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New Illustration Major
NABA Award
Athletics Hall of Fame

June 2009  •  Vol. 35, No. 4

Commencement a Family Affair for University Employees
Many Suffolk employees and their
families enjoyed commencement weekend
as the culmination of the unique opportunity to learn and to work that the University
offers them.
Carol Powers, senior benefits services
coordinator in the Human Resources Office,
was but one of those who watched children
graduate from the University. Her daughters
Kristin and Kelly were among the graduates.
“Being Kristin and Kelly’s mom has been
the greatest joy of my life,” said Powers.
“No one can prepare you for motherhood,
but I knew when they were born that they
were special. When they were little they
would ask me how many years would they be
in school. I always said: ‘A minimum of 16
years.’ They knew that high school was not
the end of their educational journey. They
both did well in school so I always knew that
Carol Powers is flanked by daughters Kelly and Kristin at commencement. More photos, pages 6
college would be in their future.”
and 7 (Photo by John Gillooly)
Said Kristin Powers, who graduated with
a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and international
the classes are so small,” she said. “The people at Suffolk are what
relations, “I remember all of the things that I have done in those
made my time here so wonderful.”
seven years: deciding to go back to art school; taking classes that
“Having them graduate together is great,” said their mom. “I
interested me in addition to all the requirements; finishing my
am so proud of them and excited that they are sharing this once-inundergraduate degree with two majors; and wearing a United
a-lifetime experience together. Working at Suffolk and seeing the
States Air Force ROTC uniform. I am extremely fortunate to have
environment that they have experienced on a different level is so
experienced and done so much during my time at Suffolk.”
rewarding, too.”
Kelly Powers graduated with a bachelor of arts degree magna
Award-winning journalist Ted Koppel and Massachusetts
cum laude in Psychology. “What really makes this school special is
Attorney General Martha Coakley were the keynote speakers as
the fact that you get to know your professors and classmates because more than 2,428 students were awarded degrees during the 2009
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Working Toward Best Practices for Records Management
The Office of the Provost has embarked on a review of records
management procedures prompted by new state and federal regulations regarding data security.
The University has engaged Huron Consulting Group, Inc., a
national consulting firm, to assist with reviewing its current records
management procedures and developing a compliance plan, according to Suzanne Gallagher of the Provost’s Office.

“It’s a large undertaking to examine records across campus,” said
Gallagher. “As part of the process we decided to look at all records so
that we could develop standard practices that will make it easier to meet
the data security regulations and to manage records in the future.”
The first step in the review process entailed completing questionnaires about what types of records are maintained, how they are
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Moakley Foundation
Award for Service
William M. Bulger, the longest serving state Senate president
in Massachusetts history, was awarded the John Joseph
Moakley Charitable Foundation Public Service Award at the
Foundation’s eighth Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony
in May at the Law School. Here he chats with University
Archivist Julia Collins. More than $110,000 in scholarships
were presented to 28 students pursuing higher education or
vocational study. Bulger—a Moakley friend who grew up with
the late congressman in South Boston—served as a state
representative, state senator and president of the University
of Massachusetts and is a key supporter of the Boston Public
Library and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
(Photo by John Gillooly) 

U.S. News Cites Law
School Programs
U.S. News and World Report singled out
several Suffolk Law School programs as
among the nation’s best in its 2009 education
The rankings included nearly 200 law
schools across the nation. The Law School
was cited for the following:
• 13th best alternate dispute resolution
• 13th best part-time/evening program
• 17th best legal writing program
• 20th best clinical program.
“I know I speak for the entire Suffolk
Law community when I extend our
congratulations to everyone who participates
in our alternate dispute resolution, clinical,
and legal writing programs,” said Dean
Alfred Aman. “Each program does superb
work, and this kind of national recognition is well deserved. It’s very gratifying
to see the hard work of our students and
faculty honored in this manner.” 

