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The Law School Class of 2010 proceeds into the Bank of America Pavilion.

The Suffolk University News
July 2010     Vol. 36, No. 4

Brothers Edwin and Alan Dillaby. (Photos by John Gillooly)

Family Atmosphere Highlights 2010 Commencement
Alan and Edwin Dillaby always have been close, but their bond as
brothers reached new heights when they graduated together from
the University in May.
“It is an honor to be graduating with my brother,” said Alan,
staff assistant in the Public Management Office, who graduated
cum laude with a BSBA in accounting. “I would be in a very different place if it weren’t for his insight.”
Said Edwin: “Graduating with my brother is something very
special that not many siblings get to do.” Edwin, senior coordinator
in the Human Resources Office, graduated summa cum laude with
a BSBA degree in management. “I feel that working and attending
school together has kept us even closer.”
Edwin will continue in the Sawyer Business School’s MBA program, beginning this summer. Alan plans to apply to the school’s

Masters in Accounting program, with the goal of becoming a CPA.
There was more “brotherly love” at commencement, as
Christopher and David DiGuardia received master’s degrees in
Communication and Journalism and Mental Health Counseling,
Christopher, who also earned his undergraduate degree in
Communication and Journalism from Suffolk, and David are the
sons of Bob DiGuardia, a longtime Suffolk employee who has two
Suffolk degrees, and his wife, Mary, who has three.
“Suffolk University has been part of my family since I came
here in 1973,” said Bob, director of applications in the Information
Technology Services Department. “My boys have literally grown
up here, walking the halls of Suffolk since childhood. We are all
grateful to Suffolk for the many opportunities it has afforded us.”
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Camille A. Nelson to Become Law School Dean

Camille Nelson

Distinguished legal scholar Camille A. Nelson
has been named dean of the Law School, effective
Sept. 1.
“Camille Nelson joins us in sharing a
longstanding conviction that the potential for
excellence is unlocked when doors are opened
to people of ability from all backgrounds and
circumstances, and I am confident that she will
continue the Law School’s mission of opportunity,” said President David J. Sargent. “She is
committed to public service and the pursuit of
social justice, and we expect that the Law School

will flourish through her energy, collaborative
leadership style and vision.”
Nelson most recently was a professor of law at
Hofstra University School of Law. She earned her
law degree at the University of Ottawa Faculty
of Law and a master of laws from Columbia
Law School.
“Suffolk University Law School is an incredible
place, and I am honored to be joining its ranks,”
said Nelson. “It is a community of engaged scholars,
dedicated teachers, involved alumni, hard-working
professionals and exceptional students.” 

Barbara Abrams, Humanities and

Modern Languages, presented a paper
based on her new book, Le Bizarre and
Le Décousu: French Eighteenth Century
Origins of the Concept of Marginality, at the
American Society of Eighteenth Century
Studies conference in Albuquerque, N.M. 
Erika Gebo, Sociology, was awarded
two grants from the Massachusetts Office
of Public Safety and Security to help
Massachusetts communities address youth
and gang violence.
Gordon King, Facilities Planning
and Management, participated in “The
Creative Band-Aid,” a panel discussion
on the improvement of campus facilities
in this fiscally constrained era, at the 31st
annual No Name Conference hosted by
the University of Illinois at Chicago. He
was invited by Tsoi/Kobus & Associates,
the designers of the Suffolk University
Law School, Sawyer Library and 73
Tremont Café. The facilities planning
conference brings together more than 100
college and university administrators,
designers and builders to share ideas, best
practices, trends and current issues related
to the design, construction and management of higher education campuses.

