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An axc:eptlonal
theatre near you:


Rams get-·,~

Unfortuoa1ely 001, for
Aceis shot touched Ollly rim
and SuJfolk (8-9) Was -to
BOSTON - The stage trudge to. their locker room at
wuset. Thespoc-lighbturncd tbeshoitenilo(a63-61
on. the cunaim ~n. The Tbcr-e would be no showing
Rama ud .-~led them- of Miracle Theatre 1hr1
ICIYCI in MOlher close bas-- evening.
tcct.lJ pme. ·this time with
"One of the things we
MIT, Md dnuna of the high- want to prQvidc ourselves 11
est sorts was about to be the end of the game is an
played OUL
opportunity (or- victory,n said
Such was the position Coach Jim Nelson on the
Suffolk found itself muddled contest's conclusion. "We
in laa Tbllnday at the Ram provw!ed ourselves that opDomc. knitted in. yet another portunity, but the •ktory just
tighl COCllCSl and ooce again didn't happen."
with the oppon:unily of suPTh:ou.Bhout lhc fim half,
plyina the lut-socond dra- there were in11inU.Uons ·that
maticl. It Was a script Arthur this was to be a tight affair.
Miller would murder for.
The lead changed hand nuWith' four seconds re- merous times, before both
mainioa in regulation and colleges broke for half-time
VWou ol the Fitchburg State with Suffolk clinging to a
Miracle dancing in their one-point lead. The Rams
head.I, the Rams regained ouu:idc•shooting was tepid
rmseuion of the basketball at times (41 ll, for the game),
at their own cod. Ninety- so it was their i11$ide game
four feet was all that sepa- that kept them competitive.
rlllcd them from victory or a In contrul, 1hc Engineers
•Were hanging · 1ough due 10
lhe accuracy or their own
\ong~rang~ shoolers.
quarterback. found an open
man near the free-throw line. ·
11z lftOl'I was Rick N!e (a
tcam-biah 20 poinu), and
whc.a junior_ forward



the second hair Opened, with
MIT (9-9) pcrfonning well in

alJ aspects or its game: outside and inside. They quickly
reeled off 12 consecutive


f i ~ : : •s:::.
s ~ :~tk~l~in~
be bid die pmc-time crowd · at U:01, nailina two free
hoktia& ils collective brealh. tbrows.
w~ the R.os ioina to do
'1 was conc.emcd,., com•
the impoait,k a,aut1 And mentcd Nelsori oo the deficit

~ :':ir~o=e~:gh;e~
~tchbura? ,

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· ufli,;_"· ·-~VU:,
s 111&:J: :-"-·over Dam"e"uebster
By lt,rafi!"F.,.


. r:

Volume 53, Number 14

= -- ~_;.:::: ~::,:.::::!



'£ (4.. I&' .J ·

Beacon HIii, Booton, Maaichueeaa

SGA addresses teacher



a.Dd imtruc1or performance. i, cu~rently in the works, Haq believes
tbi'S docs not completely addras t])c
C.Onc:ems regarding how instJuc. issue at haoo.. "Oa_vc Tam i,
Ion have been administering uudcnt on another syltcm, where swdeqts .
evaJuations surfaced on Feb. 7, as would ae, a profile of. what ~ Prctthe chairma.D of a.Student Govern: • feuoris lite,orwbaltheclass-illikc
mcnt Association (SGA) committee by reviewing all of thdr evalulboru
and a senior clau rcpre&e0lalive di1- at ~ end of the ~
':' But lbal
cussed the PfO&rtSS or inquiry into doesn't stop the problem of pro(eslhc mauer.
sors just not doing it, or not doina It
The College of Liberal Aru and properly.",
Sciences/School of Management ·
NoMbat there i, any intimidation
(CLASisOM) committee, headed by or malice inleadcd oci ~ part of the


Hockey Rams ~ppohitiigainst Blue and g~ld

Stonehill and Arlington
Said Head Coach Bill Bums.
Sunday nigh1 the Rams
trnveicd 10 Arlington to take
The Suffolk Team took on Western
w n I n
two Slcps back last week.
College, only to Call once
The Rams have been a more, 8-4. The score was tied
solid defensive team all sea- 44untilthcThirdpcridwbcn
soo, and the ga.ltcnding has exploded with four
bcl:n- ou ts tanding. But on goals.
Thu'rJday night. the defense
~ ii a building year
was downright otrcniive.
for us," Said Coach Bums.
Our Rams wasted a five ~e have a young team, llnd
aOU p e r ( ~ by senior we've made some offensive
forward Rom Fama 11 · mistakes." .
.S1onchill Colleae -scored a
The Rams wiU be look•
goal with l :231dtinthcThird ing to tum.lhinp lt'0UOd Satperiod that fiut them on top, urday night ~ Auump9-8.
lion College. The 7:30 game
'This was a tough game will ~e played at Boston
By Philip Troulman

fo, &oal;c John O~patri,k.
who's playccl well all year:

The Lady Rams , put the ::-:~~;~s~~:":~; men~~y•s blow-oot 'win
bnkaoa ..afour•gamelosing them ." '
• also had the opportu.n,ity of
slrCU Thunday evening ,
Rolled ovcrirwx,d u lhe• providing'th}LadyRamswith
ootchin& a 52-33 win, over lady llaml dcfens• .- proved some mucl).n«:4kd repose, Webacr ColleF, · 11 to be more, than adamn in tl!:Umed this late

===-~~ ~J~~~ow':s:

Jim Behrle'afrulhwlll




Yes! Believe it or no1.
Suffolk does have school
co!Ors.: blue and gold.
The CheCring Club 11
Suffolk has tried to bring
about 1rcater amounts of
school S.Pirit lhrouabout the
ac:hool.. They cheer replarty
at the i;nco' s and
hockey home games and provi& Suffolk with a hue for
school spirit.

On Friday, Januay 27,
Uni,c,1;1y' s Walto, Brown 'lhc O,ctring Clob - ~
,.Spirit Day." It wu- ~ y

ally ju.uJ_ measuring 1tick Jo ' - - - - - - ' - - - --"'- - -SCI! bow fw we had come as

---.... Nd bad rC..Cb Ed l,.cyden u>tal any 1eam · 1Ju scored
IOIM:bina . , _ muy 1eam , apwl Suffolk lhil year.
· ~tivca.
"Propaa ii raJIY die key (Daniel ·Wdlller) riabt from
wid coaonill .. Dad lbe fmr ot five llimate ..t.

-..;; ;;.,

Tlie SultolkJ



at a.




:: : ~
tarli~gc· felt
Albcrtua Magnus CollcgC,
with only three
k>Ues for the yqr, played
some ICallDdt ddcme-ofthei.r

when some studen ts wore
blue aml .goJd 10 show their

were given OUl to the 1Wden1
also the an-


~Yi;:;~=: :;-1,~~eeri~'"

in ~ ~ a b ~ ~ l a y
evcryone ,aadletourswtm . ~ootbcschcdulefor
rest,'" Leyden said . "We Su(foll:: (4-12) are · bOme
clcirly could have scored 4game1 versus Emenon
more bad I not .rcattd every- Colleie on Tuesday ud
Framinl,bam SCMa CoUqc on


J>roara!D Councii. The caf.
etaia wu deconled in blue
&om the ceilina and Swfolk
batlOltl ud capt filled the

eowu O


~ = : : ; : t h ~ ~ ~~': . ' - - ~- ~ - - - - - - - -- - - - ~- ---'
.!!f<lassroom"thilcotudeo~ ... Jhiap. especially llnJUDd fioals. Nov•
to evaluate them. In the SOit mcctina enhdcu, Jiau aaid ,that a, i~tor .
..: . - -,:,- - - •
of Jali.24, Ombu4';person Keith Ha
linscrina duria, evaluation time can
Mo,eloooll had
br~ht the i ~-IO the attention of be, in filroplmon ~~. "very
pall recyclia1 flffottl' at ·-s.trolt.


re-start underway '

__ ._..._.,._
boon ·- •

.. •1.=-i\L~--·~: -..

student rtJ)TCSCntativcs.
lnlimidatin&" for the student doing
According to J:11gg, .the way the CVawatiog.

some instructors are admin4terin1
The firM thin& thM S0A will do,
evaluadoal i, a JWOb1cm because they accontiaa to Haa, will be to "'rcali:r.c
are in viOlation or univ~ity policy, that th.ii problen:a i, here, aocl thea
In addition to· &iving studeatt the write or dllift. a lcaer 10 all dcp&rtmcol
opportunity to evaluate an imuucu>r's c ·
notif i
in&truc· problem."
tors to auip a student 10 collect the
Ac~dipa to SGA President
evatuad.911 ronm and for the 'imtruc~ Erik.a Chriscemoo, Haa d workia&
tor to leave the claaroom:
with ~ M ·COIIIIJDiuee Ciai.r•
HIii, ftlCmdy ~ • •
man Davi4 Tam~ dbl iame.. How•
nior ~ ~ ever, Tam atllCd mat dlore wa QO
the problem u a.. pen-uive Oqe. Jll'Ol'al on the iuuo bcca&aso "f.rib
"Upon askina a num~ or studenu -wamed Keith to pc lhc q_amea or the
around the school. it scc:m, • tbouah, pro(CIIOrl. I don't know if he hu
in every CUC, not aD,five Jl"OUIIIOl'I• Jivea diem to her."
if "tbcy're fWI~ ctiadcau, ~ doWbea nked about the exisww:e
in& this." Hau oblerved. "Some~ of such · a list. Hau answered that
.,fcsson don't iven hand it ouL"
"actualnamct~OOJ:aiva1,.. wbile
Although a Student Evaluation Christcmon denied any bowledae
Handboo~, ~
~tllni111, coune CODlmt of s'iicb .a ~

Student Evaluirtlon Hand~ t,e'1ng prepared



If you were in the market for a
new car, you'd 1es1 drive it first.
Bayiaa a new aaco ~ ? Cbcct
out COQIUmer Reporta. 1n the DO(•


will be di..
1ributed to lhldcnts dariaa fiaal1
u other qucsdoa■ires fdkd cue at the
the dMa ii c:ompUed. ii will 1tc used
by IWda:u (or ....... •

, On ·'Y~nesdey, ·February 1,
Uninrsity. Safety Omeer ,Judy


·~ lhc~llllilll

univcn.ity sttwardlhlp of the eavironment, ~
mote educ,tion, Opponunities, and rue kvek of awareaeu ."


""'- -.. -·-'tty

Oircctor of siadeat Actlvitiel
Docma Scllmidl palled die iaitial
fflC)'dma Clfllll 11111111 by a fonnet .
biolop- . . . . . ~ • illdlpendalJ ,.


The .....,.....-~~- .
P"filll land filll
fo,utonoducoptb_qc-rilfila -f<it-olll)j

COltlduetotbel.iot..-,waa cabins."
. ,.
also poinu.d out by ' Scai:110!1, ind a
Schmidt lllo concodpd tbM the
handout wu '1,istn'butod.
collectiaa 1yaan for recycU.c cans,
She lllo mealioned tbll· a cam- ..Broke don:• acme paiill.• How•
pu.s--widcpl"OIIUI wou1'l b8UQIDd everlhodi4-.•After lMl dlcn
toscudalta'CQJlla(NIIDCllintbebuli-- wasacOIIIDal_._.oadaapaper


ncuwald.bonecdlot- lidt:oto.•-- . . . . . IO

~7.1 ;1:1:; , . _ w111
"A 1UCCCa1u1,ocydi111
nnt be ~•l•I

..,.. " ' - ~ · NH.

