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Document Transcription: Letter 13 (MS-0179)
Moakley Archive & Institute
Document title: Letter 13
Document date: January 26, 1953
Collection: Harry Hom Dow Papers
Box and Folder: Box 3, D33(d)
Prepared by: Zi Jing Teoh
Document Summary:
The original document uses what resemble both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. I
have transcribed the written characters into the traditional type here. The message on page 2
was addressed to an elder. Its author mentions having to borrow money to support the family’s
stay in Hong Kong while undergoing and waiting for application to travel to the U.S. The author
requests the recipient to send money for repaying the money owed to other people.
The message on page 3 was addressed to an elder person by his great-nephew. The
great-nephew relates his interview at the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong to the great-uncle,
mentioning the questioning and procedures undergone, including taking body measurements.
The Consulate staff also require the author to submit blood test results used to
establish/disprove paternity claims. The Consulate also require the author’s mother and brother
to appear for interview before his application can be further processed.
Transcript :
[transcription begins]
[page 1]

Mr. Chin Wah
434 Hudson St.
New York 14 N.Y.

[崇] 祈

先 交

[page 2]
[translator’s note: Characters appear vertically from right to left in original document.]
大公: 我在港借落他人三佰元美
我美金不敷近年[ ][ ]人家登門叫
清還為要若他再不復艮付來還我決 於
我甚難過不能不要離港 順頌
[in a separate space on the same page:]
若寄艮作你寄為好 叫他
[page 3]
[translator’s note: Characters appear vertically from right to left in original document.]
[]大公大人尊前敬禀著來信收妥並 來電
亦復了對於前兩天往見領事 時好簡要問
幾句語打了手指印量高 及磅重等[後][覆]
一封信於我們叫我們取母 親及細佬來港
方能為辦我之案件若 不出來之話一日不
辦我案[如]母親及 細佬來時隨時帶往領事
館不再用 通知云若母親等來港之話更危
險 希望你們叫律師辦到美審口供 為最好
千祈辦不用證人並叫我往 香港大學堂醫
生廷驗血此次驗血未 知能[數]一樣相同哩
若母親等來港一樣 要往驗血這是更難的
請你們速 叫律師為辦餘會復述此請


[transcription ends]
[translation begins]
[page 1]

Mr. [name
434 Hudson St.
New York 14 N.Y.
Please deliver to
Mr. [name omitted] [indeterminate character]
[page 2]
While in Hong Kong I have borrowed three hundred U.S. dollars from people for day-to-day
I have also written a few letters to grandfather wherein I mentioned the situation and requested
him to send money to pay off the debtors. Today he sent only fifty dollars.
I do not have sufficient funds. In recent years [two indeterminate characters] people have come
knocking on our door. Please explain to my grandfather on my behalf, tell him to send three
hundred dollars here to clear the debts. If he continues to reply without the money for paying the
debts, I have resolved to leave Hong Kong in the 1st month, and it will no longer be necessary
to process the application. To have gotten myself into this situation,
I feel very sorry. I could not bear to not leave Hong Kong.
With best wishes.

[Transcription begins]
If he is sending money it is best to send in your name.
Tell him to send the money within this month.
[page 3]
[name omitted] [indeterminate character] sire, I respectfully inform you of the following:
Your letter has been received and kept safely. The telegram has also been replied to.
Two days ago when we went to meet the Consul, they asked a few simple questions, took our
fingerprints, measured our heights and weights etc. Then they gave us a letter telling us to bring
mother and young brother to Hong Kong before they could process my case; that as long as
they do not come out, my case will not be processed; that when mother and young brother get
here, we can bring them over to the Consulate at any time; that the Consulate will no longer
send us notice etc.
Our situation would be even more precarious if mother and the others should come to Hong
Kong, so I hope that you will tell the lawyer to arrange to have my testimony taken in the U.S.
That would be for the best. I strongly pray for not having to call in witnesses.
They also told me to go to the medical hall at Hong Kong University for a blood test. I do not
even know if we could count on the blood tests to match. If mother and the others come to Hong
Kong they would also be required to go for blood tests. This would make things even more
difficult. Please tell the lawyer to take care of this immediately.
I wish you peace.
Respectfully submitted,
Your great-nephew [name omitted].
[translation ends]