New Faces
Please welcome our newest employees:
Christine Adams, Marketing
Richard Arnold, Health & Wellness
Jessica Bonzek, Law Career Development
Amy Dumouchel, Sawyer Library
Catherine Emmons, Advancement
Christine Haigh, Rappaport Center,
Law School
Kelsey McGuffie, Public Management
Wanda Rodriguez, Law Clinical Programs
Emily Shaer, Public Management
Alexa Simeone, Orientation and
New Student Programs
Alicia Vinal, Health Administration 

T he SUN is published by:
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Executive Editor
Greg Gatlin
Managing Editor
Nancy Kelleher

Suffolk University will host the conference
May 15–17, 2011.
Sebastián Royo, associate dean of
the college and director of the Madrid
campus, presented “La Crisis Global y el
Futuro del Capitalismo” at the XXXV
International Spring Colloquium of
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de
Mexico (UNAM) and at Centro de
Investigación y Docencia Económicas
(CIDE) in Mexico City. The lectures
were organized by the U.S. Embassy in
Mexico. At UNAM, Royo was interviewed
on the radio for Macroeconomia Magazine
and Radiorama. He also was interviewed
by León Krauze of Televisa’s En Vivo in
Mexico City and by Noticias UnivisónNueva Inglaterra, a nightly Spanish news
station for New England.
Sean Solley, Interior Design, presented
a paper “The Second Oldest Profession”
at the Design Principles and Practices
conference hosted by Common Ground
Publishing and the University of Illinois in
Chicago. The lecture can be seen in two
parts on YouTube at
watch?v=t-ESiWoaDwo and

President David J. Sargent meets Kaia Lynne
Gatlin on her first campus visit. Kaia was
born April 20, 2010, weighing in at 8 pounds,
4 ounces. Dad Greg Gatlin, director of Public
Affairs, mother Erica and sister Emilee couldn’t
be happier.

Faculty Publications
Edward Bander, Law librarian emeritus, has published The Hidden History of Essex Law
School, a fictional novel about a law librarian who writes two centennial histories of the
law school, the real one and the one the dean asks him to write. (Trafford, 2010). Since
his retirement in 1990, Bander has written two plays with his daughter, Lida Bander, The
Lottery and The Test. He is currently working on a play about people in assisted living.
Adam Glesser, Mathematics. His article “Control of transfer and weak closure in
fusion systems” with Antonio Díaz, Nadia Mazza and Sejong Park was published in
J. Algebra 323, 2010, no. 2, 382–392.
Erika Gebo and Carolyn Boyes-Watson, Sociology. Their article
“Reconceptualizing Organizational Change in the Comprehensive Gang Model” with
Sayra Pinto Wilson was published in the Journal of Criminal Justice, June 2010.
Donald Levitan, retired professor of public administration, has published The
Massachusetts Millennium (Alrain Books).
Thomas McGrath, Humanities and Modern Languages. His review of “Titian,
Tintoretto, and Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice,” the exhibition held last year
at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, appeared in Renaissance
Studies, Vol. 24, No. 3 (Dec. 2009), pp. 437–444.
Sean Solley, Interior Design. His paper “The Second Oldest
Profession” was accepted for publication in Design Principles and
Practices: An International Journal of Design Theory.
Staff Writers
Ronald Suleski, director, Rosenberg Institute for East Asian
Karen DeCilio
Tony Ferullo
Studies. His review of the book Homosexuality and Manliness
in Postwar Japan was published in The Gay & Lesbian Review
Worldwide, XVII.3, May–June 2010, p. 37. 
Heather Clark

What’s Old
is New Again
Workers painstakingly reassemble the restored
marble, sandstone and brownstone components
of the historic Modern Theatre facade. The
grand arch, rebuilt from the refurbished original
stones, is anchored by the careful placement
of the keystone. Next up is the marble slab
engraved with the Modern Theatre name.
The facade restoration is the centerpiece of a
Suffolk University project that will create a new
downtown residence hall, theater and gallery, to
open in fall 2010. (Photos by Renee DeKona)

Artwork Bodes Well for New Building
With guidance from artist Gowri Savoor, students received an experiential lesson in Indian
culture by creating a rangoli, one of the most popular art forms in India, inside the lobby
of the Donahue Building.
“I wanted my students to understand how folk traditions in India continue to exist today
and how an Eastern tradition and cultural memory can be transplanted to Western ground
and still be meaningful,” said Afshan Bokhari, assistant professor of Art History at the New
England School of Art and Design, who invited Savoor to campus.
In India, rangolis are commonly created outside homes to consecrate ground and to
ensure prosperity and success. The Suffolk rangoli was meant to bless the 20 Somerset St.
site of the planned New England School of Art & Design and “to ensure the future building’s successful completion and longevity,” said Bokhari. 
Gowri Savoor and Afshan Bokhari in front of the
rongoli (Photo by John Gillooly).
J u l y 2 010


