupl Jo's ·a~
trcmcs' u :you say were
illogical, and about u purposeful as picking your
ft05C with a corlcscrew. Jo

"OK. OK ...can

we at

they get.each other, and so

11m--.c1Qo·,,.,.-· .



.. So~ypUIJUA- 1

"Andthislljcomingfronl tin, butlet'ajusc.say it like it
someone that feels bid for i1.••tbeyucstupldshrts!"
Allilon. Allison! Let's be
--nm they an:.. so until
·ra1.. ADCI by_the way Justin the next "episode let us both
you arc• sick person!"
-OOO 't get me wrong...

id our brains in ·working

abreat. ... '9021 O' will no< be
-rhlr"notwhatyou ' Ye scenlODighl!., •

UNfdlo pilot li,w wecb ..."


1IUIUI 111£111


A.notbcr A&Ddout on the
song "Baby I Can't Please
You." lbis foUows her album released thu past
mcr, "Martinis&DdBilcinis."
Phillips is finally swtina: to
get somcoftbeexposureshe


deserves aft.ct Y.e&rS of criti-


dwpoinL• ldohaveto say,
has continu0$ly dug herself though. th.II Sydney' s antics
into a hole full of false trust have been quite. eajoyable.
andP,l(bcticsympolhy, One_
caaoalyfC,l_!Obldforsomp• -Yes, but boCh Jue'and
Wltil the time~ ,Sydaieyallllcsuaited"toa
come for tliem lO wad up r.lioeCCIGlpl!!l!Jytba1pro1-IOd mueooe ralioaal dcci. lion bcaides which flashy -~ a ~ ~ campaip
macmityoutfits"-NC'regoing , , . . ~ •




.. -

1111 • - "


cal acclaim but little popular

Aimee Mann, lateofthe
Boston band Til Tuesday,
scores another suoccss with
lhe tuoc·-niai::sJutt Whit

You Ale."
QyeraJ.I, the "Me~
....Place.. aoundtraclc is a worthy addition .to any altana-





Dec. 5 - Dec. 31,.
·Mon.~ Thurs~ 9am :.. 7:30pm
· · f-irL, 9,a m l- 5:30pnf ,· ,
I. D. ·Req_uired

tiverocltCDcollccdoo. With
lhe previously mentiooed

ttacksandmaay .... bylhc
lim of The Divinyls. Paul


DiDOWU" Jr.,





TbcSuflolltJounill W.a-day.~7, 1994


Po~tl~ change


lllla.l l h e w -

, What's wrong ~tb



the Journal

n., $,4/ott Joumill bas come under a lot of fin: this


put &emelta', and the aidcisrns have DOI fallen on deaf
Pretty DJJCh c ~ the_ Journal bas done, or
' -' I doao. hubeeodlscussod lllldugucil.pnlitodllld

lumull!d.l!verything'fn>m-wc'"!' doao.arliclcs ·
people wanlled us to do or wished we'd done, iocluding
cditorialsandopinionpioccsbyre&W4rcolumnists0ui5tian f.niler, .Mikc Shaw and Jim Behrle, have been
The editorial staff at the Journal has heard these
complaints;andcvcn agieed w~
thagood nurN>C(ofthem.
No, ltiequality oftbcJouma/isootwhcrc itcould be.
or cveo where it·should be. There are many activities,
cVCnts and happenings .on campus we should have covered and d!do't; many important events have happened,
and 'theloumal hasn't been lhc:re.
Whik wcaclcnowledgethescde6cicocies. it's not for
Any regular reader of the Journal has probably noticed the almost regular house ads we' ve printed. letting


come on down to the Jownil and let their voices be beard.
While there an: many people on the staff here whose
help has been in valuable, there is always room dowTI at the
basement offices to accomodatc a few more.
Some members of vatjous Suffolk organizations and

The Invasion of the 2.0 Club

clubs have offered thelf help, sometimes donating an

article or letting us know what has bcc:n in their
organiutions.&nd~havobeeatimcs thearticlesdidn't
appear in the papcr,.or the evenJ .went uncovered 9v~,n
after we'd heard about iL
Asfarmtbclactofc;ovcn,c. that stems from a simple
lad: o f time and people down heretogotothcsi'Cvcnts.
With t i s ~ a staff AS we have, the limits of time o n all
o f us arc more proDOUDCCd.
lb: Journal tries to maintain a standard ncwswriting
style, an unbiased and fair reporting of the events. When
an orpnization submiu a sto,y on their own evc:nt. it is
natDtal their bias show through. Since we all busy
trying 10 pul out a paper c\lery wce"-.thc lime nccdcd 10
edit these stories inlo our style is ak61.imited.
W edoolJerourhcahfcltthanbtoeveryoocoutlhcrc
whohas triedtooffcr.a hand,andcvCQ ifwohavcn'tbeen
able to uscyourparticularsubn4sion, it isimporta.nt to us
thal you know we do appreciale it, even ifit didn' t match
the style wc·are trying to maintain. It's nOl important
merely to have a full newspaper, we w have a wcllwri n en, high quality newspaper as well .

Dear Editor,
It' s tha1 time of ycur
aga in. fina_ls arc upon us .
With thc closing o r this ~
mestcr, • wi!,h all Olbc:rs, 1
trek of,'great,.magni1uda isd
about- ' to ¥
-OCCUt. O f course.
this is the annual llllg.ration to
the library.
Hundreds or Suffolk Stu·
dellt.l, mBl\y fOr the first time,

Making Suffolk a
betwr place

monlyrefcr toasthe2.0C1ub.
One of chcse cafc1e ria ·
U'8n.Splants was actually lost
ia the libra,y and was locked
in ov~&hL Wbe.n h.e was
,~~s~ov.~~ ~~~ f p~\i:iw/ n g
morning, lop«ing at pictures
in the be was quoted
as having bad difficulty reading the Eltil signs. Thia may
ex.plain why the 2.0 C1ub con•
on 1he lower
Wlvcls of lhe library, whe~
silcoce is asked 10 be maintained oul or res
for other

¥enture into a new realm.
Tlus new experience gcncr•
al ly carries amazement and
confwion for what .we com-

Unl"ortunately, the ,tranLIBRARY
continued on page 10


"'S~ffolk sp.idcnt.s arc s1upid morons."
..Al lcut we don'1 write on bathroom walls!"

