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November 2011

Accolades Rain Down on University
School of Art & Design
Boasts No. 3 Ranking,
‘Most-Admired Educator’
DesignIntelligence magazine named
Karen Clarke one of the 25 mostadmired educators of 2012 and
ranked the New England School of
Art & Design No. 3 in the nation on
its America‟s Best Architecture &
Design School 2012 list.
Clarke, who has taught for 15
years at NESAD, is co-director of
the school's Interior Design
program and the sole proprietor of
an award-winning interior design
firm that specializes in residential
and commercial interiors.
"I am very honored to be
recognized among these educators,"
said Clarke. "This could not have
happened without the dedication of
our faculty & administration, the
support of the University and our
very talented interior design
In determining the school‟s
ranking, the magazine cited both the
undergraduate and graduate interior
design programs as among the “Top
10” best at preparing graduates for
success in the interior design
profession. The design school rose
from fifth place on the list in 2011.
“We are proud to have once
again been recognized as one of the
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Colleagues gather as Stoll named "Outstanding Dean"
Dean of Student Affairs Nancy Stoll was honored with the Scott Goodnight Award
for Outstanding Service as a Dean at the 2011 National Association of Student
Personnel Administrators, or NASPA, regional conference.
A contingent of University friends and colleagues traveled to Sturbridge to see
Stoll honored for her “innovative response in meeting students‟ varied and emerging
needs, effectiveness in developing junior staff members, and leadership in
community and university affairs.”
“As Suffolk University has grown, Nancy has been in the forefront of meeting the
needs of our students with innovative programs and personal attention to each and
every one of our undergraduate and graduate students,” said Acting President and
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Set Inspired by Once-Devastated Modern Theatre
The sparkling new stage of the Modern Theatre became a beaten-up wreck once more
at the hands of award-winning set designer and Theatre Department faculty member
Richard Chambers for the student production of Doctor Faustus. Story, Page 3

Faculty Publications
Da Zheng, English. His book Chiang Yee: The Silent Traveller from the East (Rutgers, 2010) won the
Chinese American Librarians Association's "CALA 2010 Best Book" award in the Adult Fiction and
Non-fiction category.
Afshan Bokhari, Art History, has published “Imperial Transgressions and Spiritual Investitures:
A Begam's „Ascension‟ in Seventeenth Century Mughal India” in the Journal of Persianate Studies
(Special Issue), 4 (2011), 86-108, and "Between Patron and Piety: Jahan Ara Begum's Sufi Affiliations
and Articulations" in Sufism and Society: Arrangements of the Mystical in the Muslim World, 1200-1800 C.E.
She also was interviewed for the Academic Video Series “Treasures of Islam,” a two-hour
documentary for PBS about the visual and material legacy of the Muslim world, scheduled for release
in 2012.
Carol Dine, English, was awarded a $1,000 grant from the Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial Fund,
Inc. for her poetry manuscript Sutures: Poems on Art and War.
Jonathan Haughton, Economics, has published Living Standards Analytics: Development through the
Lens of Household Survey Data, co-authored with Dominique Haughton.
Quentin Miller, English. He published two articles on prisoners and prison literature: "Vital
Visions: On Teaching Prison Literature" in the volume Teaching Law and Literature, part of the Modern
Language Association‟s "Options for Teaching" series and "Invisible Citizens: The Rights and Lives
of Prisoners" as part of ABC-Clio's "Enduring Questions: Daily Life Through History" series. Miller
also published an essay "Separate and Unequal in Paris" in James Baldwin: America and Beyond.
Sue Orsillo, Psychology. Her book The Mindful Way through Anxiety, coauthored with Liz Roemer, was awarded the Self-Help Book of Merit Award
from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. She also published “The Effect of
Values Affirmation on Psychological Stress” with S.J. Czech, and A.M. Katz in Cognitive and Behavioral
Therapy (2011) and “Relationships among social anxiety, self-focused attention, and experiential
distress and avoidance” with D.M. Glick in the Journal of Cognitive and Behavioral
Psychotherapies, 11, 1-12.
Sebastián Royo, associate dean of the College and director of the Madrid
campus, has published the book Portugal in the 21st Century: Politics, Society, and
Gerry Richman, English, published an addendum to an article he wrote 30 years ago, "'Swa cwæð
snottor on mode' (Wanderer 111) Once Again" in Geardagum XXX (2011): 31-33.
Ronald Suleski, Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies, published a review of the Chinese
language book Wang Yongjiang yu Fengtian sheng zaoqi xiandaihua yanjiu