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Photos by John Gillooly

Annamaria Mueller, alumni relations assistant at Suffolk University Law
School, received her BA in Sociology, graduating alongside her daughter,
Kimberly Cambria, who earned a BS in Sociology, with a Crime and Justice
Nearly two years ago to the day, also in the Bank of America Pavilion,
Mueller received an associate’s degree with her daughter, Melissa Cambria,
who received a BSBA degree.
“My daughter, Melissa, and I made a pact a few years ago that we would
graduate at the same time,” said Mueller. “Like the first time with Melissa,
Kimberly and I also had a plan to graduate together this year. It was a lot of
time and hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end.”
Suffolk University and Suffolk University Law School awarded degrees
to a total of 2,461 students at commencement exercises on Saturday, May 22,
and Sunday, May 23.
Cory A. Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J., addressed Law School graduates,
and the commencement speaker for the undergraduate ceremony was Dr.
Paul Farmer, who has devoted his life to treating impoverished patients in
Haiti and other underdeveloped nations.
Wycliffe “Wyc” Grousbeck managing partner, governor and CEO
of the Boston Celtics, addressed the Sawyer School of Business graduate
Suffolk University alumna Karen B. DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc, professor
of Medicine and vice dean of Community Affairs & Health Policy at Tulane
University School of Medicine, addressed those receiving advanced degrees
from the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Kimberly Cambria and her mother, Suffolk Law
Alumni Relations Assistant Annamaria Mueller.

Justice John M. Greaney, director of the Macaronis Institute, salutes the crowd as he receives
his honorary law degree.

David Gallant, director of Undergraduate Advising
and Commencement 2010 Alumni Marshal.



Assistant Dean of the College Sharon Lenzie and family with daughter Laura Liberge and son Brian Liberge
of Information Technology Services.

Joshua Magararu of Mail Services.

Public Management’s Erin McLaughlin.

Vice Presidents Francis X. Flannery, Janice C. Griffith, Marguerite J. Dennis and John A. Nucci; Provost Barry
Brown, Chairman Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., Mayor Cory Booker, President Sargent and Vice President Chris Mosher.

Vice President/General Counsel Paul Lyons and
Vice President Nancy Stoll.

Lt. Ramon Nunez and Chief John Pagliarulo.

Interim Law Dean Bernard V. Keenan.

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Commencement, continued ✫
Employee Graduates
James Alexander, BS
Kristen Bourque, Certificate,
Paralegal Studies
Laura Chapman, BSBA
Edwin Dillaby, BSBA
Alan Dillaby, BSBA
Loren Doucette, MED
Leah Doxtader, MSA
Mishell Fortes, MBA
Erica Lewis-Bowen, MSCJ
Joshua Magararu, MSCJ
Erin McLaughlin, MSCJS/MPA
Annamaria Mueller, BA
Jill Pierce, MS
Lark Rissetto, MA

Laura Chapman of the Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service and family.

Mishell Fortes of Law School Support Services.

Bob DiGuardia of Information Technology Services and his wife, Mary, with sons David
and Christopher.

Students Migline Pierre, Philvie Daniel and Stephanie Bonbon, all of whom hail from Haiti, with
Dr. Paul Farmer.


Kenneth Feinberg accepts honorary law degree
from President David J. Sargent.

The Hon. Bernice Donald receives honorary law degree.

Erica Lewis-Bowen of Graduate Admission.

Boston Celtics CEO Wycliffe “Wyc” Grousbeck and Dean William J. O’Neill, Jr.

Chairman of the Board Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., Mayor Cory Booker, student speaker Jasmine Ortiz
and President Sargent.

Dean Kenneth S. Greenberg and honorary degree recipient Charles
Burnett at the Summa Dinner.

Dr. Karen L. Bollinger-DeSalvo and President Sargent.