• Amaymous ltUdmll, wriuen on tbc bathroom
nil in the firll. Ooor men's room in the Feruon building.

v · ve
progrmu: and a:dvities.
At the educational level,
new ~ c n l a sb~ld be



The Suffolk Journal

wariis loOffcrtheirhclp, wcdocm::oW1!,gcyou tocomcon


sociaJ programs have proved
!h eir worth throug hout the
years. However, m~ could
be done in both dornarils. It
would be unwisi 10 stagnate
at the present accom pli1h·
mcnts. In order to avojd sUlg•
notion, a need for transcendence arises. This calJs for

continued o n page 10

By lhc s tudents, for the students, since 1936

~ help out, and we


Dear Ediior,
Suffolk's educational and

1ainment e ve nts should be
promoted. These events
sh_ uld include all sorts or
1bows performed and di rected by SIUdents. 'fhis 50ciaJ espce1 or a students lire
should not be neglected for i1
plays an ifflpof1ant role in the

The staff of the Journal looks forward to the break
nfte~ finals week, and will be working to add!us these
p~ffiS for the coming SC_plCSler.- If any on~ ou1 thca;e
down to the fust floor of the Student Activities Center to
will try to \\'Oft with you, and together,
try to mnkc the Suffolk Journal as good·~dlaU want it


Dan Coakley, Ediio r-in-:Ch.icf
Ouis1ian Engler, Managin1 &titor
Mike Shaw, Executive &ti1or
Karen M. C.ounney, BusiDeSS Manager
Justin ~riec:o. Entenai~t Editor
R)'lln Foley, Sportsl:.dilor
Jim Behrle. Col umnut
Erskine Plummer, Photo Edilor
Dr. Gcnld Richman, Advisor

Norine Bacigalupo, Journal Consultant

,., r::;;r~~,.,~~:=:!.~":!:.,~:::.=:=;i:::
....,_ 711r~._,.

~Ul,,_,Sfl//r>M JIIWJIOl.,.,okI:, 1_,_ o/dwditH1atll#f//.,14,$,f//oJt ·

=;:- ~
Riff o/lJw

28 Dome 51"'1'1 •


JoWM1'1 ~orlttl ,-lky.

Boslon, ~

/HflttQrn_ - ~ , . : : ; - ~

-02114 •


Phone & Fu (0)71 on«l23"

it ls ·almost offi.
cially .t99S and the nineties
. are half over. I ' ll bet that
every Geoeration "X"-er out
there is woodering what the
hell happened to the past five
years, and every Baby
Booffler is wondering what
hllppcoc:d lo the past thiny.
Last week, Jeny Rubin
died; IIDd with him Went one
· or the IOl&des1 voices or lhe
sixtiea. His contributions to
society' were rnonumentus,
and helped to change the
course ofour nation's history.' Hc was a great man, and
will be sorely missed by all or
those whose lives he touched.
The key word here being
WAS. He is dead.
Getty Rubin was a member or the Baby Boomcrs'
Generation, and his death is
a n omen. Just as peo ple
thought that the idealistic,
rebellious youth o r the sixties and st'l'Ulties was about
10 finally step up and take
power away from the WWU
vc1erans like George Bush
by finalJy e lecting a draf1•
dodger like Bill Ointon, o ne
or the "Great Revolutionaries" dies. Yes, the end is quite
}{ere comes Generalion
"'X". ,'
But what is the differ•
encc between Gene ra tion
"X'' and the Baby Boomers?
Both are seen as c hll!lge ma.ken. Both have expressed an
early des ire to change the
w y
we ac tually make as big a
difference? Was a real differ•
cncc ever made by the Baby
To a nswer that , all we
have to do is take a look. at the
sixties and seventies. and.
compare them with the late
e ighties ~ d nineties. Then

we'll see thai nothing has
really changed in the Srcat
scheme of things.
People are still morons,
and wars still take place ovpr
lines drawn on a map. The
Baby Booniers had the Cuban Miff!le Crisis, the .Cold
War and Vieinam. Genera:
tion · X has bad, IO far, The
Gulf "Wai" and Bosnia.
Politicians am-still slick
and ruthleu and greedy and
corrupL And, regardless or
youlh's effort to elect new
represenLatives, the sysicm
Roomers had Gold water and
Nixon. Generation "X'° has
ROS1cnkowski .and Gengrich.
Most issues are still lhe
snme. The hot topics are still
women·s lib, sex, drugs and
rock n' roll. We've gone from
b u rning bras i n Haigh!·
As hbury while listening to
the Doors, 1o handing oul
condoms in the SlrCClS in Seattic while listening to Nirvana.
And those arc just the
mos1 superficial things: the
popular ideolojies that
~ l e tend 10 dwell on- uselcssly. A~ the basic values
and needs really differenl? It
seems that the youth have
a lways wanted the sa me
things. We h ave always t
wanted to change the world;
to reinvent our respective soc icties. We all have wanted
to ma.kc a difference. We look
up at ou r parents and see
bloated, out or iouch, 11Jt111•
pid adults. And we swear that
we w ill never be like !hem.

Rcgard le.u, just as 1he
Baby Boomen are now lhe
stupid adults, so will we one

Voices of Suffolk

continued on page 11


It's the end of the world as
we, says Jini
other°day, dri.nkina a six pack
or 'MiJhty Morphin Power
Ranier Lager, when God
appeared in i. bi.,.-ffu h of
smoke .
·Being a n athci11, I.his
came as a shock. The thing
was, I los1 the bet I had with
my father. Dad, l' lfrnan YOl.!
lhc $20.
Jim, what did God want,
you ask? Let's-just say the
Almighty was wicked pissed.
Si nce w~ humans have
prcuy much t()f.led the Ten
Commandments out the window, God said 10 me that he
ck.cidcd to end th1 world.
This, foo, was a abock.. I
aJwa)'I fi~rcd that the world
would e nd about the same
time that that "B]Bdy Bunch"
motion pictur,e was released.
Bui, no. It's really happening. Atmage4dof:i. AP.OCRlypse. The RaptUre. The
rrigging cpd.
God said he was going'°
end the 'wodd on Saturday
n ight.
It was th.!n that I started
to cry like, a~litl1e girl. I
begged and pleaded. "Please,
God,", l said,•'tl;lave men:y. ·
Please! I have Nine Inch
Nails ti~eu ~relay! Can't
you punis~um anity ·some
other niglit?V
Al tint God ~asn' L10008
budge, but after about seven





