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Other related resources


This collection consists of item records that link to, and cite, resources outside of the Moakley Archive's collections that have been included here for use in Suffolk University student exhibits.

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Friederich Schoeneman's 1933 Lecture at Ford Hall Forum, Why I believe in the Hitler Government, transcript and poster
These items relate to a Ford Hall Forum lecture by Friederich Schoenemann and the controversy surrounding it. Digital copies provided by a patron.

Professor Wesley Savick directs students in Car Talk: The Musical, undated
Professional and Suffolk Theatre Department performances are among the offerings at the new Modern Theatre. Here Professor Wesley Savick directs students in Car Talk: The Musical. The musical comedy, inspired by the National Public Radio show, was…

Early film camera developed by Thomas Edison
This early film camera was developed by Thomas Edison, whose invention of the Kinetoscope and the Vitascope led to the first silent motion pictures.

1947 U.S. postage stamp featuring Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison experimented with the transmission of vocal sounds and images while living in the Boston area. The great inventor was commemorated in a U.S. postage stamp

Poster advertising The Jazz Singer, undated
The Jazz Singer was a groundbreaking movie that incorporated spoken dialogue into film.

Sun Ra performs at the opening of a Modern/Mayflower Theatre
Sun Ra was the opening act for a re-imagined Modern/Mayflower Theatre, which featured live entertainment after the movie business declined. However, that venture was short-lived. The theater closed in 1981 and fell into disrepair.

View of the damage to the Modern Theatre pre-restoration, undated
Holes in the Modern Theatre roof let in the elements, leading to deterioration of the fine detail inside the original building.

1914 Modern Theatre program
The program includes a synopsis of the photo play as well as a list of coming attractions and advertising.
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