;r peoP:• ~·• - • - - . . . . - • - . ,


a r t . ~ pNlllla ...... ,..
Scanlon straac:d a ·_tey .factor in
C ~JIUI policy and ~ • uni. Vcml)' ~ t o c o m a m to.a - -- - - , . . . - - . _ - _ . - ..........
pqram. NJ official CCIGUIUGle will .,__•,...- .,.",_.•.....
be appcrioted by Vice Prealdeat

· - - - - . ..,,., _ _ lo•aood· - , ...... ;.......,,,_ ..
may have the opportunily to make w■y for ,SllldcnU to evahwe tbeir
~ about which claues to ffll! · ~ on.JI! merill." llid Tam,
isterfor,buedonpatstudeatevalu- addia& tW~ ddl C..- oat,
atiom or.........,_
,tudeali will be 'ablc to view lbe

sequeace. •Ilea scudlDt effona ca.
pered orf, roc,:cliaa ~U viJies
dwindled. S)le I/IO ......S .....,,_. .

voluacccn ialeraled ia

vol¥cd ad


on .d i e ~




Tufts UaiWMy'uecydq plan

- Jla.;;dcttloltbeC!aa demmbotlbelr_..bef... dley --•the-■.,••
. . . . . , i e o t • - - - . Slle
,....:cni or 1be lolamlloaaJ SWIIANHOOI: ,
deau Auociat.i~ (ISA), IIMte de,,
c..-..ed • JIIF 3
.....-rA ._... ..,_ ltlillya






Tbe Suft'olkJoamll Wodoaday•.Februal)'8, 199,
oned old bins,
Bu1lneu Manaacr Paul Ryan told Scao.lO(I alto ~
that arc llill t\mc6ooiQ& will llill be
lllill!(-~ - -.••
lhoJo,,maliJIDccembor""' Sulfoll:
Stle llid SOA m:yc1iDa commit- docs not p1y a fee for Stcrlina to pick used in lbc new recyclina program.
Other qaesdOM discuued in- -~
Toa, s...... llid up the piper WUIC for recyclUI&,
"'!My pla' to ,\lte poiiwi aiid 71w Ho""er, Swtiq'1 Piet li1
cn,ture cluded if ABM ~ d be replacing
the plastic, ,bin ~ on a., rtgula~
~ JOtlrMI to (Olter......_, llalel die compll!)' _ harges• fee for
Dsbow smdcllll
a picblp uct for leuln1 the Jl'l)Cr buis. Another ~ i n a iasu·c is
1lructure aDd menitori na a plan.
fJIITM~'fflV~ ,l'-")Und,
~ delcribed .,-::~
,ScuJo• 'sa.ld thi1 summer tbe Min,11 ~
tinon. mlldl. lod . will be o,queotina ,....., ,pace rot bul ~ oot"ecl. ""The iuue is,
ot6m- ccax:rn1 u.t ~ me NUk. of the cans to keep them secure. She we'd llu ti SCC aome revenue back."
s~ 1treucd 'il could feed the
muy of tho ooUCICOOll billl be:ia, noted I.hat ABM , the university 's
runovcd. SIie wa uaawate but Cid-· cleaning company will continue to rccydµlc proa:ram. end be put back
~ ..A~ydlatusod10pick brinJlbebaglor cansfromthecol- inlo~flCY,vibtf,
One option ~ w~ further «up CUI CoataiDer Service&. I don't lccdon bins to a central location.
is the Next
tbi.nt ~•ve bcca here for seven]
Scanlon abo ~ lhe univer- plained by M~
aity ii lllina a ~ initiative in the Step proeram, a job prosram for lhc
Matt Leonard, the operations effort to rccydc aluminum cans. by homdcss with ph~ical and mental
m.aoqe,- ol ComolidMcd Wuee Ser- purchasing ten new can collection illnessea. 1bese pcqple Nn a scrvict
-lic:et:, lac. (formerly..coataina' Ser- bins. These bins were chosen for
rices) 101d the JOfUfflliin December ''athletic issues" due to thei r loca•
he estima1ed Wit the las1 actual lions •in lobbies and reception areas. profiu, depeodi.n& Cl1 their contract.
Another optiori discussed would
· pickup OO' campus iwas soQJctime Theae coUcction bins do have locU.
be to f~ som~ soc,. Or.grass roou
or1anization of stu,dents, and this
would be helpful in collecting and
were &1vin1 us four ceou a can for tion-1 expense.
. them. M)'l11atentioo is to ca!J them
The neW bins were to be placed redeeming all types recyclables including Jiau and plastic bottles bt.
~~:':i:~~i~,:y~::i1o:,n~ sldcs CW.
into the Slcdln1 contact and the ac- week. Ideas for locat.lons were disOirrcnLly, ~ mlljor is.sut ,~
wal numbu of pickups.
cussed, and Scanlon commented. that ABM docs'n(>C: raum the bins 10
She also mcnt.ioocd that Suffolk, s "Eveotually I'd like to see one on their collection locations. Scanlon
trash contnlClOI', Waste Management. every floor or every building. bu1 reiteratQj lhc new effort wouJd be in
Consolidated Waste Services, Inc. thnl will take awhile.··
stqes by saying, -ro 1wt out small
and asked for other sugcscions on
Director or Physical Plan1. John with a few 1ypc., of material li ke
companieallO aj,proich•ror, recyclins Collins, poi~c4-lM, ~ .':'!iltc~s the paper, cans, and° cardboard . Then
proposals. 1Cunently Suffolk pays II bins arc. const.Netcd of and had con- eitpand."
AnothC,f r!M:el ot •,he new profoe f0t monthly tnlSh pickup, not by cem1 about cle11nln1. Collins sug' I daa'I bow whore the cam are,

. Mil ......... ~ ad ul.11.y
.... wtdioal dlarbilla tbe ~vol ._ ......._
·,. ~ ~


\$fl~~ ~~:-............. . . , .,,
- ",



... C.., __._• IDIIII ti apt
ca flDCJdial llial dlM .ac visible.

- , laadaal we,c IKlt lb'llc:iic,
. . . , . . _ ca biaia cbc Sawyer
klbbJ, from tbe titnry tbal

* 'Hlcnlfy ._..... ialo•aothla.
wa ~ l



Aa:odllra to aFc:twary 19,J991
die SOA•Lesis]aiw. Uni¥enily Affain Coeminec (LUAC)
~ II die ,tart ol tt-e oriai•
oal · ~
. ,t!'P,ft. tbcrc ~ 22
cm Md 25 ..,..,- biaa oo Suffolk's


cam::, •..: f<Mmd &IX places oo
campus ~ bo~ .aod ocber ~
·c:det to f"C)'clc. Sbe was also su.r•

I ~~~~

did note the ~ rec:yclia1 bi·.;s
wbcrc in ""pttfcc:t locatioas'", near
pri:Mas aad copiers in the library.
Ano Lyoas of lhe law school
mvilomnental IOCiety "lugcsted in
• .. . ~ l i ~
.. .
uc ,.,._,. " '"" me ones
, near ,tbc copies .aad , prip&as. Ho,-


! ·\~

~:z!.'{!.~ ~J:

dent& rea~N ~clina swini,
•.~ ~ u t b e y s a i j ,


~ •~=~

:!,":;~~n~~ ~~o~::



fonncr SOA n:cyclina commlnbPnlam:her Chris Sh.ipp~.ud


design4, fQr . in$,or,~ 1Jsc~·on ~ii), . 1

Contio,ed;r,om pogo






~ C.Iaw student goes- n shoow,ig·•Rle

aram \hat wu di,scu!sed would be

:: ::"~:utlt~;:!:~~fit!:~:

=·~~N~~ A .Uaivtlr• ~

~~ ~ UffC

' CGMiaued


ICmalb' tab ic,



well u fmd out

!.Illy" of Nonh ~
~law\ IChool • ~ b Q.hW in"a doorway: ~
~ a r e . ~ can
recycling and' the new on-campu1 ~ n l opened fire. onia ~
,near pQ)~e uanwcd on th e · ,cc~ . be 6e~ahod, TamaaidbaWOllld like
proarim. .
&npua~!an: ~·kiW.S lw~siCOR}e emcrs~ and bepn firin&.,bifUPa an ·l~·pi(/ ~
Ji '. ~ ...- - 'fnw

"'""iVUilii/1~ ol"i/!l'M"i'oll:- ud,w.-.~--•bcll,,e he


,~,.,_.,,., ,,o1,u,'2

b)' i~"'4 1'·~!;µ.'), 11 I~
'"·" .w . i ~i.WU ahol;isn:U-..l'C,
o'ina, constantly 12 ,, W.eadtU,W~, ·26.~third-, ~ _hllfdlto
m'ohdi'i t~'ab1 OUt lli'c yea; WU yeM ... ·~
•hoouoa Ill the ~
at lc.a,t ~ )Gib/touched upon. sl'le ifrefted the in,. randorn, w:hile walkin& ,1n dowolown en . ,WUh.a--.Uonc, ~ owoer or
portance or havfn8 ·1he · j,N>j,oscd, Qape~ Hill.
• .
Tammany H~II, • popu~ ~Judent
new .~ licies a'.•rOvia a"nd then
, .W111i~m1on killed a ~an who . bar: threw hunself on Wdl~amson
brou; into the~ltwi-oortls. · ·. ,'
wasataodiq~~ofsonx,tybouse , w~le ~ gunman w-. .clput&inc,.1tle
'"" issu that p,eserltly need 10 and tben CCd.lllued. down tbc street clip on his_weapon. Leo~ who 11,a
bcaddtc&scd~ld&thclackolstor- until be f...U, uot ~ UNC-. f~marioe,•wass~in~ahoul(,
the need player, who WBI lt)'IDI 10 tide hts der lR the ~ of ratra1runa the
bjnicans..ic't retuni- bkycle away~ b i s ~ ball UNC law atudcnt. . .
ing thOIC bins to their ~pus loea. ~ hapcl Hill pohce H)" thlt
. ~oon after, pohc~ su"!"ound~d
lions after lhcf have been emptied. Wdhamson. fired 1~ to 15 rounds . Wtlliamson, fi nally dtMn111~& him
Scanlon aMOUnccd that •he and fror_n • senu-anomauc M-1. So ~ai:, after ~Yan hour o f ~ Morefiou1e are currentlt draftina pol,ce say they do not have• mot1•e
~ . UNC ~
propou1.t fo,- • ocw recyc1in& plan,
Jason Howud saw Willianison walkand arc open to new i~
and ippuL estimated it u vcs abo,it S40.000 • ~': :;";, ~
Some otbcr ideas discuucd in- year
eluded In the future possibly incortbc • Jo,,mal spoke to
ul1J ' ,nb

erh)>1oyees'iftVOYYth l







;::n~.:.:~~::,=· !~:r~Zaco~::: ~~

dealing with slz.e and noise iuucs.
ll was noted that the recycling

program at One Beacon Suut, run

;~;;:11c~:-i:~ :a~~~~

the R.M. Bradley Managcmcnt' ColTIpGnyi has a. baler and a compactor.
· Ry"an su'ai'ested the''H comew'
miuce contlcl ~ Eou of the R.M.
Bhadley Managc'fflent Company to
learn more about their pf'Ogram. and


, r-r-

:: ::s,:tv

~ ~':tl.fl~.a i'\Miiicn.111

. . 'aplain whM tfie 9mdelll Ewalp·ation 'Haodbool: is: .i:ci1-vc "them
look over t h e ~. to aee if
there is- anythlna lhat ~ would

t •, '

' 'ob;ca ' to," Tam Mid. I
Will the li/ancl,ook make ill II>"
in me,
'"Ocfutitdy " Tam Mid notiq dial
"ibis wu ~)~ in tbc ,-.
Tba:e'• ICtUllly an old copy left. 1
~w the old one Md bow It's Id up
and that's prdly, madi bow I'm 10ing to set this I.Ip, It's aolnc to be
objective and subjective, fair to the
stlldcnu and to the .~


offbi1 kcya, which w~Ulhls pocket.