Seven qys. This ii kind or a get all their tuition l:IIICk, ·with
disi~rbing. thin,," whcn you a per~onalized leucr from
Udnk about iL I moan, I had . Presiden t Saraent 1ayin1,


love, having kids, gcuing a
dot.and a eel player; mdina
up divorocd, having my kids
bate 1DCi ba\'iA& tht: dog eat
my cd player. Nooe 0£ these
dreams were going lo come
Yes, it's a fact , folks .
Don't make any plans P.Ut
December 10, 1994. Did
you buy a 1995 calendar?
Brina it back quick aod &et
some booze ilWCad. Are yOU
busy studylitg for next
week', finall? Drop whal
yOll're- doing and prococd to
the Red. Hat (now open 24
hows, for your Annagcddon
convenience), Do you still
owe· a couple of papers to
various profcs1on? Well
Ollie-Ollie-Oxen-Freel ll
dOC1n't make any friging
cliffemJCC.' We're all gonna
live about u long American
disfo fever. Let~ just uy

When your proressors · read
!his article, \be last thing on
their minds ii gooaa be your
palhetic i:,per·on, 1be True ~
Mtuli ng Of Christmas and

W,llllvrin1 Hel1hls".
1'bea it hit me: I'll never
graduate from college! None
of /JI here ever will! We've
wasted the last 20 y~
our lives in school: ~WII


wu going to end."
Ttie w·om .thing i1,
though, is thll I 'm going lo
Hell. l mean, that's a givel'I.
I'm goina to be in
Hell, wishinglhadlpCDlmore
time sleepina, ushla drup,
and drinking Fraca..
Are you · curious about
whether you, 100,
10 Hell? Hen:'s my " Am I
goina to Hellr checklist :
I have had SClt with IOIDOone I was not married 10.
I have thought about baving SCJt .
I have murdered.
I have written a letter 10
"Ask Pat".
I actually did what '!Ask
Pat" 1old me to do.
I am " Ask Pat".
I havi;..sccn rnOffl lhan one
episode of "MclJrose Place".
I bav.e coveted my
neighbor's stiitr.
Ihavethought~ covcling.
I ~ Fraca,--blowing
full well that it is made from ·
the blood of Lucifer.
· J have
stolen {and that wa jell lo
get into law school).
I have j,urchucd a Peart
Jam ed.
· ·
I_have ~ t lboul pu.r-



Ranger Lagers, he relau.ed. c
" You have a weckf.' bc said. ~or n
na papers.
vc ~coven most
Then be turned into a space . been ~
. man! Smfol.k you all di tht: bia
shtill1e.and rocketed lhrough bas taken away my life! The hockey sticb.
my skylight.
So I 1it here, i
I stood there, wilh Head
I say the Financial Aid this keyboud, try "



world only has one week ldL



&tudcot here at. Suffolk bcuer




., ... yeob. Love, love me
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~StudentFiles $1 Million SuitAgainst College

alleges 1he was raped in Oclober 1991 while on 1tudcnt
·Kt:fflc SCMC Colleie
KEENB. · N.H. (CPS) - A
Duclos, repre sented by
former ICCCllC State College Porumouth l awyer John
student ii ~8 I.he school Lewi1, says she moved from
fo r SI miUion, 11yin1 the her oris i nal hos1 family to
school' • nc1li1ence led to live with anoth er f amily,
her rape W'bile abe was a for- whkh had not been screened
eisn exchange 11uden 1 i n by program officials.
Ecuador. •~ The new family consisled
Reboccs Duclos filed 1ui1 of an older couple and !heir
again st KSC and lhe Slate grown grandson. It was their
university i yttcm on Sept. grandson who Duclos says
29 i n U.S. District Coon in raped her.
Concord. Duclos says the
Duclos' suit says she told
college's exchange program a n:presentalive or the colpul her at ri sk with an unsafe lege in Ecuador th 11t she had
host family in Quito. Ecua• been raped but that the redoc, and school officiah failcd sponsc was inadequa1e and
10 help her af'terWard. Duclos nnn-supponive.

~ n propmu of their~

w.i...t.,.~ 1. j994

de Espinosa: did not offer
coo nselins _
and insisted
Quc.loa keep livina with the
family, accordina to the suil.
Chw:loa decided 10 leave
Ecuador in Novembe~
say 1 lhat upon her retu rn ,
KSC officials were not.hclp-

fc:rcd, ooatleut lhreeoccs-- mostly Spani1h, However,
1ions, tobclphcrobcaincoun1elin1, Each time, Duclo•
declined the offer and Aid
&be would ICU cou.din& at
home io 'Pbiladelpltia, IC•
cording tD Rodam.

after the 1emester beau,

'Kcc:ae State lbldcnll
have partkipale(I lo the ea-

the complaint is being teviewed and that Keene State
will file a reap0Qle in lhe nex.t
few weeb.
" KSC acted prudently in
csttblisbing and cooductiq
the excbanac program with
the Catholic University of
Ecuador," Rodaers said.
"Keene State orfidah also
acted appropriately and with
compassion toward Duclos
aflCr she made ~ n her


change proaram with the

According to her suit, she
went 10 Michael Haines, ~C
dean 1 foreign affairs swdy
propu1, and he told her she
should have sllyed in f.cua.
dor 10 finish her academic'
However 1 USNH attorney Ron Rodgers said that
after learning of Duclos' aJ.
legations, KSC omci~s of-

Cathooc University of Ecuador for several yean without
incidenu of auauJ1 or ltbute
huina occurred, Rodiert

1creened by the Catholic
Uni11eisi1y of Ecuador before
1tudeiv. placements are made.



originally placed

whh a family who spoke

and have already buih car

In order to explain in greater delail how a Used Textbook Program works, the following is a list of
questions most lrequenlty asked aboul !he purchase and sale of used textbooks.





.. ...,.,,....

Mo,idaJl · hH• ■ 11icedlnn•tirl..

. ,·

But how does a student save 75% o f !he priCe of a new book? ."'
USED BOOKS sell lor aPProx1ma1e1y 25% less lhan a new book. then 11 Iha boot Is being again, the bookslofa
WIii buy it back ar SO-.. of the currant new selling puce This becomes a 75% saw,gs to lhe student


Tv11d■ rs · w■tdl ,0111

quility of the library is DOl

l a the'-'sed Textbook Program a cooperative effort?

suits Md lbeir foul lanpagc.

Yes ii is. A well run college bOokstore wiH buy back from it's own s1udents before going 10 a used book
whOlesaler. Along with their desire lo save money, the sludenls mus! be willing to make the time and effort to
sell back the1r books. II the bOokstore has a good working relationship with the lacutty ahd department
coo1dina1ors. !acuity mem bers will try to get !heir book orders in on time. II the bookstore has timely
information n can offer better buy·bacit prices and in tum offer better salting prices to the students at !he start
ol lhe new semester. St udents • Faculty • Booksto re!

they rmdily tnnaform the li·
brary into the ni&htclub al•
mo1pberc of the cafeteria,
._UIUllly at the cx.pcose o( IIU·
; > dcnU who 'have been study-


be:re all


We don't disturb your



lftl iotbecafe._so_pleaedon't
diltmb 0H' pursuit or academic afeueee by tallin.,'
~ , in lhe library.
articfe IO Mommy and Daddy
(tbcy ... help you with the
wordl palet than one 1ylllble) IO they can iee bow

,o. are waatiai lhc:ir bard
W e ~ f« offend-


-.u . . . . .

ll)ldent1 who are

. . . . . , _ . of thi1 attack,
1 ) ........