王永江與奉天省早期現代化研究 (Wang Yongjiang and Early Modernization in Fengtian Province), in the China Quarterly, Sept.
Rosie Sultan, English, has written a historical novel, Helen Keller in Love, Viking Press 2012.
David Yamada, Law School. His blog, Minding the Workplace was named one of the Top 50 workplace blogs by
Office of Public Affairs
73 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02108
Executive Editor: Greg Gatlin
Managing Editors: Nancy Kelleher, Karen DeCilio
Staff Writer: Tony Ferullo


Doctor Faustus Set Designer Inspired by Once-Devastated Modern Theatre
The sparkling new stage of the Modern
Theatre went retro, becoming a beaten-up
wreck once more for the student
production of Christopher Marlowe‟s
Doctor Faustus staged in mid-November.
Award-winning set designer Richard
Chambers, a member of the Theatre
Department faculty, drew his inspiration
in part from visits he had made to the
interior of the derelict Modern Theatre
before it was razed and transformed into
a new showplace with a restored façade.
As his colleagues met to plan the
production, Chambers was drawn to
photographs of abandoned buildings that
Director David Gammons, who has
joined the faculty as a guest lecturer this
year, brought to the table.
“I liked the look; it reflects the
corruption of the soul,” a major theme of
the Faustian legend of a demented genius
who strikes a terrifying bargain with the
devil,” said Chambers.
Before the University replaced the
ruin of the Modern Theatre, the caved-in
roof had been left open to the elements
for decades, and the interior was rotted
beyond repair.
“I remember going in and being
captivated,” said Chambers of the onceglamorous derelict. “It was lit with work
lights … you could hear dripping water
and the sounds of pigeon wings."
Chambers incorporated peeling
paint, plaster oozing through lathe, and a
hole-pocked floor into the Doctor Faustus
set to bring home the sense of the title
character‟s humanity being stripped away
through the wiles of Mephistopheles.
The lighting and sound effects also
highlighted the wreckage that serves as a
metaphor for the depths to which Doctor Faustus sinks.
Chambers, who has designed more than 150 productions in the Northeast, is the recipient of two Elliot Norton
Awards and three Independent Reviewers of New England awards.


Service Awards – 2011
The annual Service Awards formally recognize those employed at the University for 10 or more years. A slide show of the
celebration is online.
This year‟s recipients include:
William Davis
New England School of Art & Design
Anthony Eonas
Business Law
Walter Johnson
Joseph McEttrick
Law School
Victoria Dodd
Law School
Marc Greenbaum
Law School
John Holley
Paula Jordan
Law Library
Ronald Brunelle
Assistant Treasurer's Office
Gloria Boone
Communication & Journalism

Gerald Peary
Communication & Journalism
Mawdudur Rahman

Alberto Zanzi
Management & Entrepreneurship

Alade Olukotun
Guillermo Saldarriaga
Linda Ceder
Mary Anooshian
Facilities Management
Facilities Management
Financial Aid - Law School


Barbara Abrams
Humanities & Modern
Shirley Alexander-Hunt
Registrar's Office – Colleges
Pauline Alvarez
Dean-College of Arts &
Nicole Aresco
Student Accounts/Bursar
Julie Baker
Legal Practice Skills
Judy Benson
Academic Access and
Corin Bourque
University Police and
Roxana Canales
Marketing and
Jonathan Castrillon
Facilities Management
Wayne Chin
Theatre Arts
Darlene Chisholm
Regina Clinton
Student Accounts/Bursar
Diane D'Angelo
Law Library
Constance Delano
Information Technology

David Gansler
Gerasimos Gianakis
Public Management
Richard Gregg
Health Administration
Elisabeth Healy
Legal Practice Skills
Sabrina Holley-Williams
Law Library
Matthew Knowles
University Police and