Bradley. Sbe clarified thc_,l?roaram


·'.l\ll!ulifl'ii'w¥11 '/il'_,.IMilif'!i,.



is tdbJll up cou.naelio&tPf'OI~ to
bdp tmdcnts deal. with;J,he uqedy. ,

~;dienn:~~ "A lot o(peop1eare llill ipJ Jl&U:~f
firm the ·'8.vfn'at' ~
:• ...•· , ~,t ' ' ·.~
-~ ~. .'~ c' llibe tOUL!iaina
lh tf0f1nt1~
S&ld' ahc w¥ a number of prov.81\lSJIC;). hdp ou r
e ncoura.ed by alle~mc e Ii •c
lfe '~ " ' " ~ ":,i· .tbis in,tb~ IIPP(O1
meethi'a aod igairii'"'eJcomcd~addi. pn
. 1· on.
. .
. ,r
tional co'rnrr\enu and su11Clitio~s
r, Williamson_now is III pol~c CUI·
~ the~Suff'Olk t:tsffi'mUrtit~.'~·' ;.,.,
wilb ,C

• ~;t:;'~~r::.




Have We Got a Job


·ror Yo !!

to perform in ~
The Stude?t Gove~en_ AssGCiation is
Announcmg Openirlgs ID Every·ciass


If You Missed the Elections Last Year
or Just Didn 't Know ifSGA was / or You

New students can still enrol'l ,for Supplemental Healt#). lnsuran.ce for 1995! .
Enro llment deadline is 2/19/95 'for the covera&e peitod starting l/ 19i95.

■ A]Jordab(e Student Prein1ums - Start at $1 04 for coverage· \hru ,9/ ll95.'
If You Know You


Want to Join Us.


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ThoSuflolk.lowul Wemaday,l'dnocyll, 1995,

TboSuffolt.lowul . Wednesda/ l'ebnlory8, 1995

"Tom Thumb" Fascinates Audiences wllh Eerie ~lloo

·-··& ·'

nnflent,. nd











,r-::-.,..-=== = - - -- - - -

money : •. hey iomcbody
made '7ho Beverly ' Hillbil• ,
l.iea.. 1 hittwoyean: 1go. The • ..


-.oo '95 loob mm Shelley Long as

10 be ~ y Pf'ORUS· Carol, and wcll ... you know
ingat .&bD~ ,u-:.14 ,:41, lbo~.-:n.
..... •
UNalty, this is lhi,)tiffiO••·· fJ AJsocm'tbc·c:omedyrn>nf.•11
the studios dUfflp- die films is Ben Stiller's ovcrwci1h1
wbkh wc:R not roi camp for kids flick -" Heavy• ·
holiday release aad Wlucb wcigh1s," Olevy Chase and
> '
would get crus bed b;..._ the FartM Fawccu -in J'Man of .
summer's up comiaa heavy• the House" which is • hopcI.
wcig._1 Thia doc;I noc,.Joot fuliaucmpt.lO revive'Oase's ,,
like tho casc-t~bc during the stallcdufm. and Puer Pa11;: t11
new i pnng.
_ -":iar:d 0.8. Sweeney in
Alnmy, Hollywood has "Room ales."
u.nJcallcd a baadfaal or·pxtIf comedy and Mcstcm
Owisbnal lliu fucbdiaa the isn' t your taste tbdtc is an
Bnd Pitt chart lopper "'1...q:- ample amount.,of·,dn,matk:
-,ir, ,n,••m
( . Photo b)o
C1fdS of the r ill ," "Paul thrillers "With strong"l!IUts
Two unemplf>Yed CX>llSlrucilon-,'Johnny Brennan•~eft) ar,od Kamal(ftght)-ring
. Newman '• crilic• ll y •c- dim:tors at the helm. Sean
up comedy ahd chaos when they place a aeries ol crank phone cafls that reach out and
claimed " Nobody'• Fool," Connery and Laurence
louch an angry mob boss In Caravan Pictures' new oomey-~
The Jertcy Boys,·
directorJohnSinalctoo's thiid Fis hburne star in 1he legal




..,. ,


G d tudent goes fro

lJector to producer

thriller ..Just Cause." Roben
th< 1u,pris< bil ~ ; - r.mily . "F...,dy Kru,gc," £nalund
T3 S
ffi CQ
comedy "House guest."
atars in 1he S1cph n King
Tbcse films more lhan . baaed horror flick '"The Man• By Marco Buscaglia
drcds or bands. Lauerman
made up for the diuppoinl...
er, w
ra, Oby Colleg&-Press--ServH:'C
came up-wittra liSl·or 10 thar
ing grosses or lhe~erly Toti
oo'pon("T~. EVANSTON, 111. - Oreg he wanted to f~iurc on his
awaitcd"MurdcrirltheFU$L" Chai nsaw Massacre") ,
Lauennan stoned collccting disc, "Aware."
Now ii loob ujf I-Jolly- ...
Jeff Goldb lum an,d CDs of his favorite college
"Dociding .oo the ~ands
wood is
Alic~ ~ as a hobby.
wu pretty easy compared to
ing a wide "variety Q(
Bu~ w~n ~ Nwtbw~- · . th,t. 111cx1 .siq,," he.1says. " I
ti41ly IU'Oll&.filas IO
· min
e1ial cm Unavcrsny gmd11a1c•b1,111,,. ,didn't rcaliz.e how1 hard ' it
mbvi~gocn IO tbc lhe8len ~J!tcnr ..L••• •Hi ~~,, , ,"J•,••dk ncss s1udcn1 ~ou?'! ~hat he __would be ~_JCI all 10 bands.
P •
andprqmcchemf«•P.OWer .-.
WU bo~cd ~ •th his O:~o-5
Waµmeir ~ prc.tentinga1pocked scam..
. Nicholson and i:1''njelic1 account!ng Job, he decided torneys. and managemen t
'roppin1, P'(,J~1 .9l,re• Huuon in ~The <;,ro11ing 1~ put ~•s _
hobby lO work for companies 1 ag ree 10 the
leasc1forthe~ LI Guard," while Kathy Baics tirn. His idea: ICCk out the terms."
S h a r o n ~ ~ ~ looks to tum in ancJlhcr fine h,:s.t collcg~ bands and put
Arl~r the final contrucu
up ~ '"The Qluck and perfonnance (.}!Ith Jen.. their ~o~inp . together on were signed, Lauennan hit
lhc Dead." Frcu«f thil f•lls nifer J~ Lcig~)irl1DoJorcs II c~~plation dtSC.
the recording studio 10 overhigh ea.-p, coi.n1inia1, Claiborne," ,._her
. I had a pretty huge col- see ~c production o( the CO.

effort "Higher Leamiag'" and





~~-=- -· r,·,
- m·onollodlhc

hi! ~S'pccialilt" ~~

(about to rach.:x!deo . iic.x1 ..,.. MUlfKI tw11:
monlh), S1~ is hol j,roper,y.

For m)'stery love,s ~
The anticipated film co- is ~Heaven 's Prisoners"
11ar1 Gcoc Hactmao and which teams Alec: Baldwin
L..coria11fo DiCaprio and looks with ( ltrong tri~, o en
to be a bi& draw, '"The(!jlck , includi~g Ma . -. S1ui n
and the Dead" ~ rcct:ived 1 MlllcnQf!, Kell L ~ •!'d
~itivc word or ~ aad " Loi 1 and Clifrk " ·Teri'·
i1 dircc1cd by Sam Raimi Ha1cher.
~ ("'Evi_ Dead" and " Dark•
On the obscure side there
maoj, who LI casill one of illbepcrioddrima "Rcst.oradie indu11ry '1 less main• tion" reaturing .. Roben
- . more ambitiow and Oowncy' Jr., Meg Ryan. Sam ·
~ lllerits.
Neill and Hugh OranL
Allo • lbe way i, '1'be
a-ty .._. Movie" which,
' ......, •
..i,,.wUI _,. likely mu:e•
conurued on ~ 5


lccuon of COs_mostly Crom ~ourwcc.bla1er, lhcfirs1copbandsthatoobodyCW:l'h.a:rd 1cs werc delivered1ohisdoor.
of ~ s e was bani 10 find
lo11~d or pitching 1hc
tbc:ir RUff, says Lauerman, CDs 10 s rores a1 the local
who is now 26. "Bu~ when malls. Lauerman set up an
people hcanl the mU$1C, lhey 800
( 1-800likedit,so I wu always male• AWARE-65) and waited for
i ng t~ ~h: lopes for my the calls to come in.
fric,nds .
And the y did. Relying
1ii'ei:m~ quit his ac• primarily on word.of-mouth
coun g iob. in Boston aad publici1y and a few indcpcn.
moved_~o V11l, Col., k> work dent dis1ribu1ors and sales
a s a s k i ~. HcwOfkcd representatives on various
tbealopes _
durioathe~.and campuses, Lnllc rman sold
watched hvc bands Iii iuabc. thousands o( copies o( his
I liked, I CD in the fi rst year,
In~ to .contact lhc baad . to
Lauerman, who is cursec ,r they wanted IO act in- rcnUy pursuing his MBA
volved wi~ lhc projoct."
Nonhwcs1em, says that
After liltenl111 to huo- of today's bands rcalb.c they




V!'D = : :•c~t




Hollywood .promises an unusually
strong spring-: season at the movies

looking for a high-implCl fairy tale,
and the !~minute 'Tom' intrigued
them enough 1 put up the money for
an eJi:pandcd feanue.."



lmbolc, the ~estival ot'Ligb~
cel~brated. in Medford

By Kevin Sweeney
College Press Service
Bristol, Eniland, hardly strike,
one u the Mecca for European ani-

rx:ed to pu1 their .music ou1 on
CD. evcn~whcn lhey'rc jus1
staning out. .,,,
"Youcanget 8follow 1ng
from live s bo!NS, but once
your ~ io is,. out there on
, CD,-.pcoplc can pes,Jurou nd
10 Lhcir·uiend&;, he ays.
"A .fOl .o£ times, ihnd~
doo'1.knowhowtogo1 bout
getting more exposure. w e
try to help them with thaL "
Li.Jr.:cany good cnueprt_
neur knows, ooe &ood idea
Lauerman began work on
""Aware IL"
"Aware II " fca1ure 1 a
includi ng HOOlie & the Blow•
fish, Belter than ~ . From
Good Home1, The 6 mptys
and more.
Despite his foll ,chcdule
of clanci, Lattcnnan still
finds ti me to wnple bands
for ".Aware Ill," whic h he
plans tO ~ i's SOOo u he
geu the music.
..Whenever you hear a
olher people IO know aboul
it," Lauerman says. "That's
what the ' Aware CDs' lltC all
abouL This is music I've
heard that I know other
people will lib.."