How m uch will the bookstore pay . for a uHd book?

antics by ltUdy-

Y- . . . . . . .Oil,'

r 4,sed Price "' $30.00
• ($20.00)


- - - - - -----r- -, ,- --fcf.f.m~sr.rcrer.. .: . . c;~ :--------'-~~---+l==~~---1-~

Are faculty members concerned about book prices?
Yes. In general, !acuity members select lhOse books which give !he best value lor Iha content ol the course,
while keeping price in m ind. Thls is why ii is equally importanr tha1 !he faculty understand Iha Used TelCtbook

cooducive 10 their rdenLleu
cucuuiOD of women (Of men)
.... ' theypi,;kcdupovertbcwcekend, their football card re,.

t.mHJ• b .


Expensive rs a relative term, and since a book 1s a commodity ii will reflect maf'ket lorcea. For instance, a
weakening dollar, the deficit. higher oil prices, etc. will be reflected in the cost of a commodity (book). Subject
matter lor the most part will detennine the price of a book. For instance, hard sciences, such aa chemlsby.
requiring charts . graphs. ~ r illustrations, e1c. are more cosily to produce. A novel, is less expensive to

- -

,.u, ...... ,•••,.. .,.


..,_ , ,...., ... JCl!'N..._
FotN111a - ·•

Why are textbook• ao expensive?


added that

by Rog<, & S.1 S.1100111



uid Rod&m.


wllbaoni'hao. AIM.we
bamam arc stinky. Oood
riddance, baby !
My advice? Orab the
clOKSt loved one: arlU itart
bupi.n&, Love is all you
ooed. She loves you yeah

Dudoa rcqueatcd a nmai.pment and WU placed with the
family mmdoocd in ~ ....

As much dS SO"!• of the new book seillftQprice. }f lhe book 1s used bU1 nol abused. or .excessively hi-Hied.


D saving 75% hold true in all instances?
No. II does not In some cases, a new edition 1s coming ou1. or lhe bookstore has not yet received ari order for Iha litle,
ii Is a one semester course. enrOllmen1 drops, elc
la saving a student 75% a sought after goal?
Yes it is. But, remember, !he bookslore does nOI d1c1a1a 1ex1 Silechons lo the !acuity. Again, laxtbooks are selected on
1ha basis of vatue 10 !ml course. However. 1n many colleges, faculty memoers.11y 10 adopt a taxi lor a1 least JWO years. Thil
increases the chances ol saving 1s-.. ol the new poce ol a textbook.

What will the b ookstore pay ror books NOT being adopted for the nei:t.,comlng term?
Each month ttwl used book wholesalers publish a buyv,g guide with the most curre pnces av&11able. The bookstore
will pay wha1eller value lhe wholesaler 1s ottering

· •


How much will the bookstore pay lor a book that waa purchued used?

How much is that?

Again, as much as 50% of the new book selling price, ii the book Is used but not abused or excessivety hilited.
? it.,

Anywhere from noth;ng 10 aoout 25... ot the new selhng pnce.


WIii the bookstore pay 50% l or all uHd books?
No. The books:tare will pay ~ . only for !hose books which the faculty has µ{aced a written book order with
the bookstore tor the upcoming Fall or Spring Semester.

la It to a s tudenta advantage t o buy a USED book?
Yes. 1 1s. Jn many caies a student may save as much as 75~. of !he price ol a new book. simply by buying
used and then reselling the u~ book at the end ol the term.

Why so little?


daybe.J _ _ _ _ _


There are many laciors uwoivea Since me wl'IOlesaler nas no con1rol over hOW many books will iunve In their
wa~house. pnces are kepi low Wholesalers otter nottong rl a new edition IS COffllng out. the maltlet !or a ~ , title
or if 1he htle nas s1rT\Ply stagnated ~naslost 11s resale value.




H ~t~

tore and faculty benefit by the U~

Telltbook P~OOram?

_very autietantial ~ s to lhe studanl:I who.,. t h e ~ "cu■lntMn" of b0Ch h




Ind the IChool.

will be diffen:at' wbea lhe

,.. 1h ..,_.._. ta •
f><ld. Nodlioa- We wiD llill
verge of


Well,111CMfweaoii' l




w - ,.Docem1a1, 1m

Student President~ on aung~r Strike
- a,

·ilo die research but cams them wen-


0Dlllp Pft:el Semcc

MIL11'AJ11'111l. Wile. -




tu credits for'invcetina



- , . ,......h.

Wiae'oa•i·•Mil~autU 1111dea1
The theory tlw the Btyh-Dolo
ltallart Minadt WN. ldWII tired ol Act belpec1 drive hither educ:.Uon
,-,_. bi. . . lUidcNl
ADd QOltl through·thc roof' was ori.pnMcd
.._llermlimddlltu&elca;itlaton bytheNadonalCo.litioaforUnivcrwam"t a,iYiq mllCh coasidcntion aidet UI the Public Imaat. an cduc:1to ta. iaoe. M.1-da decided Jo &Jdp tioo td'mm. orsanizltioc f<Unded b)'
a fow 1D1C11911 to . . some ateadoo.
R.,lph Nada and Lcoaard Minaky in "
Mirada. UW's arudent aovcm-- 1983. ¥irandl wd ~ afta the act


meatpraidmt.beaan • bunlerllrike


aa Oct. 20·to po1af the increuin&
COltl ol educldoo. The 32-ycar~
jmiar aaDOIMICtld lbal be wo.ld drink
oaly fruirjwco Md Waler until IWC
officials lluacbod an iovestiaatioo
i.o die
o/ the annual bike in
b&idoa at WiJc,ocwa llale urdvcn.i-

ICfOA. the nation lmmediawy railed


1i1ocd into law. univcnilie1

cuidoo to help fuod their new opportunitiel in reaeN'Ch.