Sheila McCarthy
Counseling Center

Danielle LaVita
Law Support Services

Andrew Mulherin
Sawyer Library

Michelle Ann Lemay
Student Financial Services –

Patrick O'Hanlon
Information Technology

Laurie Levesque
Dean-Sawyer Business

William O'Neill
Dean-Sawyer Business

Annestine Lewis
Law Support Services

Andrew Perlman
Law School

Viviana Leyva
Undergraduate Admission

Domenic Piazza
Facilities Management

Richard Limone
Academic Computing College of Arts & Science

Jeffrey Pokorak
Law School

Nohara Lopez
Registrar's Office – Colleges
Praneeth Machettira
Information Technology

Sara Dillon
Law School

Anthony Marks
University Police and

Melissa Diplacido
Carol Flores Milagros

Wallace Frank Marosek
New England School of Art
& Design

Dean-Sawyer Business

Leon Martinez
New England School of Art
& Design

Marie Fratto
Law Support Services

Johanna Porter
Sara Porth
New England School of Art
& Design
Jay Rosellini
Humanities & Modern
Marjorie Salvodon
Humanities & Modern
Michael Schneider
Marketing and

Jane Secci
Communication &
Sanaul Sharif
University Police and
Jack Shields
Sawyer Business School
Undergraduate Programs
Ellen Sklaver
Sawyer Library
Mikhail Spivak
Academic Computing College of Arts & Science
John Sullivan
Facilities Management
Yvette Velez
Student Affairs
Terrence Wells
Career Services/Coop
Thomas Whalen
Walter White
University Police and
Felicia Wiltz
Dmitry Zinoviev
Math & Computer Science

Rachel Scott
Registrar's Office – Colleges

Illianna Monet

Bob and Cameron DiGuardia

Bob and Rylan

Sebastian Leon-Kelton

Congratulations to these employees on the new additions to their families:
Corin Bourque and Michael McCartney of the University Police Department on the birth of their daughter Illianna Monet
McCartney on June 22.
Bob DiGuardia, Information Technology Services, and grandson Cameron DiGuardia, who was born on Sept. 12, weighing 5
pounds 4 ounces.
Bob Rosenthal, Communication and Journalism, and grandson Rylan Rosenthal, born on Nov. 5.
R. Harrison Kelton, Humanities and Modern Languages, and wife Elizabeth Leon-Kelton, welcomed a son Sebastian LeonKelton on Aug. 24. He weighed 10 pounds, 4 ounces.
Janet Wolk of the Bursar‟s Office won the Magic 106.7 Friday
Coffee Break contest for Sept. 23. The radio station delivered Dunkin‟
Donuts coffee, bagels and donuts to the office and took the photo at
left for its website. Celebrating with Wolk are colleagues Regina Clinton,
Betania Andoh, Lindsay Robichaud, Heather Cleveland, Eric Sacca, Rita
Mooney, Annette Iebba, Paula Fleck, Danny Luu, Nicole Aresco, Kevin
Kelly and Emily Krugick.
Afshan Bokhari, Art History, was awarded a research fellowship
by the Palestinian-American Research Council to study female identities
in Palestinian contemporary art. The research was used to organize an exhibition of 20 female artists titled “Unframed/Framed”
at Birzeit University Museum in Palestine.
Kathryn Jackson, Counseling Center and Psychological Services, presented a paper on “Literature, Development and the
Therapy Hour: Experiences of a University Counseling Center Psychologist” at the 28th International Psychology and the Arts
Conference at the University of Roskilde in Denmark.
Elif Armbruster, English, hosted Latina writers Suzan Colon, author
of Cherries in Winter, and Galina Espinoza, editorial director of Latina Media
Ventures, at her Honors Seminar in Latina Literature. The women spoke to the
students about Latina authorship and literature, Latinas in the media, and politics
and gender and LGBT issues related to Latinas.
Peter Jeffreys, English, was elected to the executive board of the Modern
Greek Studies Association, an interdisciplinary scholarly organization in North
America that promotes the study of the language, history, politics, economics,
society, and arts of Modern Greece. He also lectured on "Cavafy‟s Byzantium: The
Poetics of Exquisite Decline” at Yale University's Institute of Sacred Music
Colloquium and its Hellenic Studies Program, Department of Comparative
Galina Espinoza, Elif Armbruster, Suzan Colon
Sue Orsillo, Psychology, served on two grant review panels: a special
emphasis panel for the National Institute of Health on “Conflicts and Eating Disorders” and the Center for Integration of
Medicine and Innovative Technology Innovative Grants Program.
Bob Rosenthal, Communication and Journalism, appeared on Fox 25‟s morning and evening news programs on Nov. 8,
discussing the presidential campaign and Herman Cain's press conference, which addressed accusations of sexual harassment.
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‘Outstanding Dean’ Nancy Stoll Honored by NASPA
From Page 1

