File #3533: "DI-1285_ref.pdf"


113 Fourth Street S.E., Washington, DC 20003
Tel. (202) 543-3210 Fax (202) 543-5177
January 2, 1996

Mr. Steven I. Pinter, Chief of Licensing
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
United States Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue N. W.
Washington, DC 20220

By fax to: 202/622-1657
Dear Mr. Pinter,
Thank you very much for your thoughtful communication of December 29,
1995. This letter provides the infonnation requested to enable your office to issue
the ABC Forum On Cuba, Inc. a license for an advance trip to make final
arrangements for the January 16-19 conference called "The United States and Cuba:
A New England Perspective."
The objectives of the January 16-19 seminar are to:


educate and update participants about the latest developments in U.S.-Cuba
relations, consider ways to encourage improvement in these relations and to
promote the cause of peaceful, democratic change in Cuba;


identify specific ways participants can play a more active role in
strengthening and fostering civil society in Cuba and increase significantly
the flow of information to, from and within Cuba;


have substantive meetings with individuals and non-governmental
organizations to identify the technical assistance, training, financial assistance
and commodities that can be committed by US organizations to promote
independent activity intended to strengthen civil society in Cuba;


engage in visits to locations where free market principles are at work to
assess the extent of free market reforms and how best to encourage their
consistent development; and



identify opportunities for the promotion of independent economic activities
involving the self-employed, private farmers, young people interested in
training to become entrepreneurs and others~

The latest, tentative list of conference participants includes:
Peter C. Aldrich, Co-Chairman of Aldrich, Eastman & Waltch
John Pattillo, CEO of Aldrich, Eastman & Waltch
James Arena-DeRosa, Director of Public Advocacy, Oxfam America
Michael Delaney, Regional Manager LA & Caribbean, Oxfam America
H.D.S. Greenway, Editorial Page Editor of The Boston Globe
Richard Hartman, President North American Division of ITT Sheraton
Kathryn A. Burns, Director Corporate Development of ITI Sheraton
Larry Kessler, Executive Director, Aids Action Committee of MA
Anthony E. Malkin, W&M Properties, Inc.
Jonathan Malkin, President, Malkin & Co.
Sydney L. Miller, President, Hany Miller Company, Inc.
Hon. Joseph Moakley (MA)
Jim McGovern, Senior Aide to Congressman Moakley
John Weinfurter, Administrative Assistant to Congressman Moakley
Gilbert S. Peirce, Vice President & Director International Banking, Bank of Boston
Brian G. Rothwell, President, Bay State Milling Company
Michael J. Ryan, President, ABC Forum On Cuba, Inc.
J. Bernard Robinson, Counsel and Board Member, ABC Forum On Cuba, Inc.
Isaac Shafran, Director, Louis Berger International, Inc.
Regina M. Villa, President, Villa and Associates
For the advance trip, Jim McGovern, Bernie Robinson and I will arrive in
Havana from Miami (C&T charter flight# 8607) midday Sunday January 7, 1996
and will return to the United States on or before Thursday January 11.
During this advance trip we will meet with officials of the U.S. Interest
Section in Havana, officials from the Catholic Church, The Cuban Commission on
Human Rights and National Reconciliation, Concilio Cubano, CARITAS, Oxfam,
and with Cuban government officials. Our activities during this advance trip will be
focused on finalizing arrangements for the January 16-19 Conference in accord with
the Conference objectives set forth above and conducting an on-island assessment
to develop specific proposals which support for the Cuban people.


During our advance trip, we will organize Conference panel discussions
highlighting Oxfam America's partnership with Associacion Nacional de
Agricutores Pequenos. We will also arrange meetings among management experts
who participate in this Conference and fledgling Cuban business owners and
between the Boston Globe's H.D.S. Greenway and independentjoumalists. These
and related Conference discussions will promote the purposes of the Support for the
Cuban People regulations. The resulting media exposure for the showcased
activities will enlist additional active supporters.
It is our short and long tenn goal to continue complying with US Government
laws and regulations in order to increase support for the Cuban people, to promote
civil society in Cuba and to encourage additional proponents of peaceful democratic
change in Cuba. We believe that progress towards these goals can be achieved
through dedicated educational efforts by organizations like the ABC Forum On
Cuba, Inc. New advocates and activists can be effectively enlisted through seminars
such as the one we propose from January 16-19.
The tentative list of participants set forth above are precisely the quality and
caliber of leaders and experts needed to stimulate private U.S. organizations to play
a more active role in strengthening and fostering civil society in Cuba. The
proposed Conference will educate the participants and observers, which will make it
much easier for them to become active thereafter.
If you require more infonnation to issue the license for our advance trip,
please contact me at your earliest convenience at (202) 543-3210.
We very much appreciate the advice and counsel you and your colleagues
have provided us. Please let me know what additional information would be helpful
to your collective deliberations concerning our request for a license for the January
16-19, 1996 Conference.