-,f. ICbool WU· actively


in& corporat.c dollars to ~ rescarcb,
they bad to
their facilida: to
i.odwtty standard.I," Aid Miranda,

~is~~~ !:i~~~~-

Minnda uid beand several other
ltudma • uw feel Ow inflation has
licdc to do with the evcr~g
coa of higher cdocatioo. Instead, the
IIUdalu blame misplaced priorities
fnn fcdcnl o(f'lci&II 8Dd u.nlvcn.ity
admillistnton who wish to place
more · emphasis oo · corpome investmalt thaa cducalioo.
1'bc primary role of lhe public
unlwnity sholakl DOI be to help privaac busincues make more mooey,"
uidMiranda. ~e•reoo1j,wtalking
tbolac the cosu: or education. but the
intepity of the_Cftlire sfstem."

creaio& coaa

Ill IUlivCIJlt.iel can be
ttlCCld back u, the. Bayb-Dole Act, a
piece or 1980 federal legislation that
is Ibo bow u the University.Small
Bm:iacu ,PalenlAct.
The Bayb-Dole Act. allows univenidc:a 10 coaillct raearcb wilh lhc
tram privarc compa..._ 'J)le aclloolada.cmldlucluai• & 00 all discc,vaies they
talke to ·tbc spomoria.a company.
T1tit ooc Oftly savea businesla siz.
.. able dollars by lcttina someone else


David Merkowitz, spokcsecnon
fot the American COUDCil on Educat.iOQ. &aid that be hal bcud the BaybDole Act theory before, but feels
there are more tangible racton for
the incmase in-tuition cosu:.
'7hc ,bare of money for higher
education from most state budgets
hu dropped significantly," he said.
"Aod given the fact that dniveaities
have 10 offer more than ever bc(orc
1 awact studen11, lhe med(~~
is even more pronou~_.,
And while Miranda is convinced
that the Bayh-Dole legislation is to
blame for rising c0Ue11e cosU,. bc
· said he went oo • hunger strike to
brin! attention I~ the cat.ire ~lem.

answers co our queitions come


intramural ~ as ·of 12/6








2 1/2

Tom Connolly
Joe Luongo
Gcrrt Navarra


. Mike ~ ~ c t i J
Scou OUM
Dave Pcnnybak:cr
Sieve Loud


"The uaiversity shoald.a't
make that decisioa for Ill."
CMU's ltDdent body pre'lidcnl. aaid the cybcr-ceolOl'ship hu m:obilu.ed the awdent body.
..People are really UplCC
about dais," said MoQlUaah..
23. 1'he,Wliversity didn'I act
aa.y lcpl ~ or ~ t
with aniou,e. Jbey made •
dcciaiOII without my rtalOG."
McCullqh uid be espoci&lly is discoumpd bocause
of CMU's reputation u a
computer school.
• " We' re ooe or 1he top
scbools in lhe country and
one of the first tcbools on the
liuemct/' besaid. "Obvjoualy
the people who . made this
dcc:Won know nothing about
compu.ten., or even lbout the
uni versity' s leadin1 role in



23 .6
1) .0

M'!J!S -





l ( ,0

_;~:.;~ ·: ~

five stanen scoring In double fill•

free throws were a sip.i'r}Clllt
piccctothcRam VKIOf)'p.m.le~
Thursday, as ·the squad shot 691,
lhc line, comp&rcd with Salve


Rtgina'I SO.,. ''gu-rfrcc'lhrow shOOl·
ing bas improvcd,· lhouah it's been

from oar orialtaal comm.ltment." •
More ta. 350 CMtJ Ddcntl and faclllty membcn
81tcadcdlbe""Pratestforfi.dam ia Cybenplce,... cm,... rally held ........ do:
violation ot wlw students


offlci&II dcc:ided to leave the
sex iext nowappup1 intact.
but ltill 'omiaed the IQ bin.}' poupl, lboae tblt CODlain codea dial can hie ~ •
lllcd into piClura and BMWie
And cbpite t b e adminl.suaon m'C coafidau

they.,..ietberi... "A rew ,coplc have created a IOI of publicity (or
something that moa woold
think i1 eaeaoal for the academic 1ood of the uaiver1ity," said Anna. "Our service.a lbolald be In line with
our academic 1oa1L"
McCull11h disa1n:e1.
"You could uy· that sports'
teams aren't ln line with a
uni~ty'I ICldem.ic ...,..


Back 2 Back

ruition COSl5 went up," Wd the CliContinued from page 16
c-,o native. "'What we want the state
lcgiJlators to do is study tbe problem. Ace who also rea;i1tered a doublelf we're wroog, that's fine. But there's
double wilh 20 poinu and 12 boards.
The game was close! y contested,
need to identify it so we can do
until with 15 remai ning,
frtDct.hing about it."
Toa,lia IWlk • free I.brow to put SufOn Nov. 4, iwo wccb into his
folk ahead for good.
hunp:r strike., Miranda received word
" It wu a very balanced cffon
that bis cooccms would be addreucd.
overall," praised Coach Nelson. '"It
"Some stale lqlllaton came to
was very balanced with four or our

Gradu<;1te Fellowship Opening
graduate styoont
for .Spring .1995 semester.
Call Mary Anooshian,
~ n t . o f Economics,
ext. 8259.

After bearing of lhe case,
Cameaie Mellon o ffic ial s
dcci($ed to pull the plug. Fear•
in11 a potential lawsui1 from a
parent whose child had IC·



we felt we hatl-to prouw;:t om•
selva lcplly by tecpiaa tbc
maeri&II off."
But Mike cfoodwin., an
auomey for the Blcc:IJ'Olli&
Fronder Foundation. Aid lie
UWlb the university w~ld
not have been bdd respoo-~•ible ifan UD11.11pcctin1 mom
found cut w~ junior aets
what he keepa on hls hatd
""Even if the distinction
wu IT\4de for wha1 ls and
isn't oblcene, wluch i1 difficull to prove, the school is
simply providing the ou.tlct,"
be said. '"They are oot the
provider of I.he material."
CMU'1 decision has left
net uscn on campus up in
arms. "People lhould..have a
right to ICCCII whatever ma1erial they want to," 11id
sophomore Rohen Aoden.