Provost Barry Brown.
“We would not have
reached our national
and international stature
without her help.
Under Stoll‟s
leadership, the
University has created
the Residence Life
Program, the
Performing Arts Office,
the S.O.U.L.S.
Community Service
Center, the Disability
Services Office and the
Diversity Services
She also guided the
Nancy Stoll and the many colleagues who were on hand to applaud her recognition by NASPA.
Division of Student
Affairs development of the SU101 First Year Experience course, improved student activities and orientation programs, increased
varsity athletic programs, and boosted support and visibility for Leadership Development programs.
“Nancy is the kind of leader that every institution hopes to have – dedicated, innovative, compassionate, helpful,
supportive, and a delight to be around,” said David DeAngelis, director of Student
Leadership and Involvement.
‘Nancy is the kind of
“Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to meet with students and attend
leader that every
their events.”
institution hopes to
“When I think of the phrase „even one person can make a difference,‟ I think of the
impact that Nancy has had at Suffolk University.”
have – dedicated,
The spotlight also fell on Stoll‟s leadership in 2004, when she received the Mary E.
Tobin Award for Outstanding
Achievement and Inspirational Leadership
from the Massachusetts Association for
helpful, supportive,
Women in Education.
and a delight to be
Stoll attended the multi-day NASPA
conference with members of her staff as
she does every year. She admits to
becoming a little emotional when her
--Dave DeAngelis
name was called during the awards
“It was a complete surprise and, yes, I shed some tears,” she said. “I was very
touched to be recognized for my work by colleagues around the region.”
Stoll was even more delighted when she found out that a group of University
employees were on hand to applaud her as she received the award.
“That was something special to me,” she said.
She credited her Student Affairs team for making possible the circumstances
that led to the award.
“This is not about me,” she said. “I want to share this award with my staff.
Nancy Stoll receives NASPA award,
After all, they‟re the ones who make me look good.”
presented by colleague Ann Coyne.


NE School of Art & Design Boasts ‘Most-Admired Educator’ and No. 3 Ranking
“Top 10” Interior Design programs in the nation,” said Bill Davis, chairman of the University‟s
art and design school. “Last year was the first time we made the “Top 10” list, but we knew that it
would not be the last. In fact, we moved from the fifth position to the third position at both the
graduate and undergraduate levels. We are working hard to make number one in the near future.”
The magazine cited both the undergraduate and graduate interior design programs as among the
“Top 10” best at preparing graduates for success in the interior design profession. The design school
rose from fifth place on the list in 2011.
In honoring Clarke DesignIntelligence, a bimonthly report from the Design Futures Council,
followed an annual tradition of recognizing excellence in education and education administration by
naming 25 exemplary professionals in these fields.
Thousands of design professionals, academic department heads and students advised the
DesignIntelligence staff as it selected the 2012 class of role models from the disciplines of architecture,
industrial design, interior design and landscape architecture.

Karen Clarke

New Faces
Please welcome our newest employees:
Lindy Briggette, Dean‟s Office, College
Celine Browning, NESAD
Rachel Cardillo, Modern Theatre
Brett DiMarzo, Graduate Admission
Janice Evans, Financial Aid, Law School
Andrea Gimler, Dean‟s Office, College
Naomi Gutierrez, Psychology
Marina Lavrov, Sawyer Business School

Jade Mishler, Sawyer Library
Sarah Morales, Undergraduate Admission
Yussel Rosario, Information Technology Services
Michael Smith, Academic Access and Opportunity
Katherine Sticca, English
Shannon Trudelle, Dean‟s Office, Sawyer Business
Julie Waclawik, Modern Theatre

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Carmen Veloria, Education and Human Services, spoke on “Deconstructing and Re-Constructing Deficit Discourses
Related to Children and Families” at the University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Education‟s Children, Families and
Schools fortnightly lunch.
David Yamada, Law School, has joined the editorial board of New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource
Development, a refereed journal published by the College of Education at Florida International University.

In Memoriam
University Police Officer Greg Grande