the yariowl sabbau, for tbcre LI no
one correct way to celebrate. All
(mbok ritual& incorpor11.e the u,e or
cudles ~o encourage the sun's rctura ....
During the Cin:Jc, tbcre i s ~
raising and coning, whkb briftp the
ii healing energy, energy ol the white
light.· 1~ purpose is to aid in rcstora·
1ion and healing
othen and or the
After the raisin&, conina and releasing of the cncray, members need
to be grounded. nil is done dirouah
ttaesharina ofwbal LI referred IOIS
"cakes and wine." ln this imwx:e.,
cookies were used. All rituals are
based on the use o( cnera,y for posi•
live. beneficial OUlcomca, lo iud all.
or AJI Ages and lhc Council of
Uranus will be ,ched ullna future
open cin:lcs, open to anyone iatcrcsted in the pracdcc of map:k.
Blessed Be l

ae:~n:; ~~~=}nu~::-:e:~t:~J: The
pas! rcw ycat1 have seen an inOux or "pixilation." Tom, Jack and the other Juocdon with Of All Ages oew qc
adventurous young animators who cl'Uture models arc made of latex 110re in Medford, held an open Oilhhave rethought and advanced the an skin and foam Oesh over detailed erio,. The Gatllc:ring was be.kl 11. the
wi1h s uc h superior experimcnlal replicas of the human skclcion. Uni1,rian u n'tve-rsalist Church in
wotu as the Oscar-wiMing "Crea- The human actors, meanwhile, are Medford in celebration of l nibolc.
tures Comfons," the video for animated rmmc-by-(ramc by stayina ' l mbolc, abo known as Candclmas ,
Gabriel's '"Sledacbammer" and "The i n positio n between take, before Jmbolc
Socrcc AdTCnturis or Tom Thumb." m akina i ncremental moves. The Candelaria and Dialing, is lhc Felli·
The laucr, now playina around miftd.bcnding rcsuh ii that the crca• val or Ua,hu
those .who practice
the United States and seeminaly des- tu.res 1ecm1 more CJ1prcu.ivc, more pagan and neo-pagan' religions.
tined to bccomc a midnight mainsiay lifelike, than the robotic Ji umans.
Candelmu falls in the beginning
and cull video, is an ·cerie an,d per"Tom Thumb" 100k about 18 ofFcbruary, andisacddnlioobanversc post-punk rantasy where the months to shOOI, with ooc week of ishing winier and the enpast meets the fo cure. Mixing human film ing yielding about one minute o( trance or spring. It marks the rcbinh
acton -with minutely detailed, stop- foocage. '"l'he work isn't easy for the of the 111 n.. lhc change of the old to
motion latex puppc11, the mm: s actors," he sayi. • "A movement or the new, winier 1 sprio&. 'rt is a
w.nge images m:all "Enserhead," cxpt"CSSion that lasts five KCOOds on celebration ol fertility and of all
with bits of "Brazil," "Pioocchio" screen miaht llle 1hrce hours 10 is yet 1 bc,G:,rn.
even, in the born-again finale. "200 1: shOOL" To break up the mooocony,
lmbolc is a sabbat, a fltual (le.
A S,-ce Odyssey."
many of the technicians doub~ as sipcd f0< group&. Sabbats are what
Billed as "a nursery crime of epic · accors.
would be COflSidcrcd major holidays
proportions," Tom is a ti ny muwu ..A lol o ( my (ricods and co-workcn by thoK who follow magickal midi·
child accidentally born 10 a poor are q1,1itc an odd-looking bunch," tioos. The theme or lmbolc is the
couple in the slcazies1 pan
town. ~ Bonhwick laughl, "so they could be Ooddcu' reco very, the coming of
Snatched by 1i nis1er govcrn men1 gainfully employed iri the mm when s prlna. •
agents who lalCI' mwder his mother, they weren't working bchiDd the
Tbe ritual began Suoday evening
Tom is taken to a high-tech lab filled . sc:enes. This ~P! ~ ~
•level at 9:1:' p.m.', with tbe fonning or the
with other mutant beasts. He escapes high, because ,it wa ~h • Iona Circle.: All members .form a larae
with the help of one such creature, shoot. Even aftU a year ~ a half'; cftde and bcgi';' t~c ritual ~pccifiand finds other, ..linlc people" such the lisl<lay or filmina was as frab "as cally dciigocd by the Council of
• 1.himi7clf liviaa; a mcsficval the firsc.:•
Uraous for Canddmas. Tbcre are as
cncc in a 1oxic dump. He'\!,llj'° in Borthwic:~ t}irillcd by th~ critical .many ri1tlah as there Wigtoups r«
by ~ ~mnMiiP..,WE;.,~Q,i,m,fj)!Cfn,:,1.9(\ i;qq)IJl(r~i•lj .r;C.SP.c>!l§e to-.h.i,, { n-,,,--,---- -:---=- ~ = -- a fearless 89<1 fonnidablc 6-inch c maiden (ull-lcngth fca1u~. is . gur- ·
erminator who ~rcsscs.. rllko{Rob>P , ing up (or II new project that promises
Hood and-is decennirtm 10 fight back · to be just as bWIJTO - and just as
against the encroaching "giants." , numbingly slow to complete.
Despite his mistrust of the &lints,
.. We animators arc a weird lot.
JackhcJpsTomrcunitcwithhisgricv- even among filmmakers," he acing (ather. But more lnigedy follows, knowled&CI, "People wonder why
and Tom musteventiiilly re m o we 1 , pu so muc
the lab IO conl'ron'1 the energy source ing puppcu a fraction at II time. But
or the evil scicntisu.
there's a purc,icu, if you will, to this
S urreal and u nseulina imagery animation. There' s no trick photo&•
abound - a caged rat wearing high raphy, no computerized images, no
hc:ds; Sania Claus on a crucifu:; in- splicing. "This animation is the rcaJ
sccu in every shot, crawling up walls thing - what you sec on screen is iL"
and sanding IICf05S tables. Tom himself looks like a ud•cycd Mr.
Polalohcad io a yellow jumper. To ■ MOVIF.S




i~ .
,.,....'"'' ,... -.a .. -

· -~~~

,:. lmlM CWQ& ElfAIIINr

~~neit ~ ; r ~ u ; : : ·= e


Continued rrom J-lgc 4

though not the score you'd c.r.pcct :·
Thcle films are definitely aoina
rrom a former ffle mber of Led ZcA)e• to give audiencc!I ;and critics ilike •
lot te,, chew on while awaitina the bi&
Wba1'sJ,be inspiration for such summer. fi~. o( 1995.
d-ccpinelS? Drugs? NJ'ghunares? Too •
A.nd fflO\li~a~ who can't wair
many episodes ot•"Land'.o( the .O!- ' for the spring ~CISCS can treat'them·
ants"? Acriially, it wu the BBC, S:.ys selves lO'thc dwnb (""The Jerky Boy&:
wri'i'er/d i rcctor/editor
Dave ' The Movie), \he •dramatic ("Boys oil
Borthwick. His .60-minUte oddity the 5idc"), the sci-fi (,;Highlander
began life as a !~ minute pilot shor1 III) and the horrific (John Cm-pcnu:r'a
fOI' 1elevision. "The BBC has made a ., surreal thriller " In the Mouth of Madcommitment to c.xpandina its aniffla- ness"~; all are cqerly waiting I~ grab
tion division," tic say,. "They were your< movie dollan.


... , .......
The Suffolk J....i WcdDcoday, l'dlruay,I, 1995

'11,e-Joanw Wedoelday, Fcbnwy 8, 1995



Give me MTV or give


'Itie voice of experience ·
• ,

Jwu ~


::Jc-:1f!·,~:.: ~~:!

AsSDllll ■ ICboolaSuffolkis,-ofmoalh

. CM OGly ., to f•.
evecyono bu ,eceived advice
oa lbil llDldlierorlhlltooc. which oocs 10 avoid and


which ooa lO
up quietly ro,, but moa of th■!


The s..- l!valuallon hindbook beina .udicd
by Dave Tam~ Diego Portillo is a good idea, one
dw should have become a replar thing years q:o.
1bc law school alrudy has just such a tw\d6ook.
available for its studcnlS, a brr.akdown of all student


evaluations forcvcry profC5SOI'. ~ . beiog much
larger and more diverse, would beoe~tcvcn moreso



Every .Suffolk studeht, from the DCWCst of rosychecked freshmen to the most gri:a.lcd veteran senior,


rould beoefi1 from the evaluations or all Suffolk
llDdeats, compiled in ooe place. Whicb profCIIOR an,
besl at presenting in fonmtion, wt::ich ones are easier
for bomewodc assignments, which oocs arc just more

"Option 4: Go ah~ and make Joumoh day •- pass all
allocation1 and go bankrupt,"
• Ariene Santiaaot Ownnan of Council of Preaidc~ at lheir I¥~ m~oJ, mcn~oni!J~ one ~f
gctary shortage.

into town to meet my friends,
10 I decided 1 plop down in
frool of the 1t.lcvWon and do.
somc scriou.. channel surfing. And while skipping between A&E' 1 1pecial o the
Titanic, the Soloflcx info- ·
mcrciat. and "Bikini Sum mer' D," I came across my old
couch-mate MTV.
I stuck wllh It for a while,
hoping to regain a small vestige of my byJonc ycan of
watching TV all day, and
MTV and Nick.clodeon were
my:!~ ;~;~:bed a
~:: ~ ~ : n : n ~ ~ : =


This idea. which had been in pl~ before, should
have continued on. Let's hope that when it 'is completed lhis time, it is maintained for l>c.!>Cl1t or all
future Suffolk students.


Airing J im's dirty laundry


garbqe in Jim
Bchrlc's pathetic COU)' in lhc
Jan. 25. 1995 issue of The
Suffolk Journal was n'1 a
,.whhe-haircd bag of Geargian_garbagc," accually ii was
lhc content of the article itsclf.
I did find the first few
somcwha1 amwing, and I'm
sorry I.bat his personal life is
so pathetic. Hey, if it makes
him fee] any better lo air bis
diny laundry in publk, so be
H_!>wcvcr, 10 suggest that
Newt Gingric h and Phil
Gramm ~ evil and that they
have • deal with the devil ,
. well, that's just too much for
me to stomach.
Accually. these accuse.dons sound like they' re coming from likes of Sam
an d
Donaldson rather than from
our own Jim Behrle.


a11/~·n::" ad:o!~
Gin1rich or Phil Gr1.mm1
Have you takeo the lime to
rcscan:h their track m:onts?
, Have you ,,ieant or ,read ·any. ,
of lhcir spccchc1? D9 you
know where they staqd o~,
important iuucs? Hey Jim,
yu caUcd the Cootl11Cl with
America '"The COOU11C1 wilh
the demon," have you taken
the time 10 actually rcl¥1
Contract wilh America arwas·
your opinion fed to you by biased, mainsuum, Ii~
cral prcu.
Jim, you c alled f"jcwt
Ginsrich "a white-haired bag
of Georgian garbage.," .~ y
hars h words; you wouldn't
catch me using that k.ind of
language to describe that fatheaded, drunken, womanizing, murderous, hypocritical
abomination of a senator that
cominued on page JO

Big Head CUnlon
and lhe Monstu s


Anddoy.,~lhc stre1chlh, y
come!! · It's the Sccra Scrvice in the lead, folJ OWcd by
.President Oititon. the ne1 .w~. J,:ic~l,'prr.1s••AACl,. las1
but not least., stragglers. Big
f'IS,~ Clinton and Mon1
11crs have 111riv¢. in Bos1
~ ~ Bcantown by
, tonn l!!
As my friends and I were
comina back from lunch and
were walking · towards 1he
State House 10 act back 1
Suffolk, we were greeted by
a police block and a crowd of
people . waiting to sec the
PrcsidtnL Upset by fact
that we would now be unable
10 get back ·,o school we decidcd to stay and sec what the
Prcsi.d cnt looks like. (Y ou
know what C
hey 111y abou1
how people look 10 much
different from tbdr driver's
license picture. ..)

continued on page: JO

The Suffolk Journal
By the students, for the students, since 1936
Dan Coak1cy, Editor-in-Chief
ROII Viei~Newaf.d.itor
Ka«nM. CCKlrtraey,BuslncaManqcr
MibShlw, &ccutiveEditOI'
Ovistba£Aa)er, ~ E d l c «
Justin Grieco, Entcrtalnmcn1 Editor
Ryan Fole,Y,._ Spons Edhot
Jim Behrle, Columni'!
Enk.lnc Plummer, ·Pbolb E.dltOI'
Dr. Gerald, Advisor
Norine Badplupo. Journal •Consultant

on ... - ~.