Leading scorers
Sal De.Angelia
Brian Sacco

~1,;;,.,f -h,_J Ton.Y;W.W 11I::• ,:

our offJce,readour~andpromised UI they'd look into it," said

people in Me.mph.ii
downloaded 1exually-explicitJm&F-1 thal were posted
on it.
-- While the material may
not have been considered
ponqraphic or obiceoe by
Califonda IWldlrds, TellnCSsec offici&II fdt otbcrwisc.
The IOUfCC of !he material wu found &WIiy o£1cnowinaly distributina sexuallyexpUcit material to pcrions
wi&:r the q~ of 18 and convicted or lno1porting obscene materials across slale


tia..; winted to send a mcssaac out
ud die ooly way I COWd. act the COil raean:hen with lmprcuive c~
aacrition of membcn of tho media dend&ls with no intention of ever
aod aovc:mmene wu to bold a bun- puttia, than in a clautoom in £root
aer ltrite," said Miranda. "'We were of studcnu. The emphuis shified
Ible to get a.omc mention When we from education to research, and the
Madilon, but we still weren't getting
tbc coverage we thought the issue


hoop pains WeN away, he bad oo
pbyucol pn,l>I""' miriq "!< H-<loy
fut mcq:,t for occaaioaally fcclin&
Uabt-belded. "The ba11 ii in their ·
court now.
"I've had tremendous support
from the ltUdenu. ud I would think
that the
officials will cake th.II.
into considei:ation. W~ hope that

Back 2 8act
Di.aper Dandies
Dream Team U

ccss to !he explicit pictures,
CMU_ officiab immediately
decided to banish more than
80 '"sex" Usenet qcwsgroupa
from,_ the univeni1y.
.. We've decided not to
distribute some of the more
obscene bullcrin boardJ
through the university," Rid
Bill Arms, CMU's vice president £or computer services.
"We are DOt copyina certain
newsgroups to our system."
Arms said the decision
was based on Rimm '• research. ..Pre vious ly, we
weren't aware of the amount
of pornogra phic material
available on the Internet," he
Rid. adding that he reviewed
the pictures while checking
Pennsylvania state laws on
1he di11ributioo of explicit
material. "But sinoe so many
othcn have access to our siie;

c.oadDued from p1ge 6

~ lidding thal. after the initial


13 .

ThcSulfolltlouall Wodoooday,~7. 1994

ina."bcuid,, -...-do:

purpoee o1 • WU""1t)' ta ·ao
create an c:n\'UOCUDCOt ·where
people m'C willin& 10 ~
the thoa1ht1 1nd idqa 0£


The Suffolk University·Bookstore

Continued from peg 6


Pfmty OJClinstmizs tjift IIU/1.S
our nemesis in 1hree of our four
.Suffolk's two-game win su-cak
halted a lhrco-game slide. Last Thursday (11/29), the Rams dropp,d an
overtime to Curry Col·
le4e 86-80. On the 26th of las!
month, Suffolk lost uocber close
game, ; l-67 to Clark Univcm1)' in
this seuon·, home opener.
Bridacwuer State Collea~ the Ram,
weal down easily 99--70.
Nat on the· acbedule is a Tbunday eveaina road game versw U$ldercatqd Brudeis, Dteam fresh from an
upsel of nationally ranked University of Roc:bpter.

H01pitaJ Psychiatry Research UniL
Eliaible puticlpants will receive $60 for lhc ICRCDiq visit and an
additional S125 for cacb of two ovcmiabt lblyt at the ~ Raeucb
Unll for a study on the effects of amino acids on blood "tcsts and
psychokliicat ratinp.

PO• JIOU JNFOI.JIATIO : Call Christina Wood, P1ycbi11ry
" - h Uail, Bdb Imel JIOlpiW, • (617) 73S.2113.

The beat
1eiiei this ieiioo,
lay in the early 80s.. IUdao

.7/~e Selection Of"tjift !lloo'{/

Ca11 'r ~, ~ A-New WO\le

'T-Sliirts - Sweatsliirts - ..7ac.f!ts
Inst!Jttia I tons -Stoc,{ilt!f Stuffers

Cliec{ Out Our £.a,;;e Supp!g
Of Cliristmas Cards
We C1;1n Handle Y_


ui:;s Shipping

i'\r\!c11rvtHI CIIIH Rln~ 811is

PB.MA.LB VOWNTEBRS who arc currently bulimic, qe 18-45, in
good mcdicaJ health and no1 takio11 mcdicationl (includina onJ contraccptjvea): are souaht (or a study being conducted by the Beth ls.rad

12PM-3PM + 4PM-6PM




·rj}(j~~w Friday 8am-8pm
,cMon.-Thur. 8am-6pm
, • '







0:tm. ?nm

R'ecords relcue of ..'""

Hiu cf'I'lw BO's" coven._OVU'
two hundred new wave .bit1
over 1en volumes, and features ~ c1uaic iracka u "I
Want Canjly," "Come On

EUcen," "Kids In America"
and even the clusic MOOG
Unit Zappa lin1k. "'Valley

-ro, ..,r..ofdo: ,r adyapliea mauc ,cene. • ....,. o1

... ~.._. ._ .......


took bold oldie muic ....
tty. "laa Cao\ 0.. 1/P"'P"

wlll~,.. ....... u you wallow la die pm
illDOCCIICC of die tiac.M Tllomu Dolby, OMD, O.W


i>uno, -

Youdl aid

oil ... '
And doa'I fffl, Spriq


li.. . - - ... .w

round out tile •dec'.ado of



-o..n,, ...__




· TboSaJrult.lououl W _ y,Dooaaber7, 1994




- .. bowwbothele

'1illle people" uef


blm "Joe Veader".

Suffolk Journal: Joe,
wbm did-you first 6ccome a
Joe Vendor: I started
we.tin,: affc.nway Part duriQI tbe summa bctweoo my
fruhmaa ud sophom·ore


ot l,;g\l tchool.
SJ: And bow did you

view llili job?
JV: ·AtfU'5lilsawitua
way IO
into a profeuional
ballpme for free any day
thallwaaledlO, andUaway
to make a Jittle exlrl mooey
SJ: Haveyoualwayuccn
your job • that, or has your
view of it changed?
JV: Well,inthepasttwo
years. u I started"moving ur
I bcaao to see that some of
the older 1uys were makll'g,



tioo of tapes and C0'1. and I in lhrowina so inan)'peCIPte•,
11w all of the movies tl:iat I lives into utter chlot IO lhat
wantedtosce. 111enll0Clk ~ millioaaira oo both sides of

trip with a friend of mine just the wot CID que over bow
1taycdonthe111mcp110Casl beforctbeltrike. Jhoocscly many more miUioJ'IS they
didlut)Uf,lwurobbcdof dido't .lhint thM they would abouJd all be camina, Hell,
at least a couplo bundrod ao dirou&h with iL I always all 1, and Jou or the other
dollffl. Md to make mat1er1 expected to be workin& wbeo vendors •t the put. ire try·
ini 10 do is put ourselves
wone I wu on apace to have I got back from my trij,.
HoWCYct, just u I WU throug~ the school. It jull
worked over firty aamcs.
That tnmiates into almost a going to finish up the last
lhird of the semon, and earn, •
thousand dollars!
SJ: So what happened to my book• and trnclioa
all or the money tblt you money, the [uplctivc)..-head,
went OD, strikc.
made before the strike'?
JV; Well, I actually
SJ: You 1CCm pretty bilplanned my year .out pretty ler about tbaL
IV< tam, Iwasllllsctto
well , and decided ' that
through July, I would trc0t earn enough ' money for
T•passes for the
ntysclftoafcwthings that I boob and wanted. I bought a com•
p.iter, and a few games to go
with iL I added lO my coUcc- here. Ijus1 don' t sec the logic

hid suit only worked 33

•=t,~u;:.:.: ·=~o:':: ~::.~:.:~
.,..... dilpuCc. ,~
will inuoduQI you all to • I\WIP
wab' M fcaWI)' hrt. Al
hb own ftlCl')Clt. I will ~

TheSuffolk~ i994

.• T
,•.ffrlfi~ j · 1
1.111' 11811.