J u l y 2 010


Finding Balance through Wellness Challenge
Suffolk University became SO FIT University
from March 29 through
April 27 during the
second annual Wellness
Challenge for employees and students. The
30-day challenge is a
program created and co-sponsored by the
offices of Health & Wellness Services and
Human Resources.
The SO FIT challenge focuses not
on physical health alone; it is based on
“finding balance” in health and wellness.
The challenge uses the traditional model of
wellness, which incorporates social, intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and
environmental wellness as a framework.
SO FIT participants formed teams of
faculty/staff, students or a combination;
filled out weekly wellness score sheets; and
submitted them to the SO FIT team captains for scorekeeping. Points were accrued
for a range of health and wellness activities,
such as exercising, recycling, healthy eating,
limiting caffeine, and more. At the end
of the 30 days, a luncheon was held for
participants, with awards and prizes for the
top scores in each team category.
A large part of the SO FIT challenge was
participation in designated wellness events.
Many events were hosted or sponsored by
departments on campus, demonstrating
that if we think about wellness in a
holistic framework, we have many campus

SO FIT Cookbook and Recipe Challenge
Human Resources and the Office of Health and Wellness Services are putting together a SO
FIT Healthful Recipes Cookbook for the University community.
Members of the community are invited to share their favorite recipes for healthy appetizers, entrées, side dishes, desserts, smoothies or drinks. Entries should include the nutritional
information as well as the source of the recipe, i.e., Cooking Light magazine. Go to http:// to calculate the nutritional information. One
recipe in each category will be highlighted in the cookbook as a “SO FIT Winning Recipe,

and the entrant will receive a prize. The University’s wellness ambassadors will choose two
recipes in each category to be prepared by a test team and then select the winners from that
group. Submissions must be sent to by Monday, Aug. 2.
The 2010 wellness ambassadors are Tim Albers, Judy Benson, Terry Bishop, Lou Brum,
Wendy Cimino, Jessica DaSilva, Victoria DeBassio, Marty Elmore, Jackie Gould, Maria Guerriero, Nichole Kaye, Janine LaFauci, Sharon Lenzie, Theresa Malionek, Keren McDowell,
Judy Reynolds, Vivian Rosado, Betty Sanes, Dhan Shrestha, Jonathan Talley, Janet Wolk
and Joe Wolk.

resources to help us find our balance.
Some highlights of the SO FIT programs
were: Mindfulness Meditations (Interfaith
Center), Build-A Lunch Workshop (Health
& Wellness), Service Day (S.O.U.L.S.),
Creativity as Self-Care (Counseling
Center), Laughing Your Way to Wellness
(Dr. Sushil Bhatia) and Fun Food Facts
with Trader Joe’s (Human Resources).
More than twice as many employees
participated in the challenge this year:
239 people completed all 30 days of the
challenge this year, compared to 102 in
2009. Individual participants logged an
average of 60 points per week by attending
wellness activities, working out, and generally being balanced and healthy, compared
to last year’s 58-points-per-week average.

The winners of the 2010 SO FIT
Challenge were:
• Faculty/Staff: Team SUPD (Sgt. Betty
Sanes, Mikhail Ilin, Dhan Shrestha,
Capt. Michael Ryan)
• Student: Team Da RAs (Arianna
Gulbus, Mike DiCairano, Sarah Veator,
TJ Golden, Stephanie Zito)
• Combination: Team Grad Admissions
(Judy Reynolds, Theresa Bishop, Kaitlyn
White, Rosanna Wan, Laura Kroh,
Mara Collins, Ellen Driscoll)
• Spirit: Team Wii Not Fit (Joe Wolk, AJ
Meyers, Mary Lally, Jeff Lane, Heath
Whelan, Craig Keller, Rachel Scott,
Ashley Ciampa, Nohara Lopez, Julie
Elias, Shirley Alexander-Hunt)
• Highest Individual Score: Judy Benson 

Loud and Clear
Brian McDermott of Information Technology
Services outfits Gov. Deval Patrick with a
microphone as Patrick prepares to speak and
take questions as the final guest of the 2010
Gubernatorial Speaker Series presented by the
Rappaport Center for Law and Public Service.
Patrick made news across the country during
the forum when he used the word “sedition”
in discussing people “rooting for failure” in
their opposition to President Obama. (Photo by
John Gillooly)