ishor,~io a vcrytalaMic


OK, O.J., I'D be your
witnes.,, ~ys Jini
J/~ _Behrle ~


for ■y -. . . . bMd~ftl

I was 1motin1
Wife oldie......._,.· ll
slmJUy not amusing.
Santa aJ>d had just llfpped
Bobby Sbapiroi • inc
What I rully can' t un- into IOfflC Hugsics wbea my down, and .over ,a couple
dcnland, is why this spot was ~ rang. Ain't that~• Jiu,.ca •ot ~ he quietJy,
made, never mind Why il was ways the way? I preleClded__ coaviaccd .me 10 come for•
even coo1tdctt.d few airing. .Jt not to bear it, and with my ward. To do lbc right thing,
1eems to mC that MTV could remote c<introl I cranked C To see that juldcc wins the
bcontheveracoftNc1t.lcvi- SPANupcojctcngjllelevels. day. ToacllmyM°')'tothc
sion grcalDCSS. With the obA couple minulcl Iller hiJhai bidder.
vious exceptions of Tabitha there was a rappina at my
I' m aonqa &akc lbc llalld,
Soren and 1hc univcually door. It was that damn OJ. baby: I'm ioina to Kl the
hated Martha Qui nn clone, Dream Team of lawyers . m:ord straight. ~ftcr my lc:S•
Kennedy; just about every- Bobby Shapiro, Dcrshowitz, timooy OJ. will be as free as
body else on the air is pretty Johnnie c _ you know, the a bird. Judge Ito will shave
much wcll-Ukcd, and ac• whole crowd.
his beard! Mattia Clark will
ccplcd. NOi to mention
.. lt'1 about time you .guys quit her jqb and take up
~ they all soimct'prcuy goth~!" I laid.
1CUbal Dan Rather will fi1
They had 1omc m~lc nally 1lcep wilh Connie!
hcad~\y .:c~::ante;:~ frosted donuts, 1omc ·R'cd
I warchcd them. The co-



of1ee.ingsomcthlaacoollikc Lodcr, hubecomcascrious Oog'fa;:i:;:~y";~ffolk .
, guy with the Dcr't'OUI voicetobccon1cDdcdwilh io
breakdown in the restallrant, the world of cntc:nainmcnt, Mc and OJ. JO way baclc. ning to frame my pal In fact.
or Jimmy The Cab Driver, J aid politiCAJ news. Lodcr's And I know thal hc' 1 been my tt:aeimony will implicate
saw somcthin& that was mo- professional-sounding 11ylc framed. Framed like a bad half the population of Cali•
ronic and downriaht insult- of rcpon.ina the new,, and Picasso. I was wilh him the fon1iam
and fflOll of Orcaon.
ing .
hosting 1uch specials as "A whoJcnighLWcwere ~ Wal- Jt'saoing1obccarth-sbattcr-'
The co mmercial con- TribuLC lO Nirvana" had al- man the entire Jmc, makina ingl An I 1.3 on the Richlcr
taincd pictures of... bookl. ways given MTV's ocw1 the out with the girls .in the bra scale! •
Oli, but that wun't lhc insulc- feeling of true credibility and .departmc'nt. O .). couldn't . • I can't ,really get into tbc
ing pan or iL The announcer lcJilimac)'. ·
pos.sibli have done iL
spcciflci. Then, wbo would
;then started saying what a
· Of coune. "The Weck in
from lhc ~cry ~giMin&, buy m y ~ .1)). didn't do
waste of time all books wcee. Rocle" is no "World News Jlvc ~ reluctant to come it! It was President Ointon"
. ··and'that'vie'1hob1tl a11·watth'··•iohi&flt," ·but·whcn )'OU ·put
l·m·~ • • l1V
' ai1eLc·f'icxn H~blfu"

·,~·:m~ mt1n·:

:vaJ~s::i: :f.;:t~~•·· ::~r:,~:~c:~~~a~nh~:
1pcot if I were sprawled out
iri front of thii tclevWon babblingmindlcislyatthescrcen,
than curled up with a good
boot and actually exercising
my mind.
I.bis was all i. big jolce...just
li1ce mosc of their other stalion ID's, but thi1 was diffucnL I mean all of the other

matcriali1iic kind of duc!c. • real, real


ioon). ' ·



Bwtbead, Pelrl J-. O.,

Xilpaa.,sc.dellW,Prwdcet &ta Clldadalcm, the

Pope-...,.wc:reallinoo ill
No" 0GC is abov,e IUlpicionl Oet the witch 1ria11

By my calculations, over
17.4' million Americans
helped plan, cxccatc, ud
cover up the murden. OJ.
SimJ)IOD may be ooo of die
few who had nothin& to do
wilh these horrible matden.
Why do you think t:bere'1
ao much m1crcll in lhis trill?
They're waiting for their
cover to get: bk,wo, Thcy'ra
waitin1 for the
to fall
Well, I g« news for you,


~t:t::' ~i::.

America' s goina to get a
rnqulhful of the truth, cour•
lcay of fOUtl buJy. You all
bcucr run f« lhc •border.
When the rest of the ONA
comes back fro'm F~
as popular u head pa:rui1ca.
Tbiak Fia.Jand, yoo pt· .
thctic little fu&itives!
The jury will convict

'iHcinselVCi.1 They•~ 1al1! ..
guilty II sift!


Oi:,lnjt.A~!1~'=A ·
0 ct the fcclin that the for a few ~ ~ n1 I c ~ o n with NASA, the set OJ. free. The tnlth, COUI·
people ruMing .. N"'tckclMastacard former Si>vttH:hmm;-t!n,--d-ally,;..;thl,....,...___
odcon for grown-up kids" bill ain't · IDMa p.ay icself. Menendez brothers , the richer than God. j'\
believe whole-heartedly in But I CC!',lld always use a few Sandincstas, the Ku Klux
My advice? Curl •P by
I.he quasi-intdligcncc of the extra VCR1 . Some d rua Klan, and the Osmonds, have I.he fire, ilap on the pvd-(0idealistic youth who tunc in money. And Hard CCU!)fi taken a Heitman Trophy wio- pvd CO\l'enp, and JC:t yourevery day to "sec" their fa- been buying me h ~ for ncr ~ made him info Public ldf somc popcorn - 'Ceuac
voritc songs.
Eocmy,tll. · ·
hlllGCJPic. i1' 1 t oinJ to be
But thi1 ooc ·Huie ad
'But, OJ. mcan1 tbc wyrtct
Bi1_)1o1Jba Oin&oa, M:,11 • sope; ldaj o/ DOWJ
ch~gcs cvcrydunJ.
to me. I couldn't becny him, Glnarfc( HIU.-y, ~lsca.
£-t doa't bow what
. · SHA)¥
even if it meant my very Own Socks.. Oovanor Weld; Mr. I' m JCM1 IO ~. baby! •
continued on page 10
sitcom and .a record contmct S~lc, Tom Petty, Beavis,
Stay twltld~ America.

Voices of Suffolk,

t;>o you appr:ove·of the pro



The Suffolk loomlil Wodnclday, Februaryl, 1995

Wednelday, fcbNary 8, 1995

Give me MTV or give OK, 9.J.,_l_'U be your
me brain-death
wiQt~, says Jim
Mike Shaw..:.,__
apou tho< ""' on .,. outland·

I was snowed in last Fri •


Big Head

and the Monsters

~g Jim's dirty laundry
ear Editor,

Tbe onJy garbage io Jim
c~•• p8lbetic couy io the
tn. 25, 1995 issue of The
dfolk Journal wasn't ' a
¥hite-baircd bag or Gearan,garbagc," actually ii was
e content of the article it•
I did find the fint few
.,.,._,,1,.. or nonaenie to be
ICDCWhat amusing, and I'm
lfT)' that his pcnonal life is
1 pathetic. Hey, if it makes
m fed any .better 10 air his
tny laundry in public, so be

cwt Gin&rich and Phil
,ramm arc evil and that they
ave a deal with the devil ,
ell, lhal's j11St 100 much for
te 1 stomach.
Actually , these accusa•
oos sound like they·rc com•
1g from the likes of Sam
. Connie
ion.aldson rather than from'
ur own Jim Behrle.

Jim, what do you 11crually know a bout Ncw 1

Gingrich or Phil Gramm?
Have you taken the lime to
research their uuck records?,
Haye yOll.hcard or ,read any ,
or their speeches? DQ you
know where they staqd on:,
important issues? Hey Jim,
yu called the Contract with
America •,-be Comract with
the demon," have you taken
the time to acNally ~ the
Conlrael with America or was
your opinion fed 10 you by
lhe biased, mainsueam. libcm! press.
Jim , you called Newt
Gingrich ..a whi1e-!Jaired bag
of Georgian garbage." .~lly
harsh words; you wouldn'I


Anddowntbe strctchthcy

come!! It's the Socrct Ser•
vice in the, foUoWcd by
.President Cli,nton. the nc1 ,works ••loAl. prpJ. .itnd I.IM
but not least, stragglcn. Bi~
t'99d, Clinton and the Monstcn have arriv¢ in Boston
and an taking Bcantown by
i;(Q ! I!
As my friends and I wen:

coming back from lunch and
were walking towards 1ht
•Stale 10 gee back 1
Suffolk, we were greeted by
a police block and a crowd of
people waiting to see tht
PresidenL Ul)ICl by the fac1
lhal we would now be unable
to get back ·,o schoo1'..e de·

~:fo~~ ==~r=:

=!a;: t~s~:c:
headed." drunken, womaniz•
ing, murderous, hypocritical
abomination of a senator that
continued on page 10

know· what they say about
bow people look so much
different from their driver 's
license pictllre. ..}
continued on page 10

· The Suffolk Journal
Dan Coakley . .~itor-in•Chid
KfflaM. Counaey,BudoenM.ana.&a'
Ovmiao EAJ)er, M--.;ni EdilCI' /
lustin Grieco, Ente11ainmen1 f.dilor
RJa!I Folc_y,,SP!)IU F.ditCI'
·Jim Behrie, Columnist
Ersline Plummer, Photo Editor

Ron Vieira.News Editor


Vo/ca of Suffolk ,

By the students, for the stu~·nts. since 1936

Mike st-, Eualti\lllC E.ditOJ

ish or done in a very wcastic

:-Jchni~\ ~:;~
b~t !his ooe ;-d a •
, intp toWn to meet my friends, simp{y'':°:n::g~ wu
so I deddod to plop down in
What I can''t un•
froot or the Lelevtsion and do. dentand. is why this spoc was some .serious channel surf- made,nevermindwhyitwas
ing. And while skipping be- even coostdcred for airing. It
tween A&E's 1pccial o the seems to mC that MTV could
Titanic, the Soloflex info• be on the verge of true tclevimercial , and "Bikini Sum- sion greatness. With the obmer U," I came across my old vioos ex~ptions or Tabitha
couch-mate MTV.
Soren and the universally
I stuck with it for a while. bated Martha Quinn clone.
boping ,to regain a small ves,, Kennedy, just about every•
tige of n'ly bygone years of body else on lhe air is pretly
watching TV all day, aod much well-liked, and acMTV and Nickelodeon were ceptcd. Not to mention the
my ~ of choice.
fact lhai they all sound pretty
Af1er I had watched a codl.
few videos. one of those s1aAnd the news team.
tion IDs cwne on. But instead headed by anchorman Kurt
of 1CCing somethioa: coot like Loder, bas become a aerious
the guy with the ncrvdus voice to be contended with ia
breakdown in the rcstaun111t, lhe world of entertainment,
or Jimmy The Cab Driver, I aiid political news. Lodcr's
saw somethiag that was mo- professional-sounding style
,onic and downright insult· of reporting the news, and
hosting such spc.cials as ..A
The commercial con- Tribute 10 Nirvana" had altaincd pictures of... boo~s . ways given MTV's news the
Ob, but that wasn't the insult- focling or true credibility and
ing pan ofiL The-announcer legitimacy.
then started saying what a
Of courK, '7he Week in
waste of time all books wCIIC, Rock" is no "World News
and'that'W"e"shobtd ali~'Nateh' .. °Tohight," bur·'W'hen you ·pu1
MTV instead of reading. I cdherent, professional halfwas also told to belieYC1 Umf'• h0ur newscast right in be•
bootS were nothing but a tween "Alternative Nation"
"Bigwasteoftime",andth_t and "MTV Jams," you stall
r to ct the reelin 1hat the
spent if I were spnwled oul people ruMing this " Nickelin front of tbe"telcvis.ion bab- odeon for grown-up kids"
blingmindleislyatthescrcen, believe whole-heartedly in
than curled up with I good the quasi-intdligencc of the
book ud actually excn:ising idealistic youth who tune in
my mind.
every day 1 ..see" their fa0
Now I ca.n undcntand that vorite songs.
this WIS all a big joke...just
Bui 1his one- littlC' ad
like most of lhcir ocher Ila· ch&nges everythini.
Lion JD'a, but this was differSHAW
ent I mean all of the other
continued on page JO


