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• THE FORD HALL FORUM, under cover of the slogan of "free speech", has -invited a
representative of the Hitler Government of murderers . and anti-Semites to ·speak at their
Forum next Sunday evening, November.26. -.

• COME AND· SHOW your unalterable ·opposition and indignation against Hitlerite terror
and reaction I·


(Ashburton Plar
off Bowdon Streb,

Sunday, NO~
vember Z6-7.oo p. m.
• IN THE LAST FEW DAYS, scores of protests have been se?S.t to David K. Niles, directot
of the Ford Hall Forum, demanding that he cancel the Nazi speaker. Replying to our protest, Mr. Niles stated that he is against Hitler, but believes 1n allowing Hitlerites to present
their views. In response to his letter, the John Reed Club of Boston sent the following
John Reed Club
. 825 Boylston Street, Boston
November 20. 1933.
Mr. David K. Niles, Director
--:---Ford H a ll For u m
_,-~ __
Boston, Mass.
Mv dear S ir :W e have receive d y our answer -to our -le tter and c an•
not heh> expressing surprise at - -the extent to which you
chain yourself to an untenable logic.
While on the one hand you insist that you are deter•
mined to fight against Fascism, ·on the other, hand, as a
defender of "free speech" even for Hitler Fascists, you .are
yourself destroying t he effectiveness of your fight. Indeed,
you become a means of spreading Fascist propaganda, a
defender of Fascist propaganda.
You say that the meeting at which Schoennemann is
invited to speak will be utilized to expose Hitlerism, and
Fascism in general; we simply cannot agree on such a form
of anti•Fascist struggle. You do not seem to realize the fal- ·
lacy of your logic, the consequences of such a logic: you do
not differentiate between a philosophy \vhich calls for clar•
· CAP ITALI SM which requires just such a propagandist
as Schoennemann to make it palatable to .the unsuspecting
victim. Your "fight" again st Hitler's Fascism, against this
band of murderers, of German Kaiserists and chauvinists,
is no fight at all.
Further, you must realize that while you are permitting
Hitlerites to speak under your auspices, you are serving as
the doorman to introduce Hitlerites into countless Ford
Halls of the United States, where they will conduct, not a


simple_propaganda of their "philosophies", but will organize
Fascism, will organize a combined struggle with the Ku Klux
Klan and other reactionar.y bodies, against the great masses
of American workers.
Here is the position, t hen__.___t.Q_ which your logic · drives
.;;o.u · NDIRE CT BEAR
_ ~
It is a position that tlie F_
<a ---~ - - "'" a "'
means of spreading their v enom against the workers, against
the Jewish people and against the Negro people, through
their ally, the Ku Klux Klan.

You signify in your letter your intention of maintaining your freedom of fighting Fascism in your own way. If we
do not convince you of your untenable position, with all its
consequences, you must understand, on your side, that we
s ignify our full right of maintaining OUR freedom in ap·
plying OUR methods of fighting Fascism, preventing the
Fascists from spreading their propaganda in the United
States, demonstrating against Fascism, proving our solidarity with the oppressed masses of Germany, with the op·
pressed Jewish people, with the defendants in the infamous
Reichstag trial.
.Your methods oblige us not only to organize to prevent
Fascists from speaking in Boston, but to_ rally other organ•
izations in support of our position. At the same time, your
methods oblige us ·. to expose your attitude an ·attitude
which sets you , up as a defender in this country, of capitalist dictatorship at its murderous worst.
In order to head you off from the contradiction into
which you are sailing, so that we may still fight shoulder
to i;houlder against the common enemy, we emphatically
demand that your invitation to Professor F ; Schoennemann
be withdrawn.
Yours verv truly,


• GIVE NO OPPORTUNITY to the Fascist murderers who are killing and torturing ·
thousands of workers and Jewish people, who are responsible for the scandalous Reichstag-trial frame-up, to spread their venom here in Boston I Send protest telegrams, letters
and postcards demanding the cancellation of the Nazi speaker to David K. Niles, Ford
Hall Forum, Little Building, Boston.
• THE JOHN REED CLUB, an organization of workingclass artists, writers and intellectuals, calls upon all workers and -professionals, all Jewish people, all anti-Fascists and all
organizations to appear outside Ford Hall, Sunday evening, at 7 :00 to demonstrate against
Nazi propaganda being brought into Boston.
John Reed Club, 825 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass.