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aasbinirton, I)( 20515-2109
May 25,


Walpole Board or Selectmen
Town of Walpole

I want e d to report to you on my and Congressman Barney Fra nk's
a ctivities regarding the Walpole landfill issue.
As you know, through court filings l a st week, t he Massachusetts Water
Resource,i Authority (l'!WRA) indicated its intention to bdng a n out-o f state sludge dispos al option forward for the court's review. The MWRA
specifiedthatitwould .. "firstneedtoconsultwithEPA, OEP, the
Towns of Walpole a nd Norfolk, the Governor and the Legislature to see
i f a suitable alternative plan for b a ckup sludge disposal c 11 pability
could be developed .. " (quoting MWRA coropliance report dated May 17 ,
1993). According to court documents, within two weeks o! the issuance
a DEP permit for the landfill site (assuming t he permit issues), the
MWRA "PP" rently intends to work towards cr.,!ting a no-build solution
with the input of the relevant parti t1 s, including the Town of Walpole.
This reversal of policy at the MWRA in reg.,rds the Walpole l a ndfill m11y
be a major turning point !or the To\</n 11s "'e move toward 11 final
resolution o! this longstanding matter .
I congratul.,te my colleague
Congressm"n Frank, the Board of Selectmen and the W"lpole Citizens
Action Committee for their persiste n ce "nd dedication in moving the
MWRA into an advocacy role !or Walpole.
lnrelatedaction, theUnitedStatesEnvironmentalprotectionAgency,
in response to the MWRA's court filings, quickly petitioned the
teder"l court demanding tha t construction bids !or the Walpole landfill
be immediately a dvertised and rapidly a"'"rded . Both Congressman Fra nk
a nd I felt that this action \</as unfair in th"t the MWRA was making a
good faith attempt to craft a fair solution in this ma tter.
Consequently, sep"r" tely and together, Congressman Frank and I have
personally cont.,cted Carol Browner, Administra tor o! the Environmental
Protection Agency, to voice our serious concerns over the EPA' s
stubbornness on the W"lpole landfill issue.
I have a lso personally
~~~~=~~:d,.:a~;lr~ough, EPA Regional Administ rator, to voice my

Walpole Selectmen
May 25, 1993
-Page2Please know that I and Congressroan Frank will cont.inuc t.o he
a ctive and persistent on this matter. I will continue \.o
preserve the Town of Walpole's ability t o prevent. Uie
this landfill fro m ever taking place . I will cont.In,,,,
infori,,,ed in the important days and weeks ahead.