my ..,_. bud "C,iying Butthead, Pei,t Jam, 0ee1
I was smoki n& /sodle Wife of m e " ' ~ " th 1
X~SaldtillBodyl'nli- .
strptled • Bobby supirolut me dent Erib Cbrildanaoa, the
into som~ Hugp".' ~ l"Y. . down, and over a co~ple Pope...!....-1:bey'we:reallinonitl
doornell T11J1g. Am t that al· & ~ or Fraca. he quietly
No· OOC is above suspi:
ways the way7 I preteadcd convinccd me to come for• cion! Oet the witch trials
DOI to hear it, and with my
ward. To do tbe right thing. cra~n&I
remote cciotrol I cnnked C· To sec lhal justice wins tlie
By my calcu.latiOllS, over
SPAN up to jet engine levels. day. To Kil my story to the · 17 .4 .million American•
A couple minutes later lushest bidder')helped plan, execute, and
there was a rapping at my
I'm goe'll}A tak.e the staDd, cover up the murdets. OJ.
door. It was that damn OJ. baby. I'm going to 1et the Simpson may be one or the
Dream Team of lawyers . record straighL After my tes- few who had nothina 10 do
Bobby Shapiro, Denbowitz, timony OJ. will be a., rrce as with these horrible murdcra.
Johnnie C. _ you lcnow, the a bird. Judge Ito will shave
Why do you think there'•
whole crowd.
his beard! MBJcia Clark will so much interest in thia trial?
"It's about lime you guys quil her job and take up They're waiting for their
gol bere t" I said.
scuba! Dan Rather will fi - cover to gel blown. They' re
They had some maple. nally sleep .with Connie!
waiting for the bomb to Call.
frosted donuts, some Red
I waachod them. The enw'cll, I got news for you,
Dog and a subpoena.
tire Loi Angeles police de- folks.. Here comes the Behrle
Yes i.odeedy. Suffolk. paruneot u 1hey weie plan- bomb! The disco i1 over.
Mc and 0.J, go way back. ning to frame my pa). In fact, America's going to gel a
And I know that he'• been my testimony will implicate moulhful or the truth. courframcd . Framed like a bad half ~ population of Call· tes)' of yours truly:- You all
P.icano. I wu wiltt him the forni1 and most of Oregon. beuer run for 1he ,border. ·.
whoJcnighL _ e ~ ereat,.~al· lt's goingtobeearthsbattb: When the rest of lhc DNA
mart the entue ume, making ingl An 11 .3 on the Richter cornea back from Fotomat,
out with the girls in the bca scale\
department. O.J . couldn't
I can't really get into the a., popular u head puuitca:
possibly have done iL
specific,. Then, who would
Think Finland, you pa~
r vti::-~:;r:~~~n=~ ~Y l~ ~ ~ : ; t : ' ~ : ;
t~ard.~ i
l'ffi QOl 8 1 a,vaitilile rfoin -H~biiu:.. ilieinselve;, 1 Theyvrt 'i.11! u
materialis1ic kind of dude. · real, real soon).
guilty a slii!

Jim Behrle_____ r«
~ank.p. and had _just


M ~;v;;,.·:-□int~~~~i::~A~~ ~=- ~":::':i;

for a few thousand dollars? I co-opgation with NASA, the set OJ. free. The IJ'Ulh, coin•
bill ain't gOMa pay itself. Meneod~z bro1hers , the richer thu God.
But I could always. use a few Sandines.tas, the Ku Klux
My advice? Curl up by
ex1ra VCRs . Some dru& Klan, and the Osmond&, have the fire, slap on~ pvd-tl>
money. And Hard Copy's taken a Heiaman"Trophy win- pvd cove.nae-, and &et your•
been buying me hookers ror ner and made him into Public self some ~ - 'Caule
Eacmy.,fl. ·
. hoacypie. il's aoiog to be
tobi~ i~~l~~yw~l~:!!•:1e.~~=
even if it meant my very own SocbL Governor Weld, Mr. I'm ioina to say. baby!
sitcom and .• record contract Spock, Tom Peuy, Beavis,
Stay nmed America:


·~r. ~~

' -1





TheSuffolkJoOllill Wedliaday, ,..,,..,11: 199,

\ _

Ail o~nletterto Suffolkstudentsftoin.
Al this time, 1hc
membcn of the Student Government Atspciation (SGAJ
ue'1ubmluina Uldr mid-year
rcpons. As the sccrc1nry or
,be boord,"I thooght ii would
be a g<>Qd idea to let you B


we, have been up

to this year.
The first thi ng I
tell you about is the
Advantage Card. It
We are really proud

wunt to
is here\
to offer

the card" to you. Recently.
SGA bas purchased a large
number or stud~nt Advantage Cards. These cards will
give yo u anywhere fr om
IOtJ,..~ off or purchases in
some of Boston's most popu lar stores and restauranu. We
are still in the process or giviog lhem ouL To get yours.
look for our tables in ~ car-

;r:;n:Y ~t~~~

l l/1w SZO off ,•wry ,11Ni11,,. u.:k..•1










1B l@~IDBI,~,N'§

' '

£ I l l ""'I.

Fr,·,• 11f'f1<:lll,'T 11•/ 1111_-y <'IUTC'I.'


Our year to date has been
a busy one. As you may re•
call, we kicked off the year
with the best elcctiOn in recent years. The fres hm an
class brought tlnl,husiilSm to
the polls duri ng thdrfirst ele.ction. At the same time, we
" held spcciaJ ele.ctions to
fill a few more positions. The
f'CSults of the special eloction
wCre just as impreuive as the
freshmen's. As a new meril•
~ r of the executive board, I
couldo' L have been happier.


, I,, I(.,:

Don't .Jost Stand There .....
~~ ~ -

It's that time 'agairt
The Student Government Associati.o n elections are jost
around-the corner

Don't m ·ss our chanr!lto make

@.1 11•\ 11 hki


15% off /uud hill

lfl'X., nf(/notl

$ 1.99fmANY6~suh

U off CD's, r,·rords fl "~s
( r,•,:. pril'1td $1 t .Q9 & t,P)



' w _: :-.

~egril &. Mon1
e10 Bay um
ivailable'froiit $439: Panam3
Cty and Dayfona Beach from
$1 19. Call STS rod ay Ci
1-800-648-4849. '"



!@ilmt' e .

seeks Readers
ID as,.ist

Go pick up your Nominalion P'!E9•s in the Studenl Activities Office
n,e Nomina!ion,rape·rs aren 't due U!ltil f:s;tiruary 23 so you still have
. ,,
ans of time 1 geU011I-iG_g,,atures.
. , , ., .. •.•

~--; ... -•'-

!.:!' 1 __ ~


•· · · Everyone is welc~me to run.
Come.and be a ·part of one 9f tbeJar · stand most intlue~tia_l
groups on' campus.

with proof ruding

papeis and ICXI boot


Call Mike McDennotl
"at(617) 3S4-8935

If yob arc not _
gciing to run-make sµ{-c you gcf co d1c Election Cbnvcntion ✓
Speeches ·.
and vole March 6 9

~ ~- IOaul&i


~ 1: <1M
pt11ifent _ <Y~ment}fssociation ;

.JIa ffmark
10% »{{

. enture,

:OOat the



The Suffolk Joamal WcdDOlday, February 8, 1995 '


Pr6f-,rs Research

undliii , · .,


and Olilalc. 8..
. lfl;ij 5oi'ii, ~ Jiiis;JOC&


or Ckttinp. rardy
subjoct ol ~ ~ved
, much exposure in the ibademic

•~w ~.· .·

. . . . . ~.L<>ol:•Viccoria's
The study ;, ~ I fuedcd' ~x, -~ Coa&licd tn,m ~ 7
Seem. =•,aoewlydc..Joped ThcUodcrFasbioo't:rlibl'iic,. aid:
- ~ l l l o t o f ~ ~ and for- fi1 ~ made up of
.~ow can a.n~onc condone ~c
.n •1,c • •. • • • .~ ,.,.,J"" 30()1/,t!mWO:
;,,. decl,,on ID pul !his ,pot~ Ille a,r'?.
IIWI.YI ,. 1
JOl'peo:s,tt: more
appare 1
And furthcnn~. why wu IC pul on7
d"5ttyCUCUbVCS. .
·-w... .u ., ....,ecy,;.... lrisht Had

~y olJ._beeo)u!MIJl'!.J'!" I li'l!!ID
. ..
wly 1h11 day? Why de Ibey bo<h<f
PrcsidCDf- 1 _,.l,:l ~t1<W·J1,n:J!r.:.l lt.ri ~ 'to)pul on n e w s ~ , ~ ~
Coatinued. from page 6
To P.-H l,hc 1 1we p)ayc~ ~nking f?r lhemieiYl;S• and 1~
gan{es SliCh as "r spy ·• sb:M'!;.cMc'e'
up against authonty, ·and the sy~










WIChthcpn.OSUfac:u.tcy"-:n-1-bcn Nancy Bryant and Elamc

hopes of pining ins_igbt.s into f&m-



House.rand , eaded IJP' bS° a ,bomclCSI

man who wu sinfog on top, or •
ailing oppo1itc the stairs. Look:ing
up some or us noticed a man standing
on 1op or one or the browns1011cs
across lhc auect. "'Who Is ' that#up
there on the rooM " As the crowd
began · 1 look up my rriend Chris

guy"' aixf."What-htppcrtl If you•14yC ·•

you're goina


kill~ ~i~otr, .':¥&dandtcllthose~e. you~ .

"oohs.. and "ahhs" and one "impeach" as lhc President's •
Iifflb 'Wa.,·
getting closer to us.
· Thea. then: he wu, inside that.
limo. Now. ' when you lhink of the·
Pn:sidc!lll, what is the fi~1 lhul& that


jocbtraps. boxcnhorts., girdles and
BryantandPcdcrscn,bothmembcrs of OSU's Department af Ap.parct, ln1criors, Housing and Merchandi&ing.say 1hat1herescarchwill
comc in handy in developing future


The rcs1 or us. includina the in11tc
slate house workers and dic--hard
commuters who wen: unable 10 use
W. Part Strccl T. moved over 10 lhc
iron gates along Beacon Strcel to see
the l?rcsidenl
We saw the Boston Police directin& the peop~e who wen: trying lo
cros.s the suecc and the joggers who

in general.if the)'~ gob:lf,~

Thcn thetimchad9:'"v~. At3:45pm ~y ~ ac1ually ':"Utll)& their time
the motorcade began to come 'UP'' tlilnluna?
Beacon Strcct , 1bcrc were a lot ,of ,1 Whbcouldpossib!,yhavc~balls

Bryant ~~~·;~~e~':d:g.:n:~:; :::trJt:in!~i~~~~~~!
and Pedencn will collect literary up 81 the auy on the roor.
aot a bia-w head!" I mean lhis sucker
scorics.. ldevision and
This LI when lhc rcs1 or us de, was BIG - like concbcad bia. His
r~cl~udadsfeaturingundcr- cidcdtomovcandfindabel1cr , pot head. was 10 ~ig that the Sccrci
~ MdOrcourse,asmanybrti,
'!,_~th~~=~= ~ s SC1V1cc used his btad to d~ek rrom 1


University Dateline

Suffolk Universjty's Cal~nruu: ,of Event$
' fcbruary-8 · 14, 1995


' worict]

' $iboob , t'l01b6icintothe


:YM:n':1,':"'r::.~Y Dying boxes
• After the President passed by .
thing that everyone said was,
"Wow !_ That guy bas a big head !!..
We stood ih"ue in amllUment for a
rew mil'IU1es., This \\'BS. not whnt I
expected to ~ ;.! JFuA~\ ~ l ~'?ul~
sec a Pres,denl who was shghlly
pudgy and was smiling and waving
1hc first


Bryant. wMorccollcgcgraduaaeswho : : :::1:~:c~C:,.~~a;!: :~~e~h~w::~kin:,c;a:•u~b~~ ~:::
WU bcin1 altemj all because rl the
-. •..- And lha1' s the ~ay' IDW' lt....