Universin DateLine


No,itisn' tfair.

is just one o f ~ ~ of
people across tbe coentry
wbo •have beca•f<>rJOdPI in
the shurne of politics, the
media, and ,the loues of the
World Sc:ries.. .
Ood help tho pxN' iouts
who, work for the NHL

Suffolk University's Calendar of Events

Wa!wd,r 120
9:30- 1:00
6:30- 1:30
7:00- 8:30

1:001:00 1:001:00 5:30
7:30;6: ~to!





4:00 -

lluouat,42-. YfS I wa makina
average ol SJ7.J6 a pme

Men's Varsity Basketball vs. Bates College
Women's Basketball vs. Endicott CollCge

Varsity ICC Hockey vs. St. Michacl'1Collcgc
C. Walsh 1beatrc PrcsentsJumpcut Orcbestra

EmmarudMusic presents a Brahmns Concert

- Barq Collep
. '"
St Michal'1Collep
C. Walahri-,.

C. WalahTbelbe

Fmal Exams Begin

TuadlJ 11113


IS tiai 1JngSeJJio1 1. A

Wfdoaclay 12/14
10:00- 12:00


Student Services Di.rectors Meeting


TbundlJy 1111 :i
9:30- 1:00

MIST.raining Session : Advanced Wordpcrfect 5.1

MIS Trainil\J Room

Program Council sponsors Mardi Gras Party

Hyan Rep,acyllold

9:00 - 1:00

S.blrdav 12/17

and "Powerade".

C. Walah Theau.

Mondi? IV12


SJ: So how much do you
IV: I ...Uy' ooly t«pina trlet laJt year be-C&UIC lhal's when I SWtcd
. worldq mipt games. Up
until then. I bad been worting
only oa tbc wcc:keodl. . But
as for moaey, l made an av• •• erq:e · al $32~ lfter'"tues ·


Reading Day
Last Day for CAPS Students to Mail Registrar.ion for Spring 1995
Las1 Day for Non-priority Spring Reais(ratioo for Current Students
C. Walsh Theatre Prcsents Jumpcut Orcbeslnl

. Feal<>a438
8 ~1Uai~ty

Sunday 12/11

N : \l!ell, thal'sthelhing.

· "'ot mooey.


S.tur:411 12/10

-----.....-~u.,,-1 - - - - - - -- -- - -- \ -._..

Then you have to considcr,lhc ~eathcr. the pac~ Or
the ,.ame. the mood of the ~
c:iowd.thffi&tlikclhat. ' h 's
not always easy, and I'm not
always pulling in huge swru

MIS Room
Sawyer Onlduao: s.- 1 Vicc Plesidcnt'a Confctencc Room, One Beacon

Las1 Day of Classes for Fall Semester (Day & Evening)
Humanities and Modem Languages Department Meeting
Alpha Phi Omega Meeting
Mathematics 106 Study Group
Beta Alpha Psi Meeting
Women's Basketball vs. WeotworthCoUcge
Men's Varsity Baskctba.U vs, Brandeis UniveC1ity


ina .
SJ : Sooowyou' reall&cC..
ripL I mean. you aiust be
preuycomfonable if you were

havetoworktlwty. ptus,l'm
nOI uictly a lcn-year veteran oflhe stands. either. I'm
just now stanin1 to sell whal
we ciill the "middle products": things like ice cream

MIS Training Session : Advanced Inform
'Vlµ'Sity Ice Hockey vs. Worccs_tcr State College
MPA Association Meeting
Parent Council Meeting

Tbuncllx 12/H

in some cues, over ooe bunend dolJan: a aamc. Theo.
about halfway through last
seuon, I lll.rtcd laking the
job more Kriously. I knew
that I coukl help my pamits
pay for my impendin1 Colkte tuition if I 5Wtcd sav-

the time. Remember, there
ft only eighiy or IO games
played • Fenway CIICb year,
and I don't ~ ea have lo work
evr:ry oac of !hem. I

m~r? -23, 1994

9:30 - 1:00

1MC:a4u 12/20
9:00 - 5:00

Wcdnader 12121
9:30- 1:00

F'tnal Exams End
Last Da,y of Oa.u for Executive MB~A

MIS Training Session: Intro to Windows I


Student Services Staff Retreat

Deodlin• foe Submission of Fall Gfodel 1<> lhe Reptnr
MIS Tnining Seasioa: IBUo b> W'Uldows ll
Uni~closcs It 4:45 pm forwintetbolidly blelk &. will m>pen 1/3195






Sawyer Graduate Shldent Low,,ge
Vice Prcsidenl'JI Conference Room. One Beacon .


for Fall Semester (Pay & Evening)
em Languages Dcpanment Meeting

By Jyu Foley

Wentworth College

Brandeis University

itudents 10 Mail Registration for Spring 1995
ority Spring Registration for Cu~nt Students

:sertts Jumpa,t Orchestra

C. Walsh Tbea1re

e.... eo11eac

:tball vs. Bates College

,vs. Endicott College
,s. SL Michael 's College
:scntsJumprut Orchestra

Rams head towards ·break on a winning n~te



, vs. Wentworth College
tball vs. Brandeis University

· Home
St. Michael's College

C. Walsh Thealte

C. Walsh Thcalrc

freahman Ed Hurley rackc:4
up 5 aud 7 boards in
over a doz.en minutes of play.

