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The Modern Theatre & the Boston-Hollywood Connection

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Photo: Stratton McCrady

Boston’s historic Washington Street theater district has experienced many ups and downs since the Puritans settled in Boston, but, like the legendary phoenix, it has risen repeatedly from its own ashes.

Suffolk University has contributed to the Theater District’s renaissance by restoring the facade of the Modern Theatre, an institution that helped establish a Massachusetts-Hollywood connection that endures today.


Suffolk University: History of a Downtown Campus


This exhibit illustrates the changing landscape of Suffolk University in Beacon Hill and Boston over its 100-plus year history. The University grew from humble beginnings in the Roxbury, Massachusetts parlor of Gleason L. Archer, a young lawyer who had worked his way through high school and college.

Moving the school to downtown Boston opened doors to innumerable collaborations with government, business, and cultural entities. Students today hail from across the nation and around the world. Partnerships with institutions across the globe allow for a broad range of international study and internship opportunities.