10 1wid up in fron1 or a &roup of
)'OUng people and tell them lhat they
1hould al l roract about reading t,c.
cause i1 is a big waste. or lime? Can
arly or these cxcculi·vcs show lhcir
own races on these ads? When have
lis1en only to him because every~ng else was • bi& wasie or time?
, H~diedjus1firtyshon~eanago.
and his name was Adolr H1t1er.

Continued rrom page 12

ou'1ings orr the pine from Juson
W,OOten (g points and J rebounds)
8Jl(1 Mau Dwyer (4 rebounds and 2
dtsist.s). "I got very inspired pliiy off
the bench. and I WllS mos! pleased
with that."
The Rums, to hoop ac1i0n on Tuesday evenh1.g at home
fA_ainst Babson CoUegc. The ~ontesi
IS &lated to begin al 7:JO p.m.


1:00 • 2:30

Fall Final Examination Make--Up • - · ·

8:00 - 6:00 '

Beacon Ycatbook Senior Portrait Retakes

12:00- 1:00

Graduaic SOM Career Seminar

3:00 - 4:30

Leadership for Life Worbhop: Diego Fasci.ati, "Spealc{ng.without Fear"

Archer 110


"Improving ln1erviewing Techniques", Jr. Aa:ounting Majors Workshop


7:00- ~:00

Parcm Financial Aid Workshop


American Rcpenory Theatre prcscnulbc Cryptogram

1:00- 2:00

Corui.nued from pr1gc 6

l'(l i

St~nt Activity Center4~8


Aease. take advantage of the opportunity to speak with and fflffl
the President.
,.. "' -" ..

ffl 'll'l7t1.\00ffi'il'@ ~00 ~ WOOii
One Beacon Street ~ 25th Floor


·C. Walsh Theatre

Fall Final Examination Make-Up

Alpha Phi Omega Meeting

1:00- 2:30

Council or Presidents Meeting

1:00 - 2:30

~idgeway 400

Resume Workshop

1:00- 2:00

Beta Alpha Psi Meeting

1:00 - 2:30



SaW}'Ct92t ,

,I ,I 'siwyJ'.)f fl l

Transfer Mentor Program Meeting



Women's Center Lecture Women·, Righi 10 Vote

1:00 - 2:30

CLAS Dean·s Meeting

1:00 - 3:00

Rctcmion Strategics for Campus Diversity National TeJ~nfererlfC


Women ' s Basketball vs. Roger Williams College

8:00 ' • ·

American Repertory Thcnttc prcscntsThccD'.Pi98Dm


,,.,,, . ..

One Beacon. CMO Conference Room

,, • "

1•~00 --'4:00•


• •• 1.

'I I l~ .\I,:

' C. WillshTflealie
,.: ,:,1H1l•J



.............. 1 ...... ,

American Rc~rtoJY,J'hcalrC 11reFCnts ThcCrymo8AOJ
•• :

J·,.,j .,._

Fenlon 615

Donahue 2),!

., ·" I·

College Bowl Applietalions Due


.• ,,.1 . . . .


' · C. WalshThcaire:



~··r-11,,::: :;i•: ~II •1~;11


€allege Bowl Campus TOU'mamml

2~ •..


sending back ~ Washingion. Oh, I
know, he has clout - or is tha1 gouc? .
Jim. ir you want 10 pick on some•
one. how aboul Barney Frank? An:
you aware lhat Mr. Frank was in•
volvcd in a scandal several years
ago? It wu the "Hoc Buns" scandal:
the way I remember ii, there was a
male prostitution ring being run out
or Mr. Frank·s home. How. ir my
memOf)' serves me correctly; Heidi
Fleiss wns sentenced 10 jai l for a
similar offense.
What happened 10 Barney? Well,
ru cell you - nOlhing. Barney got

thfog wu aoina on. 1..ct•1 see, do you
tlynk Bamty Frank inhaled, hmmm?
My poinl i1, people such a.s Ted
Kennedy and Barney Frank have
misused the power entrusied to lhcm
by lhe people or the Commonwcallh
or Massachu"sett . whereas Newt
Gingrich und Phil Grnmm have done
n9thing wrong. They do not de\ trve
this 1
ype of criticism.
However, in the ruture, ir they do
not cross that line, I will be the one to
speak 0111 against lhCffl.
G.L. Rinuto
. The Awful Truth

1995-96 Financial Aid application packets
are currently available in the office of
' Financial Aid . Drop·by the Aid office to
pick one up, or call us at 573,8470 and

u • i'•./ ;.


Jw!arsity Ice Hockey vs. Iona College


,:...: . .. -

\taicntine·s Day Pany spbnsorcd By MBA Association & SBA
American RepcrtocyThcatre prcscntsThcC,ypmgmm ...._,r


American Repertory Theatre prcscntsTheCrv21omm


American Repertory Theatre presents The Crv21omm

C. Walsh11Je8trc
C. Walsh Theatre


SOM Alumni Board of Oirec1ors M~ling


Women' s B~c1ooll vs, Rivicr Coliegc

President Otvljf Sargent lnvllH you lo meet wllh him
(no appofnrm,,t necessary) to ask (lyntJons, Hprtu .concems.
suggest lcieas;- and lfll hlm' how you'fNI about &lffolk.


learning Disabled Suppon Group Meeting

1:00 - 2:30





Varsity Ice Hockey vs. New Hampshire C.Ollcgc


Vice President's Conference Room
~cw ~arnpshirc College

Valentine's Day

9:00- 3:00

Alpha Phi Omega Carnation Sale

1:00 - 2:30

President's Open Office Hours

1:00- 2:30

Student Government Association Meeting

1:00- 2:00

Black Student Union Speaker: Conrad Muhamcd, .. Black Love"

Sawyer & Fenton Lobbici
One Beacon, 25th Aoor

Snwycr 427 & 42,9.

Suffolk Hispanic A•ntion ~oetiogi


Men's Basketball vs. Wheaton College

Wheaton College


Application deadlines are:
Undergraduate students: March 1·
Gr~duate students: April .

1:00 - Q:30

An¥rican Repertory Theatre presents The Cryptogram

C. Walsh Theatre

UulvcnltvPttcLlncisSuffolkUnivcrsity'smastcrcalcndar. Forinformationonanyschcdulcdcvcnt,anydayoftheacadcmicyear,or1o list~cveDI
that you arc planning call 573-8082. A ~mprchcnfiVC ~rdO!'fhM i.s happening, when and where-.for~publicityoraenc.ral infonmiioa.


The ~uffolk JOl!ffl&) Wcdoe$day, -..,Y 8, 1995 '


University DateLine
conjoiic 1~e
wu it put on?


fJ)Ot ■

lo <hey

Suffolk .University's

Oile.ndar of Events

'. February 8 - 14, 1995




me jouthslluu
foi lhcir time
, ~vc~balls
o( I! group of
them lhal lhey
: of lime? Can
•ell show 1
!s? 't'hcn have
person before:
everybody 10
ccause evcry1astc of lime?
hort years ago.


Fal l Final Exami nntion Mnke-Up


8:00- 6:00

Beacon Yeart>ook Senior Portrait Retakes

12:00- 1:00

Graduate SOM Camer Seminar

3:00- 4:30

Leadership for Life Workshop: Diego Fasciati, "Speaking without Fem''


" Improv ing Interviewing Techniques", Jr. Accounting Majors Workshop

7:00- 9:00

Parent Financial Aid Workshop


American RepenoryThcatrc presc:nts ibeCryprogram

St~dent Activity Cen~428

Sawyer BOB
Archer I 10



Fall Finni Examination Make- Up

1:00 - 2:00

Leaming Disabled Support Group Meeting_

1:00- 2:30

Resume Workshop

1:00- 2:00

Al pha Phi Omega Meeting

1:00- 2:30
1:00- 2:30

Council of Presidents Meeting
Beta Alpha Pri Meeting
Transfer Mentor Program Mf'.c ling


Women's C.enter Lecture Women's Right to Vote

1 fr om Jason

1:00- 2:30

CLAS Dean's Meeting

3 rebounds)
cbouncb and l
ispircd 1)1
1 most rplcascd

1:00- 3:00

Retention Strategics for Campus Diversity National Teleconference


Ame rican Reper10iy Theatre presentsTheCNorormm

:d tO hoop IIC•
:niag at ll<imc
:c. The, ~O!llCS,I
':30 p.m.

8:QC/... , ... ,,

rJ9'i7' 1
Sawyc r929

Women 's 811Skctball vs. Roger Williams College

8:00 '


O ne Beacon. CMD Conrercncc Room
Fenton6 l5

C. Walsh Thea~


College Bowl Applicntions Due
A~rican Re.311ory,Theatrc J?f'CSentsihc.Crypmgmm

C . Walsh Theatre
•1 :, ,1•

. . ,,, 1,: ,.:

ijtb!.. tittle'fflori::
"' buns." Oh, I
i"' claimC":dthot

Sft.!:!~Y. 2111.

1ha1cd, hmmm?
,le slleh OS '.fed
:y Frank have
llnlstcd to lhe_m
111 hercas Newt
1mm have done
do nOl dei;c:rve


W-arsity Ice Hockey vs. Iona College


Valentine's Day Party sponsored By MBA Association & SB A


American Rcpen ory Theatre prese nts The CryptggrnQl


P:00- •4 :00 ,

€ollegc Bowl Campus l 'ournament

,ril, ·

American Repenory Thcnlrt prcscnlSTheCryp\ogram

C. WolshJ1lcauc

Americti Rcpenory Theatre presents The Crypmgrnm

C. Walsh Theatre

SOM Alumn i Board o f Directors Mecring
Women 's Baske1bnll vs. Ri vierCollcge


Varsity Ice Hockey vs. New Hampshire College





9:00 '' 3:00

?\lpt,.a Phi Omega Camalion Sale

1:00- 2:30

President's Open O ffi ce Hours

. l:00- 2:30

S1udent Government Association Meeting

1:00 - 2:00

Black Stud~nt\Jttidfl Speaker: atnrad Muhamed. "Black Love"

1:00- ,2:!l0

Suffolk HiSl)anicA.s59(:iation Moctiog


Men·s Basketbal l vs. Wheaton ~ liege

8:00 ·

Ameri can Re penory Theatre presents The Cryprogrnm

• dozea IIWIUla left iD regu-

lMiorn. lhe Lady Rams



. ·.r.u.


a IS-point short·

Fu- this pme ~ been
dcc:idcd by one 1pccir1e series-one . particular
,plaJ...:-thcrcfore making the
cOntcal'a -final 14 minUles
serve as an epilogue.
With the Ram Dome' s
1eore.board" ahowi~g · that
l-$:01 still. ~miined ii( the
game. panf Paula Noto was
fouled IUMlerncalb as her lay, up
~ setting~

- ;:.:.,-::dto



buDci iouodcd.


play. Make her frc,c.throw,



BOSTON - From the
keen obaerver' s point of
ricw, Suffolk' • 55-38 defw
at 1be · deUvcrance of
Fl'Ulinpam State was not
determined when the final


2!00~ ..

~turc, if they do
'i ll be the one to

knock-out punch

C . Walsh Theatre



1:00 - 2:30
<age 12


.__ ~ y Rams dealt a

Vice President's Conference Room
~cw ~.unpshirc College


Sawyer & Fenton Lobbiei
One Beacon, 25th Aoor
Sawyer 427 & 429
Saf,Yer 708' .
Wheaton College ,
C . Walsh Theatre

UulversltvPalcLlueisSuffolk University's mastercalcridnr. F°!ipformationon any scheduled event, anydayoftheac'adcmicycar;orto list~cvent
thatyouareplanning ca11 573-8082. Acompreticni;ivc~rdof? hat~happening,wheoandwherc:-forp~lng; publicityorgenc_ linfonnation.


nabbing two of her ieam-hi&h
17 points, but for all purposes of in&cnlioo, the ICdb
bite. That travclina call bad
proved to be this pme'1 de-ciding point. ·
" No one worb harder
than them," smd Coach Ed
Leyden on his team'S diliMC:, "EYfn in a situation j
like this (bcu>& down, by _-17 I
poiots, 45-28) thcy,f never
, ~ contest commenced
somewhat. pPSi~':9IY~: Suffolk leaped to a q ~ 10-8 ' ' - - - ' - -

= ~: == Rams
reboun'ding of Nol~ But
Framingham wH to· show

·~io7t~ under':!~i=
t::s a 10;0 nm.