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Illustration Major to Be Added in 2011
The New England School of Art & Design has won approval to add an
Illustration major to its menu of programs.
The major has been approved by the College’s Undergraduate Curriculum
Committee, Educational Policy Committee and Faculty Assembly and by the Board
of Trustees. It will undergo review by the National Association of Schools of Art and
Design, or NASAD this fall, according to Sara Chadwick, director of Administrative
Services for the New England School of Art & Design.
The school now offers major programs in Graphic Design, Interior Design and
Fine Arts.
It is working with consultants to put the final touches on the Illustration program,
which is expected to launch in September 2011. 

Records Management
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secured, and how long they are kept. Business and academic units across campus were
asked to submit the questionnaires by June 8.
“Everyone has a different records-keeping system, and we aren’t judging these procedures,” said Gallagher. “The questionnaire is only meant to gather information.”
Questionnaire answers and follow-up interviews will be used to develop policies about
data security and retention.
Huron will develop a records retention schedule for the University. Not only is it
important to maintain certain records for mandated time periods, it also is necessary to
destroy certain records after a set period of time, according to Gallagher.
Once the standards are in place, training will be offered as needed.
“We don’t want to change offices’ procedures, except when necessary,” said Gallagher.

Faculty and Student Art Shows on Campus
Springboard, a juried exhibition from the New England School of Art & Design,
features the work of three spring 2009 graduates:
The exhibit is at the Adams Gallery through August 2, 2009.
Students exhibiting are:
• Sam Spano, winner of the 2009 Fine Arts Juror’s Award
• Bonnie Birge
• Juan Berrios
Meanwhile, the Suffolk University Art Gallery presents a Faculty Drawing Exhibition
from the New England School of Art & Design.
The exhibit, at the 75 Arlington St. gallery, runs from July 18 through July 31.
An opening reception will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, June 18. 
(Photos: Molly Ferguson, Imaginatas Photography, 2009)
Sam Spano

Juan Berrios
Bonnie Birge

Law Faculty Offer NECN Legal Analysis
Law School professors are analyzing the news from a legal
perspective each week on New England Cable News.
Through NECN’s “Sidebar” segment, the Suffolk Law professors
examine significant local, national and international stories.
“Sidebar” debuted March 23 with the segment “Is the AIG
bonus tax constitutional?”
In discussing AIG and the congressional move to tax bonuses
paid to executives of the insurance firm that had been saved by a
generous federal bailout, Law Professor Carter Bishop told NECN’s
Chet Curtis that “it is possible, but marginal whether those (tax
levies) are constitutional.”
Bishop also pointed out that AIG had no option when it came to
paying the much-maligned bonuses. Failure to pay would have been
construed as a breach of contract under Connecticut law, and AIG
would likely have lost any suit resulting from a refusal to pay the
bonuses, according to Bishop.

In other “Sidebar” segments, Professor Chris Dearborn analyzed
the Massachusetts marijuana law, and Professor Anthony Polito
discussed charges filed against funds that fed into Bernard Madoff ’s
Ponzi operation.
“We are very excited about the opportunity to showcase our
faculty and share our collective legal expertise,” said Associate
Dean and Professor of Law Linda Simard. “We hope that ‘Sidebar’
will help bring attention and increased awareness to some of the
important legal issues of our day.”
“Sidebar” airs at 4:15 p.m. Mondays during NECN’s “News
Day Live” broadcast.
NECN and the University are broadcast partners, and the
segment originates from the University’s television studio at 73
Tremont St. 