Suffolk coocluded the

From the onset and

fint .two weeks of tbc 1994-

throu&hout. the contest ~


the crest of
. • win sbm. to up their record
to 3--'.
In a Saturday night 9272 dcfeafol Roacr Williama
Collqe, forward Rick Ace
nearly dismanlled the Paolino .
Center, never mind his
oppoac111.'1 futile aucmpu a1
player defcmc. la 35 minDiel of 8C\iOn. Ace tallied a
points, while
sbootin1 an ungodly 71 'k
f'rom the floor.
"'Rict w.. just spcccacutar," Head Cow:b Jim Ndsoo
95 - - -


mc:aL "1t WM his finest pcl':
:sents a Brahmns Concert

peared to be ooe of a com-

petitive nature. ~t the half,
the two universities were
_knottM in a 32-32 tic. Then

Coach Nel1on altered hi 1
game pl8lll, and the Rama
responded near frighten ingly.
With a 3-2dc!cmiveZOflC
10 toil under, allowing rof
more fast brew and better
opportunities for reboundt,
Suffolk e•plodcd with a 60point second half that scaled
the game's outcome. J•1t was
an exciting Win," Coa~h

Ncboa 'wdsimply. "Avuy

exciting win."

~r::/ ~:~;s ~~;,7:•::~ ~~:~ ;!;/::!~'7:;;

Ridacway 2'17

n: Advanced Wordpc.rfcct 5. 1

¥JS Training Room

msors Mardi Gras Party

fom:;;: A=-;eatrici,_lhc game wu far

strongly supportive, 1eoring
10, and dishing 0 , 11 6 assists
in a game high

center Mike Vieira who
cranked out 21 points and
hauled in
rebounds, and

continued on page 13


It's _trike three for
baseball's little ~pie
By MJ¥ Shaw



sion or Fall Grades to the Registrar
n: Iorro to Windows U

1:45 pm forwialffllOHday blw: &

will_. 1/3195






ey,a,... ;_,

ing wise all evcnio&- In the
end, th()l,l& wa( 1evcral

_ Bef°"' lbcy ft.a:U for a
month,_tbe Lady Rams travd

The Lady
a two-gamc·locin& SUCU: $at·
urday evC1Wll~ l2/3) with a

Rams' bane.
This. after Suffolk lhol lo

game of the 1994 yu, it at
home versus Endicott Col-

Ram11nappcd ·:::ebem:t:; ~o ~!:;~•~e~~:~~


hype and glitz of th e .highpaid players and hifh-powcrcd ownen or all four ~

~All~-= ~=~bo~U:~

with: an impcndin1 salary
cap, and the -~
that they couJd QO( live
out iL And siDCe dx:n, there
buo't bcea oac aiqle pitch
throwll dnupout all of our
couaay'1 ballpab; Md• a
rsall, the ~ ol OclObcr
did not bolt a · World Series
forlbefinttimc siDce before
World W• I.
welcome to the Bliileball

' _ SO!k<


sqUad's best performance of could have won that game,"
bright spot of the year. We happy with how my players
were able to successfully performed,"
stand up 10 their (Eastern
Monday night (12/5),
Nuarcoc) Last minute charge. Suffolk fcll lO Curry College
Offensivdy we were at our• 65-31 , tlieir lowest point tc>,
la! of the season. " It was illEarlier in the week, Suf- fated from thC beginning,"
folk had bauled Simmons the head coach staled. ''They ·
College (11130) in Ill affair played well and we played

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~ lhc

cided 111M they couJda't ljve

n: lnuoto.Windows I

:~~I· F!."~=
legc Sar.urday~ ailiig,
lir--t',Mcl.a=cvm--;~~:~•...-,~ - - -RARAJMiis - -~ Cooc~bi7F.d~Le~y~dcn~,[',w;iu~r.,--ii~rariifii',;;:;~;;.----L_~--- - - 1-~~

Hyatt Regenc)',Hotc:I

r Executive MBA/MPA

Wiom·en ·eod two-osn e funk
· · ·_
· _n

University in the Ridgeway

with hi.I ;; rebounds, while

n,-M,,.,,...i-W'Clf<loctlcet-!;+- - - - - - - - - - -"Mtil"Tl-atnllnJ1m,"'7--

: ctors Meeting


Sl.lffelk Sports

olk University's Calendar of Events
n: Advanced lnfonn
rs. Worecs1cr State College


tha1wasback-and-f~, scor-

poor. That's iL"

wort. • Over the months, I ' - - - - - - : . . , - - - - - - - - - - ,
have witched the figures of in the sporting gpocb: Morea their j ~ ~ probably II!)\
how much money has beco just &Cross the strccc from the no.
IO&t by the players and own- ~ . ~ .wa,~•~. ~""of'"~
It W!' only durin1 the
er, of buc~ ~lowly add .. _ ....
.......... 7 - _.
f,"mt week of the strike that I
up. The nwnbcrs have grown ~ - bringw~ ~-~~ saw, hmrd, or tad ID)' men10 hundreds of millioos of ~ 10
wcw __,.,_,. ijon of the people whom the
dollan, and tbi1 itjusa tbctip everyday? Wh:M of the street strike most affected. After
ol the economic icebc:rJ,
pcrfonna- oo the comer wbo lMI fant week, thou~ ~
What of al.I of the people is just tryina: to make a few everyone cared about WIS
wbo wort for major leapc btk:b playina' io the crowd? how much ~ money-~
bae:blll? What about al.I of What of the 'homcleu man bins IUyen were l01ioe, as
people wbo wort for al.I Oft tbc corner ncx1 to him coaqwed to bow much the

=· -•• =~:;;:.


die CODQDl media aDeMioa work the
• • ltaodt
dllll it ii 1ettia1? Should in al.I of the What
,-oplo really care? Moat of the vcodon who sell food
peap1e -.ould uy ao.
· in the studs? What or the
Scmtc, however, would street vendors who set up


Around the Campus


By Ryan Foley ·

lnlramural basketball
notca: Last year's .cbampi.
ons, the Studs, currently
known by (he moniker Back
2 Back, were the prc-scuon •
favorites lo repeat. yet have '
already 'been upse1 by the
W:C the
title arc Sal
(Back 2 Back},
Dave PtnQJbake:r (Gamecocks), and ·Brian Stlcco
(Mavcrickl). there
is a three-team j • at the
helm of the ltaJldin&s, with
the Mutts, the Gamecocks,
and the Mavericb all ~
ina a piece of fin} p&.::e.,,.A
a graduate uslstam: at the
Athletic Department. Byrne,



= ==-Wb~w.: :::=.::.r~ "::'.
Do the players and owncrs care about them? Do we,
the AmcriCIJl public, think
about them when we place
blame oa tbe patty we thiak

~:=t==: .~
time? 11ae wbo bavc Iola


mtucr? Why do we care ina after the· concluioa of
about it? What about the the semester....
little people?
Happy Holidays to
Askins about the little Coach Jim tiet.oa., Co.di
pe.oplc ii al.I well and ,ood, Joe Walsh, and the rest rof 1


~~ oa PICC 14


~l~~t~ !:::::~

lbe samscer.