· Framingtiaffl• , ' quick
tbrce-poiiit shooting was
bruisina the Lady Rams' transition defense. and it p the



Michelle Kelly ind Jennifp-

· Yet, much to the dis•
"A ·lot of pc;ople may
apiritmmt of her teammates ovetlook them (Verlicco and
and the' crowd, Noto never Kelly) because do ~ score a tum of a cer
evm aaanpted a &bot, oever lot of points," co"inment~\ player."
mind made one. A traveling Coach Ed Leyden, "but they
..I was ma

;!:.~ ::!i':1Y

folk for cha(_ maaer-and so
dii1 °
bc:stial civil nr of Ram
· aame as well) wu to be re-

: : : : : : : : : . ~"~low .
Oppoftwutiet to rally did
present lbcmietvtl in the second half in the form of numerou , Frapiiogham tum•



·ea.ell · Jim N,
cemer"s play VI
cons(I0-8). V.
batllin1 • lq: I

::• ~tt!1::.~-~DO~

sol•~~playuinspiralion. Fmnina,ham reeled off nenu -~ant defense and
ciaht conaecutive point, n0 lenatby offensive run
llfflCbin& tbpr lead :to eiah- .,.
teen. Meanwhile ■l th6J)(bcr
That ref', whistle voidend, their defense Was sti- ing Not0's fieldJ<lll and foul
fling, prohibiting Suffolk. undoubtedly dealt tbc Lady
fmnJ scoria'; for the next
Ram.a lhc knock-out Mow,
for they neve, gOI cloler than
McBride would finally 15 p:,iats for the rc11 of the
break the drought al ~:34, ._ aame.
- ;\


Around the·0 11111111:S
.,._ . ...,

- ... -


witnealed varloai oppooeatl lee Jumbo Hci
record thefr own 1tati1tical Sllddoa earn
rcer victory ••••5
L.- Tbwlday', game in to Vieira's er
Won:ala' MW WPI standout 1000-point t
Clutl mil Jul, IOOOdl J,.,19.
ClffCI' poial. ~ INDUnalC ..
The firat s


,__ . . Im 2A bolrda.
lcoaiu.m mu1
·· Oo J-21 ,..,_ Tldb. Cnwley, who


The Suffolk




Wednesday, Febnlary 8, 1~5 .

Jniversit_y DateLine
Suifol.k- Universjty,'s Calendar _ Eyents
:bruary 8 - 14, 1995


Fall Final E.umin.uion Make•Up
Student Activity Ccnter428

1- 6:00

Beacon Ycarbook ScniOf Portrait Retakes

0- 1:00

Gradua1 SOM Career Seminar
Leadcnhip for Life Wotbhop: Dicao Fasciati, M
secw.ngwilhoul Fear"
"Improv ing Interviewing Techniques". lt. Accounting Majors Workshop

1- 4:30
1- 9:00

Arcta I 10

One Beacon, CMD
An:hcr 110
C. Walsh Theatre

Parcnl Fino.ncial Aid Workshop

Arnerican Rcpenory Theatre prcscn~ TheCrypmgmm


l:.caming Disabled Suppon Group Meeting

By a,.. Fele:y

BOSTON - from the
keen observer' s point or
ricw, SUffolk's !i.S-38 defeat
at tbc deliverance o(
Ftamllllham Siate wu not

1- 2:30

Resume Workshop

1- 2:00

Alpha Phi Omega Meeting

1- -2:J(j

I- 2:30

Council of Presidents Meeting
Beta Alphn Psi Meeting

1- 2:30

Transfer Mentor Program Meeting






Sawycr 929
Fenton 61 5

CLAS Dean's Meeting

Re,ention Strategics for Campus 0 iversity National Teleconference

Donahue 21.~


Women's Basketball vs. Roger Williams College
) ' ,,


C. Walsh Thenttc

American Repc;,Ory The111rc prcscn1i.The C001ogrnm

College Bowl Applica1ions Due

/,,., ..




~~rica.n Re3rto1Y ThcalrC grewi«

0 --4:00 -

€allege Bowl Campus Toumamtnt


~inerirop Repraocy T heatre rrs·o


I\\ J,; ,_I

Varsity Ice Hockey vs. Iona College

1 •· ;

American Repertory Theatre presents The Cryptogmdt

C. Walsh Theatre

Vice President's Conference Room

SOM Alumni Board of Directors Meeting
Womcn·s Basketball vs. Rivier College

Rivier College
~cw ~nmpshirc College

Varsity Ice Hockey vs. New Hampshire College


Valentine's Day

0 - 3:00

President's Open Offi ce Hours

0 - 2:30
0- 2:00

StudCnt Govem_!llent Association Meeting


Suffolk Hispanic Ass~ation MOCting

Sawyer & Fenton tobbics

Alptia Phi Omega CllfTlalion Sale

0 - 2:30



One Beacon, 25th Aoor

Black Studcn.t Union Speaker: Conrad Muhamed. "Block )..»vii' ..

Men·s Basketball vs. Wheatoft College
~rican Repertory Thcarre prcsentslbc Cryprom\m

Sawyer 427 & 429
Wheaton College·'

C. Walsh Theatre

(yecd,ty DalCLlnc is SufTolk Uni venity' s m.nsterealendar. For ipfOfllUltion on any scheduled event, any day or the.academic year. ortcilist~ event
~youircplanningca11573-8082. Ac.omprchcn,ivc~rdofwhat l5 bappening,whcnand ! hcrc - rorp~


· ·



ina~publicityorgenc_al information.

: i = ~a ~v:~:;
violatioa would nullify the
foul, the buk"et-and Su(folk for lhll -.a--W IO
this batial civil war of Ram
vs. Ram (framinJha:r!l'• nick· name as ,rell) wu 10 be resolved early.
UsbtJ cbe inspimtiOD,: Frwnin&MJD reeled off
eiaht consecutive points
suetcbin& their .to i;iahic:at. Meanwhile at the .other
c.nd, their defense wu lti·
(ijja. prohibitina Suffolk
from scorins .for the out six
McBride wou ld finally
break the drou&ht at 9:34,

" A lot or people may
overlook than (Vcrlicco and


~~ ::i:~:~~~:,\
do hokl players to well below
their IC" & avenge."
Opponunitiea_, to rally did

pacnl themselvt;s in the KCond half in the form of ou-

merou s Framinaham tumoven, but Suffolk bad difficulty pcoctBWlg their oppo,-.
ncnt,s ad¥1ant defense and
no lengthy, offensive run


milcltoncs die
ks . Beside:•

--10i1 bis IOOOlb
Clf'CICI' poi& ..-.U0 _..mate

Cbrto -

- point - Jla ............ - .. - on reconlwllllbil24boa'da.
. MVC also

Sunday aft.crnoon. The. 6-.2
ICCltOI' nailed a achool-ttci>rd
nine threo-poinien (scvco ip
the fim ha1fai0ne), all in the
proceu of tallyina • ~ high 29 poiots. Rick Au (:k .
poinul1 and 8 reboundJ) and •
Dave Mel.attn (11 poiiltn


- nmi


in no way was the
fiiiillCOl'C any indica&or of..
the Rams' protpcctl at a win.
turn or a ceruin Suffolk · Forwitht :•7lcft'u ttbepme,
play:twu most pleased to
see Mike Vieira return 10 bis

rqalar form ,'! remarked
Coach Jim Ncl&0n on his
center's play vcnus the Bea-·
cons (10-8). Viein had been
t.uling • lea injury for sev•
cral pmca. though he seemed
10 show l'lO advc:nc effccts


P!)CIUlioa of the ball.
Then two cOOICCutivc
tumovcis, two comec11dve
UMass baskets ; and the
Rams' chances for victory
had been terminaed. Free
throws wou ld inevitably
mab up the .10-poml differ.


record their own sw.is1ical
~ meo'.s basketball
Lall Tbwldly's pme in
bledly scea ·worca&er...., WPI mndout

JOl.aMAL ffllff

By Ryan Foley

1bat ref's whistle voidina NOIO's fielda:oal and r001
u~btsd'Y dealt the Lady ,
Rams lhe knock-out blow,
rOC' they never aot than
15 points for the rest or the

Around the·Campw


Rams retum b.ome OD·· a

'undcmcath b


C. Wnlsh ~VC


com~n~tat ~meed
·ran. ·. .
&0mewhat pPSitjv~ly._ SufFor this pane had been fo~ ~pi¢ to -• quirJc 10-8 ·
already decided by one spe- lead, boosted by r~ poiou
cmc series-one particular · rrom McBride and ~ strona
pl1-;uo,. miking tho ,ebou_
udin1 of Noto, Bot
contest's final' t• minute, Franuoaham was 10. show
fCJ"V°c u an ~ilope.
they ·were just as necr. and
With the Ram Dome' s Suffolk' s lead was swiftly
scoreboard slfowin& that vaporized under a 10-0 run.
14:07 still remained in the'
Framingham' s • quick
game, cuanf Paula Noto W 1bree-point shooting ~ai
fouled UDdemeath u her lay- bruisioa the Lady Rams' tran- ·
up (di tJUe. thus setting the -Sition ddcnse. and it y.-u cbe

· Yet, much to tht disspiritmeot of her teammates
and the crowd. Noto never

American Repertory Thcnlf'e prc.'iCnts The Cryptogram



points, 45-28) they rnever

~ ~~ ;,er;_

:'.:f N':' ::.:.\~; close al'tWf-timc.,;:29-21 .
v~:': :':.!Yt:'
Framingbam's lead seven.


American Repertory Thcaue prescnts Tbe Cryprngrarn



· •· •

' .. •

VaJentine·s Day Party spimsofCd By MB A Association & SBA


~this-::~i~; 1

a dcrzco miau&es lc.ft' in

One Beacon. CMD Conference Room

W omen's Center Lecture Women's Right to Vote

1- 2'30
I - 3:00


~ : .~ ~" h~~hd~


Ridgeway 400

nabbina two of her team-high
17 points, but for aJI purposes of io1entiOD, the lCdh
bite. That travelin& call had
proved to be this game's de-cidioa -point.
"No one works harder

::=;:;.en the final

Fall Final Examination Mnke- Up

1- 2:00

Lady Rams dealt a
knock-out punch


. 0. J&21




Suffolk WU also 0Q hand IO
ICO Jumbo ~ Coach Bob
Slldden cam his IOC'.llh carccrvictory....Some sidcnotes
10 Vieira's erossina of lhe
1000-poiQl th reshold on
Jan .19.
The first Suffolk basketball player 10 break the millennium mark was Jay
c..wi.,. who a,:complilbcd

the£CMio 1961.


theRam's aU-timelCOlaSliM
n.n..u lJale,. fcrnrd
who ama.ucd 2033 points


a Suffolk career thM
ended in 1979....


Nor'cuter '95_ . .
pla,lyal _

.... . . . - - ...t Safroa: ... - ~ , . .

TbtSalfolki-ul W.....,;..y,Felwary8, 1995


Sharon Stone

. ady Rams dealt a ....---'-"-L
Jmock-out punch
By Ryu Foley

Suffo& raises tuition


By Ryan,.,. ·

The men ' s basket~ IJ
- - . ._ undoubtedly seen
D ,..._ of milestones lhc
~ tew Weeks. Besides

....... -Vlcl.-.nocch" ' Ma IOOOtb point on

i,,i.t,. .. ..,..·uve

Volume 53, - r 1 8






ll!llilaiii . . .