June 20 09


Rachael Cobb, Government, and U.S. Election Assistance

Commissioner Gracia Hillman spoke on “Youth participation
in the 2008 election cycle” at the American University Center
for Democracy and Election Management. Cobb also presented
a paper, “Poll Worker Performance in an Urban Setting,” at the
Northeast Political Science Association and was a panelist at a
roundtable discussion, “Obama: The First One Hundred Days,”
held at Suffolk University.
Erika Gebo, Sociology, was awarded two Shannon Anti-Gang and
Youth Violence Grants from the Massachusetts Executive Office of
Public Safety and Security to assist the communities of Springfield,
Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner in addressing gang issues.
Heather Hewitt, Sawyer Business School, North Andover campus,
received the Dean Barbara Erickson Award for outstanding service to
graduate students from the University’s Graduate Student Association.
Karen Jasinski, Student Activities and Service Learning,
is engaged to Nathan Phillips of Camden, Maine. They are
planning a July 18, 2009, wedding at St. Catherine of Sienna
Church in Norwood.
Walter Johnson of Physics reports
that his wife, Lea Johnson, former director
of the Suffolk University Management
Education Center, has been named dean
of the School of Business Administration
and Graduate School of Management
at American International College.
Congratulations to Faith LitchockMorellato of the Ballotti Learning Center
on the birth of her daughter Julia Evani
Morellato on November 6, 2008.
Julia Evani Morellato

Ken Garni of the Counseling Center and Bea Snow of Biology were feted
by colleagues at a retirement party at the Omni Parker House. CAS
Dean Kenneth Greenberg presented them with Paul Revere bowls in
recognition of their longtime service to Suffolk University. Snow is
leaving after 44 years while Garni finishes with 40 years.

Bob Rosenthal, Communication and Journalism, discussed the
economic situation of The Boston Globe and the newspaper industry
in general on Fox 25 Boston’s morning show on May 11, 2009.
Keri E. Iyall Smith, Sociology, is the vice president of
Sociologists Without Borders.
Dmitry Zinoviev of Mathematics and Computer Science and
graduate student Vy Duong presented a poster, “Online social networks as vector spaces,” at the Sunbelt Social Networks Conference
in San Diego. 

NABA Recognition
Associate Professor of Accounting Gail Sergenian received the
Educational Institution Partner Award from the Boston Metropolitan
Professional Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants
(NABA) in recognition of her work as faculty adviser for the Boston
Metropolitan Student Chapter. Presenting the award is Francois J. Assad,
NABA professional member and awards reception committee member.
“I consider NABA to be the premier mentoring organization for
people of color, from school throughout one’s career. It is open to all
business majors, whatever one’s cultural background, said Sergenian.

“Suffolk has had a huge presence in NABA for many years. We were
the first University in the greater metropolitan Boston area to become
an Educational Institution Partner by initiating a renewable NABA
scholarship for an incoming student of color. In addition, we hosted
the Annual Business Minority Conference and Case Competition for
the last two years. Our students become very active members of the
professional chapter upon graduation. Every year they have divided Case
Competition teams by school, Suffolk student teams have come in first,
this last year being no exception, she added.  



A Theatrical Look at Censorship
For Nora Long, “the play’s the thing,”
so when she ends her day as marketing and
special projects supervisor in the Theatre
Department, she dons her second hat,
developing and directing a new production
with her fledgling theater company.
Long is the co-founder of New
Exhibition Room, which engages local
artists as it builds new work and re-imagines
traditional theatricality.
New Exhibition Room will explore
the role of censorship in a free society
when it premieres its first full-length
production, Shh!
The ensemble is building the piece
using Supreme Court cases, banned books,
current events, mythology, Sesame Street and
other sources of inspiration.
“Shh! will serve up a physical and
emotional exploration of all the things we
can’t say or do,” said Long, who is co-artistic
director of New Exhibition Room.
“I don’t think ‘smart’ and ‘fun’ are mutually exclusive,” she added. “Censorship is
timeless, whether you are talking about the
Alien and Sedition Acts or the less formal

manifestos of political
correctness. I’m
interested in exploring
these issues through
The creative process
for Shh! is embedded
in rehearsals, which
began in late May.
Nora Long
An early entry on the
group’s Facebook page answers the question:
What’s it about?
“The truth is, we don’t know yet. The
play doesn’t exist—we are making it up in
rehearsal.” However, the New Exhibition
Room, or NXR, Facebook page offers a
sampling of books, music, film and television that will influence the work.
Long notes that the production may not
be suitable for all ages and/or temperaments
as it will likely contain nudity, violence, and
adult language and content.
New Exhibition Room will present
Shh! July 9–25 at the Boston Playwrights’
Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Ave.
Performances are at 8 p.m. Thursday,

Friday and Saturday evenings. Information
is available on the NXR Web site www. 

