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Document Transcription: Letter 4 (MS-0177)
Moakley Archive & Institute
Document title: Letter 4 [Zi Jing’s note: I label the letter in the file “Letter 4”.]
Document date: February 26, 1952 (or the 26th of the 2nd month per the Chinese lunar
Collection: Harry Hom Dow Papers
Box and Folder: Box 3, D33(d)
Prepared by: Zi Jing Teoh
Document Summary: (paragraph or 2)
[Transcription begins]
已有幾年, 孫男時時掛念,亦時時望早日去
到美國侍奉 大人,並願受大人教訓. 大人屢
次寄回信銀一概收到, 均轉交母親手中 打理
家務, 但現時香港百物騰貴, 家用極大, 伏望
大人時時寄銀做家用, 現在各平安, 請勿
掛念, 肅此敬祝

[Transcription ends]
[Translation begins]
Dear grandfather, with respect I inform you of the following:
You have left home and gone to the U.S. for a few years. Your grandsons always keep you on
our minds and always hope to go to the U.S. to attend to you and would be happy to receive
your instructions. For every letter and remittance you sent home, we have received and passed
each of those to mother for housekeeping use. However, currently prices in Hong Kong are
soaring, our household budget is extreme, so I hope you will send money regularly for
housekeeping use. Currently everyone is well, please don’t worry about us.
With that, I respectfully wish you a multitude of blessings and peace.
Your grandsons,
[names omitted]
February 26, 1952 [or the 26th of the 2nd month by the Chinese lunar calendar.]
[translation ends]