Faculty Publications

New Faces

Michael Kraten, Accounting. His article “The Big Four Audit Report: Should the

Please welcome our newest employees:

Public Perceive it as a Label of Quality?” was accepted for publication in Accounting and
the Pubic Interest.
Erika Gebo, Sociology, has published an article “Assessing Student Learning and
Undergraduate Effectiveness through a Comprehensive Exam” (co-authored with
Kimberly Tobin) in Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society.
Another article “Juvenile Justice Reform and the Courtroom Workgroup: Issues of
Perception and Workload” (2006) was reprinted in Courts: A Text/Reader.
Keri E. Iyall Smith, Sociology, has co-edited a book Hybrid Identities: Theoretical
and Empirical Examinations with Brill Publishers and authored a chapter “Rights
of Indigenous Peoples” in The Leading Rogue State. Smith also published an article
“Comparing State and International Protections of Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights”
in American Behavioral Scientist.
Carolyn Boyes-Watson, Sociology, has published a book Peacemaking Circles and
Urban Youth (Living Justice Press).
Miriam Weismann, Business Law and Ethics, has published a book Crime,
Incorporated: Legal and Financial Implications of Corporate Misconduct (American Bar
Association Publishing). 

Frank Barrett, Government and

Community Affairs
Victoria DeBassio, Dean’s Office, Sawyer

Business School
Kaitlyn Davis, Public Management
Victoria Finn, Law Career Development
Paul Guarino, Information Technology

Stefanie Harvey, Office of the Provost
Margo Lindauer, Juvenile Justice Center
Lisa Parker, Law School 

June 20 09


Michael Morris receives his juris doctor degree from his father, Trustee
Jim Morris, as Law Dean Fred Aman looks on.

Communication and Journalism Chair Bob Rosenthal congratulates his
son Tim who was awarded a bachelor of science in journalism degree.

Photographs by John Gillooly

Melissa Demir, daughter of Associate Professor
of Physics Oktay Demir, received a bachelor of
science degree summa cum laude.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley
is joined by Trustees Chairman Nicholas Macaronis
and U.S. Rep. Barney Frank.

Director of International Student Programming
R. Scott Reedy served as Alumni Marshal,
representing the 25th anniversary class.

University Police Officer Dhan Shrestha was
awarded a bachelor of arts degree.

Esmeralda Sema of the Sawyer Business
School received a bachelor of science degree
magna cum laude.

Director of Athletics Jim Nelson shouts
instructions to the crowd.


Vice President for External Affairs John Nucci and son
Michael who was awarded a bachelor of science degree.

Award-winning journalist Ted Koppel with Trustees Chairman Nicholas Macaronis,
Sawyer Business School Dean William O’Neill, College Dean Kenneth Greenberg
and President David J. Sargent.



Employee Graduates

The following employees were among the Class of 2009:
Elizabeth Bassett, Financial Aid-Colleges, MPMSP
Melanie Becker, Off-campus Housing Office, MSCJ
Leslie Cummings, Sociology, MSCJ
Anthony DelPrete, Athletics, MED
Avith Ernest, University Police, BSB
Phally Eth, Sawyer Library, BSB
Jeffrey Farland, Financial Aid-Colleges, BS
Lauren Hajjar, Public Management, MPA
Amanda Hines, Sawyer Business Graduate Programs, MA
Ka Wing Leung, Purchasing Services, MSA
Isaura Medina, Undergraduate Admission, BS
Jerica Mikenas, Undergraduate Admission, BS

Katrina Nunez, Information Technology Services, BSB
Gabriella Priest, Career Services/Coop Education, MSCJ
Kathryn Rodrigues, Math & Computer Science, MED
Eric Sacca, Student Accounts, BSB
Esmeralda Sema, Business Law, BS
Mohammed Sharif, University Police, BSB
Dhan Shrestha, University Police, BA
Timothy Skaggs, University Police, BSG
Ellen Sklaver, Sawyer Library, BS
Raquel Sousa, Law Admissions, BS
Lynette Yeomans, Financial Aid-Colleges, MPA 

A Family Affair
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Suffolk University commencement exercises.
The Law School ceremonies were held on the morning of May
17 with Coakley speaking. Koppel addressed the College of Arts
and Sciences and Sawyer Business School ceremony that afternoon.
In addition to Coakley and Koppel, the following received
honorary degrees at commencement:
• Hon. Robert L. Carter, U.S. District Court Judge, Southern
District of New York, honorary Doctor of Laws
• Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, honorary
Doctor of Laws
• U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Newton, honorary Doctor of Laws
• Peter Brooke, Advent International Corporation chairman
and CEO, honorary Doctor of Commercial Science
• Angela Diaz, MD, MPH, director of Mt. Sinai Adolescent
Health Center and Jean C. and James W. Crystal professor

of Pediatrics at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, honorary
Doctor of Science
• David Hoberman, Mandeville Films, honorary Doctor of
• Josh McCall, chairman and CEO of Jack Morton
Worldwide, honorary Doctor of Commercial Science
The University’s graduate school ceremonies were held May
16 at the Westin Copley Place.
Josh McCall, chairman and CEO of Jack Morton Worldwide,
was the keynote speaker at the Sawyer Business School Graduate
Program commencement ceremony.
Award-winning author Maxine Hong Kingston delivered the
keynote address at the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate
Program commencement exercise. 

June 20 09


Impressive Showing
in Recycle Mania
The University tied for fourth place in
Massachusetts for recycling and waste reduction in the 2009 Recycle Mania competition.
In the Grand Champion Category, which
measures recycling and waste reduction, the
University placed in the top 20 percent of
schools nationally, with a recycling rate of
38 percent.
Suffolk placed in the top 26 percent
nationally in the Waste Minimization
Category, weighing in at 34 pounds of waste
per person. 

On the Move Again
Spring and summer have been moving time
over the past several years as the University
relinquishes leased space and settles into the
Stahl Center at 73 Tremont St.
Departments packing boxes and making
the Stahl Center their home this year are:
• History
• Government
• Economics
• Philosophy 

Athletics Hall of Fame
Inductees into the Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2009 include, front, basketball and softball
standout Kate Norton, basketball players Jack Resnick and Christos Tsiotos, and pitcher Fred
Knox; standing, hockey player Brian Gruning, soccer player and coach Ernst Cleophat and
baseball coach Joe Walsh. The 1984 baseball team was also welcomed into the Hall of
Fame during the second of the University’s induction ceremonies in early May. (Photo by
John Gillooly) 

Sotomayor Visit
Intrigues Analysts
Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor
told Suffolk University Law School students
that the law “is uncertain and responds to
changing circumstances” in a 1996 lecture
that was adapted for an article in the Suffolk
University Law Review.
The article, “Returning Majesty to the Law
and Politics: A Modern Approach,” coauthored
with Nicole A. Gordon, gives a glimpse of
federal appeals judge Sotomayor’s judicial
The article has been cited by the Wall Street
Journal and Washington Times and in other
media analysis of the Sotomayor nomination. 
“What is correct is often difficult to discern
when the law is attempting to balance competing interests and principles, such as the need
to protect society from drugs as opposed to
the need to enforce our constitutional right to
be free from illegal searches and seizures,” the
article says. 

Umansky Working on Accreditation
in New Academic Affairs Role
Lauri Umansky has been appointed interim associate vice president for


Academic Affairs and is working closely with Vice President for Academic Affairs
Janice C. Griffith on accreditation and academic policy issues.
Umansky is focusing on the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
accreditation process. The most recent NEASC self-study took place in 2002, and the
University is gearing up for the 2012 review.
Umansky, a member of the University’s History Department since 1990, also served
as associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences before she assumed her new duties
April 1.